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03-27-2010, 08:03 PM
This is different from HG/SS Team and Progress.

Explain the evolution of your team from your first pokemon to every one u've caught since and added to your team. Including Trades,Evolutions etc.

Feel free to use symbols that mean trade,caught and stuff. Just clarify.

1. Recieved Cyndaquil
2. Caught Sentret
3. Evolved Cyndaquil to Quilava
3. Caught Bellsprout
4. Traded Bellsprout for Onix (In Game)
5. Evolved Sentret to Furret
6. Caught Mareep
7. Caught Drowzee
8. Evolved Mareep to Flaffy
9. Caught Sudowoodo
10. Traded Onix for Dratini (Soul Silver to Paltinum)
11. Recieved Eevee
12. Traded Sudowoodo for Onix (Soul Silver to Platinum)
13. Evolved Onix to Steelix
14. Caught Nidoran♂
15. Evolved Dratini to Dragonair
16. Evolved Drowzee to Hypno
17. Evolved Nidoran to Nidorino (Day Care)
18. Evolved Quilava to Typhlosion
19. Traded Nidorino for Lapras (Soul Silver to Platinum)
20. Traded Lapras for Nidorino (Platinum to Soul Silver)
21. Evolved Flaffy to Ampharos
22. Traded Eevee for Geodude (Soul Silver to Platinum)
23. Evolved Eeevee to Jolteon (Thunderstone;In Platinum)
24. Traded Geodude for Jolteon (Platinum to Soul Silver)
25. Evolved Nidorino to Nidoking (Moon Stone)
26. Evolved Dragonair to Dragonite
27. Dragonite,Typhlosion,Jolteon,Nidoking,Lapras,Hypno