View Full Version : Pokemon Murder Mysteries

Tamer Marco
04-03-2004, 05:40 PM
Pokemon everywhere have been murdered and all that were killed had a piece of paper attached to it with the words "Black Skull" on it. The best team of crime solvers is on the case to figure out who's the culprit. Could it be you?

Note: Right now all I see that are ready for this kind of are these people: Satou,PP, DP, Cody, CM, Bandit, Rouge and myself.
Wveryone else will have to fill out the form below and this is a serious RP. A post in here should be at least 50 words.


The pokemon you are:
H,L,P,T:(T stands for talent)
You're Pokemon weapon(Can be things like sticks,bones,clubs etc.)
Sample:(To see how good you are)

And there you have it.

Mystery Solvers Culprit and his gang
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