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04-04-2010, 08:23 AM
I originally created this for personal use, but I have decided to share it with the world. Some notes for usage:
For sake of simplicity, the entire schedule will function as listed when:
- National Dex is obtained (SSAqua/BugCatching Events/SinnohRadio/HoennRadio)
- Red has been defeated
- Rival has been defeated at Mt. Moon
- Jade Orb acquired(Chuck's photo)
- All phone numbers are registered
- R9's Zapdos - CAPTURED(Surge rematch)
- R25's Suicune - CAPTURED OR DEFEATED(Misty rematch)
- Surge's, Jasmine's, and Brock's trades are completed(which can ONLY be done after battling them twice) (Respective photographs)
- Each Weekday Sibling has given you an item at least once each
- DaisyMassage = Blue Registration

(!) = event start, (.) = event end

I used the following as points of reference,everything else is personally tested EXCEPT for Brock's Trade time, which, I do not recall - I would appreciate if somebody could correct that for me.
I don't mind if you redistribute/copy/quote whatever, as long as I'm (paperfairy) given credit for compliation.

Link to view: http://bit.ly/a9ABhD

04-04-2010, 05:59 PM
Man, thats intense. Kudos for you putting all that hard work together...

04-04-2010, 07:49 PM
Ah that is amazing. Also very helpful with the gym leader rematches. Thank you! =D