View Full Version : Pokemon Soul Silver Review

Teddiursa of the Sky
04-28-2010, 09:18 AM
My sister has Heart Gold so I won't be reviewing that game, but keep in mind they are the same general game...

Graphics: The graphics engine in the game is almost identical to the Platinum/Diamond/Pearl games and is just as beautiful as before. But the graphics do pose one problem. The battles take 2x longer than they should because the game needs to load the pretty attacks. This really bugged me on Platinum and Pearl, but either I have gotten used to it or the battles are going faster.

Sound: The music for the game is stunning! My personal favorite is the Team Rocket battle music. The music has a major orchestral feeling and you can hear the detail of every instrument. However, they still kept the annoying screeching noises of the GBA versions of the game for the Pokemon. This was a major disappointment and I thought they were going to fix in the in the versions to come. The out of battle sounds were okay and you could here the footsteps of you character and the water flowing when you get close to it.

Story: The story is not really on the epic scale. The early games didn't have the whole world going to be destroyed if the forest burned type thing. That is just fine to me because I hate loooong stories. The story is that Team Rocket returns and the 4 dorks who are in charge now want to fill the shoes of Giovanni. Essentially, I am not going to spoil it for you, because I am assuming, if you are reading this, you haven't played it...

Gameplay: The gameplay was amazing and it really made me feel good about playing the game. I have put 77hrs of gameplay and it is really worth it. The battles really did have an intense feeling, the ability to have your Pokemon follow you is nice as well! One thing I do miss from the Pearl/Diamond/Platinum games was the ability to fill your Pokedex without having to catch every single Pocket Monster. It is very annoying to complete the story and have over 400 to capture more. This shouldn't present much of a problem if you have completed the GBA games though... The Pokemon from the game are the old Kanto and Jhoto ones, as the game takes place in the regions. The fire Pokemon Cindaquil is the easy setting of the game, the water Pokemon Todadile is the medium, and the grass Pokemon Chikorita is the hard version of the game and that is evident in the beginning of the game when you battle the first gym leader.

Overall score: 9/10