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06-02-2010, 04:25 AM
hello i'm brand new to this forum. I've been looking around to seek pokemon help and this site looked like one of the best to get advice from.

i am making a team for a tournament a couple of guys are holding at my school. its 65 and under pokemon
the people in it have their favorite pokemon and are pretty much clueless on evs and stuff but me and my best friend are ev training and yeah.

I really need some advice for moves and if this pokemon team is decent. also i need ev help. not specific because i cant keep track but just like around what i should have.
here they are

tyranitar: dragon dance, substitute, earthquake, rockslide.. its still a larvitar level 1 and i dont know if it has the sandstorm trait or if i need sand storm because my next pokemon is...

cacturne: sucker punch, swords dance, focus punch, and needle arm. these moves are permanant. level 20 cacnea right now

gengar: dream eater, hypnosis, dark pulse, shadow ball. dont want changes there really hes level 62

salamence: dragon rush, thats all i have for him. hes gonna be alot of attack. need lots o help..level 1 bagon

lanturn: thunder/thunderbolt, surf, thunder wave, possibly ice beam. its a level 20 chinchou.

6th pokemon i cant decide between... 61 kingdra(hydro pump, draco meteor, dragon dance, dragon pulse)..pretty lame/ 55 victreebell(sludge bomb, leaf storm, leaf blade and giga drain)dunno/ and a level 18 umbreon(wouldnt know what to put on him)

i know its alot but any info is extremely helpful. thanks so much guys and ill let you know how everything goes progress wise.

06-02-2010, 11:29 AM
If you want to battle competitively, I would recommend you visit this website


That has a great database of pokemon move sets you can look up. Also, they have brilliant forums and people there are usually quick to reply, and offer great constructive criticism.

Looking over your team however, it seems pretty well balanced for your situation. If its just a small tournament and your up against non EV' trained pokemon, chances are they will have crappy moves too. Still, never hurts for research.

Tyranitar - Move set looks decent enough. I would say hide behind the Substitute and pound away. You really want to get Sand stream if your running cacturne though. That will help a lot.

Cacturne - Good moveset. A Swords dance'd Sucker Punch can take out most things.

Gengar: - Can't go wrong with that.

Salamence: This guy is a monster. Make sure you EV train him properly. I would recommend 252/atk/252sp/4hp if your going for physical sweeper. Dragon Rush, Earthquake, Dragon Dance and Aqua tail will give you great type coverage.

Lanturn - Thunderbolt for accuracy. Give it Ice Beam, just for any dragons you might encounter.

Your 6th pogeymon, I would go for the Umbreon. Seeing as you lack a wall, EV train him in 252hp/200atk/52spd and give him the moveset Curse, Sucker Punch, Wish and Protect.
Curse a few times for more defense, then you can start Sucker Punching. If you need hp, use Wish then Protect.

Hopefully this has been helpful. Should be enough for your tournament. Good luck :3

06-02-2010, 10:50 PM
oh i definately use smogon haha. thats where i got most of the movesets. im gonna have to rebreed my bagon to get a dragondance dragon rush mency. i cant wait to dominate with these guys. im gonna start training the larvitar today :D my friend has jolteon. charizard. espeon. scizzor. kabutops and something else. do you think im gonna have any problems. hes the ev training one

06-02-2010, 10:55 PM
Charizard - Falls to your Lanturn and Tyran

Espeon - Umbreon or Tyranitar. Taken care of baby

Jolteon - Again, Tyran. 2 birds, 1 stone.

Kabutops - Lanturn or Tyran again

Scizor will be a menace, as you have no real counter too him. I suggest Salamance, simply to out power him if you can. He'll be your hardest opponant. Tyran can 1 shot him with rockslide if he can get the hit off

If hes your toughest competition,you should be fine :3

06-02-2010, 11:07 PM
ohh ok. and about ev training. im exp sharing. is that ok. and also is there a way to count my evs cause i dont want to have to count like however many 2s and 1s go into this

06-03-2010, 12:18 AM
ohh ok. and about ev training. im exp sharing. is that ok. and also is there a way to count my evs cause i dont want to have to count like however many 2s and 1s go into this

You can go to this link: http://old.veekun.com/dex/calculators/iv

You can input the EVs in each spot for Speed, Attack or whatever you are training. Also if you want to make EV training easier i would reccomend you using the Power Items (ej. PowerBelt, PowerBand, etc.) they each give 4 extra EVs in that stat depending which item you use, Power Anklet gives 4 extra in Speed. But seeing that you know about EVs you should already know this.

Also ill be giving a quick opinion of your team:

Tyranitar: Good moveset, Altrius reccomed keeping the Sub and it can help you to escape from those nasty status like Burn. But you could also change Sub for maybe Crunch because it gives a nice STAB and gets rids of those Gengars and Kazams. Tyranitar always get SandStorm trait.

Cacturne: SwordDancing Cacty is a very good Pokemon, you could consider changing NeddleArm for Sub because with SandVeil that gives you better chances of surviving and dealing more damage. And it is a favorable spot because your opponent only has the option of attacking you and you can fire a boosted SuckerPunch.

Gengar: If you go with Hypnosis give him a WideLens, it increases the accuracy of moves. You could also change DarkPulse for Thunderbolt or FocusBlast but thats my opinion.

Salamence: If you give him DragonDance, DragonRush, EarthQuake and FireBlast i think nothing can go wrong except if DragonRush misses. Im suggesting FireBlast for type coverage but you can put another move if you want.

Lanturn: Yup like Altrius said, ThunderBolt for reliable attck and IceBeam for dragons. Nuff said.

(Im going to give you an option to dispatch Scizor quickly) Get a Fire type, like Arcanine. It has good movepool and resist both of Scizor STAB attacks. You can give him FlareBlitz or FireFang to take him out quickly.

Now for your threat list:

Charizard: You can use him as setup for Tyranotar if it doesnt have a Fighting move or EQ. Lanturn should also be careful if it carries EQ.

Espeon: Very easy indeed. Tyranitar can take care of him and can survive a hit from SignalBeam if it carries it.

Jolteon: Your friend is very weak to Tyranitar XD. Also if Lanturn has VoltAbsorb it renders Jolty useless.

Kabutops: Another Poke weak to Ttar O_o Cacturne also takes care of him easily if you have NeedleArm.

Scizor: The only problem her. But if you use Arcanine you have win assured against this thing. Just beware if it changes back to Kabutops but if it has already died you are clear to go.

06-03-2010, 04:07 AM
i was actually liking the idea of the umbreon wall. I will keep arcanine in mind though. thanks so much for the info. you both have really helped me. For umbreon i was thinking of that one set that uses... mean look, baton pass, and then two other moves. to keep his pokemon stuck while i get his weakness out. Ill probably go with whatever you guys say though. and for salamence how do i breed a salamence to get dragon dance and dragon rush since these are both breeding moves.

06-03-2010, 10:42 AM
Don't forget Shuckle!, A ' Sandstorm+ Iron defense+ Toxic 'is a defestating combo

06-09-2010, 04:39 AM
ok so this is where i am att right now.. i need item help
the tourney is postponed so i have extra days.
I REALLY NEED ITEM HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tyranitar: 65

gengar: 65
dream eater
shadow ball
dark pulse

lanturn: 65
hydro pump
thunder wave
ice beam is taking forever to get from ggame corner

cacturne: 65
swords dance
sucker punch
needle arm
need a fourth move
and kind of weak health and defense wise

arcanine: 64
thunder fang
fire fang
extreme speed
flare blitz
the recoil from flare blitz really hurts

bagon: level 24 working on him as i type this
dragon dance
dragon rush
will get earthquake
will get another move