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08-06-2005, 12:12 AM
Fearow @Sharp Beak
(impish?) Nature
This one I want to be a backup fighter. I need some good moves though, I was thinking Wing Attack, Mirror Move, and Fly, but the last one I need some help on.

Raticate @Sitrus Berry (not good defense, I need emergency HP help)
(docile?) Nature
I kinda want this to be main fighter #2. Moveset I think should be Hyperfang, Superfang, and Quick Attack, but like Fearow, I need help with the fourth

Nidoqueen @Soft Sand
(adamant?) Nature
My main man. I mean woman. I want Double kick and Earthquake, of course, but I need some tips here.

Blastoise @Mysticwater
(rash?) Nature
I was thinking Hydro Cannon, Water Pulse, and Blizzard, but I need a good move for the third.

Parasect @Miracle Seed
(calm?) Nature
Slash, Spore, Giga Drain. I need help deciding Poisonpowder or Stun Spore. This one will be setting a condition on the enemy pokemon for Nidoqueen's advantage.

Primape @Black Belt
(brave?) Nature
Mega Punch, Cross Chop, and Karate Chop are staples, but the fourth move I need help with. I'm considering Rock Slide.

:oops: Ehehehe... Sorry about that. This is my first time at Strategies and Movesets, and I forgot to read the rules. I have edited it according to the rules.

Bravo Leader
08-06-2005, 03:00 PM
It seems you've been here a while and still don't know the rules. Well, for future reference please only post level 100 teams.

08-07-2005, 12:21 AM
Surely you can do better than a Radicate. Blastoise is a good tank, but less of the water moves. OMG!!! Parasect? C'mon dude, if they invent online play for pokemon or any of your chums are against you, do not use parasect. If you do, fear the Charizard... Now, The queen, forget dkick use brick break. Fighting pkmn are usually slow, that can be a major disadvantage. Primeape should know focus energy for the chop moves. Fearow. (Tch, tch...) Lose it now. Back to Blastoise. Don't use blizzard, it's inaccurate, and weaker in double battles. give it a concentrated ice-beam instead for those annoying grass types. keep rain dance and use h cannon. lastly earthQ for the electrics. lose the mystic water, give it a lum berry or something...

Bravo Leader
08-07-2005, 05:23 AM
Yes, power up items are USELESS so use items like leftovers cause you can get 2 leftovers in FR/LG and others that are better. And you said this is UU but I know there are much cooler UU pokemon that you could use instead of Raticate. Don't use HMs except Surf cause all the others suck. Use HM whores instead.

I'm really lazy to help with the movesets cause it's 1:30 AM so go to www.smogon.com for your movesets. You can also find cool pokemon that you could replace some of your stuff for.