View Full Version : To those that have / play SMG2...

06-21-2010, 04:06 AM
Is it just me, or does Yoshi make some of the cutest cooing sounds in Super Mario Galaxy 2? >w<

Like, in the Starshine Beach galaxy, for instance; when you're swimming in the water while riding Yoshi. When you simply swim via holding down the control stick, he makes this...erm...cute sound, almost like some kinda panting. xD

And with how Yoshi will "hover" in the air to jump higher, sometimes it's just plain cute. Same with when you grab the flower-grasp-things...to get to a higher area. >w>

I may sound unclear, but if you have the game, see for yourself. x3

or, if you can find it on Youtube, that's great, too. I couldn't, though. D8

And I guess, if it's okay (usually don't post here or anything, hah), y'all can just talk about the game in general here, also.