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08-08-2005, 09:40 AM
The Possibilities Are Endless

"When you make room for the possibility, the possibilities are endless"
- Linda V. Riggs

There are many roads we can travel in this world and many choices we can make. Sometimes we go down the wrong path and sometimes we go down the right one. Either way, we gain an experience. It's this experience that we can learn from and we can apply to our lives.

I have been around this forum for over two years and through this time, I have seen many kinds of people. I've seen popular Global Moderators who rule with an iron fist. I've seen new members who show more intelligence than anyone else. I've seen young leaders who take the chance to prove their own worth. These people, like you, compose up the forum and make PE2K what it is today.

This guide is for those who want to learn how to lead their lives. It is open to anyone and I hope that its lessons will help you become better than you were before.

In addition, there is a discussion thread to ask questions, discuss ideas, and, above all else, learn.
Endless Possibilities Discussion (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=250896#post250896)

Lesson 1: Taking A Chance

08-08-2005, 10:11 AM
Lesson 1: Taking A Chance

"Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve."
- Napoleon Hill

The PE2K War began as a popular event that involved almost every main section on the forum and many of the active members. This War allowed people to use their various talents and skills to win points for their team and earn the title of being the best.

The War itself is thanks to many of the War Leaders who gave their time to make the event both fun and challenging. However, the real thanks goes to a single member: Bashaamo.

Bashaamo was a general new member who wasn't extremely well known on the forum. However, he did have one ability that set him apart from everyone else: he was able to take a chance. Bashaamo was the one who started the War. In a stroke of brilliance, he created the first team, Team Magma, and set everyone involved down a path towards competition, entertainment, and activity. He never was a War Leader, but everyone in the War owes him for its creation.

Now Bashaamo could have easily given up at that point. He could have doubted that anyone would listen to a new members or even join his team. He might even have feared that he would be rejected for his idea. If he had listened to any of these negative thoughts, then the War would never have been formed and PE2K would be vastly different. However, he had the courage to create the first team and to start the war. Bashaamo did not throw his idea aside, but worked with it and implemented it. His determination started a major event that helped PE2K.

It is from Bashaamo that we can learn to take a chance. Many times, people let their own fears and doubts take control. What if this idea takes too much time? What if no one else supports it? As these thoughts tighten their grip on people, these people decided to toss them out and never think about them again. They lose before they even start.

Victory only lies with those who have the bravery to take the first step. If you set the first few stones, you may realize that your idea that you weren't sure about was actually quite brilliant. People like Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Leonardo Da Vinci all took chances in order to achieve their dreams and goals. They realized a long time ago that if they don't start, they will never finish.

People also seem to fear failure, but failure is merely another beginning. I began on PE2K as a failure. When I bought my version of Sapphire, I was determined to catch and train the strongest and most strategic of the pokemon. Sufficient to say, I eventually came upon Milotic, a rare water type in the game. Unfortunately, in order to get a Milotic, I needed to catch a Feebas and those aren't so easy to get. After many unsuccessful tried at trying to catch this elusive pokemon, I came to the conclusion that I had failed in my mission. However, I used my failure as a beginning. I realized that I can still capture Feebas if I get help from somewhere, perhaps online. I quickly turned on my computer and began searching for the answer. It was then that I came upon a nice looking forum called PokemonElite2000. Easily enough, I found the Feebas answer and quickly caught the elusive pokemon. However, I not only caught Feebas, but got caught by PE2K itself. Here was a place where members helped each other and fantasy reigned supreme. Eventually, I became a member and since then, I have never left. My failure at catching a single pokemon lead to my beginnings at PE2K and I thank that silly fish for helping me find this new path.

Do not be afraid of failure. It will encourage you to overcome it, open new possibilities to you, and teach you a lesson on life. Failure exists only in your mind. Besides, not starting is already a failure. The only way to success is beginning.

So go ahead and ask Lep about creating a new section for the URPG. Create that unique roleplay you always wanted to do. Start up that fanfic that's been on your mind since you joined. You hold in your hands the ability to do anything and the first thing you can do is start. Have faith in your abilities and toss aside your doubts and fears. To be the best, you must take the first step in a journey.

Remember, you can make a difference. Now go out and do it.

08-10-2005, 10:26 AM
As Neo mentioned in the discussion thread, he feels that this thread came too soon after the War and that it isn't the right time for such feelings. I respect Neo for talking with me about this in person and I'm glad that we came to an understanding. If he was any less of a man, he would probably have ignored me, but Neo is mature and wise. Most importantly, he's my friend and I respect him.

Thus, I'll take his advice and unsticky this thread. Perhaps it will return in the future in a less... conceited sounding feeling, but for now, I think that it's best that we see what happens.

The other thread has become someone of a discussion in regarding the forum. I'll leave that open.

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