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08-12-2005, 06:18 PM
You guys remember the big "Serebii vs chaos" showdown a few weeks ago? Well, here's something a little bigger than that: imperfectluck vs skarm AND imperfectluck vs chaos! PokeRealm.net's very own imperfectluck took on both of these Smogon leaders (who are generally regarded among the top battlers on NetBattle) and won! You can view the fantastic logs here:

imperfectluck vs chaos - http://www.pokerealm.net/chaos-log.html
imperfectluck vs skarm - http://www.pokerealm.net/skarm-log.html

So for those of you who kept asking: "Who the hell is imperfectluck and what is he doing making a Moveset Guide?" Well, there's your answer. He's the guy who prevailed over the leaders of Smogon in a Pokemon Battle. For those of you who don't know what Smogon is, it's considered to be the site for Pokemon competitive battling information. Not bad for "guys that all suck" as MoP once put it, eh?

08-12-2005, 07:51 PM
This actually would go in Online Games board... not General...

but interesting stuff nonetheless :cool:

08-12-2005, 08:29 PM
jesus, both me and skarm have beaten zero/imperfectluck before and we didnt go to every ******* messageboard and post logs.

08-12-2005, 08:33 PM
Quoting, I don't want to have to put up an "offensive" disclaimer if I link to pokerealm.

Yes, my team has a Tauros weakness when coupled with Magneton. However, the reason I don't like battling people like you (and why I refused for so long) is that I knew if you won, you would make a huge deal about it. I play a serious match about every 2 weeks in Pokemon, it's been forever since i've actually considered myself good. It discourages me to play any further when it seems the majority of the community is a festering cesspool of people who want to prove that they are better than me for god knows what reason- I barely ever brag myself, most of the people I know do my bragging for me. Look at this ****:

some random ****** who ive never played before wrote:

"ive 6-0d both of them

i have the logs if you want Laughing

skarm is overated anyway

I admit, my rates are a bit lackluster... but I don't think you could take me anyday soon Laughing

know who you are dealing with before you hurt my feelings Laughing

/end ****iness"

"im in PA come get it

jesus Rolling Eyes

or better yet I'll come to you if you never read this

I don't really care Laughing

because in the end i'll be dubbed a nub for winning and then kicked/spammed/banned/whatever they want

the fact is, you suck kthnx Crying or Very sad they're overated and ***s like groudon and psycho only make it worse as there ignorance is clouded by the fact they cant put a dent in them Confused

/end response"

And people like Jumpman wonder why I don't like to play Pokemon anymore. Look at yourselves. This is what I get to deal with every single time I sign on Netbattle or play a damn match of Pokemon. I have absolutely no qualms with losing a fair match, but when people post logs acting like they are tough **** and get huge egos it's beyond ****ing annoying. I've had many a ****y idiot say "hey.. WHY DID U BAN ME FOR BEATING YOU?????? HI I GOT BANNED BECAUSE I BEAT AN ADMIN" on my forums after getting banned. And time and time again, it wasn't because they lost- it was because they spammed "n00b u lost" in the main chat or "I BEAT <INSERT ADMIN HERE> LOOK AT ME" over and over in the chat after the battle.

I don't understand why people do this. If you think i'm a hypocrite because i'm complaining about this when I did it to Serebii, do you all actually know Serebii? He is the biggest ass**** I have ever met. When have any of you seen me get ****y or brag about beating someone? It's not like I can actually brag about beating Serebii. I try to be the best sport possible to anyone I beat, and I try never to brag about any wins. Hell, the only reason I posted that log on Smogon was because someone requested it. It spread to other forums by other people, just like the other people who spread around that I am unbeatable and can't lose and all that mumbo jumbo.

This sickens me.



Constellation used Surf!
(15% damage)
A critical hit!
Alakazam fainted!

End Battle! chaos wins!
Score: 0 to 3

NetBattle v0.9.4
Log saved 6/30/2005 at 9:46:54 PM


edit 2:


End Battle! chaos wins!
Score: 0 to 2
Zero Loves Bambee: Good game. Interested in our NetBattle tournaments? http://www.pokerealm.net/tournament
chaos: gg

NetBattle v0.9.4
Log saved 6/30/2005 at 9:26:15 PM


wow this is pathetic. It was a good match, but then it has to go to something like this? Christ I've beaten you people a few times each, but I don't go around posting logs of it.

The same **** happens on Nintendo's NSider and the GroudonForums as well. I beat people like 39082395434 times and then they beat me once and it's all over the forums and everyone is whoring them like they're amazing.

I wasn't an ass about losing nor did I talk any **** about it. It's crap like this that makes me hate losing. This is ****ing Pokemon, everyone loses from time to time. Get over it. I never said I was the best and I never claimed to be unbeatable. There is no reason to post these logs you jackass.

08-13-2005, 06:14 AM
I was around quite a bit back in the GSC days, and ive seen better upsets than this. I remember when VIL(vet in love) beat celia(mmmmmichael), we all knew how good vet was...but eh it was amazing nonetheless. thing was he didnt go around whoring his victory, he was humble and thats why you admired the guy. meh other times when Vil or some other good player(zapdos and hyper blissey come to mind) would get beaten the nubs would go around wooping it up, even though they had beaten them literally hundreds of times. Humility is the key here...going around and doing your little victory dance will earn you nothing but contempt...well in the real world, last time I was on NB it was mainly a bunch of newbie whores...so you might earn their respect.

anyways its a bit shameful that you have to go posting this about..sheesh..chaos vs serebii was just for kicks..I mean we all know joe sucks, and it was all in good fun. this is just idiocy...

good day :wink:

08-14-2005, 05:53 PM
Yeah I dont really see the point in this you beat chaos and?........