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Dog of Hellsing
09-13-2010, 03:07 AM
No one is quite sure how the island came about.

It wasn’t until recent years that is was discovered by one Joseph Farnsworth, one of the richest men in the world. He’d been enjoying a week-long fishing trip with some of his friends, testing out a new private boat he’d just purchased. It was only by a stroke of luck that Joseph saw the outline of the island and decided to go check it out. When he and his friends arrived, they agreed to explore the island, since it wasn’t listed on the map they had. What they found astounded them; Pokemon of all kinds roamed the island, and even more surprising was the fact that they were not used to humans! They came right up to Joseph and his friends, showing no fear or aggression, and it was obvious they’d never seen a human in their lives before that day.

Joseph was more ecstatic about this than his friends, and as soon as they returned to the southern shores of the Orange Islands, Joseph immediately claimed the island and dubbed it Farn’s Paradise. Right after that, he began using his massive fortune to develop the island. Teams of professional explorers and surveyors were called in to chart the island, and these groups discovered that the piece of isolated land was huge, measuring at least half the size of the entire region of Hoenn! With this information in hand, Joseph started drafting plans for making something of the island, fixing to make it after its name. He started work on a huge mansion, a communication station complete with a radio tower and other such equipment, and the Sky Platform (where he’d be able to look out over his island at leisure), which was built before all else.

Unfortunately, recession struck hard right during the middle of development, and Joseph lost a large amount of his fortune. Construction was halted, and, now finding himself strapped for cash, the once-rich man bid sad farewell to his island and sold it to the Orange Islands government. This wasn’t the end of the island, though, not at all. In fact, it was about to have a whole new destiny bestowed upon it.

Using the surveys and information that Joseph had handed over, the government decided to transform the island into the largest Park the world had ever seen. They changed the name, dubbing the island the National Park, and within a year of being sold, construction was once again in full swing on the island. The first thing to be built were Outposts, which were used to monitor the Park and the Pokemon living on it. The mansion that had been half-built was left as it was, and by this time it was already being reclaimed by the forest it had been erected in.

But new problems were arising for the Park, or rather, old problems were becoming more of an issue. Ever since it's discovery, the island had been plagued by various individuals seeking to take advantage it's abundant resources. Poachers, people seeking to extract valuable minerals and the like, random uncertifited adventurers, and others were becoming more and more of a threat to the welfare of the island, the National Park, and all the Pokemon inhabiting it. Because of the growing problem, caretakers known as Rangers were hired to help look after the island and its Pokemon. It was also their job to lead visitors through the Park, keeping them and the Pokemon they encountered safe.

Rangers also had anoter job. Long before the National Park was complete or before the island was even discovered, many of the island's Pokemon were overbreeding. It was decided that, instead of trapping or killing the crowds of Pokemon, Trainers would be allowed to come and capture some. Thus, it fell to the Rangers to lead Trainers through the Park as well as regular visiors.

Finally, everything was ready. The Park opened, and has been thriving ever since. However, there is certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to the island. Many are puzzled by why the island was never discovered until a few years ago, considering it's big enough to be called a small region. This is a mystery deepened when one takes into account several facts about the island, such as when one member of a team of archaeologists claimed the landmass had once been inhabited by an ancient human civilization. Or the fact that every Pokemon known to exist flourishes in this one area. In fact, biologists are baffled by the enourmous variety of fauna and flora that are present on the island, and experts disagree whether the terrain is natural. It all seems too well-planned, too perfect...And every so often, visitors see and hear...things. Ghostly creatures that don't look like any animal or Pokemon and don't register in a PokeDex, or unusual, eerie noises that seem to come from everywhere...

The National Park is open and its many wonders are waiting for you. But what else will you find among the many Pokemon and sprawling habitats? What secrets will you uncover? Is the island really just a normal landmass in the middle of the ocean, or is there something more to it? There's only one way to find out, so get ready and dive into the National Park!

Rules of the RP:

1) No God-moding! This is when your character ALWAYS hits their target, NEVER takes a hit or gets injured, is invincible...basically, it's making your character godlike.

2) No Bunnying! This is when you control another character's actions and/or make them act out of character. Rangers can bunny a Trainer's Pokemon if the need arises, but that's it.

3) No cursing. An occasional "damn" here or "hell" there is fine, but don't be like Jan Valentine! And if that Hellsing reference went completely over your head, what I mean is don't run around dropping f-bombs and swearing like the proverbial sailor.

4) Please, for the love of God, NO ROMANCE! This is an RP, not a romance novel or soft porn. I mean, if you want some light hugging and kissing, then go for it, but nothing beyond that.

5) Be respectful to everyone else in the RP.

6) Try to keep OOC stuff to a minimum. If you need to discuss something with your Trainer/Ranger and it'll take more than a sentence or two, please take it to PM or somewhere else.

7) Trainers: You will honor the final decisions of all Rangers and Park Officials. If you think an outcome is unfair or something, you're welcome to come to me, Trainer17, or Harry, and we'll further discuss things.

8) Remember to always follow BMG's ToS (Terms of Service; that long block of text you agreed to follow when you first joined the forum).

I believe that's it for now. Basically, this is like any other RP, except for a few key differences. That being the case, most rules that apply to regular RPs will apply to this one, even if they're not posted here. If you have questions about something, feel free to ask me, and I'll clarify anything you need explained.