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09-14-2010, 06:02 AM
So, after seeing a comic(linked on Pe2k), and all the BMG'ers, I found a reason to get back into Pokemon. And as you all know, the only way to Nuzlocke is to have a log online.


1. If a pokemon faints in battle, you must release it ASAP (it's 'dead', not just fainted).
2. If all your pokemon faint, game over. You have to start from scratch.
3. You may only attempt to capture the first pokemon you encounter in each new area, route, cave, city, etc. If you don't catch it, tough ****, you miss out for that area.
4. You must give every pokemon you capture a nickname.
5. No catching Legendaries.(This is why I did it on Diamond instead of Platinum/HG)
6. Battle Style set to "Set"
7. Shiny Clause: On!(I will capture any/all shinies)

^I will use these rules.

*Cue Pokemon Theme*

BlahBlahBlah, meaning of Pokemon. Long speech, pick gender+Name.

Name: Nyurgh
Rival: BMGer

Mission Start-o!

First, the painful tutorial... Annoying BMGer... Shut up stupid professor... Oh hey, an old man's suitcase! Let's go into the tall grass, what could possibly go wrong? I'll just borrow a Pokemon from this old man without him knowing...


It's not like the 6th Gym Leader is Ice-typed or anything. ^_^ Wow, Rowan is a jerk. Oh well, time to go home...

Running Shoes Get!

Why do these things come with instructions? Whatever, to Sandgem! Wow, a lot of Bidoofs on Route 201... Still, they only do 1 Damage to Donatello so... lol!

Donatello Level-up! 5 ---> 6

Finally, Sandgem Town. Cue BMGer running away from home. Cue Rowan Speech.

Pokedex Get!

Cue Unskippable Town Tutorial... God, I've only done this like, 15 times. Hey mom, I'm leaving, and I'm going to talk to strangers... k thanks. Journal Get!*Stares at Nuzlocke Log* Enter Nyurgh, delivery boy. Route 201... another Bidoof. Cue capture tutorial.(Finally) Wait, if Dawn has a head-start on her journey, why is Piplup still level 5 and its her only Pokemon?

Pokeballs+5 now the fun can begin...

Oh nevermind, first a trainer battle. X_X

Donatello Lvl 6 vs Lvl 5 Starly

...1 HP left on Donny.

Donatello Level up! 6 ---> 7

Fortunaterly, no wild pokemon encounters. Trip to Pokecenter, praise Allah.

Route 202

First Encounter: Bidoof

Doofy Lvl 4
Female - Simple

Decided to go to Route 201 and hope for a Starly.

Route 201

First Encounter: Bidoof...

Route 202

Vs. Lv3 Shinx
Doofy w/ 6 HP

Trainer Battle
Donatello Lv7 vs. Bidoof Lv3 and Bidoof Lv3

Donatello Level up! 7--->8

Trainer Battle
Donatello Lv8 vs. Shix Lv5

Donny's in the Yellow now too. :<

Donatello vs. Lv4 Shinx
Donatello Level Up! 8--->9

Potion Get!

Donatello vs. Lv4 Kricketot

Made it to Jubilife, Pokemon Center time. Package delivered, map obtained

Trainer Battle

Doofy Lv4 vs Abra Lv6
The Foe's Abra used Hidden Power! Super Effective!

Doofy(Rest in Peace)

This is why I hate school. ;_;

Donatello Lv9 vs Abra Lv6
Donatello Lv10

Poketch, gotta get it! Answer Yes to all 3 questions. Profit. Why does the guy need a Poketch to count to 3? x_x

Rival Battle
Donatello Lv10 vs Starly Lv7
Donatello Lv10 vs. Chimchar Lv9
Glad I decided to allow Potions, still 4 Leers is annoying.
Donatello Lv11!

Used my winnings to buy 10 Potions.

Route 203

First Encounter: Abra


That's just not fair. ;_;

Donatello vs. Lv4 Starly(So not fair:sad:)
vs. Lv4 Bidoof

So yeah, decided to go to Route 204....

Route 204

First Encounter: Budew

Dewey Lv4
Female/Natural Cure(!!!)

Trainer Battle

Dewey Lv4 vs. Kricketot Lv7
I do 3 damage with a crit....
Donatello Lv11 vs. Kricketot Lv7
Bide almost ko'd me. :<

Dewey Level Up! 5

Trainer Battle

Dewey Lv5 vs. Bidoof Lv4
Ding! Lv6
Vs. Starly Lv4
Go! Donatello Lv11
Donatello Lv11 vs. Budew Lv4
Too easy...

Oreburgh Gate

RockSmash Get!

First Encounter: Zubat

Batgirl Lv6
Female/Inner Focus

This should come in handy...

Trainer Battle

Dewey Lv6 vs. Budew Lv5
Uh... yeah
Donatello Lv11 vs ""
Ding! Dewey Lv7+Water Sport
Ding! Donatello Lv12
Donatello vs. Psyduck Lv5
Yeah, considering I have 2 grass-types, no chance at all.

Made it to Oreburgh, got called a noob. Found the gym, Roark's gonna get pwned soon...

Oreburgh Mine

X Defend Get!

First Encounter: Geodude

Gaia Lv7
Female/Rock Head

So many females...

Dewey Lv7 vs. Geodude Lv6
Dewey Lv7 vs. Geodude Lv8
Ding! Level 8!

Escape Rope Get!

Found Roark, gym time.

Dewey Lv8 vs. Geodude Lv8
Ding! Level 9!

Potion Get!


Dewey Lv9 vs. Geodude Lv10
Ding! Level 10!
+Stun Spore

Dewey Lv10 vs. Geodude Lv8
Ding! Level 11!
Dewey Lv11 vs. Onix Lv8
Ding! Level 12!

What a pair of scrubs. But Roark called for a quick Line-up change.

VS Gym Leader Roark

Donatello Lv12 vs. Geodude Lv12
Ding! Level 13!
+Razor Leaf
Donatello Lv13 vs. Onix Lv12
Donatello Lv13 vs. Cranidos Lv14
Razor Leaf Critical Hit!
Ding! Level 14!

Coal Badge, and Stealth Rock obtained!

This seems like a good moment to take a break...

Nyurgh's Nuzlocke challenge Part 1... END

Total Playtime 1:40


Donatello/M/Turtwing @ Lv14
Dewey/F/Budew @ Lv12
Batgirl/F/Zubat @ Lv6
Gaia/F/Geodude @ Lv7


Doofy/F/Bidoof, Ko'd by a Level 10 Abra's Hidden Power Fighting. Rest in Peace.

-Started Journey, got Turtwig
-Got Bidoof on Route 202
-Got Budew on Route 204
-Got Zubat in Oreburgh Gate
-Got Geodude in Oreburgh Mine

Doofy died, and many tears were shed. Donatello proceeded to destroy that dumb kid's Abra. BMGer was a hassle, but Donatello did work. That FREAKING ABRA on Route 203 still pisses me off, but Dewey made up for it. :D All of a sudden, Dewey rose from Lv 4 to Lv12. Roark's done, now to start leveling Batgirl in preparation for Eterna City.

Well, this is the start of a hopefully fulfilling journey.

Black Label
09-14-2010, 12:09 PM
Well good luck.

I remember I did this in Gold, Whitney's Miltank killed all my bro's besides my starter, Croconaw. Grinding a new team was terrible.

09-15-2010, 03:39 AM
Part 2 Start.

With memories of Doofy in my heart, I continued my journey... After buying 5 more Pokeballs of course.

Route 207

Pokeball get!

First Encounter: Geodude

Batgirl Lv6 vs Geodude Lv7
Dewey Lv12 vs Geodude Lv7

Damn BMGer is annoying, anyways, time to make the long trip to Eterna.

Oreburgh Gate

Batgirl Lv6 vs Geodude Lv5
Dewey Lv12 vs. Geodude Lv5

Trainer Battle
Batgirl Lv6 vs. Shinx Lv7
Gaia Lv7 vs. Shinx Lv7

Batgirl Lv6 vs. Geodude Lv5
Gaia Lv7 vs. Geodude Lv5
HM Rock Smash ftw.
Ding! Batgirl Level 7!

Route 203

Trainer Battle
Batgirl Lv7 vs. Starly Lv5
Gaia Lv7 vs. Starly Lv5
Gaia used Rock Smash. Critical Hit!
Happened twice, 'nuff said.
Ding! Gaia Level 8!+Rock Polish, -Mud Sport
Gaia Lv8 vs. Bidoof Lv5
No, I wont let a Bidoof get wrecked by a Fighting-type attack ever again...
Batgirl Lv7 vs. Bidoof Lv5
It's better to drain its blood slowly.

Trainer Battle
Batgirl Lv7 vs. Bidoof Lv5
Wow, I can't escape this guilt trip can I?
Batgirl Lv7 vs. Zubat Lv5
Gaia Lv8 vs. Zubat Lv5

Pokeball get!

To the Jubilife Pokemon Center! Wow, I just realized how nervous I'm getting with every battle. I guess the Nuzlocke thing really works! Oh god, completely forgot about this!

Grunt Battle!
Nyurgh+Dawn vs. Grunt+Grunt

In return, we won't do massive damage to your assistant? Lolwut.

Batgirl Lv7+Piplup Lv13 vs. Zubat Lv9+Wurmple Lv9
Sent in Gaia Lv8
Ding! Batgirl Level 8!
Ding! Gaia Level 9!

That could've been worse than it was...

Fashion Case get!

Yay for useless Key Items.

Route 204

Dewey's home baby!

Trainer Battle
Batgirl Lv8 vs. Bidoof Lv7


Trainer Battle
Batgirl Lv8 vs. Magikarp Lv5
Oh my god, I'm jealous, Gyarados would be a big help.
Batgirl Lv8 vs. Starly Lv5
Gaia Lv9 vs. Starly Lv5
Ding! BAtgirl Level 9!+astonish

Returned to Pokemon Center to restore PP, Batgirl's pretty useless atm. Wish I had found a Ponyta on Route 207...

Trainer Battle
Batgirl Lv 9 vs. Budew Lv7
I can't battle Pokemon I own, it makes me remember that I could be on the wrong end of the beating...

Ravaged Path

+Rock Tomb

First Encounter: Zubat

Batgirl Lv9 vs. Zubat Lv4
There's about to be a what!? Girl fight!

Batgirl Lv9 vs. Zubat Lv6
Hurr, more experience for Batgirl.

Route 204

Trainer Battle
Batgirl Lv9 vs. Budew Lv7
My nerves are KILLING me!
Ding! Batgirl Level 10!
Batgirl Lv10 vs. Cherubi Lv7

Double Trainer Battle
Batgirl Lv10+Dewey Lv12 vs Pachirisu Lv9(x2)
Oh damn, Electric-types
Batgirl -> Gaia Lv9
Ding! Gaia Level 10!

+Bullet Seed

Batgirl Lv10 vs. Shinx Lv7
Ding! Batgirl Level 11!

Thank the lord for Floarama Town.

Route 205

Nothing of Interest...

Valley Windworks

And now the fun begins...

First Encounter: Shellos

Lossy Lv8
Female(Big Surprise)/Storm Drain


Grunt Battle
Batgirl Lv11 vs. Glameow Lv11
Lossy Lv8 vs. Glameow Lv11
Water Pulse is pretty cool. ^_^

TO THE FLOWERFIELD! I just realized, Berries can cure status.

+Chesto, Pecha, Oran, Cheri

Grunt Battle
Batgirl Lv11 vs. Wurmple Lv9
Batgirl Lv11 vs. Silcoon Lv9

Grunt Battle 2
Batgirl Lv11 vs Zubat Lv11(love in first sight)
Batgirl is 10/31, so I had to switch.
Lossy Lv8 vs Zubat Lv11

To the windworks

Grunt Battle

Batgirl Lv11 vs. Cascoon Lv11
Batgirl can't touch this thing...
Lossy Lv8 vs. Cascoon Lv11
Ding! Batgirl Lv12!
Ding! Lossy Level 9!

Grunt Battle

Batgirl Lv12 vs. Wurmple Lv10
Batgirl Lv12 vs. Glameow Lv10
Lossy Lv9 vs. Glameow Lv10

Commander Mars Fight!

Batgirl Lv12 vs Zubat Lv14
The Foe's Zubat used Bite. Critical Hit!


Why do these things happen to me? :<

Gaia Lv10 vs. Zubat Lv14
Zubat used Bite. Gaia Flinched.
Dewey Lv12 in, just long enough to Stun Spore.
Lossy Lv9 in. Zubat used Bite. Critical Hit!


Donatello Lv14 in.
Donatello Lv14 vs Purugly Lv16
Gaia Lv10 in.


Ding! Donatello Level 15!

Mars you *****...

I'll just leave this here while I make a new game plan...

Route 205

Trainer Battle

Dewey Lv12 vs Ponyta Lv14
Donatello Lv15
Ponyta uses Ember. Critical Hit.
Dewey Lv12 in.
Ponyta uses Ember. Critical Hit.



09-15-2010, 03:41 AM
Remind me to find my Yellow and do something similar to this. Rigsaw took back his DS and Diamond.

Good luck on the gym leaders, by the way.

09-15-2010, 04:04 AM
Remind me to find my Yellow and do something similar to this. Rigsaw took back his DS and Diamond.

Good luck on the gym leaders, by the way.
Didn't even make it past my next trainer battle.

Donatello the Turtwig - Killed by a Critical Ember
Doofy the Bidoof - Killed by Hidden Power Fighting
Dewey the Budew - Killed by a Critical Ember
Batgirl the Zubat - Killed by a Critical Bite
Gaia the Geodude - Killed by Faint Attack
Lossy the Shellos - Killed by a Critical Bite

I suck at Eulogies...

As for me, I learned something for my next Nuzlocke attempt.

1. Stay away from Critical Hits!
2. Watch out for Hidden Power!
3. Avoid Ponyta because they hack.

So yeah, I might just move on to Heartgold or Emerald, might return to Diamond, I'll link to my new Nuzlocke when I start it.(Tomorrow, probably)

Black Label
09-15-2010, 12:12 PM
Lol dude, that really blows.

Emerald is always a fun game to nuzlocke.