View Full Version : Review your favorite childhood movies here

Megiddo Flame
09-19-2010, 11:31 PM
Let me start. Let's see, should I do the ORIGINAL Land Before Time, or The Lion King? I think I'll go with the former, despite the fact that it has more sequels than any other movie EVER MADE.

Like The Lion King, this was one of my earliest memories of a movie that I actually remember.

Great movie. Lovable characters, actually made me cry back then because it had some... tragic parts... Like the Sharptoooth killing Littlefoot's mother. But then again, she appears to him in the clouds (Gee, I wonder where Disney got that from for that similar scene in the Lion King!.) Some parts actually startled me, and some of the scenes (mostly involving the Sharptooth), had to be cut out due to them being too scary to keep the G rating.

But why make so many sequels? Sure it's good to expand the plot, but after a certain point it kinda gets old. I mean, they have 12 different sequels! Isn't that too much?

Then again, it had my first pairing "Ducky and Petrie", (my close second being Simba and Nala in The Lion King).

Great movie, too many sequels. I'd give it an 88/100.