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09-28-2010, 03:13 AM
Lately I was hired by Social Expeditions to do spritework and the like for their games / iphone apps and the like.

This message was received by my AOL mail account during the beginning of September, but I just today received it.

Although, there's one problem. I'm not so great with video game programming "terms" and whatnot, so I may possibly need some clarifications.
Without further ado, here's the original Emails, all in chronological order.

On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 7:07 PM, Adam Gries <adam@socialexpeditions.com> wrote:

Hey Jirachi,

Great to hear you are interested. The style of the buildings should be similar to the one in the current attachment. In terms of concept, we will use general ideas from popular brands that appear in shopping malls - we have a list we will share with you when ready to start.

As to a deadline, we would like this work done in a couple of weeks but may split up some of it. Let's start with the 1 building you proposed and go from there.

Do you need any more instructions?

Can you start immediately?



Here are some technical instructions that I hope will answer all your questions.

If you have any more questions, please ping me online either on skype (adamgries) or on gchat (adamgries@gmail.com)

Thanks and look forward to working together.


sorry here they are:

Requirements for Art
Need 2 sets: normal+high resolution where high = 2*normal in each direction
Naming: descriptive_name.png for normal resolution,
descriptive_name@x2.png for high resolution (iPhone4, iPad)
descriptive_name_selected for selected (highlighted) state
descriptive_name_disabled for disabled (inactive) state

e.g help -> helpButton, helpButton_selected, helpButton_disabled etc...

bitmap images
PNG format
preferable: power of 2 dimensions

Isometric art
64x32 pixels grid

Animated Sprites
12 frames
8 directions -> up-down-left-right + 4 diagonals aligned with (isometric) axes
some of the directions can be produced by mirroring, but since the isometric map angle is not 45 degress but 30
only a mirroring in Y axis is possible, thus we need 5 directions:

The others are produced by mirroring:
SouthEast -> SouthWest
East -> West
NorthEast -> NorthWest

What I'm confused by is some of the content in the last quote/email. Now, I know I could just ask the people, but the problem is that I'd probably have a lot of questions that may take up a bit much of their assumingly-limited time span, you know?
And besides, I'm unsure whether to doubt / question some things or not, because I'm also unsure if he is lacking description / specific details, or it's just my simple ignorance.

Anyway, some of the confusion includes the following. My uncertainty is bolded and colored red as side-comments:
Need 2 sets (Two sets of...?): normal+high resolution where high = 2*normal in each direction (lolwut? X_x)
Naming: descriptive_name.png for normal resolution,
descriptive_name@x2.png for high resolution (iPhone4, iPad) (I can see he's referring to menu buttons in most of this paragraph--including the bits I did not quote from--but what does he mean by "normal" and "high" resolution, exactly?

Oh, and what would be the color limit for sprites / other graphics for an 8-bit game? ._.

Thanks SO much to anyone who can totally help me out.

09-30-2010, 09:49 PM
He wants you to create buttons, and for each button, there should be a normal and high resolution. The high resolution buttons should just be twice as big. There should be 4 types of buttons: regular (description_name.png), high res (description_namex2.png), active button, as in if you clicked on it (description_name_selected.png), and then finally disabled (description_name_disabled.png). They should all be 8-bit bitmap images in PNG format.

For animated sprites, you should make them moving in 8 different directions. Some of them can be achieved through mirroring (flipping them on the y axis). The ones that must be created from scratch (not mirrored) have to be:

The ones that can be mirrored are:
SouthEast -> SouthWest
East -> West
NorthEast -> NorthWest

I don't know what colors to limit it to, sorry.

Any more questions?

09-30-2010, 10:03 PM
Also each animation in each direction needs 12 frames for whatever action it is. I'm assuming it's walking or something.