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Lord Celebi
08-16-2005, 04:56 PM
This is the FAQ for Pokemon XD. Do Not Post Here, or it will expand my FAQ onto a million pages. Will a Mod pin this?

What the Hell does XD Mean?
eXtra Dimension, I know… Its stupid…

What’s XD001? Is it a portal into another dimension?
No… Unfortunately its Shadow Lugia.

Is this a remake of Colosseum, except with Shadow Lugia?
No. This game is better than Colosseum.

So… What’s New?
A bunch of new areas in Orre to explore. Nickledark Island, Pokemon HQ Lab, A Boat, and a port (I thought Orre was Landlocked…. I guess its not Arizona anymore).

Um… What’s coming back?
Eagun, Agate Town, Cipher, Gonzap, Snagem, Miror B. Outskirt Stand, and many, many more.

Do I get to battle Wes in this game, like you can battle Red in G/S/C
Unfortunately, no.

Lord Celebi
08-16-2005, 05:39 PM
Are Shadow Pokemon the same as Colosseum?
In most ways. Now, though, they are identified by a + sing next their name.

Can your sidekick identify Shadow Pokemon?
No. She’s just along for the ride. She does have a Plusle and Minun though. They can’t fight. They’re overworld characters.

Well then how do you know when it’s a Shadow?
You have this thingy, called an Aurora Reader, which goes over your eye. It looks like a Scouter from DBZ.

How do you snag Pokemon
The kid has a cybernetic arm (Yeah Cybernetics!) which doubles as a Snag Machine.

Lord Celebi
08-16-2005, 05:52 PM
Oh My God! Level 50 Salamence is teh pwnz0rz starter!
Unfortunately, its only a simulation… Amazingly, pwnz0rz is a word in Microsoft Word. Yeah Internet Slang!

How do I find my sister?
Go to the room left of your Mom’s. This is Professor Buster’s room. Talk to the table. Someone will tell you your sister is hiding at Professor Kiminko’s House.

Okay… Why am I a thief?
You’re not. Kiminko’s friend is just stupid.

Okay… Why did someone scream?
Professor Krane’s been kidnapped by Cipher Peon Nappus! Snag his Teddiusa, quickly!

I’m at a port now. I’m scared because a big bad man with a funny name tried to attack me with a Zangoose.
GO to the machinery shop. Choose one evolution item for Eevee. You know the drill.

But what if I want Espeon or Umbreon?
Choose the Sun Shard or Moon Shard.

Did they change the names of the Sun Stone and Moon Stone?
No. These are different items.

Now what?
Go out and find Zak. He will tell you the bridges are fixed. Go back to the Machine Shop and pick up the Special Machine Parts. Go across the bridges and snag Poocheyna and Ledyba. Then go back to Pokemon HQ Lab.

Hey! I’m in Agate Village. Why are there so many trainers?
You need to get the Shadow Bar down all the way on one of your Shadows so you can purify it with Eagun.

How do I get the Cologne?
Old Man Dentore will have it when you purify one Pokemon.

Do I have to do all of Mt. Battle to find Vander?
No, only 3 trainers.

Hey there’s a guy who wants to see Mew!
I’ll cover that later.

Weehee! I’m in the Shadow Pokemon Lab!
Good. Beat the trainers, snag the shadows. Then find Krane on a screen. Go beat Nappus again and free Krane. Finally, Cipher Admin Lovelina battles you. She leaves a Data Rom. Take it to Buster in the Pokemon HQ Lab.

Now I’m in Pyrite!
Remember where Pyrite Building is?

Go there.

But now there’s a white building. Is this where milk comes from?
No. This is the OBNS News Station. Find Nett and give him the Data Rom.Hey! There’s a new Cipher Admin!
Battle Cipher Admin Wazzle. Take his Shadow Pokemon and take his elevator key.

Now, I’ve freed the people, but my scooter can’t go there!
Go to ONBS again and Nett said to go back to Gateon Port. Check out the Machine Mart and Zak will tell you his Grandpa is at Prof. Kiminko’s house. Now stuff gets cool.

How Cool? Polar Ice Caps cool or Popular Cool
Polar Ice Caps!

Anyways, at Kiminko’s house, battle the stupid professor-

The one who thinks you’re a thief?
Right. Kiminko comes out, and the professor is now riding a Robot Groudon! Battle him again. Now find Zak’s grandpa. He upgrades your scooter. Now go to the place you couldn’t go to before.

Cool a ship!
Snag all the Shadows and battle everyone. You eventually find a Bonsly, but he runs off. You then find a stranded man, and he takes you to his room. Once you get out, your snag machine is stolen!

I know.

So… The Egyptians really lived in Orre, something I need to tell my History Teacher!
No, that’s the Shadow Pokemon pyramid. Battle the guy with the Zangoose, and Secc sends you an e-mail. Go back to the ONBS building.

Lord Celebi
08-16-2005, 06:08 PM
Secc tells you a Cipher Prisoner has escaped. The family that owned the Bonsly tells you to approach it more slowly. So go back to the boat and slowly approach Bonsly. Then, you get mail, and it scares Bonsly out of the ship. Now you can only find Bonsly at PokeSpots.

Miror B.’s Back!
Kick his butt!

But how do I get Nosepass?
You don’t.

No buts. Anyways, go to the Snagem Hideout. Beat all the Snagem Peons and Gonzap and you’ll get the Snag Machine back. Go back to the pyramid and snag the Zangoose and enter the pyramid. Now walk around, snag Pokemon, and battle Cipher Peons. Finally, battle Cipher Admin Gorigan. Now, Cipher Leader Deathgold appears on the screen. DG invites our hero to Nikledark Island. Go to Gateon Port (Machine Mart and talk to Zak’s Grandpa) and embark for Nickledark.

All right, now what?
Fight your way up and beat all the Cipher Admins again. Snag all the Shadow Pokemon. Now, you must fight Shadow Lugia. Use the Master Ball (That you get from Prof Krane before doing to Nikledark) and snag it. I’m not sure if the Infinite Master Ball trick still works, so save your Master Ball for here. Now Battle Deathgold. He has 6 Shadow Pokemon including the Legendary Birds. Snag them all. Deathgold gives up, and you win the game!

Lord Celebi
08-16-2005, 06:17 PM
How do I get Miror B.’s Nosepass?
The Miror B. Detector goes off when Miror B.’s in the Pyrite Colosseum. Go there and snag his Nosepass.

How do I get Dragonite?
After you beat the game, Miror B. has it at Gateon Port.

What about Mew?
Trade it in from Emerald and talk to the guy at Mt. Battle. You can choose 4 of 100 moves for Mew.

Whoah, that’s a lot. What do I choose?
You choose.

Are the ‘Rare’ Pokemon back?
No idea. Are there any hackers who want to help me here?

Where do I get Togepi?
The Cipher escapee gives it to you at Outskirt Stand before you battle Miror B.

What other Pokemon are in the game?
You can get Elekid by trading a purified Togepi to Danny. You can get Meditite for trading Trapinch to Duking. You can also get Shuckle for trading Surskit to Duking. Finally, you can trade Wooper to Duking for Tyranitar.

What about Johto Starters?
You need to beat Mt. Battle 3 Times and you get all three Johto starters with an elemental Hyper Beam.