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Master Groudon
10-06-2010, 03:58 PM
Dragon Flame Inc.

(Logo Coming Soon)

Dragon Flame Inc is a company that makes Video Games, Pictures, And Movies. The Video Game making department is still a work of progress so we cannot accept requests for video games.

Under Pictures, We can only create Wallpapers, Icons, and General Pictures. And we only make Videos from video games or a story plot created by us. We can accpet requests for videos but, we must disscuss what the video is going to look like.

We are also accepting jobs from anyone who wants to improove our company. Just PM me a breif description of what you can do and other background information you think I need to be aware of.


Producer- Justin Palmer

Image maker- Cory Schuyler


Please guys. I tried really hard to make this. I don't wana get Super-Flamed for something I did wrong. I know I cant spell. I know I dont have good grammer. Im sorry. Thats just the way I am.

1. Only I can doble post because of updates.
2. You are allowed to talk about anything with this company and its products.
3. I really dont enforce spaming but if its TOTALLY off the subject. Thats a no-no.
4. If you need to make a complaint/problem, you can post it here or send me a PM.
5. If you would like to download a game, please PM me your e-mail, and i'll send it to you. I have a Yahoo and a AOL so no need to worry about having the wrong e-mail.

Don't forget to subscribe! I will post updates on every thing that is going on with this company. So don't miss out!

Master Groudon
10-08-2010, 01:56 PM

I have here a random picture i took to show the world what is behind the scenes in Groudons life.

Groudon is exposed

Master Groudon
10-11-2010, 02:03 PM

I have created a role play. Hsere is the sign up and every thing else.

The Kuriboh Clan


The Story

“Alright Yugi, prepare to face my wrath! Go Blue-eyes White Dragon! Attack his worthless Kuriboh!” Seto Kaiba said. “I don’t think so! I activate the spell card, Multiply! Now if I tribute my Kuriboh, I can get 5 Kuriboh tokens!” A monster of some sort appeared and destroyed Kuriboh. The shards from his destruction created 5 copies of himself. Kaiba just chuckled. “Ha! those worthless things cant stop this! I activate Dimensional Prison! Say good bye to your Kuribohs! “Kurrr!!!!” The Kuribohs cried as they were sent away to another dimension.

This world is inhabited with evil duel spirits that try to turn all the good spirits bad. These 5 brave Kuribohs must try to find a way to live there in peace and return back home. The first kuriboh that was tributed was found in a forest nearby. “kurr!” he said. “We must find a way out of here!” And so the adventure begins….

To sign up here’s the guide you must follow:

Name: (what’s the name of your Kuriboh?)

Color: (what’s the color of your Kuriboh? I made this so you wont get mixed up with someone else)

Job: (what can your Kuriboh do to help out the civilization?)

Power: (your Kuriboh must have a power to fight back against the demons. No god mod. I don’t want to see a Kuriboh that can do a spirit bomb or a hyper beam. That’s just crazy. But be creative. Try to make a cool power that jumps out of the page.)

I will play as the real Kuriboh.

This is my first role play! I hope I did good.

Master Groudon
11-11-2010, 01:13 AM

Well, its what we all been waiting for. Dragon Flame has now constructed a fourm. We need all the help we can get. Were looking for some good employees so get going!

CLICK ME!!!!!! (http://dragonflameinc.smfforfree.com/index.php)