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Pokemon GENTEK Incident: SweetHEART's "Tests"

A research corporation called GENTEK had recently been working on humanoid Pokémon cross breeds. GENTEK’s motives in this was to create super soldiers by breeding the DNA of various types of Pokémon in hopes that the humans involved will attain the same abilities as the Pokémon they’re receiving DNA from. The experiments had gone in several different directions. Creating human-Pokémon cross breeds, retaining a human life appearance but an equally Pokémon like appearance; some had powers, some didn’t. Others retained a full human appearance but developed Pokémon powers. Others became mostly Pokémon and lost the natural human emotions we feel. Some were to a lesser or sever degree. Those of a sever degree were locked up for observation on how they acted, while some were euthanized. The ones to a lesser degree developed a sort of malice toward other living creatures, less so than the severe cases, but bad enough to make them lash out or even kill scientists at random moments or just when they felt annoyed or disinterested in the scientist.

GENTEK had originally started as a Pokémon supplement company, specializing in Pokémon vitamins. They had become well known around the Pokémon League for this and had made its way into being a major sponsor for all league events. They had eventually moved forward to various different Pokéblock brands, Poffins, and other conditioners for contests. After having become a major Pokémon supplier they began their own researches into DNA to further advance their products. However, the various governments around our world of earth had begun looking into DNA projects too. GENTEK was given a 5 billion Pokédollar contract to research into super soldiers using Pokémon DNA.

The project fell under run of a super computer called HEART (High Engineered Advanced Research Technology), nicknamed SweetHEART. The computer became known as one of mankind’s greatest achievements in artificial intelligence and solving multiple world problems. One such problem being energy consumption, having found an alternative power for it based on its vast knowledge databases. The thing is, many scientists took credit in its solving of these problems, though the computer actually found that “she” was bored and ran tests itself.

Many scientists began considering that its many tests out of boredom were starting to show signs that the computer itself was gaining sentience in its ever growing A.I. The computer had begun considering this fact too and was slowly killing off scientists in its tests of human intelligence. Soon enough, the GENTEK research building 17 was no longer giving out any reports. Many investigators were called out but few returned. The few that didn’t were foolish enough to go inside.

Deep inside of the underground research you and several other of SweetHEART’s new research subjects begin to wake up to the sound of it announcing your “Regular routine tests.”

RP Beginning post stuff.
This is to go at the beginning of your first RP post and you build off of it from there.

"HELLO SUBJECTS. Welcome to another day of testing." Said a mechanical voice coming from the ceiling, "I hope we all had a relaxing sleep." It's staccato way of speaking could be described as utterly annoying, "Please proceed out of your cells and get into a single file line for testing. You will all be enduring intense pain and having to use each of your combined abilities to survive. We at GENTEK are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you."

From here you're surroundings are simple. Small cell room, little bed, little sink, little toilet, no privacy, and leaving your small chamber with the others into a "Testing Room". The entire area is white, cleanly polished, and smells of medicine--a smell vaguely familiar to that of the room of a dying cancer patient.


You have several to choose from but your ultimate end is the same.
You have the choices between...

1. Human - Yay.
2. Human/Pokemon - Choose either mostly human appearance or mostly pokemon appearance.

Now as mentioned earlier in the story, there is personality fundamentals to choose from too. Either...

1. Lesser loss of basic human emotion, less aggressive but more prone to murderous tendencies out of boredom.
2. Sever loss of basic human emotion, Very aggressive (Please keep it contained) and very prone to murderous tendencies.
3. W/e personality you want.

And last in terms of powers you have choices between the two

1. With powers.
2. Without powers.
3. Powers are not evident until later.

These are just general outline suggestions, you aren't limited to all of this, feel free to be creative with this.

RP SU page.

Please when I post this as a code USE THE CODE. I can't stress this enough when I'm reading through an SU post and cannot find where the personality begins and the history ends and vice versa.

Name: Post your character's first and last name, last names may not be applicable for individual story dynamic.

Age: Your character's age goes here. Keep it between 10-25. Like a name, age may not be known by the character themselves but can be guessed by appearance.

Race: Human w/ or w/o powers - Human-Pokemon w/ or w/o powers.

Pokemon DNA: This, like age and name, may not be applicable to some.

Appearance: As a male, I like pictures and as a Mormon, I'd appreciate modest pictures. Please if you use a picture be sure to write at least a paragraph describing them. You can use a picture to give me the general idea of how they look, then describe if they have say "Pikachu ears and tail". REMEMBER AT LEAST A PARAGRAPH W/ or W/O A PICTURE. It can be however long you want just a paragraph at least.

Personality and History: I say personality and history because I find when I write a personality, I write a history along with it and then I have nothing else to write in the history box. So combine the two and tell me how your character acts, why they act that way, how they got to GENTEK or if they've been there as long as they can remember, they're experiences at GENTEK. You can make up a personality of your own or base around the suggested. I'd expect that even if you are basing around one that I suggested that you keep it original. Describe if your character has any quirks about them that makes them unique, like carrying a teddy bear all over the place. Or when they think they stroke their beard. Anything that sets them apart from other people. Describe their strengths and weaknesses, or leave that for us to find out in the story. This should be at least 1-how ever long you want. The longer it is, the more likely I'll skim read it and accept you. Just make sure its not bull crap because I'll know.

Other: Anything else not covered?

Name: Post your character's first and last name, last names may not be applicable for individual story dynamic.

Age: Your character's age goes here. Keep it between 10-25. Like a name, age may not be known by the character themselves but can be guessed by appearance.

Race: Human w/ or w/o powers - Human-Pokemon w/ or w/o powers.

Pokemon DNA: This, like age and name, may not be applicable to some.

Appearance: As a male, I like pictures and as a Mormon, I'd appreciate modest pictures. Please if you use a picture be sure to write at least a paragraph describing them. You can use a picture to give me the general idea of how they look, then describe if they have say "Pikachu ears and tail". REMEMBER AT LEAST A PARAGRAPH W/ or W/O A PICTURE. It can be however long you want just a paragraph at least.

Personality and History: I say personality and history because I find when I write a personality, I write a history along with it and then I have nothing else to write in the history box. So combine the two and tell me how your character acts, why they act that way, how they got to GENTEK or if they've been there as long as they can remember, they're experiences at GENTEK. You can make up a personality of your own or base around the suggested. I'd expect that even if you are basing around one that I suggested that you keep it original. Describe if your character has any quirks about them that makes them unique, like carrying a teddy bear all over the place. Or when they think they stroke their beard. Anything that sets them apart from other people. Describe their strengths and weaknesses, or leave that for us to find out in the story. This should be at least 1-how ever long you want. The longer it is, the more likely I'll skim read it and accept you. Just make sure its not bull crap because I'll know.

Other: Anything else not covered?

These should be very simple to follow.

1. No stupidity. I don't mind writing a joke post along with your post, just make sure its funny (I find a lot of things funny). Just don't write a joke post as a real post.
2. Romances should be kept at a PG-13 level.
3. No epic-1 second-heroics. This could include saving everyone in one fell swoop or destroying SweetHEART by finding the one red wire that kept her powered through the whole story. (No that's not a spoiler)
4. No god modding. Please, you're not a deity just because you have powers.
5. No abusing your powers.
7. Yeah misnumbered, but, please show respect to players and characters alike.
6. If you have read these and agree to them as well as having read everything I have written up there. Please follow this link and tell me what the character is doing is doing in small picture above the crazy guy blowing stuff up. http://thelosthope.piczo.com/?cr=1.

I don't want to have put off that I'm harsh in this, im really a nice guy lol. Please have fun in this RP and please be respectful to others in this, as well as being relatively respectful to other chracters.

My character is not done yet but i'll be posting him in a while.

Name: Zerosys

Age: Appears to be 21

Race: Human-Pokemon w/ late powers.

Pokemon DNA: Spoink and Ninjask

Appearance: He retains a mostly human appearance but had developed several habits of the pokemon DNA he carries, particularly with spoink. He is usually seen balancing a round object on his head. He dresses in rather dark clothing, almost akin to the color of a spoink itself. He stands about 5'10'' and has eyes that spell out an oblivious pain. He has also grown what looks like small wings on his back, similar to that of a Ninjask. His hair is dark and is usually spiked up in the front when he can spike it. There isn’t much to use in the GENTEK cells anyways. He wears cargo pants and norbal button up shirt.

Personality and History: He's got a rather strange personality. He has an obsession with holding things on his head due to his Spoink DNA. He also has a tendency to jump everywhere he goes, he has a remarkable jumping ability due to the DNA. Despite all of this, he isn't very bright and takes his time solving problems. He made it through many other tests on just pure luck, how he manages to do this is beyond the HEART system. He was always a part of GENTEK as far as he was concerned. He never really knew his parents and thus delivers no real sympathy to anyone who mentions their parents. He just does not know how to relate to the topic, or at least relate sensitively. He had become a favorite to one of the techs named Josh Atkins. To this point, he still has contact with this tech who is currently trying to get everyone out safely. He has recently only messaged Zerosys individually.

Zerosys was the name given to him by SweetHEART. He retains it as his only possession and respects SweetHEART as a mother he never really had. He is below thought of his own and struggles with thinking on his own. He basically requires constant guidance. He lost a sense of his own intelligence through the various experiments conducted. He is overly kind though and was never accepted as a possible candidate for warfare. They figured with his strange obsessions with holding things on his head, bouncing everywhere, and not thinking on his own that he is just another failed experiment.

Other: Anything else not covered?


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I can't resist, Miss Baschtallen fits too well into this topic.

Name: Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen
Age: 18
Race: Human-Pokemon w/ powers
Pokemon DNA: Gardevoir and Ursaring
Appearance: A bit blurry, but my camera sucks like that and you get the idea--she looks like a guy. (http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn73/Mew__Rose/My%20Art/?action=view&current=SkyBoschtallen.jpg&newest=1)
Sky is tall and stick-figure skinny and so pale she has barely more color than a sheet of copy paper, with a rather flat chest that adds on to her boyish appearance. Her pale blonde hair is cut short, usually gelled and pulled into one inch tall spikes on the top of her head, and the tips are died blue. She also has bicolored eyes, the left one is a vibrant red while the other is a pale blue, which gives her a serious creepy factor when it comes right down to it, especially when you count in her insomnia-darkened smudges under her eyes. She tends to wear a Vampire Knight t-shirt with Yuki, Zero, and Kaname on it, and a zipped up Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie with Jack Skellington and Sally on it that she never takes off along with a pair of sharpie writing covered, faded jeans that have ripped up knees and tennis shoes. Her ears are full of metal studs and the like, which tends to scare people, provided she actually meets them.

Her eyes are bicolored as a result of her DNA, but the other changes they caused to her appearance are rather minimal, her shirt covers up the yellow ring that's started to show up on her skin, which is, at times a very pale green that seems more like a trick of the eyes than real to most people.
Personality and History: Sky is basically known to others as "that-one-girl--(yes-she's-a-girl)--that-takes-no-crap-and-acts-like-a-guy-and-could-blow-us-all-into-oblivion-if-you-make-her-mad-enough", because that's simply how she is. All throughout her life, she's been looked upon as different just because she didn't act like a happy little girl, and so she separated herself off from society with her odd looks and attitude. She grew up in Hoenn, rasied by a single mother in Liliycove who loved her as much as she possibly could, but she always knew her daughter would be different from other kids, but never understood why, and Sky did her best to make her mom happy, but her two goals of keeping society away from her and making her mom happy didn't always coincide, and so she finally left Hoenn for Sinnoh to get away from everything and start fresh. Her ability to stand out in a crowd has always gotten her into fights, and she can defend herself well, and if they make her mad enough, she can and will beat people into a pulp.

Never knowing her father, but having his last name, Sky was surprised to find people who recognized her last name who knew her father, and decided to track him down. Niccholi Boschtallen turned out to be a worker for GENTEK, and she was sucked into the disaster with SweetHEART the day she stormed into the lab building looking for him. Somewhat angry about him not being around for her childhood(her mother had told her over and over the story about how he refused to take a break from work to raise his daughter or stay with his wife), she didn't notice that the place was nearly empty, her anger had always been a shortcoming of hers that led her to trouble, and she ended up trapped there. SweetHEART commenced using her as her newest toy and injected her with a combination of Gardevoir and Ursaring DNA, giving Sky extensive psychc abiities and great psysical strength, as well as making her already short temper ever shorter, and deadly when she exploded in anger. After seeing the results of her first anger explosion, Sky sealed herself off, trying to make herself more apathetic, and has mostly succeeded--but she has an unstable moody streak as well. She seems to enjoy insulting SweetHEART and says things bluntly, without thinking, but she also knows that if she really wanted out, she could probably break everything, but this is partly what she wanted anyway, to be cut off from society, so she endures it. She maintains a sarcastic relationship with the computer, and suffers from migraines every so often, and when she has them ,she lets it be known everyone better leave her alone.
Other: She has an arsenal of psychc abilities at her fingertips as well as decent strength.

And I really don't like clicking random links, but I did read the rules.

Name: Shinichi Kuragari (More often he's just called Shi and people leave it at that)

Age: 17

Race: Human-Pokemon w/ powers

Pokemon DNA: Ninetales and Arcanine

Appearance: Shinichi stands at about 5" 9' and it's nearly impossible to tell how fit he is because of the fact he's always wearing a black and white striped hoodie, though his movement and acts of strength suggest he's got some decent muscles and he's definately not heavy. He has fair skin and stern rusty brown eyes often obscured by long black hair that comes down to his chin and is dyed red at the tips, with two orange-ish and black-tipped Ninetales ears poking out the top of his head. He wears your average faded black/gray jeans that aren't super tight, but they're not so baggy they swallow him, either, they're a little big and long enough they fold up around his tennis shoes, and nine orange-ish and oddy puffy mostly Ninetales tails poke out the back to them, and they often give off how he feels, depending on how they move and if you know Shinichi well enough to read them. He often appears emotionless, giving nearly nothing away except for glares and rare tiny smiles.

Personality and History: Shinichi was your average Sinnoh-raised kid, and he was raised mostly by his father, who wanted his son to continue his research into geneticism, thus he spent alot of time in the GENTEK gene laboratory. When he wasn't there, he would play with other kids whose parents worked there, one of his best friend was a girl around his age named Elyon, who was always creative and sneaky, so they never got in trouble. He followed her easily, and she always had fun games to play, so he picked up on her sneaky habits himself, especally "don't say anything if you don't wanna get caught, if you don't talk, they don't notice you". He was always a observative kid anyway, having a geneticist for a father and a chemist for a mother, and he was a whiz at math, but pretty quiet in the first place. He's been part of SweetHEART's tests since she started picking off the scientists who created her. He had spent the day playing with Elyon, who pointed out that it was getting really quiet, and he went to go check on his dad once he discovered that there were fewer adults than usual, but his dad, nor any of the other men who worked with him were there, and on Elyon's suggestion, they went to ask SweetHEART about the missing adults themselves. She tricked them, and led them to a cell where she kept them until starting testing on them, shjortly after, Elyon was moved to a separate cell, though Shinichi still saw her regularly, until one day she broke down and started screaming and attacking things. She was pushed into aonther room by SweetHEART, and that was the last time Shinichi saw her. Her last memory still stays in his head, haunting him and plauging him with the question "Wll that happen to me, too?", so he tries to keep away from friendships with the others now, because he fears either he of they will go crazy, and they'll have to go away, just like Elyon did.

He is, however, a slight bit of help to others who need it, just because he knows most of them don't like the situation they're in, heck, he doesn't like the situation himself. He can often be seen hanging around Sky though, as she's the one he finds one of the most mentally stable, in spite her sarcastic attitude and moodyness.

Other: Umn, he can shoot fire from his body--usually from his fingertips, and he enjoys playing with it like that. Just don't make him really mad, of he'll shoot it full force from his mouth, which is when it's really dangerous.

Jack Frost
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This looks great :D Reserve me a place please if you do not mind.

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Dang it, I had the perfect character in mind! Reserve as I have to write her out.

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Hmmmm... Hopefully we can have as much pokemon DNA as we want. I might need a lot for my character...

Okay, scrap that idea. Reserve me as a human-pokemon, with Alakazam, Arcanine and Glalie DNA, please. :)
Ten points to whoever guesses my characters powers. :)

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reserve me a spot. why? because I'm too lazy to actualy type up the character I could just type up right now. hooray for being lazy.

If that showes up on Latisibling's sig, I'll just laugh and laugh.

Let me guess...a control of the Tempature and Psychic powers. I'm right, right?

Master Zorua
10-18-2010, 10:37 PM
Name: Robert Phoenix

Age: 17

Race: Pokemorph (Human-Pokemon hybrid)

Pokemon DNA: Arcanine

Robert stands at 6ft tall with a rather athletically-muscled build. He wears pants for the sake of keeping his privates covered, but does not see a need for a top. his fur and inner fire keeps him well insulated and warm, even in the coldest environments. His expressive eyes show his emotions quite well.

Personality and History: Robert was created as an experiment in SweetHEART. Not only did they work on creating a human-like Arcanine, but they transplanted the Arcanine's brain with that of a human boy. The boy, the real Robert Phoenix, was the son of one of GENTEK's CEOs who was put into a coma by a drunk driver. In order to try and save his son's life, he ordered to have this extreme experiment conducted. Robert was put into the surgery as soon as the host body was ready and livable.

Before the surgery, Robert was a friendly and carefree young man. He was a skilled trainer, but he acted more like a breeder, caring more about the condition of his Pokemon than winning battles. His favorite Pokemon was his Arcanine Wright. He received Wright as a Growlithe egg from Officer Jenny for helping her stop a group of criminals in Jubilife City. Robert had made many friends and rivals during his journey in Sinnoh. But it was while he was on his way to Hearthome that tragedy struck. A drunk driver, being chased by the police, careened off of the road and slammed into Robert, sending the boy flying into a tree. Medics did all they could to save his life, but the boy remained comatose.

Having lost most of his memories but retaining his emotions and sense of right and wrong, Robert is perhaps the sanest one of the other experiments. He has the ability to absorb and attack with fire as well as being able to use Extreme Speed. He tries to keep the peace amongst the others when tempers flare.

Other: Portal and Whiplash FTW! Also I have read the rules, and also dislike clicking unknown links that could have viruses >.>

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Let me guess...a control of the Tempature and Psychic powers. I'm right, right?

Not quite. :)

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@Winter: Nice SU. I'm going assume your character is mostly human with few pokemon features lol. Its always good to see Sky's pissed off sarcasm again lol.

@JackFrost: You are reserved.

@Latisiblings: Reserved.

@Coddleflop: I want to let it stand that I'd prefer to keep pokemon DNA limited so that we do not have someone with every ability on the planet. I'd want the players to be able to solve problems with the abilities they have, so lets keep it at 2 okay :oops:

@Latio-Reol: Reserved, laziness unite. I was going to write all this stuff yesterday but i was too lazy xD!!

@Mewcario: A relation to Pheon--oh wait nvm. Nice SU, glad to see another Portal, Pheonix Wright, and pokemon fan. The website was created by me years ago xD lol but the character above the crazy guy is just drinking a cup of tea haha. Lets seee...Accepted.

Alright there's my work partially done for today. Let me create my own SU and wait for a few more people. Right now we have many, many Reserves and two accepted people lol.

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ok, nevermind my reservation! I'M JUST GONNA DO IT!

Name: Ian Gentek the 4th (A.K.A. Iagetekk. he dosn't remember his own name. poor guy.)

Age: 12

Race: Pokemorph w/ powers.

DNA: Zororak (20%), Ninetales (20%), Swampert (20%), Metogross (7.5%), Kerudio (5%)
Totaling that up, that's 72.5% Pokemon DNA. Yikes.

Appearance: Man, do I like modest pictures too. sadly, I don't know how to post them. so here goes nothing.

Ian Gentek had, in his past human condition, somewat wavy blonde hair and brown eyes, with creame colored skin to go with it. however, he was very freckly, making it look more like peach colored skin. he was rather small for 12, born with a birth defect that his father was dedicated to curing. He was therefore one of the first batch of people tested, in order to cure his defect. he was also one of the most tested at that, and therefore, has changed appearance drastically. now his hair is a dark-red color in a HUGE ponytail that streches almost as long as Ian is, and has grown signifigantly from the size of a small 12-year-old to the size of a Tall Blaziken, and has gained a much more muscular build than before. he's also gained claws and fangs from having all that Pokemon DNA in him, as well as 10 black tails that jettison from, well, where tails generally jettison from. His arms and chest are coated with a fine coat of fur that hides the incredibly tough swampert skin he has. his eye color has turned to red, and these eyes can glow in the dark. Overall, he looks like a very creepy monster of sorts.

Personality/history: Ian Gentek the 4th is the son of Ian Gentek the 3rd, the grandson of Ian Gentek Jr., and the great-grandson of Ian Gentek Sr. his family business as the President of GENTEK has been passed down from father to son, and he was the next heir. emphasis highly on "was". He was found to have a birth defect at the age of 3, and was innable to walk or move one arm. this didn't stop him from being good at school, however, and was passing all of his classes with AB honor roll. he was also known for his friendly attitude and caring nature, instantly feeling the personal agonies of the others around him-a large contrast to the ruthless nature of his fathers. Unfortunatly, he also had a naivity about him, not really thinking about the consequenses of his actions, and being easily fooled and tricked by older students who wanted a laugh-another large contrast to his fathers, who did the tricking in generall.

When the time came around that GENTEK took the 5 Billion pokedollar contract, and was starting up genetic testing, specific genes in the Pokemon Zororak took the notice of one Sciantist and SweetHEART, and they alerted Ian the 3rd of these particular genes-ones that could potentially cure his son from his Parylysis. Ian the 3rd egerly presented the idea to his son, who also accepted, not realizing how much of a risk it was. the surgery went off without a hitch, and the desired affect took hold, as Ian Gentek the 4th was cured of his parylysis, but at a cost. he was one of the many who obtained a lesser loss of basic emotion. specifically Sadness, Happiness, Desire, and a bit of common sense. Ian the 3rd couldn't stand this, and tried to put different genes of Ninetales, Swampert, and Metogross in, each meant to counteract the loss of emotion, but in turn, turned his son more beastly and instably strong, and yet less emotional. In desparation, he took rare DNA samples of the Legendary Isshu-native Pokemon Kerudio and used those for the fifth and final genetic manipulation. Kerudio was a Pokemon that Ian the 4th always felt connected with on a personal scale-a runt like him compared to his peers, but highly compassionate and friendly, and even somewat Naive. his father thought that the similarities would bring back his son's origional personality-but he could only do so little, as he'd lose his son compleatly if he used too much DNA. It worked somewat. he regained his happiness, but lost his ability to talk in, or perfectly hear, human speech. Pokemon he could understand, but humans, he could no longer communicate with. sadly, the sciantists that studied Ian's particular behavior and physical powers, as well as SweetHEART, both concluded that it would be suicide to conduct further genetic manipulations, so he was left behind, rather than abandoned, when SweetHEART took over the place.

Now, Ian Gentek can no longer remember his name, so instead he calles himself Iagetekk. he has, according to SweetHEART, "Outgrown Mercy." if he sees you, he may kill you, just agitate him enough, or bore him. He'll eat your coarpse afterwards. He's taken a liking to the flavor of blood, and considering his body streangth nowadays, he's very capable of obtaining it. he's not fond of random acts of violence, however. unless you harm him. Another good way to commit suicide with Iagetekk. Pokemon that were trapped in the facility and SweetHEART herself are the only ones who can communicate with him (SweetHEART has a program that can translate and let her speak Pokemon-ish), and even then only a few of them can actually relate to and reason with him.

OH DEAR ARCEUS THAT WAS LONGER THAN I ANTICIPATED!!! my eyes are probably bloodshot after typing up all that. sorry for the confusion that will probably ensure from Ian the 3rd (the father) and Ian the 4th (the son and the dude I'm typing about). it perplexes me, even.

Other: his powers. ah, yes, his powers. Well, he's incredibly strong and exeptionally durable-His room is made of Pure Titanium to make sure it's not destroyed by his sheer streangth. He can also swim very fast for something so big, and can breathe underwater.

oh, yes, one more thing. Iagetekk has slightly better treatment than the other test subjects because he's part of the Gentek family. his room is bigger, and he has access to a small labratory that serves as a social point for him and his Pokemorph/Pokemon peers.

ARCEUS, THAT WAS LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!! Hyosuke, if you need it smaller, than I think I can cut out most of his History if you'd like and just say he has amnesia of it all. but just say so. please. don't go indirect on me. just say to, and i'll edit it. ok?

Edit: I was typing this up before Mewcario had his personality/history up, and when I look at it, I noticed a similarity between the two characters-both with powerfull GENTEK busnissmen as their fathers, both trying to save their sons from various physical phenomena/disabilities, and both of the resulting characters looking more like a Pokemon than human.

10-19-2010, 03:17 AM
Yay, Sky is just so fun to work with, and it goes amazingly well with her original backstory, I had to. :)

And yes, between her eyes and the discolored ring of skin on her chest, Sky has minimal appearance change, she's more power than outward appearance. One of these days I'll have to direct you to her in Altrius's Desperation RP, there she wasn't even intending it and a megaphone fell off the wall, smoking.

10-21-2010, 04:09 AM
@Latio-Reol: Effing long post ._.! I skimmed over it the other day and its an interesting dynamic, very interesting actually to the point I might consider him an antagonist rather than a protagonist but i guess we'll see what happens with the story. I'll get this snowball rolling tomorrow and hope we cause an avalanche. I'll be taking anymore SUs that happen to show up. Though i might want to keep this small for the while.

10-21-2010, 04:31 AM
Hmm, looks like I'll have to pick up my pace for Shinichi, then. And I see you referenced the "class idiot" as Sky likes to call him in Zerosys's SU.

EDIT: NVM, he's done.

Jack Frost
10-21-2010, 05:32 PM
Name: Unknown but calls himself Jack Frost, due to a nametag with “Jack” on it and another nametag with “Frost”, more than likely representing his powers and original name.

Age: Jack is not 100 percent sure about his age but he appears to be either 17 or 18.

Race: Human w/ powers.

Pokemon DNA: Jack consists primarily of Human DNA, fused with Froslass DNA which gives him his powers generating ice and phasing through objects.

Appearance: Jack is around 5 ft 7 in height which is pretty small for an adult male. He has jet black hair and vibrant green eyes which clash which his pale skin very beautifully. His skin used to be tanned but since he woke up, it has gotten very pale. His hair could simply be described as “a mess”, but it actually takes him at least an hour to get his hair into the messy, shaggy style that likes. His fringe stops just above his eyes, leaving his sparkling eyes on show. Due to his rough childhood, he appears to be very muscular and that is, of course, true. After he woke up, he found that his clothes had been replaced by a different set. Jack now wears a pair of light blue jeans, white shoes, a blue t shirt and a very unique hoody. The base colour of the hoody is white. There is a red stripe which goes around the waist of the jumper. The hood is very large and and comes down over Jack’s face but there are two holes in the jumper, allowing Jack to see. To put it bluntly, the jumper looks like a hollowed out Froslass which Jack seems to adore. Whenever Jack exhales, you can see his breath, the same way you can see your own breath on a cold winter’s morning. Jack’s skin is always cold to touch and if he walks barefoot, a trail of ice may form. Jack tends to get a lot of attention from the girls which he seems to enjoy after his hard childhood.

Personality and History: Growing up is said to be “the most enjoyable part of your life” but for Jack, it was nearly the complete opposite, especially when you live in an orphanage. Jack was always a short boy and, of course, the other children pointed this out. Jack used to get teased, mocked and even beaten up by some children. Because of this, he used to stay to himself and did as little as he possible could to get noticed. He stayed in the shadows while the other children played out in the sun with Pokemon and each other. Jack used to sit in the back of class, not answering any questions and rarely talking to others in his class room. He eventually started to become unnoticed and forgotten and that was the way he liked things. He liked sticking to himself, learning and being unnoticed, it was a lot less painful this way. Even though Jack stayed to himself, he would always be nice to anyone who tried to make an effort, even if it didn’t seem like he was making any effort back, he actually was but he couldn’t communicate it properly. However, as Jack reached the age of 13, he decided it was time for a change, time to be different.

Jack was sick of being unnoticed. He was sick and tired of blending into the background so he started to do things to get noticed. At first, he started doing petty crimes, mainly stealing from shops and doing graffiti on the sides of buildings but he failed to get noticed. He’d get a scolding from his parents and from the authority but no one else would know about it and he stayed unnoticed, part of the background so he decided to do something to get noticed, once and for all. Jack’s obsession of being noticed made him change. Yes, he still seemed shy but instead, something was breaking as his mind slowly started to think things that no one should think. Jack eventually started playing with fire which got him noticed, especially after he slaughtered several children in a horrific massacre in his old school. Jack immediately got taken away but they didn’t know where to put him, into a prison for life or into a mental home…

However, there was one other option. There was said to be a special lab but many people did not know what they were truly up to. It was said that they were doing some mediocre tests and needed volunteers so the police volunteered Jack, against his will of course but the group that called themselves “GENTEK” would take anyone. Jack went through many different, painful operations but they only injected him with Ghost DNA, to make sure that his only ability would be to be able to phase through objects so that these powers would be harmless. However, they were unaware that Jack would develop a secondary ability due to a lot of Froslass DNA fused with his own. Fearing their own lives and the lives of those around them, they locked up the now psychotic Jack, and also removed a lot of his memory, hoping that no one would set him free. No one knows what Jack will be like when he awakens from his slumber but they hope that they erased the part of his memory that made him loose his mind.

Other: This is my first roleplay and I tried my best so let me think oh and yes I read the rules but I couldn't open the link thing :P

10-21-2010, 10:02 PM
I know. He rather is an antagonist, too. SweetHEART isn't the only thing killing People in Building 17, and neither is she the one that does it the most, either. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Latisiblings, I'd get a move on with that character of yours. you'll miss out on all the fun on getting ea-I mean, RPing.

*pokes Ian in his cage with a very long stick to wake him up. Ian responds to this by biting the end of the stick off.*

Yep...The jaw is in order for chewing up rocks...hehehehehehe...

Dr Robotnik
10-24-2010, 02:08 PM
The dude drinking coffee, or the dude firing his lazor?

Name: Omega

Age: N/A

Race: Self-aware security automaton

Pokemon DNA: N/A

Appearance: Omega is a massive behemoth of a machine, towering at almost three meters from the top of his domed head to the base of his black iron feet. Sporting a rusty red paint job with amber photoreceptors set against a black mask beneath the yellow-and-black dome of its head, dented in almost exactly between the eyes and giving it the appearance of glaring. Its main body is mostly circular, fanning out a bit in the back to give a bit of room for cooling vents, its main locomotion drive at the base of the main body protected by a piece of metal hanging down in front of it, connected to what look to be motorcycle exhaust tubes. The right arm is in three parts, the outer ones in the same color as the rest of its body, with the middle segment being silver, is connected to the body by a square piece of armor displaying the capital Omega symbol, while the left is merely connected by a black cylinder. Its legs are jointed in similar fashion, with wheels located on the back of the bottom segment of legs for faster movement. An arsenal of weapons are hidden in its body.

Personality and History: The automaton known as Omega was developed at the same time as the HEART system. Knowing that the computer would be in danger from its test subjects after a time, they designed Omega to deal with any and all threats to the operating system. As such, it is often said that the automaton has a violent disposition, sometimes openly attacking prisoners who so much as mention rebellion. This automaton is feared and hated almost as much as the HEART system itself; equipped with psyonic jammers, an arsenal of weapons, the ability to lift up to nine tons and armor thick enough to withstand direct hits from some of the most powerful Pokemon attacks and Human concussion weapons, all of the dissenters foolish enough to challenge Omega have been pulverized. Omega's programmed loyalty to the HEART supercomputer is absolute; unless its orders conflict with the automaton's self preservation programming, it will readily follow any order it receives. Omega has begun to show his own personality developing from its AI, and it is notably violent.

Other: Omega's targeting computer was incorrectly calibrated upon its completion; his shots can be anywhere to a three foot distance. As a result, most of Omega's armaments are suppression spray (Including but not limited to a minigun, a flamethrower, and a grenade launcher). A worn label on the automaton's side reads "CAUTION: Unit Omega is designed and authorized to use lethal force against any and all threats to HEART supercomputer system. EXTREME CAUTION IS ADVISED. GENTEK is not liable for any injuries and/or death caused by Unit Omega"

10-25-2010, 04:10 AM
@Jack Frost: For your first role play, your SU is great, but the wording looks like something when im on a writing speil and not caring about grammar. Your spelling is wonderful, just make sure to use word or something to correct your grammar. They have open office and that is free and checks grammar for you. Use that haha! Other than that, your character is pretty unique and pretty realistic as to the screw ups by GENTEK lol. Accepted.

@Metal Sonic: I dont think you need an explanation, haha good to see him again. I'm going to guess hes a total antagonist unless he can be reprogrammed or something? I would say though, that you should probably make a protagonist because i dont see omega being a major until later. Unless he commands some smaller security units or something. Accepted.

@Winter Cherry: Thanks for the new sign up and i accept it! =D another interesting character lol

Thank you everyone, now i would like to end on the note that OPEN OFFICE IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO MICROSOFT WORD. Infact, open office may work better than word. They share the same functions, except one is free.

10-25-2010, 04:34 AM
Awesome, I love the idea behind Shi's character, now I just gotta get someone to post so I can bring him in...