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Dark Moonlight
10-27-2010, 07:25 AM
The Pikachu Theory


Ash Ketchum is dead, but that's not the point. The point is, Professor Oak has his Pikachu and is studying it through a series of tests. He has found a gene in Pikachu that gives him such power, and Professor Oak called it "Pikachu's Gene" and anyone who had a Pikachu's Gene inside them were inflicted with Pikachu's Disease. Professor Oak removed this gene and replicated it about 100 times or so. He kept the original and let Pikachu go. Pikachu was sought after by Ash's rivals but they could find no use of the Pokémon. It was weak. Level 1.

Professor Oak picked random people and hoaxed them. He told them they had some sort of disease, and he would operate on them to fix it. It was a disease caused by Pokémon, so he knew all about it. He operated on 100 people with the help of a delusional Nurse Joy and those 100 people were given Pikachu's Gene and were only diagnosed with Pikachu's Disease five years later.

But Professor Birch stole Oak's pages on Pikachu's Gene and Pikachu's Disease and found a way he could control all 100. He could rule the world with his "Team Pikachu", so he called them to a meeting... and that is where they are right now. Team Pikachu are all forced into doing this, so you can be a fighting citizen or a member of Team Pikachu.

Just all the regions. Team Pikachu must conquer Kanto before they move onto Johto, then they must conquer Johto before they move onto Hoenn, and they stop at Sinnoh because Isshu is undiscovered at this time.

Fighting Style
Team Pikachu grunts will fight physically and with weapons. Citizens will fight with Pokémon.

Sign-Up Formp
Appearance(picture or description):
Weapon (if grunt):

Let the chaos begin!