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Phantom Blade

Thousands of years ago, darkness swept over the land. An evil spirit known as Dinako had come down from the sky to wreak havoc upon the lands, sending out his army of minions to do his evil bidding. The spirit took the form of a three-headed dragon, with claws that pierced through mountains and teeth that mashed warrior's bones like pudding. Even death could not destroy the monster, for even if you stabbed it one-thousand times it would heal itself. The dragon seemed near invincible, and though many a warrior attempted to kill him, all failed, and the land was slowly consumed.

Knowing that no normal weapon could kill Dinako, a hermit blacksmith took it upon himself to craft a weapon imbued with enough good energy that it could counter Dinako's evil energy. Calling upon the spirits of earth, wind, and fire, he created a blade known as the Phantom Blade. It was said to have the ability to kill even evil spirits, and was the last hope for humanity. the hermit then gave the weapon to his lone apprentice and gave him specific instructions on how to kill Dinako.

The apprentice, known as Himashi, traveled to Dinako's lair in order to challenge the beast. A great and perilous battle ensued, and for hours the two battled, neither side showing any sign of giving in. Indeed, at that time the lone apprentice proved to be a formidable opponent, and the two battled on until both were weak. Finally, seeing his chance, Himashi followed his father's first instruction and stabbed Dinako where his three heads met. Then, twisting the sword 180 degrees clockwise, Himashi completed the second step. However, before Himashi could finish the third step by pouring the sacred salt into Dinako's wounds, the beast through Himashi off his neck, and turned to dust in that place. Peace returned to the land when Dinako vanished, and the darkness faded from existence. However, since the third step had not been completed Dinako was only sealed, and in one-thousand years he would return.

Himashi went back to his master and explained what happened. The blacksmith frowned when he heard that the third step had not been completed, for he knew that the dragon would return and once again bring darkness to the world. Even Himashi knew that he could not live long enough to challenge the dragon again. And so he took the sword to a place where no one but the truly worthy could find it and wrote instructions on how to find the blade when Dinako returned. His work completed, Himashi could only hope that his descendants would find the blade when Dinako returned and finish what he had started.
999 years had passed, and the scroll had been kept preserved inside the Shrine to Himashi, who was known as a hero to the people. They did not know however, of Dinako's return. They were unprepared then as darkness began to return to the land, and the signs of Dinako's return began to show up. Dinako's return now imminent, A group of cultist known as Dinako's Children sought to prevent what had happened one-thousand years ago by finding the Phantom Blade, and used any means necessary in order to search for the sword. If they succeeded, the world was doomed.

However, Himashi had known that someone would seek to obtain and destroy the blade. As a result, he had created a school for elite warriors in order to make sure that there would be one to secure the blade. For one-thousand years the "Order of the Phantom Blade" had existed to be ready for Dinako's return. They alone knew where the instructions, known as the "Scroll of the Moon", were located. When the signs of Dinako's return became visible, they retrieved the scroll and brought it back to the "Temple of the Order", where our story begins.

The RP shall take place in the land of Hanta, where our story is set to begin. As you can see, I don't really have names for the towns and locations, but each person who signs up will mark a town on the map and what they want to name it. This can be done by copying the map, pasting it in MS Paint, and marking the town in some way. Here is the map:


1. Dinako's Lair (NES2 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210590&postcount=14))
2. Borgir (Retro-Smasher (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210208&postcount=2))
3. Necka Town (NES2 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210590&postcount=14))
6. Abalon (Doodlebop (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210598&postcount=15))
8. Scientia Fontis (Winter Cherry (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210675&postcount=20))
10. Shenandoan Forest (2gamers (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210413&postcount=12))
11. Shenandoa (2gamers (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210413&postcount=12))
14. Lava Island (Tokyokit) (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210775&postcount=22)
15. Kennac Town (Coddleflop (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210317&postcount=5))
16. Ocarina (Retro-Smasher (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210658&postcount=17))
17. Rhea (Winter Cherry (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210461&postcount=13))
22. Orfidis (Doodlebop (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3210598&postcount=15))

The grey city is Dinako's Lair, where he will appear in six months.

The Order's goal is to retrieve the blade so they can slay Dinako, while Dinako's Children wants to destroy the blade and let Dinako finish what he started one-thousand years ago. You can play as either one.

RULES(Lovingly ripped from Neo Pikachu's Spring Cataclysm):

The RP Post Header

On the top of each RP post should be a header indicating your character’s name and species, their faction, and their current location. It should look something like this:

Himashi Antano(First and Last Name)
The Order of the Phantom Blade
Necka Town

This may sound like a hassle at first, but trust me, it is a MAJOR HELP when it comes to finding who your allies and enemies are and what their names are (which will save you from having to go back to the sign up thread and look for their sign up again), and where to find them so that you can interact with them and they can interact with you. Also, if your character is in the same location as other people’s characters, this will be a much quicker alert to that fact rather than having to deeply read into all the intricate details in their posts, which would eat a lot of time and slow the RP down. With this, if you see they’re in the same location as you, it will be a much faster alert for you to be on the lookout for possible interactions that their character may be trying to use with your character, such as conversation, attacking, and so on.

The Traveling Rule

When moving from one location to another, the journey should take AT LEAST three posts. It should work in a fashion similar to this:

Post #1 – “The Departure Post.” The character finishes their business in their current location, and ends the post with them leaving, bound for their next intended destination. For example, let’s say Himashi decides to leave Necka Town after buying a few items in town. The last details in the “Departure Post” would be the details of him leaving the town and going beyond the city limits.

Header example:

Himashi Antano(First and Last Name)
The Order of the Phantom Blade
Necka Town

Post #2 – “The En Route Post.” The second post in the character’s travel should cover the journey that the character undertakes to reach their new destination. Let’s say Nimashi is flying to the town of Dinako's Lair. His En Route post should cover what things he sees and experiences on his way to that location. For example, during Nimashi's journey, he may reflect on the things he sees as he walks through Dinako's Lair. Its also possible his travel may be interrupted by an enemy character. Also, the form of transportation does not matter in terms of how long it takes to reach new locations, but logically speaking, a character would have to use a ship to cross bodies of water. Also, it can be assumed that roads connect cities and towns to each other.

Header example:

Himashi Antano(First and Last Name)
The Order of the Phantom Blade
En Route to Dinako's Lair

Post #3 – “The Arrival Post.” The third post in the character’s travel marks the end of the travel, where the character finally arrives at their intended destination. So after flying over the Victankan Plains, Desh finally arrives in the town of Vora.

Header example:

Himashi Antano(First and Last Name)
The Order of the Phantom Blade
Dinako's Lair

Other Rules
Please, no god-modding (obtaining unstoppable levels of power or luck and/or general abuse of the context/content of the RP) or bunnying (controlling other people’s characters without their consent). These two are a plague to role playing, please try to avoid them and be fair.
Please, no spamming or flaming. Also, respect your fellow RPers, both the ones on your side and the ones on the opposing team. If you have an issue or conflict that you want to see resolved, please be courteous about it.
Role Play posts should have correct spelling and grammar. If you’re unsure, type them in a word processor such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice (which is free). These will allow you to spell check and grammar check your post before submitting it.
Limit Out of Character (OOC) chat within the RP itself (a quick heads up sentence or two is fine, but if there’s a issue you want to bring up that’s going to be at least a paragraph long, consider using the discussion thread. Also, don’t make posts in the RP thread just for out of character discussion.
Role play posts should be AT LEAST a paragraph long, though it is generally encouraged to go beyond that.

Character Name: (Obvious)
Character Gender: (Obvious)
Age: (Obvious)
Faction: (Are you a part of the Order or Dinako's Children)
Weapons: (What are you armed with? No technology above crossbows, please.)
Description: (What does your character look like? Minimum one FIVE SENTENCE PARAGRAPH or ONE PICTURE)
Personality: (How does your character act? Is he a heartless fiend or a protective and benevolent? Once again, minimum one FIVE SENTENCE PARAGRAPH.)
History: (Tell us where your character is from, why he joined his faction, etc. Your character can be from any already named town or the one you name yourself, with the exception of Dinako's Lair. Minimum TWO FIVE SENTENCE PARAGRAPHS.)
Location Name: (Highlight one area using the instructions I gave earlier and name it here.)
Other: (Ah, that section that nobody uses. This is where the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else goes.)

Retro-smasher as Belphegor the Behemoth and Gojira the Sacred Drunk Buddha
Coddleflop as Liam Carey
2gamers as Lucretia Dara
Doodlebop as Leander Campitor and "Midna"
Winter Cherry as Lunaria "Luna" Valentine and Lior Ariel
NES2 as Virgil Atano




Sign-ups are open now.


I allow as many characters an RPer can handle. If I see that post quality is dropping due to an excess of characters, I will ask said RPer to drop the character or hand it over to another RPer. Magic exists in this RP and will either be obtained and used by two means: By enchanted weapon or natural abilities. In the enchanted weapons case, the weapon will have abilities based upon a single element that can be used by wielding the weapon. Note, only the Phantom Blade has the ability to channel more than one element, which is what makes it so important. The other magic abilities can be honed by calling upon the nature spirits, which also allows a person to channel a single element. Enchanted weapons are weaker as far as magic but allow greater control over the element, while those who channel elements without a weapon have to train harder to obtain the abilities, and have less control but stronger attacks. This difference should be visible in the RPing. A person can possess an enchanted weapon AND elemental abilities, but can only use ONE at any given time.

Finally, the "Temple of the Order" is located in Necka Town, which is the isolated mountain town that formed around the old habitat of the hermit that made the sword. The shrine and the scroll were also kept in this town. The location of the town will be marked in my SU, which I shall make later.

DS (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=109605)

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NES2! My old RP buddy! Hay!

Character Name: Belphegor the Behemoth (Haha band names ftw)
Character Gender: Male
Faction: Dinako's children
Weapons: Unholy Crossbow (Nothing special, just fires flaming bolts), Lucifer's messenger (A double handed battle axe/war hammer), and Daemon's Knives (Two 2 foot bone blades made from a daemon's bones, which Belphegor himself slayed)
Description: Belphegor the Behemoth, as his name implies, is massive. He stands tall and proud at around 8 or 9 feet tall, but no-one could really record accurately before having their head ripped off by his bare hands. His weight is unknown, but could possible rival that of a large horse or bear. He has long black hair that goes to his waist, and his face is eternally shrouded by his hair. Some say he has arctic blue eyes, others say his eyes resemble the flames of hell itself. He never wears armor, for his brute strength and physical prowess protect him from any wounds he may receive. He usually wears leather gauntlets studded with metal spikes, and almost black leather leggings. He wears big black boots with spiked metal toes for kicking his enemy's guts out. All across his bare muscly chest he has tattoos depicting his many victories and vanquished foes.
Personality: Belphegor... Well, Belphegor is Belphegor. Probably the most unpredictable being in existence, one moment he may slaying his foes, and then the next he can turn on you and cut his own allies to pieces. He is a relentless, pityless force, like a tornado sweeping across the battlefield leaving behind severed limbs and dying men. He has no defined personality, and anyone who's ever been with him and survived has said that he is insane.
History: Belphegor was born in the pits of hell and brought to the earth by a volcano made by Satan to get rid of the unholy beast. At least that's how the story goes. No-one really knows Belphegor's history, and the legends of his life exceed the number of stars in the sky, but the most exciting goes as so: Belphegor was found as an abandon baby in the woods by a mother bear. She adopted him and took him under her wing as her own. One day, when Belphegor was around 5 or 6, hunters came and shot his mother. Belphegor chased them down, tore them to shreds, and then offered his dying mother their flesh. His mother had suffered too many wounds and they were too great, and she died. Belphegor, who was so hurt by his mother's death, simply curled up in the woods and died.

Soon after his death, a necromancer found his body while searching for dead animals to reciscitate. Upong finding Belphegor's body, the necromancer rejoiced and took his body back to his home, where he placed it in a pentagram and began the ritual. In the middle of the ritual, something went wrong. Death refused to give up Belphagor. An epic battle between the Necromancer's power and Death ensued, and finally the Necromancer was overpowered. But in the midst of their battle, Belphagor woke up. An evil spirit emanating from death breathed life into him. Belphagor simply stood up and walked out while the two were still clashing.

Belphegor, with his new evil soul, proceeded to go and pillage a town. At the age of 6. Without any weapons. Naked. Soon after, word spread about the naked 6 year old who burned a town to the ground. A bounty was put no his head, and people searched and searched, but no-one could find him. He had vanished. What really happened is that with his newfound wealth, he adopted a new look. He bought clothes, food, and even a small property. No one suspected him. Finally, they figured out that the 8 year old who owned his own house was Belphagor. They went after him, burned his house down, and organized a search party. But by the time they arrived at his house, he was long gone. Belphagor strengthened himself by wrestling bears in the woods. But on that particular day, Belphagor went on search for something more... Worthy... He climbed a great mountain until he reached the entrance of a large cave. He was looking for a cave bear.

But when he found something in the cave, it wasn't a cave bear, it was a dragon. The dragon was unfit, being very old and weak, and the dragon set up a deal. The dragon would give Belphagor the last bit of it's power in return for being killed quickly and painlessly. Belphagor agreed, but as soon as the dragon gave Belphagor the last of its power, Belphagor was overcome by the newfound strength. Even that small fraction of the dragon's power boosted Belphagors strength so much that he aged thirty years in an instant. Belphagor then proceeded to tear the dragon in half and roast him on a spit for dinner.

Afterwards Belphagor simply cruised the lands looking for trouble. Every here and there he amasses a small following and starts a battle with a village, but afterwards he usually kills his followers and continues on his own. That is the story of Belphagor, told by himself to a messenger who later died during his sleep because of a nightmare about Belphagor.
Location Name: Okay, I want to name the town straight ahead from Dinako's lair Borgir... but the thing is, on my mac I have no image editing software. Is it okay if I reserve that town and edit it later?

Character Name: (Obvious)
Character Gender: (Obvious)
Faction: (Are you a part of the Order or Dinako's Children)
Weapons: (What are you armed with? No technology above crossbows, please.)
Description: (What does your character look like? Minimum one FIVE SENTENCE PARAGRAPH or ONE PICTURE)
Personality: (How does your character act? Is he a heartless fiend or a protective and benevolent? Once again, minimum one FIVE SENTENCE PARAGRAPH.)
History: (Tell us where your character is from, why he joined his faction, etc. Your character can be from any already named town or the one you name yourself, with the exception of Dinako's Lair. Minimum TWO FIVE SENTENCE PARAGRAPHS.)
Location Name: (Highlight one area using the instructions I gave earlier and name it here.)
Other: (Ah, that section that nobody uses. This is where the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else goes.)

I'll finish my second SU later.

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Numbers make it better.

I might join when I become less busy.

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Thanks 2gamer! That really helps.

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This looks epic, Nes. Haven't RP'ed with you in a while. Last time I did we got called rubbish RP'ers. Eheheh... Sign me up. ^^ (I'll slowly get it done...)

Character Name: Liam Carey
Character Gender: Male
Faction: The Order of the Phantom Blade
Weapons: Liam carries a 5 foot long iron staff, several small daggers, bottles of poison, and is a trained fighter, capable of taking down fully grown men with his bare hands.
Description: Liam is just under six foot tall, is average weight, and has an average body size - his height is perfect for his weight. He has medium length black hair, and dark brown eyes. His mouth is usually pulled up in a cocky grin, and contrasts with the serious look in his face, oddly matched with the playful look in his eyes. He has scars and burns over his body, and usually has several bruises. His hands are usually decorated with cuts, blisters and the occasional burn.
Personality: Liam, at first, seems very unpredictable. He could be bubbly one second, and then serious the next. This isn't because of mood swings, however. There are things, that when mentioned, changes what he's like. Mentioning his family usually gets him angry, and mentioning friends gets him all happy, for example. Once you find out what causes what, and you know what to say and when, Liam seems just like a plain old teen. He has a caring side, a mature side, a serious side, etc., but he is mostly an intelligent, happy youth.
History: When Liam was born, he was extremely sick. He didn't make a single sound when he was born, and even the best healers couldn't cure him. It was only a blind prophet that knew what to do. She instructed Liam's parents to place him in the Spirit Pond in Kennac Town, and pray to the spirits to heal him. His parents, though skepitcal, took the advice. Once Liam was in the pond, and his parents prayed, Liam glowed white, as the whispers of spirits could be heard. This went on for a while, and when it had stopped Liam opened his eyes and let out a cry. His parents were overjoyed.

The next couple years of Liam's life were like any other child's. However, when Liam was five things started happening. Liam would be visited at night by shadows, and developed strong bonds with the five elements of air, fire, water, earth and spirit. It was only when the shadows attacked him that the bonds showed how powerful he really was, expelling the shadows from Liam. Liam forgot entirely about the incidents whth the shadows, and went on living a relatively normal life, his bonds with the elements growing stronger over time.

Liam, upon hearing about The Order of the Phamtoms Blade, did some research into it. He found out, among other things, that his family was part of the bloodline of the hermit blacksmith's apprentice - Himashi, the man who sealed away Dinako. Liam decided it must be some form of fate that he'd be in the bloodline of the man who rid the world of an ancient evil and have such amazing spiritual bonds. Liam's mind was made up, and at the age of 11 he set off to join The Order, and finish what his ancestor had only just failed to do all those years ago. His parents were against it, and sealed him in his room under strict guard. Liam was enraged, and tried in vain to escape, unwilling to use force to escape. It was on his tenth try that his parents used weapons against him. Liam realized he was in mortal danger, and before he managed to fight back, was struck by an arrow in his gut. He passed out.

He woke up days later in the Temple of the Order, and was told that he'd been retrieved by hir grandfather, as he was of age to join the order, and that he had been chosen to play a part in the future ahead of him. Liam merely doubted himself, stating he wasn't a fighter. His medic merely laughed, saying "That can be changed in due time," leaving Liam to only wonder what he meant.
Location Name: I'd like to name number 15 Kennac Town :) The town is very spiritual, and the spirit pond is a "Power Point", a place where the presence of spirits is overwhelming. The town is very old fashioned, even for them times. And even though people there aren't religious, they all worship and pay respect to the spirits.
Other: Okay, I know Liam's history seems kinda weird, but my mind went crazy while writing it. Also, the shadows from his history are dead members of the ohter faction, and the reason he has bonds with five elements is because it was the spirits of those five elements that breathed life into him (Even if you don't count spirit as an element...). Also, I know he seems powerful, but I know my limits, and me and you both know the effects of god-modding (Your Crossover roleplay.). Also, Liam is currently 15

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Go ahead and reserve a spot on the Order for me. I would also like to reserve Locations 10 and 11. Here's my plans for those locations:

Location Name: The tree village of Shenandoa (Location 11) within the Shenandoan Forest (Location 10). The village consists entirely of tree houses built in the branches and sometimes within the thick old trees of the forest. People get around by bridges or swinging on ropes. The village is on the edge of the forest, in perfect view of the eastern coast.

The forest is home to large fierce creatures, but also to the largest fruits on the continent. No one goes into the forest alone, for they won’t return otherwise. The Shenandoan Forest is also home to Acero, a giant fox-faced bat worshipped by the Shenandoans as “The Spirit of the Night”.

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Okay, I got my SU done, and it's probably the longest i've ever done...
So sad I don't have the Nintendo Wii keyboard >.< :( my thumb hurts and my wrist aches now...

11-07-2010, 10:30 PM
OK, I see a lot of SUs, so I'm going to take care of all this in one post.

Retro-Smasher: First SU accepted, second SU reserved

Coddleflop: Accepted SU

2gamers: Reserved, again thanks for the map.

11-08-2010, 12:33 AM
*oohs and aahs momentarily*

Can I reserve a signup and town number 1? Also, question: would it be all right to have a neutral character? If not, it's not a problem.

11-08-2010, 12:45 AM
I'll allow a neutral character, as long as they are relevant to the plot.

Town 1 is Dinako's Lair, so sorry about that.

11-08-2010, 01:00 AM
Okay. I'll have to think about my character...

*facepalm* I could've sworn... Okay, my bad. How about number 2?


Okay, this time for sure. location number 6. x.X

11-08-2010, 01:19 AM

Character Name: Lucretia Dara

Character Gender: Female

Age: 20

Faction: Order of the Phantom Blade

Weapons:Titan Longbow- Lucretia’s best weapon, the longbow has various woodland creatures carved into the iron shaft. On the upper portion, there is panel holding a glowing red gem Acero’s Crystal. A simple twist of the panel covering reveals a pinpoint hole, allowing a red stream of light to point out a target (similar to a laser pointer). The bow is best used for sniping at long distances, though it could be used like a bo staff. On the downside, the weapon is massive, about four feet in length. It comes apart for easy traveling, but it takes time to assemble.
Shenandoan Bow- A shortbow often used by the Shenandoan tribe. It is a small oak bow used on the battlefield or mounted.
Hunting Blade- a standard $5 foot long blade often carried by hunters. Though most often used as a tool, Lucretia is able to defend herself with it.

Description: Lucretia is a young woman, standing at 5'5" and having a light build. Perhaps her most noticeable feature are her brilliant green eyes. Though most of her long brown hair is kept in a bun, there are a couple strands that drape over the side of her face. Due to living amonst the thick shelter of the forest, Lucretia has fairly pale skin, though she isn’t quite white as a sheet.
For clothing, Lucretia keeps things simple. For upper wear, she wears a green V-neck blouse with dull gold-colored embroidery around the sleeves and neck. Around her neck, she wears a brown cape that reaches down to her lower back. It serves both for keeping her warm and in case she needs to keep the bows and arrows on her back hidden.

For lower wear, Lucretia wears a long skirt that matches her top in both color and embroidery. A slit along the right side reveals much of her leg, which is covered by a pair of black pants that hang loosely around her legs. The legs of those pants are tucked into a pair of sturdy leather boots. Wrapped around her right calf is a scabbard for her hunting blade. Finally, Lucretia has a brown belt with several pockets of varying sizes, perfect for storing everything from poisonous berries to even small animals. Unless otherwise noted, all of her clothing is made of plant-based materials.

Personality: Lucretia often keeps quiet in large crowds. It’s not because she’s shy; it’s usually because she can’t add anything to the conversation. She is far more talkative in private conversations between a pair or within a small group. That being said, Lucretia loves company. Even when quiet, she often sits close to others simply to enjoy their company.

In battle, Lucretia love for company translates into a preference for teamwork. With her phenomenal bow skills, she will back up melee fighters from afar, though she needs others to watch her own back. Her light frame and lack of suitable melee skills make her an easy target.

History: Lucretia was born and raised in the forest village of Shenandoah. She grew up in a tribal community that lived within the treetops. There, the Shenandoans celebrated the life around them, from the plants and birds to the enigmatic spirits said to roam the forest. Even the bow was revered; it was not simply a weapon but a way of life, used for everything from hunting and fighting to even in construction of the village itself. They were a festive people, holding some large feast at least once a month. It was a happy environment to grow up in.

If you were looking for some horrific event that scarred the girl for life, look elsewhere. Lucretia had a pretty typical life for a Shenandoan. As a young girl, she joined other children in training with a bow. The only unique thing about this was that she was the only girl to use a bow. Warrior and hunting roles were often reserved for men, while women tended to the village and young people. This changed when Lucretia showed impressive talent with the bow, excelling over most boys her age. The chief recognized her skill set and allowed for further training with his blessing.

By the time she reached 20, Lucretia was one of the top bowman (bowwoman) in the village. She was a teacher, passing her own skills to both boys and girls. It seemed everyone in the village was trying to pair her off with their finest male warriors. Other than the matchmaking, life was good.

But the good life wouldn’t last. The shamans were seeing disturbing visions: an ancient darkness was slowly creeping back into the world. Everything they loved was being threatened with annihilation. Such prediction were confirmed just a few days later, when an emissary from the out side world appeared. He claimed to be from “The Order of the Phantom Blade” and recounted the tale of Dinako and the warrior Himashi. He also said that Dinako was on the verge of returning and urged the chief to send his finest warriors to aid in the effort to stop the great evil. The chief was reluctant, wanting his warriors to stay in the village to help protect the community. It seemed the emissary would leave alone.

“I will go,” Lucretia said. She could understand the chief’s concerns, but it would be far better to stop this evil before it even reached the forest. The chief, though hesitant, allowed her to go, but not empty-handed. Villagers gifted her with necessary supplies, an ample supply of arrows, and one of Shenandoah’s most powerful bows: the Titan Longbow.

With the chief’s blessings, Lucretia set off to join the Order, knowing that she was the first, and perhaps last, line of defense for her people.

Location Names: Shenandoa (Location 11): The tree village of Shenandoa lies within the Shenandoan Forest (Location 10). The village consists entirely of tree houses built in the branches and sometimes within the thick old trees of the forest. People get around by bridges or swinging on ropes. The village is on the edge of the forest, in perfect view of the eastern coast. Shenandoans welcome outsiders with open arms, eager to share food and stories with weary travelers. At night, strange iridescent flowers light the village, making for a very beautiful place at all times of the day.

Shenandoan Forest (Location 10): On the ground, Shenandoan Forest is a daunting place. Trees tower like skyscrapers, creating a never-ending maze of plant life. The forest is not only home to large fierce creatures, but also to the largest fruits on the continent. No one goes into the forest alone, for they won’t return otherwise. The Shenandoan Forest is also home to Acero, a giant fox-faced bat worshipped by the Shenandoans as “The Spirit of the Night”.

Other: Lucretia is not afraid to get creative with her arrows. She’ll add everything from poison to honey (to adhere powder or large particles) for added effects to her hits. She also has ten feet of rope on hand, in case she needs to get somewhere high. Finally, Lucretia keeps a small sugar glider named Furball within a large pocket of her belt.

11-08-2010, 03:46 AM
Hopefully you don't mind the ears and tail--if you do, I'll ditch them, but that's how she's always looked and there's no specifics on races, so I'll shoot.

Character Name: Lunaria "Luna" Valentine
Character Gender: Female
Faction: The Order of the Phantom Blade
Weapons: Eclipse--steal this pic and burn, I drew this! (http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn73/Mew__Rose/My%20Art/?action=view&current=Eclipse-1.jpg)
An unusual weapen seen these days, Luna is an unofficial master of the heavy blade, Eclipse is about five and a half feet long, six inches being handle, the rest pure metal and that huge gem in the center. It's heavy enough most people continually wonder how she waves it around as though it weighs nothing, but she'll tell you over and over it was a lot of training on her part and years of using the sword. She's also armed with a smaller dagger.
Description: Clickeh--BTW this pic was drawn by ME, use it without my permission and burn in Hades forever after. (http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn73/Mew__Rose/My%20Art/?action=view&current=DSCI0598.jpg&t=1289191925016)(This may change as I am working on a newer pic and am not done yet.)
Luna is an Inui--a half-human, half canine(in her case, fox) creature marked by her ever-present set of snow white ears and tail, which are tipped with black. She has bright blue eyes that always seem to have a haunted look to them and long silver hair as well as pale skin, and a silverly crescent moon mark stands out in the center of her forehead, she's about twenty, but looks younger, more like she's sixteen or so, which tends to give people more ammo to distrust her abilities and for her to prove them wrong. Though she's a knight, Luna tends to wear less armor and more normal clothes because she gets even wierder looks when she walks around in full armor and has a massive sword slung over her back--the armor slows her down anyway. This is why she enjoys juxtapositioning the sword with pretty dresses and light hard leather armor under them. She wears a blue teardrop necklace on a silver chain around her neck at all times that was given to her by one of her closest friends. She has a tendency to stand straight-backed and can sometimes look as though her mind is elsewhere.
Personality: Though Luna was never trained fully by a true master, her swordmanship is hard to find a rival to, and during a fight, she's the one who will focus on keeping her key players safe rather than just hacking and slashing like an idiot. She often seems open and friendly, but anyone who can read people well will be able to see she's also wary of people to some extent, due to her bad luck with relationships, though she does regard her friend Cloud with a certain softness. She also has a soft spot for children, something that's always been present in her, and makes kids love her in the towns she's visited, and people often come to like her more for it because it shows how kind of a person she can really be and that she's not all tough knight on the inside. Luna has a fondness of books, and poetry, as well as singing, though finding her reading is rare, and finding her singing is more rare still. As nice as she is, though, Luna will not take being talked down to by men nor will she take well to you trying to boss her around, especially if you're a man. Otherwise, she has the paitience of a saint on most days, and she loves rain.
History: Luna was born and raised in Rhea, the oldest in a two-child family and six years older than her little sister Sola. As her father was a master of a weapon whose use was rare, he took on Luna as the son he never had and taught her in the use of the weapon, which involved the use to strength training with a series of swords that got steadily heavier as you went. She was an anomaly to the town boys, the monochromatic girl who looked so fragile, yet could lift things heavier than they could beat most of the boys the same age as her. She was a fast learner, and being born into a family whose main family trade was swordmanship made her a good fighter, though her life changed when she turned twelve. She was practice fighting with a friend in the surrounding forest when she heard an explosion. Running back to the town, she found that a large group of bandits were attacking the town, and tried to help, only to be dragged away by a family friend to keep her away from the fighting and safe. When the bandits were finally defeated, Luna was told that neither her mother nor her father made it out of the fight alive, but here sister Solaria was okay.

She helped the town rebuild as best she could until she turned sixteen, and then she left to join the Order to try to prevent such things from happening ever again, and tracked them down. When she got there, she was told the full story behind the group, and pledged herself to their cause, but also decided to try and study poetry as a way to try and come to peace with herself, as the deaths of her parents left her with deep scars that she managed to mask over the years.
Location Name: I'd like to name location 17 Rhea(pronounced 'ray')-a small village surrounded by peaceful woods, although it still bears marks of damage from a large-scale bandit attack that happened years ago.
Other: Being an Inui, she is capable of shapeshifting into a rather large white fox with black tipped ears and a black tipped tail.
The species is a rare one evolved from a stupid/genius Alchemist's expiraments into fusing humans and other creatures, in particular for Inuis, canine breeds. Though various kinds exist, Luna's particular species stems from a group of humans fused with yoko spirits(fox messengers of the gods--pretty sure they're from Japanese mythology, but I could be wrong here) and fox breeds. Most live in woods in packs and rarely shift into human form, though there are a few who had more human minds and took up life in populated cities, and they're hard to find--Luna's parents were town-born, and as far as she's been able to race back, so has the rest of her famiy.

11-08-2010, 07:57 PM
It's ok. Earlier I had taken the stance that only spirits and humans would exist, but I'll drop it since she's mostly human. Just explain how she came to have this trait, such as a mix between a man and a lesser spirit or some other tangible reason. Also note that the trait is relatively uncommon in the world (I expect most of you to take this as a hint, because I don't want this RP to become a furry-fest), and that your character may get some strange looks from villagers.

So yeah, edit the post with that information and you'll be good.

2gamers: Accepted.

Also, all locations have been updated. This will be the post where I construction my sign-up, a little bit at a time.

Character Name: Virgil Anamo
Character Gender: Male
Age: 22
Faction: Order of the Phantom Blade
Weapons: A silver blade known as the Silent Wind (Possesses wind magic). The hilt is wrapped in leather for comfort, and the blade has Virgil's initials, V.A. carved into it.
Description: A fairly strong built man, Virgil has chiseled features, and looks somewhat like a Greek sculpture. He has fairly light skin, with dark brown and curly hair, as well as brown eyes. He wears leather armor on his torso and shins, and has his sword holstered on his waist. He isn't a giant unlike certain fighters, but he makes up for these traits with cunning and agility on the battlefield.
Personality: Virgil is a sort of just-mercenary, wandering about the world and taking small-jobs, usually escorting caravans across the thief-ridden roads. He is a light-hearted person, and likes to socialize often. He has a calm demeanor, with a hint of sarcasm and wit showing through at times. He can work well with others, but he can't stand people who display too much hubris. During battle, he does not talk much, instead using hand signals to communicate his message. His bravery and leadership skills are excellent, but Virgil knows he's not perfect and he will at times act on emotion.

Virgil is also a good-person, and doesn't ever give in to greed. He does charge a fee for his services, but these are reasonable and are solely for his meals and the repair of his equipment. He only takes missions he finds have a good cause; he won't sell his services to anyone who is corrupt, especially those allied with Dinako's Children.

History: Born in the mountain village of Necka Town, Virgil at a young age wanted to see the world. An avid explorer, he spent his early years exploring the mountains outside the town, exploring caves and climbing peaks much to his parent's worry. This lack of fear led him to seek adventure, and at a young age most people in the village knew that young Virgil was determined to see all of Hanta.

It was in these young years that Virgil was shown to be interested in sword fighting, and was amazed by the legend of Himashi. His parents, knowing they could not hold him back, decided to take him to the Order. There he learned the secrets of sword fighting and the Code of Conduct the Order upheld, and overtime he was molded into a fine fighter. However, by the age of 19 Virgil was once again restless, wanting to venture outside Necka Town and go on a quest, roaming the world in search of adventure. Asking if he could leave, it was agreed that Virgil could go out and do as he pleased, as long as he followed the Code of Conduct and swore to return to the Order in the event he was called upon. Agreeing upon this, he packed up and headed out.

Virgil then trekked around the world as he had wanted, and everything he did was exciting. Virgil carried out a variety of task, from solving a a small village's problem with bandit's to slaying a creature that was terrorizing those who walked along a certain path, Virgil's life was never boring. He liked offering his service's to those in need, and so wherever he went, he offered his services. This lifestyle satisfied Virgil's soul, as he was finally living the life he wanted.

Three years after Virgil left, he was in Kennac Town when a scroll arrived from him from the Order. Curious as to the circumstances in which it was meant, Virgil learned of the signs of Dinako's return, and saw that the Order had requested him to come back to Necka Town. Remembering his oath, Virgil realized that destiny was calling, and that this would be the pinnacle of his adventures. Closing the scroll, Virgil packed up, and left Kennac Town to begin his adventure. A few days later, he arrived in Necka Town. This is where his story begins.
Location Name:

1. Dinako's Lair: A dark, desolate, and foreboding cave, multiple dangerous chambers must be passed through in order to get to Dinako. The cave runs deep into the ground, and numerous obstacles including Dinako's Children guard the path. Those who get lost in said forest often never return, and only the truly worthy can navigate through the maze.

3: Necka Town: A thriving mountain town, Necka Town was founded by Himashi in the mountains which the hermit blacksmith resided. The Hermit's Cave where the sword was crafted can be found behind the Necka Town Waterfall, and a Shrine to Himashi sits in the Town Center. The Temple of the Order exists on the highest peak in the city, and getting to it requires a difficult hike up carved stone steps. Every year the annual Festival of Himashi is held in this city, to celebrate Dinako's demise. The town itself thrives upon those who pilgrimage to city to honor Himashi and upon the many warriors who come to the city to train under the Order.

Other: None

11-08-2010, 08:29 PM
Finished. I decided to forgo the neutral charrie. Wall of text incoming, folks...

Character Name: Leander Campitor
Character Gender: Male
Age: 19
Faction: Order of The Phantom Blade
Weapons: Leander arms himself with the common sword and shield. The sword is a bit longer than a broadsword- about a half-length of extra steel. But it weighs about the same, due to it being somewhat thinner. He can make do with a bow, and isn't a bad shot, but is better with a sword. He is also a great deal stronger than he looks.
Description: Leander is slightly above average height, and is lean and muscular. His hair is that awkward shade of not-quite blonde, but not quite brown either, and brushes the nape of his neck. He tends to tie it back in a ponytail. His eyes are blue. He is somewhat tan. He has a slightly narrow face, with a slight cleft chin. His teeth are healthy, but for some reason look a bit sharper than normal teeth.

Leander dresses himself simply. Leather boots that go up to his calves, brown pants, and a white shirt with short sleeves, both made of wool. He wears a leather belt and scabbard, both rather plain and shabby. He wears, again, brown leather gloves that are shabby and plain. A plain satchel is slung over his shoulder, carrying various necessities in it. A russet colored cloak is tied around his neck. The only ornament he has is a golden ring in his left ear. All in all, Leander is rather plain and uninteresting.

However, everyone does have their secrets. Leander can transform into a wolf. In wolf form, he has thick grey-black fur, and is slightly larger than the average wolf. His eyes still retain their blue color. He still has his golden earring.
Personality: Leander is friendly, if somewhat aloof. He may not want to get too close, but he'll still help you out if you're in a spot of bother. He's slightly proud and insulting his honor is not something you would want to do. Leander doesn't like to share his secrets with people, and He's normally even-tempered, and not easily frightened. Occasionally, though, he can come across as somewhat rude- he only recently became reacquainted with human culture, and manners is something he struggles with.

However, when you do get him mad, watch out- there's not much you can do to calm him down except sit it out, and when he gets mad, he gets violent. His sense of reason is somewhat clouded, and though his fits of anger don't last particularly long, he is very dangerous while he is angry. In battle, he's positively ferocious. Be very thankful if he is on your side, and very afraid if he is your enemy.
History: Leander, as a child, lived in the town of Abalon. It was a farming village, which was rather nondescript and off the beaten path. Leander himself lived there with his father and mother, and was apprenticed to the village blacksmith. It was a happy, if somewhat boring, life. However, around the age of 11, Leander had a bad experience with a mage who practiced dark arts. He had wandered a little too far away from the village, being an adventurous boy, as most are at that age. He ran into the mage. The mage was in a bad mood already, and Leander made it worse by being more than a little rude. Eventually the mage snapped.

"You impudent boy," she hissed, "become like the beast you act like." And with that, she hit him with a spell, and everything around Leander went black. When he finally awoke, he found that he had been transformed into a wolf. Desperate and not thinking too clearly, he went back to his home town, hoping to be recognized. Naturally, everyone panicked when they saw the lone wolf running through town, and he was driven away.

For a few years, Leander wandered, searching for some cure for his curse. Eventually, he found another mage, who was definitely more friendly than the mage who had cursed him. He realized the terrible curse placed upon him and lifted it to the best of his ability. The taint of dark magic would always be on him, and he would always be able to transform into a wolf. Leander poured out his story to him, and the mage nodded sadly when he heard of the mage who had cursed him.

"You speak of a mage who was once trained by a dear friend of mine." He sighed. "She no longer goes by her old name, but calls herself Midna. She dabbled too heavily in the dark arts, and turned away from us, and killed her master. She now belongs to a group known as Dinako's Children."

Curious, Leander asked for more, and the mage told him the tale behind the related groups. Leander, after some thought, decided to set out and join the Order of The Phantom Blade. He sympathized with their cause, but it was also partly out of spite to Midna. He joined at the age of 16, and after training, learned how to use a sword and shield. He keeps his curse a secret, though- he is ashamed of it.
Location Name: Abalon (location 6) is a tiny farming village. Their main export is food, which is home-grown. A good rest stop for travelers. A small river runs through it.
Other: Leander has an intense dislike of magic, even the whitest of white. Also, when there is a high concentration of dark magic in the area, he slowly gets more and more feral tendencies, and if enough, he will simply transform. He is also an excellent tracker, in either form. Mildly claustrophobic.

Character Name: Her true name she keeps secret, but she calls herself Midna.
Character Gender: Female
Age: 26, though she appears to be younger.
Faction: Dinako's Children
Weapons: Midna uses mostly magic in combat. However, to aid her concentrate her power, she wields a black wooden staff with a blood red jewel set in it on the top, though she can practice magic without it (just not as effectively). …It's also affective for walloping people in the head.
Description: Midna is actually an albino. Her skin is paper white. Her hair is also white, and long, thick, and straight. She tends to tie it behind her. Her eyes are blood red, and thick-lashed. Her face is like an oval, and her nose long and straight. She is of average height. She is about 26, though she appears younger.

Midna dresses almost as strangely as she appears, though this is mostly because of her condition. To protect her sensitive skin from the sunlight, she dresses in black robes with a hood thrown up over her head. A slit in the hood lets her tied-up hair fall through into plain sight. She keeps the robe pulled up to cover all of her face except her eyes. She wears a long silver necklace with a crescent moon on the end, and various other silver chains decorate her. Only at night does she let the hood fall, and her face go uncovered.
Personality: Midna is usually passionless and cold. She always speaks in a dull monotone, and is extremely intelligent. This creepy demeanor keeps her from making any friends, which is probably a good thing. Her extensive use of dark magic has driven her slightly mad. She keeps it hidden, but if for whatever reason she must kill she will do so, and for a short time afterward her manner changes entirely, and not for the better. Her insanity is brought out, she cannot help from screaming out her twisted mindset. Midna finds everyone around her completely useless, foolish and incompetent, and can barely contain her disgust.

Midna is slowly realizing that she has become a monster, and it disturbs her. Though she thinks bringing Dinako back will be good, she has some small doubts. She ignores it, but that does not mean that she still does not have them...
History: Midna was born in Borgir. The villagers were disturbed when they saw her strange appearance, and her parents were unsure of what to do. She was their daughter, after all, but what a strange baby. With hopes that she would outgrow it, they raised her. But, of course, she didn't outgrow it. And children can be very cruel to those who are different. Midna was bullied, excluded from games, and became a village outcast. One fateful day, when she was 7, she revealed her potential for magic. She sent a boy flying and left him hanging in midair. Her parents were secretly relieved. An excuse to get rid of their freakish daughter! They sent her to be apprenticed to a mage and washed their hands of the matter.

Midna learned quickly, and her master was impressed. Never had a student of his shown such power. Secretly, Midna resented him. She felt the pace much too slow and that she was the superior mage. One night at the age of 10, though, when her master was asleep, she found a book on dark magic. She always felt more comfortable in the dark, and the dark magic pulled her in easily and twisted her mind. She taught herself the dark arts. When her master found out when she was 14, Midna suddenly discovered the answer to her problem- kill him. And that she did. She then set out to make a name for herself- Midna.

At the age of 17, she cursed Leander and thought no more of it. She had more important things to worry about. She had joined Dinako's Children, and it was the only thing that she cared about. Back then, she had a true passion. Slowly, though, over the years, she has lost her passion. And she cannot help but wonder, should I do these things? Why? And what has happened to me?
Location Name: Orfridis (location 22) is a mining village. Not many people live there, as the air is filled with dust and is rather unhealthy. But the mine is very profitable.
Other: Midna has poor day vision, but excellent night vision. She gets hot in her black robe, so she cast a spell that keeps her cold, but it has the side effect of making everyone around her chilly. She keeps an owl named Gloaming as her companion. Also, if i'm only supposed to create one town or something, then just ignore Orfridis.

Yikes. That took awhile. O.O

11-08-2010, 08:34 PM
Excellent SU Doodlebop. You have been accepted and your towns shall be added.

EDIT: I have made a change to the SU sheets and they now include age. Please edit this small detail in, it is very appreciated.

11-08-2010, 11:40 PM
Character Name: Gojira the Sacred Drunk Buddha
Character Gender: Male
Faction: Order of the Phantom Blade
Weapons: Nothing but a simple wooden staff... (Its actually a staff made of Snakewood, and the ends are iron plated.) Gojira also carries a small pouch of needles at all times, and not just for acupuncture. Gojira can throw the needles fast enough to go throw 2 inches of glass and with the accuracy of an eagle's eye.
Description: Gojira's appearance may carry the message of a drunk old monk, but his skill in fighting says otherwise. His age is unknown, even to his apprentices. He is smaller than the mid sized teenager, at 5'4 and weighs even less. His only clothes are his orange monk robes, and wears no shoes or armor whatsoever. He sways back and forth and seems unbalanced. He is always drunk, and therefor appears to be the simple drunkard monk.

Personality: Gojira is one of the most compassionate and caring fellows one could ever meet. the only hate he feels is toward those who hate back. He fights for peace, despite the contradiction it presents. He is always drunk and some say that when he hasn't had his bottle of gin, he is the most helpless, grumpy old man to ever live. Others say that he only drinks alcohol to repress his full strength, but no one knows which is true. No-one, not even his pupils have seen him sober. Gojira strives to protect every living creature from harm, and makes sure every person is safe from evil. If even one robber enters his town, he makes sure that that robber will never be back again, and never be able to sit down.
History: Gojira comes from the mountainous regions of the continent, but no one knows exactly where or when he was born. People say that one day the kindly old man appeared in the town. Ocarina, the town where he says he is from used to be a notorious criminal town. Within the week that he arrived there, all crime and criminals vanished from the town without a trace, and some say they left because he fought them all away in the night. He pleads differently. Due to his extremely high status in the Buddhist religion, no one has ever questioned him about his origins, but the most popular story passed on by his pupils goes like so:

Gojira was born a troublemaker. He would run around Ocarina stealing fruits from people's carts and pickpocketing tourists. He had no father, and his mother was a Buddha who simply sat around all day meditating. Despite this, she somehow always knew where Gojira had been, and what he had been doing. Whenever he came back to his mother, she scolded him for troublemaking while still keeping her eyes closed. He would sigh and apologize before returning to his troublemaking deeds. One day, Gojira came back to his mother just in time to witness a turning point in his life. His mother being robbed. But, despite all going on around her, her expensive incense being stolen, sand being kicked in her face, and her sacred altar being smashed, she sat there and continued to meditate. Gojira tried to wake her up afterward but she was in a state of total nirvana. When she awoke, Gojira had fallen asleep in front of her, clutching the little Buddha statue in his hand. After seeing him, Gojira's mother realized his life had taken the turn towards the better, a life of peace and teaching. She stood up and left then and there, leaving Gojira on his own. When Gojira awoke to find his mother gone, he did not scream, he did not cry, he did not throw a fit. He simply stood up and walked out of the town, towards the great mountains to the west. He climbed to the top of the highest peak and sat down there and meditated for a great many days until he reached his current age. He then took on the life of educating others in the way of the drunken Buddha.
Location Name: I want city 16 to be called Ocarina.
Other: (Ah, that section that nobody uses. This is where the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else goes.)

There you go, second SU done.

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Read the post before this one. Please add age, because it's hard to tell when you are old. Also, city 3 is taken.

The words in Italics are now invalid, since I just realized you said his age in unknown. Accepted.

11-09-2010, 12:02 AM
Read the post before this one. Please add age, because it's hard to tell when you are old. Also, city 3 is taken.

The words in Italics are now invalid, since I just realized you said his age in unknown. Accepted.

Okay, I'll fix the town thing.

11-09-2010, 12:16 AM
Gotcha, will let you know when I finish. I've never intended the Inui to be a huge species, and I'll have to think up how they came into existance, but that shouldn't be too hard. :)

EDIT: Fixed, hopefully you don't mind alchemy--I was just at a friend's watching Fullmetal Alchemist. :)

Character Name: Lior Ariel
Character Gender: Male
Age: 19
Faction: The Order of the Phantom Blade
Weapons: Mainly a pair of silver rings on his middle fingers with swirling wind designs etched into them that manipulate wind, otherwise he keeps a twin pair of shortswords sheathed on his sides that he can use just as well.
Description: Lior (http://media.photobucket.com/image/white%20hair%20anime%20boy/LingDraconis/Magic%20Anime/3565504gross.jpg?o=1) is your average nineteen year-old boy, with the exception of his slightly long snow wite hair and liquid silver eyes. He tends to wear a mix of light and dark colors, but always long sleeved shirts no matter what color, and jeans. He's got a friendly aura to him, and he's always smiling. He carries around what looks like a miniature coffin on his back, but it's actually a violin case. He carries his violin with him constantly, and it seems like the case is almost indestructable, as far as anyone knows
Personality: Lior is a friendly guy and he's got the attitude of a proper gentleman, even if he can be a bit teasing. He's usually all smiles, unless there's a cause for him not to, like violence. Lior cannot stand violence, and will openly jump into fights in order to stop them, which is one of the very few times he will use his purposefully try to hurt another person, otherwise he refuses to. Personally, he hates hurting others, which is why he frustrates his fighting teachers to no end, not that he really cares for them. He gravitates naturally to happy people, and tries to cheer up anyone he can tell is feeling down. He also has a great love for music, and can often be seen by the fact theat when he's not frustrating his fighting instructors with his dodge-and-wear-down tactics, he spends every other free minute hammering away at his instrument, and trying to convince Luna to dance to it. He has a strong sense of good and bad, and greatly dislikes "bad" people though he will always try to believe in someone having at least a little good in them.
History: Lior was born and raised by a single mother who worked as a teacher of language at the massive college in Scientia Fontis. He spent the hours his mother was away from home roaming the streets as soon as he was old enough to wander by himself and know how to get home, and playing with other kids his age, of which there were few being that the town is more known for the college, therefore attracting younger people and not as many older folks, so he adapted and became quick to friend the older people in town as well, one of whom was a rather gifted wind mage who deemed Lior a suitable student and taught him in the art of wind magic. Around the same time he took up learning magic in the element of wind, his mother decided it beneficial to Lior to have him learn to play an instrument, and Lior took up the violin, both of which he quickly learned to love. Once he reached the age of sixteen, his mother told him he could make a choice: either stay in Scientia and become a scholar, or learn how to fight and become a fighter for good. Lior finished his studies in wind magic and packed up to leave home for the most good cause he knew: The Order of the Phantom Blade, though he was not educated in it's true purpose until he got there.

Knowing the Order's true purpose didn't change his objective however, only strengthened Lior's reason to join. He quickly fell into life among the group's members, and took an intrest in Luna there. He'd read a lot of books on mythology and creatures of oddity in the library of the college, but had never come across a member of the Inui species until her. He also caught her singing one night after not being able to sleep, and hasn't stopped bugging her about getting her to sing more often ever since, his effeorts simply brushed off or flat out ignored, though if he presses enough and she's in a good mood, she might dance. Otherwise he's spent the better part of close to three years trying to advance his knowledge and mastery of wind magic, and taken up learning the use of his twin shortswords, though constantly frustrating his teachers because of his refusal to actualy attack anything.
Location: I'd like to claim 8 as Scientia Fontis, a quiet town known for it's massive college, where one can learn almost anything they wish. It's aso known for it's many libraries filled with literally thousands, possibly millions of books on every subject imaginable. Locals just call it Scientia, and many of it's inhabitants are young, serious scholars that frown on troublemakers, though angering those skilled in magic could get you a rather sever punishment. Name literally means "knowledge fountain" in Latin.

11-09-2010, 11:14 AM
Couple of questions:

1. What exactly are the signs of Dinako's return? The intro says they're happening, but we aren't told what they are. Are their demons running around or something?

2. It seems that several characters have been with the Order for years. Does that mean many of them know each other or perhaps are good friends? It might be a good idea to start developing relations between characters before RPing ;).

11-09-2010, 02:35 PM
Reserve me for an Order and one of Dinako's children/servents.

I was thinking Town/island 14 could be Lava Island or something like that.

Anyway, I will have the Su's done as soon as I possibly can.

11-09-2010, 02:37 PM
Couple of questions:

1. What exactly are the signs of Dinako's return? The intro says they're happening, but we aren't told what they are. Are their demons running around or something?

2. It seems that several characters have been with the Order for years. Does that mean many of them know each other or perhaps are good friends? It might be a good idea to start developing relations between characters before RPing ;).

Both excellent points. Considering the fact that Leander was 16 when he joined and he's 19 now, that would make sense for him to know at least some of them. ^^

And I forgot to mention, but Leander can talk to animals in wolf form. That okay?

11-09-2010, 08:17 PM
Couple of questions:

1. What exactly are the signs of Dinako's return? The intro says they're happening, but we aren't told what they are. Are their demons running around or something?

2. It seems that several characters have been with the Order for years. Does that mean many of them know each other or perhaps are good friends? It might be a good idea to start developing relations between characters before RPing ;).
1. Sign's of Dinako's Return are usually caused by bad spirits, and include but are not limited to: unusual bad luck, plague, famine, drought, and anything natural that could cause problems.

2. Yes, any character having joined the Order BEFORE the current events will know each others, though in some cases, such as my characters, the person may have left the Order BEFORE another character joined. So yeah, anyone in the Order will generally know each other.

Also, only 2gamers has edited his profile with the requested information. Everyone else SHOULD DO THIS. Anyone who has written a profile but has not added this is accepted, but I expect you guys to do so soon.

11-09-2010, 08:34 PM
Chfck my 'Other' section, newb ;)
Hmmmm, bad spirits you say? Bah, they be no match for me! >:F

11-10-2010, 12:59 AM
Luna's age is mentioned in her description, and Lior is done as long as you find nothing wrong with him. And I would guess they all know each other if they're in the Order or the Children together--Lior usually tags around Luna, but he's friendly with just about everyone.

11-10-2010, 01:57 AM
Unlike the others, Lucretia only just joined the Order as a "supplemental fighter" to boost numbers. So she knows no one, which should be a little interesting.

As for the others, maybe they have special team combos that they've worked on over the years. Or shared secrets of their pasts. Or have a secret handshake. That works too :P.

11-10-2010, 02:16 PM
Edited it. ^^

We should probably work out what the characters know about each other before we start the roleplay. Maybe not in the SU thread, though... Perhaps we can open up the discussion thread before the RP and work it out there?

Also, do the Dinako's Children members all know each other? ...It also seems they're heavily outnumbered...

11-10-2010, 07:40 PM
Edited it. ^^

We should probably work out what the characters know about each other before we start the roleplay. Maybe not in the SU thread, though... Perhaps we can open up the discussion thread before the RP and work it out there?

Also, do the Dinako's Children members all know each other? ...It also seems they're heavily outnumbered...
Doing that now and will edit this post with a link.

As for Dinako's Children, the villain will ALWAYS be outnumbered, but NPC's shall make up for it.

EDIT: Discussion here. (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=109605)