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Kotora Island is an island all alone out in the sea. It was round circular shaped island. At the tip top north, south, east, and west of the island are big farm plots. In the very center of the island is a village that contains all of the shops needed on the island, restaurant/inn, animal shop, town hall, clinic, library, crop shop, tool shop, church, clothing shop, jewlery shop, blacksmith, carpentors and fishery. From the center of the island are eight roads. The four main roads run north, south, east, and west lead to the farm plots. The other four roads lead to the beach, harvest godess altar, Thorne Forest, and Mt. Reed. The road that is south-eastern road leads to Salden Beach. The south western road leads to the Harvest Goddess Altar. The north western road leads to Mt. Reed. The north easter road leads to Thorne Forest.

The Island of Kotora was once lush and thriving. The islanders were always happy and the island had a big population with smiles all around. The animals lived peacefully with the islanders as well, with no squabbles ever. The sea surrounding the island was beautiful, crystal clear water. The soil had the best quality around for growing lucious crops, the livestock were always in a good mood. The wind always gusting gracefully and peacefully. The seasons were always balanced and never hard to live through. It was truley paradise to all inhabitants. That is it was until a great tradegy befell the island and its people.

The Witch Princess casted a spell on the Harvest Godess that turned her into stone. The Harvest Lord tried his best to revive the Harvest Godess from her petrified state. He tried for years but he eventually disappeared mysteriously. The Harvest Sprites did their best to keep the island alive but alas they had no such luck, without the Harvest Godess the poor sprites died. This is just the beginning of the tragedies, the island lost its wind, the soil became terrible, the ocean around the island became ravaged with whirlpools and polluted, the people seemed to have lost their life of emotions, the island is now always cloudy, thunderstorms occur more often, the summers are not hot, winters are freezing, spring won't bring blooming flowers, and the leaves on all trees are dead and gone.

~Your Role~

The island is in its worse state now more than ever. You must work together to help save the island from being completley dead. Its up to you that is if you even care. Raise a family, get married, thrive in business. Do what you want.

1. No godmodding, bunnying, or flaming.
2. All regular forum rules apply
3. This is PG-13 (No sex, kissing okay. No blood showers, a few broken bones and cuts okay)
4. You must have at least one paragraph in your posts. (5 sentences)
5. Proofread not neccessary, but try to use correct spelling and grammar.
6.Only 3 characters each.
7. Have fun!!!
8. You must be committed to this RP and keep on posting.
9. You must be over 18 to marry!
10. To have a baby you must pray to have a child at the Harvest Godess Altar no SEX! The baby will magically appear in your wife's belly. Then in two seasons it will be born
11. Marraige Requirements: At least two dates, two gifts, each must confess love for each other, man must propose with Blue Feather that is found at the top of mountain, must attend one festival together

Sign Up:

Marraige Candidate: (yes/no)
Role: (rancher/farmer (only three spots left for rancher), shopkeeper and which shop)

Ranch Plots Left:
North Plot-Taken Mickmon95

Rosetta Taylor (Mickmon95)
Lance Blu (Mickmon95)
Barry Lincolns (Mickmon95)
Robert Pendragon (Mewcario)

11-09-2010, 12:53 AM
Name: Rosetta Taylor
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Role: Restaurant/Inn Keeper
Marraige Candidate: Yes
History: Rosetta was born on Kotora Island but her parents had abandoned her so she was raised by her grandmother who ran the Restaurant/Inn. Her grandmother recently passed away one year ago so Roseatta has been entrusted to keep the Inn up and running. She has become quite somber with the island being in this dying state. She loved this island and all the memories she has had on it and will do what it takes to save it. She is not really interested in marraige but maybe the right guy can change her mind. She is hard to get to know but once someone really takes the time she is a great friend.
Personality: Rosetta is a nice girl. She is hard-working yet stubborn. She is a socialite and loves the center of attention. She can not stand by watching someone in danger. She does what she thinks is right. She is a free spirited young woman. She has trouble listening to others when she does not agree with them. She is hot headed and reckless. She is a bit contradicting in personality since she is a rebel at heart yet a kind compassionate young woman.
Other: None

Name: Lance Blu
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Role: Rancher-North Plot
Appearance: http://bakaitsanime.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/anime-boy-1.jpg
Marraige Candidate: Yes
History: Lance was born and raised in Flower Bud Village by his parents Kurt and Dia. He left his family in search for a great place to run his own ranch. He arrived in Kotora Island in hopes of finding the best place to start a farm. When he arrived the island was in this horrible state so he hasn't much luck living his dream. He plans to help rejuvinate the island to fulfill his life's goal.
Personality: Lance is a laid-back young man. He is willing to do things when it needs to be done without an option. He procrastinates quite alot to get out of work. He is not easily angered and likes the calm peaceful life. He hates to see people argue or even fight. He is kind of neutral to most political situations. He likes to lend a hand when people are in need and is a strong beleiver that one day the Harvest Godess may return to save them. He is not one for committment like marriage but maybe the special girl can change that.
Other: None

Name: Barry Lincolns
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Role: Mayor
Appearance: http://static.squidoo.com/resize/squidoo_images/-1/draft_lens2404870module13714415photo_1233335648hot _anime_guy-1.jpg
Marraige Candidate: Yes
History: Barry's father was the marry before he was. But his father, Leo, passed away two years ago so he had to assume the mayor position. He has to deal with all the festival decisions, town plans and other stuff. He works at Town Hall where land can be bought and arguments between villagers may be settled. He is devastated by his father's death and is not good at talking about it. He tries his best to keep the island in good condition, but since the decline of its status he has been in a bad mood.
Personality: He is a serious young man. He does not take his mind off work for a long time, which means he is always distracted. He likes to multi-task but it usually ends up becoming mistakes. He is has a very short temper and is easily angered. He must always win arguments or else. He may act childish sometimes but he tries to act his age. He feels the job as mayor is a burden but is doing his best to make everyone proud. He tries his best at everything.
Other: None

Master Zorua
11-09-2010, 01:08 PM
Name: Robert Pendragon
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Marraige Candidate: yes
Role: Farmer

History: Robert does not remember most of his history. In fact, he's even completely forgotten his full name. He washed up onto the shores of Kotora Island after a terrible sea storm destroyed the ship he was sailing upon. The only item that he has that holds a link to his past is his family sword which bears a crest upon the blade of a wolf sitting beneath an orchard tree, the symbol of the Pendragon royal family. However, he has come to terms with the fact that he cannot remember his past by becoming a farmer. He would often pay visits to the Harvest Goddess spring to make offerings of crops in hopes for good harvests of the land and the good health of his pet wolf pup that he rescued from a poacher.

Personality: Robert is a kind and generous man. He values hard work and holds respect for nature. He often likes to spend his free time conversing with the other residents or talking with the Harvest Sprites, trying to find a way to free the Goddess from her stone prison. He does not hold grudges, but he is dangerous in a fight. He may have forgotten his past, but his body remembers the intense sword training he underwent during childhood. He will defend his friends to the death if need be.


Other: has a 1 year old pet wolf that guards his land, but is friendly to good people. Often hunts rabbits, mice and other vermin. The name Robert gave her is Marina, a name he thought up of when he visited the Goddess statue.

11-10-2010, 10:00 PM
Mick: Thats a good SU. Accepted!