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11-13-2010, 01:42 AM
A pokemon and human were about to sav the world only to find out they weren't alone. Others, each one a pairing of a pokemon and a human, joined up with them to defeat an ancient evil that threatened to trap the world in an eternal nightmare. As they recall their adventures, they think what part did I have in it.

So what part did YOU have in it?

sign ups-

human sign up:

Pokemon (first stage only, nickname optional):
look :

pokemon sign up:

extra objects:


name: Kevin
Pokemon: shiny eevee named Sophia
look: t-shirt, gray hoodie, jeans, and sneakers
personality: friendly, but on (very, VERY) VERY rare cases, he can be mean
gender: male
age: 10

name: Sophia
species: shiny eevee
extra objects: amber teardrop on necklace
gender: female
personality: friendly :angel: and clueless :ermm:

5th generation allowed
legendaries NOT allowed
2 characters each
5 characters and the RP is starting

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...err, some of us play the TCG, so Stage 1 for them= Stage 2 for you.

...are you going to give the roll of this evil *coughdarkraicough* to a good RPer?

Does pikachu count as a Base stage? if not...well, I'll think of something else.

...I asked too many questions, yes I did...

Name: Avalon
Pokemon: Lesha, a spiky-eared PiKAchu with blue cheeks.

Look: His cloak (a pure white with golden markings along the edges) hides most of his other clothes, but those contain a Neon-Blue Beret and Tee-shirt, Both containing Avalon's logo: A downward pointing equilateral triangle with angle bisectors jettisoning from each vertex, and a circle around the incenter, all in brown. He also wears a White, Short-sleeved Jacket and Brown Cargo Pants. His skin is peach-creme with moderate freckles, brown hair that gets greasy easily, and He has Hazel eyes-which, in sunlight, turn ice blue. his posture is rather short for his age, and the only thing he has in terms of impressive muscle mass is his calves-those are some serious legs.

He also has a lot of deadly stuff under all of it, and easily (and securly) hidden-I.E., he's got shuiken in his beret.

Personality:You'd be suprised. for someone that walks around with so much weaponary, he's actually a hippie-in mentallity, anyways. He's happy-go-lucky, laid back, and a caregiver to the enviorment, and he's not into war and death and all that. of course, he gets serious when seriousness is needed, and is actually highly intelligant. His history isn't exactly clean...and he gets nervous when Latios is brought into a conversation...


Name: Lesha
Species: Pikachu-with blue cheeks and a spiky ear, like a Spiky-Eared Pichu.
extra objects: A pendant descripting a clock-which actually works. If the time is 6:00, then the hands look like a lightning bolt.

Personality: Incredibly sassy and sarcastic, she's only calm around Avalon. one could imagine that the duo love the other...which makes for an odd lovelife...but regardless, she's capable of protecting whoever she or Avalon desires. Considering that she was a Spiky-Eared Pichu, it's a curiosity how she evolved...did anybody mention she could talk in human and pokemon speech? Oh, yes, she's too attached to Avalon to leave his side unless he asks her, and those who dare attempt to unwillingly remove her find themselves in the hospital after a 8-week coma, with severe, life-endangering wounds. She gets nervous when Celebi or Latias is brought into a conversation...


11-13-2010, 01:39 PM
if it's the tcg, it's basic pokemon. not tcg, the first stage of an evolution line.


11-24-2010, 08:30 PM
human sign up:

name: Jason Rothe
Pokemon: Ralts special coloring (you can reject middle one if you want. read explaination in pic first though), Krimson


look : Despite his young age Jason has some traits of people much older than himself. first of all his hair has turned a mysterious silvery gray, second he has slight wrinkles coming away from the sides of his eyes, and lastly he determined scowl which makes him look at least ten years older. it is also easy to see the youth in him. his eyes glow like a light shining through a piece of amber, and the smirk he shows off to tell how he is feeling hold him to his childhood.

he wears a pair of black jeans with lots of loops and pockets and a dull orange colored T-shirt. over this he wears his gray and black hooded jacket. he wears a pair of black hiking boots accented with little bits of orange. around his waist is a brown leather belt with quite the collection of pouches. a leather necklace hangs down in front of his shirt. at the end of the leather string is a pewter figure that Jason can not identify. he also carries a gray and orange satchel which holds his precious notebook and other items.

personality: Jason has always been a drifter. he would float from place to place abscent mindedly completly oblivious to his surroundings. Jason though he never stays in one place is very social, it part of why he does travel so much. he enjoys getting out there and meeting all these different people. while he is traveling he sketches out ideas and plans in his notebook and more recently he's used it to record how training has gone with Krimson.

out of battle he prefers not to focus on one thing, but once a match begins he focuses sigularly on the matter at hand. in the heat of battle Jason plans out hundreds of possibilities and attempts to create the perfect stratigey. as long as his partner is open to the idea Jason is an extremely tough opponent, but when it doesn't work out Jason can't focus on anything other than that failure for quite some time. anywhere from the next minute to the rest of the week.

gender: male
age: 16

pokemon sign up:

name: Krimson
species: ralts (you know what he's like)

extra objects: silver bracers that glow like the moon

personality: Krimson has quite a varied personality. he can go from taking a nap to taking on a super powerful enemy in no time, but most of the time he is just a simple companion for Jason. he listens well and agrees often. Krimson very much like Jason and that is most likely why they get along so well.

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if this isn't going to do anything goodbye

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if this isn't going to do anything goodbye

Meh. People just need to know about it.

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Human Sign-Up

Name: Rinn Crowther
Pokemon: Eevee
Look: Rinn has two different costumes. The first consists of a simple white hooded robe, with light blue cloud patterns in various places. The second, under the robe, consists of dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a blue sleeveless jacket. Rinn is tall, about six foot one inches tall, and lean yet muscular. He has white/light blue short spikey hair and red eyes. His left canine tooth jutts out over his bottom lip and is slightly longer than the rest of his teeth.
Personality: Rinn is quiet, doesn't really talk to many people unless he knows them, and is more or less void of emotion.
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Pokemon Sign-Up

Name: Vanille
Species: Eevee
Extra Objects: N/A
Gender: Female
Personality: Complete opposite of Rinn; Vanille loves making new friends and meeting new people and Pokemon alike.

Flaming Compound
12-12-2010, 04:46 PM
name: Lewis

Pokemon (first stage only, nickname optional):Riguree (nickname : Rocky)

look :Lewis has black eyes black hair. He is a tall lad that could have a girl easily .
He thinks of other people as friends but he can also be over protective sometimes.

personality: His personality is bright as is his future, he is the kind of person to just sit looking cute but when he talks you feel like your talking to a 20 year old he is smart gets all A*'s and has loving parents.

gender: Male
Age : 17

name: Rocky

species: Riguree(gen 5 pokemon)
extra objects: nothing
personality: Rocky is a devilish pokemon and is always getting in to all sorts of mischief he does not approve of anyone unless lewis does but even if he does approve of them he still keeps a close eye on them.
Rocky was given to Lewis a a present because he got all A*'s since then they were best friends.

12-12-2010, 11:28 PM
Human Sign-Up:

Name: Robert "Robbie" Lace
Pokemon: Sassafras the Treecko

Appearance: Robbie is a kid who has quite a while to hit puberty. Clocking in at a little less than four feet, Robbie is the kind of kid that very easily gets looked over, and stepped on for that matter too. Not exactly helping with this is Robbie’s extremely long, chestnut bangs that he hides behind like a sheep dog, and can provide a health risk as they obscure his soft hazel eyes. Robbie’s usual choice for apparel is a pair of baggy jeans and a nondescript black tee shirt. However, most of this is obscured by the comically large sweatshirt Robbie wears that reaches past his knees and forces him to spend a full minute rolling up his sleeves if he wants to do much of anything with his hands. The hood is often on as well, further making Robbie appear to be a blob of a sweatshirt that may or may not have a child inside of it.

Personality: Robbie’s personality can be fairly summed up by the word quiet. Rarely does he go out of the way to communicate with anyone other than his Pokémon, and, when confronted with small talk, Robbie assumes the temperament of a deer trapped in the headlights of a motor vehicle. A history of being teased by other children has lead Robbie to adopt a suspicious demeanor towards anyone trying to engage him in conversation. If the resulting quizzical looks don’t do the trick of getting them to leave him alone, Robbie will extend the cautious hand of friendship. This is a very rare occurrence though, so mostly Robbie spends his time with Sassafras, who could honestly be considered Robbie’s only friend.

Gender: Male
Age: Ten and a quarter

Pokemon Sign-Up:

Name: Sassafras
Species: Treecko
Extra Object(s): A red scarf tied around his left arm.
Gender: Male

Personality: Sassafras is one cool customer. In contrast with Robbie’s timid, shy personality, Sassafras is always self-assured and confident, almost to the point of cockiness. One could wonder how the two of them became such good friends, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Sassafras in addition to being fairly arrogant is also fond of showing off, whether it is by leaping to the top branch of a tree faster than you can blink, or by simply beating other Pokémon in battle. This combination of vanity and self-assuredness, leads Sassafras to adopt a view of other Pokémon as inferior to him in terms of power and general coolness. This can change in an instant however if he’s beaten in a battle; one minute Sassafras will be taunting and cruel, the next he’ll be acting like he’s always liked the target of his previous remarks.

12-18-2010, 10:13 PM
everyone accepted!

Poke Power
12-24-2010, 12:00 PM
name: Zac Robb
Pokemon (first stage only, nickname optional): Kibago
look : black hair, tall, navy blue jeans, black shirt, dark blue jacket, black sneakers
personality:He likes to sneak around at night. Despite his shady look he is actually a nice guy but is always focused. Sometimes makes him very serious but when he relax he is probably the least serious person you'll meet.
gender: male
age: 16

12-24-2010, 04:10 PM
name: Caitlyn Woodrose
Pokemon (first stage only, nickname optional): Larka the Shinx
look : Caitlyn stands at about 5 5''. She has dark brown hair that reaches to just below her shoulders, and sea-green eyes. She has fairly pale skin, and long, slender fingers. She is almost always seen wearing skinny jeans, and dark blue T-shirt with a Luxay on it, enscribed with the words 'Bite me' in jagged letters and swirling patterns. She also has a faded denim jacket and a black wooly scarf that is only worn when it gets really cold.

personality: Caityn is a very outgoing person with a loud and a lively attitude. Whilst able to easily lighten the mood in most situations, her firey temper and occasional mood swings can make her a very unpredictable and often annoying person. She is clever, but prefers not to show it, instead letting others do the figuring out for her.

gender: Female

age: 14

pokemon sign up:

name: Larka
species: Shinx
extra objects: Nothing. Her fur is a little longer than most Shinxes, though
gender: Female
personality: Larka is very serious and quiet. She can often be the voice of reason for her trainer, but rarely speaks, except to Caitlyn and those she trusts. Even brighter than her trainer, she is a good battler, and despite her size, she packs a punch.