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Pokemon: The Defenders

2010. The Pokémon World is in chaos. New and mysterious evil organisations have crippled the Sinnoh Region, making it isolated from the rest of the world.
Lord Rezora, the head of unnamed evil organisation stands proudly over Sinnoh, as their controller. Killings of humans and Pokémon have taken place.
There’s no such thing as mercy here. No such thing as rules and no such thing as remorse.
After a long day at school or work, you come home to a large mysterious tome that looks pretty beaten up by time. It’s rather spooky because it’s calling
you to open it. It’s calling your name to tease it by taking a look and when you do. When you open it, it sucks you into it. You find yourself in the Sinnoh
region, where everything you've heard of on the news is true. This book is the work of a unknown man whose desire is for a team to take on Lord Rezora
and free Sinnoh from their soul-crushing grip. There’s no time to freak out, just take on your assumed roles and help out Sinnoh.


Forum rules of PE2K apply in this RPG. Please read and follow the TOS (Terms of Service)

No bunnying. This should be expected not to do. It includes murder of a character without being given permission.

No god-modding. Being a God Modder is a sign of being an ass and makes it to where other player's do not want to RP with you. Do not do this. It kills the fun of roleplaying. Let's keep things realistic.

Swearing is allowed in this RP but please let's keep it to a minimum. It gets mundane to see someone swearing in every sentence in their post.

Be active. This should go without saying but I would like to accept dedicated members who won't wither away in Day three of this role-play.

Romance is allowed, of course but let's keep it completely Disney please. XD

Post literate replies, please. No one-liners, text talk, slang, none of it. I would like to see quality in each posts because it helps progress with the role-play. It makes the RP more enjoyable and helps with muses for other people.


[B]Full Name:[*/B] Your first and last name.
[B]D.O.B/Age:[*/B] date of birth and current age.
[B]Gender:[*/B] male or female?
[B]Appearance:[*/B] A picture and a paragraph describing his appearance.
[B]Personality:[*/B] Atleast two adequate paragraph describing his personality.
[B]History:[*/B] Atleast two adequate paragraphs telling us about his history.
[B]Pokemon (first stage evolution):[*/B] A maximum of two right now.

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Khalid as Aiden Riddles
Kryo as Celeste
mickmon95 as Hikari Kakura

Mewcario as Phoenix Lewiet
Gentle Manne as Adela Bonheur




11-17-2010, 05:56 PM
Full Name: Aiden Riddles
D.O.B/Age: 3/02/1991 & 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d2/Raitoindeepthought.PNG
Aiden has dark-brown hair. He pale skin and is about 5'11. Aiden has hazel coloured eyes. His usual attire is usually unusual and rather outdated clothes. He pretty much enjoys feeling unique. He is definitely a well dressed person in his own rights. He doesn't obsess about the way he looks but he cares about it. He seems like a well mannered person but he doesn’t really exhibit a lot of emotions on his face and people seem to get weirded out by that. He is very particular on the type of clothing he wears. He likes dark coloured clothing but he isn’t fussed on wearing colours to suit his mood.

Personality: Aiden isn’t rather emotive and it shows when you first meet him. He comes off as rather cold, closed off and detached from his feelings but that’s exactly the opposite the person he is. He’s rather thoughtful and helpful for those in need. It takes him a while to trust people but when you become an ally of his, he really looks out for you. He’ll always be there for his friends and families and especially his Pokémon whom he loves without a doubt. His courageous and heroic manner is something that he expresses from time to time, but would usually opt of doing anything that would get him noticed if he could help it.
He has recently developed an uncontrollable feeling of rage and anger due to his parents’ divorce but he has kept things bottled and put it all in his stride which can be unhealthy if you’re not expressing your anger into something useful.
He’s travelled around a couple regions and knows his poke balls from his potions so you could say his cockiness is within his ability as a trainer. . He has a slightly naivety streak going and will believe just about anyone. He does have tendency to be very sarcastic and although he seems rather together and perfect, He can come across as extremely hostile and rude which is something that’s occurring more and more with Aiden,
His attitude during Pokémon battles can seem rather brash and a personality difference but he’s very intense and serious when it comes to anything trainer related. He’s very analytical and is often seen paying a lot of attention on opponent’s strategies to come up with their predictability. Most of his battles to see what he can do to improve his own skills and become less predictable and make sure his skills as a battler aren’t traceable.
A trait he has gotten from his mother who is a Pokémon Specialist is his ability to be patient. He can be the type to seem sensitive one minute then totally switch and be mad about something. Like a lot of trainers, he desires to be one of the best trainers in history. He'll always strive to do so. His hopes and dreams have always been centered on that and it’s mainly his source for doing what he does. His love for battling makes him want to battle more until he is the one who defeats them all.

History: Growing up in the Hoenn Region, Aiden has always been fond of Pokémon. He doted on them, especially since his parents had so many of them for their respective careers. He grew up as a happy, seemingly perfect child who has such bright dreams and desires and that he was. When he was on the verge of turning ten, he was completely ready to begin his journey. He left without as much as a bye to his parents before he busted his way through the doors and onto his exciting new journey.

Once turning the big ten, he received his trainer’s license and was excited about his new adventure he shall take. He had jumped around in his room for an hour about it. He had dreamed about having the possible journey of traveling around the regions and getting badges, meeting others like him, competing in the Pokémon League. He set off to begin his journey and once he had picked his starter and set off with a small 'see ya!' to his family. At the age of 12 Aiden has competed in the Kanto Pokémon League, coming fourth but he was determined to do better in his next region so he set off to Johto and got his badges and came third. He was impressed by his wins and traveled back to Hoenn where he decided to take a well deserved break. His father was now the running a Pokémon Farm in which he raised and sold Pokémon Eggs to various Centers and buyers around the regions for. Aiden decided to take time off to help out his father.

When he found out about his parent’s pending divorce, Aiden was in shock. He didn’t know what to do. It changed him unimaginably. He became more closed off and lost control of his emotions. He wasn’t the happy go lucky boy he was after this realization. He tries to deal with it but he doesn’t know how so he suppresses and tries move on with his Pokémon Journey. As he begins to restart his journey as a Pokémon Trainer, he sees this mysterious book. An aging tome. He touches it and he gets sucked in and finds himself outside without a clue where he is.

Pokémon (first stage evolution):
Species: Chimchar
Gender: Female

Nickname: Tara
Species: Tsutarja
Gender: Female

11-18-2010, 03:35 PM
This sounds interesting~ :D

Full Name: Celeste Lenin
D.O.B/Age: 31/31/1993 or 1/1/1994, nobody knows... 17 years old.
Gender: Female

Appearance: http://fc05.deviantart.net/images/large/indyart/anime/Curly_Black_Hair.png

Celeste has long curly black hair, whch would fall into her face was it not kept back by a pair of white googles with violet glasses. She wears them most of the time, but soetimes they hang around her neck.
Her face has a rather angular shape with high cheekbones, but still a certain softness, ensuring that she does not look too strict. Her eyes always look a little drowzy, but at the same time everyone is aware she is watching everything. They have a hypnotic, calm purple color with just a thin border of black around it if you look closely. They sometimes switch to a more magenta color.
He body shape is slim an tough with only limited female curves, but instead she is muscular, and a little bit short and light.

She wears comfortable, but some kind of practical clothing. It consists of a black bomber-jacket with a fuzzy collar made from sheep wool. As the jacket is only half zipped or not zipped at all most of the time, the collar is draped across her shoulders. Printed on the back of it are the numbers '02'. Below the jacket, she wears a dark purple top with the Australian flag printed on the lower right, the blue being purple instead.
For lower wear, Celeste uses white, quite tight jeans, which are ripped and torn at some places, but you can make out a fe stars on the left side of her left knee. Her feet are covered by black boots, which have some sheep wool on the top and cover her trousers.

Celeste's jewelery consists of two silver rings on her left hand, one around her ring finger and one around her index finger, while threerings are located on the right, one on the thumb, one on the middle finger (with a skull on it) and one on her pinky. Also, leather bracelets are around her forearms and a leather necklace with a bullet on it around her neck.

Personality: One would not choose Celeste as the first person to turn to if you needed a friend. Really not. She is rude and respectless to everyone when she meets him or her, not bothering to be careful around people. She states her opinion and does not even respect elders. If someone annoys her, she is not shy at all to begin a fight or argument. She isn't afraid to use her fists, either, which would hurt the other fairly.
However, that behavious is only what she seems to be like at first. If she gets to know someone and likes him or her, she becomes calmer around him, not as agressive, although still a little hotheaded. She can be pretty nice and concerned if she wants too. She however still does say what she thinks, being brutally honest. She would never lie to a friend.
Her face is more often than not in a frown or looking at least a little bad mooded, but that is standart for her, she is sometimes in good mood, too! She just doesn't show it. Something else she doesn't show are hurt and other negative feelings of her own. She thinks that would be asign of weakness from herself and thus masks herself and also scolds others for being weak in order to seem strong. She always acts tough and as if she had a great self-esteem, but deep inside she just doesn't want to be hurt.

History: Celeste was born in Hoenn, in Dewford town, to be exact, in the night of the new year, but nobody actually knows if it was still the 31st december or aready the 1st Anuary. No that it matters muc to her anyway.. her parents were a fisherman and his wife, who was a full-time mother because of Celestes three older brothers. Her life was fairly normal one, she had friend, went to school, played with Pokemon... Until her brothers, when she was ten, decided it would be a fabulous idea to tell hr there was a treasure in the nearby cave. Celesete was diferent at that time, less cautios, and of course went into the cave to look for the treasure. Now, she did not know that it was pitch black in there, or that it was a hell of dangerous. Turned out she would find out soon enoug, though.
he venured into the dark part of he cave, not knowing of the dager, and of couse got lost in the matze in there. It was creepy, with the Zubat and all, and Celeste was dead scared. So scared, she just sat ito a corner and didn't move anyomore.
he whole ordeal could have ended badly, had it not been for a wild Sableye, whch, for unknown reasos, decided to help her. Celeste at first did not want to fallow the Sableye, but ultimately could be moved to it.
When she exited the cave again an hour ater, she was chnged. She wasn't a happy child anymore, but instead the way she is now, although she did not speak to anyone beside the Sableye back then, and has now opend up again. However, she never told that her brothers had told her to go into the cave...

A few months later, Celeste was allowed to go out o her journey, even though her parents demed it bad for her. It turned into quite the opposite, however, as she could meet new peope and Pokemon all over Hoenn. She was a very good coordinator, too, and er team was very experienced. She made it into the top five of the Grand Fesival in Hoenn, but is determined to be better next time.

However, only one Pokemon aside from Noct, the Sableye which rescued her from the cave back when she was ten has gotten as closee to her, a Lunatone she caught in te Meteor Falls. It is also a great help in festivals.

When eleste found the book, she as in Lilycove City, trainig for her next festival.


Nickname: Kryo
Species: Sableye
Gender: Male

Nickname: Ciel
Species: Lunatone
Gender: N/A, but will be written as he.

Well.. I hope its good enough~ ^^°

Master Zorua
11-18-2010, 05:14 PM
Full Name: Phoenix Lewiet
D.O.B/Age: 1/12/1990 (20)
Gender: Male
Robert stands at 6ft tall with a slender build. His skin is a fair-skin caucasian. He has short, messy blue hair and deep, blue eyes. Black rings under his eyes shows that he suffers from insomnia. He wears a white long sleeved shirt top, blue jeans pants, white socks and a pair of Nike shoes.

Personality: Phoenix is rather calm and collective most of the time. Sometimes his personality comes off as bland due to his calm, quiet speaking voice. He is not easily excited, but will either grin or keep his mouth open if he is. He prizes justice above all else. He abhors those who knowingly abandon other, manipulate others or use fear to control others. He can be friendly, but it takes a while to earn that friendship as he has been a loner for most of his life. Those who do earn his trust and friendship he holds dear and will help them in any legal way possible. He loves his Pokemon friends dearly as they are the only ones he has been able to confide in. In essence, he trusts Pokemon more than he does other human beings. In battles, he is cold and calculating. He plans out his strategies beforehand and can change on the fly in order to adapt to changing situations.

History: Phoenix, or Nick as the few friends he has calls him for short, led a difficult life from the beginning. He was born in Pewter City, Kanto, and his mother died giving birth to him. He was raised yet shunned by his father who kept blaming him for his mother's death. He was constantly neglected by his father once Phoenix was old enough to do things for himself. One day Phoenix decided to run away. Two days into his adventure from home, he came across an injured Vulpix that had been abandoned by her owner. It took some time to earn the Vulpix's trust, but eventually he was able to pick her up and get to Cerulean City and get the Vulpix the medical care she needed.

He was approached there by Officer Jenny who was concerned why someone under the age of ten would be out on his own. Robert recounted his story to Jenny. Appalled by the actions of his father, the police officer had Phoenix's father arrested for neglect and abuse. Instead of sending Phoenix to an orphanage, she decided to adopt Phoenix. From that point on, Phoenix grew up well cared for, but he was still quiet. Intrigued by the legal system and motivated to punish those who willingly bring harm to others, he began schooling for law to become a detective. While most other students had their Growlithes and Arcanines, Phoenix insisted on using his Vulpix. Although he was made fun of for this choice at first, Vulpix proved to be every bot as good as any Growlithe in the school. Still, the teasings didn't help with his social skills. Only a few kids stood up for him: Lilly who was studying to become a defense attorney, James, who studies to become a police officer,and Janice, who was studying to become a prosecutor. Upon graduating at the top of his class and at such a young age, he was given an Eevee by his adopted mother as a present.

One day after the graduation ceremony, he and his friends went to the library. Phoenix found an old, musty tome. All four were intrigued by it, but Phoenix was the first, and only one of the four, who touched it. He got pulled into the book and found himself in a foreign land.

Pokemon (first stage evolution):

Nickname: Flare
Species: Vulpix
Gender: Female

Nickname: Isis
Species: Eevee
Gender: Female

11-18-2010, 10:29 PM
Name: Hikari Kakura
Age: 09/15/1995 15
Gender: Female
Appearcance: http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj243/camille_94/jyhgfkhgfkh.jpg Hiakari has long dark hair. She wears a peach-ish colored short and a black skirt. She has dark blue eyes. She has this creamy colored skin. She also wears the saphire encrested necklace that was given to her by her grandmother. She wears black convers with white laces and white toe piece on the front of the shoe.
Personaility: Hikari is a girly girl. She is always wearing something girly and hates things such as sports. But she is not a delicate little father's girl. She is a bit rude when you first meet her because she is afraid of getting hurt. She sometimes breaks the rules just because she feels like it. She does not care for much except her friends, her two pokemon. She loves to brush her hair with her special hair brush that her grandmother had given her. She likes to dress up in dresses for special occassions even though she never has any reason to. She dreams of one day becoming a famous singer as well. Though her aspirations are high she still tries to keep her dream alive in her heart. She doesn't try to accomplish this but she loves to have daydreams. Daydreams in which she is singing on stage being adored by all of her fans. She also loves to dance to energetic music. She may come off as conceited since she is usually always brushing her or looking at herself in the mirror.

She likes to write songs as well. She has a creative side to her that only comes out when she is alone or with her pokemon who she trusts very well. She likes to be alone most of the time because of the peace. She sometimes wishes she could get the courage to go back to the pageants and face those who laughed at her. She has almost done it a few times but to no avail. She also likes to cook even though she is a terrible cook. She likes to keep to herself and walk alone. She is shy and timid at times. Yet at other times she can be bold and daring. She cares not what grown-ups think due to how her parents ignore her. She also is not too fond of small children. She can be self-centered at times but she tries to put others before herself. She feels she can not trust anyone but her pokemon. She has a passion for taking care of her pokemon and will do what it takes to keep them safe.
History: Hikari has been competing in beauty pageants all of her childhood. Her mother and her spent alot of time together so she and her mother are very close. She never really knew what its like to not be the center of attention. She had competed in pageants for 10 years. She was a natural at beauty pageants. She had the talent of being able to sing amazingly and her personality helped her pass the question round. She had earned the title of the Pageant Princess because she had won one hundred pageants in a row. But, the day of her most important pageant she also made a terrible mistake. She tripped and fell off the stage. Not only that but she landed onto the food table. She was embarrassed and humiliated. After that she lost all of her confidence. She never returned to the pageant stage. Her mother always tries to convince her but Hikari always says no. Hikari is teased by some girls of that faithful day at the pageant. She stayed in her room for quite alot of years after school. Her grades increased but she had lost all of her friends.

She dropped out of her private school, and went to normal school where no one knew her as the Pageant Princess. There she was able to live a normal life and make friends. Ever since the incedent she never performs anyhwere or goes out in public too much. She had always wanted to compete in the talent show but her fear of humiliation stopped her from doing so.She fears ridicule. Things got even got worse when her parents completley ignored her. Or at least it feels like it to her. Her mother gave birth to her baby sister, Leslie. Lesile received all the attention from her parents. Hikari feels alone and she skips school sometime now. She has become somewhat of a rebel due to the lack of attention. She is never home, but her parents don't really notice she's gone. This doesn't help, Hikari at all. She is always alone now and she's been assaulted a number of times. Hikari had started dating the wrong kind of guys and her parents without a clue. Her parents show not too much interest in her. Hikari had planned to run away. Hikari then met her Piplup one day and had been contemplating wether or not to become a cooridinator. What had hindered her from becoming a cooridinator was that she was afraid of performing in front of the crowd. Had it not been for Hikari finding her Piplup in the forest one day Hikari might've ended up pregnant and on drugs. Hikari loves her Piplup very much for putting her back on the right path. Hikari and her Piplup act as if they were brother and sister.
Role: Coordinator
Pokemon Team:
Nickname: Nero
Species: Piplup
Gender: Male

Nickname: Lilly
Species: Pachirisu
Gender: Female
Other: None

11-18-2010, 10:31 PM
Thank you for applying, Kryo. You're character biography is very interesting and cool. (Could you give your character a last name please.) Welcome, you're accepted into the RPG. It shall begin when we have at least 4-5 players. I'll set up a discussion so we can discuss some personal plots.

Thanks for applying, Mewcario. You have been reservered for a maximum of 3 days. Can't wait to see your biography. :]

Thanks for applying, mickmon95. I'm sorry but this is a one character per player RPG. It makes things less confusing, sorry. If you could choose a character and also extend more in the personality and history, thank you.

11-18-2010, 10:37 PM
Mick: Okay I choose Hikari now let me edit. I am done editing.

11-18-2010, 10:41 PM
Thank you. Post to let me that your character biography is complete.

11-18-2010, 10:58 PM
Mick: It is complete but where do I post?

11-18-2010, 11:32 PM
Mick: It is complete but where do I post?

You edit your original post.

EDIT: Have you done it?

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Mick: Yes I have.

11-18-2010, 11:52 PM
Thank you for applying, mickmon95. You've been accepted, thanks again for applying with this RPG. Your biography is nice and I can't wait to see what this character brings to the RP.

Gentle Manne
11-19-2010, 04:46 AM
Gonna give this a shot, I've waited too long for another trainer RP...

Reserve me, sir?

Full Name: Adela Bonheur
D.O.B/Age: April 6th, 1991 (17)
Gender: Female
Appearance: This girl puts you in mind of a tomboy. Her eyes are cloudy and gray, her gaze can seem distant. Her fine, straight, gunpowder-black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a smoothly cut bush. Part of her hair is folded over her right eye. Her skin is nut-brown. She is most often seen wearing a short, black button-up jacket with a white dress shirt underneath and smooth black pants. She wears the generic black dress shoes. Sometimes, she wears a purple colored beret, mostly when it's cold outside. She is of average height and has a slightly wide-hipped build. She's about 5'7" and 143 lbs. She also wears small reading glasses, usually when she's, well, reading something.
Personality: Adela rather motherly to those close to her, helping them out to the best of her ability. Being angry isn't something you'll see her doing openly, usually letting out her emotions in private with the support of her Pokemon(The best they can, anyways). She doesn't worry about life's negatives and how tomorrow will be, instead enjoying what she has and going about her daily business. She feels that her two pokemon partners are somewhat like little siblings to her, the pair have always stuck by her and they've rarely ever had a strong disagreement with each other. A flaw of her's is easily trusting people and getting quite disappointed when they betray her in some way. However, she does hate people who are stuck-up and walk with their noses in the hair as if better than everyone around them.
Adela was born and raised in Hodomoe City, Isshu. Her father was a police officer and her mother was a flower-shop owner. She lived an average, middle-classed life in the city and went to a decent school. She had numerous 'friends', nobody truly close, though. When she reached the age of ten, she received her first own pokemon, a baby female Monozu. It was one of the children of her father's mother Sazandora, he decided it was the perfect time to start off her pokemon trainer career. She raised it for three years before she decided it was a good time to go on her own pokemon journey through the region. Throughout her journey, she met numerous allies and friends, but she always decided it was best for her to stay solo.

One foggy morning in the forest, she came upon an injured Chobomaki, possibly left there by an irresponsible trainer. Quickly, Adela hurried to the nearest pokemon center in the next city, allowing the nurses to quickly heal its wounds. When the pokemon was carried out on the cart, it leapt into his savior's arms, clearly appreciative in the girl's good deed. It then joined her team, quickly making friends with Eris.

Several days later, while alone on a path, she happened upon a dirty tome. Picking it up and opening it, she suddenly found herself a split second later in a foreign region, Sinnoh.
Pokemon (first stage evolution):

Nickname: Eris
Species: Monozu
Gender: Female

Nickname: Cadell
Species: Chobomaki
Gender: Male

11-19-2010, 11:59 AM
Thank you, Gentle Manne for applying. You are reserved for three days.

11-19-2010, 12:53 PM
Thank you, Khalid~ I added Celestes last name... Although I am not sure why I forgot it in the first place... Oh well.

I'm looking forward to RPing with you guys (girls)!

Master Zorua
11-19-2010, 01:48 PM
Finished my sign up.

11-19-2010, 05:14 PM
Mewcario, you're accepted, thank you.

Gentle Manne
11-20-2010, 10:00 PM
Done with my SU, tell me if I need to flesh anything out.

11-21-2010, 07:21 PM
You're accepted, thank you.

The RPG shall be beginning shortly. I'm still accepting sign ups.