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Saraibre Ryu
11-22-2010, 09:36 PM
Here we can discuss various aspects of the RP. I will have a list of each legendary ability of unique awesomeness that have been previously asked by others:

List of Unique Powers:

Giratina: Allows her to pass through reflective objects and disappear. This is passage into a sub-level of the reverse world that is not the true reverse world. Can only remain in said passage for a short amount of time.

Lugia: Cause White Squalls at will, stop them at will. Manipulate clouds to cause wind and lightning storms.

Suicune: Purification of liquids and walk on water, wind manipulation.

Kyogre: Aquakinesis, closer to larger bodies of water, the more powerful they are. Manipulate rain related effects.

Manaphy: Cause a 'Freaky Friday' between people, or see through another person's view on the condition they've met said person.

Ho-oh: Can use any ground substance to heal wounds, and only wounds, that would kill a person, completely. Wounds that would not kill a person/Pokemon are not affected. May also use the souls of those that were killed by the person for their own means. For a few moments.

Raikou: Create storm clouds to fly on, can create smaller storm clouds to shoot lighting bolts from.

Latias: Identity theft, look and sound like any person you've made contact with. Can see through the eyes of those you have made contact with.

Rayquaza: Disapate and manipulate the weather completely, breathe in areas with little or no oxygen.

Dialga: Slow down, speed up times. Speeding up time requires a medatative like state, slowing down requires calm concentration. Can affect people within proximity of a large object, such as a building or monument.

Shaymin: Sense subconscious feeling in others, or can tell if someone is lying or not. Communicate to others through plant life.

Celebi: Chlorokinesis, control over plant life, including growing plants of any kind for any use. Can also see up to five minutes into the future and in the past through another person.

Latios: Ability to see through another person you've made contact with. Capable of telepathy and reading other's thoughts.

Jirachi: Can bring objects in a form of teleportation from an entirely different location to you. Eg. A car from a parking lot into the forest you are in. The size varies on how much power you use.

Zekrom: Electrokinesis, can generate electricity and store it, or unleash it in a stormy fury. Too much electricity taken out or taken in can lead to temporary nerve paralysis.

Arceus: Capable of using any and all universal type abilities one at a time at a much higher level of power than what any other Legendary had.

Mew: Able to look like any other Pokemon except legendaries, able to learn to do anything rather swiftly due to an increase in intelligence.

Darkrai: Inflict paranoia onto others, can use a form of hypnotism to influence others into doing simple things, or thinking simple things.

Victini: Make the improbably happen, 'turn the table's' change luck and circumstance so that it benefits or hinders another.

Neo Emolga
11-22-2010, 09:51 PM
I'd have to say, Ho-oh's attribute power is a bit more on the creepy side, but I'll find some good ways to use it.

Anyway, any idea of when the RP may start?

Saraibre Ryu
11-23-2010, 07:01 PM
I'd have to say, Ho-oh's attribute power is a bit more on the creepy side, but I'll find some good ways to use it.

Anyway, any idea of when the RP may start?

Yes, I try to think a bit outside the box with that I can make out of the Legendary's original power.

I'm hoping to get a few more people, preferably as ENDoG's, and give the reservations a chance to post their SU. So most likely the net few days.

12-01-2010, 06:30 AM
Hey Sabi, I'm going to be come really inactive for a while. A project I was just assigned in Government is going to take a lot of my time because it counts as two MAJOR test grades in that class and I need to do a whole semester of one class so I can be finished with schooling by the of December. Also, I will be totally inactive this upcoming Saturday and next week starting Friday and it will last until Sunday. Just letting you know.

Neo Emolga
12-05-2010, 10:08 PM
Alright, hate to say this, but I'm dropping out.

Sorry, Ryu, but making RPs and then not starting them until weeks and weeks later is a really bad habit to get into, and I noticed you did this with Ados as well, which is very likely the reason it had a deadly dry spell of inactivity right out of the starting gate. Doing this is like keeping people in a cage, waiting in front of a nice, big basket of bananas and then only opening the cage doors after the bananas have all gone black. If people see other RPs opening up, they're not going to stick around for those that seem like even the creator lost interest in. If you're going to start it, start it soon. If things look bleak and you're absolutely positive the RP isn't going to work or you just can't manage it with your time schedule, let people know early and try to avoid letting that happen again, so they don't need to keep waiting and your reputation doesn't get shot down. That's common courtesy.

Second, its brutal on the RP board as well. Imagine if every RP creator at PE2K did this again and again. Please, don't be the boy who cried "Great RP here!" and then when all the people come rushing, make it so they don't find anything.