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Did you ever have one of those dreams that feel so real that when you wake up you think it happened the day before. You’re not alone. When we fall asleep our thoughts drift off and collect in a place called the Dream World. Here they merge and form our dreams, but sometimes more than just our thoughts will drift away to there. It is an extremely rare occurrence, but sometimes the dream is so strong it can pull a human into the dream world and when they wake up they are deposited into another world.

This other world is a parallel to earth, but with one distinct difference. The other world is inhabited by fantastic creatures known as pokemon. In the parallel world humans and pokemon join together and adventure around the world. These humans are known as trainers. They raise pokemon to compete in battles against other trainers. The greatest goal of trainers is to reach the Pokemon League and win the tournament which goes on there each year.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you so much. It is because you have just entered the Dream World and are about to awake to a grand new journey.

In this new world you must choose you fate and follow your heart. You must band together with a pokemon and start your new life.

The RP takes place in the Deulio region (seen below). Beginning at the Ancient gate ruins you must decide on what to do whether you follow the words from the dream or not.


(1 abyie town
(2 seltore town
(3 the league mount
(4 calias city

(A) anceint gate
(B) forest oblisk
(C) river delta oblisk
(D) swamp oblisk

Each choice you make has repercussions. Make the right decisions and you can go far make the wrong move and you can end up falling back to the beginning.

You need to strategic about your every move. The Duelio region is new and mostly undeveloped. Other trainers go there to practice and train their pokemon in the dangerous wilds. When you reappeared in this world you were wearing normal clothes and had a backpack with some supplies: dry food rations for two days, some flint and steel, some cord, a multi tool, three poke balls, and two potions. Since you aren’t from this world everything is new and mysterious. You’ll need to find the resources necessary to survive until you are ready to search for a safer place whether it is an attempt to go home or trying to find a town in the regions massive expanses of forest. During the RP you just need to be realistic about your actions. Make sure you eat and drink water often, rest and don’t over exert yourself without becoming extremely tired.

Join the adventure, Join the new world.



Physical description (clothes)
Phys description (body)



Pokemon (when you enter the world you have four poke balls on has a pokemon already in it. basic or baby only. no lucario or togetic.)

Special traits:

The Anceint Law (rules)

basic forum rules.
i do DM about special events (as the gate gardian)
use common sense
respect is my #1 rule make sure you can do that!

ACCEPTED (four slots)

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IC: Reserve me a spot here please!
My SU so far:

Name: Susan Thorpe

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Physical description (clothes): Susan wears very simple attire. As long as she can easily move in it it's OK for her. However, there are some clothes she likes to wear the most. Those are a blue t shirt, plain with no patterns or pictures on. A dark blue wool cardigan would be worn by Susan when the weather is cold. She also like to wear her black shorts, wiht almost-black stripes going vertically on them. Sometimes Susan will dis her shorts and wear black leggings instead. When she wears her black leggings, she wears a pink skirt over them. Susan also wears black Nike

Phys description (body):




Species: Skitty
Gender: Female
Special traits: Is called Candy by Susan.
Personality: Candy is very playful and energetic. She loves to play, and never turns down a game. However, she is quite disobedient, playing instead of listening to Susan's commands.

Are we allowed to have more than one pokemon?
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yes yes it is


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Master Zorua
12-09-2010, 08:36 PM
This is the first time I've seen an SU and no rules. I think you might want to add some rules in. After all, there doesn't seem to be anything saying what restrictions there might be on what that first Pokemon is. First stage only? Already at final evolution? LEGENDARIES?

Anyways, one reserve please. I'll fill out the rest once I know what limitations there are on what we can have for a first pokemon.

Name: Robert Gallifrey
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Physical description:


Pokemon (when you enter the world you have four poke balls one has a pokemon already in it)

Special traits:

12-09-2010, 10:10 PM
Name: Issac Senitel

Gender: male
Age: 16

Physical description (clothes): navy blue jacket, dark gray long sleeve shirt, brownish green cargo pants, black backpack, navy blue cap, bronze watch, pendent with a piece of amber, navy blue and black hiking boots with slight orange details.

Phys description (body): eyes like a piece of amber with light shining through it. dark brown kind of shaggy hair. slightly more physical fit than kids his age.

History: Issac would spend his time daydreaming out in the feilds behind his house. he'd sit under a massive oak and let his mind flow free. this was how he first heard about the dream world. he had fallen asleep there and had awoken in a hospital bed three days later, the same amount of time he had dreamt about. every since he strived to better himself in case he would ever go back. the three days had nearly killed him. he had felt hunger and thirst, pain and suffering, fear and the tiniest bit of awe. he swore that if he ever went back he'd do more than survive it.

he was begining to come back to normal with the help of his friend Ellie. he was actually going to see her the next day. the day after he entered the first comma and the day after he entered the second.

Personality: Issac never took anything serious until he entered the dream world for the first time. after that he became un-social, quiet, and somewhat grim. some say that near death helped him mature, but he doesn't think that at all. he takes on challenges with impossible odds and doesn't show his fear even if he feels it. he only opened up to one person. his best friend and girl friend "Ellie". he had told her everything, but she didn't think he was making it up or that it was just a dream. Issac was finally getting over it with her help.

Pokemon (when you enter the world you have four poke balls on has a pokemon already in it. basic or baby only. no lucario or togetic.)

Species: Riolu
Gender: male
nickname: Jercio

Special traits: amber eyes like Issac and navy blue fur

Personality: Jercio is a serious pokemon. he matians vigilance and is always sure of himself rather than others. it is hard to earn his trust, but he knew imeadiatly that he could trust issac.