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"first you get this searing pain and an undescribile migraine. then your sight blurs to red. the last thing you feel is anger and pure rage." thats what the survivers say. after that they can't remember anything, but others have seen what happens next. "they begin roaring and shouting. they destroy without thought or strategy just abllierating all in their path. the rampage can last for weeks, but most pokemon don't survive that long. they don't feel pain yet still receive it, they can't see and thus are blind to danger, and they strike at others who then strike back."


i now need your help. I am spirit of the world. this mysterious disease "the Red Plague" has taken many lives and is also destroying the earth which we call home. i call out to you unkown heros to take the first step and help solve this mystery. a friend of mine "Darkento" is looking for new pokemon to recruit for his guild. i beg you to join the guild and begin your journey.


now by joining the guild your mission is to help life continue on as normal as possible as well as finding the cure and a vaccine for the red plague. while a member of the guild you can travel as often as you want to other places, but you only receive rewards from the guild head after completing a mission. being a member also lets you recruit other pokemon to expand your team (i ask that you limit the number of recruit you get per page so that you can focus on the main plot.)


"The Spirit" a being which embodies the earth and shows itself in times of great distress

Darkento the guild head. he has been enlightened to the ways of justice, honor, humility, and peace by the legendary pokemon of the distant past as well as "The Spirit". he is a Scyther with gary and black coloration. i am willing to let someone use him as their ONLY character if they want him. that person has to stay the head of the guild.


the main town is Gysear town has these main locations

Marketplace (the central hub of the town)
old Gysear (original town which is now run down)
Singe bay (a small group of cottages along the bay)
guild center ( the guild's property)


the world is broken up into a few basic locations. the aventure locations have the types of pokemon which can be found there. the places without pokemon types next to them are other towns travel there to do what they say.

skyline forest: flying, bug, grass thunder hill: electric, normal

opal tunnel: rock, ground, dragon cinder range: fire, ground, flying

shadow ruins: ghost, dark, psychic green lagoon: grass, bug, water (fresh)

haunted swamp: poison, grass, ghost iron crag: steel, dark, ground

abandoned dojo: fighting, poison anceint meadow: bug, grass, psychic

smelting mount: fire, steel, ground shattered tundra: ice, psychic, fighting

oceanic penninsula: water (salt), flying border clearing: fighting, normal

eternal lake: water (fresh), dragon glacier falls: water (fresh), ice

magma island: fire, water (salt)

these are the other towns use them in your RP if you want

Svale village (learn new moves) Tyrbeh camp (train)
Rajed town (search for items) Matro city (buy goods at market)

(fresh and salt define what pokemon live in the water ex.[krabby is a river crab thus it lives in fresh water while mantine is a sea ray thus it lives in salt water] )


when your character decides to join the guild they will have just heard what "The Spirit" had just said in the begining of the post. you need to build your characters next actions off of that.

each person who signs up needs to create ONE or TWO characters which makes up their guild team.

Character set up
Special traits:

Other info (not required)
Team name:
Team history (how your team met or why the members joined together):

RULES please read or at least look them over.

all beginner pokemon must be baby or basic and no legends.

no one can have identicle teams/ pokemon

when adventuring make sure that the pokemon you meet make sense (no lotad falling from the sky [humor] ) and again no evolved or legendary pokemon basic and baby only

post location in title of post

post who is where if you split up your team

PG-13 for violence and very mlid language no "mating"

MECHANICS just as important as rules

later in the story i'll post random legendary appearences

recruit pokemon using an interesting event in some way or add them from the trainee roster

the trainee roster is posted every once in a while (so that no one gets too many pokemon)

evolution is done by using a stone which can be received from "The Spirit" when you are ready (just ask and if your doing good in at the RP you probably can have it)

missions are posted every few days

there is more than one legendary per species (ex more than one zapdos)

i will be playing "the spirit"(the DM. please note this only means that i'll post if there's like a storm or some other major event) and a team which i'll post after i get one SU.

i hope that you understand that i am only laying a foundation that you can build almost anything off of.

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Pokemon 1

Name: Raizer
Species: Torchic
Special traits: darker feathers wears belt around waist

Personality: Raizer is a quiet pokemon. he tries not to be the center of attention. he disagrees often with others. he prefers to be alone with a book or something that will help him escape his boring life. he often wanders off into the open aired world and loses himself among his thoughts. he is fit and strong, but he doesn't bother to use his strength in sports or competions. on of his favorite places is the library.

Background: Raizer was born in a town far from Gysear. he moved here with his parents after Tsunami season picked up. he has lived here now for five years. he never seemed special, but he desired greatness.

pokemon 2

Name: Pierce
Special traits: steel coloring and orange eyes

Personality: Pierce is a go getter. when he sets a goal he makes it happen. he's gone to extreme lengths to get what he wants. he also is a collecter of sorts. he takes all the things he finds special and displays them around his house.

Background: Pierce is a native to Gysear. his family came here eons ago. he didn't care to much for his history, but it was nice to be recognized. he enjoyed his days alone where he'd go out searching for mysterious objects and other great things.

Team name: Eternity
Team history (how your team met or why the members joined together): Raizer and Pierce are old friends. the two would often look into the same problem and come up with two equally good ideas. they share their activities too. ot seems that these two are the only pokemon who can enjoy all the odd little things in life.

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SU 1
Name: Cottoni
Species: Swablu
Special traits: Cottoni has a blonde ponytail in a pink bobble on her head, instead of the blue strands normally found there.
Personality: Cottoni is really bubbly, cheerful and happy. She's almost never sad. If anyone is sad she always cheers them up. If any of Cottoni's friends need to use any of her items,she lets her friends use them. She likes to battle, but doesn't hurt her opponent too severly.
Background: Cottoni lived a normal life in Eternal Lake. One day, a Murkrow glided in from the sky. It said his name was Luno. Cottoni guided Luno around Eternal Lake. Soon, they became close friends and joined the Guild as a Team.

SU 2
Name: Luno
Species: Murkrow
Special traits: Luno's beak and talons are blue instead of yellow. His feathers are a darker blue than his beak and talons.
Personality: Luno is curious and inquisitive. He likes to figure things out himself, rather than relying on someone else. He likes to study Pokémon from a distance.
However, Luno gets mad when someone teases him for not going straight into the battle, so he can hurt anyone if that happens.
Background: When Luno was born, his parents were suprised at his colour. Not many non-shiny Pokemon were different colours from the normal version, so he was pampered due to his rarity. He grew to like chess, and other strategy games. One day, when he was playing outside, a Fearow grabbed him and took him far away. However, midflight, Luno managed to struggle out of the Fearow's talons. He freefell for a while, but soon managed to glide down to safety. Where he found himself was not familiar. Soon, Luno met a Swablu called Cottoni, who showed him around the place he was in, which was called Eternal Lake. Soon, Luno and Cottoni became close friends. Then, they joined the guild as a team.

Optional Information
Team Name: AirMasquerade
Team History: Cottoni met an outsider Murkrow called Luno. Cottoni showed Luno around. They became close friends and joined the guild as a team.

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Name: Ratchet
Species: Evee
Special traits:Blind and is a shiny silvery color he wears a blue colored belt with sapphire studs on it.
Personality:Very energetic and playful but eisily angerd when people make fun of his diability, very strong and fast too he hates normal pokemon food and berries he only eats rare candies though he does not level up when he does.
Background:He comes from a pack of golden evees his father, Ricochet was the leader of the pack he had caught "The Red Pluage" so the entire pack had split up. Few survived and Ratchet was now an orphan he had no freinds, then he met Cheyanne.

Special traits:psychic abilities
Pesonality:A very skittish and shy bird that is easy to upset it has very amazing and strong power that it does not yet know about.
Background:His Xatu parents had also died of "The Red Pluage" so he flew and flew till he found a nice hiding spot at the old Gysear ruins little did he know he would soon be attacked by an evil force there a scyther named "The Spirit" had saved his life then ran off.

Team name:Ricochet (based on his fathers name)
Team History: Cheyanne and Rachet found thay had much in common and they learned to help each other in battle became great freinds despite Ratchet's disability Cheyanne insists on guiding Ratchet even though Ratchet thinks he does not need it. Cheyanne and Ratchet later went through town and became a team at the guild.

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Am i in????!!!!!

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OH! wow! i uh... i kinda stopped checking here since like no one signed up when i started this thread. but sure i dont see why not. except that the scyther is Darkento the spirit is just the nickname for the DM.

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