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The pokemon world was once a peaceful and happy place. Human and pokemon lived in happiness and in harmony. Sure there were the times of crisis but they always managed to get through it. The world would've stayed in this peaceful state had it not been for Giovanni the leader of Team Rocket. He band together the remains of Team Rocket, Team Galactic, Team Aqua, Team Magma, and Cipher. Together they became a deadly force that used pokemon as they're lethal weapons. They became Team DarkDrive. Slowly they took over all the regions, Sinnoh, Hoen, Johto and Kanto was the last to fall. They killed all the elite fours, gym leaders and champions of the regions. That left no one to protect the regions from Team DarkDrive. Now the regions are enslaved by these cruel people, the cities are in ruin and pokemon are forced to do labor along with their trainers. But there is a small spark of hope somewhere in the world. Before the last region wast conquered an elite team was formed to take back the world. This is a team of high ranking pokemon rangers who are of the elite rank also know as the Elite Pokemon Ranger Force (EPRF). They are the best of the best who are the only hope of the pokemon world as it stands now. They are the last chance. But Team DarkDrive found out about this elite ranger force and has their formed a ranger force of their own. The DarkDrive Shadow Ranger Squad (DDSRS).

~Your Role~
You can make the difference in this. You can either be a member of the Elite Pokemon Ranger Force or a member of the DarkDrive Shadow Ranger Squad. You can help fight to take back the free world or fight to continue enslaving the world. If your a member of the Ranger Force you are currently planning and in hiding on Iron Island. If you are of DarkDrive you are on your way to Iron Island on a yacht. With your ranger skills and your pokemon its time to take action.

Name: (First and Last)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (17-25)
Appearance: (Picture or paragraph of description)
History: (Two paragraphs about your characters past)
Personality: (Two paragraphs on how your characters behave)
Force: (Good Guys=Ranger Force and Bad Guys=DarkDrive)
Pokemon Partner: (Only two)
Other: (Any extra information)

1.) No godmodding, bunnying or flaming
2.) All PE2K forum rules must be followed
3.) No legendarys as partner pokemon
4.) Keep it PG-13 (No sex or blood showers)
5.) Must have at least a paragraph per post
6.) Try to use correct spelling and grammar
7.) You must be committed to this RP
8.) Have fun!

Ethan Conway (Mickmon95)
Riley Bloomthorne (Mickmon95)


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Name: Ethan Conway
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Force: Ranger Force
Appearance: http://th03.deviantart.net/fs28/300W/i/2008/082/9/d/Pokemon_Trainer_4_by_Emeraldus.png
Personality: Ethan is an outgoing and all around team player. He is very friendly to everyone. He is quite the socialite, and loves be the center of attention. He is very serious when it comes to his missions though and tries his best to succeed in all his missions. He is trustworthy and honest. He is a terrible liar because if he lies the guilt eats him alive. He likes to be apart of the action when it comes to a mission. So if he is ever put on a side-line mission where he just sits there and watches, he will go crazy. He loves to have fun with his friends and his partner pokemon.
History: Ethan was born into a family of rangers. His father, Markus, and his mother, Sally, are famous rangers for their big roles in a very important mission rescuing a legendary pokemon, Entei. So Ethan as soon as he was five his father sent him off to a ranger academy. Ethan was a natural at being a ranger so he easily rose to high ranks, but throughout all his resuces he had never found the perfect pokemon partner.

On one mission he was to help stop an avalanche that was going on in a mountain plain. He captured nearby Glaceon, Froslass, and Ambasnow to use their Avalanche against the nature caused one. It was all going great until a rogue Mamoswine attacked Ethan for being in his territory. He had hit Ethan with a Take Down while he had been distracted. Then the Mamoswine used Ancient Power on Ethan which sent him rolling and slamming into a boulder. The Mamoswine was going to finish Ethan off with an Ice Shard when a Bubblebeam struck the Mamoswine which sent it tumbling.

A Piplup ran infront of Ethan in a protective stance. The Mamoswine was enraged it began charging at the Piplup, but the Piplup fired a Whirlpool which knocked out the wild Mamoswine. Ethan and the Piplup bonded right then and there. They became epic partners together. Ethan even nicknamed the Piplup with the name Nate. They became the best of friends soon after. Once they arrived back at their ranger headquarters Ethan was promoted to the Elite rank. As a gift to celebrate his promotion his mom gave Ethan her Togekiss to keep as his second partner pokemon. He then went on a dozen more missions then he was assigned to go into hiding with the other members of the EPRF.
Nate (Piplup) Male
Heart (Togekiss) Male
Other: None

Name: Riley Bloomthorne
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Force: DarkDrive
Appearance: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=12893616
Personality: Riley is a smart and dangerous girl. She always try to take advantages on her opponents no matter how large the risk. She is daring and bold. She is coniving and clever. She is very deceitful and untrustworthy but you would not thinks so at her appearance. She will kill if given the chance by her opponent. She will go to the farthest strategies to win her battles. She is a cruel person who does not care for anyone much less anything.

She will do what she knows is right and has a strong thirst for power. She takes big risks as if like a walk in the park. Her wickedness is topped by no one. She is cold and heartless. Let's not forget ruthless. She is rarely nice to anyone and only is nice to fool others. She can change her personality at will to fool who she needs to. She is a great actress when it comes to playing all nice and innocent. There is more to her than meets the eye.
History: She was born into a family of twelve siblings including herself. She hated every single one of them. She was much better than them at everything and she felt superior. She hated them for being so much less than she was. Her parents sent her off to ranger school, there she learned to become a top notch ranger. She hated helping other people but she could use the skills they would teach her later. She stayed at the school until she graduated and became an elite ranger. Then she left and found out about Team DarkDrive.

She then quickly joined because she was able to connect with their thirst for power and destruction. She helped them take out the Pokemon Ranger HQ with all her information of it. She proved to be a great member and easily rose to a high postition, commander. She one day met two pokemon as dark as she was who shared all her personality traits, a Garchomp and a Dusknoir.. They became her partners and assist her in everything. She is only loyal to her pokemon for she plans to find a way to become the leader DarkDrive.
Aurelia (Garchomp) Female
Demetri (Dusknoir) Male
Other: None