View Full Version : The Downfall of Team Rocket

Megiddo Flame
11-27-2010, 01:55 AM
Team Rocket single-handedly defeated Teams Magma, Aqua, Galactic, and Plasma, and took over their regions of Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova.

Giovanni, the tyrannical head honcho of these scumbags, seems to be bent on ruling the world, controlling Pokemon, and enslaving humanity. He has had many innocent people and Pokemon killed to power Missingno., the prototype for Mewtwo who recently came out of disuse after Mewtwo was captured and escaped a third time. A group of Trainers, including members of Team Snagem, the only other "Team" left other than those miserable Rockets, Rangers, and all of the Legendary Pokemon have formed an alliance to destroy Team Rocket. According to Arceus, the only way for the chaos to stop is to destroy Missingno. and kill Giovanni. Some ex-members of Team Rocket have joined the rebellion as well, knowing Giovanni has gone mad.

You are part of the rebellion.

1. Abide by ALL PE2K and RP rules
2. Keep it Teen Rated. Not too much blood or excessive romance, and NO SEX, obviously.
3. Type "Giovanni Must Die" on "Other" on your SU.

We need people to play Legendaries, Snagem members, Rangers and Trainers, but only two characters per person.

Name (species name if Legendary, first and last names if human)
Abilities (if a legendary, put 4 moves here, if human, post any powers your character has, like Aura or the Dimensional Scream):
Weapons (if human):
Pokemon (6 per Trainer, 1 partner per Ranger, put, N/A if Legendary):
History (What has Team Rocket done to ruin your life?):

Mine will be up later.