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You were walking at a vast meadow when a single sheet of envelope fell on the ground. Wondering about its content, you decided to pick it up as you began to open the envelope. It had a golden seal which prevented it from being opened and below the seal was a caution. The caution went like this:

"A battle of brains..
A battle of brawns..
A merciless struggle..
A shadowed identity..

Decide now for it will change the way you live your life."

Curious about the warning you decided to open the envelope, not caring about what would happen in your life. It contained a shiny gold paper with some decent handwriting in it.

Noble One,

You have chosen to read to this message, and now I must tell you that the succeeding events will be intruigingly harsh. After reading this letter you shall be transported to a land beyond what you can imagine. It will be a land full of threats, betrayals and friendship. You must be aware as you shall be tested during your stay at that land..."

You paused for a moment to read the letter and decided to take a glance at the meadows as you see something different already. While you were reading the first few sentences you were transported to a small underwater town. On your right was a sign that reads 'Castle Atlantis'. In front of you was a medium-sized castle that only contained a dining room, the kitchen, and two bedrooms: the master room and the guest room. Behind you was a staircase that would lead you to the Ethereal Gardens with a few surprisingly giant conch shells that were used as houses on the sides. Surprised about the land you continue to read the letter.

"...Behold your eyes as you haven't noticed your arrival at Atlantis, a small city at the deepest parts of the water. You are able to breathe there because that small town is covered by a large unbreakable glass which penetrates the invasion of devastating sea creatures. Do not worry as well for Atlantis is connected with a large tube that leads to the upper world that supplies all of you with efficient oxygen for you to be able to breathe there normally.

The problem is, food isn't provided there, therefore I have provided tons of underwater suits inside the small castle so that you and the others would be able to go fishing. Behind the castle is a small entryway that would lead you to a hunting site. The hunting site is enclosed with yet another large unbreakable glass so that stronger creatures couldn't harm the small ones that could benefit your little stomachs. There are millions of fishes there on the hunting site so it should be able to cover all of your food necessities during your stay.

Survival isn't the only option to live, however. Also teleported with you are the ones who decided to read this letter as well. Some of them may resemble faces that you know as some may not. Most of them may be friendly but please bear with me that there are some who will be daredevils on this act. They shall try and kill every last one of you until only the daredevils remain. Now you must be aware that the key to living isn't just living normally, instead, you shall be careful with your actions because you will never know when the daredevils might strike. Even though you have supernatural powers, you aren't able to use them until the seventh week of your stay. I've kept a power-absorbing device in Atlantis that would drain all of your powers until the seventh week. Therefore, the daredevils would plan carefully on how they would kill every last one of you, regulars. Be not surprised, there is always a savior that would help you in killing all of the daredevils. Although that savior would have to work with his or herself.

Every week there must be someone who will be offered to the daredevils. By offered, I mean killed by them. Enjoy living."

Surprised about its content, you started to act normal as your days inside Atlantis will begin to unfold.

* * * * *



Depending on the number of persons who will sign up here, about a rare number of you shall be chosen as DAREDEVILS, as majority of the persons here will be REGULARS, and lastly, only one of you will act as a SAVIOR.

Daredevils: They are the killers, the only ones who know who the daredevils are will be me and them. Ones who will receive this role should be good in hiding their true identity as they may be sent to jail. Each week they will talk to each other and plan on who to kill and how will they be killed.

The ones who will be daredevils will PM me their plan as I will post the entire scene each week.

- - -

Regulars: You are just plain commoners. The only thing you'll do is to pray that you will not get killed by the daredevils or be sent to jail.

Those who will be killed by the daredevils CANNOT struggle to live because I will state in my post that the person the daredevils chose is already dead.

- - -

Savior: You are the hope of the regulars. Every five weeks, the savior will be the one who will kill. The one who will receive this role shall be good in suspecting persons as daredevils because they might kill a regular.

Like the daredevils, the savior shall PM to me his/her plan and who will he/she kill.

Please take note that if the savior shall be killed, the Week of the Savior will be turned over to the daredevils, or in other words, there will be no more Week of the Savior.

Sequence of Events:

WEEK ONE: You shall all be spared as an NPC (Ash Ketchum) will be killed. Noone will vote for this week as well as this is the week you will get to know each other.

WEEKS NOT DIVISIBLE BY FIVE: These are all "Weeks of the Daredevils" because they will decide who will be killed on these weeks.

WEEK FIVE, TEN, FIFTEEN, etc.: This is a "Week of the Savior" and it will be his/her turn to do the killing.

Special weeks:

WEEK SEVEN to the end of the RP: Your characters will be finally allowed to use their powers to defend themselves. Fighting scenes can be made here but please bear in mind that noone cannot die by fighting as these weeks will still be week of the daredevils.

Other cases:

EVERY WEEK except WEEK ONE: Every one of you, may you be a daredevil, regular or savior, will get the chance to vote for someone who will be sent to jail. The person with the highest number of votes will be sent to jail.

Be careful in who you will be voting because you don't know their roles and you will only suspect them based from their actions. If you shall vote someone, please color the name in red and underline it so that it would be more clear. Example:

"I shall accuse you, Rachel Alucard, for being a daredevil because last night, before Ash would die, you were holding a knife coated with blood!"

So every week (except week 1), there will be TWO PERSONS who will be gone in this RP. One will die, and the other one will be sent to jail.

* * * * *

Map of Atlantis:

Coming soon..

* * * * *

List of Non-Playable Characters:

Please be aware that you can no longer choose NPCs as your own character.

- Ash Ketchum
- Rachel Alucard
- Azusa Nakano
- Prinny A
- Prinny B
- Tea Gardner
- Cloud Strife

* * * * *

Sign-Up Form:

Note: You can choose ANY real character that you want, may it come from a game, anime, anything. The only character you cannot use is ones that are self-made.

Character Name:



Picture of your character:

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Character Name: Boba Fett

Age: 30-ish




Picture of your character: http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/3/38780/807857-boba_fett_5_super.jpg

Reserve until I have more time

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Reserved, in the meantime. :3