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12-14-2010, 03:32 AM
you and your freinds just got back from the library, you and the others were reading a mythological book called, Mythology of Pokus, in the book it showed hundreds of different beings called pokemon, these creatures lived on a earth of there own called "Pokus", it also says there are ways to enter pokus, to enter you must walk into the forest on a saturday, drink from a pond the same day, cut down 3 trees, eat from a blueberry bush twice, redrink from the spring, and then lay in the water of the spring and say "Globus Pokus", and after that, you will be in pokus. you and your freinds do all the things it ask you to do, now your at the spring in the water, you and your freinds say the words and a feeling of pain emerges on you, you black out for a minute and reawaken in a different spring surrounded by small and large beings, they see you and scatter, but a few of the big ones stay and drink, you get up and try to pet the large being, you stroke his long brown fur and go downwards to his giant beaver tail (I wonder what pkmn it is?) the creature senses it and runs away, spalshing water all over you again.

Chapter1: Finding The Shaman

"Where are we?" asked my freinds matt, him and all of our puzzled faces gaze the interior of the overgrowth of the forest, "I dont know" I reply "and what was those creatures?", they all shrug there shoulders, you and your freinds wonder around the forest and find a small shack, inside is a tall green bird creature wearing a long robe, hsi name is Xatu "what create are you?" Xatu asks the mysterious humans "we are human" they reply

(More soon)