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The shapeshifter. A mythical race that only haunts our world today. Science has nullified them; history has forgotten them; they are an impossible race, animal turned human.

But in a parallel world close to our own, the impossible is about to become reality.

12th December, 2010. And a very strange occurence. At around 10:00, a wolf went on the rampage in Camden Market, London, killing 2 people and seriously injuring another. Now everyone knows that the wolf, as a species, no longer exists anywhere in England, and how the animal managed to get into a bustling center of commerce. The police closed the case as quickly as they could, blaming the attack upon an escaped zoo animal-turned-wild. But by the 14th, the incident was no longer isolated. A tiger had broken into a house, killing a whole family. The animal, like the wolf, was put down, and both cases were freshly examined for study. These were no ordinary animal attacks.

Alongside that, people began to go missing. A woman named dissapeared after telling her husband she had gone to Camden Market to do some shopping. The body of the fourteen-year-old girl killed alongside her family by a tiger was never found. No blood, no signs of a struggle. Just there one minute, and gone the next. Everywhere the killings went, there were always unexplained happenings; missing bodies, teenagers, adults. The only links between the attacks were the fact that there were no signs of a struggle, and every person that vanished was never under the age of eleven.

It was only by the 24th, with one hundred and two dead, and at least seventy missing, that the truth was uncovered.

A bobcat that had savaged two people was brought into examination, the first animal the police had been able to subdue without killing it. After a series of blood tests, the scientists found something very odd in the subject's DNA. A mutation. The chromosomes had doubled; one set of ordinary bobcat genes, and a set that looked suspiciously like human. It was decided that the animal be kept in quarantine to be observed. For the first twenty-four hours, the animal remained the same; vicious, crazed, and with no human tendencies at all. Then, exactly twenty-four hours since the attack began, a sleepy guard rubbed his eyes and stared confusedley at the security camera screen. He blinked. He blinked again. But it was still there. A man was lying where the bobcat had been sleeping a moment ago, in tattered rags. The scientists and security were notified, and the man was woken from his apparently deep slumber. But, even after much testing and interrogating, the man still yielded no answers. He remembered nothing of how he got there; where he had been, nor of what he had been doing. All he could remember was sitting down with his wife and son...and then nothing.

By now, the government, and the public, were pressurising science for an answer. And so science gave them their answer. The shapeshifter had materiallized into everyday existence, and life would never be the same again. And so, on Christmas morning, Operation Zoo was launched. Every shapeshifter, animal or human, was rounded up, and taken to the Zoo. This was a old military site that had been left to ruin and repair since World War II, and now was the new home for almost 150 captured shapeshifters. A 10-metre wall was built around the chosen site, topped with barbed wire, and the mutants were airshipped in by helicopter, the animal relased from cages lowered into the ground. And then they were alone. Humans ranging in age, from eleven to around fourty, now found themselves in a new world. After exploring the site, and testing out the new rules of this new reality, it was discovered that after the first mindlessley painful shift, it was possible to shift upon demand, and relatively painlessley. At first, a loose group of shifters formed a sort of council, but were quickly disbanded when several of them were killed by a member of another group of would-be leaders. Then came a period of panic that lasted for a while, as dominance was established, and others realised their other power: to kill. around 90 died, maybe even more had a sqaudron flown in a tranqed the survivors.

Eventually, once the battle died down, there were two groups, or Houses, the name coined by a fifteen-year old in memory of a distant school. Forest House, and Plane House. The two live in seperate areas; the forested area, and the runway strip, and are on the brink of another war, caused by stealing food supplies from both sides. No Keeper will save them this time. This time, the Zoo is closing down. For good.



Name: (Duh.)
Age: (...)
House: (Plain or Forest.)
Shift: (What animal does your character shift into?)
Appearance: (Either two pics of human and animal or at least one paragraph describing both.)
Personality: (At least one paragraph-preferably more)
History: (Two paragraphs preferable)
Other: (Anything else.)


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This is pretty rubbish. If anyone can do better, please IM me. (http://http://tinypic.com/r/4sd3tj/7)



aeoneeveemoon- Tam Way (F)
Rinn- Livv+Rinn Crowther (F)
Doodlebop- Allison Peters (F)
kikatt- Drake Merwood(P) and Naomh Lupez (F)
Dark Moonlight- Elsetta, Livi Bard and Vivi Bard (F)


infenorose800-Alan Macanally + Hemlich Municson (P+P)
aeoneeveemoon- 3 unspecified characters (?)
Gentle Manne- Agustin Morrow(P)


None, yet; keep it up!

JOIN PLAINS!!!! They have jerky. ;)

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First sign-up~! This looks interesting; may I join?

Name: Tam

Age: 16

House: Fowest~!

Shift: A black panther! Rar!

Appearance: Human - a tall girl with tan skin who looks younger than she is. She has black hair with white tips. She has slate grey eyes. She always wears a silver necklace with a sapphire pendant. She usually looks dirty and grimy, wearing ripped jeans, T-shirts, and a leather jacket, as well as sporting frizzy and tangled hair.

Panther - what can I say? A black panther. She retains the grey eyes, and her fur is flecked through with white. Her tail-tip is also white. Her 'spots' are very pronounced. She also retains the necklace when she transforms.

Personality: She's very wild and fun-loving a lot of the time. She's very witty, funny, and sarcastic. She also is very paranoid. She can be very serious at times, and can get to be a pessimist and a downer. She's been described, repeatedly, as the most stubborn being on the face of the planet. Being a shifter is the worst thing imaginable for her, since she hates being in any confined space. She spends much of her free time thinking of escape plans.

History: She wasn't taken to The Zoo originally, with the first group. She developed her transformation later on and was taken to The Zoo when she went on a bizarre killing rampage as a panther. Before she was captured she spent about a year on the run, then ended up turning herself in after she went on another rampage and killed a child.
At the Zoo, she quickly fell in with the Forest House and rose through the ranks with the help of her hand-to-hand combat skills, her quick wit, and her intelligence. She doesn't hate the Plains House, but she does what she must to survive.

Other: Some call her Tammy. Her last name is Way. She is THE REAL panther person.

12-15-2010, 12:21 AM
Name: Livv Crowther
Age: Sixteen
House: Forest House
Shift: Komodo Dragon
Appearance: Livv is a short girl, standing at about 5'3", and is very lean in shape. She is an attractive young female with long, mid-back length jet black hair, and light blue eyes. Her skin is very pale, yet fair, and unblemished. On her head, she wears a pink beanie with a yellow stripe at the bottom of it, going all the way around. Around her neck she wears a crystal tear drop necklace. She wears a sleeveless black crop top and a black leather jacket over that, cut off just above the belly button. On her legs she wears a pair of shorts, white in colour, and knee high white socks with a pair of black slip on shoes on her feet.

Livv's shifting form is that of a very large, lightning fast Komodo Dragon. Her scales are darker than a usual Komodo Dragon's scales, looking almost black, making it near impossible to see her in the shadows.

Personality: Livv is bubbly and full of life, often hyper and over-excited. She loves meeting new people and making new friends, however, when angry or annoyed, she can snap and shout. She is full of fire, though it is very rarely seen. If anyone disses her friends or attempts to harm them she will generally shapeshift to defend them.

History: Born in London, England, on January 7th, 1994, to a family of four. An older brother, an older sister and a mum and dad. For a while, life was fine, her parents were on good income and she had everything she wanted. When Livv was eleven, she and her family moved up north to Manchester, Oldham to be exact. Even there, life was good for her, she was doing good in school, and again her parents were on good weekly income. Despite all of this, on one frosty December morning in 2009, Livv was reminded of how quickly a good thing can go bad.

She arrived home from school on December 17th, 2009, to her family in tears. She scanned the area, taking in note of who was there. Her mother wasn't. As it turns out, her mum was on her way home from work just half an hour before she had walked through the door and was the victim of a car crash. The man who had crashed into her' had been drunk at the time, and was now in jail. Upon hearing the news, Livv burst into tears, and it wasn't helping that her mum had left her a crystal tear drop necklace. Ever since that day, she has had a positive outlook on life, not wanting to waste a second of it.

On December 24th, 2010, the driver responsible for her mothers death was released on bail, and only a few hours later was mauled to death in his home in Oldham. Large claw marks were found on his face and torso. A day later, the government located a large Komodo Dragon in hiding in the backstreets of Oldham, transferring the large reptile to the Zoo. Placing it in a cage, and watching on surveilance cameras for a few hours, the lizard transformed horribly, back into the form of a girl. Livv Crowther. A new addition to the Zoo.

Name: Rinn Crowther
Age: Eighteen
House: Forest House
Shift: Fox
Appearance: Rinn is quite a tall, lean yet muscular and attractive boy, standing at about 6'1". Rinn wears no hat, exposing his dark brown, short spikey hair. On his torso, he wears a black singlet, attracting attention to his various tattoos all down his arms. Over the torso he usually wears a black jacket. On his legs he wears black tracksuit pants with three white stripes down the left side, and a pair of red and white Nike shoes. His face bears a scar running from the corner of his left eye to the left corner of his mouth, reminding him constantly of an accident as a child. His eyes are light blue in colour, and he has his lip pierced with a ring on the right side.

His shifting form, that of a fox, is different to most. The front half of the fox is grey in colour, and towards the back the fur grows thicker and darker. His tail is as black as the night sky.

Personality: Rinn is a quiet individual, very mysterious. He doesn't talk to many people, in or out of the Zoo, and only reveals personal information to close friends. He is very distrusting of the human race.

History: Rinn was born in London, England, on the 15th October, 1992. From birth, he was an avid musician, always singing in the shower and even going so far as to get lessons at the age of twelve. On his way home one night from practice, he was mugged by a man in a back ally shortcut he always used to take. The man pulled out a knife, and sliced Rinn across the face, taking his money, wallet, phone, everything. Since then Rinn has had a distrust of humans.

He found out he was a shapeshifter much the same way that his sister did. One night a man and his family were found murdered in the woods, and the accident was pinned on a wild fox. It was only the next day, when a grey and black fox was spotted around Oldham, that the government found him. Rinn and his sister were transferred to the Zoo at more or less the same time.[/I]

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Name: Alan Macanally
Age: 25
House: Plain, he needs a lot of flying room
Shift: a massive Steller's Sea Eagle
Appearance: Eagle: http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/animal-global/eagle/img/catch_003.jpg
Human http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs21/f/2007/278/8/1/a_pilot_by_MTFY.jpg
Personality: (At least one paragraph-preferably more)
History: (Two paragraphs preferable)
Other: (Anything else.)

Name: Olaf Iverson
Age: 30
House: Plain
Shift: Polar Bear
Appearance: Bear: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs36/f/2008/251/5/f/the_Ice_Bear_by_Windspeaker_wolf.png
Human: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/117/3/c/viking_by_Shade_of_Nekura.jpg
Personality: He is an honor centered individual, beleiving sneak attacks are cowardly. He is always trainign for war
History: (Two paragraphs preferable)
Other: In bear form, he sometimes wears armor similar to the bear in Golden Compass


Awesome Idea

I tried to get a similar RP going but it died

I will faithfully stick to this RP so it doesn't die

12-15-2010, 06:10 AM
aeoneeveemoon: Looks fine. Accepted!:)

Rinn: You're all set. Just add a name and you're good to go.

infernorose888: Reee-served!

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Reserve me, please- signup coming soon. ^^

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Doodlebop~ Reserved, but don't worry guys, sign-ups aren't going to close. ^^

Guess i'd better do my own!

Name: Drake Merwood
Age: 22
House: Plain
Shift: Lion

Human:Drake stands at about 6' 2''. He has short brown hair, and a pair of pitiless slate-grey eyes that stare right through anyone in their path. His skin is tanned, and his palms rough from hard work. He wears a pair of scuffed jeans, a Billabong T-shirt, and a zip-up hoodie with a broken zip in cold weather.

Lion: Drake probably spends the most time in this form than in his other. He is unusually large for a lion, built for strength rather than speed. Retaining the slate-grey eyes, hehas a thick mane of a slightly darker brown than his gold-brown coat, and large paws concealing retractable claws. His tail is long and tufted at the tip with the same dark-brown fur as his mane. It is bent at an awkward angle, and scars cover his legs, chest and back, souvenirs of a violent battle.

Personality: Drake is, in general, not a nice person. Anyone who meets him often experiences a slight foreboding, like a mouse in the path of a lion. And Drake, in many ways, is that lion. Tempermental and angry, he is quick to fight and can be very arrogant. An unofficial liutenant of the Plains, he is used to getting his own way, and often dishes out orders-or punishments. However, he is vunerable in that although he is rather crafty, his intelligence is marred, and many have nicknamed him 'Dumb Drake.' Behind his back, of course.

History: Drake Merwood was born in the less-than-sunny city of Newcastle, Northumberland. Growing up in a rougher part of the region, his family were very poor and lived in a shabby council flat on the outskirts, with his kid sister, Trace.
Going to school at the local primary school, Treehill Elementary, he turned out to be an average student; average grades, averge looks, average...well, pretty much everything. The teachers found him mildly pleasing; he listened
most of the time in class, handed in is homework, and was generally a good kid.

It was only in secondary school where things began to go wrong. Almost immediately, Drake began to fall in with the wrong crowd. It started with small things; being late for school, not listening in class, and progressed steadily, from petty theft to bullying. Finally, Drake Merwood was expelled in his final year at Treehill Secondary school for stealing and attacking a fellow pupil. It was six months later, at the age of eighteen, that a lion attacked the Merwood family and killed a small seven-year old child as well as her two parents. Drake Merwood was arrested on charges of shapeshifting, held in a laboraory for several months, and then deposited in the Zoo as one of the first 150 specimens. And there he lives to this day.

Other: Theme Tune- Run This Town- Jay-Z feat. Rihanna (http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdg5uOozY70)

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Here you go. Might make another one.

Name: Allison Peters
Age: 13
House: Forest
Shift: Otter
Appearance: Allison is tall and skinny, with thick black hair that's straight and waist-length. Her exact height is around 5 feet 5 inches, and she's proud of it too. It tends to fall in her face unless she wears a headband, so she usually does. Her face is heart-shaped. Her grey eyes are large and round, and she has a small button nose. She's very leggy, and everything about her seems long. She looks a little older than she actually is, especially since she's rather tall. Her skin is very pale, and more or less unblemished. Her teeth are very well taken care of- she takes special pride her in her teeth. Usually her brow is furrowed and her nose wrinkled while she does some deep thinking.

In otter form, Allison is of average size for an otter (which is about 3-4 and a half feet in length- she's three and a half feet). She has dark, almost black fur, and for some reason her mouth looks like she's smiling constantly. Her back feet are a bit large for an otter as well, and her claws are short. Her form is very sleek and she can cut through water very quickly. The eyes are grey as well, and she has short little whiskers.
Personality: Allison is pretty friendly, and while she doesn't go out of her way to be polite, she doesn't go out of her way to be impolite either. Her calm, mild manner disguises the fact that she's fiercely competitive, and challenging her to some kind of competition is not a good idea. Even if she loses, she holds a grudge against for an inordinately long time, even if you can't remember what it's all about. This competitive streak results in her excellent grades and being a pretty good athlete (she excels at swimming). She usually doesn't pay attention to people, as she'd rather be thinking about her own personal affairs then someone's troubles or mindless chatter. This tends to annoy people, and as a result Allison has no close friends. Allison doesn't really mind this, though- she'd rather be alone, or with a animal companion. She loves animals, and will always prefer their company to people.

Allison is somewhat impatient and short tempered. When she gets mad, watch out- she's very good at exacting revenge, even when she doesn't even seem to be behind whatever happened. She's solitary by nature, so you can usually find her by the river, doing some thinking.
History: Allison had a good life. She was from the U.S. and the state of Pennsylvania, and very proud of her country. Her father was a doctor, so she usually had the things she wanted. She made good grades at school, and usually was in good graces with the teachers. She didn't have many friends, but this didn't seem to bother her, so nobody was ever worried. She engaged in lots of various activities, but her favorite was swimming, and she was good at it too. Being as competitive as she was, she quickly focused most of her efforts on this, and soon was one of the fastest swimmers around.

Around the age of twelve, however, Allison went to a swim in her pool, in the back yard. When her mother came outside, she found an otter in her pool and her daughter missing, she quickly called the police and, as an afterthought, animal control. The police searched, but then animal control were surprised to see that the otter had transformed back into the missing Allison Peters. She was a shapeshifter, albeit a rather unthreatening one, but a shapeshifter none the less. Allison returned to her parents, but then Christmas rolled around and the government made their decision. On Christmas morning, Allison's family were interrupted in the midst of present opening by government officials. Allison, being Allison, tried to escape, but she failed and was taken to the Zoo. She resents every moment she spends here, and wants to return to her family, even though she knows this will never happen.
Other: Allison wears a necklace, a rather worthless trinket with a fake blue stone. It was a gift from her mother, though- touch it, and prepare for attack. She also loves music, and likes to sing, though she doesn't do it much anymore.

Jack Frost
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Will you reserve me please as a Bear? Thankyou :)

Dark Moonlight
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Name: Elsetta
Age: 12
House: Forest
Shift: Tiger
Appearance: http://img.metro.co.uk/i/pix/2007/09/Maddison_450x341.jpg http://moversandsekhars.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/creek-crossing-bengal-tiger.jpg
Personality: Elsetta is an overall kind girl. She doesn't usually get angry despite constant teasing for her weird name. She RARELY gets sad. Elsetta has a very strong emotional wall and is a great optimist. She also has a tendency for cheering people up with her constant smiles, optism and jokes.
History: Elsetta lived not knowing about her shifting until one of the bullies in her school that was constantly teasing her for Elsetta's quietness was killed in a freak animal attack - and Elsetta remembered every detail of it, even though she'd not seen it. Elsetta said she saw it through her own eyes, did it through her own body, and she felt strange. Her parents told her she was a shifter like they were, and explained the shifting business. Elsetta then panicked, thinking she would kill off bullies that teased her. She then became bright and bubbly and kind and perfect... and then nobody bullied Elsetta, because there was no reason to. She was there when people were hurt, she made people laugh when they were sad, she played with the people standing in the corner.

Elsetta left for high school and settling in was a challenge. There were lots of older children. She found out there were other shifters in her school, but never got their names. She made friends with one, a calm and quiet kangaroo. Then the Zoo came, and Elsetta and her parents were split. Elsetta's parents went for the Plains... Elsetta went to the forest... and Elsetta's friend went to the Plains.
Other: Nothing really.

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Jack Frost~Certainly. Reserved.

Dark Moonlight~ Just a few things here. First, imma not too sure about the whole 'different breeds' thing. Shapshifting is more a natural ability, not a skill that can be honed. So i'd really appreciate if you could change that.
Second is less major. Not too keen on the club thing, as most people would be scared of the the sudden and often terrifying change of human to animal that the shapeshifters woud have on ther first hift. The government might have been a little more lenient with smaller, more peaceful creatures, but a dog, especially something as big as a husky, could be capable of doing a lot of damage. Also, shapeshifters have appeared very recently, so it would be very unlikely for her parents to be shapeshifters and not be in the Zoo. So if you could alter that bit of the history as well, it would be a big help. Sorry for being so picky, i'm a bit fussy over that kind of thing. Until then, reserved!

Gentle Manne
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Are there limitations to the animals we can be? I'm not saying dinosaurs or anything, but stuff like Barbarian Lions and whatnot.

12-16-2010, 01:09 AM
Can you reserve me some? If I can have three more, than reserve three. However many if I can't~!

12-16-2010, 06:02 AM
Gentle Manne~ As long as the animal is no longer extinct, then its all good.

aeoneeveemoon~ Sure thing. Reserved!

Dark Moonlight
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Fixed my post; happy yet?

12-16-2010, 06:50 AM
Updated all of my stuff, so I should be good to go with both Rinn and Livv. Looking forward to this starting! :D

Gentle Manne
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Alrighty then, reserve me plox.

Name: Agustin Morrow
Age: 17
House: Plains
Shift: Barbary Lion (A few remaining individuals of the species)
Human form: Agustin has slanted gray eyes that are like two pools of mercury. He stands at about 6'1" and has a broad-shouldered build. His skin is kind of tan. His clothes aren't all that impressive, only wearing a plain white shirt and dirty jeans.
Animal form (http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/226/6/c/Lion_by_shoggy.jpg)
Personality: As much as his appearance may suggest, he is not one who enjoys conflict. Of course, like most people, if he is pushed over the edge he's a force to be reckoned with. He is rather smart and strategic, he dislikes rushing into things head first. Past incidents in the zoo have forced him to not trust the other shapeshifters very much, even in his own House. The only person he's come to find as a friend is Toby.

Name: Toby
Age: 17
House: Plain
Shift: Cheetah
Toby's small and somewhat frail, standing at about 5'4". Mostly likely the only reason she's still alive is because of her animal form's speed. She has droopy gunmetal-gray eyes and has straight, shoulder-length charcoal-colored hair. Her skin is somewhat dark.
Animal form (http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs9/i/2006/060/2/8/Cheetah_by_shesblindwithscience.jpg)
Personality: Toby's quiet and observing. If she happens to gain an ally or friend, she won't hesitate to help them out however she can and can get rather protective of them at times.
History: (Two paragraphs preferable)
Other: (Anything else.)

Dark Moonlight
12-16-2010, 02:53 PM
Alrighty then, reserve me plox.

Name: Agustin Morrow
Age: 17
House: Plains
Shift: Barbary Lion (A few remaining individuals of the species)
Human form: Agustin has slanted gray eyes that are like two pools of mercury. He stands at about 6'1" and has a broad-shouldered build. His skin is kind of tan. His clothes aren't all that impressive, only wearing a plain white shirt and dirty jeans.
Animal form (http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/226/6/c/Lion_by_shoggy.jpg)
That Barbary Lion is so beautiful...

12-16-2010, 04:02 PM
Dark Moonlight~ Thankyou. Accepted. And yes, that Barbary Lion is beautiful. Imm a big fan of big cats :)

Rinn~ Both are accepted!

Gentle Manne~Resee-rved!

However, I would just like to note that the reserved section of The Census is staring to become a little overcrowded, and I would appreciate it if people would consider filling out their apps before posting. This sign-up will carry on after the RP starts, so you'll have plenty of time.

Just off to start a discussion forum! K x


Discussion thread is now open! CLICK ME NOW. You know you want to. (http://http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3223551#post3223551)

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Okay. I've jut come back from getting my braces fitted,so i'll set up the RP in about 20 mins or less. Until then, here's a new character! Sorry about the double post :(

Name: Naomh Lupez
Age: 14
House: Forest
Shift: Mexican Wolf

Appearance: As a human, Naomh stands at about 5'3. She has very pale skin and dark ochre eyes, with dark brown hair swirled with streaks of an even darker shade coming to just below her, shoulders, a startling contrast with her pale features. She has small hands with long fingers, and is more wirey than muscled, but by no means weak or skinny. She often has either a concentrated frown or a wry smile on her face, but her eys rarely show emotion, shuttered off from those around her. She wears a pair of rather battered dark skinny jeans and a plain white T-shirt, with a lng-sleeved checked shirt rolled up to her elbows. She used to wear a jacket, but it was torn up from some fight she could hardly remember. She wears some old, worn blue ballet pumps, or goes barefoot, whichever suits her, and often wears a woven silver ring on the first finger of her right hand.

Naomh's Wolf Form. (http://http://www.tigerden.com/~orcabork/Mexwolf/Desert_Museum_Mexican-4.jpg)

Personality: Naomh, for most people is a mystery. At first seeming either very shy or quiet, she likes to hide away from people, and spends a lot of time in the overgrown forest she calls home. In fact, she spends over half of her time there, hunting and exploring the place. She rarely reveals anything, sometimes even merely smiling or raising an eyebrow, content to leave the other pondering over her meaning. Few, if any, know of her past, present or future; she almost seems suspended in time, the familliar face you know nothing about. Her voice is quite, but full of purpose; you know when she says something, she always means it. This does not mean she is serious or shy; she has a quiet wit, and a sense of knowledge and things left unsaid.
However, when she gets angry, she gets very angry. With a tendency to snap under pressure, she often lashes out at those around her when annoyed or frightened. She does not take criticism easily, and will never find being teased funny, ever. So don't try it.
Although she is vey beautiful, she has never been interested n anyone, although

History: Naomh was born in Cork, Ireland, to her father, Rodriguez, and her mother, Siobahn. An only child, she sent much of her time alone, walking among the green hills of the countryside or reading indoors. She did well at primary school, showing her obvious intelligence off in lessons and class, and becoming good friends with several of her classmates. The family all got on fairly well; everything seemed perfect, like a picture book life. Then her mother died.
Naomh had never got on as well with her father as she had with her mother, and now with the link broken, Naomh's home became a shattered house, with her and her father arguing continuously and often violently. Finally, Rodriguez decided they both needed a fresh start, and the two moved to London to accomodate for his new job promotion. But things didn't get any better. Naomh resented him for what he had done to her, and eventually stopped speaking to each other. She became reclusive and moody, staying up in her room all day in an effort not to speak to her father. Rodriguez and Naomh were fighting a verbal war that for over a year looked as if it would tear the family apart. An tear it apart it did.
Naomh was searching. She rummaged fruitlessley through bags and drawers, tearing apart her only living space deviod of he father in order t find it. Nothing...nothing...nothing...there! Almost as soon as her brain regstered it, she shot across the room and wedged the tiny circlet of woven silver onto her finger. It was all that was left of her mother, and if she lost it...Shuddering slghtly at the prospect, she picked up the light, almost empty rucksack, containing a spare change of clother, a purse, and toothbrush, off the floor and creeped silently out of her room, padding down the stairs until she stood in front of the worn wooden door that marked the start of a new life. A fresh chance, without the shadow of him standing over her, obscuring everything she ever wanted.
For a moment, she felt a surge of anger, and an odd, clawing cramp in her stomach that was gone almost as soon as it had appeared. Frowning slightly, she rested her hand on the brass knob and...
' What the hell do you think you're doing?'
It was Rodriguez. He stood in his pyjamas, obviously just woken up from his sleep, and extremely pissed. Anger flooded through Naomh again at the sight of him, and once again she felt the pain in her stomach, as though there was something trying to get out. Her hand clenhed slightly on the doornob, but nothin about her stance suggested the pain. She surveyed her father with cold, disdainful eyes. 'Leaving. You?'
'What the...how dare you even think of trying to 'leave'.' He made little skeptical sketches in the air with his fingers to illustrate his point whilst glaring balefully at Naomh. 'You wouldn't last a second on your own out there. I still can't believe you would disobey me like this!' He paced restlessley around the floor before making a move towards her as if he was going to hit he. 'You little sod!' he growled, and this time, he really did go for her, shaking her aroud the shoulders in a fit of pure rage. Almost immediately, Naomh's stomach clenched horribly, sickeningly, and she stepped back as her father suddenly let go of her as if he was jolted with electricity, staring deep into Naomh's amber eyes. Amber that had once been brown.
'Don't...touch...me.' growled Naomh, an her world collapsed into darkness of pain.

At 4:00 AM in the morning, police were alerted to a disturbance in a suburb of London, arriving to find Rodriguez Lupez dead due to severe animal bites. Almost immediately, they searched the house, and recovered a shifted Mexican Wolf, which was transplanted to the Zoo. Naomh has been there ever since.
Other: N/A

Dark Moonlight
12-19-2010, 12:30 PM
Name: Vivi Bard
Age: 15
House: Forest
Shift: Husky
Appearance: Husky: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b5/Siberian_Husky_bi-eyed_Flickr.jpg Human: http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/37511/Anime-girl-cute-bright.jpg
Personality: Vivi is very hostile. She prefers to keep to herself and is usually quiet. She only opens up to her sister. If someone angers her, she usually likes to shout, or if she's in her husky form, she barks. Vivi can be very kind to someone who is kind to her, rather than hostile back, but it takes a while for Vivi to warm to anybody.
History: Vivi spent a lot of her life living in the countryside. Her constant shifting was fine in such a remote area - a human was extremely rare, but Vivi was really scared of humans when they came. They were strangers to her - absolute strangers. Imagine having a huge tiger staring at you, and that's how scared Vivi was of humans. The Bard family hunted a lot, because there wasn't much of an option for food out there. Vivi grew up until the age of seven terrified of strangers, so when they had to move out due to a lack of animals coming, Vivi refused to leave the house. It took a lot of determination to get Vivi out, and it eventually was Livi who took Vivi out. Of course, Vivi had been to scared of the whopping amounts of humans to look outside, but when she walked out into the city Vivi was amazed. Absolutely amazed.

Vivi's fear of the humans soon was replaced by awe, and then she felt like a human being herself so she learned that humans were NOT as awesome as she thought, so she began to think she could treat them rudely. And now she's in the Zoo and the Plane House and Forest House are fighting, so she feels okay to be hostile...
Other: (Anything else.)

Name: Livi Bard
Age: 17
House: Forest
Shift: Snow Leopard
Appearance: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_-z5CDZfrG4k/S656bqsbNHI/AAAAAAAAAc0/g298wAarFcA/s1600/l19f_snow_leopard_cub.jpg http://x3e.xanga.com/62d09670c3233109833137/z23736780.jpg
Personality: Livi is very friendly and likes to be friends with a lot of people because she feels protected. She can be as hostile as Vivi if she chooses to be, though, and if she is angered she is NOT friendly. If she feels sad, she knows she has Vivi to cry on, because Vivi can be very understanding, although she never really speaks. Livi knows she always has a friend, that will never hate her.
History: Livi liked living in the countryside because she felt like one with nature. She was the fastest of her and Vivi, and they constantly raced each other. Sometimes when Livi and Vivi were hunting together and they were faced with big enemies, so they hunted the same thing together. Livi and Vivi never really cared about their parents, especially Livi. She always felt she had a big friend in Vivi. Livi often brought Vivi scraps from her hunts. When they all moved to the city, Livi was as overwhelmed as Vivi.

Livi was more curious, so she explored the city while Vivi refused. Livi was the one who eventually persuaded Vivi to leave the house, and Vivi was excited. Livi showed Vivi around, showed Vivi how to get places, and the two sisters lived happily until the Zoo came. Livi and Vivi always travel together in the Zoo. They never stray from each other - ever.
Other: (Anything else.)

12-20-2010, 08:20 AM
Dark Moonlight~ The Forest House is gonna kill the Plains dead. Accepted.

But seiously guys, JOIN PLAINS!!! :D They have cookies (well, they kinda ran out but still...they have jerky). And Drake is all on his owney...

12-21-2010, 08:50 AM
Kalimari~Yeah, sure! Reee-served!

12-22-2010, 09:38 PM
Name: Choi Kyun
Age: 16
House: Looks like Plain to me, gotta make up the difference
Shift: Wolverine
Wolverine (http://animals.timduru.org/dirlist/wolverine/wolverine_06-LooksBack_on_sand.jpg)
Choi: Choi is roughly 5'6'' but tends to slouch when he walks. He had a thing for short hair but is now more recently seen with a longer set of hair, reaching over his brown eyes and pushed to the side. Choi also has moderately pale skin. He doesn't usually wear much except for a white T-shirt and dark-blue jeans, occasionally with a black hoodie. On his left ring finger, he wears a black band (ring).

Personality: Choi has a hatred for almost anything that moves. He recognizes human failure and is disgusted at the simplicity of minds his peers have. Also to note, Choi has a temper that flares frequently. The young man doesn't think too highly of himself, but often brags about anything in general. Choi is always quick to sarcasm and loves to be the center of attention.

History: Choi lived in South Korea until he was five months; he then was adopted to a family in Canada. He was always made fun of for being adopted throughout his early school career, but he never cared. Eventually, his parents had decided to move the family to London, England in hopes of a better economic outcome.

It was here where Choi had developed his ability. Him and another student were having an argument over a particular girl. The fight moved into an abandoned warehouse as the other boy threw the first punch. Choi temper suddenly let loose as the attacker watched in horror as Choi became an animal, a wolverine. Unable to control himself, Choi launched himself into the boy and killed him. The city received a disturbance call and reached the warehouse in time to take Choi captive and release him into the Zoo. Choi stayed isolated from many of the people in there, finding himself a place to make himself home at in the Plains.

Other: Loves soy-sauce

12-22-2010, 09:57 PM

Sight of the Stars
12-29-2010, 04:11 AM
*-Darn! Three of my favorite animals have already been taken (lion, tiger, and snow leopard). Ah, well! I guess they can all be buds. :)

NOTE: The first two are finished and are open for acceptance. The last one is a work in progress. Thank you. :)

Starsight Moon




Starsight's silver hair is the first thing that tells you her animal form probably has white fur. Long and flowing, it is silky and beautiful. Her glowing, golden eyes change when she is in her shift form. She usually wears her high-school outfit in human form, since she has nothing else to wear. In her animal form she has gorgeous blue eyes and short white fur.

Starsight is a very kind soul. She has a strong maternal instinct, though. She does not take pride in her white fur or her long hair, and hates it when people gloat. She tends to smile a lot, and really knows how to brighten up a room with her glorious smile. She is easily embarassed though, and when teased she will put her head down and endure it. Her shy nature makes it easy for her to be made fun of without consequence, unless someone else intervenes.

Starsight has a very dreadful history as far as being bullied goes.

Her elementary school wasn't for the weak-hearted, but she wasn't that. She was kind-hearted in a school made of cruel children. From her very first day of kindergarten she was made fun of for her large ears (which she later grew into) and her white hair. All through school she dipped her head and took on the hateful barrage of taunts about her white 'old lady hair'. She began fostering a boiling hatred against a few people, which was strange, considering her personality, but not so strange when you considered that every moment she was at school she had to block out everyone else. There was one boy, though, that stood by her side and defended her. His name was Dylan.

But then, one day, the worst happened. On her walk home from school she was jumped by a gang of boys that regularly tormented her at school. Dylan had been walking her home. He defended her, but she finally snapped, then and there. She went after the boys, and in her rage morphed into a lion. After her short, surprised yowl of pain upon shifting she killed the boys. She had no memory of what was before, only that she was angry. She turned her malicious gaze upon Dylan, and leaped on him. He was killed by a vicious bite on the neck.

A police report about the yowl she had made had led the police to her in her lion form, stooping over Dylan with his neck still in her feline teeth. She was placed in the zoo, and she has guilted herself endlessly since then.

Sorry for the large image. :oops:

Daunte Frost



White Bengal Tiger

Human (http://api.ning.com/files/2E2JqkYbm3bP0qef*VpqMLdmnlQeTJs7LkGFYj3GnEYVnyjtHT nUewnka-rsL3AKjgx7UvBgzlUCPyqygKuaYHGSNcjWedhU/anime_boy_lil.jpg)
Animal (http://www.wildcat-club.org/fileadmin/Wallpapers/01_white_tiger_male.jpg)

Daunte is a very charming person. He is kind to almost everyone, and tries to be nice to everybody even if he doesn't like them. He is sometimes too concerned about other people and how they feel, and sometimes he is not concerned enough about what he wants or needs. He is the kind that tends to throw himself out in front of a bullet for some random person and say 'aw it's fine' while he's laying on the ground bleeding to death. Daunte is a one-of-a-kind person that will keep your secrets even if it means resisting fifty lashes with a whip in a town square on an itchy, wooden post. :wink:

Daunte was a born hunter.

When he was three he took interest in his grandfather's gun cabinet. When he was four his father began showing him the guns, which piqued his interest. When he was six, he figured out how to open the gun cabinet, and when he was six and a half he shot a hole in the side of the house after opening the gun cabinet and taking out a double-barrel shotgun. After a thorough scolding he then turned his eyes on his dad's weapon of choice: the bow and arrow. Daunte wasn't a violent person, nor was he a young, malicious killer looking to commit mass genocide. He was just intruiged by weapons. Swords, bows, guns, handcannons, and everything else used for sport or to inflict harm.

He didn't figure out that he could morph until one day, when he was about twelve, he was out hunting with his father. He had become very proficient with a bow and arrow, and he was using a particularly expensive one; equipped with a scope and such, this bow was very fine and had a lot of power. But not enough power to take down the bear that went after the deer he had just felled. The bear killed his father, who tried to protect Daunte. It was then he changed forms. He morphed back about an hour after killing the bear in his animal form, and stumbled back home. He remembered everything, and when he told his mother the authorities were stuck to him like hair on soap. And without even getting to go to his father's funeral, he was landed in the Zoo.

Naw. :3

Aaron Hawkhouser



Snow Leopard

Human (http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/3/31803/621184-anime_boy_fav6_large.jpg)
Animal (http://images.picturesdepot.com/photo/s/snow_leopard_prowling-16901.jpg)

Aaron is the kind that takes offense very easily. He is a loner and prefers to stay quiet most of the time, mostly keeping his head down and minding his own business, but at the same time he listens. He is very attentive, though he may seem kind of spacey most of the time. He wanders quietly in his own thoughts, pondering events and his thoughts and ideas. But if he decides to stick with an idea, he may or may not hold to that idea either way. You can sometimes trust what he says, but you can't always trust what he believes, because it can change. He's the 'lava lamp' kind of individual, the kind that changes constantly in opinions and such.


12-31-2010, 02:12 AM
Name: Sav Salerno
Age: 18
House: Plains
Shift: King Cheetah

Human: Sav is 6 feet tall, with a wiry body made out of pure muscle. He has chilling ice blue eyes that contrast his obsidian black hair well. He wears baggy, light brown cargo pants, and a plain brown T-shirt that has gold flecks on it, hinting at a long lost design.

King Cheetah: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1358/571665518_9ec98c305d_o.jpg
(King Cheetahs have splotches, instead of dots like normal cheetahs, and have lines running down their backs. I'm sure you could see that in the picture, but just clarifying. :smile: )

Personality: Sav could be described as a protector. He tries to look out for everyone in the plains house as best as he can. While not unwilling to go to blows, he prefers not to fight unless necessary. But if it does come to conflict, he shows no remorse for striking down his opponents. He will stick up for someone weaker than him, even if it means sustaining injuries or giving up friends. He cannot allow himself to stand by when someone is mistreated, even if they are the enemy.

Those who get close to him discover a person confused about what to do with himself. He considers himself worthless, and half hopes that he gets killed. So much so that he'll take on fights where he is far outnumbered and overpowered. He's so ashamed of what he's done, he just wants an end. When someone finally gets through his tough, protector attitude, they'll find a broken person, who sees no hope for himself.

History: Sav's life has been anything from average. His parents ran a large animal rehabilitation center in California, taking in and caring for any large and exotic animal that was in need of a home. When he was young he would spend hours studying the various animals that came in, documenting every one of them in his notebook. With the nearest school being a couple hours away, he was home schooled.

Then, when he turned 16, Sav decided that he wanted to try to go to a boarding school on the east coast, and his parents agreed that it would be a good idea, as he had never really met any other kids his age. While he wasn't the most popular kid in school, he made some friends and joined the soccer team. Quickly his skill was realized, and when he returned to the school the next year, he was made the team captain. Then at the final game of the year, the team never came out onto the field. When someone went in to investigate, they found the whole team, slaughtered, with a cheetah peacefully sleeping in the middle of them. But he never forgot his first transformation, no matter how hard he tried, and the horror on his teammates faces.