View Full Version : Need some characters for my School based pokemon storie

12-22-2010, 04:06 PM
“Mollie get up now your going to be late.” I sleepily replied, “But mum its Saturday.” My mum replied, “No Mollie its Monday and you need to get up now or your going to be late for your first day in Boarding school.” I then replied, “ But mum you know that I don't want to go to boarding school, “My mum then shouted, “Well you have to, there’s no other choice it is the best school to teach you to be a Pokemon master, and you can make some new friends, now get dressed your going to be late. I replied, “Ok fine I give in I will go.” I then got dressed into the Uniform, a White polo shirt with the logo that said Pokemon high then a picture of a Pikachu. Also a Blue skirt with tights and simple black shoes. I brushed my long golden hair and tied it into a ponytail, and put in my bright blue hair clip. I then ran downstairs.

What ya think???

I Need some new characters for my Pokemon stories I will try and include all I can and will put credit in, please tell me some features:
Name: (Full name)
Age: (Please can they be as young as possible lets say, 10-16)
Pokemon Team of 6: (New ones are used but no fakes or made up please) also 4 moves per Pokemon.
Appearance: (Hair, eyes ect)
Style and clothing, (Emo, Goth, Nerd) For clothing would like a outfit they regularly wear accessories as well. Also if Pokemon coordinator one outfit for that please with accessories.
Talents: (Any certain talents)
Personality (Please make as detailed as possible)
Evil or good: (If evil list what team in)
Extra Info (B-days? Habits? Fears, likes, dislikes)
Family, (Mum, Sis Bro Aunt Uncle)
Where do they live: (Made up towns allowed)
Personal Traits: (Are they Quiet, Nieve, ect)