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Teddiursa of the Sky
12-27-2010, 10:05 PM
Dr. Maxis is working on a super soldier for the German government. He sends Dr. Richtofen, aka the "Doctor" or "Edward Ludwig" (the German party member in the game itself), to Area 51, where the 115th element is being kept (this element comes from an asteroid). There, this chemical is used to create the "Wunderwaffe," the "Ray Gun," and the "Thunder Gun."

Hell Hound's creation: Dr. Maxis sent many test subjects, including the ever so violent zombies, through his time machine to test out time travel. Dr. Richtofen's daughter had a dog, and he offered it as a test subject. This female dog, which was pregnant, was sent through the teleporter. In a ball of lightning, the dog came back in the machine, mutated into a horrendous dog-like creature. Angrily, Dr. Richtofen (aka Ludwig), through both his daughter and Dr. Maxis into the teleporter weaponless to die from the "Hell Hound."

Theories on the existence of the Zombies:
The first theory deals with the unstable 115th element. Possibly due to the radiation of the chemical released from the asteroid, or possibly implemented from experiments, making the test subjects violent and "undead."

The next theory suggests that the dangerous and infamous chemical weapon, Nova-6 is behind it (not only does it kill, but it corrodes the skin and makes it appear like zombie's skin). This theory is supported by many small shreds of evidence. For instance, when you go to the zombies menu on Black Ops, Hudson is seen in the observation room with greenish-yellow hazy gas pounding on the window with glowing eyes (pronounced a zombie). Also, soldiers with gas masks are seen on the television screens, fending against hordes of zombies. Also seen on the screens are the creepers, or the bent up super-uber morphed zombies. These zombies are theorized to be the test monkeys for Nova-6 in the later missions of the game. These monkeys, well, their mutated counterparts, dispel Nova-6 gas upon death.

UPDATE: The last theory is that the zombies came from aliens. There are also small shreds of evidence that this is true. Dr. Richtofen does go to Area 51, which is when the zombie outbreak starts. However, more substantial evidence supports this theory even further. Kino Der Toten, or the Theatre For The Dead in Black Ops, contains hidden film reels. One of these films shows images of zombies surrendering for an odd reason, and in the back there is a blurred image of what seems to be a space pod. Also, in the same map, there are strange canisters that seem to contain alien bodies when knocked over and looked at through the capsule window.

Hstory of the "Bear" that is hated:
There is a hidden cutscene when you play as Samantha (Dr. Richtofen's daughter) in her "before and after" bedroom. The first has several small teddi-bears laying around. In the after stage, when the zombies have been released, there is a large teddy-bear with many of its small furry little companions massed around it. The king teddy has glowing eyes and looks quite frightening.

Dr. Richtofen possible identity:
It is rumored that Dr. Richtofen (Edward Ludwig) is actually Edward Ludwig. A line said in Der Reise supports this, "The Ed makes you dead!" Also, in Der Reise, when you enter the Zombie Factory, Dr. Richtofen states, "Oh, what has that little girl been up to?" suggesting that Samantha, Dr. Richtofen's daughter, possibly survived the Hell Hound (You can also hear a females voice when Hell Hound Rounds start after the eerie "Fetch me their souls!").

What are your theories, and could a game rapped around this be released in the future? What is you opinion on my compiled theories and facts? Discuss.

Teddiursa of the Sky
12-27-2010, 10:23 PM

Hudson in the upper left-hand corner, and the television screens in the Zombies Menu.

12-28-2010, 05:35 AM
I honestly couldn't say I cared what the story behind zombies is. It's fun that's about it. It doesn't need a backstory.

Teddiursa of the Sky
12-28-2010, 09:05 AM
Why do you say that? Did you ever even try to use the easter eggs, or find the hidden video tapes? Dude, the story is epic when you listen to the Black Ops multiplayer screen music.