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((This takes place a bit after the end of Kingdom Hearts 2. Never mind Coded, I have my own ideas. And, honestly, I wouldn't blame you if you don't get it.))

"Because, my child, everything arises from the creating flames of Darkness. They spiral upwards, burning brightly like little embers before, quite suddenly, they die. The dead ashes then drift silently back into the cosmos and back into the Void. For no matter how long you live, the patient hand of Time will eventually wind your path into the Void, the one place where all roads eventually meet and end.

"And what about the light, you ask? What part does light play in this cycle? Nothing. Light is a delusion, something your mind has made up to think it has some importance. Light just allows you to ward off the darkness, but tell me, does it really do anything other than that? Hope, you say. Hah. Hope is a denial of reality; it is the carrot dangled in front of the horse's face so it will keep plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it. You may have light, and you can keep it as a guide, but don't believe in it. It won't help you. Trust me, I know.

"Darkness, however, is where everything is born. The Darkness is the forge of all life, not light. Darkness has been around much longer than its counterpart, and even to this moment it creates, endlessly creating. And then the Void destroys, keeping the wheel of creation and destruction endlessly turning. What? *sigh* Do you ever listen to a word I tell you?! Alright, I'll explain it yet again. The Void is where everything and nothing dwells. All paths, all roads, all destinies, all fates twist and turn and interconnect throughout their long lives, but near the end they all start to weave together until, at the very end, all paths are one and the same. The Void is what keeps the universe in balance, and it's made up of well, everything I guess. Like I said, all paths lead to the Void.

"No, the Void isn't the afterlife. You can come back from the afterlife. Once you enter the Void, there is no return unless the guardians will it."

There have always been two Realms to the Kingdom Hearts universe. The Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness. People have always tried to study these realms and see what connection they have to each other, but no one has ever realized that there was a third region as well, the Realm of Nothingness, which was simply titled as "The Void" by those who knew of its existence. This realm has always kept the others in balance, its destructive and absorbing power being the force that took away from both of the realms before either of them could grow too powerful. But the catch was that the Void never touched any of the other two realms, it was on an entire different plane of existence. This is because the Void consumes everything it touches, like a black hole it sucks everything in and slowly breaks them down until they are a part of the Void. This is largely why nothing can live in there.

But while there is nothing that can survive for long in the Void, there are three beings who once entered the realm: Sora, Riku, and Xemnas. The Organization XIII leader had been in the Void many times before, the realm's powers could not hurt him because of his control over the element Nothing, and he had dragged the two heroes in after him. The three of them fought and Xemnas was defeated, and the Void absorbed him into its own. Sora and Riku were left to wander the Void for perhaps forever, when suddenly they came across a door of light. After passing through it, they came into the Darkness (Realm of Darkness) and unwittingly created a bridge between the two realms. Immediately the Void's power started to affect the Darkness, gradually breaking it apart and turning it into nothing which became a part of the Void. Then, a little while later, the two Keyblade bearers opened up another door of light, one which led to the Realm of Light. And then the Void had access to both the Light and Dark Realms.

Normally the guardians of the Void, the Nameless Ones, would have resolved the problem immediately, but by the time they had reached the problem the rip between the Void and the Darkness was too large for them to seal on their own. No matter how hard they tried, the Void's incredible power would tear the whole back open again. The Realm of Darkness started to disintegrate, falling apart and becoming a part of the Void, which began to stretch over the lands. Hoping to prevent this from happening to the Realm of Light, they rushed to the tear in that world, but as they tried to close it the barrier fought them. To their shock, they found that the heart of the Keyblade wielder, Sora, was unbeknownstly keeping the entrance open. While Sora and Riku were reunited with their friends, the Nameless Ones fought to force the rip close. Finally, the heart relinquished its grip, but it was too late by then. Both of the realms were now open to the Void, and not even the Guardians of the Void could close them. At least not without help.

The Nameless Ones were said to be a proud and haughty race, and they were reluctant to ask for help. But they had no choice, and they went to the Keyblade wielders—any that they could find—and explained the plight of the three realms. The Keyblades were the only things that could make the holes in the barriers stay shut for a longer amount of time, so it helped as they tried desperately to close the gaps and separate the worlds once more. But, they might already be too late…

* * * *

So here's your main objective in a nutshell: try and shut the tears in the barriers between the realms before the Void takes over completely and eradicates the fabric of existence. And of course it’s a lot easier said than done. You see, anything that gets close to the Void and stays in close contact for long periods of time start feeling the side effects. First they feel sick and feverish, because their immune system is being lowered, and then comes the weakness and the dizziness. Your body slowly deteriorates; first go your strength and awareness, and then your mind. There are gaps in the memory, short thought process, blank spots in the mind, and just before your body shuts down and dies all of your senses are stripped from your body. After the body dies, it disintegrates into dust and soon disappears. What is happening is the Void is literally unraveling you like string, stripping away until you become a part of the nothing. The process takes about three days of prolonged exposure for a regular human, but for some reason Keyblade wielders have a stronger resistance, allowing them to survive for nearly a week.

It might sound like people have a chance, but sometimes there just aren't enough Keyblade wielders and volunteers in the worlds. However, the Nameless Ones told them something that changed everything dramatically. There was in fact a race of beings that were totally immune to the effects of the Void: Nobodies. The only problem was that Organization XIII was gone, so there were no more Nobodies left that could help them out. At least, no more Nobodies that they were aware of. But, in the Castle That Never Was, there were records. Information on other Nobodies, and it soon became evident that at one point in time, there were a lot more than thirteen members in the Organization. There were other Nobodies as well, loners that roamed on their own, ones who the Organization sometimes spied on and observed.

So now the search was on, the search for the rogue Nobodies. The Void was slowly becoming bigger, and the realms were disintegrating faster each day, and the Keyblade wielders were ready to do just about anything to get help from the Nobodies. Even if it meant begging, because time is the only thing they don't have.


The Void: I believe I've nailed it into your heads enough times for you to understand what the Void is XD If you want a visual, just go to the last boss battle in KH2. Although I think I should make something clear: you can travel in the Void, although it won't teleport you anywhere like Corridors of Darkness will do. I know I said it deteriorates your body, but that's gradual and will only happen if you stay in constant contact with the void. You can get away for a day or two to take a break and come right back. This is the place where Nobodies go when they die.

The Darkness: aka Realm of Darkness, where all of the Heartless lie. Because the barriers between the realms had been tearing, more and more Heartless have been getting into the Realm of Light. More Heartless than ever are overrunning worlds, which is just another thing to add to the list of problems you people have to deal with.

Realm of Light: Where most of the worlds are. The people in this realm are usually friendly and helpful, but it's plagued with Heartless and other things wanting to kill you.


1. NO GODMODDING. AT ALL. Swear to gods, if I see this you get booted.
2. No illiterate people. This is one of my pet peeves. It makes me go crazy.
3. No flaming. If this happens, I don't care who you are, I'm kicking you out.
4. No SPAM. 'Nother pet peeve here.
5. You can have as many characters as you can handle.
6. No bunnying. Unless, if you have permission, but say you have permission if you do so.
7. Details, details, DETAILS. There is no limit to details. You live in a world here. The world has sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and feel. Is it sunny or raining? Is it noisy or are your ears ringing from the silence? Does the air smell fresh and clean or polluted by car fumes? But, don’t go overboard. There’s no reason you should be smelling everybody you pass or tasting the random objects of interest or feeling everything.
8: You can play canon characters
10. To show me you read these, tell me where nine went.


Name: (Of course. The Exception to these are the Nameless Ones)



Appearance: (Pics are allowed, but at least put in some text.)

Personality: (If I needs to explain this, yer in trouble)

History: (Same thing here, at least two paragraphs.)

Species: ((Human, Nobody, Heartless, Nameless One? (You can make an N.O., but they're mainly NPC characters. They all have a hive mind, so it'd be difficult making an individual one.))

Weapons(s): (Keyblade or something else? C'mon, make it fun! :D )

Special Powers: (This would apply mainly to Keyblades and Nobodies, and perhaps it you're a Heartless)

Other: (Did you want to say a last word or something?)


Enkaku_Kumori (Ziaxim, Saxoris, and Karxy - Nobodies)
Ryu (Nusquam Esse - Whatever the heck it is)
Chromatic Entity (Xylke - Nobody)
Winter_Cherry (Aqua - Keyblade master, Amber - Human, Kamui & Mirelle - Nobodies, Artemis - Something that's always happy)
metal_sonic (Sora & Kairi - Keyblade wielders, Roxas - Nobody)
Charmander009 (Aletha Goldwing - Keyblade wielder)
seal (Axelon Allyiss - Half Heartless)


Enkaku_Kumori (A Keyblade wielder and a human)
The Frozen Prince (A Keyblade wielder and a Nobody)
Silver Espeon (Master Xehanort's Nobody and someone else)


Dr Robotnik
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I shall reserve three peoples, please.

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Can do, good sir :)

Saraibre Ryu
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If you need a bad ass bad guy or girl, I'll play one.

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*laughs* I don't mind at all. The world needs more, in my opinion.

Saraibre Ryu
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I'd like to let you know, you forgot gender in your SU sheet.

Name: Nusquam Esse, AKA, Ne

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female ish...

Appearance: Ne has no set appearance, as she can change her form, and take parts of herself away and change it's form as well. As far as anyone could tell, Ne looks like a hooded, humanoid of some kind, covered in layers and layers of torn, ragged, black, and greyish clothing that is covered in dust. A pair of pale green eyes come from under her reaper-like hood. The rest of her face, if she had one, can't be seen. Her robes reach far down so that what may be legs under them, aren't seen. Just the point of what could be boots come out from under there. The robes, either many or one very ragged one in layers, are bulky, looking to be too large, making what her body shape could be underneath, unknown.

Personality: Ne is a void, having no emotion, no sense of morale, no sense period. Ne does as she does for the reason she was told to do, for the reason she was imprisoned within a consciousness for the bidding of her higher power. She does as is willed by whoever is giving her a will. She has no will of her own, has no emotions, just an empty state of mind. This causes her an intangible torture, having been of nothing before, being given something tears her away from what she previously was. Not knowing what pain and suffering is, not having it, this makes the torture even more unbearable. She only has the will, a fake will, to complete her objective.

History: Ne only knows anything from up to the time the Void started to rip and expand. She was told by then to make sure the Void expanded, and until then, she would be the emissary for whoever spoke in her mind. She would not be returned to nothing until all was nothing. Other than that, Ne spent a lot of time wandering, having no form or appearance. As it, becoming a she, meandered, her appearance began to form, and soon she became what she looks like now. Her voice was just as void as the place she came from, though earning a feminine side to it. She never knew of what she really looked like, for being something was torture, and she couldn't die, for that would bring death to her, and she would become a something entirely.

Ne had no name, and as such the way she went about finding it, was solely on reputation. As she did what she was told, in subtlety, and those who were keen enough to know, but not for very long, called her 'Nusquam Esse', of nothing, and such meanings derived from Latin. Ne shortened it to the two letters, finding that the given identity was too much. There is not much more than that to Ne's history, though her gaining fo appearance, and magic may have had something to do about what she was before she became to nothing.

Species: Unknown

Weapons: Ne has a large staff she can materialize from under her sleeves. This staff can give her the ability to manipulate the power of night.

Special Powers:
Ne can create other forms of herself and change her own shape into that of something she has encountered, or something given by the owner of her willpower. Her staff grants her magic powers based on the night.

I believe Nine went and tried to stop Sora in Hollow Bastion...the aftermath ended up in Nine fading to darkness. You know who I'm talking about...

Oh, and despite what was said, Ne is NOT a Nobody...saving a bit of a twist for your bad guy here.

12-29-2010, 09:54 PM
Oooh, it looks awesome. Accepted! (Whhhat? I could have sworn gender was already in there >.< )

Yeah, I kinda guessed she wasn't a Nobody. I mean, Nobodies by textbook definition were once people that existed and had hearts while yours, erm, doesn't.

The Frozen Prince
12-29-2010, 10:44 PM
Haven't been here in ages but I can't say no to a good Kingdom Hearts Roleplay :P Reserve me please as a Keyblade weilder and a Nobody but I haven't played Kingdom Hearts in ages so might be a bit rusty.

Chromatic Alchemist
12-29-2010, 11:28 PM
:D Now I have an excuse to use my Number XV character in my own stories! x3
_ _ _ _ _

Name: Xylke
Age: 20 (3 years as a Nobody, assuming they don't age, so 17 in appearance)
Gender: Male
Appearance: About 5' 9", fit but not built structure; Wears an Organization coat; Has gray eyes, sandy-blonde hair that he constantly keeps out of his eyes; Long, deep scars cover his torso, but are hidden from view
Personality: Xylke is independent and generally does not like company. He was kept away from the rest of the Organization members (in fact, only Xemnas and Saix knew of his existence), so he never experienced friendship or community. When he does meet people he fancies, he is kind, but he lacks compassion and care because of his loss of heart.
History: It's hard to determine what Xylke's history is, as he doesn't know it himself. He is much like Roxas: he doesn't know who he was. At all. And Saix (who taught and instructed him his missions) never mentioned a word as to where he came from. All Xylke can remember is that he showed up on the doorstep of The Castle one evening.

After the depletion of the Organization XIII members, Xylke left his home hidden in the dark recesses of the Realm of Darkness and entered what was forbidden to him: The Castle. He searched every corner and found nothing. He gathered supplies that he could find and left, traveling from world to world through the Darkness until the Nameless Ones contacted him. Seeing that all that could result from the hole's remaining open, he joined the force to prevent just that.
Species: Nobody
Weapons(s):Redemption (http://fc01.deviantart.net/images/large/indyart/games/Keyblade_-_Redemption.jpg)
Special Powers: In fights that are more dangerous than others, Xylke can summon a second Keyblade: Lovely Memories (http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/251/2/1/lovely_memories_by_statealchemistpat-d2yb4qn.jpg). After these fights, Xylke will regain parts of his past memories to discover who he is/was.
Other: Hmm... Nine, huh? Well, you could say he attempted to defeat Sora at Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion, at the time) and ultimately lost, or you could say he, with the help of 8 others, destroyed a large robot in the not-so-far post-apocalyptic future. O WAIT: Seven ate Nine, duh. ;D

If anything is weak, please criticize.

12-30-2010, 01:42 AM
Accepted! ;)

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Reserve me for a character or two. I honestly don't know what I'm gonna make yet.

12-30-2010, 02:46 AM
Also reserved, and take your time. ;)

12-30-2010, 04:30 AM
Okay, that was quick for you... Anyway, you KNOW I'm in.

Name: "Master" Aqua (Oh yeah, she baaaaaack!)

Age: Anywhere from 29 to 30-ish(Guessing she was 18-ish when she got stuck in the Realm of Darkness, but 11+ years have passed, so it's all guesswork, though she's physically no different than she was when she first entered the Realm)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Aqua (http://media.photobucket.com/image/kingdom%20hearts%20aqua/apathyrobot/Kingdom%20Hearts/AQUA1.png?o=25) physically looks no different than she did eleven plus years ago, thanks to time's refusal to pass in the Realm of Darkness. Her blue hair remains in it's wild mostly chin lentgh cut, though it's closer to her shoulders at the back of her neck, with eyes filled with kindness a slightly brighter shade of blue, and clear fair skin. She's kept her clothes, unable to find something else different that's to her liking, going around in a dark blue sleeveless turtleneck and matching shorts, with a pink pair or ribbons crisscrossing her chest, held in place in the center by a silver pendant that looks strikingly similar to an upside-down Nobody symbol and a black corset of sorts around her torso. She wears an odd pair of blue almost half-skirts on either side of her, over her shorts, held in place by two large white ribbons crosscrossing her hips tied into large bows on top of each skirt and is knotted int the back. Aqua also wears a pair of white bell-sleeved armwarmers, both topped with metal pieces that perviously housed her armor, as werr as black fingerless gloves, and black thigh-high socks along with wierd metallic shoes.

Personality: Aqua's personality in a nutshell is serious, kind, strong willed, responsible, and modest. Though she is technically a keyblade master, she's never abused the title, in fact, she rarely ever uses it. Almost always serious, it leads to her previously being the most responsible of Eraqus's trainess, and stays in tact even now. She still feels responsible for Ven and Terra, and deeply wishes to bring them back, especially Ven, whom she promised she'd wake up. Combined with her kindness, Aqua gives off a motherly feeling, and feels honor-bound to help as many people as she can, no matter whether their problems relate to her main mission or not. She refuses also refuses to believe that her goal of bringing back Terra and Ven is impossible, no matter how the odds are stacked against her, as well as thinking that there's no way that they can't succeed in mending the fault with the void.

History: Aqua, alongide her friends Terra and Ventus, were students of Master Eraqus eleven plus years ago. Life was pretty normal for her, up until the day she took her Mark of Matery exam with Terra, and passed, earning her the title of Master, while Terra failed due to his inability to fully control the darkness inside him during the exam. Shortly after, it came into her Master's attention that there was a new plague arising to the worlds and the Princesses of Heart--the Unversed. With this new threat, Eraqus sent the new master and Terra off with orders to try to solve the problem of the Unversed, granting Terra another way to prove that he was ready to become a master, but alos gave Aqua extra orders to watch him and make sure the darkness didn't get more or a hold over him. As they prepared to leave, Ven, who did not have orders, left the Land of Departure as well, and Aqua was given additional orders to go after him and bring him home as well.

Aqua left, promising Eraqus she would bring Ven back and that Terra would come back proving he had what it took to be a master as well, then took to the other worlds to try to eradicate the Unversed. On her journey, she met many people from these different worlds, and learned of her friends as well, hearing stories of how Terra was slowly turning to the darkness and met a friendly mouse named Mickey, who trained under Mater Yen Sid. With Mickey, she also met a little girl by the name of Kairi, who had much light inside her, and she cast a spell on this girl to help protect the light inside her by leading her to someone else who could protect her when she was in danger, as well as an evil masked man by the name of Vanitas. Her adventures also brought her to cross paths with her friends many times, but Terra only seemed to get worse, and Ven refused to go back home. Finding Mickey and bringing him back to Yen Sid shortly after coming into contact with two children known as Sora and Riku, she learned of Master Eraqus's death at the hands of Terra and sought him out, leading to the three friends last fight together against Master Xehanort in the Keyblade Graveyard, where she learned that the old Master wanted to use Ven and Vanitas to forge the X-blade to open Kingdom Hearts for him. The pair fought, and the x-blade was forged, but with Ven fighting mentally and Mickey and herself fighting on the outside, it wa squickly broken, though this also "broke" Ven as well, and Terra vanished.

Shortly after the fight, she woke inside Yen Sid's tower with Ven, and Yen Sid told her that Ven would not wake soon. Unsure of where to find Terra, Aqua set off with Ven's body back to the Land of Departure, which she found decimated, with her Master's keyblade still lying on the ground in the courtyard, which she used to turn the Land into Castle Oblivion, and left Ven's body there. She then returned to Radiant Garden, where she came across a Xehanort-posessed Terra and fought him, upon his defeat, falling into a hole of darkness, and Aqua jumped in after him in hopes of saving him. She managed to grab ahold of her uncconcoius friend, but then realized that the two of them couldn't make it out together, so she gave her armor and keyblade to Terra and freed him rather than herself. She then began an eleven year journey aimlessly through the Realm of Darkness, nearly allowing a group of Darksides to kill her at one point, but she was saved by Terra and Ven's keyblades, and then she came across Ansem the Wise some time afterwards. He told her not only that she had been trapped for eleven years, but also of a boy with a keyblade named Sora who was trying to save the worlds from the Heartless. Though disappointed that he was niether Terra nor Ven, Aqua also had a new hope that this boy could save the worlds, her firends, and possibly herself.

She remained on the beach of the Dark Meridian with Ansem for quite some time afterward, until it happened. A young woman burst from a door of light in the middle of the beach and told Aqua to come with her, she was needed in the Realm of Light again. When she tried to get Ansem to come with her, the girl shook her head and said that he could not come, only her, and she needed to do so quickly. Though saddened that the man could not come with her, and she knew how lonely the world could be, Aqua left with the girl upon Ansem's pushing and the girl's begging. She was quickly briefed in on the situation to the young woman's knowledge, and the two set out to try to do what they could, deciding to stay together. The two stopped at Castle Oblivion upon Aqua's request to see if she could find Ven, and she did, sleeping like she'd never been gone, though other rooms of the castle held remnants of the Organization's occupation there, and she caught up on some of her history there before heading out, determined as ever to help save the realms and her friends as well.

Species: Human

Weapons(s): Eraqus's Keyblade (http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Eraqus%27s_Keyblade)--The creatively named keyblade once belonging to Master Eraqus, and the only one she's found she can summon conciously since she gave up her own keyblade to save Terra. (And cause photobucket sucks, I linked you to the KH wiki page for it.

Special Powers:
Master Mage: Aqua has an amazing affinity for magic, able to cast most basic spells, as well as their more advanced forms, especially blizzard magic. She's considered second to only Master Xehanort on ability.

Friend's Protection-Aqua's found that whenever she's in great danger that Eraqus's keyblade is replaced by Terra's Earthshaker and Ven's Wayward Wind keyblades, which she can then double-wield, though does so with very little of her own will--they seem to have minds oftheir own.

Other: 7 ate 9

Name: Amber Lyone

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Amber comes across as fragile to people with her pale(almost white) skin, thin body and height of about 5" 7'--a lot of people actually refer to her as looking like a porcelain doll. She has long, wine red hair that flows in slight waves down to her lower back and her bangs are grown out to just longer than chin length so that they frame her pale face and bring out her pale blue eyes, which almost never fail to look sad. She often wears a darkk green camisole under a gauzy white shirt with a wide neckhole that allows one side to fall off her shoulder, and is edged with dark green ribbon, as are the sleeves, while a ribbon is also tied just under her chest, which she wears with a simple pair of faded jeans and simple tennis shoes. A thick silver band of a bracelet is on her left wrist, and it will not come off--it houses her keyblade, Last Light.

Personality: Amber is a mostly quiet and reserved young woman who doesn't extend her friendship to anyone easily, though she will try to help others when she can. She holds very few dear to her, and hates talking about her family--especially her mother, and tries to avoid speaking of her past as much as she can. She seems to doubt herself a lot, and an aura of sadness lingers around her almost constantly, though Aqua often tries to cheer her up. She seems pessimistic and sarcastic at times, but provided her past comes to light, it's easy to understand why she has this dark outlook. She hates having her picture taken, and can't stand people acting like overemotional fools. When it comes to situations like these, Amber tends to react by raising that tiny voice of hers to take charge and get people to calm down. Amber also has a pretty good knowledge of books, since that's about all she could do for most of her life.

History: Amber was born in Radient Garden as a sickly child, and because of her parent's worry for her, she had no siblings that came after her. She was raised among the constant whispered fears of her parents and pity of others, which she always hated. Her mother constantly told her to believe in the light and it would save her, and Amber tried, clinging to the hope that light would cure her illness. Eventually, her mother took her to Ansem the Wise when no other doctors could do anything for her daughter, and the kind man offered her help. Amber then began visiting Ansem and his apprentices on a regular basis in an attempt to help her, though they couldn't find a way to. She found normalcy among the group that was offered to her nowhere else, and she liked it, though it was discovered that whatever she had was killing her slowly. Nevertheless, they continued trying to help her, partly out of curiousity and partly out of the will to finish. It was in this time that she was introduced to Xehanort, an idea of Ansem's thinking that the two could simply help each other by talking to each other, and it helped a little, up until they suddenly turned her away, telling her there was "nothing more they could do" and that they "no longer wished to see her", which crushed the little girl's heart. Amber was then forced to stay in bed by her mother until the invasion of Radient Garden, and her mother and father took her and managed to escape to Traverse Town.

She was still stuck on bedrest in the new world, and her condition slowly got worse. She took up reading as a main hobby to kill the time, and mowed through books at amazing speeds for her age. She slowly began to turn sarcastic and moody, her hold on the light was slipping away from her. She no longer had hope of living a normal life and grew more and more distant. Upon the returning of her family back to Radient Garden, then Hollow Bastion, Amber only grew more moody and upset until she was dangerously close to turning Heartless herself, when Heartless seemed to seek her out. When they attempted to attack her, however, a light filled her hands and took the form of a key, which then destroyed the Heartless with a flash of light. Afterward, her health made a drastic improvement, and Amber left the house as soon as humanly possible to figure out what this weapon that had saved her was--she foud out quickly from Leon that it was a keyblade. She then took to trying to destroy the Heartless in her hometown to until a Nameless One came to her, explaining the situation. Amber quickly pledged herself to the cause and set out to do what she could when an odd feeling came over her. She used Last Light to form a door to the Realm of Darkness without entirely understanding what she was doing, and found Aqua, telling her they needed to go. Something told her te woman was important, and she knew Aqua needed to leave the Realm of Darkness to help the others, but also knew Ansem could not, though his presence there surprised her greatly. Once Aqua came with her, the two decided to stay together, and have become somewhat frineds.

Species: Human

Weapons(s): Last Light-An almost totally silver key that resembles the Bond of Flame key. It's main center section is three braided silver poles ending in a complete circle with spikes sticking outward and it's handle has no guard(of whatever you call that metal piece that surronds the handle) due to the fact it's keychain that comes off the handle end is longer than the ones from the others--to the point that Last Light is mainly a long-range key, though it definately can be used as a close-range weapon just as well, and it's ending charm is a thick silver bracelet that goes around Amber's left wrist and doesn't come off. When it is swung around in a full circle, it unleashes a pillar of light from within the circle, causing massive damage to anything Amber doesn't consider an ally or has a dark aura to it.

Special Powers:
Judgement of Light-When swung in a full circle, Last Light unleashes a massive pillar of light from within the circle, greatly damaging if not killing anything Amber doesn't consider a friend
Healer-Amber did study magic a little while stuck in bed, and she can use a few healing spells

Other: Nada.

Name: Kamui

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kamui looks like the kind of guy you'd want to stay away from on instinct. Tall and fair-skinned, he looks a lot more pale than he actually is because he's covered from almost head to toe in black, and comes across as a guy of around twenty. He has hair so black it's hard to believe it's really hair, and it stands in messy spikes all over his head, and his glittering golden eyes are hidden by large, wraparound sunglasses that seem to obscure his face. He is always seen wearing a simple black long-sleeve shirt, black pants, combat boots, and over it all, a long black trenchcoat covered in chains and spikes he's almost never seen without. He also wears a pair of black leather gloves on his hands, and his ears are loaded with studs. His outfit of choosing lends him a more emotionless air, and you can never seem to read his expression, especially with his sunglasses on.

Personality: Kamui, being a Nobody, doesn't really have emotions, and comes across as a bit of a punk of sorts. He's always been a mostly independant being, offered a position among the Organization he turned them down and went his own way. He did, however, enjoy spying on them as his own personal game, and watched the Orgainzation's falling apart with amusement from the safety of the shadows, and it built up so that he's a pretty good spy, even with all the metal on his trenchcoat. He doesn't speak a ton, and usually only when he's spoken to first by someone else. Cold and calculating, Kamui is the kind to stay cool in fights, and taunts his opponents into attacking first, though he tries not to get into fights in the first place. He likes high places and the dark, and tolerates Mirelle as though she's a sister.

History: Kamui doesn't remember much of his past as a normal person, just waking up in an alleyway in The World That Never Was. He met the Organization's member Saix shortly after, and he was then taken to Xemnas and offered a position in the Organization, but her refused, telling them he "wasn't in to group activities" and going his own way. He wandered TWTNW for a time after until he managed to figure out how to create dark corridors and leave. He came across his name shortly after, finally deciding to call himself something, and deciding it quickly on something that just came to mind. Then what he guesses was about a year or so later, he met Mirelle looking lost and alone in Traverse Town, and took her in. He helped her find her name, and allowed her to stay with him because of her positive attitude and wanting to keep her away from the Organization, which was beginning to fall apart at the time.

Another year or so later, a Nameless One tracked them down shortly after Mirelle claimed there was a disturbance in the balance of the realms. It explained the situation to them, and Mirelle happily volunteered thier services, though Kamui wasn't very fond of the idea himself. He helped though, unwilling to be left totally alone for a group of people they didn't know.

Species: Nobody

Weapons(s): Two spade-shaped blades he can pull out of thin air

Special Powers:
Playing with Gravity-Kamui can manipulate gravity to his will, provided he wants to. Kind of helps when you like standing on flag poles, though the more area he uses this power on, the faster his energy drains.

Other: N/A

12-30-2010, 04:47 AM
Ahh, I was waiting for all the Demyx and 7 8 9 jokes. Accepted~

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Lolness. Annnnnd here's Mirelle 'cause the text limit won't let me keep hers with the rest of them.

Name: Mirelle

Age: ???

Gender: Female

Appearance: Mirelle (http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn73/Mew__Rose/Gaia%20Avatars/?action=view&current=Avvie10.png) looks to be you average 16 year old young woman, with fair skin and wide green eyes the contrast her wild, vibrant blue hair, which hangs messily in layers to just above her shoulders that frame her face. She tends to be seen wearing a simple blue shirt under a usually zipped-up leather jacket and black shorts that go to her mid-thigh and a pair of black hiking boots. She has her two katana strapped X-style to her back, and wears a necklace with the Nobody symbol around her neck, usually hidden by her jacket.

Personality: So completely friendly and upbeat that most people think she's not a Nobody, Mirelle constantly throws people off-guard. She's incredibly cheerful and helpful to others. She's also one of very few who can get Kamui to participate in a full conversation, and hangs around him like a puppy following it's master. She enjoys the outdoors, and can seem ominous at times, but she doesn't ever recognize it herself. Mirelle is also incredibly curious and it tends to get her into trouble that Kamui has to pull her out of.

History: Mirelle, like her companion Kamui, can't remember much about her life when she was complete, only that she felt sheer terror before she woke up in Traverse Town, on the ground alone. A few days later she was wandering around when Kamui found her, and she could feel he was different from everyone else around her, could feel he was like her, and decided to trust him. He helped her find her name and allowed her to stay with him because she had no one else to go to. The two spent time travelling among the worlds, until she felt an imbalance of power in the realms.

Shortly after she felt this imbalance, a Nameless One contacted her and Kamui and explained the situation to them. Knowing it was the right thing to do, and that the worlds would disappear if they didn't help, and offered her and Kamui's service without letting him have a word in edgewise. She could tell it bothered him, but she also knew he would get over it because he didn't want her to ditch him for people they'd never met before.

Species: Nobody

Weapons(s): Twin blue-handled katana strapped X-style to her back

Special Powers:
Force Reader-Mirelle seems to be able to feel the forces at work around her, as well as fleeting images from people when they're feeling strong emotions, but she doesn't often mention it to anyone other than Kamui.

Other: Nada.

(Well, I told you I would 'cause of her previous fun with Saxoris...)
Name: Artemis

Age: 3-ish, technically

Gender: Female

Artemis (http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn73/Mew__Rose/RP%20Charries%20and%20Other%20Anime%20Pics/?action=view&current=namine-2.jpg)*Not my pic
Artemis bears a stunning resemblance to Namine, but she's about 4'7" and super-pale, with larger, more intense blue eyes. She's also usually partially hidden under a black cloak that goes to about her mid-calf. She gives off a very distinct "Protect me" feeling, and always seems to be smiling.

Personality: Artemis, simply put, is a ball of pure happiness and sunshine. She's always friendly, smiling, and cheerful to an insane extreme that even dwarfs Mirelle's happiness. She loves being around happy people as well, and if you aren't happy, she feels it's her duty to try and make you happy. She's curious about almost everything, and she's easy to love no matter who you are. She comes across as childish, but she's actually pretty smart, and a good judge of character in people. Artemis also has a motherly side to her, and as she's practically a master of healing magic, she takes it upon herself to try and heal every injured person she comes across, speaking volumes of her boundless kindness towards literally anyone as well. She hates violence, and will try anything to avoid it and verbal arguments because they deeply affect her.

History: Artemis was once part of a young woman named Mia, who was born and raised in Traverse Town, and was a musician. Mia lead a mostly happy life, up until a man who loved her became a Heartless after she rejected him because she already had someone she loved. His Nobody decided that the perfect revenge would be to give Mia the same fate, and maybe her Nobody would accept him, so he began to play head games with her. These head games lead Mia into a slow depression of thinking the one she loved did not love her after all, leading up to her own turning. The harsh emotions involved in her turning however, resulted in more than the creation of a Nobody and Heartless, it also created Artemis and her counterpart Kira, as well. While it seemed that Artemis was a being of pure light, Kira was her opposite, and a being of pure darkness. The two lived in harmony in Mia's old apartment for awhile when they came across a Nobody one day who was badly injured by Dusks, and Artemis begged Kira to let her help him, to which Kira relelnted. The Nobody, when healed, ended up deciding to stay with them, and became attatched to Artemis and her pure good feelings. Eventually they left the apartment to wander the worlds, Kira going one way, and Artemis and the Nobody going the others, finding their names in the archives in Olympus Colleseum, and deciding the these name would suit them well.

Eventually during their travels, they came upon Mia's Nobody, Organization-named Xima and self-named Bastia, who knew Artemis the moment she saw the tiny girl. This resulted in her joining the group, along with the much later addition of their Heartless. Meeting up with Kira, the group began hearing of strange things happening, and were shortly after contacted by a Nameless One and joined the cause out of nothing better to do, and Artemis's bugging that it was thier job to help make sure the worlds would remian for other luckeir ones who could still feel nice emotions and could still enjoy the worlds they lived in.

More recently, however, they were sitting in their newer home in Traverse Town, discussing newer issues and plans of action when there was a loud commotion above their heads before Saxoris and some wired-looking enemy crashed in through the roof with Ziaxim and Karxy just behind him. Seeing the Nobody injured, Artemis forced him to let her heal him after the group help dispatch the enemy, and then decided she wanted to travel with them, since her main group was trying to convince her to sit out of the helping anyway, and she firgured with the things she was picking up off the Nobody that his recklessness during fighting got him hurt often, and though she migh tbe able to try and ease his attitude issue a little. It took a ton of convincing and swearing to keep her safe, but her main group finally allowed her to go with Saxoris, where she's been ever since.

Species: Um...about that... She not a Nobody or Heartless, but she doesn't have a heart, either. She's a bring of pure light, but they don't have an official name.

Weapons(s): Lightglow-A staff easily taller than she is, made of a silvery metal, with a ball of the same material at the end and a large shard of quartz crystal at the top of it, held in place by a beautiful web of the metal made to look like flower vines.. Artemis uses it as a spear and to focus her light-based attacks and magic.

Special Powers:
Angel of Mercy-Artemis is a master at healing magic, and tries to heal anyone and everyone she comes across. She is also a pretty good user of light magic, and will defend anyone she feels needs to be defneded, earning her the nickname "angel of mercy" among those who know her.

Empath-Artemis is a bit of an empath, she can pick up base feelings of others aroud her, and sometimes images related to feelings of an individual, or, in the case of Nobodies, sometimes things important to them.

Other: She can not take negative emotions. They initially make her dizzy and nauseous, and, if they escalate can cause her to pass out.

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I'm a bit sickly, right now, but I still wanna be in a KH RP :D (I actually have one that I created and wanted to put up, but I think I'll wait to put it up later, though) Could ya reserve me, then? I'll get it done when I'm feeling better ^^ I have half of a mind to sign up with Sora... unless, are you being him, Chibi? :o

If not, I'll take one keyblade bearer and maybe a nobody--we'll see 'bout that last one.

Dr Robotnik
12-31-2010, 02:10 AM
Sora is mine, foolish Human! And so are Roxas and Kairi, but you can have Riku XD I should have the SUs soon.

12-31-2010, 02:13 AM
((Alright accepted. Good gods these took too long and I still have two more left to do. x_x ))

Name: Ziaxim - "The Dark Gentleman"

Age: 28 (Looks 23)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Like this, (http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20doctor/X_Coyote_Princess_X/Anime/Doctor-1.jpg?o=23) except her wears a white top hat. Ziaxim is pale, with black hair and dark, world-weary eyes. He always dresses fashionably, except he always wears white. He carries around a cane topped with a skull that doubles as his weapon.

Personality: Ziaxim is like the gentleman he was in his previous life. Cordial and polite to everyone he meets, even if the person is a total jerk. But, his time as a Nobody and part of the Organization also gave him a scheming nature, credit to Zexion and Vexen's "training". He is a very smart person, who can make up plots that go exactly the way he wants, and no one knows they were puppets to his hands until it was far too late. (Simply put, he's a Chessmaster (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheChessmaster?from=Main.Chessmaster)) To his friends or those he likes, he is known to be incredibly kind and patient with them, always the person they can run to if they're in trouble. Hardly anything fazes him anymore, since he's seen a lot of weird crap in his afterlifetime.

If he does happen to get into one of his angry phases, he turns completely cold and has absolutely no regrets or morals for anyone or anything he destroys. Yet at the same time he seems in control of his rage, holding back until the crucial moment, taunting people all the while. Despite his tactics of leading his army from the back, he is very powerful.

History: Ziaxim originally lived a quiet, peaceful life in Twilight Town. An absolute gentleman, most would describe him, he would give you anything you wanted and ask for nothing in return, because he was selfless like that. So how could the most selfless, wonderful person be brutally murdered in the back of an alley like street scum? His body was found in a lake of his own blood, there was a fist-sized hole in his chest and his heart was gone, as if it had been ripped out. No one ever found the culprit, and no one felt the same after hearing the news of the perfect gentleman dying a horrible death.

Ziaxim woke days afterwards, refreshed, physically whole, but there was a little downside. He was a Nobody. He could not feel emotions. Not only that, but people couldn't see him. He soon spiraled into a state of depression, brought on by the shock of his death, the empty feeling of well...emptiness, and the fact that even though he tried to be the best person there was, there was enough darkness in his heart to attract a Heartless. After a period of sulking and feeling downright sorry for himself, Ziaxim took up the subject of human psychology, exploring and researching the darker parts of humanity. In his research, Ziaxim deduced that humans were mainly greedy and self-centered, which is what created Heartless and why Heartless hunted them. Ziaxim had been neither of those things, and he realized that his heart was simply too filled with light, and the Heartless didn't like it.

The Organization found him then, a very polite gentleman, but there was something...off about his eyes. They seemed world-weary, yet at the same time amusement. As if he were silently laughing at the world and all the trouble they were in because of their own mistakes. Xigbar was the one found him, and Ziaxim creeped him out, to say the least. He took him to Xemnas, who renamed the Nobody Ziaxim. The newly-dubbed Ziaxim slightly unnerved the leader as well, he wasn't up to battles, but he had an excellent brain, so Zexion and Vexen were to "do something with him", or so it was put. Zexion patiently explained the rules and goals of the Organization, and Vexen even let him help in some of his experiments. The three formed a team of geniuses, and of course Lexaeus had to be added into the equation, being Zexion's friend and all. The four were often mocked as the nerds of the Organization, but when Saxoris became a part of the Organization things really turned different.

The Nobody was arrogant, scornful, belligerent, and was an utter rebel. He seemed on the verge of leaving, which a serious no-no in the Organization's book, and one day Saxoris got it into his head to follow Ziaxim around. Instead of being annoyed, as most of the other members had been, Ziaxim had been polite and actually put up with him. Oddly, the two became friends, or at the very least acquaintances. Ziaxim was known to be the person who tagged along on Saxoris' crazy schemes and often kept him out of trouble while they were on missions. The two were known to be friends until the XVII member came along, Karxy. She annoyed the Organization, mainly because no one could get near her without her running off. Soon the others were bugging Ziaxim into trying to talk to her in hopes that she would open up the same way Saxoris did.

Surprisingly, it worked. The young Nobody liked Ziaxim immensely, and soon the duo became a trio of friends once Ziaxim got her to like Saxoris as well. It seemed to go along nicely, until they were sent to Castle Oblivion. None of them knew they had been on the Superior's hit list, and suddenly two Axel replicas attacked them while they were exploring the Castle. Ziaxim and Saxoris fought, and Ziaxim was seriously injured by one of the replicas, who had set his charkam on fire and slashed Ziaxim's arms and chest. Luckily they were saved by Zexion and Karxy, who eliminated the replicas. It took Zexion a relatively short time to figure out what was going on, and he decided to sneak the three out of the castle inside of his Lexicon.

Once they were out, it was Ziaxim's idea to go to his old home in Twilight Town where they could hide out. While they were there they purchased new clothes and stored their cloaks away and tried to live a normal life. However, Twilight Town was frequented by the other members too much, so they moved around a lot. Currently they reside in Traverse Town, where Ziaxim works as a butler (what else? xD)

Species: Nobody

Weapons(s): His cane is actually a sword, a very thin one, but a sword nonetheless. And if he doesn't feel like unsheathing it, he will literally beat you over the head with a came. Sometimes, he uses his control over metal to morph his sword into different weapons.

Special Powers: Control over the element Metal

Other: He commands a race of Nobodies known as Spider Nobodies.

Name: Saxoris - "The Silver-Bladed Sun"

Age: 28 (Was 22 when he died)

Gender: Male

Appearance: This (http://media.photobucket.com/image/red%20haired%20guy/jdwolfears/possibleRaven.jpg?o=16) might resemble him, with his cloak off. Saxoris is a bit tall, only two inches shorter than Ziaxim (a fact that irritates him to no end) and has lihgt, coffee-colored skin and red eyes. Yes, red eyes. Apparently they were a different color when he was a Somebody—although he never specified what color—but after he turned into a Nobody they became red (Saxoris says it was because he had always worn red contacts, but no one ever quite believed him) He had long red hair that goes to his mid-back, although it's a deep, blood-like crimson instead of your usual ginger color; it is very unruly, almost like Marluxia's in a way. Saxoris usually wears a plain white t-shirt with a long red trenchcoat over it, along with black pants that are covered with chains and studs. no matter the situation, he always wears combat boots and despite his heavy gear, he hardly makes a sound as he walks. However, the thing that tends to freak people out the most is the katana sword belted around his waist.

Personality: Saxoris is a bit of a jerk, he holds himself higher over everyone and acts as if other are toys to be played with at his expense. He hates it if this behavior is turned on him though, which is why he hates the Organization. He is rebel, always bucking the system and doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants. And if someone tries to tell him what to do they get a katana in the face. The one thing he loves to do most is fight, and he always approaches a battle with such enthusiasm that people have often made the assumption that he's a bit unhinged. Which he is, but Ziaxim is always insisting that's it's not quite unhealthy. There is one thing that Saxoris most definitely is, and that is arrogant. He knows his limits quite well, but he has this odd idea in his head that no one can come even close to his limits and because of this has an unshakeable certainty that no matter what happens, he will win. This was often seen as a morale booster in battle, but Ziaxim was also having to constantly save Saxoris' little rear end when he got himself into some seriously deep crap.

Saxoris is capable of being nice, believe it or not, he can even be as genteel as Ziaxim, but this is rare. Mainly he shows his kindness to Karxy, since he sees her as bit frail and something that needs to be protected. Karxy doesn’t mind, since Saxoris isn’t really the overprotective type, and she's glad that she has the strongest member of their team looking out her her. But whenever he gets nice around anyone aside from his friends, his sarcastic streak rears its ugly head and he has withering comments for everyone. Saxoris always acts as if he's searching for something, besides his heart.

History: Saxoris lived a quiet life in Traverse Town as a Gummi Ship builder. He never disturbed anyone, and was honestly glanced over a lot as an individual. Despite no one noticing him, Saxoris had ambitions. He wanted something better than what life was giving him, he wanted to be better. Not only that, but he was constantly searching for something. He had no idea what he was searching for, he just had to find something. He never got to find it though. One day while wandering the streets of Traverse Town, a Heartless jumped out of the shadows and ripped his heart out.

Saxoris awoke some time later, super pissed and with a figure in black standing over him. The person requested that the new Nobody come with him. Saxoris didn't really want to go, but tagged along nonetheless. The person introduced himself as Luxord, and went to explain Saxoris that he was a part of Organization XIII and Saxoris had a chance of becoming a member too. Saxoris didn't like the idea, but he went along with it anyway cuz hey, he needed to know what the hell just happened to him. Xemnas took one look at the Nobody and immediately didn't like him, but renamed the man anyway. When it was time to get his weapon, Saxoris oddly enough picked up a plain silver katana that was called Gin'iro Kaze. Normally the Organizations' weapon reflected their element in some way, but it wasn't like that with Saxoris. Regardless, the weapon was now his.

Saxoris was soon to be known as the bane of the Organization. He bucked the system, because he hates being ordered around, and even though he did the missions and collected hearts most everyone turned out to hate him anyway. Saxoris was getting fed up and was planning on leaving when he realized that there was in fact a member he had not yet annoyed: Ziaxim. He started to tag along the Metal-wielder, and to his shock Ziaxim didn't mind the least bit and was actually a bit friendly towards him. His behavior completely baffled Saxoris, and he began to hang out with him more in an attempt to understand the gentlemanly Nobody. After a while they became what others would call friends, although this was quite unintentional on Saxoris' part.

It was no surprise when Ziaxim befriended another new member, named Karxy. Saxoris was a bit dubious at first, but there was something charming about the girl that made him like her as well. Shockingly, the two got along very well, even though they were polar opposites of each other. Unfortunately though, due to Saxoris' rebellious nature it was believed that one day he would turn traitor, like Marluxia would one day. This was why he and his friends were sent to Castle Oblivion and put on the hit list. While Saxoris and Ziaxim were exploring the Castle, they were attacked by two Axel replicas. Ziaxim ended up taking damage and Saxoris nearly had to fight both of them when they were saved by Zexion and Karxy. When he figured out what happened, Zexion decided to sneak the trio out in his book and let them loose in Twilight Town.

They stayed out there for a while, and Saxoris was the first to change his outfit. He wanted to burn his cloak, but Ziaxim and Karxy persuaded him to keep it. When it became evident that too many of the other members explored Twilight Town, it was Saxoris' idea to go to the town of his birth and live there. Because there were so many Heartless in Traverse Town, Nobodies hardly ever frequented it. Saxoris works as both a part-time cook in the restaurant Ziaxim work in, but his main job is his former one as a Gummi Ship builder.

Species: Nobody

Weapons(s): A silver katana named Gin'iro Kaze ("Silver Wind"). Despite its normal appearance, it can change its form and behavior at a command from Saxoris. At times the sword seems to have a mind of its own, and Saxoris has been seen to talk to it. It can summon the wind, as its name suggests. One of Saxoris' favorite thing to do is blowing stuff up with his powers.

Special Powers: Sun. It's sort of like summoning fire, but this fire is golden and blazes much, much hotter than actual fire. Not to mention it explodes. When Saxoris activates his full potential, he starts glowing golden and sometimes it looks like he's on fire. He can make things spontaneously combust or explode in daylight. During the nighttime, his power is considerably weakened but not totally gone. (Because moonlight is the sun's rays reflected off the moon so haha I found a loophole.)

Other: He commands a race of Nobodies know as Scorpions.

12-31-2010, 02:15 AM
((Stupid word limits))

Name: Karxy - "The Scintillating Voice"

Age: Looks 17 (Ironically she used to be Number XVII as well)

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://i692.photobucket.com/albums/vv290/KuroYuugiri/ghfhfhfd-2.png?t=1293767843 Kyra is often described as "very pretty" by those who would bother to describe her. She is very shy and modest about admitting it and gets very flustered is anyone ever compliments her look. She has a heart-shaped face, with lightly tanned skin and beautiful dark brown eyes. Her hair hangs a bit below her shoulders, about shoulder blade level, and is a lightish gold-blond. She wears a bronze headband in her hair with a little bow and arrow figure on it. Ever since she left the Organization she has switched from wearing the cloak to other things, like dresses and shirts, more like what a normal teenager would wear.

Personality: Karxy is shy and modest, just like she was when she was a Somebody. She was often very skittish when she joined the Organization and most often ran from anyone she saw coming. She liked to hide out in the library, where Zexion often was, but since the other Nobody never seemed to acknowledge her presence she felt safer in the place. On missions she rarely talked and always tried to complete her objective as quickly as possible and then ran back to the Castle. She finally made a friend when Number XV, Ziaxim, hunted her down and spent the day with her. She found him polite and very kind and soon he was drawing her out of her shell.

Normally the other members scared her, but making a friend made her more comfortable with the others and she was actually staying around and having conversations with them instead of running back to her room. She and Demyx both had a love for music, and since she wrote poetry and loved books she found a way to befriend Zexion. However her closest friend was Ziaxim, but pretty Saxoris quickly joined the group and made another trio in the Organization. Slowly her battle skills began to improve with the two until she could be a match for anyone within the Organization.

History: Karxy was originally from a universe where the Olympic gods actually existed and often had children with their powers. She was a daughter of the god Apollo, and loved writing poetry and playing music, but her actual power lay within her voice. Whenever she sang, she could put people into a deep sleep and could control their emotions through her voice. One day she had been attacked by some odd creature, and when she managed to kill it another snuck up behind her and ripped out her heart.

She woke up in Twilight Town very confused and wondering why there was a scar above her heart. Then she realized she had no heart. The realization freaked her out and for weeks she wandered, confused and scared. She was discovered by the sixth member, Zexion, who saw her while he was on a mission. Her began following her without her knowing, since he had plans to report her to Xemnas. He decided she was worth it and called Xemnas down to the town to recruit her. Karxy first saw Xemnas she was scared, but once he explained to her what she was and what had happened to her she felt much better. He renamed her Karxy and brought her back to the castle.

The other members were dubious at Zexion's judgement. The girl hardly let them get close to her and was like a ghost in the Castle. When it came time for her to choose a weapon, Xemnas led her to their weapon's room, where she was strangely attracted to a white and silver violin named Nocturne. When she started to play it, her powers began to manifest, and the sound she made could become light, ice, fire, and just about any element according to the tune she played.

Despite her objection to fighting, the other members considered her very valuable to the Organization because of her music. Whenever she played Nocturne, her haunting and heartbreakingly beautiful melodies could not be ignored, and the other members said that whenever Karxy played, it was the closest they have ever felt to having hearts. Unfortunately, she was sent to Castle Oblivion along with Ziaxim and Saxoris. Xemnas believed that her friendship with Saxoris would eventually turn her into a traitor. She was the first Axel went after, barely a day since they settled down. The fire wielder had made a replica of himself, using Vexen's technology, and sent it after her since she seemed to be the easiest to take down.

Indeed, she did find it difficult to avoid the replica. When she seemed ready to just give up, a book suddenly came flying through the air and trapped the replica within its pages. Zexion happened to be her savior. He had been wandering the upper floors of the castle and heard the commotion, and rushed to see what was up. The two knew that more people would probably try to come for her, and Zexion insisted that she leave, but Karxy said she would not go without telling Ziaxim and Saxoris, so they went to find the two. It was a good thing that they did, because the duo were also being attacked by replicas. Ziaxim had already been seriously injured by one of them, who had set his chakram on fire and slashed his arms and chest, and Saxoris was nearly having to take on both at once. Zexion absorbed the other replicas in his book as well and figured that the trio were, for some reason, under orders to be killed. Zexion did not want senseless killing to go on inside the castle, so he decided to sneak the trio out. He did this by sealing them in his book, then while he was on his way to TWTNW to give a report to the Superior, he released them into Twilight Town.

Now freed, the three decided to travel so the Organization wouldn't find them. Although they changed their clothes, Karxy couldn't find it in herself to get rid of her cloak. It was a part of who she was, so she stores it away. Currently the three reside in Traverse Town, where Karxy sings and plays the violin in an orchestra for money.

Species: Nobody

Weapons(s): It took me forever to draw this, so if you steal you will die Russian style. ( http://s692.photobucket.com/albums/vv290/KuroYuugiri/?action=view&current=Nocturne.png) A white and silver violin named Nocturne (makes sense if you know what the word means). Karxy can use it to manipulate sound and make it turn into fire, light, and other elements. Although her special move it making violent, multi-colored lightning bolts. It is known to shapeshift into other instruments, such as a flute, piano, cello, and a guitar on one occasion. But Karxy's most pwerful weapon is her voice. When she starts to sing in battle, things get bad REALLY quick.

Another weapon is her bow and arrow, which she used before she became a Nobody. It's hidden in her headband, and she unleashes it by making a bow-drawing motion.

Special Powers: Control over Sound

Other: She commands her own race of Nobodies called Divas, who attack through singing.

12-31-2010, 02:25 AM
Sora is mine, foolish Human! And so are Roxas and Kairi, but you can have Riku XD I should have the SUs soon.

Oh, really? I didn't notice that you reserved him... but then again... I'm not all here, so... xD

Heh, I don't really think I could pull Riku off. He's not happy enough xD Just kidding--but still, I'll just do an OC for now ^^

Dr Robotnik
12-31-2010, 04:01 AM
Name: Sora

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sora (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101115131230/kingdomhearts/images/9/9c/SoraKH2.png) is a thin young man with spiky brown hair and bright blue eyes filled with curiosity and excitement. He generally wears outfits consisting of red, yellow and black.

Personality: Sora is easily described as an optimist. Aside from a few patches of feeling bad about something, he remains upbeat most of the time, though he knows when to be serious and when not to be. He has a strong sense of justice, and an almost instictual ability to be heroic in most of his actions. The villains of the world have seen that so much as letting him arrive on the world they have plans on is enough to bring the whole thing crashing down whilst he darts curiously from place to place. He is very easy to make friends with, and would do anything to protect his friends. He is very curious and loves to have fun, often finding ways to make what he's doing seem like more fun.

History: Sora is a young man from Destiny Island, where his best friends Riku and Kairi also grew up. Chosen by the Keyblade as the one to "open the door", he has traveled to a large number of worlds, and knows many inhabitants of these worlds. In his first journey, he stopped Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, from opening the door to Kingdom Hearts, as well as thwarting Maleficent and other villains along the way. He gave up his heart so that Kairi could get hers back and produced the being known as Roxas, though Sora was restored and Roxas remained oblivious of his other half's existence. After spending a year sleeping, he set out to stop the mysterious 'Organization XIII' from achieving their goals. Ironically, this time he fought the Nobody of Ansem, Xemnas, both of whom were the Heartless and Nobody of a man named Xehanort, who was the body of another Keyblade master stolen, though Sora did not know this.

After defeating Xemnas and once again keeping Kingdom Hearts from opening, Sora returned to Destiny Island with Riku and Kairi. Unfortunately, it seemed their work wasn't done; King Mickey sent Sora a letter saying that a 'Void' had been opened and that they needed help to close it. Sora decided to go, and after much pleading he took Kairi with him to help restore the balance once more. He hopes to meet up with Donald and Goofy again at some point in his adventure.

Species: Human

Weapons(s): the Kingdom Key. (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100918054119/kingdomhearts/images/3/30/Kingdom_Key_KH.png)

Special Powers: General magic.

Other: (Did you want to say a last word or something?)

Name: Kairi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kairi (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091213221755/kingdomhearts/images/1/1c/Kairikeyblade.jpg)

Personality: A kind-hearted girl from Radiant Garden and one of Sora's best friends. She has a kind, strong heart, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Though a little brash sometimes, she has intelligence beyond her years. Though still social, she's become a bit withdrawn, but otherwise retains an upbeat, energetic personality. She has shown herself to be quite courageous when her friends are in danger, and is more a tomboy than anything else. She asked Sora to take her along to other worlds to satisfy her curiosity about them. Like Sora, she tends to be optimistic.

History: A young woman born in Radiant Garden who somehow ended up on Destiny Island when her world was consumed by darkness. She's been a friend of Sora's for a long time, and along with Riku is one of his best friends. When Destiny Island was consumed by darkness, a part of Kairi's heart was lost, and she was rendered nearly comatose for most of Sora's first adventure, though Riku dragged her around for a decent amount of time. Sora gave up his own heart to restore Kairi's, but she managed to restore him to his normal form. After this, Kairi returned to the restored Destiny Island to await the return of her friends. They didn't come back for well over a year, and she became a bit reclusive because of it.

After Sora and Riku returned, life on Destiny Island mostly returned to normal, though they were kept busy fairly often by school and such. When Sora received King Mickey's letter, she requested that they let her tag along after proving she could use her Keyblade decently enough. Sora relented, and she's begun traveling to the other worlds, curious as to what she will see. She isn't the best fighter, but helps more in the role of a healer and spellcaster in fights.

Species: Human

Weapons(s): Destiny's Embrace (Pictured)

Special Powers: Proficient at magic, specifically healing. Surprisingly decent in the use of her Keyblade

Other: (Did you want to say a last word or something?)

Name: Roxas

Age: Two, roughly.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Roxas (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080217180825/kingdomhearts/images/4/4d/Roxas-2.jpg)

Personality: Unlike his other half Sora, Roxas isn't exactly social, often acting awkwardly when addressed due to not being used to it. Unlike other Nobodies, Roxas seems to possess real emotions, as Ventus' heart split with Sora's body rather than the whole of Sora's heart being taken. While he doesn't have Sora's impulsive nature, he is easily angered and often focuses on venting that anger rather than listening to logic. Besides the instances of his anger and being in the presence of friends, Roxas often acts stoic and quiet, not seeing anywhere near as much shine in life as his counterpart, and seems confused or depressed about his situation. Despite this, he isn't one to allow things to merely be; he seeks a way to understand what he is and how he can get a life of his own, a right to be his own person. He doesn't seem to like Sora much for the reason that the two cannot coexist, but otherwise wouldn't have a problem with him. He seems to be more intelligent than Sora in some respects.

History: Roxas is a Nobody formed when Sora gave up his heart for Kairi's benefit, though in the process Roxas gained the heart of Ventus and hence was able to wield a Keyblade. Roxas was number XIII in Organization XIII, until out of anger at the Organization he left. Eventually, he was placed in a simulated version of Twilight Town while Sora's memories were restored by Namine, and eventually (though begrudgingly) joined with Sora to complete his power. However, his loss of self didn't last. When Sora was inadvertently dragged into the Void for his fight against Xemnas, the part of Sora's being and Ventus's heart that was Roxas was torn out of Sora, though with no negative effects to the Keyblade master.

However, Roxas had no body at the time. His conscience was there, but he was dormant until the Void he was left in finally managed to bridge the gap between both the Realm of Darkness and the Realm of Light. Then, energy from Nobodies who had been killed in the event formed with his conscience to make a new body, though he no longer remembered that he had ever joined with Sora, or even who Sora was. He retained a few memories from his time with Organization XIII, but not much else. Currently, he is trapped in the Void, with many Nobodies once part of the Organization still following the orders of their dead masters hunting for him...

Species: Nobody

Weapons(s): Oathkeeper & Oblivion (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090308075135/kingdomhearts/images/4/43/Oathkeeper_%26_Oblivion_KHII.png)

Special Powers: Dual wielding, moderate magic, general Nobody abilities.

Other: 789? Did you REALLY use that joke, Chibi? REALLY?

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I believe all three of them look good. (And for the record, no, I was waiting for Demyx jokes.)

Btw, DS thread is up.

Name: Okami Amaterasu ("Ammy")

Age: Unknown (Looks about 19-ish)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Human form (not my pic) ( http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=ammy&order=9&offset=24#/d18ypgh) In human form Ammy is about 5' 6", a little shorty compared to nearly everyone else. She is pale and has huge bright blue eyes that are somehow innocent and wise at the same time; she has long white hair, coupled with a set of wolf ears and a tail which she goes great lengths to hide. Her white and red kimono is covered with the red markings she would have on her true form, and the markings on her face are believe to be tattoos.

In her true form, Ammy takes on the guise of a giant white wolf which is covered in red markings. Ordinary mortals can only see what they believe to be a large white dog, but a few special people (aka Keyblade bearers, Nobodies, Heartless, etc.) see a white wolf with red markings. Ammy rarely goes into this form however, even though her human form is weaker she says she can get around a lot easier in it.

Personality: Ammy is sweet, innocent, and naive. She has the curiosity of a child, but the caution of an adult. She is trusting to everyone she meets, but if you betray that trust she will hate you for as long as you live. Her innocence fools most people, they think she can't fight. They're wrong. She is a fierce fighter and can put you on the ground if she wants to. Often she can be scatterbrained and distant, but her good friend Issun always gives her a smack on the head to bring her back to reality. Despite Issun being perverted and a bad influence, Ammy often puts up with him and is often even amused by his antics. She is more often than not seen traveling with her other good friend Oki.

History: Amaterasu grew up in the world known as Nippon, where she was its main guardian deity. She was the sun goddess but in times of trouble she was known to take on the form of a white wolf to banish evil from the lands. Her main enemy was an eight-headed snake known as Orochi, and once died and was reincarnated by his actions. When she finally managed to defeat Orochi she moved on to the others evils, until it seemed that finally Nippon could be free of the demons that roamed its lands, but then a new enemy came.

These beings were known as the Heartless and were more powerful than anyone had ever seen before. They were so powerful that Ammy actually had to ask for help, and the only friend she had that could fight alongside her was Oki. The two became defenders of the world, and along the way something unexplainable happened. All of Ammy's weapons suddenly changed into giant keys and could easily defeat the Heartless. It seemed as if the Heartless would finally be driven back, but Ammy began to notice something funny in the air. Being a goddess made her more in tune with the workings of the universe, and she could tell that something was terribly wrong. At one point she climbed to the top of Catcall Tower, the tallest building in all of Nippon, and watched the night sky. To her horror, she could see that there were rips in it, revealing a plain of silver that was somehow making the sky crumble. At that moment a Nameless One suddenly appeared in front of her and began to explain to her what was happening. Amaterasu knew it was her duty to not only protect her world, but all of them. She agreed to go with the Nameless One, but she also insisted that Oki go with her. the two were transported away with the Namelss One, where the other chosen ones waited.

Species: Technically she's a sun goddess, although her two main forms are a wolf and human.

Weapons(s): Ammy has a total of nine Celestial weapons, all of which inexplicably turn into Keyblades when she goes into her human form. Out of all of them she uses her two most powerful weapons: Solar Flare and Thunder Edge ( http://chibistarr.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2r1to5 ).

In her wolf form however, they transform back into their true forms. True form with Solar Flare ( http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs42/i/2009/128/c/4/Shiranui___V_2_0_by_tiikay.jpg) and True form with Thunder Edge ( http://delthero.deviantart.com/art/Okami-The-Final-Fight-136573993)

Special Powers: Ammy's most notable power is her ability to use the Celestial Brush. It was a technique of the gods and goddesses in her world, which allowed them to control the world around them. It looks like an ordinary paint brush, but according to the symbols she draws in the air Ammy can summon fire, conjure up storms, call down lighting, make gales of wind, and a variety of others.

Other: She has a one-inch tall boy on her head called Issun.

Name: Oki

Age: Around 17 or 18, hard to tell with the mask on.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Fweee, piccy not mine! :D ( http://th01.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2010/202/0/4/Oki_by_shadowcutiepie.jpg) Oki is known to look like a older teen, although the fact that he covers his face with a blue wolf mask makes it hard to pinpoint an actual age. He is tall and lithe, rather skinny compared to other great fighters, however he is one of the greatest warriors to come from his home land. His hair is wild, spiked crazily and is the color of charcoal, with the exception of the red hair at the top of his head. He wears a blue shirt with a red and white vest over it, along with bracers and baggy blue pants.

Like Ammy, Oki also has a wolf form, but for different reasons. The Oina tribe could change into wolves whenever they pleased, and Oki retained that ability even when they left Nippon. In his wolf form he is about five feet tall and muscled more broadly than a regular wolf. Hey, another awesome pic that's not mine! :D (http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs23/i/2008/029/6/a/Oki_by_Inu_hanyou69.jpg)

Personality: Oki can come off as a bit cold to people. He seems indifferent and uncaring to a lot of things, and most of the time he is, but a few things can get him riled up. He seems to have a limited amount of patience, especially for people who just want to annoy him all the time (*coughIssuncough*), however there are people who he will put up with, which is one way of figuring out who his friends are. Oki is not a very forgiving person, if you hurt him or anything he cares for he will likely hunt you down until Ammy ties him up and carries him off; one of the worst things you can do is pick a fight with him, he is an extremely skilled (not to mention sometimes dirty) fighter and he won't hesitate to use his enchanted sword to decapitate you.

History: Oki came from the peaceful world of Nippon, however he grew up in the not-so-peaceful region of Kamui. Because Kamui is an arctic wasteland in every sense, Oki is just above impervious to cold, and he can't stand hot temperatures. Due to the demons that lurked around every corner of Kamui, it was pretty much required to become a fighter or else die.

But Oki did not like how demons ran amok in his homeland. He felt that no one else was doing anything against the rising evil, and in a moment of supreme bravery and stupidity, he removed the legendary sword Kutone from its resting spot and fled his village. He was held by the belief that when Kutone would glow silver, the demons would be banished from Kamui; he had no idea how exactly to make it glow, so he assumed killing a bunch of demons would do the trick. Then he came across a white wolf, whom he assumed was a demon, and he fought the wolf. Much to his shock however, the wolf bested him and he then realized that the wolf was a friend, and not a demon. The Poncle on the wolf's head urged him to take the sword back to wear it belonged, but instead he left.

His travels eventually took him to the top of Wawku shrine, where he tried to defeat the twin demons Lechku and Nechku. But at the same time Amaterasu and Shiranui were fighting Nechku, and when the two owls were reunited the trio was no match for them. Shiranui saved Oki life but was fatally injured in the process, and instead of going after the weakened owls Oki helped the wolf who had saved him, and because he had given up all selfish desires Kutone glowed silver. With the enchanted sword the two demons were easily defeated, and Oki returned the sword to its proper resting place.

It was not to stay there for long however. When the demons vanished, the Heartless came. Very few things could get rid of them, and Kutone was one of them. When Ammy came to him and all but begged for his help, he took the sword without a second thought and fought alongside her to help rid Nippon of the new demons. The battle seemed hopeless however, and one night Oki remarked that it seemed as if Nippon were disappearing. Certain stars were vanishing, and even the inky black sky began to look almost silver in color. The news upset Ammy so much that she went to Catcall tower to look to the heaven for the problem. When she came back it was with news that Oki did not expect. She was talking about a third dimension called the Void and how it was destroying everything and that there was a Nameless One waiting for them and he needed to come with her like, right now. Oki agreed, although more out of confusion than anything else, and allowed the Nameless One to take them

Species: Human

Weapons(s): Oki uses the legendary sword Kutone (shown in teh wolfy pic) as his main weapon. He is quite skilled at in, and in wolf form he fights with tooth and claw, and in both forms he can use ice magic.

Special Powers: He can turn into a wolf, and in recent times he has learned how to cast some magic. His main skill lies in all types of ice magic, but he has managed to catch a few people off guard with fire and thunder spells.

Other: Don't hurt Ammy. Just don't.

Name: None. They aren't called Nameless Ones for nothing. (Although some have taken a habit to calling this one "Three", due to the spikes on its wings)

Age: Always and Forever. (I'll let you chew on that for a while.)

Gender: None, even though people swear they hear a feminine tone to its "voice"

Appearance: http://public5.tektek.org/img/av/1101/d02/1826/ddbb637.png Although they can take on any appearance, Nameless Ones have mainly been seen to look like empty suits of armor. Their color is usually white and silver, but have been other colors as well. Despite the hive mind they all share, hardly any two Nameless Ones look exactly alike. There are no features to really distinguish gender, except for its "voice" and occasionally the way its armor is shaped.

Personality: All Nameless Ones share a hive mind, so it is very difficult to give one an individual personality since they all share the same mind. However, there are a few variations between each one; one may be a bit more sarcastic, one may be witty, another might have a more depressed outlook and another can be curious about everything around it. One thing people notice quickly is that when confronted with new information or asked a question, a Nameless One will usually consult with the others before giving any information.

Nameless Ones are always very serious about the situation surrounding them. They constantly press on the others to help fix the Void, as it seems to be their only goal at the moment. Even though they are all cold and distant, they are always willing to help, provided that they think it will be worth it to help you.

History: The Nameless Ones have existed for as long as the Void has—that is to say from the very beginning. At first there were only ten of them, but as time went on more and more came to be. Nameless Ones are a part of the Void, sort of as the embodiment of nothingness, and as the Void went on and on with its job more Nameless Ones were created. It was their job to make sure that none of the realms would ever touch the Void, lest everything they know would vanish.

When a door between the Realms was open, it was due to a being named Xemnas. He controlled the element Nothing, and therefore could open pathways to the Void. No one had ever been able to do this before, so it was an understatement to say that the Nameless Ones were a bit freaked out over what happened. They managed to closed the portal before it got out of hand, then confronted the Nobody. He apologized, saying that he had no idea what could have happened, and the Nobody's soothing words calmed the Nameless Ones. Soon after Xemnas was often visiting the realm, and the Nameless Ones had been prepared for the portals he opened. However, when Xemnas brought two other visitors with him, it was something that surprised the Nameless Ones. Xemnas thought that the Nameless Ones would help him defeat Sora and Riku, but honestly the guardians did not really care either way, as long as the Void was not damaged. It wasn't their nature to make friends. So they watched as the three battled, and when Xemnas was defeated and absorbed by the Void they felt a bit of relief, seeing that they no longer had to close any more portals to one of the Realms. The two Keyblade wielders were left alive, and the Nameless Ones knew they would eventually become a part of the Void, so they left the two alone and went about their duties.

What they did not expect was one of them to open a door to the Realm of Darkness. At first the Nameless Ones were confused, and they ran about looking for Xemnas, thinking that he was the one who did it. The realized that the door had been opened by someone else, and rushed to close it. But it was a large door, and the Void had already been tearing it open until it became a rip in the fabric of space. The Realm of Darkness was starting to crumble, the land near the Void being pulled in by the Void's powers. The Nameless Ones fought to close the rip, but even with all of their combined powers they were no match for the Void. When they finally gave up, they realized that there was another door opened, one that led to the Realm of Light. Even there they were too late and both Realms were starting to become one with the Void. Knowing they needed help, the Nameless Ones went to the Keyblade wielders for assistance. Usually they patrol the Void, making sure no new rips appear, although Three resides in Destiny Islands with the chosen ones.

Species: Nameless One

Weapons(s): Nothing.

Special Powers: Nameless Ones have the unique ability to make anything crumble into nothingness, like the Void, although they can chose whether or not they want to. They can also control the fabric of space and just about make anything possible.

Other: They talk in smallcaps.

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Name: Aletha Goldwing

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: The most striking, maybe surprising feature of Aletha’s is that she has feathery wings resembling that of a barn owl—golden on the outside and milky white on the inside. But that’s only because she’s part of a mortal race known as the Icarus, who dwell in the clouds within their world. Once one can get past all the wings and actually see her human features, they’d find that she has a rather pretty face—if not always hinting at the willful spirit within it. Her deep, chocolate hair grows long—but she pulls the top part into a ponytail away from her eyes—and a solid set of bangs frame her face. Her intense eyes are green in color. She stands just a little over five-foot-five, but is strongly built for a female. And, of course, she dresses in ancient Greece-like apparel, with a white clothe chiton (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clothing_in_ancient_Greece) and banded sandals.

Personality: The admirable things about Aletha include her bravery in the face of opposition, her tenacious determination to get the job done right, and her strong beliefs of good and evil. She’s bold, intense even, but a noble heart who will stand by her friends and allies. However…Aletha has issues with a few key things. First, she’s stubborn. Sometimes she just can’t bend her thinking, and most of the time, she’s thinking she knows best. Second, she lacks patience. The girl easily gets frustrated and upset at others, and is not very understanding towards others. She’s had plenty of experiences where she just couldn’t get along with people, and because of those instances she has become independent—and a bit of a lone wolf. In all honesty, she would prefer to do everything herself, but even she has grown to learn that the universe is much more complex than she had first thought. No one can face its dangers alone, or disaster will strike.

History: To her great annoyance, Aletha has a few blank spots in her memory. She does remember growing up in High Havens, a city built within clouds. Her family was pretty large—she was one of the middle children in a group of sixteen, and because of that she didn’t quite get as much attention as some of the others. Still, she grew to be quite independent and a potential leader, and there was one dream that she was always pursuing: becoming a Guardian of High Havens. The Guardians were an elite group of Icarus that were responsible for protecting their world, and keeping peace and order within it. Being a bit of a tomboy, Aletha was always interested in learning combat and such, yet for a while others highly discouraged her.

But when she turned fourteen, the Keyblade chose her.

The timing of it seemed strange, as she was only playfully sparing with her friends. They had wooden swords, and were merely practicing the little fencing that they had taught themselves when suddenly Aletha’s was knocked out of her hand. And older friend was about to strike her, when suddenly there was a flash of light. Wood struck metal, and then Aletha realized she was holding a real weapon!

It is at this point where her memory begins to turn fuzzy. Keyblade wielders weren’t completely new to High Havens, and there were some masters who stuck around to train them should a new hopeful ever show up. She can remember being assigned to one of the elder masters, a man known as Theseus who she quickly found out was strict, a little ruthless, and totally uncaring. He was a mystery to everyone, and no one could really tell what his true intentions were. Aletha was drilled harshly by him, but as a result she learned much more about combat than she ever guessed she could. It seemed to her that her dream of becoming a Guardian was closer and closer to being a reality, until certain things happened.

Something terrible was happening in High Havens, but Aletha can’t remember what it was. Distress was coursing through the world, and hope was failing fast. She wanted to fight back, to do anything that could help, but then… darkness.

Recently, she was woke up, utterly confused and lost. She found herself in a special chamber deep within one of High Haven’s sacred temples. After gradually getting out of her grogginess, she went to explore… but found that her precious world was completely abandoned. She couldn’t find a single living soul—other than a rather emotionless girl named Thalia. Together, the two girls tried to find out what happened to High Havens, but in the end they grew no closer to solving the mystery. Eventually, they left for other worlds, hoping to find survivors or refugees elsewhere. That’s when a Nameless one found them…

Species: Er… mostly human? I mentioned above that she was an Icarus

Weapons(s): Hopeful Heart (http://i333.photobucket.com/albums/m399/PowerCampGal/HHPhoto.jpg)

Special Powers: She can fly, of course, and she’s very gifted with Aero spells and Light spells, particularly projectile spells (or shot-locks, if you prefer).

Other: She’s a little based off of Kid Icarus—though I actually don’t know a thing about that game. I just really liked that Pit character off of Super Smash Bro. Brawl xD

Also... Nine? Well, if I knew anything about that Tim Burton movie, I'd say something about that, but since I don't... 7-8-9 :P

(Adding another character... Finished!)

Name: Thalia (yeah, there’s no ‘X’… forgive me xD)

Age: Appears to be 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Thalia’s an Icarus too—but very much different from Aletha. Instead of angelic wings, she has black, bat-like wings. Her skin is very pale as well, about as white as you can get, with striking red lips and long silky black hair. She doesn’t pull it back like Aletha does, but she does wear a golden headband. Thalia is dressed much like Aletha is, in Greek style clothing, but colored gray instead.

Personality: Being a Nobody, Thalia relies on her memories to express her emotions—yet she never truly experiences them. At least, before she befriended Aletha. There seems to be times when she can experience certain emotions, such as anger, sympathy, or relief, yet she never trusts such things. Still, she remains true to the character of her prior life, being cool and collected, and quite sarcastic whenever possible. She pretends to be smugly amused at normal humans, never really seeing the logic behind their sometimes odd behavior, but can be patient and sympathetic to them. Though she doesn’t talk up much, contently preferring to be out of the spot light, she can be a voice of reason and wisdom. Often, Thalia’s the one who can cool Aletha’s jets when the angel gets upset over something or other.

History: In the beginning, Thalia’s story is not so much different than Aletha’s, though begins much earlier in time. She grew up with humble conditions, but never did ask for more than what she needed. Thalia was pretty happy with her simple life, but it seemed to end—or perhaps, change—all too quickly. Heartless invaded High Havens. Thalia lost her heart, and thus her Nobody was born. Yet the Icarus did not understand much about the nature of hearts or the body and soul, or what happens when they are separated. Thalia was among the first Nobodies to be discovered by the race, and so she became a subject of research.

She didn’t really mind their studies. In truth, she was not happy with what she had become. Like many Nobodies, she wanted her old life back. She felt empty and hollow—hardly connected to this world. She’d give anything just to feel once more, and so she ended up getting stuck with the Keyblade Master Theseus. At first, his goal was simply unravel the mystery of Nobodies, but as Thalia started to befriend Aletha, he took pity on her and started training her alongside the young keyblade bearer. Of course, Thalia couldn’t use such a weapon, but there was other ways to teach her. Master Theseus gave the Nobody her first weapon—a special bow that could transform into two blades.

Like Aletha, Thalia’s more current memory is vague as well. They both experience a period of time of complete darkness, and both wake up mysteriously deep within one of their world’s temples. They aren’t sure what happened to Master Theseus, or the rest of High Haven for that matter, but Thalia feels that it’s time to move on. Answers are out there somewhere, and hopefully she can find a real solution to her problem—since one failed her miserably. (So, as you can see, she had no association with the Organization, so no 'X' in her name)

Species: Nobody

Weapons(s): Yeah, I’m totally stealing SSBB Pit’s weapon here: a bow and arrow that can detach into dual knives, made of black metal outlined in silver.

Special Powers: Thalia’s not afraid of using dark powers, but nothing that seems too dangerous for those around her. She’ll use corridors of darkness and the like, but there’s something else about her… Her Heartless form—it’s connected to her, and she can somehow control it. It’s rather mindless, but useful in combat (it will only attack who/what she wants it to attack). Yet she only summons it in emergency cases, as she doesn’t quite trust it… When she does, you’ll find that the Heartless looks similar to Sora’s Anti-form—but of course, a female version with tattered wings

Other: I hope the Heartless Idea there is okay ^^’

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Name: Axelon Allyiss

Age: Was 17 but now never ages

Gender: Male

Appearance: Axelon has a black Heartless claw for a right hand due to what had happened in his past, he wears a dark brown glove to cover this 'mutation' and hide it from the world. His eyes are a bright yellow, a similar colour to that of a Heartless'. He has grey hair that goes down to his shoulders and starts to spike up the further down it goes. He wears a dark grey cloak with a hood which has a black zigzag pattern around the rim, it also travels down towards his black boots, covering the dark black trousers he wears.

Personality: Axelon used to be a fairly nice guys, but after his 'incident', he was left with no feelings. Now he cannot feel emotions like other humans can, he can only feel the emptiness he holds in his half eaten heart. He always keeps a neutral expression on his face, and no one can ever tell if he is in pain. After all, pain is mostly emotion and can leave a mark on the body.

History: The Darkness falls upon our god forsaken land, and it's minions have already begun to cause distress among our people. I have already wept for my family, as I have seen their souls and hearts ripped from their bodies. Our royal soldiers are easily batted away by these vile creatures, so I must run away and hope they don't find me.

They have been hunting me for the past few days now. I have found out that they must harvest all hearts on a world before destroying it completely, why else would they all come after me? Elisa... I have been searching for her all this time. Before these creatures came we used to spend time together, watch the sun rise and fall, visit the beach and soak ourselves in the sea... It all seems so distant now, so very, very distant..."

Weeks passed until Axelon was caught by the Heartless, and there, in the forest, surrounded by a dense mass of trees, did the creatures begin to feast upon his Heart. Elisa had run out of a nearby bush, rebelling and screaming at what the Heartless were doing to Axelon. He watched as they made their way toward her, while others stayed to consume his heart slowly. Axelon watched in horror as his love was killed before him, and he began to cry out in sorrow and in rage. A strange force murdered the Heartless around him, as well as destroying the world completely.

Axelon woke in a distant planet, half of his heart consumed, half of it remaining.He found he had no emotions, they were taken away when part of his heart was removed from his body. His right hand was pure Heartless, the strange force he emitted causing the two different species of Human and Heartless to forge together in some way. He lost all memories and was only reminded of his name by a small piece of paper that lay before him, a piece from both his missing and forgotten diary. It now floats through space, travelling onward to find out where its path shall take it next, just as Axelon does.

Species: Part Human, part Heartless.

Weapons(s): The Neverending Conflict (a black Keyblade with the insignia of the Heartless branded upon it, however half the insignia is in negative colours.

Special Powers: Can be overcome by his Heartless side, meaning his skin will go black and his left hand will become the same as the right.

Other: 9 disappeared in the rules. =P 8 to 10 makes complete sense. =D

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Name: (Of course. The Exception to these are the Nameless Ones)



Appearance: He has striking yellow eyes that terrify most humans and fellow heartlesses
Personality: (If I needs to explain this, yer in trouble)

History: (Same thing here, at least two paragraphs.)

Species: Heartless

Weapons(s): A Violin that he uses to enchant enemies, the bow also doubles as a rapier

Special Powers:

Other: (Did you want to say a last word or something?)