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12-30-2010, 09:37 PM
----Somewhere in between Sinnoh and Hoenn----

A large island looms menacingly. The island holds an evil secret within its boundaries.
In the heart of the island lays a huge dark building, hidden away from society.
In the building, computers line the first floor of the building, keeping track of the
monstrosities that lay in wait below. In the lower level of the building are five large
holding tubes, in them are five children all ages ranging from 15 to 17. They are suspended
in a blueish liquid and heart monitors are placed on several parts of their bodies.
Standing in front of them are two men. One dressed in a silver and white costme with a
large yellow G on his chest. The other, dressed in all black with a Large red R on his

"I'm assuming their will be no more problems between Team Rocket and Team Galactic,
correct?" The second man said.

The first man looked at the tubes and smiled. "Ofcourse. Give Giovanni my kudos. His
scientist are brilliant men."

The second man smiled as well. "Would you expect any less? They were the men that created
Mew Two."

"Yes. And they were also the men that lost Mew Two, were they not?"

"Well yes, but that was a foolish mistake that they quickly learned from. Now, as for
payment for our services..."

The first man placed his hand between his jacket and took out a large amount of money and
gave it to the second man. "As well as full control of Kanto, Johto, and part of Hoenn."

The second man nodded. "Good. Well, i'll leave you to your work. Have a good day,Saturn."

The Team Rocket man left, leaving the Galactic man alone with the five children.

"Three boys, two girls. It's too bad that other female didn't make it, she would've made a
good addition to the collection. She was infused with a ghost DNA." he mumbled to himself.

Saturn stared at the children, HIS children. The children that would help him create what
Cyrus couldn't. A new world. With him as their leader and by his side,two beautiful women,
fiesty Mars and sweet Jupiter. What more could he ask for? He grinned at the thought of
his new life. Cyrus would be proud. No, Cyrus would be envious just like he was when Cyrus
was in power. But that was a long time ago, about 10 years ago to be specific. Back when
he was only a boy. Seventeen years old, with a whole lot of power...

"Oh, Saturn! Are these the babies? There so much bigger than babies, but their beautiful!"

He turned around and saw a dumbstruck Jupiter staring gaga-eyed at the tubes. He turned to
her and smiled. "Yes, Ju-Ju. These are them."

She gasped in delite and hugged him. "Their perfect!"

Saturn laughed at her childishness. She always reminded him of a Gorebyss. Pretty to look at
but a true vicious huntress when she needed to be.

The sound of someone clearing their throat disrupted their hug:it was Mars. She smiled
ironically at them and walked toward the tubes.She looked them over and then turned to
Saturn and Jupiter who had sepaparated.

"Aww, what's wrong? Did I intrude on the celebrating?" she said.

Jupiter bit her lip and walked up to Mars. "Mars, it's not what you think...we were just
happy about the---"

"Don't bother, it's obvious what was going on, let me leave so you can finish."

Mars moved to leave but Saturn grabbed her arm and kissed her softly. "You know I only have
eyes for you."

She smiled and he spun her around to face the five tubes. "You can have the first choice,
which one do you want?"

Mars looked at all five tubes and pointed to the second boy. He was muscular and tall.
"I want him."

Saturn nodded.And turned to Jupiter, "What about you?"

"I'll take the two girls." She said immediatly.

Saturn smiled. "Okay, then I'll take the last two boys."

Jupiter clapped his hands in delight. "Great! Now when can we pop the tubes open?"

"Soon. But not now, their still in their hibernation cycle. We have to wait until the DNA
has settled in them."

Jupiter pouted but agreed. "Ok. Hey, Mars why don't we go decarate their rooms for them?"

Mars nodded and Jupiter skipped off into another part of the building. Mars looked at Saturn
and held his hand. "Are you sure this will work?"

Saturn looked at the tubes and nodded. "They have to work, Mars. If they don't, then I don't
know any other way that we can reach our dream. Our dream of me being king of our world and
you as my beautiful queen."

Mars smiled at the thought and hugged him. "Ok, if you believe it, then I do too."

"Mars!" Jupiter called.

Mars let him go and walked out of the room, leaving Saturn alone with the children again.
He was litterally staring his future in the face.

"It has to work."

The Rules
1.No god-modding and no bunnying
2.You need to stay active in the RP. Post at least once every 2 weeks
3. If i feel like your not respecting anyone, you will be banned.
4.romance will be allowed, but keep it pg-13
5.basic swear words, don't go overboard
6. Have fun =)
7. Put 'I am a Pokemon Hybrid' on your post somewhere to show you read the rules

Sign Up Sheet
Name: (first name only, nickname if you want)

Gender: (I hope you know your gender)

Age: (15-17)

Appearence: (picture please)

Personality: (Couple of sentences)

DNA infused: (i.e. Fire protein)
*There will be no history because they don't remember anything before the moments they were in the tanks

My sign up sheet
Name: Katrina "Kat"




Personality: Kat is intelligent and witty. Although she can sometimes be outspoken and rude, she can also be sensitive. She is very protective of her family and would jump in front of an oncoming attack for any one of them. Because she has a water type protein in her DNA, she is in love with water and can spend hours underwater. Every once and a while, she has strange dreams abou her living outside of the School walls with other people and Pokemon, she doesn't know why she has these dreams bt she chooses not to vocalizes about them because of her fear of Saturn.

DNA infused: water protein

Proteins left