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Happy New Year to everybody! Welcome to the first ever PE2K Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough! In this walkthrough, I'll tell you where to find each and every Pokemon, the Trainers, and the Gym Leaders. I'll also tell you details on all of the cities and what to do in each city. And I'll update this thread when the official English names of cities, Pokemon, the rivals, etc. are released. If you need to find anything, most computers allow you to use Ctrl+F to find things. Please use it. Let's get started!

I find it funny that I know almost nothing of Japanese and yet I'm doing a walkthrough on two games that haven't been released in NA yet. ^^'

As you all know, Pokemon Black and White are the first games in the 5th generation. They were released on September 18, 2010 in Japan and will be released in North America on March 6, 2011. These games introduced new Pokemon (over 151), new Trainer classes, new Gym Leaders, and a whole new region, Unova (Isshu in Japan). Now, the Unova region is very different from the past regions of past games. Unova is not based in Japan like the others. Unova is based on New York City, which is in the United States of America. As such, no past generation Pokemon can be found in Unova without the National Dex. Getting the National Dex is hard work, right? Yep. Well, enough of the introduction. Now onto the stuff you guys came here for, THE WALKTHROUGH! YIPPEE!!

Table of Contents
1. Introduction (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3231487&postcount=2)
-1.1 Features
-1.2 Version Exclusives
2. Kanoko Town (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3231499&postcount=3)
-2.1 Starter selection
-2.2 Starter difficulty
-2.3 Rival Battle (Bianca)
-2.4 Rival Battle (Cheren)
3. Route 1 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3231507&postcount=4)
-3.1 Pokemon
-3.2 Juniper's demonstration
4. Karakusa Town (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3231512&postcount=5)
-4.1 Juniper's Tour
-4.2 Team Plasma
-4.3 Pokemon Trainer N
5. Route 2 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3231587&postcount=6)
-5.1 Pokemon and Items
-5.2 Trainers
-5.3 Rival Battle (Bianca)
6. Striaton (Sanyou) City (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3231596&postcount=7)
-6.1 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-6.2 Abandoned Lot of Dreams
--6.2.1 Elemental Monkeys
--6.2.2 Pokemon and Items
-6.3 Striaton Gym
--6.3.1 Trainers
--6.3.2 Gym Leaders Cress (Kon), Cilan (Dent), and Chili (Pod)
7. Abandoned Lot of Dreams (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3231600&postcount=8)
-7.1 Pokemon and items
-7.2 Trainers
-7.3 Munna and Musharna
8. Route 3 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3232172&postcount=9)
-8.1 Pokemon and Items
-8.2 Trainers
-8.3 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-8.4 Underground Water Cave
--8.4.1 Pokemon and Items
--8.4.2 Team Plasma Grunts
-8.5 Route 3 Continuation
--8.5.1 Pokemon and items
--8.5.2 Trainers
9. Shippou City (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3240809#post3240809)
-9.1 Pokemon Trainer N
-9.2 Shippou Gym
--9.2.1 Trainers
--9.2.2 Gym Leader Aloe and the Dragonite Skull
10. Yaguruma Forest
-10.1 Outside of Yaguruma Forest
--10.1.1 Pokemon and Items
--10.1.2 Trainers
-10.2 Inside Yaguruma Forest
--10.2.1 Pokemon and items
--10.2.2 Trainers
--10.2.3 Team Plasma Grunts
-10.3 Sky Arrow Bridge
11. Castelia (Hiun) City
-11.1 Evolution Stones
-11.2 47th Floor Trainers
-11.3 55th Floor Trainers
-11.4 Castelia City Park
--11.4.1 Dancer Challenge
-11.5 Upper Castelia City
-11.6 Alley
-11.7 Castelia Gym
--11.7.1 Trainers
--11.7.2 Gym Leader Arti
12. Route 4
-12.1 Pokemon and items
-12.2 Trainers
-12.3 Rival Battle (Cheren)
13. Resort Desert
-13.1 Pokemon and items
-13.2 Trainers
-13.3 Ancient Castle
--13.3.1 Pokemon and items
--13.3.2 Trainers
14. Raimon City
-14.1 Team Plasma
-14.2 Buildings of Interest
-14.3 Pokemon Trainer N
15. Raimon Gym
-15.1 Trainers
-15.2 Gym Leader Kamitsure
16. Route 5
-16.1 Pokemon and items
-16.2 Trainers
-16.3 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-16.4 Trainers continued
-16.5 Hodomoe Drawbridge
--16.5.1 Pokemon and items
17. Hodomoe City
-17.1 Oath Tutor
-17.2 Triple and Rotation Battles
-17.3 In-Game Trade
18. Freezing Container Outside
-18.1 Pokemon and items
-18.2 Trainers
-18.3 Freezing Container Inside
--18.3.1 Trainers
--18.3.2 Team Plasma Grunts
19. Hodomoe Gym
-19.1 Trainers
-19.2 Gym Leader Yacon
-19.3 Outside Hodomoe Gym
--19.3.1 Rival Battle (Bianca)
20. Route 6
-20.1 Pokemon and items
-20.2 Trainers
21. Electric Rock Cave
-21.1 Pokemon and items
-21.2 Trainers
-21.3 B1F Pokemon and items
-21.4 B1F Trainers
-21.5 B2F Pokemon and items
-21.6 B2F Trainers
-21.7 1F Trainers
-21.8 Pokemon Trainer N
22. Fukiyose City
-22.1 Move Deleter and Move Relearner
23. Route 7
-23.1 Pokemon and items
-23.2 Trainers
24. Tower of Heaven
-24.1 2F Pokemon and Items
-24.2 2F Trainers
-24.3 3F Pokemon and Items
-24.4 3F Trainers
-24.5 4F Pokemon and Items
-24.6 4F Trainers
-24.7 Top of Tower
25. Fukiyose Gym
-25.1 Trainers
-25.2 Gym Leader Fuuro
26. Mt. Neji
-26.1 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-26.2 Pokemon and Items
-26.3 Trainers
-26.6 How to get out
27. Sekka City
-27.1 Pokemon and items
-27.2 TMs
28. Sekka Gym
-28.1 Trainers
-28.2 Gym Leader Hachiku
29. Ryuurasen Tower
-29.1 Outsude Ryuurasen Tower
--29.1.1 Pokemon and items
--29.1.2 Trainers
-29.2 Ryuurasen Tower 1F
--29.2.1 Pokemon
-29.3 Ryuurasen Tower 2F
--29.3.1 Pokemon and items
--29.3.2 Hot to navigate
-29.4 Ryuurasen Tower 3F
--29.4.1 Items
--29.4.2 Trainers
-29.5 Ryuurasen Tower 4F
--29.5.1 Items
--29.5.2 How to navigate
-29.6 Ryuurasen Tower 5F
--29.6.1 Trainers
--29.6.2 Items
-29.7 Ryuurasen Tower 6F
--29.7.1 Legendary Dragons
30. Ancient Castle (again)
-30.1 Pitfall Advice
-30.2 Ancient Castle B1F
--30.2.1 Pokemon
--30.2.2 Trainers
-30.3 Ancient Castle B2F
--30.3.1 Items
--30.3.2 Trainers
-30.4 Ancient Castle B3F
--30.4.1 Items
--30.4.2 Trainers
-30.5 Ancient Castle B4F
--30.5.1 Trainers
-30.6 Ancient Castle B5F
--30.6.1 Adeku, Geechisu, and N
-30.7 Shippou City (again)
--30.7 Shippou Museum
31. Route 8
-31.1 Pokemon and items
-31.2 Trainers
32. Sekka Wetlands
-32.1 Pokemon and items
-32.2 Trainers
-32.3 Rival Battle (Bianca)


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1. Introduction
1.1 Features
-Older player characters. In past games, all of the player characters were 10 years old. In these games, they're in their teenage years. They are Touya (トウヤ in Japanese) and Touko (トウコ in Japanese)
-First female professor in the games. She is Professor Araragi in Japanese, and in English she is Professor Juniper.
-New antagonist team called Team Plasma.
-Two new battle modes: 3 v 3 and Rotation Battles
-Seasons in the game that change every month and affect where Pokemon appear, as well as accessibility to some areas.
-The ability to battle with random opponents without a friend code via Wi-Fi
-Pokemon Global Link allows others to visit you in-game.
-The Dream World feature which lets you send Pokemon from your games to a website where you can get items and meet other Pokemon. You can bring Pokemon you meet here back into your game.
-Pokemon Musicals are similar to Pokemon Contests but do not involve performing using moves
-Sprites now have full animations throughout the entire battle. The back sprites now show the Pokemon's full body.

1.2 Version Exclusives
Pre-National Dex
-Only Available in Black: Cottonee (Monmen), Whimsicott (Erufunn), Gothita (Gochimu), Gothorita (Gothitelle), Gothitelle (Gochiruzeru), Vullaby (Baruchai), Mandibuzz (Barujina), Tornadus (Toruneosu), Reshiram
-Only Available in White: Petilil (Churin), Lilligant (Doredia), Solosis (Yuniran), Duosion (Daburan), Reuniclus (Rankurusu), Rufflet (Washibon), Braviary (Wargle), Thundurus (Borutorosu), Zekrom
National Dex
-Only Available in Black: Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Paras, Parasect, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Houndour, Houndoom, Plusle, Volbeat
-Only Available in White: Catepie, Metapod, Butterfree, Shroomish, Breloom, Misdreavus, Mismagius, Poochyena, Mightyena, Minun, Illumise
Version Exclusive Regions
-Black has Black City, a city with a lot of trainers with powerful 2nd stage Pokemon you can battle. You can find several rare items you can't buy/find in White.
-White has White Forest, a forest which allows you to catch Wild Pokemon from previous generations that you can't catch in Black. You can find several rare items you can't buy/find in Black.
Version Exclusive Gym Leaders
-The eight Gym Leader in Unova depends on which version you have. White will have a young girl named Iris while Black will have an old man named Shaga. They use the exact same moves and team, but different genders.
Version Exclusive Battles
-There are certain trainers you can battle in Black that you can't battle in White and vice versa. Some trainers will also have a different battle style depending on the version. For example, Black players will encounter more trainers that fight in Rotation Battle mode while White players will encounter more trainers that fight in 3 v 3 battle mode.

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2. Kanoko Town "Town where various dots gather"
2.1 Starter selection
Snivy (Tsutaaja in Japanese)
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Base Stats: 45 HP, 45 ATK 55 DEF, 63 SPD, 45 SPATK, 55 SPDEF
Starting Moves: Tackle, Leer
Evolution Line: Snivy into Servine at lv17, Servine into Serperior at lv36

Snivy is based off of a vine snake. This smug little creature has high Speed and Defense, but mediocre stats in the other areas. It's type is weak to 4 of the 8 Gym Leaders (Fire, Bug, Flying, Ice), resistant against 2 (Electric, Ground) and supereffective against 1 (Ground). It learns mostly Grass and Normal moves, so it will have trouble against Steel-types.
Tepig (Pokabu in Japanese)
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Base Stats: 63 HP, 65 ATK, 45 SPD, 45 DEF, 45 SPATK, 45 SPDEF
Starting Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
Evolution Line: Tepig into Pignite at lv17, Pignite into Emboar at lv36

Tepig is a fire piggy (no, literally) who has excellent HP and Attack, but is somewhat slow. It is the only Unova starter that gains an extra type upon evolution. Pignite, it's first evolution, becomes Fire/Fighting. That means it's effective against 3 gyms (Normal, Bug, Ice) weak against 3 (Water, Ground, Flying) and resistant agains 2 (Bug, Ice). It can learn the Dark-type move Assurance and the Rock-type move Head Smash, besides the usual Normal, Fire, and Fighting moves.
Oshawott (Mijumaru in Japanese)
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Base Stats: 55 HP, 55 ATK, 45 DEF, 45 SPD, 63 SPATK, 45 SPDEF
Starting Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
Evolution Line: Oshawott into Dewott at lv17, Dewott into Samurott at lv36

Oshawott is a sea otter. It excells in Special Attack and it also has good HP and Attack as well. It is supereffective against 1 Gym (Ground), weak to 2 Gyms (Electric and Grass), and resistant to 1 gym (Ice). It's final evolution, Daikenki, can learn Megahorn.

2.2 Starter Difficulty
Snivy is the hardest starter, while Tepig is the easiest and Oshawott is in-between both.

2.3 Rival Battle (Bianca)
-Bianca will give you your very first battle in the game. If you started with Snivy, she will have a lv5 Oshawott. If you started with Tepig, she will have a lv5 Snivy. If you started with Oshawott, she will have a lv5 Tepig. In other words, she will choose the starter that is weak against yours.
-Her battle is extremely easy. Just keep using Tackle until her starter faints. After the battle, you'll notice how your room is trashed. Cheren will heal your Pokemon and Bianca's Pokemon so you can battle Cheren. (Her prize is 500 Poke)

2.4 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-Cheren will give you your second battle of the game. If you started with Snivy, he will have a lv5 Tepig. If you started with Tepig, he will have a lv5 Oshawott. If you started with Oshawott, he will have a lv5 Snivy. In other words, he will have the starter that your starter is weak to.
-This is another basic battle. Fight him the same way you did with Bianca. (His prize is 500 Poke)
After the battle, you and your rivals head downstairs and you'll see them talking to your mother. After they leave, your mother will come up to you and give you the Xtransceiver item. Once you gain control, head outside of your house and find Bianca's house. It is the house left of yours. Her father will not let her become a Pokemon Trainer, but she rebels against him. After you leave Bianca's house, head north to Professor Juniper's Lab. Walk in, and she'll talk to you about starting an adventure and she gives you a PokeDex. She will also give you the opportunity of nicknaming your Pokemon, which is optional. Head outside, and your mom will be waiting outside. She'll say some things and then she'll give you a Town Map. Follow the others to Route 1.

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3. Route 1
3.1 Pokemon

Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Patrat - Normal - 2-4 - 50% - All
Lillipup - Normal - 2-4 - 50% - All
Audino - Normal - 2-4 - 100%* - All
*only found in shaking grass

3.2 Juniper's Demonstration
-This is the first route in the Unova region. You'll notice that the route numbers start over at one, similar to the Kanto region. Prof. Juniper will show you the "How To Catch A Pokemon" tutorial, using her lv7 Minccino (Chillarmy in Japanese) trying to catch a lv2 Patrat.
-If you're looking for a new Pokemon, Lillipup (Yooterii in Japanese) is a nice choice, 'cause it evolves twice, and the final stage can have the Pickup ability (yay!) and you can find some items and maybe even a Rare Candy! (Is is Halloween already? jk) Audino (Tabunne in Japanese) is rare, as you can only find it in shaking grass. If you talk to the girl further north, you'll get a free Potion. Isn't that nice? Search and battle for wild Pokemon, leveling up your starter and your other Pokemon to lv9 or lv10. You'll see why soon. Before reaching Karakusa Town, you'll meet Cheren and Bianca again and they'll show you how to use the Xtransceirver, via 4-way conversation with the three of you and Professor Juniper.

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4. Karakusa Town "Thick ivy is proof of prosperity"
4.1 Juniper's Tour
-When you arrive in Karakusa Town, you'll see Prof. Juniper outside of the Pokemon Center. Talk to her, and she'll give you a tour of the Pokemon Center/Poke Mart combination. Inside, you'll see Bianca, and she'll also come along on the very short tour.

4.2 Team Plasma
-When you exit, there will a crowd of people, only because something is happening. You'll see a bunch of people in gray hoodies, and their leader appears to be the weirdo in the robe. They are Team Plasma, the evil team in the games. Their leader is Geechisu. He'll give a speech, and then the crowd will leave. The only thing left is this guy with green hair and a black and white cap. He introduces himself as "N" and he'll battle you! (Told ya!)

4.3 N Battle
Pokemon Trainer N
Pokemon: lv7 Purrloin
Prize: 700 Poke

His Dark-type cat is Purrloin (Choroneko in Japanese). You've probably haven't seen one before, have you? It only knows Scratch, Growl, and Assist. It isn't hard to beat if you trained your Pokemon properly. After defeating him, head north onto the next route.

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5. Route 2

5.1 Pokemon

Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Patrat - Normal - 4-7 - 40% - All
Lillipup - Normal - 4-7 40% - All
Purrloin - Dark - 4-7 - 20% - All
Audino - Normal - 4-7 - 100%* - All
*only found in shaking grass

Items: Potion, Potion, Poke Ball

5.2 Trainers

Youngster Kenta - lv7 Patrat - Normal
Lass Mari- lv7 Purrloin - Dark
Youngster Takahiro - lv7 Lillipup - Normal

When you exit the Karakusa Town/Route 2 gate, you'll receive a Xtransceiver call from your mom. When you exit the call, she'll be behind you. She'll give you a pair of running shoes (yay) so you can continue on your journey a little faster. Battle the trainers for EXP, and I also suggest battling every Wild Pokemon you come across for extra EXP.

5.3 Rival Battle (Bianca)
-Continue onward to the next town. But when you reach the town's edge, Bianca will show up and wants to battle you!
-She has a lv6 Lillipup and a lv7 Tepig (if you chose Pokabu), lv7 Tepig (if you chose Oshawott) lv7 Oshawott (if you chose Snivy)
-Her starter has learned it's first elemental move. The only thing different from the last battle are the levels and she added a Lillipup. Once you defeat her, head north to Striaton City.

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6. Striaton City "Sanyou means 3 aligned stars"

6.1 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-There is a colorful building to the right of the Pokemon Center. That building is the first Gym that you will face. However, the gym guy (HEYA FUTURE CHAMP! xD) is blocking the entrance! Meanie. Head to the building on the left of the Pokemon Center. That building is the Pokemon School. Go to the back of the Pokemon School and talk to Cheren. Answer yes to his question, and he'll battle you.
-Cheren has a lv8 Purrloin, and a lv8 Snivy (if you chose Oshawott), lv8 Oshawott (if you chose Tepig), lv8 Tepig (if you chose Snivy)
-There is nothing to really say about this battle, except that his starter has an Oran Berry attached to it. Beat him, exit the Pokemon School, and head east into the Abandoned Lot of Dreams.

6.2 Abandoned Lot of Dreams
6.2.1 Trainers
Lass Eri - lv8 Purrloin and lv8 Purrloin - Dark and Dark
Youngster Gori - lv7 Patrat, lv7 Patrat, lv7 Lillipup - Normal, Normal, and Normal
Plasma Grunt M - lv10 Patrat - Normal (battled later)
Plasma Grunt F - lv10 Purrloin - Dark (battled later)
6.2.2 Elemental Monkeys
-Talk to the person near the eastern part of this area and you'll get a new Pokemon based on the starter you choose:
--Panpour (Hiyappu in Japanese) if you started with Snivy
--Pansage (Yanappu in Japanese) if you started with Tepig
--Pansear (Baoppu in Japanese) if you started with Oshawott
-The Elemental Monkeys are going to be useful against the first gym, no matter what Pokemon you started with.

6.3 Sanyou City Gym
-This is your first Pokemon gym battle of the game.
6.3.1 Trainers
--Waiter Mikiya - lv11 Lillipup - Normal
--Waitress Chiharu - lv10 Patrat and lv10 Purrloin - Normal and Dark
6.3.2 Gym Leaders Kon, Pod, and Cilan
-You will face Gym Leader Cress (Kon in Japanese) if you started with Tepig. He will have a lv12 Yooterii and a lv14 Panpour.
-You will face Gym Leader Chili (Pod in Japanese) if you started with Snivy. He will have a lv12 Yooterii and a lv14 Pansear.
-You will face Gym Leader Cilan (Dent in Japanese) if you started with Oshawott. He will have a lv12 Yooterii and a lv14 Pansage.
-This is where your Elemental Monkey comes in handy. My strategy is to use your starter on their Lillipup and use your Elemental Monkey on their Elemental Monkey. Pansage knows Vine Whip, Panpour knows Water Gun, and Pansear knows a new move named Incinerate. When you win, you'll receive 1680 Poke, the Trio (Tri) Badge, and TM83 which is Work (Cheer) Up. And since you have your first gym badge, you'll be able to use HM01 Cut outside of battle! Yippee!

When you exit the gym, a girl will come up and talk to you. She introduces herself as Fennel, a good friend of Professor Juniper. She takes you to her lab, where she will give you HM01 Cut. And she will show you this machine that allows access to the Dream World. But first you need the Dream Smoke. Where do you find the Dream Smoke? You need a Munna to get it. Exit Fennel's lab, then head east again to the Abandoned Lot of Dreams.

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7. Abandoned Lot of Dreams

7.1 Pokemon
Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Patrat - Normal - 8-11 - 40% - All
Purrloin - Dark - 8-11 - 40% - All
Munna - Psychic - 8-10 - 20% - All
Audino - Normal - 8-11 - 95% - All

Items: Poke Ball, Repel, Potion, Parlyz Heal

7.2 Trainers
-Now you can finally get rid of the tree blocking the door. Use Cut to cut down the bush and head on it. But before you do, Bianca will show up. When you enter the Warehouse, you'll encounter a Munna and shortly after that, two Plasma Grunts. They start beating the Munna, so it's your job to stop them!
-Team Plasma Grunt M - lv10 Patrat - Normal
-Team Plasma Grunt F - lv10 Purrloin - Dark

7.3 Munna and Musharna
-After you defeat the grunts, Geechisu will show up and make the grunts leave. Shortly after, a Musharna appears. It appears to be Munna's mother. Fennel will also show up. I suggest catching a Munna and show it to Fennel so you can access the Dream World.
-Go back to Fennel's lab and she'll give you the C-Gear, which'll appear on the bottom screen. Her aide gives you a Pal Pad.

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8. Route 3
-After you receive the Pal Pad from Fennel's aide and the C-Gear from Fennel herself, head out of her building, and head west onto Route 3.

8.1 Pokemon
Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Lillipup - Normal - 9 - 10% - All
Pidove - Normal\Flying - 8-11 - 40% - All
Purrloin - Dark - 9 - 10% - All
Blitzle - Electric - 8-11 - 40% - All
Audino - Normal - 8-11 - 100%* - All
*only available in shaking grass

This is the first time you'll encounter Pidove (Mamepato in Japanese) and Blitzle (Shimama in Japanese) so I suggest you capture both of them. They'll be useful in future Gym battles (hint hint).

8.2 Trainers
Twins Kumi&Rumi - lv10 Purrloin and lv10 Purrloin - Dark and Dark
Kindergarten Teacher - lv10 Lillipup and lv10 Munna - Normal and Psychic
Kindergartner Matsuri - lv10 Pansear - Fire
Kindergartner Ushio - lv10 Panpour - Water
Kindergartner Minoru - lv10 Pansage - Grass
Pokemon Breeder Tomomi - lv9 Patrat, lv9 Lillipup, and lv9 Pidove - Normal, Normal, and Normal\Flying

-There are two daycares here - one for children and one for Pokemon. Head west from here but when you go too far, Cheren will show up and battle you!

8.3 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-Cheren has a lv14 Snivy (if you chose Oshawott), lv14 Tepig (if you chose Snivy), lv14 Oshawott (if you chose Tepig) and he'll also have a lv12 Purrloin. His prize is 1200 Poke. He has the same Pokemon as last time, but a few levels higher. No new surprizes thank goodness.
-After you defeat his team, you'll have another encounter with two Team Plasma Grunts. Shortly after, you'll see Bianca and a little kid show up. Those two Plasma grunts apparently stole that kid's Pokemon. SO WE GIVE CHASE! Go after them (just follow the direction they were heading to) and you'll come across this cave. Talk to Cheren and head inside.

8.4 Underground Water Cave

8.4.1 Pokemon
Pokemon - Types - Levels - Rarity - Season
Woobat - Psychic/Flying - 10-13 - 50% - All
Roggenrola - Rock - 10-13 - 50% - All
Drilbur - Ground - 10-13 - 100%* - All
*only found in shaking dirt

-This is the first time you'll see a wild Woobat (Koromori in Japanese) and a wild Roggenrola (Dangoro in Japanese), so if you want to, catch them.

8.4.2 Trainers
Team Plasma Grunt - lv12 Patrat - Normal
Team Plasma Grunts - lv12 Patrat and lv12 Patrat - Normal and Normal
-You'll see the two Plasma Grunts. A battle will start. When you beat that Grunt, two more grunts will appear and you'll have a double battle. Your double battle partner - Cheren.
-Beat them and then leave. There is nothing else really to do except get TM46 which is Thief.

8.5 Route 3 Continuation

8.5.1 Pokemon
(Dark grass)
Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Lillipup - Normal - 11 - 10% - All
Pidove - Normal/Flying - 10-13 - 40% - All
Purrloin - Dark - 11 - 10% - All
Blitzle - Electric - 10-13% - All

8.5.2 Trainers
School Kid Al - lv13 Blitzle - Electric
School Kid Sawako - lv13 Woobat - Psychic/Flying
School Kid Mizuho - lv12 Patrat and lv12 Purrloin - Normal and Dark
School Kid Juhei - lv12 Pidove and lv12 Roggenrola - Normal/Flying and Rock

-The little kid from earlier (the one with Bianca) will thank you and give you 3 Heal Balls. Go south and you'll eventually see Cheren. He'll tell you that the darker grass that you'll see sometimes, that you may encounter two Pokemon at once. Those Pokemon tend to have higher levels then the normal Pokemon. Head east and go into Shippou City.

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9. Nacrene (Shippou) City "Shippou is the Seven Treasures"
-When you first enter Shippou City, Cheren will show up and give you 3 Chesto Berries.
-Shippou City is an old-fashioned city with a museum as its man attraction.
-There is also a version-exclusive Grass-type trade. If you enter one of the buildings with stairs on the side, you'll meet a girl who will trade you a Cottonee (Monmen) for a Petilil (Churine; Black) and a Petilil for a Cottonee (White). This will help fill you Pokedex without trading over Wi-Fi.
-Head on over to the museum, which also houses the gym, believe it or not. But before you do, N will show up and give you a battle.

9.1 Pokemon Trainer N
-N has a lv13 Pidove, a lv13 Tympole (Otamaru is Japanese), and a lv13 Timburr (Dokkora in Japanese)
-Blitzle can easily take out Pidove and Tympole, and since Timburr has low Special Defense, Shock Wave from Blitzle can easily KO it too.

9.2 Nacrene Gym
-Nacrene Gym is full of Normal-types, so if you started with Tepig (should be Pignite by now), you'll have fun in this gym.
-The puzzle in this Gym is basic, but hard for those who can't read Japanese. What you do, is you get on the stools and read the books. This will eventually make two girls turn around. Go up and talk to them. They ask Yes-No questions. Answer them correctly and they will battle you. After you defeat School Kid Noriko, she'll step down from her stool. Walk on the stool, and you'll eventually uncover a switch, which makes the bookcases slide over and reveal a staircase, leading you to the Gym Leader, Aloe.

9.2.1 Trainers
-School Kid Yoshio - lv17 Patrat - Normal
-Scientist Satomi - lv17 Herdier (Haderia in Japanese) - Normal
-School Kid Noriko - lv15 Lillipup, lv15 Lillipup, lv15 Lillipup - Normal, Normal, and Normal

9.2.2 Gym Leader Aloe
-Aloe has a lv18 Herdier. It's moveset is Take Down, Bite, Get Even, and Leer. She also has a lv20 Watchog (Miruhoggu in Japanese). It's moveset is Leer, Get Even, Hypnosis, and Crunch.
-First up is Herdier. It's ability is Intimidate, and we all know what that does. It lowers your Pokemon's attack stat. It likes to use Take Down, which will KO any of your Pokemon with low defense.
-Her Watchog is stronger and faster. It likes to use Hypnosis, which makes you Pokemon fall asleep. If you attached the Chesto Berries that Cheren gave you to your Pokemon, you'll be fine unless it uses Hypnosis again. That would be the time to get out an Awakening.
-When you win, you'll receive your second badge: The Basic Badge! (epic name right?) And you'll also receive the TM for Gen Even.
-Suddenly, Kidachi, Aloe's husband, barges in and tells us to go back to the main part of the Museum. You'll see Team Plasma. They're interested in the Dragonite skeleton (This is the Unova region, where no previous generations' Pokemon can be obtained until the Nat. Dex, and yet there is a Dragonite skeleton here? Makes no sense.) With ninja-like speed, the skull of the Dragonite has been stolen!
-Head outside and Team Plasma is nowhere to be found. A new character comes up to Aloe, and introduces himself as Arti, the third Gym Leader. Bianca and Cheren also appear. Bianca gives you the Dowsing MCHN, then she and Cheren will head into the museum.

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10. Yaguruma Forest

10.1 Outside of Yaguruma Forest
After receiving the Dowsing MCHN from Bianca, head west out of the city.

10.1.1 Pokemon and Items
Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Tympole - Water - 12-17 - 40% - All
Timburr - Fighting - 13-16 - 20% - All
Pidove - Normal/Flying - 12-15 - 30% - All
Audino - Normal - 12-15 - 95%* All
Sawk - Fighting - 12-17 - 10% - All
Throh - Fighting - 15 - 5%* - All
Sawk - Fighting - 15 - 5%* - All
Throh - Fighting - 12-17 - 10% - All
*only appears in shaking grass

Items - TM94 (Rock Smash), Super Potion x2, Ether x2, Great Ball, Antidote x2, Star Piece, Net Ball, Tiny Mushroom

10.1.2 Trainers
Nurse Masami - lv15 Munna - Psychic
Kindergartner Kotono - lv13 Petilil and lv13 Cottonee - Grass and Grass
Kindergartner Ochi - lv14 Roggenrola - Rock
Youngster Keita - lv13 Tympole, lv13 Tympole, and lv13 Tympole - Water, Water, Water
Youngster Retsuji - lv14 Venipede and lv14 Lillipup - Bug/Poison and Normal
Blackbelt Rentaro - lv16 Timburr - Fighting
Battle Girl Li - lv16 Timburr - Fighting

10.2 Inside Yaguruma Forest
Once you battled the trainers, and caught some Pokemon (all are optional), you can go inside Yaguruma Forest.

10.2.1 Pokemon and items
Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Pidove - Normal/Flying - 15-16 - 15% - All
Venipede - Bug/Poison - 15-16 - 15% - All
Sewaddle - Bug/Grass - 14-17 - 35% - All
Cottonee - Grass (BLK only) - 14-17 - 35% - All
Petilil - Grass (WHT only) - 14-17 - 35% - All
Audino - Normal - 14-17 - 65%* - All
Panpour - Water - 15 - 10%* - All
Pansage - Grass - 15 - 10%* - All
Pansear - Fire - 15 - 10%* - All
*only found in shaking grass

10.2.2 Trainers
Twins Mayo&Maya - lv16 Sewaddle and lv16 Sewaddle - Bug/Grass and Bug/Grass
School Kid Osamu - lv17 Munna - Psychic
Lass Kana - lv15 Woobat, lv15 Woobat, and lv15 Woobat - Psychic/Flying x3
School Kid Milly - lv16 Pidove and lv16 Purrloin - Normal/Flying and Dark
Plasma Grunt M* - lv16 Sandile - Ground/Dark
Plasma Grunt F* - lv16 Purrloin - Dark
RangerM Morito - lv18 Herdier - Normal
Youngster Katsumi - lvl6 Venipede and lv16 Timburr - Bug/Poison and Fighting
RangerF Kiri - lv18 Pansage - Grass
FangerF Yasuko - lv18 Panpour - Water
Plasma Grunt M* - lv16 Patrat - Normal
RangerM Miguel - lv18 Pansear - Fighter
Plasma Grunt M* - lv14 Patrat, lv14 Patrat, and lv14 Sandile
*battled later

10.2.3 Team Plasma Grunts
-Sooner or later in the forest, you'll meet Arti. He's looking for Team Plasma to retrieve the Dragonite Skull. Star with the first Plasma Grunt you see off the left side of the path. Work your way left and up, passing through a few logs and battling various trainers and Grunts untill you reach the fourth Grunt. Beat the last Grunt and he'll surrender the Dragonite Skull. An old man then appears. Asura, his name, is one of the "Seven Sages" of Team Plasma. Arti and Aloe soon join you. The Grunt and sage will leaver shortly after, and Aloe will give you a Moon Stone as thanks.
-Go east and battle the trainers you haven't battled yet (again optional) and exit the forest and go north.

10.3 Sky Arrow Bridge
-You can pick up a Quick Claw by talking to the Hiker in the Gatehouse. It can be useful for any slow Pokemon (Roggenrola and Throh for example). When you head out of the Gatehouse, you'll be on the Sky Arrow Bridge. This is a huge bridge that was featured in the opening for the games. It takes you to Castelia (Hiun) City. There are no wild Pokemon and no trainers, so enjoy the view as you travel across it.