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Gah this will look terrible I'm sure. :oops: but none the less Japanese inspired names shall save me. :ermm:

The Cerinoko region is small and cold in location, being far to the south near the poles yet dominated by ancient volcanoes that were active before the shift in climate and even before the frequent weather calamities began many years ago.

The major city Kyudo'towa is bustling with work and crime twenty four hours a day, over-industrialised as it is it's a refuge for workers and steel and electric type pokemon whose jobs differ radically compared to the human workers.

South is the Absian forest, it is presumably haunted and is teeming with dark type and bug type pokemon who make travel and supply line maintenance a large challenge.

Farther south, past the Absian forest is Nakumu. A poor, sleepy town of inventors, hobbyists and wannabe pokemon trainers who have all welcomed pokemon into their lives to a much greater degree than most other places. Their homes are built onto a mountain edge and over the water on giant schools of magicarp who provide fishing as a means of alternative income, it is unpopular due to it's secluded location however.

To the west of Kyudo'towa are wide plains and forests that are home to grass and bird type pokemon, they are said to be holy places.

Further west in the mountains that surround the volcano mt. rye lies Jeraku'des. A town of quarry workers and rock and fighting type pokeom, it hosts official arm wrestling leagues as secondary income and tends to be very rich and pompous towards outsiders.

North of Kyudo'towa, past the great sea is the last city of the region, Tyanomi, it is far more successful in fishing than Nakumu and houses many fishers along with ice and rare water type pokemon. the people here make large shipments that are often preyed upon by the infamous starlight rebels.

The starlight rebels are a large gang of thieves and thugs who believe that the chaos of the world calls for a new order, they are wanted far and wide for robbery and misuse and mistreat of pokemon.

Lately, sightings of a large red, flying pokemon have been reported over Kyudo'towa. This has drawn in trainers and criminals from all over the region who seek it's power. From Tyanomi to even Nakumu a race is on to find and capture this 'legendary' pokemon and all the stakes are high as pokemon training has become a feasible means of making money with 'sales' turning up across the region.

Many rumours flooded the region about the origins of the pokemon, some said it was a god, others that it was creating the calamities and others even said it was a great destroyer.

The starlight rebels had no way of not hearing about this all powerful pokemon and launched an attack on Nakumu for funds, the town was left devastated and it's trainer populace set out for revenge and for the first time in recent years even adventure!


The basic idea is everyone is ether involved with the criminals trying to capture the pokemon for power, The trainers who want it for glory, Those looking for revenge on the starlight rebels or maybe they're from another region looking for adventure.

I'm unable to put together much more besides this weak plot at the moment since nothing clicks but hopefully everyone's backgrounds will add a bit more thrill for when the characters meet up.

If it's any consolation though I plan for a darker turn of events.

Complimentary skeleton cleaned out of my closet, watch the cobwebs. :eek:

About pokemon.

Any pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow or Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald are allowed, I'm unsure of Gold/Silver/Crystal so they have to be brought into the region from outside and the names in the newer generations really throw me off so I'm disallowing them for now.

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Sounds interesting. =) I may join later but, just so you know, you forgot "Pokemon" from your character sheet. ;D

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Sounds interesting. =) I may join later but, just so you know, you forgot "Pokemon" from your character sheet. ;D
No stats and levels here, battles will play out like in the cartoon with people taking turns to tell their pokemon what move to use, things like howling and such won't count as moves ether since they'd come naturally and you can't heal mid-battle like in the cartoon. (seems more fair and realistic)

You'll be interacting with your pokemon every 6 hours (in play) at least so a list isn't really necessary.

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Ahhh, I was just mentioning it because I'd think that people would like to know what Pokemon each person has. ;D Oh, well. Good luck!

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Well it's something that'll be good to find out in the story, and it'll make for good surprises when you find out just how broad someone's team is.