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04-08-2004, 01:48 AM

An explosion. Usually it signalled the end of something, but this was a different one, this signalled the beginning of the old darkness, looming out of its burial grounds and rising back to the top, where it could have been. What could have been was not what should have been. Old darkness it was, for it signalled the beginning of a new era known to man and pokemon alike as the Mirrored Era.

For Miko, it was the same procedure: blow up the factory's entrance, storm in with her men, and take the necessary hostages that were taking in the hold-up. This mission was different. Her growlithe rushed into the scene, barking and growling. Something was there behind the dust, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Her men stormed in, ready to take down whatever was hostile.

The smoke cleared. Nothing. Was it a trap? Was it a set-up? There were no hostages? She didn't know. She ordered her men to look around in the area, for it was only a small-sized factory no larger than one that constructs small machines such as pokeballs. She walked forward, closer to the office of the factory. She could see the vibrating binds by the window, and she knew the boggie would be close by. The hostages! She forgot about the hostages, who were likely inside the office. She rushed toward it, with her growlithe near her. The last thing she heard was her growlithe's bark.

04-11-2004, 05:30 AM
1 - Miko

She woke up in the morning at exactly seven o'clock in the morning, as she would everyday. It was a boring and relatively stupid job that she had to do everyday. Yes, she was working as a packager in a factory. She got to her bathroom right next to her bedroom, bypassing her usual routine of opening the windows to allow the light to shine in. No, she just went to the bathroom.

The first thing she noticed was the toilet seat. It was up. She never puts them up. Annoyingly, she dropped the toilet seat down and continued with her routine. Brushing her teeth slowly, she noticed a small pimple on her right cheek. She got the same cleanser and cleared that up for that day.

Changing was a nightmarefor her, because there was nothing to choose other than the uniform. She was bored of this uniform -and she wanted something different- but she wore it anyway. There was nothing better for her to wear to work anyway.

Her day was over in the blink of an eye. Actually, it just began. She just got into the car. Why did she feel that the day was over? Why was the sun at the opposite place? She looked at the clock in the car. It was seven o'clock at night. What just happened to her?

Since it was seven, she might as well get the mail. She walked down the street with her completely white uniform and got to the mailbox in ten minutes. Opening the box, she looked at the mail. She was fired from her current job for skipping three days in a row according to a mail addressed by the company. But she just went to work yesterday. "Miko," she murmured to herself, "what the hell's wrong with you?"

It seemed as if time had reversed itself, because she saw the sun rising again, on the same day. This day was interesting, but completely over the top. She had no clue what had happened this day. She got fired from work and she slept for almost fifteen hours the night before? it seemed unreal and strange to her. Something was wrong.

She got back to her home, only to find a group of growlithes by her door. As soon as she got close, the puppies barked at her and sttempted to attack her. She couldn't run in fear, and the puppies pinned her down. A man came to her, arresting her. "Miko Iucundus, you're under arrest."