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Saraibre Ryu
02-10-2011, 07:38 AM

-Banner by Neo

‘Welcome to the world of today.’

The world is now full of paradox. Time Paradox. The plates of Arceus are shattered, striking the blow into the very soul of the deity, and his counter parts; Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina, and legendary Pokemon everywhere. Time started to be distorted all over the planet, space started to contain different properties. Some things aged faster, some aged slower, some areas, time was completely stopped. Humans and Pokemon panicked at the strange anomalies, humans didn’t know if moving through their own backward meant a decade added onto their lifetime, and Pokemon were unable to evolve all together. They were even more frightened to find out that the other, weakened legendary Pokemon were moving them into zones of unmoving time. Some humans managed to escape from these movements, thinking that Arceus had left them all to fall into a warped void of destruction. These heretics started to find other groups of scared humans and preach to them about how the end was coming, and how they intended to fix it themselves, how Arceus needed to be brought down and replaced with a new god. They came to call themselves the Gray Brotherhood. Feeling a disturbance in the balance of power and knowing this would damage the very fabric of dimensions, Arceus went to Palkia to try and restore the plates. However, before this was possible, another powerful anomaly damaged space time and dimension. The disturbance was too powerful for the three dragons and the deity to handle, thus, they were put into a hibernation. The Gray Brotherhood took the discovery as a sign from their unknown, new god, and started to search for the shattered plate pieces. It was decided amongst the highest ranks that a Pokemon named Genesect, would be modified to become the new god of all.

‘Welcome to the world of tomorrow.’

That’s what the sign says as you pass through yet another prominent wasteland left behind by the harbinger of destruction. The world many years ago was wonderful, full of life and prosperity. The events that occurred in the past made the future bleak and ominous.

Scarlet Lance, the pinnacle of what everyone knows to exist. At their peak lies their most powerful tool and ally: Omnisenct, the new god of that is and will be. The modified version of Genesect, tampered with by science and enhanced with the arcane technology of the Omniplate. The Gray Brotherhood is no more, with the Scarlet Lance replacing it. With Omnisect, the stand alone group that controls everything, the world is slowly spiraling into ruin. The artificial deity seeks out the remaining dying legendary Pokemon for their power, offering them a release from death in return. Being an immortal slave to Omnisect is the life all legendary Pokemon attempt to flee. The only keeper of tim that was left, Celebi, then decided that it was time to risk moving through time to stop this pre-apocalypse.

The only other group that stood in the way of the Scarlet Lance was a group known as Black Vertigo. These rebels had stolen technology from Scarlet Lance, in order to go back through time to become the new leaders of the current world, and control Omnisect. As the machines were about to be started up, there was a flaw within the generator. Once they were going, problems started left right and center. Sparks flew and bits of metal started to fly off. Soon the machines couldn’t hold themselves together under the pressure of distorted space and time, and eventually fell into a spacial collapse.

Celebi arrived to the group just after the disaster happened, unhappy now that the fragile dimension was now even more damaged than ever. The few Black Vertigo members that remained on the scene, realized what they had done, but were still determined to change the past. Seeing potential in these humans, and their companions, Celebi and it’s kin discussed amongst the other legendary Pokemon that were left. After a small recovery period, these legends came to Black Vertigo, offering to send them back through time to stop this present from happening. However, they had to give up the gift of death and be removed from time completely, never to age again, or die by nature’s hand. Another was that their soul must be synchronized with a legendary that had come to go back to the past, but not everyone had to do so. In turn, the now sync’d legendary Pokemon brought their supporter a fragment of the shattered type plate they had found from many years ago. The fragments still held power, and so, like the Omniplate, these fragments were synthesized into equipment for Black Vertigo to protect them and any others they may find in the past.

Thus, Black Vertigo prepared for a departure. Prepared to give up what may be their own lives, the spacial collapse they created a week ago was reopened into a portal to the past. Then out of the black, Scarlet Lance appeared, in a stealthy ambush to cripple Black Vertigo by a betrayal of unknown origin.. In the battle, Celebi had no choice but to send Black Vertigo and the remaining others into the past, and as they were sent through the passage of time, their counterparts made sure to separate Black Vertigo and the Scarlet Lance.

‘Welcome to the world of today.’

Here we are, back to the point of the past where the plates were shattered an Arceus and his comrades now just fallen into hibernation. Time may be dysfunctional, but it’s quickly running out.

`The basics, no modding, bunnying without permission, flamming, spamming, etc.
`No more than one legendary a person. Black Vertigo members and Scarlet Lance members may only start out with legendary Pokemon. [They are not necessary]
`Gray Brotherhood members have access to Scarlet Lance tech.
`All Legendary Pokemon are weakened and therefore are not at their full power.
`Travel takes 3 posts; departure, duration, arrival.
`You can swear but don’t be saying it every other word.
`Only three people can use a Plate Fragment of the same type. All powers must be different and related to the type
`Respect others.
`Have fun.


Gray Brotherhood:
`Being the faction of the past, they know where everything is and how to detect the different borders of Time Zones. They have already started gathering plate fragments and have around four already.
`They have a ‘political’ hold over a view communities that are still awake in the present.
`Are unaware of the presence of Black Vertigo

`Keep Arceus and his counter parts asleep.
`Create the Omniplate.
`Find Genosect and complete the god mod on it.

Scarlet Lance:
`Due to owning history, they know where most of the fragment locations are
`Have technology on a higher level than the current time
`Know of Black Vertigo’s presence, however, unlike them, are still within time.
`Can forge stronger plate gear for Gray Brotherhood due to better materials to synthesize with.
`Legendary Pokemon owned my a Scarlet Lance member are under complete mental control of their owner due to Omnisect’s manipulation from the future.

`Assist Gray Brotherhood in their motives.
`Assimilate past versions of uncaptured and un sync’d legendary Pokemon for the future.
`Stop and or eliminate Black Vertigo.

Black Vertigo:
`Unfamiliar with the current time
`Since being removed from time, they will never naturally die, and can safely travel through all Time Zones without harm.
`Those soul sync’d with a legendary may die if their legendary dies. Legendary Pokemon amplify the power of the Plate Gear. Legendary Pokemon can us their special abilities but not for very long. Black Vertigo members may use up to three techniques from their Legendary counterpart with their gear.

`Stop Scarlet Lance and their motives.
`Find a way to awaken Giratina, Palkia and Dialga, then Arceus, and find a way to heal their souls.

SU Sheet:

Faction: [Gray Brotherhood, Scarlet Lance, Black Vertigo, or Neutral Present
Plate Gear: [SC and BV only to start. Please explain what plate fragment you are using and what the gear is. Also, explain the ability it has. Must differ from other abilities of the same plate fragment.]
History: [At least explain how you became a part of the faction you’re a part of now.]
Pokemon: [Max of six, those soul sync'd with legendary Pokemon, this counts towards your six]
**Sync Moves:

Latio-Reol~ Nova Blaze, Scarlet Lance: Flame Plate [Pyro Immunity]
~ Natalie Scarlet, Black Vertigo: Shaymin Sync // Meadow Plate fragment [Meadow Control]
~ Hytu 'Goldeneye' Repins, Neutral
~ Sage, Black Vertigo: Latias Sync // Sky Plate Fragment [Wind Chasing ability]
Charizard Michelle
~ Mina Advent, Gray Brotherhood
~ Riika Amano, Black Vertigo: Entei Sync // Flame Plate fragment [Firestarted Ability]
[indent]~Mewcario~ Robert Gallifrey, Black Vertigo: Celebi Sync // Mind Plate Fragment [Hyper Intelligence Ability]

Mewcario~ Robert Gallifrey, Black Vertigo: Celebi Sync // Mind Plate Fragment [Hyper Intelligence Ability]
Ayotui~ Ayo Hansen, ??: Groudon // Stone Plate Fragment [Rock Protection Ability]
Latisiblings~ Neutral
Tokyokit~ Jade Valitume, Black Vertigo: Lugia Sync //Draco Plate Fragment [Dragon Fire ability]


List of Plate Fragments

[B]Draco Plate [1/3]
Dread Plate [0/3]
Earth Plate [0/3]
Fist Plate [0/3]
Flame Plate [2/3]
Icicle Plate [0/3]
Insect Plate [0/3]
Iron Plate [1/3]
Meadow Plate [1/3]
Mind Plate [1/3]
Sky Plate [1/3]
Splash Plate [0/3]
Spooky Plate [0/3]
Stone Plate [1/3]
Toxic Plate [0/3]
Zap Plate [0/3]

Master Zorua
02-10-2011, 01:53 PM
Name: Robert Gallifrey
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Faction: Black Vertigo
Plate Gear: Mind Plate fragment, bracer on right arm (Hyper Intelligence: Robert gains the knowledge stored within the plate that spans beyond human knowledge, allowing him access to information that can be used to plan, predict and even invent things never invented before)
Personality: Robert is very....random. He can be a total goofball at times and ramble on about the strangest things, but at other times he's calm, collective, and so stern it's downright scary. He is relatively easy to befriend, if your a good-hearted kind of person. Robert hates manipulative people and those who are only after personal gain regardless of how many people and Pokemon they hurt. As a doctor, he cannot leave anyone in need of medical attention (unless they pissed him off and ended up in that condition because of his wrath). The only time Robert will not show mercy to someone is when that person causes great harm to others and refuses to make amends, to which he says only one phrase: "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." in a very calm and pitying tone of voice. If he ever utters these words to anyone, they can expect no mercy, for he will not stop until they are removed from his path: permanently if necessary.

History: Robert was born and raised in Hearthome City. His father was a Pokemon doctor and his mother was a human medicine nurse. So from a very early age, Robert was interested in the world of medicine. He was taught by his father how to care for Pokemon and how to know when a Pokemon is sick, with what, and how to treat them with berries or medicines. His mother taught him hoe to take care of his own health and that of his friends. After he had his fill of traveling and battling, Robert went to school to become a Pokemon doctor like his father.

However, at the age of 15, while he was still at school, that was when all hell broke loose. The city was leveled by Genosect and the Scarlet Lance. There were few survivors, and Robert did everything he could to save them, using the medical knowledge he possessed. As he was treating the survivors, another group came along to help the survivors, a group calling themselves Black Vertigo. They explained to Robert everything that was going on and their own plans for how to stop those responsible from bringing more destruction. Robert decided that to best help everyone, he would become a member of the Black Vertigo.

Robert was the first to encounter Celebi 8 years later and led the legendary to the group. It was there that Celebi gave her ultimatum: the power to change time and save the legends as well as the world, but in exchange, they would be removed from time. He was given a fragment of the mind plate, with which he made a bracer to hold it so that it would remain hidden under the sleeve of his trench coat. Celebi saw Robert's heart and desire to not only change the past, but the desire to watch the past as well, explore and learn everything about everything that happened throughout time itself. She decided then that because they were most alike, that she would be bonded to him and impart some of her power to him.

From that point on, Robert took on the codename of 'The Doctor', in order to protect his still living parents, so that should he be captured, his identity would not be reveled, and his parents could not be threatened to force him to talk or do anything that would jeopardize the Black Vertigo. He even altered his Pokedex data so that his name displays as 'The Doctor'.

Pokemon: Celebi, Zoroark, Lucario, Arcanine, Vaporeon, Salamence

**Sync Moves: Recover, Heal Bell, Psychic

Other: He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops. He never stays. He never asks to be thanked.

Saraibre Ryu
02-10-2011, 04:30 PM
You're reserved, though the technical term for your plate type is the 'Mind Plate'.

Name: Sage
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Faction: Black Vertigo
Plate Gear: Sky Plate, Shoulder Plate Armor, Wind Chasing: Wind chasing allows Sage to ride the wind. This can be in the form of a few inch off the ground levitating dash or a quick rocket into the sky and a light float back down. The more wind, the more powerful. Requires wind.
Appearance: Sage is a tall and enigmatic looking young woman now. Wearing a heavy grey hood that shadows her entire face most of the time. Her silver shoulder plates are easily seen from the outside, though a bit tarnished. They extend a bit towards the front, then fan out greatly as it reaches the back,as if they were forged to look like feathers or scales. From there, her cloak extends and covers her arms, her lower part being covered in a medium armor gauntlet. From there, she adorns a belt around her waist, black pants that amazingly look dirty, even on black, and some boots with two sets of straps running across each outside of the foot. Her eyes are a dull steely blue and her hair is also a darker grey with lighter, ashy highlights. he stands at about 5'10, and only weights 110 ilbs. Under her cloak, she carries a worn mace.
Personality: Sage is a very to the point person. She doesn't like the idea of buttering things up to make things sound less bleak than they really are. This is however in contrast with her memorized metaphors she learned through songs and poems. Sage is one of those people that seems to be 'the leader'. She doesn't have the ego to self proclaim leadership unto herself but won't hesitate to take action to help others, or taking action for others that she finds would need it at the time. She has a very strong sense of freedom and can't stand being in a cage or cell, and thus developed borderline phobia of cages or cells. Other than that, Sage seems to be the fearless type. You could point a gun at her head and she wouldn't flinch. You could dangle her off a cliff and she wouldn't care, though she could easily fly away from that. You could beat her within an inch of her life and she wouldn't tell you anything. Strong will coupled with stubbornness makes her this adamant and that much of a pain in the ass for everyone else.
History: You take a small girl growing up in what was the ruins of the Snowpoint temple all her life, simple and very noble and loyal to her home. The girl was adopted by a group of wayward templars, those who were fighting for the sake of sleeping Arceus in hopes that one day their mighty god would soon awaken, and smite Omnisect from the planet's dying carcass. They gave Sage her name, and something to hope for, though most of the time she thought the group to be a little unorthodox or a bit too high strung in their religious activities. Nevertheless, she stayed at the temple, or what remained of it, in hopes that someday things would return to normal. Things never did. As Sage grew older, she decided to wander on her own in search of a way to try and brings the world back to the way it should of been. She picked up a few stragglers on the way, though they were all simply come and go. Times were hard, you never knew when a legendary enslaved to Omnisect may have come out to try and take part of your soul. During these wanderings is when she first met up with Scarlet Lance.

Minding her own buisness, Scarlet Lance goons came onto her. Being a lone female, it seemed like a cliche waiting to happen. Sage only thought of them as a lone group of bandits wanting to mug her, so a quick battle took place involving her Typhlosion and all of the other goon's poorly trained Pokemon. Sage thought no more of them and left the group to their own in the dust. It wasn't soon after that she was attacked again, by a more official looking group. Sager knew not who Scarlet Lance was, only that they were the means and cause of all the destruction. She was soon taken for her violent behaviour and deranged mentality, and locked away in a hold; her belongings stripped from her, and put in a cell for the next five years. Sage went mad in there, demanding to be let out day in and day out, reciting random song bits and poetry to keep herself sane, though she did not sound it at all. Year after year she got worse, and year after year she was determined to get out. That day didn't take long. After elaborate scheming, she waited for the right opportunity, and when she was having her cell cleaned after seemingly being sedated, she took her fist and went to rive it into the cleaners head. She hurt her own knuckles in the process very well, but had her chance to escape. She knew where her stuff was being held, along with hundreds of other people's belongings. It took her longer to find her Pokemon from a mass storage room. Once she did though, she was better off getting out. As she was running out, she spotted a room, holding various capsules. Knowing she had just a few moments to spare, she felt the need to look inside. As she did, she peered into the tiny windows. Each capsule had a legendary inside of it, one that was soon to be infected by Omnisect's will. Impulsively, she sent out her Galvantula and had it overdrive the power generators. The locks came off and Sage and everyone else started to brake open capsules. Alarms blared and what seemed like forever only took a matter of minutes. Sage gave them a chance to recover, but soon more people came upon her. She was surprised when the people weren't Scarlet Lance, but instead, Black Vertigo members. They stared at her in surprise, as they had come here to do what Sage just did. After a tremendous escape, Sage was welcomed and asked to become a member of Black Vertigo. Their plans to use a Time Machine to go back into the pas intrigued Sage, but when everything went wrong, Sage found herself almost knowing why. She felt responsible for the screw up, and when Celebi came to them, she was the first to offer being removed from time in order to restore their present. At the time, Latias came forth, remembering that Sage was the one who saved her from the capsule cells, and became very attached to Sage. From then on, Latias, now known as Twyla, gave Sage the Sky Plate Fragment she had been holding onto, and forged it into the shoulder plates she now wears.
Pokemon: Latias [Twyla], Ariados [Shayda], Typhlosion [Inova], Galvantula [Cayci], Swampert [River], Hydriegon [Vio Nai]
**Sync Moves: Psychic, Dragon Pulse, Roost

02-10-2011, 08:05 PM
reserving groudon for now, i'll finish the history later, and add some more to the other parts aswell

Name: Ayo Hansen
Gender: male
Plate Gear: stone plate fragment, a pair of gauntlets, rock protection: attracts rocks nearby that hover around him protecting him from certain attacks.
Appearance: he is a big guy, Like REALLY big. He stands at 280 cm’s and is fairly muscular. He wears a black hood that hides his pale skin, and pitch black hair, while somewhat masking his brown eyes. He also wears a pair of sweatpants in an, unsuccessful, attempt to blend in.

Personality: if you were to compare Ayo to a common food, bread would be the most descriptive. He is not only fairly dim, he is also pretty simple minded. Constantly asking what’s for dinner, the fact that he is already eating said dinner won’t stop him from asking though he is smart enough to its a silly question.
People that have watched too many movies often think of him as a huge calm idiot, he’s not that. He is huge, and he is an idiot. But he is not very calm and when he is angry he will most likely turn aggressive.

Pokemon: Groudon, Aerodactyl, Rhyperior,
**Sync Moves: [Black Vertigo members only. List the three moves from your legendary counter part that you can use from your plate gear]

02-10-2011, 10:21 PM
Reserve me for a neutral, please!

02-11-2011, 02:52 AM
I think I get it, reserving a Black Vertigo.

Name: Jade Valitume
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Faction: Black Vertigo.
Plate Gear: Drago Plate; Fingerless Dragon-scaled glove; Dragon Fire: Dragon Fire is a silent, blue fire that, when touched by human or animals, will heal them of many things.
History: [At least explain how you became a part of the faction you’re a part of now.]
Pokemon: Zorua [Miha], Charizard [Jacob], Dragonair [No nickname].
Sync'd Pokemon: Lugia [Amalia]
**Sync Moves: Future Sight; Jade forsees an attack on a rival.
Weather Ball; Jade puts her hand together and throws a purple ball at the opponent. Outside of battle it can be used to change the weather from rainy to sunny; it takes a while in this case.
Hyper Beam; Jade fires an odd blue light from her mouth, quite close to the way Shoop da Whoop does.
Other: If I messed up, I will fix it. Later.

02-12-2011, 01:34 AM
Name: 'Nova Blade'

Age: ??

Gender: Male

Faction: Scarlet Lance (Yes, I changed it. Take notice!)

Plate Gear: Flame Plate-Pyro Immunity: A complete immunity to fire, magma, lava, and other-fire based hazards. The plate is part of the blade on his right wrist, complemented by a similar blade on his left wrist.

Appearance: In three words: "High-Tech Ninja."

Minus the fact that his tech is Arcane in orgin, that's exactly it. Every last peice of his slender armor is black, with only a few dashes of dark red on them. He wears a mask, which is more like a samurai's mask than anything, as it gives off the appearance that he is yelling in some manner. The eyes glow red, hiding his real eye color, and the rest is black. He has a voice mask on it, to hide his identity.

His armor coats him fully, but is very slender, granting less protection than one would immediatly anticipate. However, he does have two wrist blades, sticking out of (duh) his wrists, sharp daggers ready to tear into the foe. He often soaks them in flammable substance, and sets them on fire in hetric combat, hence his code name, Nova Blade. The right wrist blade has the Flame Plate embedded in it, granting NB a full immunity to fire-based hazards.

Personality: The strong, silent type, he's no socialite. He'll talk when nessicary, and will cut the conversation short whenever that's done. This might be anticipated as rude, but this is simply a trait that's been rubbed off on him after so many stealth missions.

However, as a survivalist, he's also the guy to go to for anything that has to do with just that-surviving. He knows if there's danger about, he knows if it's a stupid move to go somewhere, and other stuff in that catagory. Oftentimes, he's chosen to go on escort missions because he sees the sniper and forces the guy/gal he's got to protect to duck.

This personality might also have been the cause of the Mentally-abusive parents he has, but only the therapist in the future knows that.

History: As someone that's speaks as little as him, he doesn't have one. He was born to mentally abusive parents, but that's only known to a therapist the Scarlet Lance got for NB. Said therapist didn't come along for the ride.

All anyone knows is coming to the HQ of the Scarlet Lance, already fully armored, and joining them as part of a Special Operations unit. He's shown an excellent track record, with very little mission failures. Sadly, there weren't too many missions to go on. He was part of the troop that ambushed the Black Vertigo before they got to time travel, and was promptly sent back in time by Celebi.

Pokemon: Houndoom and Zororak. Both are the alpha males of their packs, and NB uses the Houndoom to track people, and the Zororak is the sole companion he has for stealth missions. The Houndoom was caught during service, but the Zororak's been around Nova Blade since he joined the Scarlet Lance. It's assumed by many that the Zororak knows NB's past, but the Zororak is as tight-lipped as his master.

Other: His main weapons, outside of the wrist blades, are two SMGs, a Sniper Rifle, and a Silenced Pistol. He uses all to deadly effect.

Name: Natalie (In truth, she's named Natalie Scarlet)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Faction: Black Vertigo

Plate Gear: Meadow Plate-Meadow Control: It is a draining power, and the more complicated the power, the more it drains her. However, she has complete control over plants, and may do a variety of things with them. These things generally include growing specific plants to do specific tasks. The plate is hidden in the Gracedia hair clip she wears. She can't reverse plant growth.

Appearance: She looks nothing like a soldier from a rebel faction at all, to put it bluntly. She wears gardening boots and gloves, both colored green, but her (short) skirt and (long) jacket are both compleatly white. Her hair is a bright green color, with a Gracedia hair clip permenantly attatched to it (apparently, spacial anomaly caused it to be permenantly fixed to her hair). She wears a red scarf, which has three black streaks on it. Her own skin is pale, her own eyes are a stunning blue, and she doesn't have any blemishes on her skin, resulting in what most would call a beautiful young woman.

Her only weapon that's seen at all-a Sword, strapped to her back, named Gratitude's Blessing. The sword resembles the scarf Shaymin takes upon in sky forme, having a red coloration with three black streaks.

She also keeps a dress from her days in the Scarlet Lance. It is obviously red, and very beautiful, almost beyond description. The jewels in the gown are real, glittering Rubies and Diamonds. The Scarlet Lance Logo is on it, of course. She hasn't worn it ever since she left, but makes sure she can wear it if the need arises.

Personality: She has split personality disorder. Therefore, there are two personalities. One is her survivalist side, which, although having a strong sense of justice and can be quite the socialite, will take any threat quite seriously, and generally is quite focused on eliminating that threat. She is merciless, cruel, and almost inhumanly strong. This personality is also smart, and is the side of her that knows how to use martial arts (a lot of them). Like this, she can go through a whole horror movie without being even slightly scared. She's tactical, somewhat cynical, and nothing short of efficiant, rarely letting emotions get in the way. She even has been known to seduce men with her looks in this state.

However, the other side of her is the underspoken and quite shy side. She retains knowledge of everything her counterpart does, minus the martial arts, but tacks on deep spiritual knowledge. She's also more friendly, more kind, more charitable, and for the record, much less likely to punch your lights out. However, she's easily scared, generally shy, and will get nervous like lightning. This side was second, and developed in the foster care, where had it not been for her little issue with the Scarlet Lance officer, could have been the only personality she has.

Either way, she has extensive knowledge of most firearms (though her second personality is a lover, not a fighter, and probably wouldn't fire one bullet at all), a even wider knowledge of how to weild the Gratitude's Blessing, and, of course, knows how to garden (She wears the Gardening Gloves and Boots for a reason). She also has incredible Pokemon Battling and Coordination skills, and is one of the strongest trainers of all time.

History: Ohh, this is saucy. Definatly.

She was born to nothing short of the leader of the Scarlet Lance. She grew up around Scarlet Lance's Generals, Heroes, Celebreties, and even Omnisect. She grew up with probably some of the most powerful and rare Pokemon she could have, and even saw the (brainwashed) Legends. She loved the Grass Type in particular.

However, she got an assasination attempt on herself by a person outside of Black Vertigo when she was only two, and therefore, her father thought it best to train her in self defense. She was very young then, and therefore, the Survivalist personality came about quite quickly.


One day, at the age of 8, she bore witness to Omnisect killing several people. Scratch that, she bore withness to Omnisect destroying hundreds of people. A whole faction against the Scarlet Lance (other than Black Vertigo) had been caught and were being sentanced to death.

Not even her watchfull father realized that she saw that heartless murder. Nevertheless, she took everything she could carry, and ran, ran, ran, and ran, far away from the people she thought she loved.

And she realized how bad things really were, and how heartless the Scarlet Lance really was. She grew...Quite shy, trying to shove off the personality inducted by her father. She eventually got taken in by an orphanage, where she wiped clean her last name, removing Scarlet from Natalie Scarlet, and henceforth becoming Natalie. She spent one year there, and life settled down. To an extent.

However, the Scarlet Lance wanted the Orphanage torn down, and when Natalie got wind of it, she protested to one of their leaders . Said Leader didn't reconize Natalie (She adopted her current dress during her one year at the Orphanage), and eventually got annoyed enough to point a magnum at her head.

At that instant, her attempt to swallow down her aggresive side was immediatly abandoned.

Far from killing Natalie, the Scarlet Lance official was instead the one found dead, suddenly kicked where no man should be kicked, then punched in the stomach, and his own pistol used to shoot him in the head, effectively killing him.

Natalie then ran to the Black Vertigo, the only people willing to take her in after that display.

In the process...She found her.

Shaymin was, if anything, pretty much a mirror of Natalie in every aspect, minus the fact that Natalie wasn't a Pokemon, nor didn't share a similar history with her. Natalie and Shaymin quickly bonded, along with Ziniz the Buizel, and after one year of wandering, eventually managed to find their way to the Black Vertigo's HQ, where they were accepted.

After the whole 'Time Machine malfunction and meeting Celebi whatnot,' Natalie immediatly accepted, taking Shaymin along for the ride. As though she didn't go through a mission without her already.

Pokemon: Shaymin, Lilligant (Blossom), Bellossom (Lily), Buizel (Ziniz), Hydreigon (Triple), Roserade (Scarlet). Blossom and Lily were supposed to be the Bellossom and Lilligant, respectively, but she got the names mixed up, and named the Bellossom Lily and the Lilligant Blossom. The Buizel Ziniz was a wandering Buizel traveling with Shaymin, who is incredibly intelligant and a friend of Shaymin for a long while. He has a Scarf below his collar he cannot remove. Scarlet was actually part of Omnisect's personal guard, but when requested, was put onto Natalie's team during her time at Scarlet Lance. Triple is strictly the request of her father, because Natalie needed more than just Grass Types.

Sync Moves:
Seed Flare: Natalie takes in pollution into her body (making her hair turn indigo), then forces it to morph into Plant-Healthy substance, and make it expand at enough speed to call it an explosion. It only helps Plants, and damages just about everything else.
Air Slash: Courtesy of Skymin, as she Calls Shaymin in Sky forme, Natalie may either simply cut the wind without movement, or with a weapon. Generally, weaponized Air Slashes are more powerful. Bullets leave a trail of sliced sky behind it, and The Gratitude's Blessing Blade will have a Sky-Splitting trail at it's tip.
Magical Leaf: Natalie may create multiple leaves, embedded with energy, that allows her to pick her targets, send the leaves flying, and watch as the targets struggle to avoid the inadvertable: A blow.

Other: Her main weakness: She reverts to her more peacefull personna if no fighting's going on. It's a good way to balance it out, I suppose. She also has a Sniper Rifle. I'll edit this if nessicary.

02-12-2011, 03:37 AM
Darn you, Sabi and Gaby both for sucking me in to amazing RP plots. Dunno how active I'll be, but I have to give this a try!!!

Name: Riika Amano
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Faction: Black Vertigo
Plate Gear: Flame Plate, Firestarter Ability: Takes the form of a simple metallic red band that hugs her right upper arm, allows Riika to create a steady flame from her hand, be it a small flame or an effective flamethrower, so long as there's enough oxygen to support the amount of flame she's producing.
Appearance: Riika is tall and darkly tanned, as well as lean, for 17 year-old standards. She has knee-length red-brown hair with black streaks running through it and a black newsboy hat to top it off, as well as vibrant red eyes. Riika wears a black camisole top and black armwarmers that go above her elbows to nearly her shoulders, which hide a very nasty set of scars almost the full length of her arms, along with a pair of ragged jeans and tennis shoes. She totes around a dark gray backpack with all her stuff in it, and has a silver seashell necklace around her neck that she loves and never takes off. The necklace was given to her on her 10th birthday, and her twin sister has a matching one. She usually has a bored expression on her face.
Personality:Riika is a rough, often loud-mouthed girl who isn't afraid to state her mind. She's sweet to her pokemon, but not many others, and is known for getting into fist-fights with Scarlet Lance grunts back in her home town/time because she has such a deep-rooted hatred for them. Riika has a clear sense of right and wrong, and is ready to run into wrong at full force, punching and kicking with her pokemon beside her. She has a short patience for things, and doesn't take to hyperactive kids very well. Riika's the kind of person who'd hit you just as soon as she'd look at you once she decides whether or not she likes you. She's easily irritated, and yet she can become a totally different person around people she considers her friends, and will do just about anything to keep her friends safe.
History: Riika was born into a family who remained neutral between Scarlet Lance and Black Vertigo, quietly living peaceful lives up until Scarlet Lance supposedly found a resistance group in the neighborhood and decided to have Omnisect simply massacre everyone in the area. "Luckily" for her and her siblings, Riika, Ericka, and Aiden were all off on a grocery and supply run for their family, and when they returned home, they found a burnt out shell of a neighborhood that barely resembled the quiet little neighborhood that had been there before they left. It was then that Riika decided she was going to join Black Vertigo. This had to stop, and she wanted to help stop it, whether her elder brother and twin sister supported the decision or not. As it turned out, they did, and joined up with her. Aiden was immediately assigned to infiltrate Scarlet Lance posed as a member and sent off while Ericka joined up with the tech crew, and Riika joined on to the fighting force. She became known for her brutality in fighting, choosing to fight beside her pokemon rather than just letting her pokemon fight for her, and has a record for beating down Scarlet Lance grunts too stupid for their good.

While helping with and operation to try and track down the free legendaries, Riika met Duke, and gave herself the scars on her arms. She found Entei, as she was supposed to, but at the same time, so did Scarlet Lance, and they took the weakened legendary. Riika snuck onto the transport they took the Entei on, and found herself faced with a problem: They were containing the weakened pokemon in a force field generator, and she had no idea how to turn it off. Not knowing what else to do and convinced that the Entei was more important than her, she stuck her arms through the field and all she remembers in pain ripping up her arms and then waking up with Duke nosing her and licking at her arms, while the force field was gone. She returned to Black Vertigo with him in tow and got her arms patched up, but there was no getting rid of the pale, slightly raised scars that spiderwebbed up her arms, so she covered them up with armwarmers. This did nothing to help Duke's guilt, however, and so he stayed with Riika and Black Vertigo to keep an eye on her. When the time machine mission popped up, Riika and Duke willingly signed themselves up, and just barely escaped getting blown up before Celebi arrived, and they signed themselves up again.
Espeon-Male-Asterisk 'Aster'
**Sync Moves: Protect, Shadow Ball, and Flamethrower
Other: Riika hates that Duke almost constantly worries over her like she's a small child, and it drives her nuts, but he blames himself for the scars on her arms. Riika shares a telepathic connection with both Duke and her Gardevoir, Rose.

Name: Michelle Toya
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Faction: Neutral(Currenty...)
Plate Gear: N/A as of yet...
Appearance: Michelle (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn73/Mew__Rose/My%20Art/DSCI0704.jpg)(I drew that, steal and DIE!!!) is the kind of girl everyone seems to enjoy calling their little sister, standing in at about 5' 4" and barely a hundred pounds soaking wet, lots of people think she's younger than she is. She's clearly Asian to some degree, with her almond-shaped eyes, though they're a misty green rather than the common brown, and her hair is a reddish brown that looks almost mahogany that hangs around her face in loose ringlets down to her mid back while her skin has a slight tan to it. She is commonly found wearing various black dresses under an army green denim zip-up half jacket with three-quarter sleeves that she rolls back to her elbows, it's usually buttoned up to just under her chest. Michelle tends to wear simple black dresses under her jacket, her favorite being a "lasagna"-strapped dress that has a slightly puffed skirt that goes down to just below her knees with high top sneakers the exact same color as her jacket. She also wears a dark silver chain link necklace with a dark silver charm attached to it that looks like it's a tiny wrought iron cage in the shape of a heart as well as a medium-sized black shoulder bag she carries all her stuff in.
Personality: Michelle is the kind of girl you could easily forget, she's quiet, not too outgoing, and not super friendly. She isn't the kind of person who will go straight up to you, introduce herself, and shake your hand all before you have a chance to react, in fact she's more likely to just sit there and watch you without saying a word unless you're hopelessly lost, then she'll kindly ask you where you need to go(though she probably knows already) and then just as kindly point you in the right direction. She can't stand the Gray Brotherhood "Religious Fanatics", and tells everyone she can, quite pointedly, that they're corrupt. She seems to live for her dreams, and has a rather cryptic side formed from her getting up close and person with the dark side of the world because she's telepathic. She seems to have a decent sense of sarcasm, and though usually quiet and not too friendly, once you talk to her for awhile, you will find Michelle a pretty good friend. She's a wonderful listener and likes trying to help solve problems...so long as they aren't stupid, tiny problems that you really should just get over. She's a good information gatherer and very intelligent, as she's had to become since dealing with her telepathy from a young age. Otherwise she loves her pokemon and is loyal to her friends, just like most normal girls her age, just with very odd friends and a talent for drawing she doesn't like to show off.
History: Michelle was born the only child of a more wealthy family in Liliycove, Hoenn, but it quickly became clear that the young girl wasn't like other children. She commented to things gone unspoken, but thought, she could tell who did and did not really like her, she knew when people were telling lies or about to steal something and call them out on it. It was only when her parents called in a doctor did they realize their daughter was telepathic. As Michelle got older and her telepathy more powerful, things got worse. She could hear things from everyone and was unable to ignore it until it felt like her brain was going to overload, until finally she figured out how to tune the world out. Eventually she left home to find a place where she could live that she didn't have a ton of people around and where she could raise pokemon. She spent some time wandering Hoenn with her first pokemon--a Houndour she named Oka, when she came across a very badly injured Ralts in the Petalburg woods. She took the pokemon the the Pokemon Center for treatment, and Nurse Joy did what she could...but the Ralts would be mute for the rest of it's life. Michelle wasn't bothered much by this, seeing as she offered to take it in as her own once the Ralts was healthy enough to be released, but he clung to her instead. She managed to figure out her telepathy could be used as a means of communication with him, and taught him English, calling her newfound friend Musei Ichi. She would find the Ralts one of the best friends she ever made, as he protected her from many nasty situations and angry pokemon as she began to train him.

Not too long later, she headed for Sinnoh in search of a peaceful place when she got word her parents were moving there too, to settle in quiet little Celestic Town while her father worked around the region. She thought the place was decent, not too populated, quiet, mysterious...and then she became part of a bit of mystery herself. Her mental abilities caught the attention of Darkrai, who reached out to her through her dreams. She had heard stories of the nightmare pokemon, but she didn't seem bothered in the least by his appearance in her dreams. The twelve year-old looked at Darkrai almost and said "You're Darkrai, the pokemon who gives people bad dreams." almost emotionlessly, followed "I'm not scared of you. Others might be, but bad dreams aren't reality, and reality can be a lot scarier." It was this statement that brought Darkrai to like her immediately, and though he never bothered to find her physically, Darkrai kept an eye on her and visited her dreams often, forging a decent friendship with her. Before Celestic froze up, Darkrai came to her in her dreams and told her to run. She did, and so her life went on, one of the few to escape Celestic. She hasn't heard much from him since, but she's also become very wary of the Gray Brotherhood, her telepathy telling her how corrupt the group is. She is now hoping for a way to possibly reverse the destruction of the world, but can't find much to help.
Gallade-Male- Musei Ichi, Musei for short
Other: Her pokemon tend to act like they think they're her bodyguards. She's close friends with Darkrai....And I mentioned she's telepathic, right? She can hear most of the thoughts of people within a ten foot radius of her without trying, and if she focuses it can be more. She also usually only tends to hear the "surface" thoughts of people, the thoughts going through their heads at the moment, but she can also put her own thoughts into people's heads as a form of communication, though it's not near as easily done if the person has no telepathic ability themselves, but gets easier the more she has contact with this person. However she almost constantly shares her thoughts like this with her Gallade.

Saraibre Ryu
02-12-2011, 06:21 PM
Okay you're all reserved and I'll look at the SU's that are done.

Though it seems it wasn't made clear that Scarlet Lance characters can also have legendary Pokemon too. They just aren't soul sync'd because they were already under the influence of Omnisect.

I don't wanna have to bar BV SU's just to keep a balance. >_>

02-13-2011, 01:46 AM
One more character.

Name: Hytu 'Goldeneye' Repins

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Faction: Neutral

Plate Gear: N/A...Yet. He does have a Metal Plate shard.

Appearance: Tall, sleek, and agile, Hytu lives up to his nickname 'Goldeneye' With the Golden-colored Eyes he has. They seem to clash with his Black hair and Black Skin. Nevertheless, his 5-foot-9 stance and regular build doesn't make any physical threats. His jacket is slender, long, and is expertly cameo patterened, along with his pants. He wears shoes that barely make a sound when he walks.

He's never seen without ammunition on his person, specifically ammunition for his Sniper Rifle (the Permafrost 117) and his Pistols (both Encrypt 143's), both built by him. He's also got a survivalist knife on his belt and a small pair of binoculars on his neck.

Personality: A inventor, he thinks up of things nobody really ever would have. He's well off enough to make them, too. He's generally shy, but a good friend after you get around that. He fights feircely for you once you've got that trust. Just know that he's very good at realizing if he's being used.

However, the way he is when he brings out that sniper...It's a drastic change. He gets very serious, very fast, and can shoot anything with very little time to aim, another reason why he's called Goldeneye-he's got the miracle aim.

History: Minus the fact that his Mom died when he was very young, and his father was part of the team that made Genesect, Hytu lived a pretty normal life, minus his interest in tinkering with things. He also was really interested in science.

However, it was when his father died from an assasin's hands, said assasin thinking that Genesect was an abomination, did he take it upon himself to ensure the same didn't happen. He made his own weapons, from only models he drawed up out of boredom, with only scrap metal he found, and turned it into something the Police beg of him to give up. The Permafrost 117 Sniper rifle was a leathal weapon, with leathal percision and even more leathal power, and ammunition that could peirce metals with little effort, and take the heads off of people at many miles away. Meanwhile, the Encrypt 143 Pistols were also notoriously deadly, as their bullets could be deflected several times off of hard surfaces without losing momentum, and were still the strongest pistols of their time (and still are).

The man that killed his father, however, was caught before he could kill him, so he tried his guns out on a range instead. It was immediatly proven that he was an incredibly gifted person, for being able to make fully functioning guns like the ones he had from scrap metal, and being able to shoot that good with them.

When the plates shattered, and the Legends took to their hibernative states, Hytu found a peice of the Metal Plate, and after being inspired by another one of his drawings which was inspired out of boredom, started to find and synthesize materials that could potentially amplify the power of it...AKA, he's inventing the Plate Gear. He heard of the Gray Brotherhood, but found them misguided, and is currently sealing his lips about the location of Genesect. Yes, he knows. His father made it, for goodness sake, he should know where it is, too.

Pokemon: Ferrothorn (Shiny)(Spike), Metagross (Shiny)(Meto), Krookodile (Shiny)(Crook), Haxorus (Shiny)(Hack), Bisharp (Shiny)(Shard). All of his Pokemon, in an astounding coincidence, are All Shiny. He traded over the GTS for everyone but Shard. Shard acts like his master, and can, in fact, use the Permafrost Sniper Rifle and the Encrypt Pistols like Hytu can.

Other: It's not a crime that he's the inventor of the Plate Gear, is it? I've also got plans for Jirachi.

02-13-2011, 05:41 PM
Well, Riika is done unless you think I need to change something., and I'm working on Michelle. She's the one I VMed you that question about.

02-13-2011, 11:18 PM
Can you explain to me what neutrals do to change the course of the storyline? I'm having trouble imagining what my character would be doing.

Oh, and since everyone's reserving a good guy, reserve me for a Scarlet Lance.

Socratic Sarcasm
02-15-2011, 12:59 AM
Reserve me for a Gray Brotherhood, please.

Saraibre Ryu
02-16-2011, 01:57 AM
Can you explain to me what neutrals do to change the course of the storyline? I'm having trouble imagining what my character would be doing.

Oh, and since everyone's reserving a good guy, reserve me for a Scarlet Lance.

Neutrals are really the people who are still awake in the present that have one, not been taken into slumber by Darkrai or Palkia, two were taken by the G. Brotherhood in order for them to be assimilated into their beliefs. It was given an option of people weren't sure what side they wanted to be on or if they wanted to have people develop into one of the groups, vice versa.

Charizard Michelle
02-16-2011, 06:22 AM
Name: Mina Advent
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Faction: Gray Brotherhood
Plate Gear: N/A

Appearance: Basic Appearance (http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=546439)
Mina's clothing is mostly in gray scale to match the colors of the Gray Brotherhood. Long gray boots run up her legs with a black trim along the edges that ran pass her knees. A gray and black skirt was wrapped around her waist hang half an inch above the boots. A gray and black blouse is wrapped tightly on her body. A gray jacket with a white bow is worn above her normal uniform. The jacket as a long tail that poofs up. The shoulders are puffed up a bit with red jewels on the cuffs. Hidden under the arms of the coat are a pair of bulletproof cuffs on each of Mina's arms. Gray ribbons ties her hair into two long pigtails. A black belt that holds her pokeballs with a bag strapped to it hands around her waist.

Personality: Mina could be called a cold and vain person that values her looks over anything else. She is strict and doesn't like joking of any kind. She is very smart and likes to use her intelligence to help give her an edge. Her mind is always running on some sort of idea and is willing to give even the bad ideas a try. She always have victory on her mind, may it be in the idea of succeeding or beating somebody.

Mina holds the ideas of never giving up and to always strive to overcome anything that comes before her. That was the one lesson she learned growing up.

History: (OOC: If this isn't possible then I don't mind changing this part.)
Mina has always grown up on noble ideals. The world may be crashing around her and her family but as long as they were good people then they will be alright living in Azalea Town. Since a young girl she did good when she could. Mina would volunteer at food banks and she was rewarded with being able to take some food home with her to help her family who were struggling with the times of distortions. Things were confusing with some parts and people unable to age or were aging rapidly. Things were very uncertain but Mina kept going.

Eventually Mina got to the age of 19 where she started to attend Rustboro University in the Hoenn Region. She wanted to go into engineering hoping to find a way to stop the effects of the distorted time. She was at the top of her form with being in sports and academics. It was because of this that she had received hard to come-by scholarships that paid for her education. Mina was quiet proud of herself since things were pretty good for her. She had a good looking body, top grades, and a bright future. Mina credit this to Arceus and felt that this was a reward for living such a good life. Then things started to become strange for Mina. Things started off slowly with trips here and there due to losing a bit of her balance. Her clothing wasn't fitting her as it did before. Then one day Mina woke up and looked in the mirror and realized that she looked different, younger. Much younger.

Tests were conducted and it was turning out that Mina was slowly deaging. She was going from what was a 20 year old women to what looks like a 16 year old teenager. The doctors concluded that Mina's condition had something to do with the time distortions that was plaguing the world. Instead of aging it seems like Mina's body was doing the opposite as if time was reversing for her. The news tore Mina apart as she was witnessing all the hard work she had put into her body and life slipping away. Due to her condition, Mina had to drop out of school because nobody would take somebody who looked her age seriously, her scholarship funding was being taken away and the type attention that Mina was accustomed to was disappearing. As Mina's matured body were fading away, so was her view on the world. How could an almighty being like Arceus be consider a god if he couldn't keep or even help somebody as goodhearted as Mina.

Mina then began to look into options. She wasn't going to let this deaging thing keep her down. If Arceus wasn't going to help her then she was going to find somebody else who could. It was then that Mina found The Gray Brotherhood. The group promised to overthrow Arceus who had left the humans and pokemon of the world to fall though the cracks of time and replace the ancient god with a new one. A god that would protect them and fix everything that was going wrong. Mina saw Genesect and The Gray Brotherhood as a way to regain what she lost and to return her back to normal. This motivation made her jump into the ranks of The Gray Brotherhood. They saw that Mina was more then some little girl and saw the potential that Mina had within her. They funded her to go back to school and allow her to attend classes to avoid any type of awkward situations with the student body.

Mina is now working within The Gray Brotherhood as a researcher to find Genesect and develop the Omniplate. She has became well known for going out to the field to conduct her research. Mina is still deaging but currently it has slowed down dramatically and looks to be around the age of 13 or 14.

Pokemon: Rotom, Charizard, Ditto, Scizor, Swampert and Breloom.
**Sync Moves: N/A
Other: If the deaging part doesn't can't work out then I can change it. She won't be deaging during the RP.

Saraibre Ryu
02-16-2011, 06:33 AM
Well lookie der! The deaging thing is different and I like the idea, it makes the whole motive for your character.

02-17-2011, 03:52 AM
Michelle is basically done, unless you find something wrong with her.

02-17-2011, 04:10 AM
Sorry for not getting my SU done yet, and I think I'll drop my Neutral reserve. Seems too hard, IMO.

Saraibre Ryu
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Alright, those who are still on Reserve, you've got a day or two to finish your Sign Up's before I get to startin' up the RP.

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