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Long ago the world was divided into four countries. The Air Temples, The Water Tribe, The Fire Nation and The Earth Kingdom. There used to be people known as benders who were able to control the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air. But the most powerful bender to ever be was the Avatar. The Avatar was the only one able to control all of the elements. He/she was said to be the keeper of peace between these nations. But somehow the cycle of the rebirth of the Avatar was broken the world went on without the Avatar though. Soon enough all bending was gone for some reason. Humans were born without bending and soon enough the ability of bending was rare in humans. Now bending is said to be gone. People think the cause of this was the cycle of the Avatar being broken and it upset the balance of the world.

Now it is the modern era, the age of technology. Everyone lives their life as normal people. No one seems to remember the days of bending that was way back when. Bending was said to be nothing but a myth. Only a few remember the true art that was called bending. Then people in black cloaks began appearing. They secretly sucked the life out of the humans, slowly killing off their population. These people were called the Shades. They were strong, superhuman people. Some of them have massive amounts of strength, others are incredibly fast, some have psychic abilities or to become savage beasts. But all of these Shades have the ability to suck the life out of people. They easily took over the world, reducing it to ruins. Each of the seven continents have become the main kingdoms of their domain. There they control what makes up that continent. Shade can either kill humans or transform them into Shades. But Shades kill a lot of the humans unless they either want to be a Shade or seem to have the power to be a useful soldier. Then they become Shades. So Shades used to be normal humans. But the Shades who have no control when they transform another on what type of Shade they will become.

But there is hope. For somehow bending returned to the people. The power of bending only returned to a certain few though. Now the hopes of the world lies on the shoulders of the benders. Benders are the only humans that are not affected by the Shades ability of sucking the life out of them. They have just received their powers but it comes naturally to them. They will be able to quickly learn how to fight back. Maybe even find out how to take back the world.

~Your Role~

You can either be a Shade and help to stop their benders in their efforts to take down the glorious Shade Empire. Or you can be a bender and fight to take back the world. Either fight to keep the world in darkness or fight to bring back peace to the world. This will all begin in what remains of New York City.

Shades have four types. Each types has certain abilities they contain within them.

1.) Power Shades- These have incredible strength. They can break just about anything and lift anything. They aren't the fastest but aren't the slowest. They are excellent climbers and have the highest endurance.
2.) Speed Shades- Speed shades are light and small. They may be smaller than the other Shades but they can move much faster than the others. They have small yet sharp claws. They can run across water but cannot swim. They can jump really high as well as have good agility and balance.
3.) Mind Shades- These can use their mind as their weapon. They use dark mind energy to levitate things or create fields of dark energy. They are the smartest of the Shade race. These can keep focus and read minds. They can transfer their mind energy to any part of their body.
4.) Beast Shades- These are perhaps the most unpredictable and wildest of all Shades. These can turn into a savage beast with large fangs and claws. They can use a high-pitched yell to paralyze their foes when screaming. They can also roar a sonic boom as well. These Shades have to work hard to control themselves. They love to fight and cause pain. If angered will lose control.

1.) Fire Benders- These people get their power from the sun. The greatest of them can eventually learn to turn their fire into lightning. Fire Benders are dangerous if not able to control their powers. They can melt metal with their hot and strong fires.
2.) Earth Benders- These can sense the movements in the earth to sense when someone is approaching or to find the unsee-able. They can shape the ground beneath them as they wish. Only the best can even bend metal. They can cover any part of their body with earth.
3.) Water Benders- These people can bend the water at will. They can freeze it and melt it if in ice form. They can cover their bodies with water as well. The most advanced can use it to heal. Any form of water can be used by these people.
4.) Air Benders- They can use the air around them to attack. They can bend it to any shape and use it to force enemies back. They can control the air currents to fly or hover momentarily in the air. They are the most spiritually connected of all benders.


1.) All PE2K rules apply.
2.) No bunnying, godmodding or flaming.
3.) Keep it PG-13
4.) Limit of three characters
5.) Can only be one type of bender or one type of Shade
6.) You must be dedicated to this RP
7.) Have fun!


Bender/Shade Type:

Selena and Bruce (Mickmon95)

Phantasm (Speed Shade)
Inferno (Fire Bender)

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Name: Selena "Sel" Lockheart
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://www.tokyopop.com/ugc/5/5/0/9/3/u//images/2725524.jpg
History: Selena grew up in New York City. She aspired to be an actress and singer on Broadway. She had been in a few shows but only as a brackgound extra. Never in the spotlight where she always wanted to be. She lived with her mother, Celia, and her younger sister, Emily. Her father had abandoned them when she was only little girl. Once the Shades invaded and took over the world, Selena was left alone. She was able to escape with her younger sister, but her mother wasn't as lucky. Selena and Emily lived out in hiding for a very long time. But her sister caught a disease and died. Selena was left all alone. Once she realized her powers of bending she was ready to take action.
Bender/Shade: Bender
Bender/Shade Type: Water Bender
Other: None

Name: Bruce Dodger
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/so3/art-001.jpg
History: Bruce was a normal boy who had a disfunctional family. Both of his parents abused him physically and emotionally. So his mind was easily messed up by this traumatizing childhood. He wanted power to seek revenge on his parents who had hurt him so bad. So once the Shades invaded he wanted to become one for the power. He declared the dedication to become a Shade and was transformed. Unfortunatley he became a Beast Shade. He lost control on his plans for revenge on his parents and ended up killing them. He then couldn't be stopped and he went on a killing rampage. He killed Selena's mother in his fit of rage. But he eventually gained more control to become a deadly Shade in control of himself. He is very messed up with his morals and what is right.
Shade/Bender: Shade
Bender/Shade Type: Beast Shade
Other: None

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Name: Kallen (Kal) Skirata
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Bender/Shade: Bender
Bender/Shade Type: Fire Bender
Appearance: http://th01.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2010/134/a/1/Mandalorian_Dragon_by_Dedefox.jpg
Obviously, Bending isn't his only offense

Will finish this later

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Reserve me as a Speed Shade please

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Mick: Okay both of you are reserved.