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Saraibre Ryu
02-23-2011, 04:52 PM

-Banner by Neo

‘Welcome to the world of today.’

The world is now full of paradox. Time Paradox. The plates of Arceus are shattered, striking the blow into the very soul of the deity, and his counter parts; Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina, and legendary Pokemon everywhere. Time started to be distorted all over the planet, space started to contain different properties. Some things aged faster, some aged slower, some areas, time was completely stopped. Humans and Pokemon panicked at the strange anomalies, humans didn’t know if moving through their own backward meant a decade added onto their lifetime, and Pokemon were unable to evolve all together. They were even more frightened to find out that the other, weakened legendary Pokemon were moving them into zones of unmoving time. Some humans managed to escape from these movements, thinking that Arceus had left them all to fall into a warped void of destruction. These heretics started to find other groups of scared humans and preach to them about how the end was coming, and how they intended to fix it themselves, how Arceus needed to be brought down and replaced with a new god. They came to call themselves the Gray Brotherhood. Feeling a disturbance in the balance of power and knowing this would damage the very fabric of dimensions, Arceus went to Palkia to try and restore the plates. However, before this was possible, another powerful anomaly damaged space time and dimension. The disturbance was too powerful for the three dragons and the deity to handle, thus, they were put into a hibernation. The Gray Brotherhood took the discovery as a sign from their unknown, new god, and started to search for the shattered plate pieces. It was decided amongst the highest ranks that a Pokemon named Genesect, would be modified to become the new god of all.

‘Welcome to the world of tomorrow.’

That’s what the sign says as you pass through yet another prominent wasteland left behind by the harbinger of destruction. The world many years ago was wonderful, full of life and prosperity. The events that occurred in the past made the future bleak and ominous.

Scarlet Lance, the pinnacle of what everyone knows to exist. At their peak lies their most powerful tool and ally: Omnisenct, the new god of that is and will be. The modified version of Genesect, tampered with by science and enhanced with the arcane technology of the Omniplate. The Gray Brotherhood is no more, with the Scarlet Lance replacing it. With Omnisect, the stand alone group that controls everything, the world is slowly spiraling into ruin. The artificial deity seeks out the remaining dying legendary Pokemon for their power, offering them a release from death in return. Being an immortal slave to Omnisect is the life all legendary Pokemon attempt to flee. The only keeper of tim that was left, Celebi, then decided that it was time to risk moving through time to stop this pre-apocalypse.

The only other group that stood in the way of the Scarlet Lance was a group known as Black Vertigo. These rebels had stolen technology from Scarlet Lance, in order to go back through time to become the new leaders of the current world, and control Omnisect. As the machines were about to be started up, there was a flaw within the generator. Once they were going, problems started left right and center. Sparks flew and bits of metal started to fly off. Soon the machines couldn’t hold themselves together under the pressure of distorted space and time, and eventually fell into a spacial collapse.

Celebi arrived to the group just after the disaster happened, unhappy now that the fragile dimension was now even more damaged than ever. The few Black Vertigo members that remained on the scene, realized what they had done, but were still determined to change the past. Seeing potential in these humans, and their companions, Celebi and it’s kin discussed amongst the other legendary Pokemon that were left. After a small recovery period, these legends came to Black Vertigo, offering to send them back through time to stop this present from happening. However, they had to give up the gift of death and be removed from time completely, never to age again, or die by nature’s hand. Another was that their soul must be synchronized with a legendary that had come to go back to the past, but not everyone had to do so. In turn, the now sync’d legendary Pokemon brought their supporter a fragment of the shattered type plate they had found from many years ago. The fragments still held power, and so, like the Omniplate, these fragments were synthesized into equipment for Black Vertigo to protect them and any others they may find in the past.

Thus, Black Vertigo prepared for a departure. Prepared to give up what may be their own lives, the spacial collapse they created a week ago was reopened into a portal to the past. Then out of the black, Scarlet Lance appeared, in a stealthy ambush to cripple Black Vertigo by a betrayal of unknown origin.. In the battle, Celebi had no choice but to send Black Vertigo and the remaining others into the past, and as they were sent through the passage of time, their counterparts made sure to separate Black Vertigo and the Scarlet Lance.

‘Welcome to the world of today.’

Here we are, back to the point of the past where the plates were shattered an Arceus and his comrades now just fallen into hibernation. Time may be dysfunctional, but it’s quickly running out.

`The basics, no modding, bunnying without permission, flamming, spamming, etc.
`No more than one legendary a person. Black Vertigo members and Scarlet Lance members may only start out with legendary Pokemon. [They are not necessary]
`Gray Brotherhood members have access to Scarlet Lance tech.
`All Legendary Pokemon are weakened and therefore are not at their full power.
`Travel takes 3 posts; departure, duration, arrival.
`You can swear but don’t be saying it every other word.
`Only three people can use a Plate Fragment of the same type. All powers must be different and related to the type
`Respect others.
`Have fun.


Gray Brotherhood:
`Being the faction of the past, they know where everything is and how to detect the different borders of Time Zones. They have already started gathering plate fragments and have around four already.
`They have a ‘political’ hold over a view communities that are still awake in the present.
`Are unaware of the presence of Black Vertigo

`Keep Arceus and his counter parts asleep.
`Create the Omniplate.
`Find Genosect and complete the god mod on it.

Scarlet Lance:
`Due to owning history, they know where most of the fragment locations are
`Have technology on a higher level than the current time
`Know of Black Vertigo’s presence, however, unlike them, are still within time.
`Can forge stronger plate gear for Gray Brotherhood due to better materials to synthesize with.
`Legendary Pokemon owned my a Scarlet Lance member are under complete mental control of their owner due to Omnisect’s manipulation from the future.

`Assist Gray Brotherhood in their motives.
`Assimilate past versions of uncaptured and un sync’d legendary Pokemon for the future.
`Stop and or eliminate Black Vertigo.

Black Vertigo:
`Unfamiliar with the current time
`Since being removed from time, they will never naturally die, and can safely travel through all Time Zones without harm.
`Those soul sync’d with a legendary may die if their legendary dies. Legendary Pokemon amplify the power of the Plate Gear. Legendary Pokemon can us their special abilities but not for very long. Black Vertigo members may use up to three techniques from their Legendary counterpart with their gear.

`Stop Scarlet Lance and their motives.
`Find a way to awaken Giratina, Palkia and Dialga, then Arceus, and find a way to heal their souls.

OOC: A bit late >_<

Okay so...because I'm lazy and sick:
Black Vertigo Members will have just arrived in the present time.

Scarlet Lance members will have also arrived in the present, but away from Black Vertigo.

Gray Brotherhood members will be working on their motives and goals.

Have at 'er.

02-24-2011, 01:06 AM
(Ooc: FIRST! I assume we're in Kanto-Johto?)

Black Vertigo
Dragon's Den, Blackthorn City, Johto

Time. It was, in it's visual manifestation-the timestream-beautiful beyond belief.

It was like she was, in every sense of the word, weightless. No gravity, no worries, nothing to weigh her down...Just floating in an endless sky of beauty.

...But that beauty was brief.

Everything came back at once. No sooner did the sensation start than did it end.

She was first here. She was closest to Celebi when she warped everyone...Scarlet Lance included, the b**t***s.

And Shaymin was nearby her. The tiny Legendary Pokemon shook itself.

"...Where...Where am I?" Shaymin said. She looked around, and found Natalie, looking a little relived to be with her. "Natalie, where are we?" She asked.

Natalie checked her surroundings. Firey streaks of blue and red flames, neither intersecting their colors to form purple...Dratini and Dragonair, Magikarp and Gyrados, even a few Dragonite...And the old, worn-out shape of the Dragon's Den, albeit, this Den was in much better condition."I guess it's...The Dragon's Den. We've gone back in time, not in space. I hope Celebi kept Scarlet Lance away from us..." Natalie said. She unseathed the Gratitude's blessing, just in case that wasn't the case. "Keep on guard. I'll bet you anything that My hopes aren't reality..."

"We've gone back in time to change reality." Shaymin said.

"Yhea. I know. Just keep on guard. What if Scarlet Lance weren't warped to a different location?" Natalie said.

Shaymin got into a battle pose. Natalie scanned the area, looking for anything whatsoever that could prove usefull in a fight...

Master Zorua
02-24-2011, 02:03 AM
Black Vertigo
Dragon's Den, Blackthorn valley, Johto

"No, I'm sure despite the rush she was in, she at least sent them someplace else, if for nothing more than to buy us time. Isn't that right Celebi?" Robert asked as he walked over towards Natalie, holding out his hand to the girl. Celebi, who had bonded with Robert, hovered over Robert's right shoulder.

<In all honesty, I'm not sure where or when they were sent. I just knew I had to do something and fast. But you are right. We have time to fix the problem before it's too late. If the others aren't woken up and restored, then history won't be changed and the universe itself will be doomed to die.> Celebi telepathically spoke to them both.

"Well then, I say we see about finding the others and learn exactly what's going on in the world around us. We need to know if Arceus and the others are still awake in this current time period or if the plates have been shattered and the legends have gone to their slumber." Robert spoke with a calm and rational tone of voice.

02-24-2011, 04:22 AM
(OOC: Why would you assume we're in Kanto-Johto??? Arceus, Palkia and Dialga are Sinnoh legends... Oh well, I'll post with the group and if I have to change it then I will...)

Riika Amano
Black Vertigo
Dragon's Den, Blackthorn Valley, Johto

It was warm, and dark, Riika found. It took her a second to realize that this was because Duke was practically wrapped around her like a living, breathing, large, furry life ring. Then she heard the voices of the others around her, Natalie and Robert's semi-familiar voices conversed about whether or not Scarlet Lance had come with them to the location they were in or not before Robert said something about finding out what was going on in the time they had found themselves in. Riika's mind dealt with both rationally, first she looked to duke, pushing the heavily-furred side that barred her sight and served as a shield to protect her from dangers that may or may not have been there. "Hey Duke, ya' big, furry lug, move it." She grunted, provoking a soft chuckle in her mind.

/I'd watch what you call me, Ri-Ri./ The deep male voice taunted, Riika frowned. She hated it when he decided to use the annoying nickname her brother and twin sister had given her at a very young age. However it was all teasing, as the Entei moved out of her way to see the other Black Vertigo members before her.

"Can't be too hard to figure out. I think they still have newspapers in this time, we just need to find a town where we can get one and look for the headline 'Such-and-such town has been time frozen! Is this the end of the world?' or something like that." She said with a shrug, looking around slowly.

(OOC: And because there's no plausible reason for her to have left Sinnoh yet...)

Michelle Toya
Outside Hearthome City, Sinnoh

People, Michelle couldn't get far enough away from most of them, especially those religious freaks who preached about the world's end. Their thoughts made her sick, they used the guise of religion and preyed upon people's fears to further their own corrupt causes. Sadly, too many people believed, too many people fell into the Gray Brotherhood's web, no one was psychc...

Well, except for her.

She shifted and opened her eyes slowly, finding herself still in the tree she'd pulled herself into. "If only they knew the truth..." She whispered softly, life was full of "If onlys" for her--If only she hadn't been born telepathic, if only she had stayed in Hoenn, if only she had not caught Darkrai's attention, if only, if only, if only. Of course it any of it wasn't the way it was in her screwed up little life, she might have been among those helping those twisted religious fanatics.

There might have been a lot of things that were different. But this was now, no changing the past.

/Don't be so hard on yourself./ Musei Ichi commented, Michelle sighed, turning her gaze to her Gallade.

"How can I not be? I know the truth, but I'm only one person, Musei. I should be able to combat the Gray Brotherhood with what I know is the truth, but no one else would believe me. I'm one person against many, and a claimed telepathic who got her information from Darkrai--that would not settle well with anyone. And even if no one believed me, the Brotherhood would know I knew and try to get rid of me... What can I do? How can I change the world?" She asked softly, below them, her other pokemon looked up as if they felt their trainer's inner distress.

/You try to do it very carefully./ Musei replied, sounding almost smug.

"But I still don't know... I wish he'd visit again, I haven't heard anything from him since he warned me about Celestic... Though no one believed that, either. Where is he?" She sighed, green eyes turning to the sky as a breeze came through, catching her hair and tugging it playfully. Darkrai had not appeared to her lately, no matter how much she wished it. Musei did not have an answer for this question, Michelle doubted anyone did.

Charizard Michelle
02-24-2011, 04:30 AM
Mina Advent
Gray Brotherhood
Mossdeep City, Hoenn

(OOC: If we suppose to be in Kanto-Hoenn then I can easily just have my character move to Kanto.)

A little girl around the age of 13 or so could be seen wandering the halls of the Mossdeep Space Center. She was mostly dressed in Gray as she was carrying what seem like a notepad.

"Whats with the little girl? Is she lost?" asked a man in a labcoat to another researcher as they watched the girl walking. The child scolded at the person and kept on walking. This seem to have made the man reel back a bit. Eventually the girl walked up to a door and the guard gave her a strange look and was going to say something before he noticed a key card being pulled out of the girl's coat. He then just went back to guarding the door.

Eventually the little girl walked into the an what seems like a control room within Mossdeep Space Center. She walked over to one of the adults and began to look at a monitor.

"Hello Miss Mina Advent. Did any of the researchers give you a hard time coming in?" said a man with thick glasses and messy brown hair.

"You have idiots working for you," said Mina as she was writing something down on her notepad. A serious look was on her face.

"Well you can't blame them since it isn't everyday that a little gir-I mean somebody of your caliber of intellge-" said the man as he was trying to lighten the mood before being interrupted by Mina.

"Doctor Robbion. I don't need you to make light of my condition. I am very well aware of how old I look when in actually I am 25," said Mina in a low voice and threatening eyes. "If you try to bring any more attention to it then we may pull our funding."

"Oh very sorry Miss Advent! I was just saying," said Dr. Robbin as he seem a bit nervous and gulped. "We appreciate your support and the ideas that we are able to pursue because of it."

"These reading are showing interesting results," said Mina as she seem to be focusing on the screens above her. She was a bit too short to see them on eye level due to her age but made good with what she had. "How accurate are these readings?"

"Very accurate. We have been able to pinpoint the exact boundaries of each Time Zone and currently trying to work on finding energy readings," said Robbin as he looked down at Mina.

"Good but do better. You know how important it is to find those fragments," said Mina as she kept on viewing the monitor. This was only a hunch but Mina figure that they already knew where the Time Zones were but now they need to focus on the Omniplate and Mina knew that those fragments were the key. From what Mina been told they have a few in their position but she knew they needed more. They needed a faster way to gather the shards and use them in the Omniplate. The plates were the source of the infinite power that Arcues held and if they could use that to fuel their goal then their end project would not only hold the power of the future but the past as well thus making the perfect God.

Mina had used the connections of the Gray Brotherhood to be able to use the Space Center for an idea that she had to help find the fragments. She suspected that the fragments must contain some sort of reading to them similar to what is found in space and the best place to go for all things space was the Mossdeep Space Center. Satellites and monitoring programs at their disposal. If this would work then this will bring Mina one step close to becoming back to normal.

"It won't be long before I get my old self back," said Mina once again to motivate herself as she read a screen.

Saraibre Ryu
02-24-2011, 06:16 AM
Black Vertigo
Dragon's Den, Johto

Sage felt heavier than a dead weight Aggron. Pushing herself up off the ground, she hazily looked around, pushing herself off the ground and getting to her feet. It felt as though they were just hit by a train, then carried train only to be thrown a few thousand feet in perpetual momentum and stopped dead into a wall. Sage opened her eyes, finding it rather dark. Putting her hand into her pocket, she pulled out a Pokeball, letting out a bear-like creature. The female yawned, smoke coming out. She noticed the area was dark, and thus, ignited the flames around her shoulders. The light provided more sight, and from what Sage could tell they were in a cave.

“Twyla?” She shouted, wondering where her soul she was vowing to support was. “Twyla where are you?”

‘I’m right here!’

Soon a Latias came zooming out of a tunnel, a happy look on her face. Sage sighed with relief. The Eon Pokemon swam circles around her in the air, happy to see Sage was up, Inova just yawned again and started to walk out of the tunnel on her own.

“Alright, you found a way out of this crevice?”

‘You betcha.’ Twyla nodded.

Sage followed silently, making sure she didn’t trip or fall on any of the crevices. Her Typhlosion, wandering into a larger area where subtle voices could be heard. As the voice got louder, she had a feeling they were getting closer, as Sage recognized the voices. Soon Twyla shot ahead into a larger cavern, and we found a few of the Black Vertigo members with their legendary soul sync’d companions. Inova rolled down the ledge like a Sandshrew and Sage followed, sliding down with a steady stance until she hit the level floor.

Sage heard a few last comments of some of the awakening members. They had good points.

"Well then, I say we see about finding the others and learn exactly what's going on in the world around us. We need to know if Arceus and the others are still awake in this current time period or if the plates have been shattered and the legends have gone to their slumber."

"Can't be too hard to figure out. I think they still have newspapers in this time, we just need to find a town where we can get one and look for the headline 'Such-and-such town has been time frozen! Is this the end of the world?' or something like that."

Sage walked into the group and looked around.

“I’m guessing we’re all alright?” Sage asked, looking around. “If so I think Riika and Robert have good points. We’re going to have to find a city of some kind, get some supplies and a makeshift base of operations. As for Arceus, Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga, we should assume they are under hibernation until otherwise proven. We were planned to be put in the time before the plates were shattered, but thanks to Scarlet Lance, they screwed the jump I’m guessing.”

Sage knew that they were separated from Scarlet Lance, but they were nevertheless here, and Scarlet Lance knew what they were doing.

“We need to watch for any of the Scarlet Lance, they screwed us over once and they will do it again.” She woman added with seriousness. “No doubt they may manipulate people here for their means and they will more than likely do whatever they can to affirm their hold in our time. Anyone have any questions or concerns?”

02-25-2011, 01:29 AM
Black Vertigo
Dragon's den, Blackthorn City, Johto

Robert was his usuall self-So calm it was agitating. Celebi just restated the situation.

"Thanks for that. Robert, I'd say finding our fellow Black Vertio members is a high priority and-oh look! There they are! All around us!" Natalie said, rather sarcastically, as her comerades grouped together. Scarlet Lance appearing was enough to have set off her 'predator' self, as she put it.

"Ohh...Sorry about her, Robert...She has her condition and all, and it goes off around Scarlet Lance, and all that..." Shaymin said, in a more shy tone, pleading forgiveness for her friend. "...Certianly you put us in the right time period, Celebi?" She added, just to be safe. Who knew what effects of Time Travel could have gone on...Especially when interfered with.

"...Regardless of that, I think we've got nothing outside of our weapons, our Pokemon, and our Plate Gears...So, to start...We should find out when we are, gain allies in the local area, and basically expand." Natalie said. "We don't have Scarlet Lance B*tches running around, thinking they've got as much turf in the past as they do in the present. They've been huge problems where development is concerned, but I think they've been sent far away, so I think it'll be easier to grow in the nearby area."

Sage finally walked up to the group, and addressed them all. Natalie's hand shot up upon her last words: "Anyone have any questions or concerns?"

"I've got one thing on my mind. How do we...Well...Fix the problem? We know what we've got to do-Change the future and stop Omnisect from ever being created...But how? I've got suggestions." Natalie said.

Master Zorua
02-27-2011, 08:50 PM
Robert Gallifrey
Black Vertigo
Dragon's Den, Blackthorn valley, Johto

Robert gave a simple nod to Shaymin. "No worries, I tend to tune her out when she becomes a prick. But staying in here yammering on won't do us any good." he calmly jested as he looked about the the others.

"So, since we're closest to Blackthorn, I say we put our legendary friends in their comfy, cozy balls so we don't draw attention to ourselves, get ourselves a newspaper and from there figure out if we have to hunt down shards, or if we're far back enough in time to find Arceus and prevent the plates from shattering. Quite frankly, I still stand by my original theory that Genosect is responsible, predicting that humanity would turn to him and give him the powers of a God, but now I'm just rambling on so.." Robert took a few hops up towards the exit of the caveand gripped the side wall with one hand while swinging an open palm to the outside. "...let's get tracking." he spoke in a cheery, comical tone of voice before returning Celebi to her Pokeball and heading outside.

02-27-2011, 11:58 PM
Black Vertigo
Dragon's Den, Blackthorn City, Johto

"You ignored my suggestions, Rob. Compleatly. I have them." Natalie said, a little more annoyed at Robert.

"My suggestions...For one, Simply killing Genesect would work. No Genesect, no Omnisect. A second alternative would be to wait for the Omniplate to be made, and intercept it, and use it's properties to restore Giratina, Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus." Natalie said, addressing the whole group.

"If we've gone far enough back that the plates weren't shattered...We can either stop it from happening, like Robert said, or simply collect the shards from the point they were destroyed. They can't have gone far from there." Natalie added.

"Natalie...What about for now?" Shaymin timidly asked.

"We expand in the local area, and keep the legends hidden." Natalie said. "Here, Blackthorn city, The Icy Path, the neighboring Routes, Mahogany town even...As much as possible."

Natalie then pulled out the Luxury Ball she used to keep Shaymin safe in times of crisis (Like she had to actually catch her), and returned her to it. Pocketing it, she then proceeded to exit, with Robert, the know-it-all.


"Nova Blade"
Scarlet Lance
Mount Moon, Kanto

He had a headache that hurt like hell. That was about it for prizes from striking down upon the Black Vertigo tratiors.

Celebi intervened the whole fight with the time travel, and he was briefly sent into the Timestream, before being sent here...His location? He had little to no idea...

...Until the Clefairy came from around the corner. He then figured it was a Mountain cave, as Clefairy rarely were seen from anywhere else. That left Mount Moon, Mount Coronet, and a few other places he forgot as likely places for him to be in.

Omnisect's vision of what was to come was very well off-It told of a very small group of Black Vertigo members, attempting to travel back in time, via a time machine.

When the average size strike team came about, they found a very large group of Black Vertigo members, attempting to travel back in time, via Celebi.

The two little misconceptions left his squad at a major disadvantage. He managed to kill several, thanks in part to his hailstorm of bullets, as did the other Scarlet Lance members, but the issue was in the fact that half of his squad went down.

...He waited patiantly, for the rest of his Scarlet Lance troops to arrive. Some were here already...But others were yet to come.

And he'd need every last soldier he could get. The Black Vertigo proved that they were definatly no minor threat...

...When was he? That was a good question. Not like he had a wristwatch to tell him that stuff. He carried what he needed, nothing more...Absolutely nothing more.

Charizard Michelle
02-28-2011, 03:05 AM
Mina Advent
Gray Brotherhood
Mossdeep City, Hoenn

"What you mean I can't get in that room! This is a damn emergency!" said Mina as she looked up at a tall female security guard. Mina soon began to dig into her pocket to pull out her id card. "See this! This is me! If this is some sort of joke then let you know that I am not amused."

"No Miss it just that we can't have children behind these doors. This is the communication room where only adults can be let in," said the woman. She looked down at Mina and didn't seem to believe that the ID card in Mina's hands was real.

"You must be new because I let you know that I been behind those doors more times then you have touched that gun and if you don't want to be patrolling a mall then you better let me in," said Mina as she was beginning to fume. The way the female guard stood helped show off her matured body. Mina so wanted to just push the girl out of the way so she could step her curves.

"I am going have to call-" said the girl as she took a better look at Mina's ID Card. She then whisper the words, "Gray Brotherhood."

"I am so sorry Miss Advent. I didn't know better. I thought you were somebody else," said the woman looked at Mina and soon moved out of the way.

"Right...Just get ready to prepare to be working at a mall," said Mina as she walked pass the woman and felt the urge to stick her tongue out at her. She fought against the urge and just kept going. Mina blamed the urge on her current age. The lack of hormones and such and things like that.

"Note to self: Pick up a biology book," said Mina as she walked into the room. Several computers that were connected to a secure line. A few minutes ago Mina had just gotten an interesting reading on one of the satellite scans. It was amazing and Mina was hoping this would be a clue to finding one of the fragments.

Mina walked over to one of the computers and and closed the door behind her. Long ago when there was a space race against Orre, The Mossdeep Space Program went to great lengths to make sure their communication lines were secure. This was another reason why Mina wanted to Mossdeep Space Center. She wanted to bring back these lines of communication to use them within the Gray Brotherhood.

Beeps could be heard coming from the Video Phone and soon a ding could be heard. Mina guess that her superior was busy so she decided to leave a message.

"We think we found something interesting that is worth investigating. Please get back to me," said Mina as she got close to the screen excitedly. Her face looks like a little kid who just discovered that her first crush had just asked her out on a date.