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02-24-2011, 10:10 PM
Mission breifing:
As you know the village cheif Tyra (Tyranitar) has been captured, we have reason to beleive that our rival tribe (tribe Gurra) may have somthing to do with it. this is a search and rescue mission , we need you to infaltrait Tribe Gurras strong holds and locate Tyra and safley bring him back to Tribe Terra, our future depends on it. being the elite warriors you are we expect you to complete your mission succesfully....were counting on you.

your role
you a part of an elite task force called squad Delta, you carry out orders for tribe terra to keeps its inhabidants safe.

Character skeloton
Pokemon species:
additional info:

My character
Name: Rouge
Species: Scizor
sword dance
bullet punch
Gender: male
Personality: Rouge is for the most part layed back, but he also isnt somone you want to mess with. he has a strong beleif in justice and doing what is right no matter the cost. his years of experience shows on his body and personalitly.
Additional info: rouge has multiple scratches on his body which is a result of his years of service, he wears a torn sun tanned cloak draped across his left shoulder

02-25-2011, 01:56 AM
Name: Portal
Species: poliwrath
hydro pump
dynamic punch
Personality: potal is can remain caim in even the most drastic situations, her high composure allows her to think quick oh her feet with out hesitating. off of the battle feild she's very serious and doesnt have a high tolerorence for nonsense.
Additional info: portal was born with a purple stomach swirl