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02-28-2011, 03:56 AM
by Dragoness


Alice in Wonderland mates with Pokemon and produces Cherry Blossoms. The End.

What? You want more? Alllright.

This is, to sum things up, a slightly eclectic role play. It involves both wild and mildly silly elements yet also serious conflict and events.

You + other Pokemon citizens are living your normal life--going about and traveling, battling gyms and dojos in the region of Hoenn. Normal Pokemon Trainers and Gym Leaders and Rangers or maybe just plain 'ole Hoenn citizens. Doing your thing, living life, buzzing about the proverbial Combee...until...

An earthquake--no, the earthquake--shakes the whole area of Hoenn. Trees fall down, the lakes shiver with the shakes, fires burst out as power lines fall. Somehow in all the chaos you are knocked unconscious.

You awake to find yourself in Hoenn. Except...Hoenn isn't the same. Everything is turned upside down.

Pokemon and trainer have switched places.

You have retained your normal human body and the Pokemon are still Pokemon - they are just in control now. YOU battle for them against other humans and Pokemon. You are captured in Pokeballs now. You have your own Pokedex entry.



Pokemon for the Ethical Treatment of Humans, or in short, PETH. PETH has grown so powerful they could easily be running the Poke'Governments. They influence almost every major government decision concerning humans and fill the air with their propaganda. They emphasize being kind, fair, and gentle to humans. They are known for their oddball, sometimes disturbing techniques, but they do get the job done. Their whole and final goal is for humans to be considered equal to Pokemon and to gain more than the basic rights they have now.

Those basic rights of humans are under the document Declaration of Human Rights. In sum, the document states that humans have the right...

...to not suffer intended cruelty at the hands of another living creature
...to peacefully petition the government
...to leave their trainer at any time for any reason
...to not be used for experiments without prior consent (This is a new law)
...to be given the chance to fight before being captured
...to be given a trial before peers, both human and Pokemon and the right to defend oneself in the court of law.

PETH doesn't control everything though, not yet. Pokemon are too used to playing, battling and capturing humans to relinquish the right to capture a human, or even the right to pay that human. Some humans become friends with their masters/mistresses; some don't, to say the least. Some Pokemon honor every single one of these rights and more; some have certainly not.

As it sometimes happen, PETH became too good at its job. Its made so much noise, blasted so much of its opinion and pushed so forcefully its agenda that it has created the very thing it hoped to avoid. The PAH, or the Pokemon Against Humans. The Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Ho-Oh and Kyrogue have banded together alongside other powerful, if more common Pokemon. They are rebellious, power hungry and confident.

PAH's intentions? To enslave humans, to reform the Poke'Governments of the world, and to place the four legendary Pokemon as world leaders.

PAH have captured some Pokemon, humans and other legendary 'mons. A few Pokemon, such as Celebi and Mew are free, though oddly silent; others are simply missing. Some Pokemon are happy about the impending rebellion, which is, of course, about much more than just humans. Many Pokemon are not happy about the rebellion and are fighting tooth and nail against PAH.

What side do you belong on? What is your role? What will you do?

02-28-2011, 03:57 AM
.:Pokedex Entries:.
Yes, you must fill out both if you have a trainer :P
I'd like to say before we get to the SU's: You take the initiative and I'll do the rest. Since this is loosely (very loosely) based off Alice in Wonderland and is basically a dream-like, alternate world Role Play, then I'm very flexible when it comes to SUs. If you have an idea for a grumpy mushroom that has somehow sprouted legs, or a talking rain cloud, then go for it :) Take the initiative, make an SU and submit it and I'll do the rest - accept, decline, or offer advice on how to improve it if I see a glaring error.

In other words, you don't have to follow these Sign-Up/Pokedex sheets. They are examples of what I'd expect if you were to sign-up as a human-now-turned-servant and/or if you had a Pokemon-trainer (literally, a Pokemon that is a trainer). If you want to sign-up as something else (not a legendary 'mon) then go for it. If you want help with the SU, then VM or PM me.

Your Pokedex Entry:

Name of Your Character:



Brief Details About Your Character's Personality:

Physical Appearance:

Other (any neat or humorous information you want to add to your Pokedex entry--like where you are likely to be found and trivia or a brief history)

Your Trainer's Sign-Up:

Name of Your Trainer:

Gender of Your Trainer:

Your Trainer's Pokemon Species:

Age of Your Trainer:

How Did You and Your Trainer First Meet?:

Physical Description of Your Trainer:

Brief Details About Your Trainer's Personality:

Are They For or Against PAH?



1. Follow all forum rules

2. Don't kill anyone w/out first getting their permission; likewise, don't say a blow landed on them. Let them decide that.

3. No text speak or eye popping use of smileys. The point is to have fun, but also to write out your character's emotions/actions/et cetra.

4. Don't give yourself super-powers or a flawless personality or whatnot (aka, no g-modding)

5. Don't control others characters (aka, no bunnying) (except for NPCs - which are non-player characters)

6. You may meet and initiate friendly legendary Pokemon in this RP. Just remember that they'd be the super heroes of the Pokemon world and you'd be like the little runt of the Pichu litter in comparison.

7. Things may be weird in the RP - stuff literally upside down, talking trees, day and night switched. But some basic logic should still be used - you can't leapfrog from one region to another in a second, you can't destroy entire buildings with a flick of your fingers, you can't travel from the moon and back in two minutes, et cetra.

8. Post your character(s) name(s) and location at the top of every post.



In this RP, the whole point is...to have fun. Form alliances, battle others, try and escape from your master or mistress. Fight the power. Whatever. RP to your heart's content.

A tip I do have is remember to include action. Yes, action. I'm not talking about filling out your posts so they resemble a cross between Rambo and Terminator. I'm talking about remembering that you are interacting with other humans and those same humans need actions to give them a base start on how to interact with your character. There is nothing wrong with inner thoughts and turmoils, but I have seen RPers fill their post with a huge amount of boring description or personal thoughts and forget to include any interaction with their fellow RPers.

It could be as simple as you asking a question of another character, or deciding to take a walk. Some kind of interaction, or a starting point.
Here (click) is a link to a map of Hoenn (http://pokedex.kary.ca/hoenn.gif)
.:Accepted Sign-Ups:.


02-28-2011, 03:58 AM
Go ahead and post :)

I'll edit this later with my SU.

Master Zorua
02-28-2011, 04:19 AM
Name of Your Character: Robert Okami

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Brief Details About Your Character's Personality: Robert Okami is a guy with a strong sense of right and wrong. He is very disciplined as a result of his upbringing by his father, a world renown martial artist named Seto Okami. However, he is laid back and friendly with his friends and Pokemon. Back before the incident, he was a top trainer, ranked number 3 in the last Hoenn League. He was famous for his breeder-like care that he gave to his Pokemon, keeping them in the best of shape and appearance whenever he had some spare time to massage or groom them.

Physical Appearance:

Other: Robert Okami, the Justice human. This human will come to the aid of those in need and is very protective of his trainer and fellow human companions. It is said that his Roundhouse Kick can break solid stone.

Name of Your Trainer: Flare

Gender of Your Trainer: Female

Your Trainer's Pokemon Species: Arcanine

Age of Your Trainer: 18

How Did You and Your Trainer First Meet?: When Robert regained consciousness, he found himself in the same forest he was in when the earthquake hit. He found that all of his Pokeballs were gone.

The forest itself looked very different to how he remembered it, as he remembered the earthquake destroying it. He then came upon an anthropomorphic Pokemon Arcanine, something he never thought could exist. He was rather shocked to hear about this new world, just as she was shocked to find out he was from a different world where Pokemon were the servants of humans. She was in the forest to find a human to replace the ones that were stolen from her. She also told him about the threat of the PAH. After what seemed like an hour of lengthy discussion, a member of the PAH came up and demanded that Flare turn over her human, when in truth, she hadn't caught him yet. When the Umbreon threatened her life, Robert went into action and began giving the Umbreon a severe martial arts beatdown. Eventually, the Umbreon fled, sustaining a broken arm. Robert decided that until he could find a way to get back to his world, he would join Flare, under the condition that he was to remain outside of the Pokeball at all times.

Physical Description of Your Trainer:

Brief Details About Your Trainer's Personality: Flare is a very respectable trainer. She is known to take care and even protect the humans she captures. She won't engage in a battle unless she feels the need to, and she will not allow her humans to push themselves beyond their limits. She likes to keep one human outside of his/her Pokeball at all times, preferring the company since she often travels alone, due to having her heart broken by a former lover who left her because he sided with PAH. His views that humans are nothing more than tools clashed with her desire to respect and care for her humans. As a sort of revenge against her for siding with humans, he stole her humans while they were in her Pokeballs while she slept and tossed them into a river. It is not known if those humans are still alive inside their Pokeballs.

Are They For or Against PAH? Against

Neo Emolga
03-01-2011, 04:44 PM
Kind of a weird RP, but I guess that kind of thing should be appreciated.

Name of Your Character: Special Agent Derek Holden

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Brief Details About Your Character's Personality: Dense, adamant, and rough, Derek’s career as an FBI agent in Hoenn desensitized him to many things that other people would find macabre. He’s also seen true evil in people, but despite the hardships he’s had to face, he still finds a way to make it out of each day, knowing he’s done whatever he could to be the frontline offense on removing the worst of humanity’s spawn from the streets.

Derek, as an investigator, pays special and close attention to detail, knowing how to identify when things are out of place, and he knows evidence speaks for itself. Verifying suspicions is his nature, and he’s good at finding the evidence necessary to do it.

The current situation has left Derek not knowing what to believe. He remembers the earthquake, falling into a ravine, and waking up in a world gone twisted. The first day, everything made sense, actions and situations were supported with evidence. Now, science is the slave of fantasy, the supernatural overrides the evidence, and the unexplainable is everywhere.

Derek is focused on trying to return home, back to the world that makes sense if it still exists. He has his doubts that he’d ever be able to tolerate staying here, and he’s always out to try and find other humans to accomplish the same goals, no matter who they are.

Physical Appearance:


Standing 6’4”, Derek has a strong muscular frame, built from many years of weight training at the gym to be able to put down and disarm criminals more effectively than most cops can. He also has a few scars from knife wounds and other injuries from work. Meanwhile, he has short, brown hair combed back, as well as brown eyes and a slight goatee.

Derek still wears his typical FBI agent clothing, consisting of a gray business jacket and pants while wearing a gray trenchcoat. Meanwhile, he wears a white flannel shirt, and a dark red tie. Derek also wears a metal watch, for the little usefulness that telling time has for him now.

Other: Derek Holden, the Investigator human. This human spends a great deal of time in urban settings, out to bring guilty humans to justice.

Currently doesn't have a trainer, and is considered "wild."

03-07-2011, 03:35 AM
xD Someone needs to make the weird RPs.

Both of you are accepted. I'm going to wait a couple days before starting the RP, then go ahead. If more people wanna sign up after the RP starts, then 'mo power to them.

03-07-2011, 04:22 AM
Name of Your Character: Jackknife

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Brief Details About Your Character's Personality: Jackknife is quite cynical and has distrust for most of everyone. He separates himself from others emotionally so he doesn't have a guilty conscious when he gets from them what he wants and leaves. His distrust of others stemmed from a childhood incident when he was mugged by Team Aqua thugs but the people passing by ignored his cries for help.

Jackknife hates authority and has led a life of crime and running from the law. Running, in fact, is what he does best. He is quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is on par with many Fighting-type Pokemon. He had a Rotom and a Gallade to help him gain access to buildings and information. He was in the process of gaining access to a Master Ball when the earthquake hit. He regained consciousness to find out that Pokemon were capturing humans. This made him gain an absolute hatred of Pokemon, especially the PAH.

Physical Appearance: Jackknife is about 6'5" and weighs 154 pounds. He is very fit from running and has a good bit of muscle. He has short and unkempt dark brown hair with some growth on his chin, but not much in terms of facial hair. His eyes are a dark olive green. He is Caucasian and quite tanned. His clothes of choice are usually black cargo pants with accompanying black t-shirts, with a grey and black jacket. He likes a lot of pockets since he carries a lot of stuff around with him. He also has a black fingerless glove on his right hand, since he likes fashionable asymmetry.

Other: Jackknife is rather fond of mushrooms, not for collecting, but for eating. He also has an obsession with the color black.

Trainer?: None. Jackknife hates Pokemon now, and fights or runs against any that try to capture him. He has been successful in fleeing so far.

03-14-2011, 01:31 AM
Name of Your Character: Wolfgang Marius Faust; goes by his surname

Gender: Male

Age: Seventeen

Brief Details About Your Character's Personality: Faust is, for most intents and purposes, [I]strange. Some might go so far as to call him effeminate in his actions, but the truth of the matter is that he's just erratic. He seems to hide nothing in his mind; if someone is acting in an unsatisfactory manner, he will be there to taunt them with a singsong tone. On that same note, he can switch emotions at the drop of a hat, going from perfectly content to pouty and upset and back again. He seemingly has no shame, but is not afraid to get right in there with his Pokémon. This might be why he's a Coordinator. During his fall into the crevice that separated the worlds, he lost contact with his only Pokémon, a Sableye named Emily, and is now in the process of looking for her.

Physical Appearance: Five foot nine, around 130 pounds. Use this as a basic reference. (http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/costumes/3365/28403/Breaky%20Baby!.gif) However, there are some differences -- he wears gloves under those overlong sleeves, and his pants are full length. Furthermore, he does have a funky black tattoo that goes pretty much all over the left half of his body below the neck, bearing a striking resemblance to a Zekrom; however, he prefers not to speak of this. At all.

Other: Faust, the Erratic human. This human's emotions and battling style are dizzying, but he seems to be looking for something. It is said that this human is cursed by a mystical force.

Faust has no Trainer... well, he did before, but that didn't end well. He prefers not to talk about it.

Master Zorua
03-23-2011, 12:50 AM
Okay, a couple of days has become a couple of weeks. Are we still doing this?

Neo Emolga
03-24-2011, 03:34 AM
Okay, a couple of days has become a couple of weeks. Are we still doing this?

Eh, I doubt it, I gave up on this one a while ago. Shame, because I was kind of looking forward to an RP that's a bit more on the surreal side.