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Finally Ready guys!!!!

Yugioh Duel Academy: The Forgotten One

I had to revive this because it was so popular, but it never made it off the ground

250 BC
The temple is in ruins, the pharoah's elite guard massacred, many civilians injured or worse, the high priest is the only one of the pharoah's council left alive. What has happened here, Tragodiea The Pharoah's Advisor, full of hate, was consumed by darkness and transformed into a horrible monster by his own black heart. This creature rampaged and murdered all that did him wrong. but then the Pharoah, wielding the feather of Ma'at, sacrificing his own life, locked the beast inside of a card. The high priest, then sent the card onto an island, far from Egypt, so that it will never be realeased by The ritual of a human, sacrifice to realease the beast. All shall be well, For now

Duel Academy Island, off the coast of Japan

It is 20 years since Jaden and company graduated from the school. There is a new generation of students and teachers now. But something is awakening in the Northern Wilderness of the school. the ancient beast, thought to be gone forever has been awakened by the high duel spirit activity. Now it will seek its revenge on the earth. it has sent out its minions to find and control some of the new students and staff. But the pharoah's spirit has also sent out his own subjects to partener up with the new generation of heroes. What side are you on? Will you save the world from Tragodiea's wrath? or will you realease the Monster setting him free to ravage the world once again

Your Roles:

Basic Student/ Teacher (Basically, Good Guy)
You are going to start of this RP like any regular school year. However, you will start to notice all the strange, supernatural occurances. You will then either be temporarily be assimilated into the ranks of evil through corruption via Evil God Card, or you will recieve a God card and help rescue those that are corrupted

Minions of Tragodiea
You will be allowed to begin this RP with a Wicked God Card, or Sacred Beast Card. Your Goal is to obviously stop the good guys and realeasing Tragodiea. However, you will also try to corrupt the good guys by placing into their possesion a Wcked, or Sacred Beast Card.

School Rules

1. Obey all guild rules.
2. Romance is allowed, keep things PG (it's a school fer goodness sake!)
3. No Godmoding
4. No Bunnying without permission (and please use to DS thread to show that you are indeed giving someone permission) If you take more than 3 days to post without warning, your character will become fair game for bunnying(This Includes ME!)
5. 2 characters max only one with a god card
6. conviently drawn hands are OK but no 1 turn KOs
7. Place Gladiator Beasts Unite!!! at the top of your SU
8. Please follow Yugioh game rules here is a link if you are unfamiliar http://www.yugiohetc.com/rules_1.htm
10. Oh, Yes if you lose a Shadow game, you die!

SU sheet

Teacher or Student?:
Side: (Good or Evil, Neutral is not an option!)
Age: (If Teacher 20+)
Deck 1 Theme: (Ex: Elemental Heroes, Dark Magicians)
Deck 2 Theme: (Ex: Neos Spacians, Gadgets)
Deck 1 Main Monster Card: (Ex: E-Hero Flame Wingman, Dark Magician)
Deck 2 Main Monster Card: (Ex: E-Hero Neos, Stronghold the Moving Fortress)
Spirit Monster: (Ex: Winged Kuriboh, Des Koala)
God Card:
If Teacher, Class taught: (1 teacher per Class)

Spirit Monster
Good or Evil:
Special Ability: (Not the text on the card, I mean if this monster was in battle, what could it attribute to the army.)


Slifer Red Student Dorms
1: Sean Marshall
2: Antari!!
3: Gabriel Olson

Slifer Red Teacher Dorms
1: Adele Mako

Ra Yellow Student Dorms
1: Alan Anderson
2: Robert Kaiba
3: Cookie Mizuho
4: Sammy Little

Ra Yellow Teacher Dorms

Obelisk Blue Student Dorms
1: Syrina Misaki

Obelisk Blue Teacher Dorms
1:Doctor Ridley Crowler (Free for everyone to use as a character)

Principal: Chancellor Darius (Free for everyone to use as a character)

Accepted/Reserved/Denied/Banned List

Dark Moonlight (Syrina Misaki and Adele Mako)
Nyurgh (Sean Marshall)
Ant2011 (Antari!!!)
Mewcario (Robert Kaiba)
Phantasm Angel (Gabriel Olson)
JokerJesse (Cookie Mikuho)
Sammy Says (Sammy Little)

Reserved, soon to be accepted

Denied, Sorry :(

let's keep this empty OK

Class Schedule

6:00-8:00: Wake Up/ Breakfast
8:00-9:00: Basic Dueling taught by Doctor Ridley Crowler/Advanced Dueling (To get into advanced dueling, you have to defeat 2 teachers)
9:00-10:00: Duelist History
10:00-11:00: Spell Class
11:00-12:00: Gym Class
12:00-1:00: Lunch
1:00-2:00: Trap Class taught by Adele Mako
2:00-3:00: Monster Class
3:00-8:00: Free Time/Extracurricular activities
8:00-9:00: Dinner
9:00-9:30 Free Time
9:30-10:00 Campfire/Curfew

Sacred Beast Recievers
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder: Me!!
Uria, Lord of Seering Flames: Gabriel Olson
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms:

Egyptian God Recievers
Winged Dragon of Ra: Syrina Misaki
Slifer the Sky Dragon: Robert Kaiba
Obelisk the Tormentor:

Wicked God Recievers/ Owners
Wicked Avatar: Antari
Wicked Eraser: Sammy
Wicked Dreadroot:

Norse God Recievers
Thor, Warlord of the Aesir: Nyurgh
Loki, Mage of the Aesir: Cookie Mizuho
Odin, Father of the Aesir:

And for the first introduction posts, I'll have it as everyone at their first day of the new school year. If you're a first year, this is where you'll have your duel exam.

so, here goes

Alan sat in the bleachers watching one of the newest kids dueling Dr. Crowler's killer zombie deck. The poor kid's Beast Type monsters had been getting slaughtered, but now he'd summoned out a Behemoth King of all Animals and a Green Baboon, Gaurdian of the Forest to even the odds. Ole' Crowler's Zombie Master was no match for the Beasts when the kid activated Big March of the Animals and wiped Crowler's life points to 0. Alan could only chuckle, here was a kid after his own heart, using a beast deck with true efficiency, that reminded him of his tournament days back in america. As he got up, Joan appeared next to him.

"Hey Joan, how was the chat with the other student's Spirit monster's?" He asked. He knew the Spirits had been meeting for a while and enjoyed hearing how his friends were doing.

"They are fine Alan, actually, I was wondering when you would let out the gladiators and the crystal beasts, Beastiari and Laquari say they are getting claustrophobic." She said, chuckling as the decks in Alan's pockets began to squirm and the faintest noises could be heard from some clearly annoyed spirit monsters.

"I'll let you guys out at the dorm when everyone gets settled down." Alan chuckled as he resumed watching the entry duels.

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It was Antari's turn next. He pulled a red deck box out of his coat pocket, took the cards out, and put them in his duel disk. He made his way to the duel field, "I hope you're prepared to lose teach!" Dr. Crowler and Antari activated their duel disks and drew their 5 cards. Antari's hand looked amazing: Maurauding Captain, Scrap Iron Scarecrow, Robbin' Goblin, Robbin' Zombie, and Maurauding Captain. "I'll go first!" He said as he drew his 6th card: Axe of Despair. "I'll start things off by playing 3 face down cards, and summoning 2 Maurauding Captains!" He placed his monsters side by side on his duel disk, and his trap cards face down. Crowler didn't react, he drew his 6th card and placed a monster face down. "Your move boy." Antari laughed, "Fine by me." He drew a card: Mataza the Zapper. "Perfect. I'll summon my Mataza the Zapper, and give him my Axe of Despair! Then, I'll activate 2 of my face downs: Robbin' Goblin, and Robbin' Zombie!" Crowler knew what was coming next, Antari laughed, "Now Mataza, attack his face down!" Mataza lunged and destroyed the face down zombie. "Good, now, all of you attack!" All 3 monsters attacked Crowler directly one at a time. 6 cards were sent to the graveyard, 3 from his hand, and 3 from his deck.

Antari: 8000LP Crowler: 3300LP

Crowler drew another card, and set a monster face down. Antari smiled, "What's the matter, can't stop me?" He drew his next card: Cloning. He kept it in his hand, he wouldn't need it. "Mataza, destroy his face down monster!" Mataza swiftly slashed Crowler's only face down monster. "Now, all of you, win me this duel!" All 3 monsters attacked, and reduced Crowler's life points to zero.

Crowler looked at Antari, "Slifer Red. You just used brute force. No strategy." Antari sighed, "Whatever." He walked back to the bleachers.

Master Zorua
03-01-2011, 01:24 PM
Robert Kaiba
Ra Yellow Dormatory

Robert exited his room after putting away his belongings. It was a new school year and there were battles already going on around campus. Exhibition battles, training battles, and for new students, placement battle exams. Robert had already finished his placement exam, even though being the son of the man who created the school in the first place he was far from required to do so.

As he was about to exit, he came upon a scene where one of the newest residents of Ra Yellow seemed to be giving another new student a hard time.

"Slifer Red scum aren't allowed in here, you little turd!" the bully badgered the girl.

"I'm trying to find the Slifer Red dorms! I just got a bit lost, so I thought to stop in here and ask directions!" the girl protested.

"Then why don't you just leave the academy? If you can't do something as simple as finding your dorm, your dueling skills must be just as pathetic! Besides, girls are pathetic duelists anyways! This is a guy's area of expertise!" the bully hounded more.

Robert stepped up and glared at the one causing trouble. "And you should take your own advice, if you can't be sensible enough to help a fellow student. Bullying and sexism will not be tolerated here." he responded in a calm, cold tone of voice.

The bully turned over to look at Robert, unaware of who he was about to mess with. "This is my turf! You wanna make something of it?" was the guy's response.

Robert responded by turning on his dueling disk and pointing his arm at the guy. "'Your' turf? Last I checked, this 'turf' belongs to Seto Kaiba. If you don't want to get expelled from this academy, you'd best follow his rules. Or perhaps you'd like to make this interesting? Duel me, and if you win, you can bully whoever you want, and I'll even give you my most treasured card. If you lose, I'll have things arranged so that not only will you get expelled, but this lady here will get your room and be moved up to the ranks of Ra Yellow. The third alternative, is you apologize to the lady, give her directions like she asked and all is forgiven. So what will it be?"

The guy laughed hard before activating his duel disk. "I don't know who you think you are, but you're on. I'll enjoy stripping that high and mighty attitude of yours down. The name's Jacob Underwood, son of the legendary Wevile Underwood, and my bugs are going to crush you!"

Robert grinned. "Looks like you've just entered the point of no return. And it's at this point I think I'll introduce myself. The name's Robert Kaiba. I'm sure even an ingrate moron like yourself can figure out the rest. And since you've already accepted the duel and the terms, it's too late to back out now." Robert spoke with an evil grin upon his face as he inserted his deck into the duel disk and draw his starting hand.

The battle didn't last very long. By the end of the fifth turn, Robert's Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon laid waste to what little was left of Jacob Underwood's life points, while Robert himself still had a good 6500 left. After the duel, Robert took out his modified cell phone and took Underwood's ID/dorm room card. He swiped the card through the phone's reader and then pushed out the mini keyboard of the phone to type in everything that had happened. He then had the girl that was being bullied, Lilly Fair, hand him his ID/room key card and swiped that one, reprogramming the room key code to allow access to Underwood's dorm room, re-swiped the card to replace the dorm room data on it, and handed it back to Lilly.

"Now then Mr. Underwood, I'm sure you know where the exit is. Grab your belongings and leave. This academy will not tolerate bullies, and your data has been removed from the school system. You are no longer a student here." Robert said coldly. Even though he wasn't staff, he had that kind of power and authority, a special permission granted by his father, Seto Kaiba. Because of Robert's honesty and strong sense of right and wrong, Seto trusted that Robert would not abuse this kind of authority. In truth, he rarely ever used it, and only did so in cases such as the one he witnessed.

Underwood stood there, feeling dazed and confused while Robert headed out with Lilly walking along side him. "Thanks! I can't believe you did that for me! But my placement duel results said I belong in Sliefer Red. I shouldn't take the room and be in a dorm that's above my skill level as a trainer." she admitted.

Robert placed a hand on her shoulder and shook his head. "Don't worry about that. I'll take you under my wing, and you'll be skilled enough to be worthy of this dorm in no time. Now then, why don't we get something to eat? It'll take some time for Underwood to get his stuff and leave." Robert suggested as he led Lilly out of the Yellow Ra dorms and began to make his way over to the cafeteria.

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OOC: If Crowler's using a Zombie Deck, I gotta get in on that action.

Sean Marshall - Duel Exam Stadium

The duel disk felt comfortable on Sean's left arm, stood at his end of the field, and soon a man wearing a large blue overcoat walked out. The man's hair was a pale blonde, and he wore purple lipstick. This man was Doctor Ridley Crowler, and it was he was one of many potential opponent's you could duel to become entered in the Duel Academy.

"My, my, another insolent-looking brat," Crowler laughed, slipping his deck into his duel disk, "I'll warn you in advance; my Zombie World deck is nothing to laugh at."

"Zombie World?" Sean asked, smiling as he slid his deck into the duel disk, "I've dueled Zombie's, but I've never seen that card played before."

"Oh, then this shall come as a surprise to you," he laughed, "the goal is simple, lower my lifepoints to 0 before I do the same to you, and I'll judge your performance. You better give it your best, I saw your written scores. They were pathetic."

"Don't worry about me," Sean said, drawing the 5 cards for his opening hand.

"Duel!" they both shouted, and the fight was on.

Sean's Turn

Sean drew his 6th card, and quickly scanned his cards. He had drawn 2 Machine-type monsters, 1 Trap Card, 2 Equip Spells, and a Warrior-type Monster. He was impressed with his opening hand, and sought to take full advantage.

"I play Marauding Captain," he said confidently.

After placing the card on his disk, the monster came to life on the field. A blonde-haired man with a battle-scarred face and armor stood boldly on the field. Sean then used the card's effect to special summon a Level 4 or lower Monster from his hand. Said card was Cannon Soldier, a Machine-type monster shaped like a futuristic robot with a large cannon on its head. He then placed his trapcard facedown, and ended his turn.

Monsters: Marauding Captain(1200/400), Cannon Soldier(1400/1300)
Spells/Traps: 1 Facedown.

Crowler's Turn

Crowler drew his sixth card, and cracked a wide grin.

"I drew this card earlier than I had expected," he smiled, opening the slot for field spells in his duel disk, "Open, Zombie World!"

Suddenly, the battlefield became engulfed in the field spell's magic. The scenery changed to a forest of dead trees and rotted corpses, and a peculiar purple fog engulfed the field. Sean looked, and suddenly his monster's rusted and decayed, becoming ghoulish stand-ins of what they once had become!

"Scared?" Crowler laughed, "that is Zombie World. All monsters on the field are now Zombie-types, and you can only tribute summon Zombie monsters from your hand!"

"Not bad, limits my ability to play stronger monsters," Sean smirked.

Crowler's turn continued, and he summoned a monster known as Paladin of the Cursed Dragon. A fiend in white armor riding on the back of a decaying dragon emerged from the card, staring at Sean intently.

"Paladin, attack his Marauding Captain!" Crowler commanded.

"I activate my trap, Jar of Greed!" Sean yelled, "this allows me to draw another card from my deck."

Crowler's attack continued, the Dragon's mummified breath scorched Marauding Captain, causing him to vanish. Sean took 700 damage from that attack, reducing his life points to 7300.

"And now, Paladin of the Cursed Dragon's effect activates!" Crowler laughed, "it lets me special summon a level 4 or lower Zombie-type monster that was destroyed this turn from your graveyard!"

Sean couldn't help but screech as his Zombie Marauding Captain appeared on Crowler's side of the field. Crowler ended his turn without playing any other cards.

Crowler's Field
Monsters: Paladin of the Cursed Dragon(1900/1200), Marauding Captain(1200/400)
Field Spells: Zombie World

Sean's Life Points: 7300

Sean's Turn

Sean drew another card, hoping to find something in his hand that could protect his monsters from Crowler's Paladin. He found that in one of favorite methods of summoning monsters.

"I play Comrade Swordsman of Landstar from my hand!" he cried.

A plump knight with bulgy cheeks appeared on the field. The effects of zombie world decayed its face.

"What can THAT shrimp do?" Crowler laughed, "it only has 500 Attack Points."

"I guess you haven't seen a Tuner Monster before," Sean laughed, and now, here comes my Key Card! I tune the Level 3 Comrade Swordsman of Landstar to my Level 4 Cannon Soldier!"

Comrade Swordsman of Landstar exploded in a burst of light, turning into three green rings that surrounded Cannon Soldier, breaking it apart into 4 balls of light. There was a large flash, and suddenly, a warrior garbed in golden armor carrying an entire arsenal on its back appeared. Zombie World rusted the armor away, turning it into a brown shell.

"Seven Swords Warrior will end this battle!" Sean said boldly.

"How can he?" Crowler asked, "he can't defeat my Zombie World!"

Sean ignored the fool and continued with his turn. His hand had the 2 equip spell cards from earlier, he would be able to clear Crowler's field with those. Sean started by equipping Seven Swords Warrior with Black Pendant, boosting its attack to 2800. His warrior's effect activated, it unsheathed a sword and released a shockwave dealing 800 points of damage to Crowler(7200).

"And now, I activate another ability," he said, "by tributing a card equipped to my warrior, I can destroy one face-up monster on your side of the field!"

Sean tributed Black Pendant, which the warrior removed from its next, and tossed it at the Paladin, shattering it into pieces. Black Pendant's effect released a ghastly aura, which drained 500 life points from Crowler.(6700) Sean then played Axe of Despair, which increased Seven Swords Warrior's attack to 3300. However, he couldn't activate his other effects this turn, so Crowler's life points were safe for a minute.

"Seven Swords Warrior, attack Marauding Captain!"

Both monsters clashed, Marauding Captain's twin swords against Seven Swords Warrior's demonic axe. The synchro monster quickly hacked through the captain, inflicting 2100 damage to Crowler. (4600) Sean ended his turn.

Sean's Field
Monsters: Seven Swords Warrior(2300+1000/1800)
Spells/Traps: Axe of Despair(S.S.W.)

Crowler's Life Points: 4,600

Crowler's Turn

Crowler drew a card, and started to panic. His hand contained 5 monsters, none of them were able to beat Seven Swords Warrior. He had no choice but to play a monster in face-down Defense Position, protecting it from Sean's effects.

Crowler's Field
Monsters: Facedown
Field: Zombie World

Sean's Life Points: 7300

Sean's Turn

"What's wrong Crowler, nothing to draw?" he taunted, drawing his next card.

His hand contained 3 cards; the Machine-type monster from Turn 1, a Spell Card, and a Warrior-type Monster that required a tribute. Now that his Marauding Captain was in the graveyard, he could make could use of his spell card.

"I play Monster Reincarnation," Sean said.

By discarding his high leveled Warrior, Sean brought Marauding Captain back to his hand. He summoned it, and used its effect to play his Machine-type Monster; Machina Gearframe.

"You have Machina in your deck as well?" Crowler asked, his interest piqued.

"No," Sean laughed, "Machina Gearframe is a Union Monster that allows me to equip it to a Machine-type monster during my main phase! It also allows me to pull a Machina Peacekeeper from my Deck."

He searched his deck for the Peacekeeper, shuffling it after he was finished. He entered his battle phase, attacking Crowler's facedown with Machina Gearframe. The card was revealed to be Plaguespreader Zombie, which had 200 Defense Points, easy pickings. Sean continued by attack directly with Marauding Captain. (Crowler 3,400). Seven Swords Warrior attacked next. (Crowler 100).

"You lucked out Crowler," Sean said, "if I had attacked with my Captain instead of Gearframe, the duel would be over."

Sean's Field
Monsters: Seven Swords Warrior(2300+1000/1800), Marauding Captain(1200/400), Machina Gearframe(1800/0)
Spells/Traps: Axe of Despair(S.S.W.)

Crowler's Life Points: 100

Crowler's Turn

Crowler drew his card, and smiled. His combo would knock Sean away.

"I return a card from my hand to the top of my deck to special summon Plaguespreader Zombie from my Graveyard!"

The zombie returned, its Level 2 Tuning abilities making Sean nervous.

"I tribute Plaguespreader Zombie, and since it is a Zombie-type, I can Special summon this Level 7 with a single tribute. Come, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon!"

Sean was surprised to see a monster that looked like a Zombie version of his favorite Dragon, Red-Eyes B. Dragon, in Crowler's deck. It's attack and defense points were the same as the original's too.

"Now, I activate the effect of the card I just drew; Tailor of the Fickle!"

"No!" Sean yelled.

Tailor of the Fickle activating, switching Seven Swords Warrior's Axe of Despair to Crowler's monster. Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon then attacked the Warrior (3400 vs 2300), inflicting 1100 damage to Sean. (6200)

"And thanks to my Dragon's effect, I can special summon your Seven Swords Warrior to MY side of the field!"

"No..." Sean protested.

His zombiefied Synchro monster appeared on Crowler's field, breaking the boy's heart. Seven Swords Warrior attacked Marauding Captain, destroying it and causing another 1100 damage to Sean. (5100) Crowler then ended his turn.

Crowler's Field
Monsters: Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon(2400+1000/2000), Seven Swords Warrior(2300)
Field: Zombie World

Sean's Life Points: 5100

Sean's Turn

"How can you possibly defeat your own Key Card?" Crowler mocked.

Sean was disheartened as he reached for his card. Suddenly, his Spirit Partner appeared at his back. Tsuna, a red-haired warrior wearing a futuristic-looking battle suit tapped his duelist on the shoulder, and gave him a reassuring nod.

"Awesome," Sean smiled as he drew his card.

"What could you have possibly drawn that can defeat my monsters?" Crowler asked.

"Just another Tuner Monster!" Sean smiled, throwing his Attack Gainer onto the field.

The card Tsuna lived in appeared on the field, corrupted by Zombie World. It had 0 Attack and Defense points, and was also a Level 1 Tuner Monster.

"I don't think a Level 5 Tuner can beat either of my monsters," Crowler laughed.

"Just watch," Sean said, "I tune my Machina Gearframe and my Attack Gainer to create the Level 5 Synchro Monster X-Saber Wayne!"

Sean's Synchro Monster emerged, a now-Zombie version of a Cowboy holding a bladed magnum. Wayne has 2100 Attack Points, making it weaker than both of Crowler's monsters.

"Like I said; you can't defeat my monsters!" the teacher laughed.

"True, but with the effect of Attack Gainer, I can defeat MY monster," Sean replied, "Attack Gainer lets me reduce the Attack of one of your monsters by 1000 points until the end of this turn, and I choose Seven Swords Warrior!"

"No, I lost?" Crowler screeched.

"Yes, you did."

X-Saber Wayne attacked the weakened Seven Swords Warrior, 2100 versus 1300, more than enough to defeat Crowler. Sean and Tsuna cheered as the Duel Disks shut down. He then looked at Crowler expectantly.

"So doc, how did I do?" he asked.

"Your dueling skills are better than expected," Crowler smiled, "you have luck with your draws, and you know how to turn the tables. However, your general knowledge was surprisingly low, you barely passed the written portion. Also, you were foolish in letting me take control of your Key Card so easily. I have no choice but to send you to Slifer Red."

"But, I'm accepted into the Academy, right?" Sean asked.

"Yes, but you better not slack off or I'll see to have you expelled."

"Woo-hoo!" Sean celebrated, "we made it to the Duel Academy Tsuna. Just like you wanted!"

And so Sean walked away, eager to start his new school life.

03-01-2011, 11:34 PM
Leaning against the side of the Ra dorm was Sammy Little, taking one of her smoke breaks. She had just finished rearranging her deck and decided it was time to light up. This was her 3rd cigarette today. She knew this was a bad addiction, but it was too hard to kick. Still, she had her good looks, but maybe not for long if she kept smoking like this.

After taking the last drag, she tossed the butt of the cigarette to the ground and stomped it out. Before she went outside to smoke, she watched a battle between Robert and Underwood. She thought he was a pretty good duelist, but maybe not a match for her. If they were to ever duel, she would have to watch out for that Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon of his. With an attack power of 4500 and a defense of 3000, it definetly wasn't a monster that was easily defeated.

She eventually made her way to the cafeteria where she saw Robert and some new girl as well as a few other students. She didn't pay them that much mind as she grabbed a tray and piled it with food. When she took a seat at the table in the farthest corner of the cafeteria, she took a bite out of an apple and looked up at a large clock on the wall. It wouldn't be long until she had to go to class.

03-02-2011, 12:27 AM
Alan grabbed his food from the cafeteria and took his seat across from Robert and some of their friends from last year. Almost as soon as he sat down, the kid with the beast-type deck waved at him and came to sit with him. Judging by his uniform, he had been placed in Slifer Red. Apparently Crowler's pride was still getting students screwed over.

"Hey, my names Kallen Skirata, but most kids call me Tarzan because of my killer beast deck. I saw you dueling some other kids and knew you had to be one of the coolest duelists I know. What's your name??" He asked Cheerfully extending his hand. Alan took it with a wide grin.

"Hey Kal, I'm Alan Anderson, and this fellow over here is none other than Robert Kaiba." I said gesturing to Robert "If your'e looking for friends, you've come to the right place." I said, giving him a friendly punch on the shoulder. I looked up to see Joan staring down from above, she was smiling and nodding as if I had done something right.

03-02-2011, 12:37 AM
Antari entered the cafeteria, there were dozens of students. Clamouring around tables, dueling, eating, talking, shouting... It was too much for him. He spotted a group of students at a table. He recognized one instantly, the one with a Beast deck; the one who dueled before him. He made his way to their table and sat down next to the beast duelist.

"I'm Antari... You're good, I watched your duel. However, I'm better. Don't cross me." A girl wearing a red uniform walked past carrying a tray filled with food, Antari swiftly reached up and took a roll; the girl didn't see this happen. He brushed it off and took a bite.

03-02-2011, 12:49 AM
Gabriel Olson
Slifer Red
Duel Exam Stadium

Well, Gabe thought to himself as he watched the battles unfold before him, either Crowler has lost his touch or these new kids are something else. He chuckled to himself, after all it was probably the latter. Every year that Gabe had been attending Duel Academy, more and more students were beating Crowler on the entrance exam, although it wasn't for his lack of trying. As the head of the academy, his skills had to be in prime condition; many of the other faculty wondered why he continued to battle the first year students year after year. Personally, Gabe thought that it was more of a way to instill respect in his new students, but judging from the trashing that he was getting today, Crowler would probably be regarded as a joke. Still, it was nice to see him use a deck that wasn't his Ancient Gear cards. With these Zombies, students actually had the chance to activate their coveted Trap cards to stop his monsters.

Lost in thought, Gabe didn't notice as a dark shape fluttered down onto the seat beside him. "I thought you were supposed to be doing research for the school paper about the new flock," the figure said, revealing itself to be none other than Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV.4, Gabe's Spirit Monster and all around mysterious companion. His silvery wings outstretched and he began to stick his beak in them, cleaning them in an eerie mimic of an actual falcon's actions.

Gabe almost laughed aloud, but he kept his mirth to a minimum, knowing that any outward acknowledgement of Horus could prove to be quite embarrassing. Instead, the teen's voice fell to a low whisper, "I am, two kids just beat Crowler one after another."

"But you're not really focused on what's happening here, are you?" Horus inquired, ceasing his preening to look into Gabe's hazel eyes with his own beady, unfamiliar, bird eyes.

"You read me like a book," Gabe muttered, "I've been thinking about all the memories that this school holds for me, I really don't want to leave." Grinning, Gabe leaned back in his chair, "I remember when I first dueled Crowler myself."

"You lost, remember?" Horus reminded me, uneasily shifting his weight on the chair.

"Of course, but it was after that duel that I met you," Gabe said, smiling at the thought of his past years at Duel Academy. He then glanced at the clock and grabbed his bag, packing his still blank notepad and unused pen into it. "Gotta get some breakfast, I'll see you later."

"Don't you have an article to write?" the falcon asked, cocking its head to one side.

"Please Horus, I've been here for three years, I could talk about the potential of the new students in my sleep." With that, Gabe secured his bag around his shoulder and headed off to the cafeteria, taking time to greet returning friends and old teachers, all of whom wished him luck in his final year at Duel Academy.

As Gabriel Olson entered the cafeteria, the only thought he had on his mind was filling his stomach and then getting to class. But as soon as he saw the table that Robert Kaiba and Alan Anderson were sitting at, instinct took over and Gabe found himself approaching them and the group of other students. He pulled up a seat at the table and smiled at those present. He witnessed a dreary looking boy snatch a piece of food from a Slifer Red girl and the smile turned into a grimace. There's always one in every year.

03-02-2011, 01:22 AM
Cookie Mizuho
Rp Post – Entry Exam Duel

“Looks like I’m next,” I said calmly as I pushed my long read hair out of my face while walking onto the stadium, Crowler had been taking a break and was replaced by a new male who was wearing a blue lab coat, and had short dirty blond hair.

“Crowler needed a break from all the other duels, so I will be taking over for your duel.” He exclaimed as we both stuck our decks into our duel disks. “Just so you know I’ll be using a Fairy Deck,” He told me.

“You can go first,” He told me as he drew five cards.

“DUEL!” I shouted as I picked up my hand and began my turn.

Cookie’s Turn

“Alright, I’ll start off by drawing one card,” I told him, after seeing what I had drawn I quickly smirked and continued with my turn.

“I Play the spell card Six Samurai United; after that O summon Legendary Six Samurai – Mizuho In Attack mode; Then after that I special Summon Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan from my hand in attack mode due to its effect; and now, because I have two Six Samurai Cards on the field I can Special Sommon Great Shogun Shien from my hand in attack mode, then end my turn!” I exclaimed.

“Let’s see what you can do, your move!” I called out as he was about to draw.

~~~ (A Couple turns later)
Cookie’s LP- 2700
Cookie’s Field- Great Shogon Shein, and Face down spell/ trap.
Testers LP- 2500
Testers Field- Athena x2, and face down spell/trap

Testers Turn

“Alright let’s cut to the chase, I activate my face down card Mystical space typhoon, to get rid of your card,” He exclaimed to me in a cocky voice.

“Good call,” I told him as I sent my face down mirror force to the graveyard.

“Ok, Athena attack her Shogun Shien!” He told Athena as she performed the attack.

Cookie’s LP- 2600

“My other Athena, go ahead and finish her off exactly!” He called out as his other Athena finished of my life points.

“Good Game, you were an excellent opponent,” I told him as I began to bow to him.

“Oh you’re too kind,” he said as he began to tell me what dorm I would be in. “You are going to be in the Ra Yellow dorm, you are a well experienced duelist but still need to learn a few things, and I think the color fits your personality.” He finished as we walked off the stadium. Crowler had been watching the duel and he stopped me as I walked out of the stadium too congratulate me.

OOC: I hope this was ok,

Master Zorua
03-02-2011, 01:47 AM
Robert Kaiba

Robert was about to start eating until Alan approached and took a seat across from him and his new acquaintance. "Good to see you again Allen. This here is Lilly. She recently transfered over to Ra Yellow after Wevile's kid ended up getting expelled for sexual harassment and bullying. How did your duel go?" Robert asked. Soon after, Kallen approached and introduced himself to Alan.

"Welcome to the academy Kallen. If you ever have any questions the other faculty can't answer, be sure to come and see me." Robert spoke calmly.

The table was starting to get rather famous as more students began coming over. Antari came over and introduced himself to the Kallen, following it up with an air of superiority. "You might want to keep that ego in check. Anyone can be beaten in a duel, even me. You can have the best deck in the world, but a few bad draws might end with you seeing defeat." Robert cooly added.

Kisara, the spirit of the original Blue Eyes White Dragon that loved and served Priest Seto back in the days of the Pharaoh, stood behind Kaiba, resting her arms on the back of the seat while looking down at her descendant. "Well, I must say, maturity-wise, you're ahead of your father. He never could take losses well." Kisara commented to Robert. Robert just grinned, knowing not everyone could see the ghostly companion.

03-02-2011, 01:54 AM
Antari's eyes focused on Robert's smile. Something was wrong. He looked at his deck and nodded. The temperature around Antari began to drop. He was shivering, but he didn't take his eyes off of Robert. "What's so funny? Mr. Robert?"

03-02-2011, 01:55 AM
Cookie Mizuho
RP Post – Cafeteria

After getting assigned my dorm and getting my cloths and books, it was lunch time. There were many duelists at the cafeteria, all from different dorms with different looks, some were already dueling, and some were making new friends.

I quickly hurried to get my food so I could find my own table and eat in piece.

I grabbed a salad and hurried to grab an open table, I wasn’t in the mood to make things awkward and just sit at a random table. I’ll let sit by myself and see if people come to me. I thought, hoping someone annoying wouldn't end up sitting with me.

Master Zorua
03-02-2011, 02:12 AM
Robert Kaiba
Ra Yellow

Robert looked over to Antari, the kid he had spoken to last. "Nothing. Just thinking back on my first year here. I was like you. I had an ego the size of this academy, all because I was a prodigy, taught before even coming to the academy by the best. I let my ego get the better of me and lost when I faced the examiner that decides entry for Obelisk Blue, reserved for the best this academy has to offer. Pay it no mind." Robert replied. He wasn't lying about his story, but he was lying about what it was that made him crack a grin. Kisara usually kept her ghost form invisible to all but Kaiba. Only when she was in the form of the Blue Eyes White Dragon would she be visible to others, or unless she allowed others to see her in her spirit form.

03-02-2011, 02:15 AM
Sean Marshall - Slifer Red - Duel Academy Cafeteria

After swapping out his outfit for a Slifer Red jacket, Sean was directed to the cafeteria by the staff. He was surprised to see so many students and staff already gathered. He had expected it to be a single dorm cafeteria, instead of one for the entire school. He waited in line, eager to have a warm meal after a hard-fought duel. The cafeteria worker passed him a tray of a mediocre-looking burger and some boring french fries. There was also some sort of mystery gravy slathered on his tray.

"What is this?" he asked.

"Slifer Red special, courtesy of Dr. Ridley Crowler, from me to you," she smiled.

"Damn that Crowler," he said, knowing his exam proctor would make school life a pain for him, "I'll worry about that later, first I need a place to sit."

He scanned the room, passing over a red-haired girl wearing a Ra Yellow jacket who was sitting alone at a table. Tsuna, his duel spirit based off of the card Attack Gainer gave him a firm smack to the back of the head, almost making him drop his tray. He then pointed at the girl, tugging at Sean's red jacket.

"I guess I can't just let her sit by herself," Sean said, walking towards the table.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that the girl seemed more serious than he had first expected. Her posture was firm and erect, almost like a statue at a temple. He marked her off as the shy type, and decided that he'd have to be open to earn her friendship.

"Hey, it's alright if I sit here, right?" he asked, not giving her a chance to respond, "are you a first year too? I just got here from my duel exam, and it was a tough duel. That Crowler was scary with his Zombie World deck. I think I offended him somehow though, I dunno. So, a Ra Yellow, huh? You must be pretty good at Duel Monsters."

Sean finally took a pause to take a bite from her burger, giving the girl a chance to respond.

03-11-2011, 02:21 AM
Alan looked up from his food to join in Robert's conversation as well.

"Yeah, I've had my own issues with attitude as well. I was, and still am pretty hot headed when it comes to dueling, plus, I've always been a goof off and that's what caused me to fluke on the test and got me in Ra Yellow. Of course, a good duel always gets me feeling better so, how 'bout it Antari? Ya think you can take the son of the great Jesse Anderson?" Alan said, standing and slowly drawing his deck like a gun.

03-12-2011, 03:19 PM
Antari stood up and shuffled his deck, "Beating punks like you is what I do everyday!" He slid his cards into the duel disk on his arm and smiled, "Bring it."

03-14-2011, 12:20 AM
Alan was getting excited and Joan flew down from her vantage point to join him as he flipped out his deep green and brown duel disk and placed his gladiator beast deck in it.

"Punk, eh? Well Antari, this should be a tough battle for the both of us, since you seem so prepared, I'll let you play the first move. Draw!" Alan said as he pulled his first 5 cards of the school year.

Current Standings

No Field Spell Yet

Alan 8000 LP
No Monsters
No Spells/Traps

Antari 8000 LP
No Monsters
No Spells/Traps

03-14-2011, 01:02 AM
"Yes, punk. Alright then, I'll go first!" He drew 5 cards, and let a sinister smile cross his face. "Perfect..." he said as he set a monster card in face down defense position and 2 face down spell/trap cards. "Take your turn!"

Alan 8000 LP
No Monsters
No Spells/Traps

Antari 8000 LP
1 Monster
2 Spells/Traps

Master Zorua
03-14-2011, 02:57 AM
Robert Kaiba
Ra Yellow

While Alan and Antari were beginning their duel, Robert looked over to his new fiend Lilly. "Now then, let me take a look at your deck." Robert suggested. The young girl gave a nod and handed Robert the deck she used for her entrance exam.

It didn't take long for Robert to spot the flaws the deck had. "I'm going to presume you choose your cards based solely on the 'cuteness' of the monsters. The majority of your monsters are low-powered, you have very little in the way of trap cards and all of your spell cards are equip cards." Robert took her cards and put the cards into separate piles. He then took his briefcase and opened it. Robert's two main dueling decks were strapped in the upper half of the briefcase, while the lower portion of his briefcase was filled with various monster, trap and spell cards, all sectioned and alphabetized.

"Now then, let's balance your deck while still keeping your favorite cards. Now, the majority of your monsters are level 4's and below, mostly fairy-typed with a few dark types, with only Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl as your 'heavy hitters'. First, let's removes some of these equip cards. Next, I'll give you the trap card Crush Card Virus. By tributing a Dark-type monster, you can remove all of your opponents' monsters that have 1500 or greater attack. This will level the battlefield, giving your monsters a better chance. You can only have one of this card in your deck. Next, I'll give you Marshmallon. While it's attack and defense are pathetic, it can't be removed from the field by battle, meaning you have a lasting defense monster that can bite your opponent for 1000 life when it attacks this monster when this monster is face-down. Now, for your equips, let's keep Black Pendant. Not only will it boost your monster's attack by 500, but if your monster goes down, your opponent will be hit for 500 life points, making it a good deterant." Kaiba explained. "You'll want to fill the gaps left from the removed equip cards with trap cards like Fissure to get rid of summoned threats, and spell cards like De-spell in order to counter spell threats." Robert explained to the young student.