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04-08-2004, 12:49 PM
Here you name every, and I mean EVERY anime that you have seen. Even if it's a hentai you still have to tell us. :wink: Then you must put a letter grade next to each anime. (A, B, C, D, F)

For me... um... I'm still an anime n00bie. lol No, seriosly. I will only call myself an otaku if I watch at least 100... But okay, here is my short list.

EDIT: The list has been edited! ^_^


I'm pretty sure I missed some... I will look for them later.

04-08-2004, 04:22 PM
i'll try to remember..

1. pokemon B
2. digimon B
3. Cardcaptor Sakura B
4. Yu-gi-oh B+
5. Sailor Moon B-
6. Fushigi Yuugi A-
7. Doraemon B

Anime i want to watch: Evangelion

btw Kenshin, u give pokemon a F-? :eek: ? :eek: ? :eek: ?

04-08-2004, 04:55 PM
Wut Kenshin, you consider Pokemon an anime and Digimon not one? =_=

1. Digimon B+
2. Pokemon C-
3. Cardcaptor Sakura B+
4. Dragonball Z C+

That's about all x_x

Tamer Marco
04-08-2004, 05:09 PM

Pokemon D
Digimon B
Yu Yu Hakusho A
Hikaru No Go B+
Yu Gi Oh A (if I wasn't a demon hater)
Transformers Energon F
Fruits Basket B+
Dragonball B+
DBGT B+ (so far)
Inuyasha A+
Dragonball X F (No it's really Dragonball. It's hentai I found off of a DBZ ripped off shrine. If you are a crazy porno maniac look at it.)

That's all I can remember at the moment.

04-08-2004, 06:02 PM
Okay, here's mine!

Digimon: B-
Dot Hack//SIGN: A
Dragonball: B
Dragonball Z: B+
Excel Saga: A
Fruit's Basket: B
G Gundam: B-
Inu Yasha: B+
Pokemon: C-
Rurouni Kenshin: A
Yu Yu Hakusho: A-

04-08-2004, 06:34 PM
btw Kenshin, u give pokemon a F-? :eek: ? :eek: ? :eek: ?

Oh, sorry. I wasn't trying to be offensive... ^_^o It's just, I don't like Pokemon as much as I did long time ago...

Wut Kenshin, you consider Pokemon an anime and Digimon not one? =_=

Ooh, well I have seen only like one episode of Digimon, so I don't even remember it that well.. ^_^;;

04-10-2004, 03:00 PM
Whew...here we go:

-Chobits A
-Sorcerous Stabber Orphen A
-Those Who Hunt Elves B+
-Final Fantasy Unlimited B
-Transformers (1st season from the 80s) B
-Sailor Moon dub - B-, original - A+
-Dragonball B-
-Dragonball Z B+
-Digimon started at A-, is now spiraling to a lowly C-)
-.hack//SIGN A
-08th MS Team A-
-G Gundam A
-Gundam Wing B
-Cardcaptors Sakura C
-Boogiepop Phantom A
-Excel Saga A
-Neon Genesis Evangelion A
-Yu Yu Hakusho A-
-Yu-gi-oh dub - B , original - A
-Pokemon Z (doesn't even deserve an 'F')

04-10-2004, 03:16 PM
Pokemon :B
Yu-Gi-Oh: B+
Digimon : D
Dragonball Z : B+
Dragonball GT C
Sailor moon : D+

Yello Mit
04-11-2004, 04:48 AM
1: Pokemon B+
2: Dragonball Z A
3: Dragonball GT A-
4: Yu-Gi-Oh! B-
5: Medabots D-
6: Cardcaptors C-
7: Sailor Moon E-
8: Hamtaro C+
9: Zoids C-
10: Digimon B-
11: Megaman B-

04-12-2004, 07:05 AM
Sailor Moon gets an E-?! O.o

Now I'm shocked...

*is shocked*

04-12-2004, 10:29 PM
1. .Hack//SIGN. A+
2. AH! My Goddess. B
3. Azumanga Daioh. C-
4. Blue Seed. B+
5. Big O. A+
6. Chobits. B-
7. Cowboy Bebop. A
8. DragonBall. D
9. DragonBall Z. C-
10. DragonBall GT. A
11. El Hazard. B+
12. Full Metal Panic. C
13. Furi Kuri. (FLCL) A+
14. G Gundam. D+
15. Gundam SEED. A+
16. Gundam Wing. A
17. Hellsing. B+
18. InuYasha. A-
19. Kikaider: The Animation. A+
20. Love Hina. A
21. Mobile Suit Gundam. C+
22. Mobile Suit Gundam: 0080 War in a Pocket. B-
23. Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. A+
24. Naruto. B
25. Neon Genesis Evangelion. A
26. Onegai Teacher. A
27. Record of Lodoss Wars. C+
28. Rurouni Kenshin. B-
29. Sailor Moon. E-
30. Slayers. A
31. Slayers NEXT. A+
32. Slayers TRY. C-
33. Tenchi Muyo. A
34. Tenchi Universe. A
35. Tenchi in Tokyo. A+
36. Trigun. A+
37. Witch Hunter Robin. A
38. Yu-Gi-Oh. C+
39. Yu Yu Hakusho. B+

04-13-2004, 12:39 AM
*is shocked even more*


I never knew that you have seen so many, RD... ^_^;;

04-13-2004, 04:12 AM
1. CardCaptor Sakura(from what I've seen) D
2. Dot Hack//LIMINALITY C+
3. Dot Hack//SIGN A+
4. Dot Hack//DUSK A-
5. Dragon Ball C-
6. Dragon Ball Z B+
7. Dragon Ball GT(from what I've seen) C+
8. Excel Saga B
9. Gundam X A
10. Gundam Wing A+
11. Gundam Seed A+
12. Inu Yasha A+
13. Neon Genesis Evangelion A-
14. Sailor Moon D+
15. Transformers D-
16. Trigun A
17. Pokemon D-
18. Digimon C
19. Medabots C-
20. Cowboy Bebop A+
21. Megaman C-
22. Yu-gi-oh C+

Matt & Vulpix
04-13-2004, 04:21 AM
In chronological order:

[1 . Sailor Moon]
Rating: A
My first Anime. I watched this growing up and I loved it. It was cool for me, the music, the style of drawing was new, even if I called it a cartoon then...
[2. Pokemon]
Rating: B
A lot of filler, bluntly. Nothing ever seemed to be on the line, i.e. lose a gym, its not deadly. It was same old same old for me, and I dont watch it anymore.
[3. Digimon]
Rating: B
The seasons just got weirder. I stopped watching after season 3, i think, but I dont know why. I loved the concept thought.
[4. Dragon Ball Z]
Rating: A-
I loved the Manga, I loved the series. Simple as that. It draged along, though,...
[5. Yu-Gi-Oh!]
Rating: B+
I love how they explain the card game, in this! It's like watching a sport, for me. The story is an added bonus, how it's about Egyptian history.
[6. Inuyasha]
Rating: N/A
I've only seen episodes one and two, but I love it so far!

Not a lot of anime exposure for me..

I've read the Dragon Ball Manga, and i'm reading the Kenshin Manga. Although I read them in french, I love Manga!!

04-13-2004, 05:59 AM
1. Trigun A
2. Yu Yu Hakusho A
3. .Hack//Sign B
4. .Hack//Liminality B
5. Blue Gender B
6. Cowboy Bebop A-
7. Sailor Moon A-
8. Hamtaro B-
9. Ruroini Kenshin A
10. Duel Masters B-
11. Yu-Gi-Oh! A
12. Pokemon A-
13. Dragon Ball B
14. Dragon Ball Z A
15. Dragon Ball GT B+
16. Ronin Warriors B-
17. Witch Hunter Robin A-
18. FLCL A
19. Inu Yasha A
20. Digimon B+
21. Shaman King B
22. Beyblade B
23. Medabots B
24. Gundam Wing B+
25. Megaman B-
26. Cardcaptors B+
27. Transformers Armada B-
28. Neon Genesis Evangelion B
29. Tenchi Muyo B-
30. Tenchi in Tokyo A
31. Tenchi Universe B+
32. Kikaider B
33. Zoids B-
34. G Gundam A
35. SD Gundam C
36. Gundam 0080 B-
37. Gundam 0079 B-
38. Spirited Away A
39. Final Fantasy Unlimited A-
40. Record of Lodoss War B
41. Daft Punk Music Videos A
42. Street Fighter B+
43. Orphen B-
44. Lupin III C
45. Big O B-
46. Shinzo B
47. Princess Monoke A-
48. AniMatrix A
49. Gundam Seed A-
50. Knights of the Zodiac C

04-13-2004, 11:00 AM
I don't know how many I've seen but not as much as you guys these are some that I remember by an inch.

1. Escaflone ( this one is old ) A
2. Shinzo ( oldish ) A
3. Dragonball A+
4. Shaman King A+
5. Sailor Moon B+
6. Dragonball Z A+
7. Dragonball GT B-
8. Sonic X D-
9. Big O A
10. Tenchi Muyo C-
11. Tenchi Universe C-

04-13-2004, 07:00 PM
This shouldn't take long. Let's see:

Beyblade- B
Big O- B
Cardcaptors- B
Cowboy BeeBop- B
Digimon- C
Dragonball- A
Dragonball GT- B+
Dragonball Z- A+
Duel Masters- C+
Escaflowne- A
Gundam Wing- A
Hamtaro- B+
Medabots- A+
Outlaw Star- A
Pokemon- C (Not as good as it used to be)
Sailor Moon- B
Shaman King- A+
Shinzo (Is that the full name?)- A
Sonic X- B
Tenchi Muyo- C
Transformers Armada- C
Yu-gi-oh- A

04-14-2004, 12:31 AM
1. Trigun A
2. Yu Yu Hakusho A
3. .Hack//Sign B
4. .Hack//Liminality B
5. Blue Gender B
6. Cowboy Bebop A-
7. Sailor Moon A-
8. Hamtaro B-
9. Ruroini Kenshin A
10. Duel Masters B-
11. Yu-Gi-Oh! A
12. Pokemon A-
13. Dragon Ball B
14. Dragon Ball Z A
15. Dragon Ball GT B+
16. Ronin Warriors B-
17. Witch Hunter Robin A-
18. FLCL A
19. Inu Yasha A
20. Digimon B+
21. Shaman King B
22. Beyblade B
23. Medabots B
24. Gundam Wing B+
25. Megaman B-
26. Cardcaptors B+
27. Transformers Armada B-
28. Neon Genesis Evangelion B
29. Tenchi Muyo B-
30. Tenchi in Tokyo A
31. Tenchi Universe B+
32. Kikaider B
33. Zoids B-
34. G Gundam A
35. SD Gundam C
36. Gundam 0080 B-
37. Gundam 0079 B-
38. Spirited Away A
39. Final Fantasy Unlimited A-
40. Record of Lodoss War B
41. Daft Punk Music Videos A
42. Street Fighter B+
43. Orphen B-
44. Lupin III C
45. Big O B-
46. Shinzo B
47. Princess Monoke A-

You have seen 47 animes, and you still call Cardcaptor Sakura, "CardCaptors"? :oops:

04-14-2004, 02:44 PM
In no order: (It maybe wierd to you, but I keep a list of all things I've watched =P)

1. Galaxy Angels A++
2. Vandread A+
3. .Hack//Sign B
4. .Hack//Liminality B
5. Rurouni Kenshin A+
6. Love Hina A-
7. Sailor Moon C-
8. Niea_7 C
9. Saber Marionettes B+
10. Burn Up (all) B
11. Yu-Gi-Oh! A-
12. Pokemon A
13. Dragon Ball D
14. Dragon Ball Z D
15. Dragon Ball GT D
16. Medabots B+
17. Digimon (all) B
18. Flame of Recca (1st season) A
19. Inu Yasha C
20. Fushigi Yuugi A+
21. Ayashino Ceres A-
22. Beyblade B
23. Crush Gear Turbo B
24. Gundam Wing B+
25. Shadow Skill (1st season) A
26. Cardcaptor Sakura B+
27. Gensomaden Sayuki A
28. Neon Genesis Evangelion B
29. Tenchi Muyo (all) C+
30. Zoids (all) A
31. Rave: The Groove Adventure A+
32. Cyberteam in Akihabara (Also know as Akihabara Denno Gumi) B+
33. Eden's Bowy A
34. Bakeretsu Hunters A
35. Hunter X Hunter B
36. Cooking Master Boy B
37. Soul Hunter C
38. Akazukin Cha Cha (as a kid): A (as a matured teen)" D-
39. Ah! My Goddess A
40. Ah! My MINI Goddess A+
41. Darker Descendant A (even though there are some VERY wierd scenes that assume "something"... still a good show)
42. Ranma 1/2 B-
43. Cyber Cat Kuro-Chan A-
44. Gatekeepers (1st season) A
45. El Hazard (all) B
46. Strange Dawn B-
47. Super Gals! A-
48. Angelic Layer A-
49. Now and Then, Here and There C
50. Magic Knight Rayearth B+
51. Slam Dunk! D+
52. Monster Rancher B+
53. Ghost in the Shell B+
54. Bubblegum Crisis 2040 B+
55. Trigun B
56. I My Me Strawberry Eggs! B+ (I still have no idea why they named it that way... =P)
57. Blue Submarine 6 B+
58. Master of Mosquiton B+ (It's about a vampire, not a mosquito =P)
59. Yaiba B
60. Lupin III C-
61. Ruin Explorers (maybe you know it as Fahm and Ihrilie...) A
62. Chobits A
63. Star Ocean EX A-
64. Boys Be A (First realistic, no-fantasy stuff anime I have seen... good too =P)
65. Comic Party B+
66. Detective Conan B
67. Steam Detective A
68. Dual! B+
69. Escaflowne B-
70. Get Backers A
71. Ghost Sweeper B
72. Hell Teacher Nube B-
73. Power Stone B-
74. Ragnarok (not-kawaii) B
75. Ragnarok (kawaii) B+
76. Slayers B+
77. Sol Bianca B
78. Space Battleship Yamamoto Yoko B
79. Twin Signal B+
80. You're Under Arrest! A+

04-14-2004, 05:03 PM
I forgot a few anime's...

1. .Hack//SIGN. A+
2. AH! My Goddess. B
3. Azumanga Daioh. C-
4. Beyblade's. C+
5. Blue Seed. B+
6. Big O. A+
7. Chobits. B-
8. Cowboy Bebop. A
9. Digimon. D+
10. DragonBall. D
11. DragonBall Z. C-
12. DragonBall GT. A
13. El Hazard. B+
14. Neon Genesis Evangelion. A+
15. Full Metal Panic. C
16. Furi Kuri. (FLCL) A+
17. G Gundam. D+
18. Gundam SEED. A+
19. Gundam Wing. A
20. Hellsing. B+
21. InuYasha. A-
22. Kikaider: The Animation. A+
23. Knight's of Ramune. C-
24. Love Hina. A
25. Lupin The Thrid. D-
26. Mobile Suit Gundam. C+
27. Mobile Suit Gundam: 0080 War in a Pocket. B-
28. Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. A+
29. Naruto. B
30. Neon Genesis Evangelion. A
31. Onegai Teacher. A
32. Pokemon. F-
33. Reign. E-
34. Record of Lodoss Wars. C+
35. Rurouni Kenshin. B-
36. Sailor Moon. E-
37. Slayers. A
38. Slayers NEXT. A+
39. Slayers TRY. C-
40. Tenchi Muyo. A
41. Tenchi Universe. A
42. Tenchi in Tokyo. A+
43. Trigun. A+
44. Witch Hunter Robin. A
45. Yu-Gi-Oh. C+
46. Yu Yu Hakusho. B+

04-15-2004, 01:02 AM
pokemon c-
digimon c
yu-yu hakasho a+
dragonball d
dragonball z b+
dragonball gt b
sonic x A
shaman king A
.hack//sign A+
.hack//liminality d
yu-gi-oh B+
Rurouni Kenshin A+
G Gundam B+
Trigun A
Witch Hunter Robin A+
Inu Yasha A+
Gundam Wing c+
Sailor moon d-
Megaman D
Zoids A+
Medabots c
Big O C+
Cowboy Bebop B
Tenchi Muyo. A
Tenchi Universe. b
Tenchi in Tokyo. A

so far thats all i can remember I think thats all of them im not sure

04-15-2004, 07:05 AM
Lets see
dragon ball A
dragon ball z A+
dragon ball gt A+
inuyasha A
Ranma 1/2 B+
Pokemon B+/A-
digimon B-
Yu-Gi-Oh A-
Tenchi Muyo A
Big O D-
.hack/sign B
(I've read at least a little of the manga for each except ranma 1/2 and digimon)
(I've also seen many more but can't think of them :oops: )
You should make one of these for manga. :ermm:

04-15-2004, 08:17 AM
*stares at the list that Jet wrote*



80.... almost 100.... wow....

Yukari from Azumanga Daioh: All right! Jet! Yay! Fight! Go! Yay! XP *and other English stuff that they learn in Japanese schools*

Excel from Excel Saga: Hail Jet!!!! ^o^

Tama-chan form Love Hina: Myuh, Myuh! ^^ *waves*

Guu from Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Goo: Yay, hehe. *does her weird dance*

Dejiko from Digi Charat: Otaku-nyo! ^.^ ...You better buy stuff that has me on it-nyo. =.=

That's amazing. For how long have you been watching anime, Jet? ^_^;;

You should make one of these for manga. :ermm:

HAI HAI!! ^-^

Arigato for the idea! ^_^

04-15-2004, 03:39 PM
*stares at the list that Jet wrote*



80.... almost 100.... wow....

Yukari from Azumanga Daioh: All right! Jet! Yay! Fight! Go! Yay! XP *and other English stuff that they learn in Japanese schools*

Excel from Excel Saga: Hail Jet!!!! ^o^

Tama-chan form Love Hina: Myuh, Myuh! ^^ *waves*

Guu from Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Goo: Yay, hehe. *does her weird dance*

Dejiko from Digi Charat: Otaku-nyo! ^.^ ...You better buy stuff that has me on it-nyo. =.=

That's amazing. For how long have you been watching anime, Jet? ^_^;;

Uh... ty... =P ^^; since I was 11... I'm 18 now... =P

As for mangas though... meh, VERY FEW... =P (see in the other thread)

Try looking at some of them =P ... some of them are good (for the others you haven't seen)
't heard of) Hey, everyone has different tastes =P

04-16-2004, 04:33 AM
oh yah, add eskaflone, or whatever... its a good anime too, I've probably seen others

04-16-2004, 05:53 AM
You mean Escaflowne?

And, Jet, you liked anime for about 7 years? I only knew about anime for two.. heh... Well, I liked Pokemon, DBZ and stuff about 5 or 4 years ago, like every one else, but not anymore... And I used to watch a lot of old 70's, 80's anime when I was five years old. ^_^;; I'm 15 now. =p

04-16-2004, 12:11 PM
You mean Escaflowne?

And, Jet, you liked anime for about 7 years? I only knew about anime for two.. heh... Well, I liked Pokemon, DBZ and stuff about 5 or 4 years ago, like every one else, but not anymore... And I used to watch a lot of old 70's, 80's anime when I was five years old. ^_^;; I'm 15 now. =p

Ok... but, as I said, we all have different tastes... I don't like DB series... InuYasha and YYH is ok, but not my type of show. =P

04-16-2004, 01:06 PM
1º Escaflowne- A++++,lol It's my old time favorite
2º Digimon- B
3º Pokemon- E
4º Evangelion- B+
5º Cardcaptor Sakura- B+
6º Trigun- C
7º Cowboy beebop- A
8º Samurai X- A (very cool, I like samurais :lol: )
9º Vampire Hunter- E
10º Excel Saga- A (very whacky :goofy: )

In terms of movies, I saw Pokemon 1-4, some DBZ movies, Escaflowne movie, Ghost in Shell, Street fighter movie, I can't remeber more :think:

04-17-2004, 11:21 AM
For movies, i watch Pokemon 1-3, Digimon first movie, Fushigi Yuugi OVA etc.

Kento Kasha
04-17-2004, 09:51 PM
1. Zoids: Chaotic Century
2. Zoids
3. Kikaider
4. Cyborg 009
5. Serial Experiments Lain
6. Dual!
7. SoulTaker
8. Trigun
9. Cowboy Bebop
10. Outlaw Star
11. Crest of the Stars
12. Banner of the Stars
13. Geneshaft
14. Gatekeepers 21
15. Last Exile
16. Silent Mobius
17. Betterman
18. Boogiepop Phantom
19. Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
20. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080
21. Mobile Suit Gundam 0083
22. Mobile Fighter G-Gundam
23. Gundam SEED
24. SD Gundam
25. Record of Lodoss War
26. The Big O
27. The Big O 2
28. Princess Mononoke
29. Castle in the Sky
30. Kiki's Delivery Service
31. Spirited Away
32. Tenchi Muyo
33. Tenchi in Tokyo
34. Tenchi Universe
35. Transformers Armada
36. Gundam Wing
37. Dragon Ball
38. Dragon Ball Z (all seasons)
39. Dragonball GT
40. Cardcapor Sakura
41. Medabots
42. Medabots: Season 2
43. Shaman King
44. Digimon Seasons 1, 2, & 4
45. Inu Yasha
46. FLCL
47. Witch Hunter Robin
48. .Hack//Sign
49. Blue Gender
50. Pokemon (all seasons)
51. Rurouni Kenshin
52. Samurai X OVAs
53. Yu-Gi-Oh!
54. Hamtaro
55. Sailor Moon
56. The Digimon Movie
57. Pokemon Movies (1-4)
58. Dual Masters
59. Ghost in the Shell
60. Street Fighter II (or was it I?)
61. Some other fighting movie that I can't remember, it had a skew of famous fighting characters.

Holy crap......!

04-28-2004, 09:42 AM
I forgot to add a few more animes... ^_^;;



04-28-2004, 04:05 PM
Lol... I still have more =P ^_^
Actually, if you look at my list, some shows (like gundam and Saber Marionettes), I just generalized it as 1... so... it's still more than 80 =P

07-25-2005, 01:16 AM
1.INUYASHA!!!!A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++OO
2.Paranoia Agent A+++
2.Samurai X C-
3.Vandread A+++
4.Samurai Champloo A
6.Kiki's Delivery Service B
7.Howls Moving Caslte A
8.Read or Die A-
9.Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi C+(BAD VOICE OVERS!)
10.One Piece F--------(WORSE VOICE OVERS!)
11.Street Fighter II B-
12.Cowboy Bebop D+
13.Naruto B+
14.Yu Yu Hakusho A+++
15.Sonic X N/A
17.Fruits Basket A+++
18.Trigun B+
20.Teen Titans A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++OO
21.Rave Master B+
22.Winx Club Z-
23.Pokemon A+
24.Digimon A+
25.Shinzo B
26.Battle Bedamman C
27.Bey Blade D-
28.Case Closed A++++++++
30.Yu-Gi-Oh!(-NO!) -Z-----
31.Duel Masters C
32.FMA B
34.Sailor Moon A+
35.BizenGast F-
36.Van Von Hunter B+
38.Eye Shield 27(Or somethin like that) B
39.Avatar A+
40.Hamtaro A+(Extra pointsa for Chibiness!)
41.Zoids A+
42.Card Captor Sakura B+
44.Outlaw Star N/A cant remember
45.Cyborg 009
46.Tenchi Muyo N/A CR
47.Medabots F-
48.Shaman King B-
(That's all I can think of.)

07-25-2005, 07:27 AM
Yu-Yu Hakusho
Card Captor Sakura
Sailor Moon
Witch Hunter Robin
Full Metal Alchemist
Silent Mobus(sp?)
Read or Die The T.V.
Lupin the Third
Cowboy Bebop
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball GT
Samurai Shamploo
Paranoia Agent
Case Closed
Duel Masters
Big O
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
Fooly Cooly
Wolf's Rain
One Piece
Cyborg 009
Ruroni Keishin(sp?)
Gate Keepers 21
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

07-25-2005, 01:57 PM
9here's my updated list:

1. Chobits A
2. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen A
3. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Revenge B+
4. Those Who Hunt Elves B+
5. Final Fantasy Unlimited B
6. Transformers (1st season from the 80s) B
7. Sailor Moon dub - B-, original - A+
8. Dragonball B-
9. Dragonball Z B+
10. Dragonball GT C-
11. Digimon Adventure 01 A-
12. Digimon Adventure 02[/b]B+[/b]
13. Digimon Tamers C
14. Digimon Frontier D-
15. .hack//SIGN A
16. .hack//DUSK A-
17. .hack//LIMINALITY D
18. Mobile Suit Gundam A+
19. 08th MS Team B-
20. G Gundam A
21. Gundam Wing B
22. Gundam X B+
23. Cardcaptor Sakura C
24. Boogiepop Phantom A
25. Excel Saga A
26. Neon Genesis Evangelion A
27. Yu Yu Hakusho A-
28. Yu-gi-oh B+
29. Yu-gi-oh: Duel Monsters A- (the dub gets a D)
30. Duel Monsters Genex C- (...and I'm sure the english dub will be even worse >_<)
31. Pokemon F[/QUOTE]
32. Princess Monanoke A
33. Grave of the Fireflies A+
34. F L C L A
35. Naruto A (this one really kicks ass ^_^)
36. Bleach B
37. Sousei no Aquarion the verdict is still out on this one...for now, I'll say B-
38. School Rumble B+
39. Akira A-
40. Big O D
41. Trigun A
42. Golden Boy A-
43. Serial Experiments Lain B+
44. Hellsing A+
45. King of Bandit Jing A-
46. King of Bandit Jing: Lost in Seventh Heaven B-
47. Inuyasha B
48. Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report B+
49. Rurouni Kenshin B-
50. Samurai X: Requiem for Patriots B+
51. Samurai X: Trust, Betrayal, and Reflection A+
52. Outlaw Star B-
53. Tenchi Muyo B-
54. Tenchi in Tokyo C+
55. Tenchi Universe B+

Hypocrisy is Fun
07-26-2005, 06:50 AM
Didnt list ALL i have seen but this is all i really remember im sure theres like 10-15 i missed. Im not gonna rate them cause i really liked them all and thats why i remembered them :oops:

1.Rave Master
2.Yu Yu Hakusho
7.Full Metal Alchemist
8.Gun Grave
9.Lupin The 3rd
13. .hack//SIGN
14 .hack//DUSK
15. .hack//LIMINALITY
16.Mobile Suit Gundam
18.Tenchi Muyo
19.Tenchi in Tokyo
20.Tenchi Universe
21.Gundam Wing
22.Gundam X
23.Cardcaptor Sakura
24.G Gundam
26.Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
27.Samurai Champloo
28.Shaman King
29.Rurouni Kenshin
32.Paranoia Agent
33.Big O
34.Duel Masters
35.Case Closed
36.Cowboy Bebop
37.Bay Blades
38.One Piece
41.Teen Titans
42.Cardcapor Sakura
43.Witch Hunter Robin
44.Kiki's Delivery Service
45.Cyborg 009
47.Spirited Away
48.Read or Die
49.Wolf's Rain
50. That Phantasy Star anime, i cant remember the exact name
51.Final Fantasy Unlimited (didnt watch too many)

07-30-2005, 06:07 AM
Let's Try this:

1 InuYasha A
2 Ranma 1/2 A
3 Dragonball B+
4 Dragonball Z/GT B-
5 Gundam Seed B
6 Gundam Seed Destiny B+
7 Ichigo 100% (on going) D
8 Ichigo Mashimaro C
9 Witch Hunter Robin A
10 Yu Gi Oh C-
11 Pokemon D-
12a Digimon Season 1 B
12b Digimon (the rest) C
13 Monster Rancher (season 3) B-
15 Neon Genesis Evangelion A
16 Gundam Wing A
17 Medabots B
18 Beyblade (season 1) D-
19 .hack//sign B-
20 Xenosaga B
21 Tales of Phantasia (ongoing) B
22 Tales of Eternia C
23 Samurai Champloo A
24 Goldfish Warning A (note, it's old)
25 Samurai Pizza Cats A (note, rating was when I was a kid)
26 Zoids C
27 Beast Wars (transformers) A
28 Beast Machines (transformers) B-
29 Kanon C-
30 I''s B+ (anime, manga A)
31 Midori no Hibi B
32 School Rumble A
33 Love Hina B (Again OVA, B+)3
34 Onegai Twins B-
35 Azumanga Daioh A
36 Noir A
37 Ragnarok C
38 Saikano B-
39a Girls Bravo Season 1 B
39b Girls Bravo Season 2 D
40 Galaxy Angel B+
41 Kannaduki no Miko C+
42 Zone of the Enders B-
43 Detective Loki B+
44 Crest of the Star C+
45 Jinki Extend D+
46 My Hime B
47 Genshiken B
48 Turn-A Gundam B+
49 Angelic Layer B+
50 Yakitate Japan (ongoing) A
51 MAR (ongoing) B- (manga B)
52 Elfen Lied B+
53 Mahou Sensei Negima (ongoing) B
54 Gakuen Alice (ongoing) B+
55 Futakoi Alternative (ongoing) B+
56 He is My Master (ongoing) B-
57 Ultimate Girl F- (voted worst anime here)
58 Kakyusei 2 C- (?)
59 One Piece (american dub) D
60 Kirby D
61 Teen Titans B-
62 Reboot A+ (voted best non-anime animation ever)
63 Ah! My Goddess B+
64 Chobits C+ (manga A)
65 Doraemon A (now when I'm adult, D-)
66 Hamtaro D-
67 SD Gundam C-
68 Miyazaki in general A
69 Escaflowne B-
70 Sonic X C-
71 Mobile Suit Gundam A
72 Zeta Gundam A
73 Sailor Moon C+
74 Knights of the Zodiac C+ (back then it was an A, just like how power rangers pwnd in one time.)
75 Star Ocean EX B

Wow, I'm pretty liberal with my anime ratings. :) Getting To Lain and them soon.

And manga,

Houshin Engi A
Love Hina A
Girls Bravo B-
DearS C+
Addicted to Curry A
Yakitate Japan A
Pretty Face A
Ichigo 100% B
Ichigo Mashinmaro C+
Acrana B
Futurai Ecchi (ecchi! :D) A

More to come.

07-30-2005, 07:51 AM
Pokemon B
Yu-Gi-Oh! B
DragonBall A
Rurouni Kenshin A
One Piece B
Digimon Adventure A
Digimon Adventure 02 B+
Digimon Tamers B-
Digimon Fronteir C-
Duel Masters C
Yu Yu Hakusho B+
Sonic X B-
Shaman King B-
Zatch Bell A-
Megaman NT Warrior B+
Gundam Seed B-
G Gundam A
SD Gundam C+
Gundam Wing B+
Gungrave B-
Gad Gaurd C+
R.O.D. B-
Inuyasha A
Full Metal Alchemist A-
Beyblade D+
Medabots C
.Hack Sign B-
Samuri Champloo B-
Monster Rancher (It's been a long time but ya...) C+
Zoids (All Seasons) B-
Knights Of The Zodiac C+
Transformers Beast Wars B+
Transformers Beast Wars Metalics (I think that's what it's called) B+
Transformers Beast Machines C
Transformers B+
Transformers Armada B
Transformers Energon B+
Transformers Cybertron B-
Hamtaro C+
Cardcaptor Sakura B
Kirby RBAY C+
Teen Titans B+
Tenchi (Not Much) B-
Sailor Moon B-
Outlaw Star B-
Big-O B+
I could go on and on, but I'm going to stop, also I've read too many Mangas I'd take me hours.... :neutral:

07-30-2005, 05:41 PM
pokemon a+
rurouni kenshin a+
fruits basket a
shaman king a
inuyasha b+
trigun c
megaman b
digimon b
hamtaro a+
one piece b
tenchi muyo a-
monster rancher A
rave master b+
zatch bell c
yugioh gx a+
yugioh b
gundam seed a-
naruto d
voltron a+
ghost in the shell sac a+
medabots d
d.n angel a
dragon ball z a+
dragon ball a-
dragon ball gt b
yu yu hakusho c+
eagle raiders b
cyborg 009 c
gundam wing a+
sailor moon a+
sonic x a
teknoman b
blue seed d
mobile suit gundam a+
escaflowne A+
g gundam b
rahxephon a+
outlaw star b
neon genesis evangelion a+
gungrave a+
gundam seed destiny a+
eureka 7 a
gun x sword b
fullmetal alchemist a+
samurai gun c
ah my goddess b+
fullmetal panic c
beyblade b
samurai 7 a
chobits a-
case closed b
s-cry-ed a-
get backers b
azumanga daioh a+
chorno crusade b
mew mew power b
saiyuki realoaded b
fighting spirit a+
hoop days c
fist of the north star a+
baki the grappler b
battlestar galatica b
elfen lied a+
hellsing a+
trinity blood a+
mai-hime b
the prince of tennis b

07-31-2005, 03:17 AM
Ah yes, Beast Wars Transmetal I think was what it was called, since I'm 90% sure it was named after their new form anyway. lol :)

07-31-2005, 04:27 AM
Ah yes, Beast Wars Transmetal I think was what it was called, since I'm 90% sure it was named after their new form anyway. lol :)

Ya, that's it I remember now! :happy:

08-01-2005, 12:29 AM
My last post in this thread was... 04-28-2004... wow.. I sounded like an idiot.. :P


New list.


TOTAL: 114

Don't feel like rating them.....

Angelic Kitsune
08-01-2005, 04:57 AM
I dunno:
Inuyasha A+++
Pokemon D-
GundamSeed A+
Hamtaro C-
Chobits A+
.Hack C
CardCaptors F
One Peice C
Digimon B
I haven't seen alot of animes,but w/e -_-'

08-21-2005, 02:45 AM
AzuManga Daioh A+ (Yes, I am a guy that watches shows involving girls)
DNAngel A (No one has probably ever heard of this one.)
Full Metal Alchemist A+
Full Metal Panic A- (It isn't a cheap Americanized knockoff of FMA. It's just someting no one ever has heard of or watches.)
Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU A+ (Funny sequel or prequel to FMP.)
InuYasha B (Never can stay up that late.)
Rurouni Kenshin A (Even though I only saw about five episodes, I loved watch ing every minute of it.)

and finally...

Zatch Bell A+ (I can't believe no one watches this weird confusing and sometimes interesting Anime :sad: )

Lord Deoxys
08-21-2005, 03:11 AM
Trigun A+
s-CRY-ed A+
Full Metal Alchemist A+
Paranoia Agent A+
Cowboy Bebop A-
Dragon Ball (Z) A-
Lupid the 3rd B+
Gungrave B-
Wolf's Rain D+
Gundam (all of them) D-
Dragon Ball GT F-
Pokemon F-
Digimon F-
Beyblade F-
Inuyasha F-

That's all I can think of.

08-21-2005, 10:04 AM
1. .Hack//SIGN - A+
2. .Hack//Legend of the Twilight (AKA .Hack//Dusk) - A+
3. Beyblade - C
4. Big O - D+
5. Card Captor Sakura - B+
6. Case Closed - A-
7. Cowboy Bebop - A-
8. Cyborg 009 - C-
9. Digimon - A- (seasons 1-2); C (seasons 3 and on)
10. Dragonball - A
11. Dragonball Z - A-
12. Dragonball GT - B+
13. Duel Masters - C-
14. FLCL - A-
15. Full Metal Alchemist - A
16. Hamtaro - B-
17. Hellsing - B
18. InuYasha - A+
19. Lupin the Third - D-
20. Mobile Fighter G Gundam - B+
21. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - A+
22. Naruto - A
23. One Piece - A+
24. Outlaw Star - B
25. Pokemon - B-
26. Paranoia Agent - A-
27. Rurouni Kenshin - A+
28. Sailor Moon - B
29. Samurai Champloo - A+
30. s-CRY-ed - A+
31. SD Gundam Force - C-
32. Shaman King - B+
33. Tenchi Muyo - B+
34. Tenchi in Tokyo - A
35. Tenchi Universe - A-
36. Trigun - A
37. Wolf's Rain - A-
38. Yu-Gi-Oh! - A
39. Yu Yu Hakusho - A+
40. Zatch Bell - A
41. Zoids - A+
42. Zoids Chaotic Century - A+
43. Zoids Fuzors - A
44. Zoids Guardian Force - A

Exon Auxus
08-21-2005, 10:34 AM
And here we go:

Inuyasha S.1 A+
Pokemon S.1 A
Pokemon S.2 A
Pokemon S.3 D+
Lupin the Third C
Rurouni Kenshin A+
Gundam Seed B+
Beyblade V-Force B+
Beyblade G-Revolution A+
Beblade- B.E.G.A. League B+
Duel Masters D
Yu-Gi-Oh B+
Wolf's Rain A
Sailor Moon B
Trigun A
Case Closed A
Family Guy A+
Big O F
Dragonball GT B
One Piece A
Digimon F
Ghost's Cell B+
Yu Yu Hakusho B+
Zatch Bell A
Dragonball B
Full Metal Alcheimist A
Futurama A+
Home Movies? Anime? lol A+
Chobits A+
Teen Titans A
Transformers B
Transformers Armada B
Transformers Energon A+
Shaman King A+
Cowboy Bebop B+
Sonic Sharp A
Avatar T.L.A. B+
Paranoia Agent

Don't feel like naming the rest. :oops:

Dragon Lover
08-21-2005, 02:02 PM
Pokemon S:1

Shaman King.


Gundam WIngs.

I'm not a big animè fan...


08-26-2005, 02:59 PM
Full Metal Alchemist
King Of Bandit Jing

10-08-2005, 04:59 PM
Yu - Gi - oh
Shaman King
Puffy Ami Yumi

10-08-2005, 08:42 PM
Puffy Ami Yumi is not anime. And... Do I see... Teen Titans on one of Kennys recent lists? I'd have thought you of all people wouldn't consider it anime, even by mistake. :P

Anyway, despite the revive, might as well carry it on.

Gundam SEED
Gundam SEED Destiny
Gundam Wing
He is My Master
Ichigo 100%
School Rumble
Mahou Sensei NegiMa
Xenosaga: The Animation
Digimon Season 1
Digimon Season 2
Digimon Tamers
Digimon Frontier
Tokyo Mew Mew
Transformers: Armarda
Transformers: Energon
Tales of Eternia
Tenchi Muyo
Dragonball Z
Dragonball GT
Beyblade VForce
Beyblade Revolution
Love Hina
Love Hina Again
Outlaw Star
Big O
Shaman King
Rave Master
Zoids Chaotic Century
Zoids Guardian Force
Zoids New Century Zero
Zoids Genesis

Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back
Pokemon: Revelation Lugia
Pokemon: Lord of the Unknown Tower
Pokemon: Voice of the Forest
Pokemon: Heroes
Pokemon: Jirachi Wishmaker
Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys
Spirited Away
Howls Moving Castle
Final Fantasy: Last Order

He is My Master
School Rumble
Ichigo 100%
Mahou Sensei Negima
Shaman King
Rave Master

I knows there's much more from when I was a little kid, but it'd take me days to remember everything.

Surly Professor
10-10-2005, 02:14 AM
Akira A+ ~ What you haven't seen it?!? And you call yourself an anime fan.-_-
Big O B- ~ A giant robot anime that's actually smart. Wait, you're a tomato?
Blue Gender D ~ D is for Dumb.
BoBoBo Bo BoBo B ~ It'll force you to make funny faces at your TV.
Case Closed A- ~ I thoroughly enjoyed 97% of the eps I saw.
Cat Soup B+ ~ No dialog or plot, but the imagery alone is enough to understand. Don't watch it if you are carnophobic.
Cowboy Bebop A+ ~ This is the show to show your non-anime watching friends to get them interested.
Dead Leaves A- ~ It's unlike anything else. Just trying it won't hurt, er... on second thought it might hurt a little but it'll be fun.
DragonBall C ~ Decent kids show.
DragonballZ D- ~ Unfit for anyone but professional wrestling fans; no offence.
Elf Princess Rane C+ ~ If you're really into gag anime, give it a shot. I found it at Kroger for $3.
Excel Saga B+ ~ Delightfully quirky, but the last ep was in pretty bad taste.
Fist of the Northstar C- ~ Postapacolyptic fighting anime. About half of every headsploding episode is flashbacks!
FLCL A ~ ...I haven't the words.
Full Metal Alchemist A ~ Great... so far
Gadguard C ~ Nice, darker, more refined Pokemonesque art style with giant robots. Kids might like it. *shrug
Ghost in the Shell A ~ Hot cyborg on cyborg action. What?... not like that, perv.
Ghost in the Shell SAC A+ ~ Best robot/AI/cyborg show ever. It deals with every issue you've ever wondered about human technology relations. A++ Very smart.
InuYasha B ~ I was a fan until like the middle of the 4th season, then I just got tired and wanted it to just hurry up and end already.
Jin-Roh B+ ~ Beatifully dark story & artwork. Red riding hood much?
Lupin III A ~ Even anime haters enjoy it! It's got tons of laughs, and hot 70's action.
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi A- ~ Very funny parody driven anime. chock-full of gags for old anime fans.
My Nieghbor Totorro A- ~ How cute was this?
One Piece B+ ~ Only seen about 30-35 eps so far, but I can dig it. Pirate anime is sorta novel.
Outlaw Star A- ~ Cool blend of scifi & fantasy. I love the idea of caster guns, and grappling space ships.
Paranoia Agent A- ~ Very cerebral thriller.
Pokemon C- ~ Aw, do I have to say it here?... It makes me feel like a lobatomite.-_-
Project A-ko B ~ 1980's parody anime movie series. Reminds me of the old Road Runner cartoons. Very funny.
Ranma 1/2 A- ~ Classic Comedy Anime.
Read Or Die B+ ~ Awesome action ~ bewildering plot. You should be able to catch everything on the second viewing.
Read Or Die, the TV B+ ~ Interesting characters, very pleasant art style, great action sequences... but don't try and figure out the story or the last few episodes will hurt your brain.
Rurouni Kenshin A- ~ The first 2 seasons are great... we won't speak of the 3rd.
Sailor Moon B- ~ Like a few people have already said: this was the first anime I ever saw. Oh, the memories... "Moon Princess Power" indeed.
Samurai Champloo A+ ~ If Cowboy Bebop was Jazz, this is Hiphop.
Scryed C ~ Not my bag baby. Fighting anime with cheezy fantasy elements.
Super Milk Chan D- ~ It's primarily Japanese in-jokes. Unless you are Japanese it's a total waste of time.
Tenchi Muyo B ~ You think you got girl problems?
Those Who Hunt Elves B ~ Kinda pervy, not really my thing usually, but it's was pretty funny stripping the elves.
Tokyo Pig A- ~ It cracked me up constantly. Very silly japanese comedy.
Trigun A- ~ Hilarious lead character, some minor story problems.
Witch Hunter Robin C+ ~ People tell me the story was great, I wouldn't know it totally put me to sleep everytime.:p
Wolf's Rain B+ ~ Stunning art style, interesting take on anthro, but wtf are they trying to do again?
YuYuHakuShow B- ~ Fighting anime, They have to think & figure out how to beat an enemy, but still a fighting anime.
Zatchbell B ~ Cutsie fighting anime. What's the frickin' deal with that little mutant horse, huh?

Hmm... that's all I can remember right now, but I'm sure I missed some things.

10-10-2005, 02:34 AM
EDIT: I've given them ratings now, spiffy!

Beyblade :neutral: C: A kids Anime
Sonic X :neutral: C+: It went on longer that I though it would...
DragonballZ :happy: B Good drama disquised as a fighter
DragonballGT :sad: Sorry, what?
Yu gi oh :sad: God destroying card slugfest
Pokemon :happy: B+. Why am I on the forum?
Digimon :happy: B+ NOT a pokemon ripoff, surprisingly.
Cardcaptors :biggrin: B Its a good card anime.

Escaflowne :happy: B+ Predictable but good
Chobits :biggrin: A I dont like this genre but I liked this one for some reason...
Excel saga :biggrin: A+ The best! An awesome satire and full of japanese humour. It proves good anime doesnt have to be dead seroius.

Ghost in a shell :neutral: D No, I dont like this sort of thing...
Spirited away :biggrin: A- It made me get more Studio Ghibli
Pokemon movies :happy: B Why am I on this forum...
Princess mononoke :biggrin: A+ An awesome adventure that tops my list!
Laputa castle in the sky :biggrin: A- I'd recommend it
Kikis delivery servace :neutral: C+ Sorta boring...

Chobits :biggrin: A+ Better than the Anime
Ruroni Kenshin :happy: B- Cool and violent, but I dont like that sort of thing
Louie the rune soldier :neutral: C+ A comedy, but I prefer the humour in Excel Saga.

Mitsuko Souma
10-10-2005, 03:39 AM
Sailor Moon
Card Captors
Mew Mew Power
Spirited Away
Duel Masters
Xaolin Showdown
Teen Titans

Jack of Clovers
10-11-2005, 04:14 AM
UmbreonMoon- I'm pretty sure Simpsons, Futurama, Xiolin Showdown and Teen Titatns are not Anime.:susp:

I never realized I watched so much.

Card Captor Sakura.
Digimon 1, 2, and some of 3
Mew Mew Power
Spirited Away
Princess Monoke
Cowboy Bebop the Movie
Lupin the 3rd (a few... must see more!)
Shaman King

and of course, my new favorite Anime... One Piece (Japanese subs, not American dubs). such an awesome show.:cool:


10-11-2005, 12:09 PM
Every?? -_- this will take a long time T_T
Time to go dig out my anime! most of it is Japanese, I think the Japanese language is more beautiful' and subtitles are great! ^.^ lol and my downloads^^ okay this will take a while, excuse my addicition & excuse me if I miss some' so here goes. T~T (I'll use the Japanese titles, maybe some English titles)

"Time I'm starting - 10:34am"


1: A.D. Police
2: Aa! Megami Sama--Chicchaitte Koto Benri Dane (1998)
3: Aa! Megami Sama (2005)
4: Air
5: Air Master
6: Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach
7: Seihou Tenshi Angel Links
8: Aquarian Age - Sign for Evolution
8: Kosoku Denjin Albegus
9: Arc the Lad
10: Argento Soma
11: Asobou! Hello Kitty
12: Astro Boy (1963)
13: Astro Boy (1980)
14: Astro Boy (2004)
15: Astro Boy (2003)
16: Aura Battler Dunbine
17: Dragon Quest Dai no Bouken
18: Azumanga Daioh The Animation
19: Azumi Mama Mia
20: Bakuretsu Hunters
21: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
22: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade (2002) "aka V-Force"
23: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution
24: Bakuto Sengen Daigunder
25: B-Densetsu! Battle Bedaman
26: B-Densetsu! Battle Bedaman Enkon (2005)
27: The Big O (1999)
28: The Big O (2003)
29: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
30: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R
31: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S
32: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
33: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS
34: Black Jack
35: Bleach
36: Blue Gender
37: Blue Seed
38: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
39: Burn-up Excess
40: Card Captor Sakura
41: Carried by the Wind- Tsukikage Ran
42: Case Closed
43: Cutey Honey
44: Chobits
45: Gravion
46: Gravion Zwei
47: Chrono Crusade
48: Colorful
49: Cowboy Bebop
50: Cowboy Bebop' The Movie"
51: Cyborg 009
52: Dai Guard
53: Dandoh!!
54: D.I.C.E.
55: Di Gi Charat
56: Devilman
57: DigiGirl Pop! Strawberry and Pop Mix Flavor
58: Digimon Adventures
59: Digimon' The Movie"
60: Dirty Pair
61: Divergence EVE
62: D?N?A² ~Dokokade Nakushita Aitsuno Aitsu~
63: D.N.Angel
64: Doraemon
65: Dragon Ball
66: Dragon Ball GT
67: Dragon Ball Z
68: Dragon Drive
69: Duel Masters
70: Duel Masters Charge (2004)
71: Eight Man
72: Elfen Lied
73: Those Who Hunt Elves
74: Tenkou no Escaflowne
75: El-Hazard
76: E's Otherwise
77: Neon Genesis Evangelion
78: Excel Saga
79: Final Fantasy Unlimited
80: Firebird
81: FireStorm
82: Fist of the North Star
83: Flame of Recca
84: Flint the Time Detective
85: Fruits Basket
86: Fullmetal Alchemist
87: Full Metal Panic!
88: Full Moon o Sagashite
89: F-Zero GP Legend
90: Fushigi Yuugi
91: Galaxy Angel
92: Galaxy Express 999
93: Ganbare Goemon
94: Gasaraki
95: Gate Keepers
96: Get Backers
97: G-Gundam
98: Gundam Wing
99: Gundam Seed
101: Gundam Seed Destiny
102: Gundam ZZ
103: SD Gundam
104: Ghost in the Shell
105: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
106: Gravitation
107: Gravion
108: Gungrave
109: .hack//SIGN
110: .hack//The Legend of the Twilight Bracelet
111: Hand Maid May
112: Happy Lesson
113: Hellsing
114: Hunter x Hunter
115: Hyper Police
116: Ichigo Mashimaro
117: I, My, Me! Strawberry Egg
118: Initial D
119: Inu Yasha
120: I Wish You Were Here
121: Kiddy Grade
122: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
123: King of Bandit Jing
124: 3x3 Eyes
125: Ah! My Goddess: The Movie
126: Angel Sanctuary
127: Animatrix
128: Armitage III
129: Bastard
130: Battle Arena Toshinden
131: Berserk
132: Blood: The Last Vampire
133: Boogiepop Phantom
134: Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
135: Crying Freeman
136: Dominion Tank Police
137: Dragon Half
138: Earthian
139: Elf Princess Rane
140: Evangelion: Death and Rebirth
141: End of Evangelion
142: Fake
143: Golden Boy
144: Grave of the Fireflies
145: Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl
146: Kai Doh Maru
147: Kiki's Delivery Service
148: Laputa: Castle in the Sky
149: Laughing Target
150: Love Hina
151: Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro
152: Macross Plus
153: Rayearth
154: Magic Knight Rayearth
155: Magic Users Club
156: Marriage
157: Martian Successor Nadesico
158: Megami Paradise
159: Memories
160: Metropolis
161: Miracle Girls
162: Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
163: My Neighbor Totoro
164: Nadia: Secret of Blue Water
165: Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind
166: Niea Under 7
167: Ninja Cadets
168: Ninja Scroll
169: Once Upon a Time
170: Outlaw Star
171: Panda Go Panda
172: Perfect Blue
173: Pet Shop of Horrors
174: Please Save My Earth
175: Pokemon
176: Pokemon: Johto Journeys
177: Pokemon: Orange Islands (Orange League)
178: Pokemon Advance
179: Pokemon Advance~Battle
180: Pokemon: The First Movie
181: Pokemon: The Movie 2000
182: Pokemon: The Movie 3 "Legend of the unknown"
183: Pokemon: The Movie 4 Ever
184: Pokemon: The Movie 5 "Jirachi The wish maker"
185: Pokemon: The Movie 6 (Can't remember what its called >.<)
186: Pretear
187: Pretty Sammy
189: Princess Mononoke
190: Princess Nine
191: Psychic Force
192: Puni Puni Poemy
193: Queen Emeraldas
194: Rail of the Star
195: Ranma 1/2
196: Record of Lodoss War
197: Read or Die
198: Real Bout High School
199: Revolutionary Girl Utena
200: Roujin Z
201: Rurouni Kenshin
202: Rurouni Kenshin the Movie
203: Saber Marionette J
204: Sakura Diaries
205: Sakura Wars
206: Samurai Hunt for the Sword
207: Serial Experiments Lain
208: Silent Mobius
209: Shadow Skill
210: Slayers
211: Slayers Next
212: Slayers Try
213: Slayers: Book of Spells
214: Slayers: The Motion Picture
215: Slayers Return
216: Sol Bianca: The Legacy
217: Spirited Away
218: Spriggan
219: Star Ocean EX
220: Steamboy
221: Steel Angel Kurumi
222: Street Fighter II V
223: Street Fighter II the Movie
224: Street Fighter Alpha Movie
225: Sword For Truth
226: Tekken the Motion Picture
227: Tenchi Muyo!
228: Tenchi in Tokyo
229: Tenchi Muyo: Mihoshi Special
230: Tenchi Universe
231: Tenchi Muyo the Movie 1
232: Tenchi Muyo the Movie 2
233: Tenchi Muyo the Movie 3
234: The Cat Returns
235: The Soultaker
236: They Were 11
237: To Heart
238: Tokyo Babylon
239: Tokyo Godfathers
240: Trigun
241: Twin Signal
242: Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2
243: Vandread: First Stage
244: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
245: Vampire Princess Miyu
246: Very Private Lesson
247: Video Girl Ai
248: Voices of a Distant Star
249: Voogie's Angel
250: Virgin Fleet

EDIT!!! I GOT TO FREAKIN 287 ANd MY BROWSER CRASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ƒUCK!! brb do it again -.-**
(Ok, ok, I'll update this later cause I've got a bad headache now and its now "12:09am" more to come soon T~T Remind me to hurt KenshinU. And I forgot loads so I will add them, meaning the order is gonna be messed up)

Surly Professor
10-14-2005, 05:14 PM
Every?? -_- this will take a long time T_T

I know it's asking quite alot, but would you mind grading your anime? :pray:
Your viewing experience is so extensive that I'ld value highly your oppinion on the many titles I haven't seen.

Nasty Plasty
10-14-2005, 05:47 PM
1st movie
Movie 2000
johto journeys
Curse of the Unknown
New seasons

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ballz
Return of Cooler
Dragon BallGT

Shoen Jump
One Piece
Yu-gi-oh movie
Yu-Gi-Ohseason 1
Yu-gi-ohBattle City finals
Yu-Gi-oh something atlantis
Yu-Gi-oh Grand Championship
Shaman King(Best Anime ever)

58 posts til Kenny evolves

10-14-2005, 08:01 PM
I know it's asking quite alot, but would you mind grading your anime? :pray:
Your viewing experience is so extensive that I'ld value highly your oppinion on the many titles I haven't seen.
Thanks, maybe I will sometime, and finish adding animes there.....T~T theres just so much. @_@;;

11-14-2005, 03:36 AM
Comic party=C because it is about comics, not much drama probluy because its Comedy.extra:Misty(person who voices her) had taken role as voicing Mizuki
Kodocha: Sana's stage= A because good stuff, really good drama and it's comedy
Instent teen, just add nuts=b because didn't get it but te drama and camedy is good

11-14-2005, 03:51 AM
Wow, a revival of a thread that's over a year old. Isn't that against the rules in this wonderful forum of Democracy?

Surly Professor
11-18-2005, 02:08 AM
Not since we became communist.