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03-06-2011, 04:31 PM
SS's ASB Stats

Money: $20
Battle Record: 5/4/0

[Dino] Ivysaur (Male)
Ability: Overgrow

[Batty] Woobat (Female)
Ability: Unaware
Signature Move: Twin Tornadoes
Description: Most Woobats aren't the greatest at flying. But Batty has practiced flying more then most Woobats. To use Twin Tornadoes, he flaps his wings faster and faster until they are going at the speed of sound. As he does this, two tornados a few inches tall grow until they are three feet tall. When they are three feet tall, Batty hurls them at the opponent. Batty is small, therefore his strength at throwing the tornadoes makes it possible for the opponent to dodge it. Batty gets very tired by all this, therefore his speed goes down by one stage.
Type: Flying
Base Power: 90
Accuracy: 80
Classification: Special
Energy Modifier: 0
Effects: Lowers Batty's Speed by one stage.
Usage Gap: Once every other round.

[Owner] Dragonair (Male)
Ability: Shed Skin

[Turtle] Shiny Carracosta (Female)
Ability: Solid Rock

[Fyre] Chandelure (Male)
Ability: Flame Body

[Wiggles] Wigglytuff (Female)
Ability: Cute Charm

[Maggie] Magby (Female)
Ability: Flame Body

[Winston] Wartortle (Male)
Ability: Torrent

05-03-2011, 12:49 PM
s = seen
o = owned
p = previously owned

#001 Bulbasaur sp
#002 Ivysaur so
#040 Wigglytuff so
#147 Dratini sp
#148 Dragonair so
#180 Flaafy s
#214 Heracross s
#240 Magby so
#443 Gible s
#460 Abomasnow s
#495 Snivy s
#527 Woobat so
#553 Krookodile s
#564 Tirtouga sp
#565 Carracosta so
#607 Litwick sp
#608 Lampent sp
#609 Chandelure so
#627 Rufflet s

05-03-2011, 05:34 PM

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