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Supremist Rain
03-07-2011, 12:33 PM
Pokemon on Team:

Species: Togepi
Gender: Female
Ability: Serene Grace - The chances of a move having an effect doubles
Stats: NA
Pokedex Entry (http://pokebar.com/pokemon-togepi/)

Species: Swinub
Gender: Male
Ability: Oblivious - The pokemon cannot be under the ATTRACT condition while having this ability
Stats: NA
Pokedex Entry (http://pokebar.com/pokemon-swinub/)

Species: Aipom
Gender: Female
Ability: Run Away - Except for trainer battles, can always run away. Unless under the influence of a run away preventing move or abilty such as mean look or arena trap
Stats: NA
Pokedex Entry (http://pokebar.com/pokemon-aipom/)

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