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System Harbinger :: Error // System Harbinger :: Failure // System Harbinger :: Reboot // System Harbinger :: Online // Protocol :: Engaged // "Activate Warp Portals" // "Release Masters" // "Exterminate All Forms Of Life" // Extermination :: In Progress //

< Role Play Theme Song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTsD2FjmLsw) >

The process you have just witnessed is the beginning of the end for all life in our world. For every 10,000 years, a super-computer called Harbinger with unbelievable AI intelligence is activated automatically, via the timing of 10,000 years. In the current world of Pokemon, 4 regions, known as Kanto, Johto, Hoen, and Sinnoh have survived the horrors of a post-apocalyptic war waged by the Human Race. In an attempt to conserve the life of Humanity, the Humans chose a highly talented group of individuals to be placed in Cryo-Stasis in order to outlast the effects of the War and awaken in the future to rebuild civilization. However, furious with the Humans for destroying their habitats, a handful of revengeful Pokemon developed a faction known as The Gloss. This faction drew many followers to it's cause and hunted down the "chosen" Humans that were meant to be placed in Cryo-Stasis. Every last Human was found and murdered by The Gloss. The extermination of the last of the Human Race was complete.

The Gloss, still bloodthristy and furious with what the Human War did to their lands, began hunting Pokemon themselves, trying to end their craving for death and destruction. It was at this time that another faction entered the fray. The Alliance, devoted to conserving the 4 regions from more destruction, became the official resistance to what The Gloss wanted to achieve. The remaining Pokemon were given the choice to join The Alliance, or join The Gloss in hopes of saving their families in whatever way they thought was a better chance and hope for survival.

Blinded by their war with one another, the two factions were completely unaware of an even greater threat that had stayed hidden and undetected for the past 10,000 years. For every 10,000 years, a power greater than any other is unleashed upon this world of Pokemon - the only world of Pokemon in existence. An all-powerful, super advanced race of machines with no real name or designation is released every 10,000 years via Warp Portals. These Warp Portals are hidden amongst the 4 regions of this World: Kanto, Johto, Hoen, and Sinnoh. There are 4 Portals in all, 1 residing in each land. The location of these Portals are unknown, making this process even more inevitable than ever. The only way these Portals can be activated, therefore releasing this super-advanced race upon the world, is through a advanced AI computer, known as Harbinger.

This computer, these Portals, this cycle of extermination, has all be unknown until it was accidently discovered by the Human Race. The highly skilled group of scientists that The Gloss had killed off one by one, accidently discovered this ancient computer system in the last few months of their lives. They studied it, learned it's secrets and managed to decipher the ancient code - in which they developed the conclusion that every 10,000 years, this AI was automatically activated, and began a process that would soon open up all 4 Warp Portals, allowing this ancient machine race to roam freely amongst the lands, killing all forms of life. However, they also discovered that the machine race spared only a handful of young lives, both Human and Pokemon- so they could hopefully learn from the mistakes their ancestors had made and create a better place for living. While wiping their memories, the ancient machine race would exit the world by going back through the portals-into what the Humans eventually called "the unknown". There has been failure everytime, for this cycle has repeated itself over and over and over, and not once has life been able to create the perfect civilization that the ancient machines demanded.

The group of highly skilled scientists could not determine why this ancient race wanted a perfect civilization - maybe so they could eventually stay and live on our planet and evolve themselves? Every conclusion was as unlikely as the last, for they knew machines were just metal and could eventually rust and die. They eventually concluded that these machines COULD be stopped, and possibly destroyed with modern weaponry. They gave the ancient machine race a name, The Slayers. The Slayers would eventually come, and Harbinger would eventually activate the portals. The scientists knew they were being hunted - so they knew the race of mankind was most likely finished. They could only hope that the Pokemon they had once protected and befriended and loved could save themselves from "The Cycle" and somehow stop Harbinger from activating the Portals.


You have different objectives as Role Players, depending on which faction you serve.

If you serve The Alliance:

Your objective is to stop The Gloss from terrorizing Kanto, while at the same time, pursue Harbinger and discover where the Warp Portal resides. You must stop Harbinger from activating this Portal at all costs. If The Slayers enter Kanto, the land will be lost and your armies will be overwhelmed.

If you serve The Gloss:

Your objective is to scour the lands of Kanto and kill all those who oppose the ultimate power of Zion Deathbringer, Leader of your armies and nations. As The Alliance attempt to rid Kanto of Harbinger's threat, you must defend this ancient super-computer at all costs, as well as defending the Warp Portal and preventing The Alliance from tampering with it, so that The Slayers can be unleashed upon your enemies and aid you in rebuilding a new, much more powerful Kanto.



The Alliance. The official resistance to all evil that resides in the world today. After The Gloss formed their murderous faction, The Alliance gathered those that opposed this evil and fought back against the wrath of Zion Deathbringer and his evil nations. Led by Aaron Shepard the Absol, The Alliance managed to maintain peace throughout all four regions as best as they could. Now, as this new threat of The Slayers has arisen, The Alliance struggles to watch over all four regions, leaving armies to defend the lands while Aaron pursues the mystery of Harbinger with his most trusted allies. Those that fight for The Alliance are a symbol of good and light, and will always strive to preserve the peace and justice that once ruled over our world.

- - - - - Leader: Aaron Shepard the Absol - - - - -

Aaron is perhaps the most kind and courageous Leader you will ever meet, if you ever do get to meet him. Being an Absol, his whole persona is mysterious. Aaron was the first one to oppose The Gloss, in leading a defense force against an invading battalion of Gloss soldiers that were attempting to overtake all of western Kanto. Aaron defended the ruins of Pewter City with a handful of freedom fighters that called themselves The Resistance. Aaron and his trusted allies drove the battalion of Gloss soldiers back through outskirts of Pewter City. Without losing a single soldier, Aaron and his Resistance pushed for an all out offensive amongst the western cities, retaking both Viridian City and Pallet town. Word spread to other resisting colonies that Aaro had done this, without losing any troops in battle. An impressive feat, nonetheless.

Thus emerged The Alliance. Hundreds gathered to Aaron, seeking protection from The Gloss. Hundreds turned to thousands, and soon thousands to millions. Eventually, those millions proved to be too much for The Alliance's armies to protect in such a small frontier in western Kanto. Aaron established new cities in Johto, Hoen, and Sinnoh in order to control the population and protect them from The Gloss. Defenses were created, and many citizens became soldiers for Aaron to command against The Gloss. Aaron established an organized army for The Alliance, consisting of millions and millions of soldiers ready to fight for The Alliance. Both factions constructed campaigns for ultimate conquest, and for their own reasons, but Aaron - he felt that something wasn't right. It was as if Aaron Shepard had received a vision that The Gloss were not the real threat amongst their world. While searching for the surviving Human scientists, Aaron and his men discovered the secrets of those scientist's studies on Cinnabar Island. The island, already raided by The Gloss, left hints of battle and death, allowing Aaron to come to the conclusion that The Gloss had found the scientists and murdered them. However, Aaron retrieved data files from the cores of the research facilities, although they were extremely damaged. The new data they had discovered contained a horrible truth. Aaron studied the files, and learned all about Harbinger and The Slayers - all that was available for him to learn.

This new enemy posed an even greater threat than The Gloss, and Aaron discontinued his conquest of Kanto in order to find the missing Warp Portal and possibly Harbinger itself, however he had no idea where to begin his search. Aaron called upon his best soldiers to set out and find the missing Warp Portal in hopes of stopping Harbinger from activating it. The 10,000 year mark was close, and there was no time to lose. Time is now running out, as Aaron struggles to uncover the final secrets of Kanto, in hopes of saving this nation, and it's people.



Never in the history of the world has a more powerful, and evil faction ever developed in such a short amount of time. Driven by revenge, by hate, and by the rage caused by the Human Race, The Gloss became the evil that ended the lives of so many innocent citizens, including the supposed last of the Human Race. Led by Zion Deathbringer, a powerful and merciless leader, The Gloss devoured the peace that existed in the world and conquered all four regions in the aftermath of the Human War. But by bringing so much destruction to those that opposed them, they gained a formidable enemy known as The Alliance. Challenged by Aaron, their leader, Zion has attempted to destroy his nemesis since the day they started fighting back. With the new threat revealed to the world, one that was suppose to be kept secret amongst the nations, Zion believes The Gloss will benefit from The Slayer's coming, and believe that allying themselves with the genocidal machines will give them the chance to be spared from total destruction, and give Zion and The Gloss the chance to finish off The Alliance. Blinded by hate and fear, The Gloss may have made a grave mistake in attempting to ally themselves with Harbinger, hoping to unleash The Slayers amongst Kanto. With a firm belief that the Slayers can rebuild the world with their advanced technology, The Gloss will stop at nothing to ensure that Harbinger succeeds and that Aaron and The Alliance fail.

- - - - - Leader: Zion Deathbringer the Typhlosion - - - - -

The Leader of The Gloss. Zion was once a valiant warrior, dedicated to defending Humans within his alliance during the Human War. He fought bravely, attempting to end the chaos and end the destruction. However, his efforts along with his Pokemon warrior allies' efforts, were pointless as the Humans were caught in a struggle for their survival. Humans turned one another, nations declared war, and all the Pokemon could do was watch their masters tear themselves apart and destroy themselves, or enter the fray and defend those whom they loved. Millions of Pokemon lost trainers to the war, Zion included. Propelled by total rage, Zion declared his own war against the Human Race after his master was killed during a air strike in Johto. His efforts were ignored, and his patience grew thin. What once was a valiant warrior, became a twisted, evil, power hungry Typhlosion that wanted nothing but death and destruction - the same thing we tried so hard to prevent in the past. Now, he has accepted the failure of Humans, but does not feel remorse for the things he has done. He has tread down a path in which no soul can go back. Millions have died by his hands or the hands of his armies.

After the war was over, this mad-driven warrior created The Gloss, a faction dedicated to having their revenge through the killings of innocent lives. Surprisingly, there were many who were just as furious and blood thirsty, thus leading to millions falling away from the light to fight alongside the armies of Gloss. It was at this time that Zion pursued much more important matters besides killing Alliance soldiers, such as searching for the remaining Human scientists. They discovered them after months of searching, and murdered them on Cinnabar Island. Scavenging anything they could, Zion's troops discovered copies of data discs amongst the corpse of one of the scientists. It seemed as though they were close to leaving the facility on Cinnabar behind, and finding a new place to hide. But they were obviously too late, as The Gloss murdered them all. These copies contained rather interesting news for Zion. He thus took these data discs for his own. However, fearing The Alliance would discover the same secrets he had just unraveled, Zion had the all the data discs destroy, except for one - in which he kept for himself. The Gloss then changed their motives, and set out to find this super-computer known as "Harbinger" and this hidden Warp Portal in the wide and massive lands of Kanto. Although The Alliance still managed to uncover bits and pieces of data, they were able to piece things together and then became aware of the same power rising in that not-too-distant future. Both factions discontinued their wars they waged against one another and it thus became a race to find Harbinger and the Warp Portal on Kanto. With no recent luck, The Gloss decided to put pressure on The Alliance and continue the killings and attacks on western Kanto - the wars had just begun.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Harbinger, an ancient AI super-computer that was contructed millions of years ago by what we know call "The Ancients". The Ancients are unknown in appearance or species, however we do know that based off of data collected by the Human scientists, Harbinger was built to serve the masters of our world: The Slayers.

Harbinger was discovered by Human scientists on Cinnabar Island. The AI was caught in the process of receiving coded orders from an unknown source. As the Humans tried to somehow contain this mysterious AI, Harbinger fled in fear of the Humans discovering the secret of his purpose. Although Harbinger is advanced beyond all knowledge, his careless mistake of not terminating all history of his residence there on Cinnabar is what allowed the Humans to develop theories on his existence.

Harbinger has the ultimate ability of "jumping" through computing systems. As long as the network of Kanto exists, Harbinger will continue to survive any attempted strike on it's existence. The Alliance has developed ways of destroying him, but these would lead to insane consequences and the missions to find and destroy him are suicide missions. His connection with the hidden Warp Portal will remain intact as long as the network exists.


The above image ^^ is a little foreshadowing for everyone here. Olivine City. Johto. Kanto is just the beginning.

Little is known of this genocidal race of ancient machines, other than they enter our world via Warp Portals and kill everything that lives on this planet, driving our species to extinction, only to leave a few behind to rebuild and start from the beginning with no technology or tools to build the world they once had. RESTARTING the world is their main purpose. They strive for perfection, and every 10,000 years they come to destroy our imperfect world. What could be more imperfect than the Human Race and the Pokemon that serve them?

The Slayers have no real name, nor do they have a creator. They simply ARE. Due to an enormous amount of uncovered information from Harbinger, the secrets of The Slayers still remain "secrets". We will not know how created them, nor why they come to destroy us every 10,000 years. So many questions needed to be answered.

These enormous machines are practically indestructible. An entire army would struggle just killing ONE. Firepower beyond imagination is required to take these deadly, synthetic machines down. In the event that Kanto is invaded by The Slayers, there will be no hope for The Alliance and retreat is the only option. Fighting back will only lead to more death and destruction. However, as The Slayers are bound to the Portal they enter, those machines that enter Kanto's Portal and exit through Kanto's portal will not be able to enter the Portals for the other regions at the time of the invasions. They must wait another 10,000 years to enter their designated Portal and destroy everything in their paths. Each region must be defended carefully, for if 1 Portal is opened, 1 region is bound to be completely destroyed.

Their weaponry has no equal - they fire high-powered lasers that incinerate the environment and anything that stands in their way. Their armor is incredibly strong, and their size rivals that of an entire city. The Slayers have the incredible, yet horrifying ability of mind control. They indoctrinate their enemies, or any life whom they choose, and influence their mind to submit to their will, thus commanding their own armies while they obliterate everything. These indoctrinates can be released from this mind control only through death, however, those with a strong will can resist the indoctrination in the first place, thus commanding their own minds. The Slayers show no mercy, although they do use many for their own conquest and success. The Gloss believe they can ally themselves with The Slayers...this is a very possible scenario.

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Weapons / Vehicles
Weaponry is highly advanced in this Role Play. Seeing as it is in the future, The Alliance and Gloss have salvaged the weaponry used by humans in the Human War, and learned how to construct more weaponry. Weapons are now heat-based, and rely on energy rather than ammo to fire projectiles. These projectiles instantly reproduce in every weapon's fusion cores. Although weaponry has advanced, many Pokemon despise the use of weapons such as these and prefer to use weapons of old as well as close combat arms, such as swords and shields. Data files have been retrieved to present a holographic image on what future weaponry and armor is like in this time of the future:
< Access Data File (http://elmundotech.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/853675_terminus_gear.jpg) >
< Error // Human Race Extinct :: Data File Unrealistic // >

Vehicles, like Weaponry nowadays, is extremely advanced in this Role Play. These vehicles are amongst both The Alliance and Gloss forces.
They consist of all terrain ground transportation: < Access Data File (http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j60/bluinkalchemist/Mass_Effect-06.jpg)> : As well as highly advanced Mechs controlled by skilled pilots via cockpit used for heavy assaults:
< Access Data File (http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs13/f/2006/362/a/f/Corporate_Assault_mech_by_flyingdebris.jpg) > : Many battles also take place in the sky, due to the advanced tech of fighter jets. The Assault Fighter was developed by The Alliance: < Access Data File (http://i52.tinypic.com/2uqhlao.png) > :: The Gloss then developed their own aerial support, The Ravager: < Access Data File (http://images.wikia.com/masseffect/images/0/0d/Alliance_Fighter.jpg) >

Death And Dying

Since this is a Role Play based around war and survival, your character will be susceptible to injury and CAN be killed, if done fairly and realistically by another Role Player, or if you choose, by an NPC. Killing another Role Player's character should be NO easy feat. You should allow them to fairly respond to your actions, killing them on sight in 1 single post is not acceptable. However, in situations such as, for example, one Role Player's character is surrounded by 2-3 other enemy Role Players, this presents an interesting problem for that lone character. Outnumbering enemy Role Players is KEY if you want an advantage in battle. Each of us have our own abilities and attributes that give us an edge in certain battles. Battles should be back and forth between Role Players, injuring your opponents will give you the fair edge to deliver the final blow. Serious injury should really impair your character's abilities and physically drain them, leaving them vulnerable and weak and OPEN for a final blow. If your character dies though, don't panic, not all is lost.

When/If your character is killed, your character's spirit will be released from your body. Your spirit will be required to roam the Role Play beside your faction for at least 15, lengthy, detailed posts. This should not be a quick process. Your character died, and you must pay the consequences. As your character is in Spirt Form, they are completely allowed to communicate with other characters and continue Role Playing as they please. However, while you are in Spirit Form, you are unable to use any of your traditional Pokemon attacks, special abilities, or wield any sort of weaponry you previously owned. While this proves to be a disadvantage, it is also an advantage for your side of the Role Play.
You are invulnerable to any enemy attacks, and cannot suffer a death while in Spirit Form. This gives you an advantage as you are in Spirit Form, because you can freely roam amongst Kanto, gathering news and tactics from your opposing Role Playing faction. You are INVISIBLE to enemy Role Players, so no one has any way of knowing you may be spying on them. You must be within earshot of the ones you are spying on to obtain this information, if not, you will be accused of "God-Modding" and kicked out of the Role Play. What you do with your Spirit Form process is entirely up to you, but gathering information on enemy Role Players will help your faction succeed. It will be on your own honesty to complete the full 15 posts, and if I catch anyone cheating their Spirit Form process, it will be another 15 posts for you and you will have to continue Spirit Form in a fair manner. Once you complete your Spirit Form process, your spirit will be funneled back into your physical form, and you will awaken in any location you please, with the same abilities, and the same weaponry.

- Be Mature -
- No "God-Modding" -
- No "Bunnying" -
(Unless fellow Role Player gives you permission)
- No Teleporting Characters Across Kanto XD lol -
- Have FUN! -
- Be Kind, Nice to Others -
- You ARE NOT aware of other Character's locations unless their Character actually tells you in the Role Play, or if you see them somewhere amongst Kanto -
- Your Character DOES NOT know what YOU know as a Role Player -
(So Don't Cheat Please!)

Posting Requirements
Each post you make must have your 1. Name 2. Alignment 3. Location 4. Mission Name (If On A "Mission") - ALL in BOLD, in the TOP RIGHT corner of your posts. Example of what to put down:

The Alliance
En Route To Pewter City
Mission: Viridian Uprising

- - - And aside from the labeling on your posts, I will not accept anyone's posts to be as short as a paragraph or a few sentences. Everything needs to be detailed, and well-thought out. I would say at least 2-3 lengthy paragraphs for each post you make. I will warn you if you are posting too short, and if you don't like these rules, then I'm sorry but I'm not gonna let this RP be some 2 sentence post party, so you are welcome to leave now if you aren't going to follow the rules I'm setting out. - - -

< Sign-Up Thread (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3256649#post3256649) >

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Region Map: Kanto

Credit to Neo Pikachu (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?u=6), he is the creator of this epic work of art.

Each of the four Regions are still recovering from a massive war that pretty much laid waste to the natural habitats. Although a lot of the environment still remains intact, Cities and Towns are worn down and battle-worn. The Map above is one of them few maps remaining in Kanto that shows the aftermath of the Human War. It was taken from the corpse of an Alliance soldier. Kanto is not what it used to be....

Pallet Town
Pallet Town is one of The Alliance's main supply bases. Pallet Town sends transports to other Alliance Cities to keep them intact, well fed, and sane. Pallet is one of the few places in Kanto that still remains to be mostly untouched by war. The environment is beautiful there, although there is much of Pallet that has been destroy due to constant Gloss attacks. Controlled by: The Alliance

Cinnabar served as the research location for when the last Humans studied Harbinger. The Alliance managed to retrieve research recordings just before The Gloss moved in to take control of this tactical island. It, like Pallet Town, still remains a beautiful place even if all the structures amongst the island have been destroyed. The Research Facility still remains intact. Controlled by: The Gloss

Viridian City
Viridian City is The Alliance's capital. Hosting thousands of troops, Viridian is the ultimate stronghold for The Alliance and serves as a rally point / safe zone for Alliance troops in the west. Controlled by: The Alliance

Viridian Forest
Once a fruitful, moist area - home to many Pokemon, Viridian is now completely wasted of all resources and is now a barren wasteland with camps of troops all over the surface. Thousands of dead trees decorate this area. Controlled by: The Alliance

Pewter City
Pewter serves as a forward attack force for The Alliance. The Alliance air base is stationed here on Pewter, it is also where Aaron Shepard, leader of The Alliance, spends most of his time preparing troops for battle. Controlled by: The Alliance

Indigo Plateau
Once a battlefield for Pokemon Trainers, it is now ripped of all history, nothing remains here but deserted structures and the mere memory of the old Kanto...it is rumored that the native Kanto Legendary Pokemon retreated to this place to seek refuge during the Human War. They have not been seen since. Controlled by: The Alliance

Mt. Moon
Inside this massive mountain is a serious of tunnels and enormous sanctuaries, rooms so large that constant battles are held within them. Mt. Moon is one of the main passageways for The Alliance armies to Cerulean City. Controlled by: The Alliance

Cerulean City
One of the most key war zones in Kanto, Cerulean is split right down the middle, leaving the west to be controlled by The Alliance, and the east to be controlled by The Gloss. The city is nothing like it used to be, for it is the most destroyed city in all of Kanto. Cerulean is a dead zone. Controlled by: The Alliance / The Gloss

Bill's Cottage
A memorial dedicated to the Human Race, Bill's Cottage was once controlled by The Alliance until The Gloss drove them from the memorial and created an Outpost to watch over the far reaches of Cerulean City. Controlled by: The Gloss

Rock Tunnel
Rock Tunnel is host to thousands of Gloss refugees and soldiers- the whole place is crawling with Gloss soldiers. These refugees are being constantly raised and trained to fight for The Gloss. Rock Tunnel is more or less, the Gloss' training base. Controlled by: The Gloss

Nothing remains of Lavender except a few torn down buildings. Gloss troops set up camps here to funnel supplies into Saffron and into their training facility in Rock Tunnel. Lavender is said to be haunted by those souls who lost their lives in the Pokemon War. Controlled by: The Gloss

Saffron City
Capital City to The Gloss, and the biggest city in Kanto. War has made a home of this place, for Saffron has been worn from many battles and attempts from The Alliance to make a push through the East. The Warp Portal was discovered here underground. It was dug up by The Gloss and now resides in the very middle of Saffron and a giant hill, guarded by hundreds of Gloss troops. Zion Deathbringer, leader of The Gloss, rules here in the depths of Saffron. Controlled by: The Gloss

Celadon City
Celadon, like Cerulean is a constant back-and-forth battle between The Alliance and The Gloss. It is under control by neither faction, for each faction gains and loses this location on a regular basis. Controlled by: None

Vermillion City
Vermillion serves as The Gloss' airbase and produces weaponry and vehicles for their forces. Vermillion is the main production line for The Gloss armies. Controlled by: The Gloss

Diglett's Cave
This wide and long tunnel serves as a route for either The Gloss or The Alliance to begin an invasion of the other's land. Although it is of most importance, there are few Gloss defenses and The Alliance have many defenses on their side of the tunnel. This tunnel stretches across Kanto and underwater. Many repairs by The Alliance via steel plates have reinforced this tunnel from many floods due to the constant air strikes on Cycling Road. Diglett's cave runs right underneath. The journey through this tunnel is a long one. Controlled by: The Alliance / The Gloss

Cycling Road
One of the main supply routes from Fuchsia to Celadon for The Gloss, it is constantly attacked by The Alliance air force, in hopes they can control Celadon as much as they can. The Gloss have done a fair job of defending these attacks and control Celadon just as much as The Alliance do. Controlled by: The Gloss

Fuchsia City
Fuchsia is the main transport base for The Gloss, who are constantly transporting troops to Cinnabar, in which they can take an offensive on Pallet Town, attacking The Alliance west from the bottom-up. This City is one of the few that is completely intact and surprisingly untouched by any battles. Controlled by: The Gloss

Safari Zone
The Gloss have controlled this once lively and populated area and use it as their main POW camp. Members of The Alliance that are captured are always brought here, if not executed, and kept prisoner there by order of Lord Zion. Controlled by: The Gloss

S.S. Anne
The once famous luxury ship used as a transport from Kanto to Johto is now damaged and docked, half of it is completely submerged in the water. It was damaged during the Human War, although not completely destroyed. Controlled by: None

Harbinger's Location
Although your characters don't KNOW it yet until they find out for themselves, Harbinger has taken refuge aboard the S.S. Anne, inside the ship's computer database, which is still intact. Although he can "jump" locations, Harbinger will remain on the S.S. Anne for the entire Role Play. He cannot be destroyed unless done through a Mission - in which there will be a chance to do so in the Final Missions for The Alliance.

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Role Play History

If you have perhaps fallen behind in the Role Play and have no clue what is going on, this section will have detailed explanations of important events that have occurred - ones that have drastically changed the Role Play for everyone.

- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - MISSIONS - - - - -

Missions are important tasks you may complete to help your faction win the Role Play. In order to make your way towards the "Final Missions", you must first complete many missions prior to finale in order to advance your faction closer towards these final missions that will decide the outcome of everything. More missions will become available once you complete the first set, and so on. This Role Play will have a time limit counting down to the Final Battle. If you have chosen to complete all of your faction's missions, you will have enormous amount of rewards in the end that will increase your chances of winning the Final Battle. Completing your faction's final missions will give you certain edges in the Final Battle. But, in order to get to these final missions, you must complete all of the Basic, Secondary, and Faction missions. These 3 categories of missions, once completed, will reveal your faction's "Final Missions" or "End Game Missions".

Once you have completed a certain mission, either by yourself or with fellow allies, PM me with an explanation of how you completed it. Otherwise, it will stay as "Incompleted" in your Faction's Database. These missions should NOT be easy to complete, and should take a while to complete

ALL Basic missions must be completed to advance to Secondary. A lot more missions will be available as you advance (Notice how both factions only start out with 4 mission). All Secondary Missions must be completed to advance to Faction missions, and at that point when your faction progresses past Basic and Secondary missions, you will enter the Faction category of Missions. At THIS point, you will have to make certain choices of what missions to do, and which NOT to do. Not doing missions will leave your faction to miss out on those rewards for the future, and doing certain missions will allow you to benefit from the rewards you receive for those. One you have completed the required amount of Faction Missions, you will enter "End Game Missions" or "The Final Missions". These will be based off of what you have already completed and will affect the Finale and outcome for your faction.

Keep in mind, you don't always have to be ON a mission. You honestly don't have to participate in them, you can affect the RP with your own actions, the missions just help your entire faction in specific ways.

Alliance Mission Database

Basic Missions

Mission: Pallet Town Defense
Completed By: - - - - -
Pallet Town's defenses are battered and worn. The Gloss have sent many battalions to try and take control of our outpost. Go to Pallet Town and drive The Gloss away back through the oceanside.

Mission: Viridian Forest Supplies
Completed By: Shade the Lucario

Mission: Mt. Moon Firefight
Completed By: Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott

Mission: Viridian City Rebels
Completed By: Scythe the Scyther

Secondary Missions

Complete ALL "Basic Missions" to Unlock

Faction Missions

Complete ALL "Secondary Missions" to Unlock

End Game Missions

Complete Chosen "Faction Missions" to Unlock

Gloss Mission Database

Basic Missions

Mission: Cycling Road Air Strikes
Completed By: - - - - -
Alliance air strike teams have attempted to eliminate our supply route from Celadon to Fuchsia. Take a squadron of Ravagers and engage these fools in the air on their next attempt.

Mission: Bill's Cottage Reinforcement
Completed By: - - - - -
Old Pokemon Researcher Bill - his memorial cottage in dedication to Pokemon research has provided an excellent outpost for our forces. Alliance operatives have slipped past our forces in Cerulean and taken control of the outpost. Go there and eliminate these agents.

Mission: Saffron Assassination
Completed By: - - - - -
One of our Commanders, Talone the Aggron has proved to be unworthy and unreliable. Lord Zion has delivered a mission for our troops to eliminate him. Somehow he has caught word of this mission and stationed himself inside the old Silph Co. building with a handful of troops still loyal to him. Find him. Kill him. And kill those who stand in your way.

Mission: Rock Tunnel Refugees
Completed By: Meteor the Toxicroak

Secondary Missions

Complete ALL "Basic Missions" to Unlock

Faction Missions

Complete ALL "Secondary Missions" to Unlock

End Game Missions

Complete Chosen "Faction Missions" to Unlock

The Final Battle

After the time limit expires for this Role Play, I will stop ALL Role Playing and deliver 1 post that will serve as the Finale. The final battle will have no participation from any of us Role Players, although I will include every single character that is currently alive in the final battle description. The Final Battle WILL take place in Saffron City, where the Warp Portal is. If your faction has done a solid job on completing missions, then you will benefit from those missions and receive certain advantages. If your faction did a poor job of completing missions, you will be at a disadvantage, and depending on what outcomes came from the Role Play, your faction could very well lose the final battle.

The end game for The Alliance will be defeating Zion and his armies amongst Saffron and deactivating the Portal before The Slayers arrive. The end game for The Gloss will be defending Saffron and the Warp Portal until The Slayers arrive. I will decide which faction better deserves the victory in this Role Play, and those that have done a fantastic job of Role Playing will most likely survive the final battle. Those that have not posted regularly or have assisted their factions in little ways will possibly die in the final battle. I have good judgement and will be completely fair, not playing favorites to anyone. I will have no problem delivering my OWN character a death if I feel that it is the right judgement and I feel that I have not done much to contribute to my faction's success. This is how severe I will be on the judgement - and true to my word I will be.

If Harbinger is perhaps destroyed prior to the Final Battle, The Alliance automatically prevents The Slayers from entering the Portal, and the battle will just be a matter of whether The Gloss or The Alliance wins Battle: Kanto. It is VERY possible The Alliance will prevent The Slayers from entering, but lose Kanto to The Gloss. Certain missions will let these outcomes happen. It will be up to your faction to decided WHICH missions are in the best interest of succeeding. Remember, the outcome of this Role Play will affect the sequels in the future. And the storyline will change according to whatever the outcome is in this RP.

The Final Battle Begins On March 31st, 2011

< DISCUSSION THREAD (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3258720#post3258720) >

03-09-2011, 05:24 AM
The Alliance

Shade the Lucario: Played by Shade (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3256651&postcount=3)
Kaxo the Lopunny: Played by Neo Pikachu (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257383&postcount=12)
Michael the Lunatone: Played by narphoenix (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257266&postcount=8)
Shinji the Porygon 2: Played by Shinji (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3258186&postcount=48)
Fluix "Church" Hyxio the Dewott: Played by Latio-Reol (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257833&postcount=18)
Delta the Ditto: Played by GloryDays (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3258235&postcount=54)
Kenny the Psyduck: Played by hazzaboy (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3258143&postcount=45)
Scythe the Scyther: Played by Dragonspawn_X (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3259231&postcount=78)
Coin "Glory" the Meowth: Played by RocketMeowth (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3259748&postcount=82)
Light After Dark the Gardevoir: Played by mailtoad (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3260859&postcount=91)
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- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -

The Gloss

Sensa the Dragonite: Played by Shinji (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3258186&postcount=48)
Zloveshchii "Zlov" the Mismagius: Played by Gaby (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257915&postcount=22)
Maze the Gengar: Played by bleepbloop (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257992&postcount=33)
Retsu the Sneasel: Played by Jolty Jolteon (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3258383&postcount=57)
Rakl the Aerodactyl: Played by Graceful_Suicune (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3258458&postcount=59)
Meteor the Toxicroak: Played by Hitmonfighter (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3258020&postcount=37)
Maxwell the Gallade: Played by Latisiblings (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257995&postcount=34)
Hannibal the Lucario: Played by DarkraiRaider (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3261075&postcount=95)
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Neo Emolga
03-09-2011, 05:54 PM
Kaxo the Lopunny (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257383&postcount=12)
The Alliance
Pewter City
Mission: On Standby…

The Gloss.

Every single one of them deserved to have their hearts ripped out and then shoved down their throats so they’d choke on it and taste how ungodly disgusting they were. Just to get a taste of how the Gloss thought and behaved so I could kill them easier, I tried to think in their mindset and tried to see things from their point of view, but I couldn’t stick my head up my ass that far. I could never be like them, not even if I turned into the most insane and twisted bastard possible.

Pewter City would have looked better if the devil popped it in his mouth, chewed it up, and spat it back out instead of how it looked right now. The place was a twisted tossed salad of rubble, bodies, craters, overturned vehicle husks, and other remnants of civilization. The Gloss had also taken a liking to the slaughter of mankind as well, skewering human bodies on twisted traffic poles like a kabob while rearranging the mangled faces of dead children with the dead Pokémon that were their partners. And that was just a flavor of what I had seen. In the meantime, the air was an ungodly mix of smells, including decaying flesh, ashes,

“It’s… dreadful!” Tamara the Cinccino winced, probably traumatized for life at what she saw. “Ugh, how can you just stand there and look like none of this bothers you!?”

“Get used to it,” I told her mildly. “The Gloss is just another unending horror show lead by madmen ringleaders and perverse, homicidal clowns that actually enjoy this kind of crap, and this is just the midway of their sick carnival. You either tolerate this twisted circus of theirs with a steeled stomach long enough to finish them off, or they kill you while you’re trying to cover your eyes and turn you into some eviscerated display presented for others to gag at. Take your pick.”

In the meantime, we were still waiting for the armored convoy to arrive. Once it came, we’d be able to get out of this hellhole and then see how much the Gloss butchered up Cerulean City once we tried to take it back from them. Right now, Tamara and I were assigned to scout ahead and see what was going on over there so the Alliance could make the call on how much to send over and how much would be stationed at Pewter City to remain on defense.

“How could they do this…?” Tamara gasped, looking at the mangled remains of a six-year old kid that was impaled on the scythes of his own dead Scyther. “They’re so merciless…”

“I told you already, these clowns are vile, and little more than parasites, so shoot first and watch your back,” I told Tamara, knowing this weeping had to stop now before it made me lose my mind. “The sooner we make them dead, the sooner we can bury all this in the ground and start over.”

For the longest time, I never thought I would have actually enjoyed to “start over” and pick up the pieces of what used to be and try to find a way to put it all back together in this gigantic jigsaw puzzle of stone and metal. But knowing the Gloss was dead and we’d finally get the chance to put things together again, I could look forward to that…

…and I was going to have to.

03-09-2011, 08:34 PM
Sensa the Dragonite
The Gloss
En Route to Saffron City
Mission: Saffron Assassination

Sensa was glad that she could finally join the fight. She was told that she was to go to Saffron City and meet up with a few others so that they can kill a traitor, or something like that.

"This good for nothing b***ard better be worth this mission. And hell, what other punks decide to do this job better be f***ing good." Sensa mumbled as she spread her wings wide and jumped off the top of the large volcano found at Cinnabar Island.

She dived down, down, down and pulled up at the last moment so dust and rock scattered everywhere from the floor just inches below her. She flew away from the island the orange and black pouch strapped tightly around her arm.

Sensa zipped past a dead burnt down tree and saw the edge of the island. She pulled up higher not wanting to go close to the rushing torrents of the sea.

When she finally reached the edges of the island, Sensa smiled and spread her wings wider and pulling her body together, making her more streamlined so that she could reach her top speed.

Sensa rocketed through the sky and under her estimation she should be flying over Fuchsia within 20 minutes and than over Vermillion within another 10 minutes and will be landing in Saffron after another 12 - 15 minutes.

03-09-2011, 09:02 PM
Shinji the Porygon 2
The Alliance
Vermillion City
Misson: N/A

Shinji heard the grenade before it saw it. The explosion was immense and Shinji felt it's skin burn. It saw the shadow of the Charizard that threw the grenade and he wanted Shinji dead. Within a matter of seconds all Shinji could see was black.

When the smoke from the grenade had cleared the Charizard walked towards where he thought the Porygon 2 would be but it wasn't there. He grumbled and snarled looking round for the digital pokemon.

The Charizard saw a glint in the corner of his eye and saw a small diamond PDA that he recognised as what Shinji had on it. He walked over and picked it up and looked at it with slight interest.

He was about to drop the PDA when it suddenly came alive and shocked him. The shock travelled all the way up his arm and through his body burning him from the inside out. When the PDA had stopped shocking the Charizard, he was dead. He fell to the floor and the PDA dropped to the floor.

For a few minutes nothing happened but than a shape, a pokemon looked like it was being pulled out of the PDA. Shinji smiled the litle smile that it could. It wrapped the PDA around it's neck again and moved fast, hoping to get away from this Gloss hell hole.

When Shinji finally found a computer it jumped in and quickly made his way to Pewter City hoping to give someone the information he had just received.

03-09-2011, 09:10 PM
(Ooc: Shinji, it's OK to put both of your PC's actions in the same post. Also, avoid double posting!)

Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Mt. Moon
Mission: Mt. Moon Firefight

"What's the status?"

Fluix was assigned to go to Mount Moon to take care of the Gloss a***s running about. Right now, the Gloss soldiers had only so many troops, whist the Alliance was pretty thick with them. His allies were larger in number...But that didn't win anything. Strategy did.

"Sir, The Glossies in question are in 3 troops of about 20." The Simisage-Private Jung, Aka 'Forest'-said. The Major apparently wasn't around for Fluix to see, so he got this. "They've stayed mostly out of the central supply areas, but have been keeping reinforcements from reaching Cerulean City. They're around the eastern exit, but we haven't been able to pinpoint exactly where they are. Any skirmishes between us and them have been short, but have costed us casualties already."

"Da****! How many?" Fluix asked.

"9. All 9 have had their bodies recovered." Jung said.

"...Alright." Fluix said. The less bodies the Gloss mutilated and hanged around like christmas ornaments, the better. "So, when's the next time we plan on making them kick the water pail?" He asked.

"...Sir, we're already attempting to engage one of the squads. Right now." Forest said. "They're already on the eastern side of the mountain." He added.

"Hot D***!" Fluix yelled, while starting to run to the east.

"Hold it, sir! You need a squadron!" The Simisage quickly yelled, before he was out of earshot. Fluix came to a complete stop, then ran back to the Private.

"...Alright, but they better not slow me up!" Fluix said. "Who here has got the pleasure of shooting holes through the Glossies 'till they're resembling swiss cheese?" He added. He loved it when he could shoot through the Glossies until their bodies had a lot of laser-burnt holes in them.

"I'm coming, for one. There's also Private Aligat, Aka 'Dune,' Private Noxia, Aka 'Alibi,' and Private Bliv, Aka 'Optimum.' They're all a little farther ahead." Jung said.

"Alright then! Let's show these f***ing Glossies why they don't invade OUR turf!" Fluix said, before resuming running towards the east.

"W-Wait for me, Sir!" Jung said, rushing after Fluix.

03-09-2011, 10:13 PM
OOC: So far so good guys, just remember that Missions should not be quick and easy. Detail is key.

Shade the Lucario
The Alliance
Pewter City
Mission: Viridian Forest Supplies

"This is Alpha 1, systems are GO." I said.

"Roger that, Shade, you're clear for ascension. Alpha 2 and 3 will be with you shortly." Command replied.

"Acknowledged. En route to Cerulean. Let them boys know in Viridian their supplies are already on the way." I replied.

I activated full thrusters on the controls, and took flight with my Assault Fighter. Telegrams from Viridian asked for a supply pick up in Cerulean City. Honestly, who do they think we are?

Cerulean was a complete warzone and anything with wings coming anywhere close to that pile of dirt would basically be asking "HEY SHOOT ME DOWN". As my Assault Fighter gathered altitude, there was comm. chatter on our network radio that followed some static,

".....Alright then! Let's show these f***ing Glossies why they don't invade OUR turf!"

I instantly recognized that voice as Church's. My boy Church. The only Dewott here in Kanto, and I was pretty sure that fact was correct. There was some trouble at Mt. Moon, despite us having taken control of it just one week ago. I chuckled that they had put Church on the job. I was about to give Church a little "oo-rah!" when more comm. chatter interrupted my train of thought.

"Alpha 1, Shade, do you read me?" Alpha 2 said.

"Loud and clear, Number 2. How you feelin' Johnson?" I replied.

"Feeling like I could take on the entire Gloss empire, Alpha 1." Johnson said. Johnson, a Treecko, was very confident and brave despite his small size - not to mention an excellent pilot of the Assault Fighter. "Alpha 3 is a little late, Shade, sorry about the-"

"Ohhhh, late huh? It's usually you two that are usually LATE!" A voice yelled over the comm.

"Candy, ease up. Johnson's just messin' around." I said.

"Alright, but don't think I'll heat sink him with a couple projectiles if he keeps talking" Candy said. Candy, a Golduck, was also one of the more experienced fighter pilots in the area. Myself, I wasn't even a qualified pilot, I guess Aaron just had a lot of confidence in my abilities - which he should.

"We'll be within 5 clicks of Cerulean in a half hour. You two know the plan. Get in. Load the supplies, GET OUT. I don't want any heroics from either of you. I want to keep this trip casualty-free." I said sternly.

"Roger that, hot-shot." Candy said.

"Not like I could be a hero anyways, a Rhydon would probably just step on me and end my trip REAL fast." Johnson said.

We all laughed...but I had a feeling we weren't going to be laughing for long.

03-10-2011, 12:03 AM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Mount Moon
Misson: Mount Moon Firefight

Listening to Shade's chatter with his team (A Golduck, Candy, and a Treecko, Johnson) Made Fluix slightly more comfortable, just slightly. Although he really was friendly with shade, the Dewott wasn't going anywhere near those Assault fighters until he knew how to pilot them-Just because they were bad*** didn't mean that he knew how to fly one. Fluix told Shade that the Mount Moon Mission would be easier on him, and if not that, then ANYTHING else. Going into something you had no experiance with whatsoever was crazy. He would therefore never cease to call Shade insane from here on out.

Regardless, he made sure to focus on his team, who he was standing before now.

Aligat, Aka 'Dune,' was a Krokorok, and he was quite the cold guy. The very look was the mental equivelant of a physical Icy Wind. If he knew what the color of a Shiny Krokorok was, he'd say he was shiny, because all forms of brown on him were blue instead. He weilded the kind of rifle Shade carried around, save with blue stripes added on, like the stripes on Aligat's body.

Noxia, Aka 'Alibi,' was a Toxicroak, a female Toxicroak, from the looks. Noxia looked physically superior in comparison to most Toxicroak (And most Toxicroak were already physically superior to most non-fighting types), And from a glance, Fluix knew she'd be an asset. She weilded the kind of Pistol he knew Kaxo also had...A K82, it was called? Ah, Details-Smetails.

Bliv, Aka 'Optimum,' was...

"Oh HELL no!" Fluix said.

"He was all we had, and most missons he partakes on were a sucess!" Jung said, with an attempt to hide some of his own displeasure apparently failing. However, Fluix had no clue it would be him.

The Togekiss he now looked upon was NO Soldier. Togekiss were peace-lovers, and this was BARELY an exception. He was a good motivator, and he did offer valuable insight, henceforth the good mission success rates he has, but in a firefight, he's almost worthless. And the mission said 'Mount Moon Firefight.'

"Sir! Private Bliv at your service!" Bliv said. At least he sounded like a soldier.

"...Bliv...You do realize that the Mission was entitled 'Mount Moon Firefight,' right?"

"It did?" Bliv said, losing that sound that was his only resemblence to a soldier at all.

"GOD DA****! F****NG GOD DA*****!" Fluix yelled. Bliv looked highly disgusted at the mention of all that cuss, but kept it to himself. The other two payed no heed whatsoever.

"...Sir...We're ready when you are..." Jung said.

"Optimum, in the back! Forest, keep an eye on him! Alibi and Dune, In the front with me!" Fluix yelled to the soldiers.

"Sir yes sir!" They all responded in unison. Taking their arms, they set off...Fluix reloaded the GRA143, even though it was short from a full magazine by a bullet...

...This was like some sort of cruel joke from a guy who found it extremely funny to see people suffer.

He started to dash off, into where he believed the firefight would be at. Heading East, his squadron followed him, exactly as he said for them to follow. That was one perk of being a Sargent.

03-10-2011, 02:57 AM
Shade the Lucario
The Alliance
Mt. Moon Outskirts
Mission: Viridian Forest Supplies

"WE'VE BEEN ENGAGED!" Johnson yelled.

Rapid firing projectiles cam down from above us, piercing the clouds. Suddenly, 3 Ravagers swooped down and flew right past us.

"Ravagers! Alpha Squadron, lock Assault Fighters into attack position!" I yelled. At that moment, both myself and my two wingmen activated our attack systems, revealing a rack of missiles from either side of our main hulls. The Ravager was a remake of the Assault Fighter, created by The Gloss to be faster, and deadlier than the Assault Fighter - which was constructed by Alliance engineers. Although the Ravagers were more advanced, any good pilot would know that they could be taken down with a combination of slick maneuvers and good aim.

"Shade, they're coming around for another pass!" Candy yelled into the comm. Candy had swiftly shifted her Assault Fighter around, ready to engage the oncoming Ravagers.

"Engaging!!!" She yelled, as Johnson followed suit behind her, unleashing a volley of heat-seeking missiles that headed straight for the Ravagers.

The Ravagers had pilots controlling them that were smart enough to counter Candy's attempts. They fired their main laser guns, shooting down all the missiles Candy had fired upon them, before they came any closer.

"Blast it, taking evasive maneuvers!" Johnson said.

I swooped down to a low altitude, trying to shake one of the Ravagers. The pilot was quick in reflex and followed right on my tail, firing random bursts of projectiles at my propellers.

"I got a bogey on my tail, Candy, can you see him?!" I yelled out into the comm.

"Negative, there's too much interference in my heat syncs and I can't see anything past that mist-

"CANDY PULL UP!!!" Johnson yelled. Candy had been headed straight for Mt. Moon's rocky mountainside, but pulled up quickly just in time.

"This **** mist is causing me problems!" She yelled as she barrel-rolled and headed towards Shade.

"Shade, I'm coming! I can't see the other two though!!!" Johnson yelled, as he swooped down into the canyon I had entered. At that moment, the other two Ravagers reappeared and began a volley of shots at Johnson's fighter.

"They're onto me!!! I can't shake em'!!!" Johnson yelled again, attempting to maneuver through the large canyon.

"Enough of this messing around..." I whispered to myself, slammed on the brake thrusters, sending the Ravager on my tail right past me. I re-engaged the forward thrusters quickly, and fired multiple heat-seeking missiles towards my target. They followed...getting closer....and closer....until they took a sharp turn around the canyon side and at that point a large explosion appeared, confirming my target's destruction.

"YEEEE-HAWWW!!" Candy yelled, swooping down to assist Johnson, and took out another Ravager on her own with some rapid laser fire.

There was one more left.

"Blast it! This last one isn't going away, Shade!" Johnson yelled. The last Ravager pilot fired missiles of his own, seeking out Johnson's aircraft. The last Ravager pulled up, giving myself a clear shot.

I fired one last missile, diving to avoid the close-radius blast. The last Ravager exploded with tremendous force, propelling my Assault Fighter towards the canyon.

"Guys, I can't shake this missile!" Johnson screamed.

"Johnson, release your spare part canisters! On MY count!" I yelled. The missile was getting closer, and it was out of reach for any engagement from myself or Candy.

"1........2............3!!!!!! NOW!" I screamed.

Nothing happened.


"It's not working!!!! The system is jammed!!! It's right on ME!!!!!-

A massive explosion occurred right at that very moment. Static followed from Johnson's communicator, and shock overcame myself and Candy.

Johnson was dead.

Neo Emolga
03-10-2011, 04:07 AM
Kaxo the Lopunny (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257383&postcount=12)
The Alliance
Viridian Forest, En Route to Viridian City
Mission: Pallet Town Defense

The convoy had arrived moments later with all the weaponry and supplies that Pallet Town needed. Recent attacks had left the town’s defenses butchered, and the last thing we wanted was for these circus clowns to take anything on the western front of Kanto. If they took Pallet Town, we were looking at a lot of hell to go through in the near future.

Many armored vehicles made up the convoy, including armored personnel carriers, tanks, mobile AAs, and other makeshift war vehicles such as construction vehicles that were originally intended for large-scale industrial work. Trucks with armor plating, and whatever else that still ran and could be equipped with armor also comprised the 30 vehicle entourage.

Once everything was loaded on, the convoy went mobile, and we headed south. Right now, we just needed to make sure the Gloss didn’t try and intercept the convoy. They were bastards, it was definitely something they were capable of.

“What happens if they spot us?” Tamara asked me, looking worried.

“You shoot them, for crying out loud,” I told her, surprised this was all seemingly new to her. “If you see them, you always shoot them. Or stab them. Whatever can you do to make sure they take a dirt nap.”

She sighed, and I could tell that’s what she had been instructed to do, but she was a rookie, and was still too damn tentative to have the guts to pull the trigger on these maggots. I already knew there was no way I could rely on her to cover my back, because she couldn’t fend for herself from what it looked like.

“It’s a long way to Pallet,” I told her as the Viridian Forest trees passed by. “The tree cover should shroud most of the convoy, not to mention this is Alliance territory after all.”

She was still shaking like a leaf, and yet this was Alliance territory. I couldn’t wait to see how much she’d rattle when we were behind enemy lines. If she got that far. I swore, I should have her transferred to another division, because there was no way she’d stomach this for long.

Still, in the meantime, I was hoping we’d be able to get the supplies down there in time, and reconstruct the defense.

03-10-2011, 04:39 AM
OOC: Ah yes, I KNEW You would take up that job Neo. Pallet Town is going to be thrilled. Lol

Shade the Lucario
The Alliance
En Route to Cerulean City
Mission: Viridian Forest Supplies

"Shade....I...don't think I can do this." Candy quietly said, I could tell she was crying.

To be honest, I wasn't sure this mission was going to be a success in the first place, but after losing Johnson that quick, I started to think this mission was for sure going to be a failure.

"Candy..I know you were two were close. Johnson...was a good friend. But now is not the time for remorse, we're in hostile airspace, we need to keep moving. Otherwise, we'll suffer the same fate." I said. I tried to put it to her in the lightest tone, but this is war. Johnson knew what he had signed up for. Aaron had once told me that no matter what the sacrifice, we must succeed. This wasn't about us anyway...it was about future generations. If The Slayers came and wiped out everything, generations of ours that were meant to be will never see the light of day in this world.

"Candy, we'll close. I'll take point, if you see anything, give me the heads up. I'll protect you; we'll get through this. I promise, sweet cheeks." I said.

"I'll......I'll be okay, Shade. Thank you. Let's just get this mission over with." Candy replied.

Activating our forward thrusters, we gained altitude and soon Mt. Moon was behind us. I couldn't imagine taking this journey on foot, although it may have been safer. This mission had to be done. These supplies were too valuable to leave for the Gloss to pick up for themselves.

I activated my comm radio, and contacted Air Command in Pewter City, "Command, this is Alpha One. We....We lost Johnson." I said.

"Alpha One, copy that. Time of death?" Command replied.

"3:03 PM." I said.

"Alpha One, copy that. How was Johnson killed?" Command asked.

"Ravager seeker missile...they came out of nowhere. Why wasn't intel on top of this?!" I furiously questioned.

"Alpha One, you will not question further intelligence, you of all people know what surprises this war has in store for us." Command replied. And they were right, this war had many surprises indeed, all of which were not to our liking.

"I'm....sorry. My apologies, Command. J was good a friend of mine." I said.

"Shade. Stay focused." A familiar voice said over the comm.

"Aaron....is that you?" I asked.

"Indeed, my friend. Johnson's family has been contacted. The news will no doubt be hard on them, but they managed to wish you a good luck and they want you to know they love you." Aaron said.

A tear left my eye, and I could faintly hear Candy crying over the comm. Aaron was so noble, so uplifting. Hearing this about Johnson's family gave me my confidence back. After losing their son, they still trusted me in the end. I know they thought Johnson would be safe with me...but I had failed them. Hearing this from Aaron was everything I could of asked for at the moment.

Our leader, Aaron Shepard, had returned my strength. And that strength would prove to be my greatest ally in this mission to come.

"Copy that, Aaron. Thank you...The supplies will be retrieved. Alpha One, out." I stated, turning off my comm. I wanted Command to know that I was going to get the job done. Candy and I continued our flight towards Cerulean, and we would be within eyeshot in a matter of minutes. The Gloss will not win this war.

And I will make sure of it in the end.

03-10-2011, 05:55 AM
OOC: C'mon Gloss members!! We need to post if we want to win!!

Meteor the Toxicroak
The Gloss
Lavender Town -> Rock Tunnel
Mission: Rock Tunnel Refugees

There I stood... In Lavender Town, close to Rock Tunnel. "So... This is Rock Tunnel eh?" I said. I knew I had to finish those refugees off. But how? Those d*mn refugees made the entrance collapse. I walked to the entrance of the tunnel. "Let see if there is another entrance..." I tried to walk around it to see if there was another entrance. But nope, the collapsed entrance was the only entrance.
"Hmpf..." I said annoyed. "Let's break this open..." I took my two-handed longsword called Durendal from my back. It shined and glittered as ice would do. I stood ready to attack and I pierced the sword into the rocks. Then the rocks became slowly to ice. Rock by rock. When all those rocks were made of ice I pulled the sword out of the stone and put it back on my back. Then punched it really soft. At first nothing happened. But between a split of a second the ice rocks began to break down. "Atleast the path is cleared..." I said while I walked through the entrance, the cave in.

There was nothing really to see. Just some rocks and stuff. But when I got deeper into the cavern I saw a lot of refugees and soldiers who were training. The Gloss didn't give me a hint of who the refugees were. So I had to find them for myself. I knew I had to stay up all night and day to find those refugees. But where could I find them...? Maybe it was better to search close to the exits of the tunnels. I ran quietly back to the entrance I came from. Nothing to see here. I ran to the exit of the tunnel, in the hope I find them there. I ran and ran. But then I heard some voices. I couldn't hear them very well. So I came as close as I could. I hided behind a rock pillar. I tried to hear their voices.

"Haha... This is awesome!! Let's do it again!!" A voice said. "I know right!! If we collapse this side of Rock Tunnel then nobody can come in OR out!! Hahahahaha!!!" Another voice said. "And the best thing of all is... Nobody will know that we actually work for the Alliance!!" The third voice said. "Hahahahaahaha!!" They all laughed at the same time. "Oh sh*t! The break is over! We have to get back to the training room, the next break will be our strike! See ya all in a few hours."

I just waited till they were gone. "So... They are from the Alliance eh? Let's see if they like my longswords, hehehe..." I waited at the front of the exit, after that I used dig to dig myself in. "And now I just have to wait..." I said slowly.

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Shade the Lucario
The Alliance
Cerulean City
Mission: Viridian Forest Supplies

"Candy, we'll land here, Alliance troops are awaiting our arrival at the western entrance." I said through the communicator, lowering my Assault Fighter to a patch of grass on a small plateau near Cerulean City.

"Copy that." She said, doing the same.

Our Assault Fighters would have to carry the supply caches via cables. It would take some time to fix the cables onto our Fighters, but thankfully we had some Alliance help to load up the supplies.

I exited the cockpit and hopped down onto the grass earth. Being on foot was a huge change when you had been flying in the air for the past few hours. However, I had gotten used to the feeling and was unaffected by it. My cockpit shield lowered down and sealed as I walked away from my aircraft.

Candy had already landed, and was knelt next to a rock at the edge of the plateau, looking on into the distance. Cerulean City could be seen from where we were. Smoke was rising high into the air from the depths of the city....no doubt many battles were taking place at this very moment.

"Shade, where are these supply caches suppose to be?" Candy asked, pulling out her Assault Rifle, loading a fusion magazine into the base and deactivating the safety when a synthesized voice coming from her weapon said, "Weapon Armed."

"No idea. Intel just provided us with the city, Candy. Command said a squad of Alliance soldiers would be waiting for us...although I can't see any of them near the western entrance..." I replied, looking on through the scope of my Sniper Rifle.

I zoomed in 2x, unable to see any Alliance forces. Something wasn't right. I could Command and let them know of the situation, but I decided not to.

"Although...I'm sure they may just be a little delayed. Not everyone is on time. Activate your Fighter's cloaking field...we don't want any Gloss members hijacking our rides back home." I said, activating my own Fighter's cloaking field through my tactical bracer. Candy did the same, and both of our Fighters automatically blended in with the environment.

I slid down the side of the small cliff we landed on, landing firmly on the hard dirt road leading to Cerulean City. Candy jumped down, and I assisted her my off hand. "Thank you, hot-shot." She said, pecking me on the cheek. Candy was a good friend to me as well, and I had to make sure she would be okay this trip.

I smiled and gave a little chuckle. We put our heads down, and I activated my Sniper Rifle to Assault mode, in which it automatically shape shifted into an Assault Rifle. We sprinted alongside the main road, and took cover next to some oak trees near the Cerulean City entrance.

"Wait here, Candy." I said, crawling on my stomach towards the side of a building. I got back, and threw myself onto the wall, planting my back onto the stone. This building was small enough that I could reach up and hoist myself onto the roof, and so I did.

I motioned Candy to do the same, as I surveyed the outskirts for any possible flank attack on her. Nothing could be seen, so I dropped my weapon and helped her up the rooftop.

"Let's take a quick little peak," I said, slowly crawling so only my eyes were above the pointed rooftop. I could see the street that ran straight through Cerulean, and some burning vehicles in random locations. Buildings were worn, and bullet holes pierced almost every single one.

"There isn't anyone here..." I whispered.

"What, you mean they're dead? Gosh dang-it, we should never have take up this mission. We're going in blind Shade!" She loudly whispered back.

"Candy, cut the chatter. Gloss soldiers 12 o'clock," I replied quickly. Candy immediately grabbed her weapon and crawled up to have parallel eye level with myself. No more than 10 Gloss soldiers were patrolling the street about 70 yards away.

"Are you sure they aren't Alliance? I can barely see them through all this smoke," She asked.

"I'm sure. Gloss soldiers patrol single file, to hide their numbers. We don't." I replied.

"Well....we should do that." Candy said.

I quietly laughed "Well I'll let you take up that little issue with Aaron," I said, winking at her. She smiled back.

"Wait a second...." I said.

A distant scream could be heard and at that moment, I saw that 2 more Gloss troops were holding a female Lopunny by the arms, dragging her towards the other 10 Gloss soldiers that had stopped, and seemed to be laughing. The Lopunny was struggling, and it was obvious that she was Alliance.

"Candy. Let's move." I said quickly. Jumping off the roof, as Candy followed. I sprinted down an alleyway, and turned the corner only to notice a Raichu standing there, peaking around the corner at the gang of Gloss soldiers. I wasn't sure whether he was Alliance or not, he was not bearing the traditional emblem of a white A with crossing swords.

I handed Candy my weapon and sneaked up to him. I moved silently, getting closer, and closer, until I was close enough. I snatched his head, covering his mouth with my left hand, and unsheathing the sword from my back with my right, putting the blade to his throat.

He didn't squirm or say a word, and went quietly with us around another corner. I motioned Candy to disarm him of all weapons, and so she did. Throwing him to the wall and pointing my sword's tip at his throat, I asked, "Who are you?"

"The question is, who the **** are you?" He replied, talking with an british accent.

Candy raised her Rifle at him, and once again a synthesized voice came from her weapon saying, "Weapon Armed."

His eyes shifted towards Candy and his brow started to sweat. "Now, I'm gonna ask you one more time. Who are you?"

He looked at Candy, then myself, pausing again at Candy. "My name is Racko. Lieutenant Racko. Cerulean Resistance. Alliance."

I looked at Candy, and she nodded. She had used a VocalCore, a device that detects signs of honesty or deception, apparently the Raichu was telling the truth.

"Where's your squad, Lieutenant?" I asked.

"They're.....dead. They're all dead." He stated, pulling out a large handful of dog tags from his pouch, they were all bloodied and worn...

My worst fear of this mission had been confirmed.

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Meteor the Toxicroak
The Gloss
Rock Tunnel
Mission: Rock Tunnel Refugees

I've waited several hours in the dirt of the sand. Knowing what to do. Killing those "refugees". I was still focused on the mission. After a few minutes I heared some footsteps. I heared some voices. Were they the Alliance-freaks? I didn't knew yet. But then I heared the voices better, like they were real close to me. "Ready to blow this exit up, guys?" The voice spoke. "Always Descor." The other voice said. "Alright, let's do this then!" The voice who apparently was called Descor said. I heared them over me, then behind me. I knew it was time to strike. I jumped out of the ground. "BUSTED, GUYS!!" I shouted behind them, at the same time I took the electricity longsword: Joyeuse from my back and pierced it in one of the bodies. Blood came out of the belly from the pokemon which was a Machop. The other pokemons were an Excadrill, which was apparently the leader, and a Charmander. "Huh?! Who the heck is tha-" But before the Charmander could finish it, he was killed by the edge of Joyeuse. "No!! Who the heck are you?!" The remaining pokemon said. I didn't say anything. I looked at him slowly, then I said: "My name is none of your business..., Alliance-freak." I wanted to attack again with the lightning fast Joyeuse but he blocked the attack when the sword was near his head. "I'm stronger then you think! Hehe...!" He laughed.

There I stood, infront of the Excadrill called Descor from the Alliance. I knew that Excadrill were strong and fast pokemon, but that this Excadrill was so extremely fast was new for me. I thought that this Excadrill was a normal Excadrill but nope, it's not. "Let's see if you like this, Toxicroak..." He said while spinning in the air as a tornado. I blocked his attacks extremely fast with Joyeuse. "Heh... Are you giving up??" Descor said. I didn't said anything. I jumped to the back. I held the lightning sword in the air and I moved it in a circle. The circle changed into a ball of electricity, which was the size of a Munchlax's body. The sword threw the electric ball in the air and I jumped into the air and smashed the ball of electricity with the sword. The ball of lightning quickly went to the Excadrill and hit him. "Rghh.... Heh... Is that all you got?" Descor said. He ran to me and jumped into the air. "Aerial Ace!!" He shouted while doing an attack. "Argh..." I said when he hit me. I flew through a pillar of stone, breaking the pillar. Then it all became black infront of my eyes because of the crash.

I woke up in a camp, the first thing I saw was that I was in a cage. "Urghh... Where am I...?" I said while looking around. "Still in the Rock Tunnel, but this is a secret place that only I know." Descor said. "You were no match for me... Hehehe...!" I wanted to take Clarent from my back to melt the cage, but my swords were gone. "Looking for your swords, Gloss?" Descor said. I saw that my swords were laying on the ground. "Your swords are pretty nice. But I guess you don't need them anymore... Hehe..." He said. "You killed two of my friends, we, the Alliance, are not happy about that..." I didn't really care what he said, I was just searching for a way to get out of this cage. There seemed only one way out. Getting the key of this cage...

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The Alliance
Route 1 - Headed for Viridian City
Mission: Viridian City Rebals

Each step on the sorry grasses of route one was a sad reminder. Scythe turned his head as he walked, the once lucious greenery of the quiet country route was now a grim scene, just as the rest of the world. And just as it would remain.
Memories penetrated his vision as his clawed feet crushed some dried, yellow grass, he looked down at it. The patch had been flattened and any life in the plants squeezed from it by the constant treading of vehicles... Once, it would've been tall, proud, a patch of grass small pokemon would have loved to hide in, jumping out on young trainers as they too would've made their way toward Viridian City. But these things could not be seen anymore, they lived on only in his memories.

Setting off again, Scythe let a deep sigh leave his maw, his tattered wings were folded against his aged back, and his arms hung by his sides, letting his large scythes drag across the ground. He knew he must be close to Viridian City, he had chosen to go on foot, rather than catch a ride on one of the supply vehicles. He always preffered to be alone, the other members of the Alliance fought the good fight, but how many of them truly remembered the old world, he thought. So many were young, forced into a war which demanded a veteran's experience.
He knew his mission clearly, he had to reach the city, find the turncoats, and put a stop to their villainy before they punched a hole in the Viridian stronghold.
...Traitors, how grim. But he understood their reasoning. They were probably young, scared... The Gloss was a ruthless, unforgiving war machine. Built to kill. Built to destroy.

It was not traitors Scythe sought to fight, however... The Gloss, whatever threat was above them. He didn't care, he knew they were a mighty foe, and if he could face them, win this battle on the field of honour... Then maybe.. Just maybe... That withered patch of grass had a chance to grow again.

Even if the fight was in vain, he would rather die a warrior than live a coward.
Scythe's train of thought was interrupted as he came across the outskirts of Viridian City, he gazed up at the Alliance capital, a shell of the once great human city, still giving shelter to those who needed it.
He let his eyes fall shut and lowered his head, taking a moment to take a brief, meditive rest before entering the city, reflecting apon the mission he had accepted.

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Kaxo the Lopunny (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257383&postcount=12)
The Alliance
Viridian City
Mission: Pallet Town Defense

Moving through Viridian City was essentially a walk in the park, provided said park was beaten up a little and a few trees and benches were thrown around, but besides that, we didn’t run into any trouble. Most of the damage that had been done to Viridian City was patched up a bit and plastered, but there were still signs here and there that hell had been unleashed not too long ago were around if you looked closely enough. The blast craters were plugged up, the holes in the walls were plastered, and the broken glass had at least been swept aside.

Tamara was still a bit twitchy, but I figured what she really needed was to see combat. And a whole lot of it. That was the dark reality of war. The first time, it stings the soul, and drives the innocent into fear they never knew they had. But once it’s been seen time after time, and the sight and smell of blood and death had been experienced time after time, it all came down to one simple reality no one could ever walk away from once it was realized.

We were all just meat. Until you realized that one day you will die, you were useless. And in the end, we were all part of the same compost heap.

In the meantime, I had overheard that they were trying to weed out rebels while around town. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard there were jackasses that turned against the Alliance and were now following the Gloss. I would have liked to tear off their heads and take a crap down their necks, but right now I had to focus on the convoy. The last thing I wanted was for thing whole operation to get intercepted while we were trying to head south.

“Who’d have thought we’d one day be using human machines, eh?” An Alliance Weavile told me, giving me an annoying nudge. “For the longest time, I thought all this junk they had was overkill, but hey, these things have quite a lot of uses.”

“We either use it or lose it,” I told him frankly, still watching the skies. “Not to mention you’re not going to haul fifty tons of equipment on the backs of Pokémon.”

The convoy continued through the crowded Viridian City streets, where there were plenty more Alliance troopers on patrol and trying to keep things maintained around here. Everything in Kanto was either a red or yellow zone, which mean it all came down to how much hell you’d have shoveled in your face on a good day. Viridian City was still a yellow zone, and while we had the AA turrets and stingers to shoot down most of the bastards that could come along, there was always the possibility they’d break through.

After we passed through the streets, we headed toward Route 1. We were almost there.

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Meteor the Toxicroak
The Gloss
Rock Tunnel
Mission: Rock Tunnel Refugees

I'm still in the cage, waiting for hope. Or when he goes a way I'll use my claws as a key to get out of this cage and slay him as soon as possible. I'll just need some patient. Then I'll strike! "What are you thinking about...?" He asked. I didn't said anything. "ANSWER ME!! WHAT-ARE-YOU-THINKING-ABOUT?!" He shouted near me with anger. Finally I said: "Don't you need to go back to your 'training'?, piece of sh*t?" He ran towards the cage, like he was going to attack, but he couldn't reach me. "Grr... I will let you pay soon! I'll just make the exit and the entrance collapse so your so called 'troops' can't get out. Hahahaha!!" He said laughing a bit. "Excuse me, but I have to do my job! Hehehe..." And he walked away, heading to the exit side.

When he was gone, I came in action. I used my claw to open the cage and took my swords again. I put two of them on my back, I wield the other sword in my hands. "And now... Let's see where the piece of sh*t has gone..." I ran quietly through the dark cave. After a while I saw the training place again. I stood there for a minute. I thought about my past, when I was here, training at this cave. But then I realized I had to complete this mission before he succeed. I focused on the mission again and after a while I heared his voice. "Let's blow these exits up. Hehe..." He said. Before he could attack I place my sword behind his head. "Game over, Descor..." I said. He turned around but I still held my sword close to his neck. "Hahaha... You think it's over yet? Well you are wrong..." He said without fear for the death he would face. "The Alliance will find a way to defeat you and your so called Gloss... But first... It will be yo-" He took two pistols from his back and he aimed at me. "-ur end...!" He shot at me but I could just avoid the laser. It went all in slowmotion. I tried to charge in him, my sword pointing forward to his body. He avoided the sword and shoot me in the arm. "Argh... You'll pay for that!" My sword began blazing like a tornado of fire. I knew if this was gonna hit him, he would melt since he is part steel type. I rushed into him while attacking as fast as I could with the sword of fire. He avoided all attacks but one. The last attack molt his left claw. "D*mn it!" He screamed while his pistol flew out of his hand. "It's not over yet!!" And he shot few lasers at me with his other gun. I could avoid lasers, but they were really close to me. I jumped over him and I pulled my sword near his neck again. "Ready to face your death?" I asked him. "You will burn in hell!!" He shouted quick. "Wrong answer." I said laughing. I sliced his head off and his body and head fell on the ground, while blood came out of his body. "Mission accomplished..." I said to myself. I took the body and threw it out of the cave. I took the head with me as a prove I slayed the 'refugees' which were actually Alliance spies. I then returned to Lavender town to tell the job was done.

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Shade the Lucario
The Alliance
Cerulean City
Mission: Viridian Forest Supplies

"What happened to your squad?" I asked, kindly. Racko was no doubt traumatized by the slaughtering of his friends.

"Gloss soldiers ambushed us. We were told to meet three Alliance agents outside the western entrance. Our forces were holding down East Water Street, but somehow they must have slipped past our defenses and caught us off guard outside the City. I have no idea what happened to our men around East Water Street, but I am positive that we still have Alliance troops deep inside the City. They're surrounded though! We have to help them!" Racko explained.

I glanced at Candy, who stared back. We had strict orders for our mission: retrieve the supplies and get the freak out of there. However, there was no way I could just leave Racko and those surrounded Alliance troops to die.

"We'll help you." I said. "Lead the way-

Another scream sounded close by. The Lopunny! She had completely slipped my mind.

"Racko, take point. I have the flank. Candy move." I said. The three of us sprinted silently back to the corner where Racko was first peaking around. The Lopunny was getting tossed around, slapped, and beated by The Gloss soldiers.

One them yelled, "HAH! She's a fierce one! Putting up a good fight, she is!!" They all laughed.

12 vs 3. It wasn't even a fair fight....for them.

"This makes me sick." Candy said. I nodded in agreement.

"Candy, there's a lot of smoke along this street. On my signal, I want you to haul it and take positioning on those pillars over there," I said, pointing to a building across the street, "Now, Racko, you are going to take positioning right here. Set some claymore at the end of this alley so you don't get flanked by anyone. As for me, I'm going to have a little chat with these rats."

I grabbed my Rifle and walked into the middle of the street, concealed by the smoke from multiple vehicles. I activated my battle helm (http://www.propstore.com/img/products/92/lis-mask3_1.jpg) on my tactical bracer. The helm (http://www.propstore.com/img/products/92/lis-mask3_1.jpg) began forming over my face, leaving space for my ears and hair. Activating my Assault Rifle, a synthesized voice said, "Weapon Armed." I slowly began walking through the smoke towards the Gloss soldiers. I could still hear the Lopunny screaming for help, but soon enough I was through the smoke and stopped about 15 yards away from the group of soldiers.

"HAHA! This girl is such a little- What the?" A Scizor said, pointing at me so that his Gloss allies would notice.

"Who the **** is this fool?" One of them said.

I thought I'd be original, so I replied, "Your worst nightmare."

They all laughed, one of them pulled out a pistol and aimed it at me. "Well then, looks like We're. About. To. Wake. Up." He said, firing his pistol.

At that exact moment, I used my special ability, teleportation jumping. I was gone in the blink of an eye and a puff of dark smoke, reappearing right behind the one that shot his pistol.

"Missed." I whispered in his ear, and he gasped as I blasted him in the back with my Assault Rifle.

"CANDY! NOW!" I yelled, blinking again out sight.

"WHAT THE ****! He wants CANDY! Ramirez, give him that freaking candy bar you didn't want!" One of them yelled.

The smoke, however, had cleared due to the dwlinding fires. Candy could be seen sprinting across the large street, and the Gloss troops noticed.

"ALLIANCE!!! SHOOT EM'!!!" The Scizor yelled. All of the Gloss troops fired their weapons all at once.

"RUN LIKE THE WIND BABY!!!!!!" I yelled after Candy, and she dove towards the pillars, taking cover.

Gloss soldiers started to drop, taking shots to the end. Those shots were no doubt from Racko.

I teleported down again to the group, all of them were panicking, firing randomly at surrounding buildings. We had the element of surprise, and they were in a terrible spot to get caught messing around. I teleported alongside each of the Gloss soldiers, slicing them one by one with my sword. Only a few were left.

The Scizor unsheathed a sword of his own, screaming, "Bring it on you Alliance scum!"

I pulled out a dagger from one of the downed Gloss soldiers, teleported to the Scizor's flank, and threw the dagger straight at the back of his skull. He dropped in an instant, and was dead on impact.

All of the troops were dead, it was a quick and decisive victory for the three of us....until....

A loud scream of horror came from down the street. The Lopunny whom we intended to save, was getting mowed down by more Gloss troops, who moving quickly towards our position.

"NO!!!" I yelled at the Lopunny, but it had already be done. I motioned to go and save her, but an arm grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me back to the pillars.

"Sir, it's Candy." Racko said, pulling me towards Candy, who was propped up against the wall. Her legs were bloody, and multiple bullet wounds pierced her skin from the legs up to her abdominal. Tears were flowing from her eyes.

"Shade, I'm sorry...." She roughly whispered, blood pouring from her mouth.

The Gloss troops that were working their way towards us were now in the middle of the street, examining their dead. Although we were concealed behind the pillars, it was not the best place to be at the moment.

"We need to get her out of here and back to Pewter. She can still make it if we go now. We have healers there that can deal with this." I firmly said to Racko.

Racko looked up, and gave me a look of doubt. "Did you not hear what I just said?" I said immediately, hoisting Candy upon her feet.

"Shade....." Candy said, her legs shaking. I looked at her and noticed all the blood that was over here. She had taken the shots when she crossed the streets, and I was the one that gave her that order. I thought the positioning for our attack might have been the best option.....

I helped her back down. The Gloss troops were making their way closer to us. They were only 50 yards away.

"There's....nothi.....nothing...you.....ca......can ...do........hot....shot." She slowly said, her eyes drooping. She was close to death. She gave a little smile and looked me in the eyes.

"Candy. I won't leave you here." I stated, motioning to help her up again.

"No!! N......no.....I have to stay. My time is done, Shade. You need to complete the mission." She said, putting a hand on the side of my helm.

"Shade...." Racko said. The Gloss troops were within 30 yards, searching every building.

Deactivating my battle helm (http://www.propstore.com/img/products/92/lis-mask3_1.jpg), I spoke to her, "Candy...I'm sorry. I am so sorry." Tears flowing from my eyes, I grasped her hand one more time. She looked at her Assault Rifle to the side, and I grabbed it quickly, placing it in her arms. With one last kiss on her forehead, I grabbed my weapon and ran with Racko towards the end of the street, still concealed by the pillars.

With one last glance, she weakly smiled, and I returned the smile. Turning away, she activated her weapon. I ran after Racko, not turning around to see what would happen to her as the Gloss troops enclosed on her position.

The last thing I heard before I was out of earshot was a faint synthesized voice, "Weapon Armed", and the continuous fire of an Assault Rifle.

Turning the corner, Racko stopped and said, "Look, I know where the supply caches are. If we hurry, we may be able to reach them before the Gloss do. They're hidden in a structure close to the western entrance."

I nodded, checking the corner once again to see if I could catch a glimpse of Candy once more. I had failed my two squad mates, and I didn't think I could ever live with myself after I saw Candy's wounds. I turned around and acknowledged Racko. Re-activating my Assault Rifle, the synthesized voice once again sounded, "Weapon Armed." I looked up at Racko and nodded again.

"Let's move."

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The Alliance
Viridian City Outskirts
Mission: Viridian City Rebels

Scythe opened his eyes again and set off on his way into the city. Although it was Alliance territory, he was still on edge, still alert. Anything could happen, and he would be ready. The greatest insult would be a quick death with no battle.

Death... a part of the natural order of all things, neccesary, but this... This was unnecesary. The Alliance was fighting a good fight, defending the innocent from the black hearts of the Gloss.... The Gloss, foolishness of the highest order! Scythe could understand their anger at the destruction the human wars caused, but their vengaence had become so much more... And when they ended the last humans... They cursed the entire world, even themselves.

"Motherless knaves..."
The words hissed out of Scythe's maw quietly before he looked up sharply, there was a convoy of vehicles headed toward Route one where he had just came from, He stepped aside, giving the convoy in the distance ample room to pass him.
Looking apon the human vehicles sparked further thought in his head. Pokemon may make use of the remaining human technology, but it would never compensate for the humans themselves.
Scythe mused on the thought, a slight expression of distain in his aged features... It was the bond between pokemon and trainer that brought out the strengths in both, the golden times of his youth would never be reborn... But atleast he could retain the tradition.

His head lowered as he examined the broken pokeball hanging around his neck, bringing his scythes up to brush across eachother... A feeling of pride filled his chest for just a moment before vanishing again.
He didn't need it, his trainer had brought out his strengths long ago... The young pokemon fighting for the Alliance, for the Gloss... Again, the thought penetrated his mind, so many of them had no idea what they were really fighting for.

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Fluix 'Church' Hyxio
The Alliance
Mount Moon
Mission: Mount Moon Firefight

The sounds of Assault rifles firing and Grenades exploding were definatly there. They were close.

Optimum was looking highly nervous. No suprise-He couldn't weild a weapon. Alibi, Forest, Dune and himself all could.

Nevertheless, they all put on a Battle Helm. It fit to match each Pokemon, leaving critical spaces open so that the Pokemon wearing it could breathe, see, and hear. They also made sure their guns were fully loaded. Fluix already knew his was fully loaded. He unclicked the saftey, and an automatic voice said 'weapon armed.'

*"This is 2-Torcher-1, come in Mount Moon Control!"* The radio buzzed, revealing the voice of one of the squadron members already ahead.

*"This is Mount Moon Control, you may proceed, 2-Torcher-1!"* The Major said back-He was Mount Moon Control.

*"Mount Moon Control, we need backup, and a lot of it! They've got reinforcements!"* The squadron yelled back.

*"What the hell?!"* The Major yelled.

*"It looks like they're being led by-Oh, Sh**! Don't tell me that's-"*

And with that, 2-Torcher-1 was no longer heard from.

*"2-Torcher-1, who is leading these Gloss forces?! 2-Torcher-1, Do you copy?!"* The major yelled.

*"DA****! Don't tell me we're losing Mount Moon!"* Fluix yelled into the radio.

"What the?!" The whole of his squadron yelled.

"What's going on?" Optimum asked.

"They've got reinforcements! We're dealing with some real nasty Glossies, from the sound of it. We just lost 2-Torcher-1 to thoes B*tches!" Fluix yelled.

*"2-Torcher-3, your the last squadron left. I lost contact with 2-Torcher-2 A few minutes ago. Go in there, and see who we're facing, then report back. We'll see how many reinforcement's we'll be needing. If need be, Engage on sight."* The Major said.

*"...Wait, the only way they could have sent reinforcements in was if they won Cerulean City...Mount Moon Control, Does Gloss have control over Cerulean?!"* Fluix said, suddenly making a horrible realization.

*"...I've gotten no reports from our boys at Cerulean...I'm afraid that that's a posotive, unless we receive further word."* The Major said.

"HOT DA**!" Fluix yelled.

The faint rustling of dirt, despite the echo of 'HOT DA**,' was all too apparent for Fluix. He hand signaled for his squadron to get low. As soon as they did so, Fluix pulled out a Grenade, pulling the pin and putting it on a forcefull roll, sending it to where he swore the rustling was coming from.


"Da**! that was two of ours!" A voice yelled. It was apparent Fluix's gamble was a success.

"YOU IDIOT!!" Another voice yelled. This one was...Unfamiliar with Fluix. This one was definatly an important figure, he could tell, but...

Ah, who cared?!

Fluix got off the ground, and fired straight at the darkness ahead, turning on night vision. Just as he thought, Glossies were crawling the tunnel ahead, and two were right in front of him, where the grenade exploded. The shot managed to kill the third.

And now it began. For real. The firing started at once, and all four Privates for the Alliance were fortunate to be low enough to dodge the laser rounds coming. Fluix threw another grenade into the tunnel, this time with some more arm, before taking cover behind a rock.


Another explosion went off, and a good deal of laser fire stopped, but not all of it. His four commerads were also hidden behind rocks-Alibi, Dune and Forest the rock to his right, and Optimum was right next to him.

"Sir! I've got readings on an incredible Aura in the area closebye!" Bliv said.

"You're no Lucario!" Fluix responded, knowing only Lucario could read Auras.

"If you can use Aura Sphere, you can read Auras, sir." Bliv said.

Scratch that.

"OPEN FIRE!" Fluix yelled, putting his Shotgun on his back, and pulling out his two artificial Schallchops. They were Schallchop-like...Save the buttons on the undersides, which activated the swords.

However, immediatly activating them wasn't his plan. He stepped out first, and intitated an attack.

A specific attack.


That was the loudest explosion yet, but no Grenade caused it. Instead, a huge Geyser of water made the noise, acting like a barrier between Fluix and laserfire.

And, quite as suddenly, the Geyser's water rushed out forward, towards the Glossies. It would have been about knee deep had the tunnels not been so tight. Instead, those glossies were up to their torso's in water, and the less-defense-oriented ones, the Pokemon weak to Water type, or smaller Pokemon, were all swept off their feet and forced to rush out wherever the water took them, probably drowning in the proccess. And miserably for the Gloss, that actually took up a lot of the Glossies. Plus, a lot of those that did manage to brace themselves were still disoriented.

And, without further ado, Fluix's squad appeared behind him, firing full-force, and returning the favor of killing off 2-Torcher-2 and 2-Torcher-1. Fluix himself now activated the swords, which lit up the whole area around him, and were ready for action.

Said action being to rip the Gloss Bas****s 'till they were nothing but nothing.

03-10-2011, 11:52 PM
Zloveshchii "Zlov" the Mismagius
The Gloss
Lavender Town > En Route to Saffron
Mission: Saffron Assassination
Affected RPers: None.


The soft giggle flowed all through the destroyed remains of Pokemon Tower, echoing through broken tombs and the occasional decomposing body of a Drowzee before drifting out the holes in the walls. The third floor was certainly one of the most affected floors, the lack of care evident, but Zlov didn't particularly care. She found the destruction rather... soothing, like the sweet sound of a Pidgey's little neck bones gently cracking in half. The purple ghost type scowled, but her eyes looked giddy, and if she was smiling, she'd look like the happiest Pokemon in the world. For a variety of disturbing reasons, sure, but still a very happy Pokemon nonetheless.

She snapped back to the real world, remembering the mission they'd thrown at her just a few minutes before. Some silly Aggron, Alone or Talon or whatever, was deemed unreliable by Lord Zion himself, and what better way to show off what a good member she was than by taking the bigot down all by herself. Sure, she was at a type disadvantage, given the fact that Steel types seem to resist her attacks, much to her annoyance, but then again, she was insane. Little details like that were no bother, and if anything, she could give him a good fright before calling in reinforcements. But sadly, or luckily, she supposed, she wasn't going in alone, for a Dragonite, Sensa, was on the move for the mission as well. She didn't mind, some company would be nice and she'd heard good things about the Dragon.

So, now she was off, floating out a hole in the wall and down towards the ground, looking around to see a few Glossy trainees wandering around the town, with its rubbled up buildings and little camps set up by troops, it was indeed a ghost town. Probably taking a break from training, she guessed, and she couldn't help but wave one of her 'sleeves' at one, she always liked the newbies. She may be a cruel-hearted, psychotic b*tch, but she still has a heart. Sort of. Back on track, though, she made her way towards the old Route 8, it being the only route she could keep a track of the numbers of, aside from Routes 10 and 12, all bordering her home. She didn't care for what humans called all the other routes, and it was kinda redundant to even give them a name. Why not just call them 'that route north of Cerulean' or something like that? She sighed, it was her opinion, she was a lazy little ghost, but what the hell. The scowl almost turned into a small smile, and her eyes were visibly eager.

"For the Gloss, da? Oh ho ho ho, how the mighty oaf will fall, da!"

03-10-2011, 11:58 PM
Meteor the Toxicroak
The Gloss
Rock Tunnel
Mission: Rock Tunnel Refugees

I'm still in the cage, waiting for hope. Or when he goes a way I'll use my claws as a key to get out of this cage and slay him as soon as possible. I'll just need some patient. Then I'll strike! "What are you thinking about...?" He asked. I didn't said anything. "ANSWER ME!! WHAT-ARE-YOU-THINKING-ABOUT?!" He shouted near me with anger. Finally I said: "Don't you need to go back to your 'training'?, piece of sh*t?" He ran towards the cage, like he was going to attack, but he couldn't reach me. "Grr... I will let you pay soon! I'll just make the exit and the entrance collapse so your so called 'troops' can't get out. Hahahaha!!" He said laughing a bit. "Excuse me, but I have to do my job! Hehehe..." And he walked away, heading to the exit side.

When he was gone, I came in action. I used my claw to open the cage and took my swords again. I put two of them on my back, I wield the other sword in my hands. "And now... Let's see where the piece of sh*t has gone..." I ran quietly through the dark cave. After a while I saw the training place again. I stood there for a minute. I thought about my past, when I was here, training at this cave. But then I realized I had to complete this mission before he succeed. I focused on the mission again and after a while I heared his voice. "Let's blow these exits up. Hehe..." He said. Before he could attack I place my sword behind his head. "Game over, Descor..." I said. He turned around but I still held my sword close to his neck. "Hahaha... You think it's over yet? Well you are wrong..." He said without fear for the death he would face. "The Alliance will find a way to defeat you and your so called Gloss... But first... It will be yo-" He took two pistols from his back and he aimed at me. "-ur end...!" He shot at me but I could just avoid the laser. It went all in slowmotion. I tried to charge in him, my sword pointing forward to his body. He avoided the sword and shoot me in the arm. "Argh... You'll pay for that!" My sword began blazing like a tornado of fire. I knew if this was gonna hit him, he would melt since he is part steel type. I rushed into him while attacking as fast as I could with the sword of fire. He avoided all attacks but one. The last attack molt his left claw. "D*mn it!" He screamed while his pistol flew out of his hand. "It's not over yet!!" And he shot few lasers at me with his other gun. I could avoid lasers, but they were really close to me. I jumped over him and I pulled my sword near his neck again. "Ready to face your death?" I asked him. "You will burn in hell!!" He shouted quick. "Wrong answer." I said laughing. I sliced his head off and his body and head fell on the ground, while blood came out of his body. "Mission accomplished..." I said to myself. I took the body and threw it out of the cave. I took the head with me as a prove I slayed the 'refugees' which were actually Alliance spies. I then returned to Lavender town to tell the job was done.

OOC: Hitmon, I'll put down mission complete. Although, I have an issue. Since you were shot in the arm, you have to realize that this is a serious injury and should greatly impair movement of your arm, therefore, it doesn't make sense that you were able to throw the body out of the cave at the end, and kill Descor so easily. You need to have that healed as soon as possible. In fact, if he shot you in the arm with a laser-based weapon, you might of well just lost your entire arm completely.

Note to ALL Role Players: Make sure you fully understand the gravity and burden of a serious injury such as this. It's still the beginning of the RP, so everybody is learning. And I'm sure we'll all be better in the future.

03-11-2011, 12:38 AM
The Gloss
near Silph Company, Saffron City
Mission:Saffron Assassination
OOC: Maze isn't going to fulfill his double agent role until after he completes a mission or two for the gloss ok peeps?

IC:Maze had wondered to Saffron City on whim. His superiors from the Gloss had told him to head to Rock Tunnel to stop some idiot new recruits. He easily could’ve gone and stopped the reckless fools, but it was never in his character to listen to others no matter who the hell they were. He floated in and out of the shadows, like all ghosts he despised the light, on his way to his one destination the ruined Silph Company’s head quarters. Why? By chance, he also heard of a much more intriguing type of mission; the assassination of an ex-Gloss leader. He had heard it through one of his many informants in the Gloss faction. While he worked as a soldier doing odd missions and such, no one ever knew what his true intentions were. He had done his fair share of betraying and espionage, without the top heads knowing, but he also helped out on key missions and such.

Whatever he did, he did it for himself. There was nothing more important to anyone than their selves, as no one but a ghost would know. He felt that this was rather a more significant mission than the one the fools up top had given them, and as he was already in Saffron, why not?

*Such sorrow resides here,* Maze thought to himself as the ruin of the building entered his sight. He decided to mold himself into the shadows and flit around for a bit before entering the building. While assassination is a captivating subject for Maze, he didn’t much feel like running up and knocking the front door down, so he settled on playing in the shadows until someone came. He knew they would, this was a fairly new mission as his informant had told him. Although he knew that Talone had great advantage over him being a steel type Pokemon, Maze had an ability that he had kept secret, his total hypnosis. While he only kept that ability as a reserve, considering how much energy it sapped from him, it was one that he was thinking about using.

OOC EDIT: come on gloss dudes, we need to make more of a scene here D:<

03-11-2011, 02:36 AM
OOC: Sorry if this post seems kinda..meh.

The Gloss
Entrance of Silph Co. Building, Saffron City
Mission: Saffron Assassination

Moronic. Complete idiocy. Downright stupid.

These thoughts flowed through Retsu's mind as he sauntered over to the entrance of the Silph Company Building. A slight breeze ruffled the neon-yellow growths on his coal-black skin, but he paid it no heed. His main focus for now was his mission; to assasinate that foolish Aggron and his little followers who had thought they were so high and mighty that they could go against The Gloss.

What kind of Pokemon would be stupid enough to do this? He shook his head and sighed with obvious exasperation. If there's one thing I've learned by now, it's that you never mess with Gloss; Gloss messes with you. He had found that out the hard way.

His dreams of traveling all over the world were far gone by now, due to the constant, raging war set before them. He had wished only to see the specacular sights of all that nature had to offer, but now...He recalled the gruesome images he had passed by on one of his previous travels a while ago, the horrid result of one of many fights between the rivaling factions known as The Alliance and The Gloss, and shuddered inwardly.

Realizing what he had just done, he chastised himself. Idiot! Don't start getting all soft just because of one teensy little battle scene! There's gonna be much more where that came from, and if you don't pull it together, you won't make it!

After a few quick moments, he stood before the location of his mission; the previously mentioned Silph Co. Building. The place wasn't much, but he could tell it could still probably hold itself up for an explosion or two. Good. I'd hate to not get a chance to try out some Shadow Shards. And it'll be easy enough to find a vantage point from which I can shoot some arrows too. When the times comes, that is. For now...

Retsu walked over next to a wooden bench. Instead of using the bench, however, he sat down on the ground, crisscrossing his legs casually. Despite his calm manner, Retsu kept his deep eyes trained on the mission location; graphite-grey irises unwavering as they patiently waited for the arrival of someone else.

Neo Emolga
03-11-2011, 03:33 AM
Kaxo the Lopunny (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257383&postcount=12)
The Alliance
Route 1, En Route to Pallet Town
Mission: Pallet Town Defense

So far, there were no interceptions. All thirty vehicles remained intact, and there were no issues with the shipping. Only once did we have to stop and refuel some of the vehicles that had smaller gas tanks, but that was completed in less than five minutes before the convoy moved on again. Meanwhile, I kept a clear view on the skies, and the only aircraft we spotted were friendlies.

“Tell me you have some good news, Kaxo,” The Pallet commanding officer radioed me. “We’re getting choked out here, and I’m getting a feeling they’re stalling to bring reinforcements along!”

“Likely,” I told him. “We’re a few miles due north of your location. Might want start laying down suppressing fire. Keeps the offense from getting any closer.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, Captain!” The CO whined again. “I know what I’m doing!”

“Ten-four, out.”

My, what a whiny little prick. He should be happy I didn’t know his name. If he knew what he was doing, this probably wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Instead I had to drag my ass all the way down here from Pewter City to make up for this guy’s oversight. The least he could do was appreciate it and not act like such a dick about it.

In the meantime, Route 1 was in relatively good condition, which was rare. A few craters were around here and there, but generally most of the area was intact. The road had seen better days, but save for a few broken areas and some beat up cars laying here and there, it was a smooth ride.

“Are we there yet?” Tamara asked me, shivering.

“Does it look like we are?” I asked her, figuring that was a stupid question considering the vehicles were still moving and there was plenty of road ahead of us. “Take a look around you, we’re not in Pallet Town. Sit down and relax, no one is going to shoot us over here. I haven’t seen anything since we left.”

“B-but I heard there were… rebels at Viridian,” Tamara stuttered. “What’s going-”

“They already dispatched a squad to take care of the problem,” I told her, knowing this was just idiotic now. “Just sit tight and help us unpack when we get there. That’s all I’m asking of you. You can handle that, right?”

“Y-yes, I think so…” She said sheepishly.

Was this really that hard? Who the hell did she know to get out of boot camp? She might as well be a civilian, that’s how unprepared she was. It was ridiculous, and I wasn’t about to train her in all the things the Drill Sergeant probably left out. She was a total rookie, and probably wouldn’t even know how to disengage the safety when things got hot. All I knew was that I was going to have to watch my own back, and trying to watch hers at the same time was going to be a nightmare, unless she just decided to cower in a corner and try not to be seen. In truth, I would actually love it if she did that, because I could just worry about my own hide and not have to think about her getting shot or cut up into tiny pieces.

“You’re definitely not like other Lopunnies I’ve seen,” Tamara told me.

“Glad you noticed,” I told her, sarcastically congratulating on her that incredibly keen observation. “Zion Deathbringer isn’t like other Typhlosions I’ve seen either, but that doesn’t stop him from being King Assclown, now, does it?”

She was silent for a few moments, but then she spoke up again.

“What I mean is… it wouldn’t hurt to be… a little more gentle,” She told me hesitantly. “Usually… most Lopunnies are.”

I decided to ignore that generalist comment. In the meantime, I looked ahead and I saw the outskirts of Pallet Town coming up ahead. We were almost there…

03-11-2011, 07:50 AM
The Alliance
Virdian City Streets
Mission: Viridian City Rebels

Scythe walked the streets of Viridian alone. He was surrounded by other pokemon, all of them rushing about with their own business, there was always something that needed doing in this distopia. But still. He was alone.

His head turned to the left as he walked, a broken market stall was scattered across the ground, what rotting fruit it once held had since been eaten or discarded, but still...
Waiting, how impatient he was. Scythe wanted nothing more than to leave this human city and start battling stronger trainers, the young scyther shuffled from foot to foot, his eyes gazing across the city before him, humans and pokemon all playing, laughing, just being with eachother.
A hand tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around with a suprised look, his young trainer held out a handful of berries he had just bought from a nearby market stall, Scythe looked at the young man's face inquisitivly before letting out a contented growl, leaning his head forward to eat the berries gladly--

Scythe shook his head, the images of the past violently left his mind and he was again met with the remains of Viridian, people and pokemon would never play together again, it was only them now... And yet there still seemed to be a reason to fight, even if he could not truly find it.
These thoughts were distracting, he shook his head violently a second time and continued on his way. He knew where he was headed. The rebels were young and predictable.

Eventualy, he came to a stop and looked up at the large building before him, faded letters had since fallen from the entrance, and the roof was in disrepair... The ruins of the old Pokemon Gym. Once a place where trainers and pokemon would prove their strength, now a crumbling memory, housing traitors of all things.
Scythe closed his eyes and focused, he pressed the edge of his body against the locked doorway and focused... He could feel the vibration in the earth, breath on the wind, he became aware of his surroundings.

Eyes open once again, he pulled his body away from the door. It would be too easy to walk into an ambush if he just smashed his way through the main entrance like a brute.
His eyes snaped to either side, and then turned upward, a plan formulated in his head and he flicked one of his arms against the tightly sealed door, creating a loud bang. Immediatly afterward he unfolded his wings from his back and buzzed them furiously, the tattered left wing rattling as he shot toward the roof of the gym...
It was not so much flight as it was more just an epic leap, but he still managed to land on the crumbling roof with a landing as soft as an autumn leaf landing delicatly on the ruin.

Creeping silently yet swiftly across the rooftop, Scythe came apon a hole where a bomb from one of the frequent air raids of the past must have fallen through the Gym roof. Peering down into the building, Scythe confirmed his suspicion. The rebels were here.

03-11-2011, 07:53 AM
OOC: Hitmon, I'll put down mission complete. Although, I have an issue. Since you were shot in the arm, you have to realize that this is a serious injury and should greatly impair movement of your arm, therefore, it doesn't make sense that you were able to throw the body out of the cave at the end, and kill Descor so easily. You need to have that healed as soon as possible. In fact, if he shot you in the arm with a laser-based weapon, you might of well just lost your entire arm completely.

Note to ALL Role Players: Make sure you fully understand the gravity and burden of a serious injury such as this. It's still the beginning of the RP, so everybody is learning. And I'm sure we'll all be better in the future.

OOC: It wasn't a big laser, just a small one. And I had still my armor on. I'll do missions again after I recovered. I'll try to think of something to make it even.

Meteor the Toxicroak
The Gloss
Lavender Town
Mission: N/A

"Argh..." I said while walking back to town. The laser of Descor pierced my armor and made a small hole in my arm which suddenly began to fill with blood. My arm began to lose blood and it began to sting because it used it's last powers to attack with the sword. My armor began slowly to restore again. Piece by piece. But I needed to get back to restore myself. I gave the head when I came back. After that I was sitting on the ground near one of the buildings. I put my arm plate off and put my hand on the bleeding hole. "Rrrgggh..." I said while it stinged a bit. "Hey, you, do you need a plaster?" A Grovyle said. "... Yes please..." I said slowly. The wound kept stinging, well it wasn't really a wound but still. The Grovyle placed the plaster on my arm. "Rgh..." I said while it stinged. "You have to let this on your arm for maybe two till three days." She said. I looked at her. "Thanks..." I said slowly. "Hey, no problem." She said. "I'm Melody, and you are...?" I waited for a few seconds, then I said: "I'm Meteor..." She came sit next to me. "Meteor, eh? Well, it's nice to meet you." She said. "Uhh... Same I guess..." I said slowly. I looked up into the sky, I saw some planes in the air which did go really fast. I heared a lot of sounds by guns and bombs. I sighed. Will we win this war? That, was my question...

03-11-2011, 04:18 PM
Kenny the Psyduck
On my way to Pallet Town
Mission: Pallet Town's defence

"I'm on my way to help to Pallet Town as we speak to drive off the morons called the Gloss" i whispered in to the radio.

"To be honest I dont think they need a name or even excisted, I wished they would just get a life, a damn good life not wasting there time trying to destroy all life as we know it, but if I could do that this war would have ended years ago, but nothings ever easy any more" I thought to me self.

I heard the guns go off, grenades thrown about, I took cover in a near by bush, still in shock from all the explosives, what can I say im only 13.

I pulled out a map from my temperary bag hanging down by my waist, "im on the north side of Pallet Town, damn I'm on the wrong side of pallet i should be on the west side of Pallet" I whispered, spearing at the map as if it was its fault.

I noticed if I could skip bush to bush hoping I dont get caught I can still make it with out a suicide attempt. I went from bush to bush until I got to the west side of Pallet it was finally safe to get out of the bush and go and help out with the defence.

03-11-2011, 05:46 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Mount Moon
Mission: Mount Moon Firefight
Affected RPers: N/A

Two Grenade throws startled the Glossies, but the Surf attack had decimated them. The Glossies were down to very big targets that were definatly discombobulated, and were easy pickings for the K82 rounds and the laser rifle shots.

And in the case scenario they weren't so easily downed by bullets or lasers, Fluix made sure that they were downed by his blades.

As he pulled a sword out of a dead Throh, Another body of another dead Pokemon came from the tunnel where the Glossies were holding up from. It was hurled at immense speeds, enough that Fluix barely managed to duck in time. It was hurled to where the rest of his squadron was...The Body of the Major, A Sawk. The Major's body was mangled, with several severe slash marks in several severe places, and his right arm was ripped off his shoulder, and was shoved into his bloody and open stomach. His hands could be seen sticking out of his mouth. He'd be bleeding badly if there wasn't any more blood to bleed with.

As a species, Sawk's were already hard to kill, considering their speed, skill, and physical power, and this one was a major-He probably had considerable amounts of those. You don't put just anybody in major rank. Plus, he had to have a weapon of some sort on his person...

Fluix looked at where the body was coming from...The Glossies were making a mad dash to where it came from...He had a bad feeling about this...

"I don't like this...Keep your weapons hot..." Fluix said. Glossies rarely retreated when there were others around to kill.

It was like a jet decided to rush by at full speed without any warning, and Fluix was lucky whatever happened didn't hurt him immediatly.

The sound of something going at ludicrisly fast speeds suddenly stopping was heard behind him, and he accordingly turned.

Jung's body was on the ground, without a head, bleeding out, and obviously dead. And, farther up on his line of sight, was a Garchomp...A HUGE Garchomp, with black scales, and multiple battle scars on his body. This was the thing that came rushing by...And he didn't look friendly.

He turned around at once, showing a very nasty look. If looks could kill, this one would destroy. It showed...longing...A very dark longing...His eyes showed a look of a predator just finding his pray in a very bad position...He was bloodthirsty. He had no weapons, just his two claws and insane speed. And he was looking directly at him.

Alibi and Dune didn't wait long after he turned around to fire like mad. Lasers and bullets sped through the airspace between them and their target...In vain. The Garchomp was off far before the projectiles could hit their target.

This time, Fluix ducked, and the instant that Garchomp moved from the spot. He realized who his target was, and he wasn't going to be a sitting duck. He still felt the claw graze his hair; that was too close.

This time, he ran for that Garchomp, dashed towards where he was, as the Garchomp was putting on the breaks. The Garchomp came to a complete stop when he was just feet away...He turned around, and again with it came a very nasty look. However, this time, he looked like he just got denied millions of dollars for a very stupid reason. Apparently, missing wasn't in his vocabulary.

However, by the time he did turn around, Fluix was close enough to start slicing. He started with a stabbing attack, attempting to jab straight through his heart in a blow. The Garchomp again proved how good he could evade, and sidestepped the sword.

This time, the Garchomp attempted to use Dragon Claw, enveloping his already-lethal claws with draconic fire before trying to slash Fluix. However, he jumped out of harm's way.

...Sort of. It was more like he jumped out of harm's way only to come into worse trouble.

This trouble came in the form of the Garchomp putting his head forward and biting down on Fluix. It hurt like hell and then some. If Fluix didn't experiance worse blows, he'd have cried out in pain. He barely held on to his energy swords, but he did.

And now, payback.

He used both swords to do an overhead slash of sorts, both landing on the Garchomp's head without interfearance, and cutting through. He couldn't move his arms in the way he wanted-so that his swords would cut through the Garchomp's head-but forget that, the Garchomp spit him out.

"GRAHH! You b*tch!" The Garchomp wailed. Fluix took the very brief time when the Garchomp was recovering from his blow to check his uniform...That was a lot of badges, and his rank was Colonel.

"OPEN FIRE!" Fluix yelled. Dune and Alibi resumed their torrent of lasers and bullets, only to yet again find their target far too evasive to hit with either projectile.

Did he have to do everything?! He kept his swords drawn. Next move would determine who lived, and who didn't. The Garchomp's face was worse still. He wore a look like he got denied a million dollars for some very stupid reason and got punched in the face when asking for an explamation. Then, when he asked why he was punched in the face, he got his stomach kicked as well.

Fluix was hoping the next look on his face would be a look that made him look dead. Because, hopefully, he would be dead.

Socratic Sarcasm
03-11-2011, 10:31 PM
Michael the Lunatone
The Alliance
Route 1
Mission: N/A
Affected RPers: Neo Pikachu (Kaxo the Lopunny)

My purpose was clear.

My job was to destroy the Gloss, every last one of them, avenge my colony and the Blissey it sheltered. I had to avenge the assassin I had been forced to kill, because of their murderous purpose. I have promised myself to do this before my tenth birthday, on March 15th.

The Ides of March. Nothing particularly ominous about that; no not at all.

I had come to Pallet Town first, and saw desperation. But there was nothing I could do about that, I had nothing to give. Lunatone only need moonlight; I did not need food or water. So, much as it pained me, I had to keep moving. I couldn't help everyone in need, which sucked.

My first step is to, by some miracle, get in contact with the Alliance. If I joined them, I could better help destroy the Gloss. As they said, strength in numbers.

I continued moving, out of sight. I would not have any friendly encounters with the Gloss, I am sure, so I wanted to avoid them entirely. I-

Speak of the God[censored] devil.

There was a battalion, filled with many soldiers carrying who-knows-what to Pallet Town, probably to destroy it. I knew that Pallet town was Alliance-controlled, so they would have to be Glossers to come to destroy it.

My more optimistic side came up with different explanation in that instant: these were Alliance people, coming to assist the town.

I couldn't simply barge in and decide to hurt or help them, so I decided to do something else.

I prepared to summon the Power of the Earth, in case things got sour becuase these were Gloss. I looked for a leader among them, and my eyes fell on a Lopunny (odd looking, though I shouldn't be talking) who was with them. I used my Psychic power to pull out a knife. I sent it zooming towards him, circling him once, and back toward where I had now revealed myself.

This was probably a stupid move, as they could just annihilate me, or worse, just ignore me. But I decided to follow through:

I heard myself say,"Are you of the Alliance or the Gloss? And be careful of your response, I shall know if you are lying." The earth rumbled, as to accenuate my implied threat.

I looked a lot more courageous than I was, but only because I had nowhere to run.

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03-12-2011, 12:08 AM
(Ooc: Pokemon can have human diseases...Right?)

Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Mount Moon
Mission: Mount Moon Firefight
Affected RPers: N/A

The Garchomp was aiming to go at the most unexpected moment. If he was too predictable, he'd have limb removal.

Fluix and his foe stared down for what seemed like eternity...

Bang bang bang. Three shots from Dune, almost hitting Fluix. But he was sniping three Glossies that were right behind Fluix, given the orders to kill Fluix from behind his back by the Glossie Garchomp, while he was pretending to flinch. With that, no Glossie other than the Garchomp was present in Mount Moon.

And it didn't take long for the other thing he wanted to happen. Dune realized what that would mean. The Garchomp's undivided attention. He intended that...He had Cancer, and this was his last day of action before it got to severe to continue. He wanted to die fighting.

Shame Fluix didn't realize that the Garchomp immediatly rushing to Dune and killing him with one stab of his claw was part of the plan.

He felt little rage or mourning. He had no relation to the Krokorok at all. Who cared? It opened up an opportunity the Garchomp neglected, however.

And he wasn't the only one that took it. Far from it.

Bliv couldn't tolerate death at all, but couldn't attack at all until right now.

Aura Sphere was the only attack he could use. It couldn't hit Fluix, once he found the Aura signature and fired his own-which was impossible while the Garchomp was moving-It was impossible to dodge. No obstacle could be put in it's path that it couldn't get around. Now, he let loose his justified anger.

And it went out with a bang. One huge Aura Sphere came rocketing towards that Garchomp, which, once it landed, gave said Pokemon some serious pain...Which it brushed off. Now turning full focus towards Bliv...

...It realized it left a blind spot open far too late. Far too late being when Fluix had already shoved both his energy swords down his chest. He withdrew, and saw the Garchomp bleeding out, and, from the looks of it, his broken spinal cord-He was Paralyzed. Another slash to the neck and it was over.

The Garchomp fell flat on the floor after the loss of his head, and like the Simisage it downed before, He fell dead.

Fluix radioed in immediatly. No time wasting. It was war.

*"This is 2-Torcher-3, Come in Pewter Leader, this is 2-Torcher-3 from the Mount Moon Firefight Mission. All Hostile forces are down, I repeat, all Hostile forces are down, request backup for Mount Moon and a ride outta here."* Fluix said, making it short and sweet.

*"Church, does your squadron have casualties?"*

The voice of Arron Shepard was the last voice he was expecting to hear. There was a Colonel in Pewter he was attempting to contact.

*"Yes. Private Jung, Codenamed 'Forest,' and Private Aligat, Codenamed 'Dune.' 2-Torcher-1 and 2-Torcher-2 were also killed compleatly. No Glossie was able to flee the area, however. We've included a Glossie Colonel into our kills."* Fluix said.

*"Copy, Church. I believe the Colonel in question is also part of Zion's personal guard. These members are dispatched for high-rank missions, and are not easily beaten. Well done."* Arron said.

*"...I've got bad feelings about this...Zion's probably wanted Cerulean...What's the status over in Cerulean?"* Fluix said. *"Is Shade Alright?"* He added.

*"I believe we've lost Cerulean to the Gloss. However, Shade is still alive...You, and whoever else is still alive, are both due for promotion."* Arron said. *"Bring back the bodies. For their families."* Arron added.

*"Rodger Rodger. 2-Torcher-3 Out."* Fluix said into the Raido.

He looked at the bodies of Jung and Aligat...Aligat had something on his person...A note.

He realized that this note was special, the instant he picked it up. The symbol was that of a thunderbolt inside a ring, and it was definatly waterproof (the blood pouring out of Dune's stomach wasn't soaking it in the slightest).

Fluix turned it over. On the back was text. All capitols, all in english. English always was easy for Pokemon to read, or at least easier than it seemed. Unown letters looked like it, and every Pokemon knew Unown letters.

It read so:







It didn't make sense at all as to who this was. 'What wasn't?' Who the hell was that?

"Hey, Optimum, Alibi, come take a look at this." Fluix said. Both Pokemon came up close, now able to see the mysterious note.

After a few minutes, Alibi spoke up. "No clue. I've never seen anything like it. That symbol isn't anything familiar with me."

"It is with me." Bliv spoke up.

"It is?" Fluix asked.

"...Well, not really. I've seen it before, but It was carved into the tree where I was born in. I came by, and there it was." Bliv said.

"...Wierd. OK, We'll worry about this later. For now, we need to get out of here." Fluix said. He surveyed his commerades. Bliv was unharmed compleatly-a miracle. Alibi was shot several times, but looked like it woudn't be landing her in the hospitol. "Grab the bodies, Arron personally told us to get them." He added.

"Rodger." Both of them said.

03-12-2011, 04:40 AM
OOC: Yes, they can attract diseases just as Humans can. Pokemon have developed human-like personalities and abilities due to the radioactive effects of the nuclear human war. I thought everyone will enjoy the Bold part in my post. Haha pretty sick if I say so myself, it's a reference from a movie.

Shade the Lucario
The Alliance
Cerulean City
Mission: Viridian Forest Supplies

It was raining, hard.

Racko and I had been maintaining a consistent, steady jog through the many alleyways of Cerulean City. We had no idea whether Gloss troops were on our tail or not, therefore we never stopped to catch a breather.

"We're close, Shade. The supply caches were moved over to that small building across the street," Racko whispered, as we came to a halt, looking around the corner.

Candy and myself had ran right past this building, this whole ordeal and Candy's death could have been avoided if we had searched that random building. It was crazy how much you wish you could go back and change events in war.

"Wait, Racko, look," I said, pointing over towards the entrance of Cerulean city. A squad of Gloss soldiers entered through the entrance, all of them seemed to be bug Pokemon.

"They must be part of the Mt. Moon threat...I hope Church came through successful on that mission he was assigned." I whispered.

"A friend of yours?" Racko asked, still staring over at the troops.

"Yeah." I replied.

"Well, I'm truly sorry Shade. But right now, you have no friends around to help you." Racko stated, turning around with an Assault Rifle pointed at my chest.

"What the hell?!" I said, putting my hands up.

"You honestly believed I was Alliance? That stupid lie detector device of your friend Candy's is so easy to bypass. I can't believe you actually relied on that crap." Racko laughed.

"You double crossing son of a-" I started to say, and with a smack to the face by the butt of his Assault Rifle, I was knocked to the ground, my face stung in the rain.

"Now, Shade, I suggest you shut the hell up." Racko replied, fixing his aim onto my head while I was on the ground.

"You Gloss scumbag!" I whispered loudly, attempting to pull out my sword.

"No no no, I wouldn't do that if I were you. Any word from you and I kill you on the spot. I think Lord Zion would appreciate another prisoner of war. Especially one with the skill set you possess. OY! Boys!" He said, giving a shout at the end for the bug Pokemon standing guard at the entrance.

"Racko, that you?" One of them yelled.

"Of course it's me you idiot. Now get over here and deal with this Alliance scum. Lord Zion needs me and those supply caches in Saffron by tonight. And Saffron is a long way from here! I want this prisoner transported to Fuchsia!" Racko yelled.

But as he finished his sentence, he took his eyes off me for a split second, which allowed me to teleport on the other side of him, standing upright. I quickly unsheathed my sword and thrust it into his back, just as he turned around and realized his final mistake.

"That's for Candy, you piece of crap." I said into his ear, his eyes wide due to shock. I unleashed my sword from his spine, spilling blood onto the damp asphalt. He fell down with a gasp, and was dead.

"RACKO!!!!" One of the Gloss bugs yelled. They all began to fire one my position. Luckily, I dove out of the way just in time and took cover behind the alley wall.

I took out my Assault Rifle, and activated the Sniper Rifle transformation.

"Stupid bugs. I hate bugs." I whispered to myself.

"A million bucks worth of weaponry..." I said, as the Rifle was transforming, "And I'd give it all back!!!" I activated the weapon system, "For a lousy!" The weapon was armed, "....can of Raid!" I finished, teleporting to the top of a roof.

My battle helm was activated, transforming over my face and concealing everything but my eyes. I pulled out my Rifle and shot one of the Gloss troops in the forehead.

Teleported to the next roof.

I fired again, killing another....3 remained.

Teleported to the ground floor, activating one of my thermal incineration grenades. I threw my grenade straight at the remaining 3 Gloss troops, and it ignited, decimating their bodies with plasma. With one swift strike, I had eliminated the Gloss squad.

Sprinting towards the building- I discovered the supply caches inside. I activated my Assault Fighter's auto pilot override, setting a destination for my position. After a few minutes, it arrived, landing softly inside the courtyard. I attached the supply caches, one by one, onto my Fighter. Thankfully, our Fighters could contain a large amount of weight. After the 8th and final supply caches was loaded up, I hopped into the cockpit, closing the sealing door in front of me, and took flight.

Moments later, I was flying back to Pewter City, to unload the supplies for our patrols in Viridian Forest, the location near Diglett's Cave. Surprisingly, it was tough getting supplies to the Forest due to the much needed supplies at Pewter, which was a much more important site for the Alliance. The supplies that Pallet had air dropped for our cities were sometimes dropped way off course, due to sudden emergency drops from Gloss air counter attacks.

Cerulean City soon was a large city in the distance, as the rain pounded on my Fighter's windshield. I was leaving hell, and heading for our sanctuary.

03-12-2011, 06:47 AM
Coin "Glory"
The Alliance
Viridian Forest
Mission: none
Affected: none

With his AK-47 in paw, Coin sat on one of the branches of a near dead tree. It was old and rotten, infected with a kind of fungus that slowly ate at its roots and bark. It was sad to see the tree in such a state. it was so fragile right now, so weak, just like the humans had been before Gloss took them all out.

With no missions on his paws, Coin was taking a small breather from the hectic life of playing cops and robbers. It was monotonous at best, and somewhat of a hassle. He knew it was his reason for still being alive, but there were times where he honestly wished he had something more to lean on. Something like... a way to reverse time. A way to bring his trainer back to life. A way for his heart to fully heal.

There were no two hakes about it though. Such dreams were just that. Dreams. There was no reality to them, no heaviness, just simple minded clouds drifting in ones mind. They were soft and fluffy, comforting and calm, but they could be destroyed at any moment. That, or turned into a thunderous roar given the right buttons being pushed...

"Rocket..." he said to himself with a deep sigh. His ears flicked as he hear cracking. He quickly noticed the branch he was on could no longer bear the weight he'd been giving it. He jumped off in time and landed on the ground, the branch tumbling right behind him. He turned around to look at it, his heart practically going out to the poor thing.

"Must be hard to be so sick while others around you are as healthy as they were hundreds of years ago," he commented as he looked up and down the ill bark. He then sighed and sat down placing his back against a boulder, his glare still staying on the tree. It was like he was keeping it company in its last few moments of life.

He hated to see things die. He'd seen it all his life.

"I'll fight for you tree. I'll fight for Rocket, for Lorn, for Roy and for Nekehll... even all the others that died throughout the struggles they had to endure," he added as he looked to the ground. He decided that it was time for his small break from the action to come to an end. Moping wouldn't do him any good, and surly enough, the Alliance needed him active and ready if Gloss was to be stopped.

=^^= Nya

03-12-2011, 09:39 AM
The Alliance
Viridian City Gym Roof
Mission: Viridian City Rebels

Scythe peered through the rusting hole in the roof and scanned the inside, he could see four targets. The first and most obvious was a large Machamp, lumbering slowly toward the inside of the Gym door to check for the cause of Scyte's distraction. Almost directly below Scythe, in the Gym's center was a Nidorino, speaking with a Charmeleon, standing behind the Nidorino was a Nidorina, listening to the speech between the other two.

Scythe could make out what they were saying from here...

"When is Abra going to be finished with the bomb? I'm it's dangerous here, I'd rather we escaped sooner..." The Nidorino's voice was shaking slightly.

"He'll be done when he's done! I don't like being here any more than you do, but the Gloss'll need proof of our loyalty if we're really gonna get out of here." The Charmeleon's reply was short of patience, his voice crisp and rumbling.

Now or never... The thought crossed Scythe's mind as the Machamp reached the door and was inspecting it thoroughly. He rose from his perch on the hole in the roof and lept through it silently. There was barely a ruffle on the air a he dropped like a spear toward the Charmeleon, his foot struck the back of the flame pokemon's head hard, bringing it crashing to the floor with a heavy thump.
He wasted no time, leaping from the unconsious pokemon, he shot toward the Nidorino, who's reactions were quicker than he had anticipated. The poison type and his Nidorina companion lept to either side, leaving Scythe surrounded.
There was a pause as his head shot left and right, catching the eye of both opponants and waited for them to move. When it came, the two lept toward him with teeth bared, Scythe shot left toward the Nidorina and swung his scythes across her expertly as he dodged aside.
The bleeding female crashed into the Nidorino heavily, causing the both to fall to the floor.
The wound was not fatal, but it would leave her incapacitated.

Too late did Scythe dodge again, however, and a headbutt from the Nidorino caught him in the chest, the male pokemon's horn opening an old, yet light cut on Scythe's chest.
He did not wince from the pain, his glare remained absolute on the younger Nidorino. With a second swipe of his bladed arms, he sent the male pokemon into a quivering heap next to his female counterpart, wounded, but alive.

Scythe hissed quietly and turned his head down to look at the cut on his chest, a mistake on his part...


Something heavy struck the side of Scythe's head and sent him hurtling across the gym floor. His body twisted in the air and he managed to land on his feet, the heavy thudding in his beaten head drowned out the sounds around him, leaving him with the feeling he had just been hit by a truck.
Scythe slowly turnedh is head upward. The Machamp stood by the bodies of his fallen comrades, a wide grin on his face. The fighting type slammed both of his right fists into the palms of his left and advanced on Scythe.

03-12-2011, 10:18 AM
Kenny the Psyduck
Pallet Town
Mission: Pallet Town's defence

They were right Pallet Town was in bad shape at the moment, the Gloss bombing it with every chance they got making sure we couldn't strike back.

"How can i help officer" I spoke, "we need help driving these gloss away, the best way to get rid of them is down the coast" the officer walked away.

"How can I though, thats like trying to move a tank with your bare hands" i thought to my self.

I was still new to the Alliance, this was my first mission, but I toke a deep breath and thought to my self "am i going to let a bunch of Gloss make my first mission a fail, NO WAY am i going to let that happen", a smile broke the tension as i ran all hopes into battle.

"Take this scratch attack", "for you a water gun", "and finally for you confusion". I was making progress but not alot, already i had taken out about 10 but compared to the rest of the raid i wasnt getting far.

I noticed they had moved position, they wern't north anymore, they had were had moved at least to the east.

"We have them, now charge" the officer reappeared again but only to give orders he then hid back to his bunker to finish the rest of his lunch.

"Moron" I whispered under my breath, then rejoined the battle again.

We were making progress alot of progress, we had them already half way down the coast, until they called for back up, Skarmory appeared over the mountains but holding something big.

I didnt reconize it until they came closer close enough to let go of what they were holding, shiny oval object were released from the grip of the Skarmory, they seemed safe until they hit the ground.

Explosions went off every where you could look, most Pokemon were lucky enough to make it to cover others wern't so fortunate, i was pulled in to a nearby house by the local nurse, Chansey.

"Thank you Chansey" i said with a thankful tone in my voice, still in shellshock.

i knew this was going to be a longer battle than i thought looking out side toward all the dead Pokemon!

03-12-2011, 10:26 AM
Meteor the Toxicroak
The Gloss
Lavender Town
Mission: N/A

I was thinking... How would the world end...? Will the Gloss or the Alliance win...? Are we created to destroy...? Or are we created for something else...? Are we here to win a war...? Or to make a new one...? So much questions to think about... But no answers... What would become of the world if this would continue...? Maybe the world would be destroyed... And it would be the fault of us all... Killing and destroying... How many more do there have to fall... I was thinking about my past again... One that I'd rather forget... A past of were my mom, dad and my little brother died... I hate them... I hate all of them... And one day... I'll take revenge on those Skorupi and Drapion scum...

"What are you thinking about?" Melody asked. I opened my eyes and looked into the sky again. "...Nothing..." I then said. "You sure?" She asked. "Yeah... Can you leave me alone for a while please...?" I said slowly. "Uhh... Sure..." She said while walking away. I was thinking again... Will there be a future where all pokemon are in peace...? Will the world change...? Are those Alliance guys the bad guys... or the good guys...? I couldn't answer my own question. The world is changing... into... into something bad... Will... Will there be a future for us all...?

03-12-2011, 12:05 PM
Maxwell the Gallade
The Gloss
Saffron City
Bill's Cottage Reinforcement
Affected RPers: N/A

Saffron City. The biggest city in Kanto, and one of the only cities that doesn't exude the revolting scent of blood. But it looks like I'm off to another battle yet again... I thought, looking at the piece of paper that was delivered to me. I was honestly tired of this whole war, but my emotions on it didn't matter one bit when the higher-ups ordered me around. I was one of the original members of the Gloss, but I was quite young when we massacred the humans left; the reason for my relatively low ranking compared to other Pokemon that had a part in the elimination of the human race. I didn't have any grudges, of course. I owe every one of the leaders my very being and life, and they were the ones that made me who I am. That is the reason I can keep killing the Pokemon, and stay sane.

"Are you done reading it, sir?" The Flygon asked. His name was Dominic, and he was the polite one in the duo of dragons. Peering back at the piece of paper, I read it again:
Old Pokemon Researcher Bill - his memorial cottage in dedication to Pokemon research has provided an excellent outpost for our forces. Alliance operatives have slipped past our forces in Cerulean and taken control of the outpost. Go there and eliminate these agents. The new mission was certainly dangerous, but I had two capable Dragon-types with me, and the Alliance agents won't have too many on their side. Add in the fact they will lack reinforcements due to the fierce battle in Celurean City, we have a good chance of defeating them.

"I can't wait till I get my teeth into their juicy necks..." Malice the Zweilous snarled, and to be honest, he spooked me out a little. I'm not even sure if I should call him 'they', since technically the two heads have different brains. Anyways, I'm not sure why the Gloss put Malice with me, since his rash, bloodthirsty and excessively violent personality would clash with mine and Dominic's. To keep an eye on you, a new voice whispered inside my head. Now that was a laughable idea; what need would they have to observe me? I was one of the original members, and I am extremely loyal. Still, the thought nagged away at my brain, and I shook my head slightly to shake off the disloyal idea.

"Yes, I've finished reading," I replied to the Flygon's question. "Are you two ready? We've got quite a long trip ahead of us. If you are, let's head off north, through the Underground Tunnel." I was going to walk off when Dominic raised an objection.

"With all due respect, sir, wouldn't it be faster for us to fly there? I can carry both of you, and it'd take much less time." He had a fairly good point, but it had some flaws.

"No. Flying would attract attention from the Alliance, and they will be prepared for us before we even get there. It's too much of a risk for such a small benefit." The Underground Tunnel was occupied entirely of Gloss agents, and they could assist us should a problem appear.

"Sorry, sir," he said, apologetically.

"No problem." With that, we started walking northward, towards Route 5.

03-12-2011, 05:26 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Mount Moon, En-Route to Pewter City
Mission:On Standby.
Affected RPers: N/A

Mount Moon was the alliance's again. There was no way in hell they'd try another assault after that ruinous attempt. The Glossies killed off two of the firefight squadrons effortlessly and without casualty, only to be compleatly devastated by the third.

Mount Moon was currently being flooded with Alliance Troopers, and nothing short of it. They wanted to make Mount Moon as tough as possible, intimidating enough that the Gloss wouldn't inch near it. They sealed off paths inside, every way in guarded with an armored guard, who would open up these paths. AA Turrets for Ravengers, Steel Plating for structual integrity, Lighting for every tunnel in the place...No way would they lose it now, especially with a Compleatly-Gloss controled Cerulean City so closeby.

Fluix was currently getting his only injury looked at by a Blissey named Vaxina and an Audino named Soni. Soni was using Healing beam on the bite mark, which made Fluix feel like he was taking a hot shower. It was a severe bite, though, and it took multiple uses of the move to heal it.

"There! All done!" The Audino finally said, allowing Fluix to go.

Fluix felt extremely good. He killed Glossies, he lived, he killed Glossies, he managed to do the mission with Bliv on his Firefight team, he killed Glossies, he won Mount Moon back for the Alliance, he killed Glossies, he was going to get promoted, he killed Glossies, he killed one of Zion's elite guard, he killed Glossies, he was still feeling good from all those Healing beams, and he killed Glossies.

And Noxia and Bliv-who also survived-were also getting promoted. Bliv was to head to the tactical division of the Alliance-meaning he wouldn't be screwing up missions anymore. Noxia was going up to Sargent Rank, mainly for compleating this mission amoung many others. And Fluix himself was going up to Captain. Captain Fluix...That had a nice ring to it.

His convoy awaited him, A Recon Vehicle. He got to sit in the passanger seat, while another soldier drived and a third one had the gunner position. This Recon was an AA variant, one that very few Ravenger pilots wanted to cross.

He saw one Assault Fighter overhead...If it was Shade, it would be a miracle, and the story of what happened down on his end would be for later. However, the Assault Fighter did come with multiple supplies strapped to it...The Viridian Forest troops were going to be pretty happy.

And the best part of it all was that the Glossies were going to be reeling. With so many casualties all at once, including one of Zion's elite guard, the Dewott could easily picture a bit of panic in the eyes of the Glossies...If one of them survived long enough to see his face, and rush back to Zion, telling him all about how a Sargent managed to kill one of his own Guard, a Colonel...Even Zion wouldn't be sitting so comfortably...


A horrible thought just penetrated his mind, and it was horrible enough that he swore he couldn't have thought of it. It was the mere thought of one thing: If Zion wasn't the leader of the Gloss...Would he have been?

Well, in all truth, he probably wouldn't have named it the Gloss if he was the leader, which he wasn't.

Come to think of it...A very cold shiver ran down his spine at the very thought of it...What if those Gloss soldiers never came and burnt down the orphanage? He'd still be the angry, bloodthirsty, moral-less guy he was as an Oshawott...And in that case scenario...That...Was...A possibility...

...He shoved it all out of his mind. That was unreasonable! Him? Gloss leader? Anything like it?! Insane! No way in f***ing da** hell!

...Maybe he'd ask Shade about this...People always had a thought like this sometime in their lives...And it was best to shove it aside, not think about it-that thought was the kind of thought that generally led to people commiting suicide.

For now, he focused on the enviroment...He joined the alliance because of the Orphanage burning, NOT the humans-Most of the damage to this route resulted from the Human war. Had it never happened, then the damage wouldn't have happened either.

...Had it never happened, there wouldn't be a war right now...He shoved it out of his mind. He just had to focus on his surroundings right now! What if Glossies ambushed them?

That thought kept all others out of his head.

03-12-2011, 08:07 PM
OOC: oops forgot to post yesterday, hoorah for A.D.D. :P

The Gloss
Silph Co. building
Mission: Saffron assassination

Maze was starting to get giddy and bored of playing in shadow. While going to the front door seemed pointless to him, Maze decided to slip through the side wall. As he did, he never noticed the sneasel walk up the street; he then saw the defense that was set up around the door. *Well, that could be a bit nasty,* he thought. The door was wired so that whoever touched the handle and twisted to open would’ve seen a shocking sight, well at least their companions anyways. The system seem simple enough to Maze, the handle acted as a switch then the generator would send a jolt through the wires into the handle frying whoever touched it. *Too simple Talone you traitorous scum,* Maze thought with disgust. He decided to help out just a little bit, using his psychic abilities, so as not to be detected, he shut down the generator then moved deeper into the facility, sticking to the shadows.

He found the destroyed building oddly beautiful. He remembered the building from before the war, with its pristine surfaces, employees crowding the corridors inventing Arceus only knows what. After the war however, the place was decimated. Although the building remained intact, it was just a shell of its former ugly self. Now it seemed complete. Corpses of humans long decayed to bone and rubble littered the floors. It had its own new beauty to it. He noticed a lone Machoke patrolling the corridor he was flitting down and decided to have a little fun.

Maze flitted into the Machokes shadow and used his ghostly powers to drop the temperature just enough for the super power Pokemon to notice that something was a bit off.

“Damn it’s getting chilly in here,” he said with a shiver, “Talone sure is getting paranoid these days, I wonder what he’s thinking of taking Silph?” Mr. nameless Machoke said to himself scratching his head with a quizzical look. He never much understood the higher ups anymore. He was a foot soldier and that was fine with him, as long as he could kill as many as he could he would. He looked down and noticed his shadow acting oddly. He clearly had his right hand up scratching his head, but his shadow had its left. He blinked, and then it blinked back. The eyes were darker than his shadow but they had labyrinthine like lines streaking across it. That was all he ever saw again, for at that moment Maze trapped him in a hypnosis attack.

“Sleep fool,” he said in a low voice. Maze tilted his head and probed the Machokes consciousness and laughed at the frightened dream he was having. Nothing satisfied him more than having one’s own mind crushed by his own self. He smiled and let out a chilling laugh, delighted in the others pain. *This is only the beginning,* he thought, an evil grin still etched across his face while Garth, the Machoke, succumbed to his own induced paranoia.

03-12-2011, 09:04 PM
Zloveshchii "Zlov" the Mismagius
The Gloss
Saffron City > Silph. Co. Building
Mission: Saffron Assassination
ARP: No one, unless Maze wants to run into Zlov?

She slipped into Saffron rather easily, for a city keeping a high value target "safe", it wasn't very defended, to say the least. Darting through the city rather quickly, she could easily see the tall, destroyed Silph Company Building she almost squealed in happiness. Her speed increased, looking like a creepy, purple blur passing through the shadows of the streets and buildings before it finally came to a halt at an alley between Silph and some poor guy's house, or what was left of it, with a destroyed roof and one of the walls with a gaping hole, from what she could see. She smiled, the destruction was utterly beautiful. Because she wasn't one for busting through front doors, or waiting for comrades, she slipped through the walls like a true ghost, now on the opposite side of where her comrade, Maze, unknown to her, was doing his own business.

Right now, her attention was diverted to a Lairon, who was standing inside of the room she'd slipped through, what looked like some sort of waiting room, the couch and magazine pages strewn all over giving it the appearance, plus another room was connected to it, and she could only assume this was the office the waiting room was for. Regardless, the Lairon could instantly tell something was off, as it shuddered, scared as a worried groan that came out of his throat made him turn around and look behind him, only to see nothing. Zlov had darted to a completely dark corner of the room, its coloring dark enough to keep it hidden. The unsettling feeling completely enveloped the room at this point and it took a lot of hesitation from the Lairon's part to make him turn around, back to watching if anyone dared come down this hallway, "D-Damn it... put yourself together, Ryan! It's just a dark hallway, n-nothing scary about that..."[/color]

Zlov couldn't help but giggle quietly, and it only helped to unnerve Ryan even more. He was looking all through the hallway now, trying to find the source, but he knew it came from behind him, his ears didn't lie. Nervously, he decided to turn around. Again, nothing, and the look of fear and frustration gave Zlov yet another reason to giggle. Ryan quickly turned to the dark spot she was in and still saw nothing, but with a false courage, decided to approach, slowly but surely. A few more steps forward and he was standing mere inches away from her, and the feeling of dread was all but overpowering.


Two eyes of yellow and red, starring sickeningly at the Lairon's, popped out of the darkness, a small scowl on Zlov's lips as the Lairon let out a meager gasp before opening its mouth to scream. A futile attempt, as Zlov quickly wrapped her dress over Ryan and disappeared. The Pokemon was so terrified that it was almost too easy, even with the resistance factor! Inside of Ryan's mind now were two consciousness, Ryan's, which only thought it dozed off and was now more preoccupied with laughing off the nightmare and hoping no one had seen him to report to Talone, whereas Zlov took complete control of his body and mind. With a soft giggle, Ryan's eyes turned a tint of yellow instead of the normal blue and, as if nothing was wrong, began trotting out of the room, a large smile on its face, Zlov clearly giddy that she'd gotten someone to sneak around in so easily.

She'd make him slit his throat later.

For now, she was making her way towards the lobby, walking through the dark hallway with ease. She was less worried about running into someone from Talone's meager ranks and even less about running into someone from Gloss. Her physical body may have been inside of Ryan's, but any attack would only lightly affect her, and if they managed to kill him off, the only problem would be a higher difficulty in leaving the unconscious mind. She could at least still control the head and reveal herself, but she wouldn't be able to move much else of the body.

03-12-2011, 11:07 PM
The Gloss
Silph Co. Entrance-->Inside of Silph Co. Building
Mission: Saffron Assassination

A few minutes later, Retsu stood up from his sitting place on the rough ground. Screw it, I'm not waiting this long for whoever the other Pokemon were. When they come, we'll probably just pass by each other in the building or something.

Having decided this, the small Sneasel trotted over to the main entrance; a simple door. Right before his sharp claws made contact with the metal knob, however, he stopped himself. What if there's some kind of defense system? The mission would be pretty much screwed if I got spotted this early. After a few short moments of pondering, he got an idea. Carefully concentrating his powers, he created a solid form Shadow Shard, although it didn't exactly live up to its name; for instead of a shard, it had covered the previously mentioned doorknob. The corners of Retsu's mouth twitched, but he didn't smile, although his grey irises still had a hint of satisfaction in them. He raised his claws again and, after having some difficulty attempting to twist the knob since it was frozen, causing his claws to keep slipping on it, finally got the door open.

He peeked his head around the door, unsure if he should just waltz right on in or keep to the dark shadows that would provide some cover. Though his eyes still weren't completely adjusted to the slight darkness, he couldn't make out anybody nearby, so he slipped inside, assured that there weren't any guards...yet, because of course, there always had to be guards in situations like this, or else this kind of mission would be much too easy.

The place looked worse, though not by much, on the interior than the exterior. Bodies, obviously devoid of any life, were laying about randomly; without any definable order or pattern in the placement whatsoever. A certain whiff came Retsu's way, and he turned his nose in disgust at the scent he knew all too well. Death. Why does it have to smell so bad?

He glanced over at one of the walls and instantly saw that what had appeared to be just a plain door was connected to a generator by a series of wires. He raised an eyebrow as he noticed that the generator wasn't on. Well, that Shadow 'Shard', so to speak, what's useless. The Aggron wouldn't just leave the generator off, or it wouldn't serve its purpose. However, one of his lackeys could have been a double agent or something and turned it off, but wouldn't somebody see it and report the mistake? He narrowed his eyes as realization hit. This was done recently, and not just by anybody. A Gloss member. He was a bit irritated that one had gotten here before him and he hadn't known, but he dismissed it with a silent exhale of breath. Whatever. As long as it's Gloss, it should be fine. He resumed quietly walking, not caring to step lightly as he knew his modest weight wouldn't make much noise.

03-13-2011, 01:33 PM
Maxwell the Gallade
The Gloss
Underground Tunnel between Saffron and Cerulean
Mission: Bill's Cottage Reinforcement
Affected RPers: none

The Underground Tunnel was occupied by the Gloss, which I was quite grateful for. It meant we didn't have to fight to get to our mission. Around us, I could see some Gloss members resting and healing. Speaking of Gloss members, the two with me turned out to be polar opposites, as I expected. And just as that, I liked Dominic as much as I disliked Malice. Malice was snarling with both his heads beside me, while Dominic was laid back and quiet. But I could see that both of them would be able to kill a Pokemon without batting an eye- it was just the matter of approach that was different. The core inside them were virtually the same.

We were quite a silent trio when we entered the tunnel, and we came back out the same way. I put my hands over my eyes to block out the glaring sun. The battle was still going outside, with neither the Alliance nor the Gloss winning. Among the chaos, we would slip by and take the cottage by surprise.

"Are you two ready?" I asked. They nodded. "Well then, let's go. We'll still go by foot. Oh, if any Alliance members try to stop us, do not engage, just use long-ranged attacks like Flamethrower to slow them down. Got that? Good." We walked off, drawing no attention to the fray that was going on.

03-13-2011, 09:42 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Pewter City, En Route to Indigo Pleatu.
Misson: On Standby.
Affected RPers: N/A

His first few moments as Captain rank made him feel strong. Not physically or mentally strong, just a feeling of strength that came simply from being Captain.

But that didn't stop him from continuing his duty. He had wars to win! Glossies to kill!

...Wierd, cryptic messages to decode...Like the one conveniantly place on the ground.







Well, that wasn't so cryptic: Do good, get wierd messanges telling the very vauge location of where some crazy powerful thing. Moreover, it's location was in the water, as only water types could swim underwater.

But...What was this thing?

Ah, who cared? It sounded powerful. And if it was powerful, then it would probably help in wiping out the Glossies. And if it helped in wiping out the Glossies, then what was he waiting for?!

...But the only misson that wasn't being done yet was...No mission. He already took care of the firefight, the Viridian Forest supplies were being delivered, Kaxo was on Pallet Town Defense, And Scythe was on the Viridian City Rebels.

...Wait and watch...That was his plan.

...Wait until the missions were over...

...WHAT?! What was he thinking?! He'd make a mission if he couldn't do one!

...But what was exciting...Worthy of one of those notes?

...Legendary Pokemon. More specifically, battling one. The addition of a Legendary Pokemon to the Alliance would make the Gloss tremble...

But which one?

The three birds could be an asset in any Arial battle, just as good as an assault fighter. Articuno couldn't be hit by heat-seeking missles (Ice types were too cold to be detected), so that could be a particular choice.

Mewtwo was an offensive titan. He could rip through Slayers, he was so good. OK, nobody ever saw if that was even close to possible, but hell, did that matter? He was the single most powerful Pokemon when it came to battling, and that was that.

Mew could transform...The possibilities were endless.

What else was he waiting for?

He already knew that Indigo Plaetu was Yellow, and therefore the safest it could get. He wasn't wasting time.

He rushed up to an AA Recon. Two Pokemon-the Pokemon he was driving with before-were still there.

"Sir!" The driver said.

"I need a lift to Indigo Plaetu." Fluix said.

"Right away, sir!" The driver said, hopping in the AA Recon. Fluix follwed suit, again taking Shotgun, while the gunner took the gunner.

And they set off. Fluix was certian Arron wouldn't kill him over this-If he was successful, then this would be a huge help to the Alliance.


03-13-2011, 11:01 PM
Shade the Lucario
The Alliance
En Route to Pewter City
Mission: Viridian City Supplies

"Shade to Command." I said into the comm, steering clear of the rocky mountainside of Mt. Moon.

"Shade, this is Command. Good to hear your voice! Status report." Command replied.

"I have the supplies....but we have another casualty. Candy. Killed by Gloss firing squads." I replied.

"....This is sad news indeed. ETA?" Command said.

"5 minutes, unless more Ravagers pop in to say hi." I said, checking my heat syncs.

"Stay alert. Drop the supply caches off in Pewter and we'll transport them to our Viridian Forest outposts. You've done well Shade, our soldiers in Viridian Forest are very grateful." Command said.

"Understood. Shade out." I replied, turning off the communicator. They better appreciate these supply caches. I lost two close allies and friends on this mission. However I'm afraid that those wouldn't be the only friends I would lose in this war.

After my ETA of 5 minutes, Pewter City was in clear sight, and I dropped altitude in order to land my Fighter in one of the docking bays.

My mission was complete.

03-13-2011, 11:13 PM
Maze the Gengar
The Gloss
Saffron City>Silph Co. building
ARP: Just unknowingly ran into the Lovely sadistic Zloveshchii:P

With his mirth subsiding, he left the Machoke to wallow in his own despair. He molded himself back into the shadows and crept along other passages with nothing in them except old furniture, shelves and lab equipment. Maze slipped down a corridor with little concern as to what would befoul the now crushed Machoke. On the other side of the wall he distinctly heard the sound of some heavy Pokemon as it trod down the corridor. He was still in a giddy mood after crushing the Machokes mind so he thought he’d have some fun with whoever was in the hallway next to him.

Still molded into the shadows, he slipped through the wall and saw a Lairon walking steadily down the corridor, seemingly unaware of Maze just yet. He took over the Pokemons shadow and waited. He used his ghostly powers and dropped the temperature by a good ten degrees, any moment now he would spring himself on the fool.

OOC: Sorry if this seems kind of meh....

03-14-2011, 01:10 AM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Pewter City, En Route to Indigo Pleatu
Mission: On standby.
Affected RPers: Shade

At the single last possible moment...He saw Shade through the cockpit of the Assault fighter that just landed.

"Stop the car stop the car stop the car!" Fluix hastily said. Thank Arceus Shade lived.

"Right away, sir!" The driver said, doing so at once.

"Wait right here, I need to talk to someone." Fluix said, once the Recon AA came to a complete stop.

"Yes sir!" The driver and gunner said.

Fluix made a mad dash for Shade. He was lucky to be alive.

And there was that single thought about being Gloss leader...He'd prefer to get hit by Kyurem's Glaciate attack over hearing that he could plausibly have been leading something like the Gloss...Because the former was warmer.

"Shade!" Fluix yelled, finally coming into sight of the Lucario. "OO-RAH!" He yelled, thinking it appropriate for the usual miracle he must have pulled off.

"Shade...I've got good news, bad news, and sort of in-between news. The good news? I'm the guy that stopped the assault on Mount Moon, along with one of Zion's elite guard...And...I got Promoted!" Fluix said, showing off the shiny Captain's badge to Shade.

"...The bad news is..." Fluix stopped. He was about to go to the bad news...But then he realized that Shade came back alone...Meaning that his commerades were killed...And dead commerades fell heavier on his shoulders than others, especially when it was around him. He wasn't used to being considerate of others feelings before...

"...You know what? I'll save the other stuff for later. In since Kaxo's on the Pallet Defense line, and the Viridian City Rebels are being taken care of by Scythe, I've got some free time, and I'm looking to fight a Legend with that free time...I'll tell you about why later." Fluix said.

"For now, if you want to tag along...I've got a Recon unit that'll take us to the Indigo Pleatu. There's three open seats." Fluix said, wrapping it up.

03-14-2011, 01:45 AM
Scythe took in every inch of the on-comming Machamp. The fighting type was obviously far larger than himself, stronger and far better limbed.
He shot forward to attack first, like lightning, Scythe brought his right blade down toward the Machamp, it was stopped quickly, Machamp clapped Scythe's arm between his hands and then his other on the follow-up swing.
Scythe winced as he tried pulling against the stronger oponant, no good, he was stuck. A wide grin started spreading over the Machamp's face, he as enjoying watching Scythe struggle.

"Pausing to mock is your first mistake." Scythe voice was judgemental, talking to the machamp more as if he was teaching, not fighting. He swing his abdomen up and delivered a sharp kick to his foe's gut. In a flash, he was free of the four-armed pokemon and standing ready only feet away.

The machamp let out an angry roar, either too dumb to, or unwilling to speak, Scythe wasn't sure, but it changed. The humanoid pokemon charged at Scythe like a jugganaught, all four fists flying in and out of combat, each thrust a deadly blow. Scythe was being pushed back, he twisted, turned, parried, blocked, dodged and ducked. The fists kept comming and he had no chance to counter while they kept flying.
He could feel the small cut from the Nidorino earlier, oddly, it's pain was overcomming even that of the throbbing in his head from the Machamp's earlier punch.

Only need one shot... One mistake...
Despite being pushed back, Scythe had a plan, the punches shot like bullets and his eyes followed each and every one sent at him.
A slight bump on his back told Scyhe he was there, as he pressed up against the wall, another grin came across the approaching Machamp's face. The pokemon drew both of his right fists back, practically glowing with the energy he was putting into the comming attack, he launched a double blow toward Scythe.
Scythe ducked down and shot between the machamp's legs. There was a loud crash, the machamp's fists shot thrugh the very wall of the Gym, showering dust and rubble over the ground outside.
Scythe shot up after passing the machamp and swung his blades up, cutting a light slash over his foe's back. There was a howl of pain and Scythe was showered with a light sheen of blood as he landed, twisting to face the machamp.

Machamp fell to it's knees, pulling it's fists from the wall and turning to face Scythe, panting in pain.
"It's over. I've won. Accept this defeat, hate me if you must. But learn from it."
Scythe's voice was calm as he folded his arms back to hide his weapons and nodded. The machamp glared with an enraged expression. Who was this Scyther to tell him the fight was over, he had the strength to continue... A slight cracking broke his concerntraition, the machamp's head slowly turned upward. His head was greeted with a large slab of rubble from the roof which came crashing down, knocking him unconsious in a single blow.
There was a time that would've made Scythe smirk with satisfaction, his eyes trailed up the long crack in the wall which had come from the machamp's own punch, but nothing crossed his face as he set sights on the hole in the roof the crack had dislodged.

Scythe turned around and set off deeper into the inn, there had to be atleast one left... The abra that had been mentioned before.
It did not take a long search before Scythe came apon the abra. It was sitting where the gym's human leader would have once stood. It's back was turned to Scythe, infront of it was sat what seemed to be a massive explosive, Abra was working in silence, his hands where within a hatch on the side of the bomb, fiddling with the wires within as he was obviously putting the finishing touches on it.

"This underground group was hardly rebellious... It's like they were barely trying to keep me from here... You're not sure, are you?"
Scythe's words rung out loud, but the Abra seemed to ignore him, it just carried on working on the bomb in silence with it's back turned.

"The Gloss won't save you from the world. You would be a fool to even try. Even when they've killed all of us. What then? They have the front of an organized unit, but they are nothing more than the few humans who ever mistreated us thought of us... They are wild animals. They will turn on eachother when they are done with us. And it is the weak and the traitors who will die first."

The abra's hands came to a hault as it started to listen to Scythe, turning it's head slightly toward him.

"I am not giving you this choise out of care for your well-being... Instead I wonder if I am looking apon the scum of a traitor. Or someone who can... even if this war... is not good... Someone who can do right by the world... In Shepard's name."

There was a long wait, the Abra looked back at the bomb, two wires in each hand twisted as he fiddled with their ends, perched on the edge of either combining them, or dropping them.
Eventualy the Abra stood and turned to face Scythe, lowering it's head... It was as he had thought, these were just children, frightened the ashes of their old home blowing away completly.

"Take your friends and go, return to the Alliance. What has happened here, can turn in our favor."
Scyhe gave a quick nod at the Abra, who, still without speaking, nodded back, it vanished in a flash, teleporting away, Scythe hoped, to gather his incapacitated friends..

It did not take Scythe long of walking the streets of Viridian to find a working radio... After a good few minuites of nudging buttons and dials with his snout, he eventualy managed to get it crackling onto a general channel to announce his success to all listening on Alliance com.

"--urse anyone who prances about with those opposable thumbs and digited hands--.."

Scythe cleared his throat quickly as he realised the radio became active and began his report.

"The Viridian rebels are-- Taken care of. They were holed up in the ruined Gym... Children scared of the storm. Regardless, their removal is not the only advantage. They were working on a bomb a large one... It could've leveled a great deal of Viridian had they not been stopped...
It's not finished, but if somebody wishes to pick it up, it would be another berry in our favor against the Gloss."

He blinked after finishing, he couldn't focus... The world became.. blurred, the throbbing in his head returned and it felt like his torso was burning. He turned his gaze downward to the scratch on his chest he had been given by the Nidorino.

"Huh... Poisoned... I'm g...getting slow..."
A light thud was the last sound over the radio before he was silenced completly, falling down to one knee and holding himself up with his scythes, his breathing ragged.

OOC: Sorry if there were a bunch of mistakes in that, I'm having a strange night and was messing up every other word.

03-14-2011, 03:48 AM
Coin "Glory" the Meowth
The Alliance
Saffron City
Mission: Escape Lady Orion's Psychic Institute
Affected RPers: none

The forest Coin was seeing began to grow fuzzy, his body beginning to feel weak and helpless. A loud ringing struck his ears and his fur lifted in agony as his eyes tightly shut. The world he'd been looking at for what seemed like hours was now melting. His mind was going insane as everything seemed to be dieing, something he could barely stand.

"By the charms luck what in all hell is happening to me!" he screamed as he pushed his ears flat with his paws. His gun fell to the ground, it's strap snapped by an unknown force. His eyes were then forced open to reveal his world now changed. The Alliance was with him, every member... and then... blackness.

He burst awake in a dark room, strapped to a table as a dish sat above him. It was point towards his head and it seemed to be emitting a loud signal. Around him the grim room was filled with machinery of all kinds, and psychic Pokemon to match. Hypno, Alakazam, Grumpig, Lunatone, they were all working with the machines as well as standing near him. Two Hypno and a Drowzee were around the dish that was focused on Coin, their pendulums and hands held up as their eyes now slowly opened.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME!?" he screamed in a dreadful screeching voice. The Pokemon ignored him though, turning to the Gardevoir that was standing by a moving seismograph needle. It seemed to be recording Coin's brainwaves.

"Nothing Lady Orion," said the one. The Gardevoir sighed in annoyance.

"We need to find out the major weakness of the Alliance. If this cat doesn't have information needed, then we must capture others from the organization to see if they may know. Take him and lock him back up," she said with a cold voice. The Hypno nodded and looked to a Bronzong that sat in the corner. It looked like a meer statue to the cat as he directed his gaze towards it. That it, it did until it came to life, a blue aura encasing it as if lifted off the ground.

Hissing under his breath, He tried to use one of his attacks.

"No use cat. We have your powers blocked by mental control. The Alakazam over there is more powerful then anyone in here when it comes to that. You'll never break his grasp," laughed the Drowzee as he folded his arms. Coin snarled in annoyance as he realized just how exhausted he was. He could no more break the straps holding him down then he could create a thought of his own!

"Damn..." he sighed as a bead of sweat trickled down the side of his face. The Bronzong came up to him, released his straps, and psychically took command of his body, stiffening him as he was lifted off the table. He was then taken a ways away from the room. His cell was opened and he was tossed inside. The door slammed shut and the giant bell like Pokemon left him as he laid in the floor.

"Bastards..." hissed Coin as he remembered what had happened.

About a week ago, he'd been captured by one of the psychic Pokemon of Gloss, their anticipations unknown to him. He was taken to Lady Orion in a psychic bind, his gun left in the area that he'd last been, Cinnabar Island. He was told then why he was captured. Gloss wanted the major weakness of the Alliance's main leader, as well as their stronger units. Coin was thought to have a knowledge of that (as any member might have) and as such, was placed into a mind delving program.

For a week they traveled through his thoughts. They learned everything about him as well as things about the Alliance. Granted they were useless things, but it was enough to piss Coin off. He struggled hard to block out the important Alliance information, and so far he'd succeded. However he was starting to lose his grip on his own mind. He was weak and exhausted from the days he'd been put through this. Thankfully from what he'd heard, they were giving up on him.

"I'll make sure they all pay... all... all of them..." he huffed. For now, he decided he'd do everything to regain his strength. The hold on him by the Alakazam was sure to break eventually, and when that happened, Coin was positive more of his strength would return. That was when he'd make his move.

=^^= Nya

03-14-2011, 04:00 AM
Hannibal the Lucario
The Gloss
En Route to Silph Co. Building
Saffron Assassination Mission

I crept through the night, relying on my old training to remain unseen...for the moment, I amended.
Don't be arrogant, I scolded myself. Arrogance is what killed Shuthr.
I flinched slightly, remembering the Delta who'd been my companion for years...until his arrogance led him to face down an Alliance Commander. I bit back the fierce snarl that rose to my lips. Kuxka. He'd slain my friend before my eyes. My grief had led me to Zion Deathbringer, who'd offered me vengeance. I'd accepted without a qualm, leapt at the chance to bring Kuxka to a bloody end.
But focus. The mission at hand. Right. The treacherous Talone. I'll soon have his skull. My lips curled back in anticipation. Anything to further along my vengeance was welcome.
I'd been enslaved and caged and brought to this region against my will when the carrier plane holding me had been shot down, the pilots killed, and my cage smashed open.
I'd clawed my way free of the mass of twisted metal and walked into a war zone, where Shuthr and I were reunited. We'd fought our way to Shepard, where Shuthr had died.
Dammit. Stay focused.
I saw the guard before he saw me.
I didn't expect Talone to be so stupid. Did he think an agent of the Gloss would just snivel and cower when they saw a whopping big, incredibly scary Gallade blocking their path? The Alliance, maybe, but the Gloss? Besides, this 'monster' was amateurish. He held his gun too tightly, making the barrel waver, a sure sign of nervousness. He shifted from foot to foot edgily, jumping at shadows. After taking a deep breath, I poured on the speed as I ghosted out into the middle of the path. The Gallade saw me and yelped in terror, whipping the gun barrel to point at me, jamming his hand into the trigger as fast and hard as possible. Bullets ripped through the air, more than a few nicking me in passing. I felt my blood spurting from my unscarredshoulder as a sliver of pain raced through me, realizing that I'd had a direct hit. This only served to increase my fury as my shoulder throbbed painfully and dulled the senses in that arm.
I roared a battle cry as I lunged. The Gallade stumbled back, dropping his gun in terror and fumbled for his handgun. He eventually gave up and instead prepared his arm blades. We began close combat, dodging and weaving alternately. He caught me a vicious swipe across the back of my left knee. I gasped in pain as my leg crumpled beneath me. I slumped over awkwardly on the path as the guard crowed in triumph.
But as he swept forward to attack, I managed to hurl my knife up in a spinning throw, catching him under the ribs. Shock and surprise flitted across his face as my opponent toppled over, landing on me. I grunted as I shoved the body away from me, leaving smears of the Gallade's blood matting my fur.
At least I know he feeds his workers well, I thought dryly. I tried to stand on my weakened leg, but fell back to the ground as it failed me once again. I felt a flash of dismay. An injury like this could cripple me permanently. I crawled into cover and withdrew my medical kit. I started by bandaging my shoulder, then swallowed hard as I removed the suture and surgical equipment. I hated this kind of work. I resigned myself to a long, painful night and an even longer, painful recovery as I began the work on my leg. The assassination would have to wait. I winced to myself as I grabbed my communicator unit and began my report to Commander Jazja.
"Jazja," I said into the comm unit. "I've been a bit held up. Injury. Will commence in the morning."
With that I flipped it off and began work on my leg.

03-14-2011, 04:03 AM
Hannibal the Lucario
The Gloss
En Route to Silph Co. Building
Saffron Assassination Mission

I crept through the night, relying on my old training to remain unseen...for the moment, I amended.
Don't be arrogant, I scolded myself. Arrogance is what killed Shuthr.
I flinched slightly, remembering the Delta who'd been my companion for years...until his arrogance led him to face down an Alliance Commander. I bit back the fierce snarl that rose to my lips. Kuxka. He'd slain my friend before my eyes. My grief had led me to Zion Deathbringer, who'd offered me vengeance. I'd accepted without a qualm, leapt at the chance to bring Kuxka to a bloody end.
But focus. The mission at hand. Right. The treacherous Talone. I'll soon have his skull. My lips curled back in anticipation. Anything to further along my vengeance was welcome.
I'd been enslaved and caged and brought to this region against my will when the carrier plane holding me had been shot down, the pilots killed, and my cage smashed open.
I'd clawed my way free of the mass of twisted metal and walked into a war zone, where Shuthr and I were reunited. We'd fought our way to Shepard, where Shuthr had died.
Dammit. Stay focused.
I saw the guard before he saw me.
I didn't expect Talone to be so stupid. Did he think an agent of the Gloss would just snivel and cower when they saw a whopping big, incredibly scary Gallade blocking their path? The Alliance, maybe, but the Gloss? Besides, this 'monster' was amateurish. He held his gun too tightly, making the barrel waver, a sure sign of nervousness. He shifted from foot to foot edgily, jumping at shadows. After taking a deep breath, I poured on the speed as I ghosted out into the middle of the path. The Gallade saw me and yelped in terror, whipping the gun barrel to point at me, jamming his hand into the trigger as fast and hard as possible. Bullets ripped through the air, more than a few nicking me in passing. I felt my blood spurting from my unscarredshoulder as a sliver of pain raced through me, realizing that I'd had a direct hit. This only served to increase my fury as my shoulder throbbed painfully and dulled the senses in that arm.
I roared a battle cry as I lunged. The Gallade stumbled back, dropping his gun in terror and fumbled for his handgun. He eventually gave up and instead prepared his arm blades. We began close combat, dodging and weaving alternately. He caught me a vicious swipe across the back of my left knee. I gasped in pain as my leg crumpled beneath me. I slumped over awkwardly on the path as the guard crowed in triumph.
But as he swept forward to attack, I managed to hurl my knife up in a spinning throw, catching him under the ribs. Shock and surprise flitted across his face as my opponent toppled over, landing on me. I grunted as I shoved the body away from me, leaving smears of the Gallade's blood matting my fur.
At least I know he feeds his workers well, I thought dryly. I tried to stand on my weakened leg, but fell back to the ground as it failed me once again. I felt a flash of dismay. An injury like this could cripple me permanently. I crawled into cover and withdrew my medical kit. I started by bandaging my shoulder, then swallowed hard as I removed the suture and surgical equipment. I hated this kind of work. I resigned myself to a long, painful night and an even longer, painful recovery as I began the work on my leg. The assassination would have to wait. I winced to myself as I grabbed my communicator unit and began my report to Commander Jazja.
"Jazja," I said into the comm unit. "I've been a bit held up. Injury. Will commence in the morning."
With that I flipped it off and began work on my leg.

OOC: DarkraiRaider, I warned you about this. You have to understand there have been a lot of RP'ers already on that mission, whom you are welcome to join, but you need to read up on their posts so you understand what's going on.

03-14-2011, 01:55 PM
Maxwell the Gallade
The Gloss
Cerulean City -> En Route to Bill's Cottage
Mission: Bill's Cottage Reinforcement
Affected RPers: None, as far as I know

We got through the battle quite easily, due to neither side noticing us getting past the fight. I was nearly hit by a stray Ice Beam, but I stepped out of the way at the last moment and only got my left arm frozen. Thankfully, that was the only injury our small group of three suffered, and the small freeze was healed by Malice's Flamethrower later on. We were on the Nugget Bridge in a blink, and from there, there was no battle for us to be involved in. Comparing to the din at the one end of the bridge to the peace on the other, it was unsettling how different they were. We then made our way through the maze-like terrain, making sure to to make no sound going through the grass.

Finally, we were there. I was a bit tense; though it was justified that we were taking on 10 with three, albeit with three very strong Pokemon. I noticed Dominic, too, was a bit tense, while Malice looked like he was looking forward to the battle ahead.

"You two ready?" I whispered, still being silent as ever. We would use our advantage in a lack of armor to ambush the guard keeping a lookout, then raid them. If everything went right, it should take no less than 30 minutes. If it got longer, we could kiss our lives goodbye. But we were strong. We could do this.

Hiding in the bushes, we saw the one keeping lookout. And it was a little kid. A Ralts.

"We've gotta kill him, now! What're you waiting for?" Malice growled at me fiercely, but I couldn't answer him. Dammit, I couldn't kill a kid, especially one that's of the same species! What was I supposed to do? Dominic looked at me questioningly, his eyes saying the same thing that Malice spoke. Torn between my loyalty to Gloss and my own moral code, I didn't notice Malice jumping out of the bush and going at the kid for a Crunch. Then, almost instinctively, I lashed out and slashed at the air to gather leaves and attack him for a Leaf Blade.

Oh, shoot. We're screwed.

03-14-2011, 02:26 PM
Shade the Lucario
The Alliance
Pewter City
Mission: N/A
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol

I had landed my Fighter and exited my cockpit when a familiar voice called out to me below the elevated landing pad.

"Shade!" The familiar voice yelled. It was Fluix; he had survived the mission!

"OO-RAH!" I yelled, laughing.

"Shade...I've got good news, bad news, and sort of in-between news. The good news? I'm the guy that stopped the assault on Mount Moon, along with one of Zion's elite guard...And...I got Promoted!" Fluix said, showing off the shiny Captain's badge to Shade.

"That's awesome Fluix! Now you're only a couple ranks below myself! Haha! Now...what's this bad news....?" I said, unloading the supply caches with the help of Alliance operatives.

"...The bad news is..." Fluix began to say, but suddenly stopped.

"What's the matter, Fluix?" I asked.

"...You know what? I'll save the other stuff for later. And since Kaxo's on the Pallet Defense line, and the Viridian City Rebels are being taken care of by Scythe, I've got some free time, and I'm looking to fight a Legend with that free time...I'll tell you about why later." Fluix said.

"A Legend? What's all this rubbish you're talking about? Not a single Legendary of our species has been seen for months!" I replied, grabbing my gear out of the cockpit.

"For now, if you want to tag along...I've got a Recon unit that'll take us to the Indigo Plateau. There's three open seats." Fluix said, wrapping it up.

"Haha. In all honesty Fluix, I think you've gone insane! I don't believe in those rumors that the Legends were last seen at Indigo. I'd rather not interact with them anyway. They abandoned us to handle the Gloss in the first place!" I yelled.

Fluix had a disappointed look upon his face, as he turned around and signaled his transport to come pick him up.

"I'm sorry Fluix, but Aaron wants me on the front lines at all times. I can't spare anytime to go hunting for those that I firmly believe do not exist anymore. However, if you discover any sort of clues or possibly find one of them....then you will have earned my trust" I said, walking down the stairway down to the surface.

Fluix silently nodded, got into his transport - which began to drive away.

"Good luck, my friend..." I whispered, and trotted off to the Pewter City headquarters to speak with Aaron.

03-14-2011, 06:33 PM
Shade the Lucario
The Alliance
Pewter City HQ
Mission: None

The rain amongst northern Kanto had finally subsided, leaving massive puddles and minor flooding throughout Pewter City. I was making my way towards Pewter City Headquarters, where I was hoping to find Aaron, our leader, there. Before I had landed my Assault Fighter, I received a requested audience from Command, and I was assuming Aaron would be there. Although, who am I to predict Aaron Shepard would take the time to meet with me?

Pewter City had greatly increased in size after the human war. It was one of the first towns us freedom fighters had taken up under the command of Aaron. However, what was once a town, became a massive city stretching for miles. The only other cities that were as large and intact here in Kanto were Viridian and the great city of Saffron. Tall skyscrapers dominated Saffron's landscape, while Pewter's only large constructions were the massive docking bays we, The Alliance, had built for our air forces.

I stepped in a deep puddle of water, splashing the surroundings. I stopped, looking down at the puddle to see my reflection. My mission at Cerulean had left me not only emotionally scarred, but physically scarred as well. My face was covered in dirt and black, due to the constant firepower our weapons had given off.

Poor Candy...I had failed her. Just as I had failed with Johnson. However, this is war. And I should understand that sacrifices must be made in order to be victorious.

I had finally reached Pewter City HQ after a short walk from the docking bays. Guards holding Assault Rifles stood guard at the entrance.

I approached them, stating my business, "Commander Shade, here for an audience with Command."

One of the guards stared at me for about ten seconds, then motioned for me to enter. The door was engaged and unsealed itself, revealing a long hallway, protected by a forcefield.

"Right hand here." The guard said, gesturing to a podium, covered in a small electronic grid. I placed my hand on the grid, and a female voice said, "Authorization....confirmed. Commander Shade. Lucario. Meeting with Command in 5 minutes in the Council Room."

The guard nodded, and I pulled my hand away, it was very hot from that grid. I have to admit, this was only my second time in one of our HQ's. The first time I went was in Viridian City, at our HQ over there and I could barely remember what had transpired there those many months ago. The forcefield was lifted temporarily, and I started walking down the hallway. The guard who had escorted me thus far returned to his post outside, sealing the door behind him.

I looked ahead, and met another guard at the end of the hallway.

"Step into the circle, please" He said, gesturing towards a bright circle, big enough for myself to step inside of.

"Please, hands at your side." He said, putting his hands at his own side.

I did as he commanded, and all of a sudden the same female voice that had confirmed my authorization on the hand grid said, "Teleportation ready"

I instantly looked at the guard, afraid of what was about to happen. He merely smiled and said, "Good luck." At that moment, he pressed a blue button on a control panel that activated the teleportation.

It was one of the most painful, yet extraordinary feelings I had ever experienced. A green forcefield instantly covered my entire body and I began to feel light-headed. It felt as though a million hot daggers pierced my body for a second, then the pain was gone. The next thing I knew, I was on my right knee in another circle, in a new room.

"Welcome Shade, to Pewter City Headquarters." A calm and soothing voice said.

I looked up, and the first thing I saw was the bright fur and glowing eyes of our leader, Aaron Shepard.

Neo Emolga
03-14-2011, 07:12 PM
Kaxo the Lopunny (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257383&postcount=12)
The Alliance
Pallet Town
Mission: Pallet Town Defense
Affected RPers: None

The long drive from Pewter City was finally over after many miles of slow traveling over pitted roads. I supposed I should have been thankful we weren’t attacked on the way here by those Gloss pirating maggots, but once we arrived, that kind of luxury was about to change. The convoy had arrived with more supplies than what Pallet Town needed, and way more than what they actually deserved.

Pallet Town was still in fighting, but they were able to keep the Gloss suppressed for now. But, without the supplies, they wouldn’t have been able to continue that for long and their endurance would be like a wet noodle. Now, they had the ability to finish them off. Besides that, most of the original structures were relatively intact. Relatively. The roads had seen some damage, the windows were smashed like a bunch of maggoty teenagers decided to enjoy the afternoon by throwing rocks through the windows because they had gotten bored of all the video games they had played out.

It was then I had the headache of meeting up with the Alliance quartermaster, some douchebag Hitmonlee by the name of Schan, and his inventory assistant Jaren the Beautifly. This had to be some kind of joke. Who the crap hires a Beautifly to manage inventory? And then it hit me…

They sure don’t have a Beautifly going out there and shooting people…

“This is it, Captain Kaxo!?” Schan barked at me, looking at me like I was growing a second head. “You decided to ship our supplies via an armored convoy?”

“What, did you want me to deliver it all in an ice cream truck instead?” I asked him, wondering who dropped him on his head at birth. “Everything you need is there, enough for even a baby Pichu drunk off of Rolling Rock to win this battle. What else did you want?”

“I wanted this delivered as high priority air shipment!” Schan continued to whine. “This situation could have been averted if this had arrived earlier!”

Idiot. Pallet Town didn’t have a runway to land a plane, and flying from Pewter to Viridian, the next city over that had one, would have burned up more fuel in exchange for only a little bit of saved time. Instead, he now had extra armored vehicles to use instead of having a shipment plane that wouldn’t be able to be used in combat. Schan must have been a total newbie when it came to logistics.

“And who the hell is this?” Schan asked, looking at Tamara, who looked like Schan was really starting to cramp her style.

“That’s Tamara, the Cinccino,” I told him. “She’s… a spotter.”

Not a really good one at that, but in the effort of making this conversation as short and as painless as possible, I didn’t go into details.

“Nice… to meet you,” Tamara told him sheepishly.

“Uh huh, right,” Schan replied disdainfully, looking at her for a moment and then back at me. “Go and unpack everything before we get overrun, dammit. The field ops will be there to collect it and distribute what you have among the troops.”

I shrugged, headed over to the convoy, and saw the other Pokémon that had traveled with us were already unpacking. True, it was grunt work, but the last thing I felt like doing was arguing with King Stupid over there about how to handle logistics. Besides, I could handle it more than he could. Heck, looking at him again and sizing him up, he didn’t have anything even on Tamara.

“He didn’t seem very nice,” Tamara told me as we headed back to the convoy.

“That’s why a jackass like him works as a quartermaster, and not as a soldier,” I told her, opening up the trunk of the APC we had rode on the way here. “Here, I’ll unload, you organize it all. The ammo type is on the box, the field ops is going to want it organized into separate piles.”

“O-okay,” She replied, a bit nervous about screwing up.

I unloaded at least seven large, metallic crates full of ammunition. Meanwhile, Tamara took whatever I unloaded, opened up the main crate, and organized the smaller ammo crates inside into piles based on ammo type. She seemed to do an okay job from what I could see, but then again, we weren’t talking rocket science here either. Screwing this up simply meant she either didn’t know how to read, and she couldn’t coordinate crate size.

A few minutes later, I saw we had company out of the corner of my eye.

“Captain Kaxo, I presume?” The Bellossom asked.

“Who are you and what do you want?” I asked, unloading the eighth crate and putting it down on the grass. “Can’t you see I’m a bit busy here?”

“Name’s Lieutenant Windpetal,” He told me, acting like this was perfectly normal. “I’m the field ops assigned to distribute the ammunition.”

“You?” I asked, nearly on the verge of laughing. “They send a one foot, four inch Bellossom to carry over one thousand pounds of ammunition? Are you daft? Go get me someone that can actually carry this crap while you go do your little break dance in the mess hall. I don’t have time for this.”

Tamara gave me “that look” that said “hey, jackass, you’re being a jackass again,” but I decided to ignore it. I often found that trying to be a realist often conflicted with “trying to be nice” about things, and this was clear evidence about that. I hand Windpetal just one of these seventy-five pound crates and it would squash him flat. Unless he planned on only handing out single magazines to individual soldiers, which would take all of next month to distribute everything, it wasn’t going to happen.

He wandered off, casting me a glance that also said “hey, jackass, you’re being a jackass again.” In the meantime, he reminded me why male Oddishes should really stay unevolved. But then again, we were pretty much in the same boat together, where us guys end up as cute-looking Pokémon by some grave misfortune and the only way to resolve it was to look and act as much of a hardass as possible. But he wasn’t even trying, so I couldn’t forgive him for that.

Shortly after, his replacement had arrived.

“Warclubs,” The Slaking stated his name, “Me carry ammo for you.”

“Take it,” I told Warclubs, handing him the first of Tamara’s four piles while trying to pretend he didn’t have a primal intelligence level. “And get going, there’s plenty more.”

“Uh huh,” He nodded, shambling off. “Me go now, yes, sir.”

As I unlocked and unpacked the ninth ammo crate, I had a firm and clear understanding how Pallet Town’s problems and risk of being overrun all happened in the first place. My only hope was I wouldn’t be permanently stationed here, because otherwise I’d go insane or have to start beating the stuffing out of people on a regular, timely basis to work off the inanity.

03-14-2011, 07:54 PM
Coin "Glory" the Meowth
The Alliance
Saffron City
Mission: Escape Lady Orion's Psychic Institute
Affected RPers: none

Coin sat in that cell, trying to gather his thoughts as he regained his strength. What was strange though was how he couldn't feel any of his powers returning to him. Was the Alakazam still holding onto him, even though Lady Orion had given up? If so, why? What good would have benefited the psychic Pokemon by continuing the power bind he had on him? Coin tried desperately to think of a reason, hoping the solution would come to him with every second that passed.

His thoughts were then governed to a new subject, one of which had been brought to his attention by a visitor. Standing outside his cell door was a Pokemon of great mass. His size daunting even to the cat that had seen the species many a time before. With a conflicted grin, the Pokemon spoke in a low and rumbling voice.

"You are one hell of a confusing Pokemon," he began.

"How so?" answered Coin, his eyes the only things now aimed in this monsters direction.

"You have a dark past. One so full of pain and misery cause by the humans, and yet, you joined the Alliance. You have some of the best potential for a Gloss operative you know. Plenty of reasons to hate the human race, and a lot of mischanneled anger. Yet... here you are fighting for them. Fighting for the good humanity dared to preach about and never show."

What the Pokemon said was very true. Coin had a horrible experience with humans. The only good times were the years he spent with Rocket. That was only a section of his life though... the rest was buried in a blanket of human oppression and stench. He threw his ears back as he sighed, his fists clutching as he looked away. The humans were a terrible species, that much he could agree with, but so were Pokemon.

Both sides were horrible in their own disgusting ways. The way they spread their filth across the lands, the way they diplomated themselves to others, how they controlled the land they claimed. It was all for personal gain and personal just. Nothing more. However, there were qualities that made them tolerable, that made them likable...

"I have my reasons!" Coin hissed. "You know them already, don't you Gordon? After all, you were there as they ripped open my brain and stole my life from me!" he finished. Gordon just looked at Coin with a devilish grin.

"True, but that doesn't mean I can't comment and throw out my thoughts on it all. Does it?" replied the massive monster. Gordon, to Coin, was a monster unlike any other. Far beyond his acclaimed Tyranitar species. He was not only larger than most Tyranitar, but everything about him seemed... wrong. It was like his body was being affected by a natural steroid. He grew every day and became stronger with every step. Was he a Gloss project? Or was he suffering from something that made him step away from the limitations of his own kind?

"I guess not. But why would you want to bring it up in the first place? After all... you're all going to just kill me, aren't you? What good is starting a conversation up with a dead mon?" asked Coin as he looked back. Gordon just snickered.

"Kill you? Oh please. We're not stupid. You have more uses for us then just your thoughts you know," he assured Coin.

"So that's why my powers haven't returned... what in hells gates would you need me for?" Coin was getting confused, worried, and pissed. He wanted out. The alliance needed it's members, and with no radio on him, he couldn't give any confirmation to anyone as to his location. It would be a lucky chance if anyone found him at this point.

"What you ask? Well now, I don't want to give anything away. Lets just say, you'll be helping us out more than you come to expect."

=^^= Nya

03-14-2011, 09:15 PM
Zloveshchii "Zlov" the Mismagius
The Gloss
Silph. Co. Building
Mission: Saffron Assassination
ARP: bleepbloop (WOO.)

The smile on the yellow-eyed Lairon faded away rather quickly after she remembered how incredibly stupid it felt to walk with legs instead of float around like the cool ghost she was. One step after the other, the loud patter of the dinosaur Pokemon steps was getting irritating, and Zlov's groaning clearly showed it. "You would think in these times, these morons would find some way to make walking easier, da... Cannot wait to slit the throat right off this fool, heeheeehee~" The Lairon grinned again, and Zlov wasn't getting enough of being able to move a mouth, even if it wasn't hers, for once. She stepped down another hallway, and the lobby was in sight, only making Zlov-Lairon grin more.

Now, she didn't catch Maze slip into the Lairon's shadow, but she did feel a change in the atmosphere. The temperature drop, well, her physical body couldn't feel much aside from a tingle, but her gut told her she wasn't alone. Stopping dead in her tracks, albeit not from fear, she slowly turned herself around to see what was behind her. Nothing but dark hallway, and she was sure that she hadn't seen anyone as she walked by, so she shrugged. If anyone was indeed following her, she'd blast the Pokemon with a Shadow Ball and make it keep quiet. "Allo? Anyone there, da? Do not make me drill my horn into your skull, da~ Heehee..." She giggled and looked down at her shadow, which was in front of her as the sun shone down from behind her through a hole in the wall, and blinked curiously. It just looked... odd. But she shrugged and turned back around, lumbering along the hallway.

((Hurr, Zlov the fearless. xD))

03-14-2011, 09:58 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
En Route to Indigo Pleatu
Affected RPers: None

Fluix wasn't exactly liking the idea of going it alone. True, he had two other mon-the Driver and the Gunner-right there in the transport, but heck, Shade was that good.

Then again, so was he. Nevertheless, it was a Legendary Pokemon-not every Pokemon in the world would be able to face up to it. And that was supposing it was out in the open...The Legends were hiding, the general assumption by everyone in the Alliance.

...Fluix huffed. It was a huff purely out of boredom. It would be a lot of searching...And it wouldn't make him feel very alive, or make him feel like he was trying to help his side...The amount of Gloss casualties he made being high was the only thing that worked for that.

But this was war. A Legendary Pokemon on the side of the Alliance, fighting the Gloss, was more than enough to pay off the price of finding it.

...If they found it.

...And Fluix was not a person to give up easily. He was stubborn as hell. He would find one.

Legends were always far out of the way of large populations. They made sure that they wouldn't be found so easily. The few known humans that caught them (Fluix loathed the Pokeball in every aspect; not even a Glossie would go in one on his watch) went very far out of their way to do it.

...Victory Road. That was it. Victory Road was too rough for armored vehicles, they always went around it. Once he reached Indigo Pleatu, he'd stock up for a long search, and head inward.

...The Radar was clean. For now.

(Ooc: Meh for short post.)

03-14-2011, 10:18 PM
Maze the Gengar
The Gloss
Saffron City>Silph Co. Building
Misson: Saffron Assassination
hurr derp

"Allo? Anyone there, da? Do not make me drill my horn into your skull, da~ Heehee..." Maze heard the Lairon say in an odd accent. They were in the lobby now and a small shaft of light was pouring from the one of the cracked windows. The tables were cracked, papers were strewn haphazardly across the floor, and death was ever present on the air. It was this that gave him a chill inside. Not quite a revolting chill, but one of appreciation of the destruction that was still ever present in these times.

*Well, this one seems like it’s a bit stranger than the last traitor I crushed,* Maze thought to himself, completely unaware that Zlov was in the midst of possessing the metallic dinosaur, *Time to have some fun,* Maze let out a deep chilling laugh that echoed through the lobby as a wide evil grin filled his face. The grin showed on the shadow and Maze used his powers to, instead of warping the shadow into a grotesque form, he decided he would use a direct attack. Well sort of, he formed his shadow ball into a clone of himself and made it laugh maliciously as it streaked toward the Lairon in a kamikaze like style.

03-14-2011, 11:22 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Indigo Pleatu
Mission: On standby
Affected RPers: N/A

Fluix hopped out of the transport after it made it's final stop, and looked at what it was.

Originally, it was a huge building, capable of withstanding the most powerful and lethal Pokemon Attacks, as it contained the most powerful Trainers in all of Humanity, and all thier strongest Pokemon.

Now...It was obliverated, replaced by a Military Camp. This camp used the remains of the building as the support for it's more permenant buildings. It was makeshift, definatly, but it worked. It had all the essentials: A Com tower, a medical tent, a few AA guns, and definatly a lot of tents for Soldiers. Also present: A runway, allowing for the coming and going of Assault fighters, and a few Transport vehicles.

"Church! Sir!" A voice said. It was all too familiar...

"What is it, Optimum?" Fluix said, looking at the Togekiss.

"Any news?" Bliv said, quite quickly.

"I'm a Captain, not a da** messanger. However, I can say that the Viridian Forest Supplies have been delivered, and Captain Kaxo is already at Pallet Town." Fluix said, relaying only what he knew.

"OK. I'll tell the Colonel." Bliv said. "Wait, what are you doing here?"

"For now, Everything's covered. Therefore, I'm using my free time to inspect the Legends. It's strictly for the Alliance. Finding one and recruiting it seems like a da** good prospect." Fluix said.

"...OK, then..." Bliv said. He didn't look like the idea was far-fetched. He turned, and flew (Togekiss can't walk) towards one of the larger tents.

"Hold it."

"What, sir?" Bliv said, turning around.

"I need supplies. It'll take a while to find one."

"You'll need the Colonel's permission, sir. He's in there." Bliv said, pointing towards the Tent.

"OK then!" Fluix said, walking towards the Tent.

However, the voice that came from it immediatly answered his question about supplies.


Soon after, the huge hand of a Hariyama came and shoved a female Mienshao straight out of the tent. The Mienshao, looking extremely offended by what just went down, muttered "Ja**a***" under her breath before almost walking into Fluix.

"Oh! Sir!" The Mienshao said in suprise. "I'm Sargent Martial. Anything you need, sir?" She added.

"Lemme guess. You asked about an expedition in Victory Road." Fluix said.

"Good one. The Colonel's has some...Problems with Legendary Pokemon. Even if we were sucessful in finding and recruiting one, he'd probably just kill it. I think it's something to do with his childhood..." Martial said.

"...Ugh. I suppose we should make this quick, then!"

"Sir, he's going on-"

"Optimum, I already guessed that." Martial said, looking at Bliv like it was the single most obvious thing in the world. "I've just been forbidden from going. However...I suppose that doesn't stop you, captain." Martial added.

"It sure as hell doesn't." Fluix said. "Ugh. This'll be harder than I thought..." He added, looking at the tunnel. It was the entrance to the beheamoth of caverns that very few came out of, Pokemon or human. He already knew it was hard...But with no supplies, he'd have only hours.

He walked slowly towards the Cave, making sure nothing was following him-These were his allies, but if the Colonel demanded his presence with him, then he'd be screwed.

Being Close to the cave only furthered the sense of dread and darkness. Activating his Battle Helm, he turned on Night Vision, and saw the complex spiderweb of pathways and barriers. This was a navigator's hell.

He stepped inside the cave, the chill forboding the start of many trials...Just to find it.

And he already knew it would be a challenge...It wasn't like they'd make it a cakewalk. And then, the actuall fighting between them...He really wished he had Shade now, or Martial. Even Bliv would be of use.

But he shoved that aside. This was how the Legends avoided people-In large groups, they would be seen by the Legend and flee, and individuals or small groups would either get lost, or become utterly terrified by the almighty presence they made in person.

Having no fear whatsoever was a good thing for Fluix right now.

03-15-2011, 12:38 AM
OOC: DarkraiRaider, I warned you about this. You have to understand there have been a lot of RP'ers already on that mission, whom you are welcome to join, but you need to read up on their posts so you understand what's going on.

I'm on recon. Watching the perimeter.

Hannibal the Lucario
The Gloss
En Route to Saffron Fighting Dojo
Mission: Saffron Assassination
ARP: bleepbloop, Gaby

I watched the perimeter as I scuttled into what was left of Saffron City. This place, according to Shuthr, used to be a marvelous affair, with gleaming buildings stretching high into a clear blue sky and cheery little humans strolling along the streets, their little pet Pokemon trotting beside them trying to keep up on their short stubby legs. Now it's buildings lay in burnt ruins, mere piles of bricks. Admittedly, Saffron was better than many cities and towns I'd passed through already. But it was still pretty pathetic.
As I neared the Dojo, I saw gruesome sights; bodies long past decayed twisted and propped up on poles. I wrinkled my nose as I came face to face with a young lady's body impaled on a Donphan's tusk(not attached to the Donphan. A feeling of rage and disgust overwhelmed me and I suddenly tore my compatriots' gruesome trophy from its stand.
The Silph Co. Building was the tallest thing around. It'd been knocked down a few stories, but still stood--a miracle. I'd heard from Commander Jazja that Zlov and Maze were already inside. I'd give them back-up if needed. Until then, I was going to set up a munitions base in the old Dojo. It wasn't in my orders to do so, but honestly, who the hell cared?
I slipped around a corner and there it was: the remnants of Saffron Gym. It sat there, a squat hunk of slag, iron beams twisted wildly at the sky and junk strewn everywhere. Bodies lay around it. Obviously, no one had bothered to clean up. Something hung over the doorway. As I peered a little closer, I retched slightly.
The thing was the body of the Gym Leader. Sabrina. Our at least, the remnants of it. I could imagine her death position from her mangled skeleton: her limbs stretched out so that her body formed an X shape over the doorway, her face twisted in a scream and blood stains showing where the blood had dripped over her lips and down her chin. It appeared like there had used to be a gaping wound in her stomach and wounds covering her body, like someone had killed her then jabbed her body over and over and over. A pool of congealed dark liquid sat under her, right on the threshold. The rank stench of rancid rotting meat clogged my nostrils. I was nearly sick right then and there. This was wrong. This was sick. This was so so inhuman.
I looked up at the dead girl's twisted skull. It leered down at me grotesquely. I shuddered, then steeled myself to touch her. I touched the skeletal ridge where her lips used to be, shuddering at the softness of mangled rotting skin hanging from the bones.
"Be warned," I whispered to her screaming skull. "The Alliance is nearby."
I stepped back and walked inside, casting furtive glances around as I did so.
Inside was a hellhole. Bodies lay everywhere. I wrinkled my nose at the rancid smell. Quite obviously the Dojo had been used as a slaughterhouse. I managed to locate one area that was free of smell and bodies and began renovations.

03-15-2011, 01:20 PM
Maxwell the Gallade
The Gloss
Bill's Cottage
Mission: Bill's Cottage Reinforcement
Affected RPers: none, as far as I know

OOC: Notice how there's too many of Ralts' evolution line in Kanto?

My Leaf Blade hit Malice dead-on, and he collapsed on the grassy ground, unconscious. The Ralts turned and stared at his crumpled body in horror. Then he spotted me and Dominic. His eyes widened- I wasn't sure why for a second, then I realized Dominic wasn't beside me. With that appalling realization, I just about lost all respect I had for Dominic, even though I knew that politeness was only a guise from the beginning.

For those of you that don't get the hint, Dominic killed the little kid.

"I believe he was making it hard for you to fulfill our mission," Dominic said icily, as he pulled his bloody claws out of the Ralts' body. Da**it. And here I was, thinking you were actually a halfway decent being... I glared at him, shooting daggers. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we couldn't continue on, since the Alliance agents inside the cottage seemed to hear the commotion. About five agents rushed out, and I tried to checked what kind of Pokemon they were. But it was a futile attempt, because another five came out of the building almost immediately after them. As soon as they came out, they started attacking the two of us. Notice how I used 'the two of us'? Yeah, Dominic and I were on the same side- Gloss's. We'd settle our differences later. As I said before, I couldn't check all the Pokemon because they had ten. But one Gardevoir was firing Psychics and Shadow Balls almost in a frenzied manner. With a lurching sensation, I realized that she was the mother to that Ralts we killed earlier on. She was our biggest threat, so I went for her while Dominic was shooting Fire Blasts all over the place. Dodging the flames to avoid getting my arm burnt off, I got within striking distance of her.

"I'm sorry for what happened to your son," I whispered sincerely, "rest in peace." Her eyes widened the same way her son's did when Dominic killed him, and I used Night Slash. Slashing with my left arm, I created a gigantic wound on her stomach, and the blood came gushing out like a waterfall. She couldn't use any of her attacks at this rate, and she'd be dead in a manner of minutes.

Next, I targeted the healer that was making the enemy so difficult to kill. We had a speed advantage on them, since we didn't wear armors; they weren't armed either, with armors anyways, but they weren't used to non-armor combat. It turned out the healer was a Blissey, and I dashed at her at an incredible rate. Then something burned in my legs, and I realized I've been shot with a laser gun. I stumbled, then overcame the pain with an adrenaline rush. I got close to the Blissey, and tightened my fist. Charging at her non-stop, I used Close Combat, knocking her out on the second strike and probably killing her on the fifth. A Delcatty and a Breloom (luckily, he didn't know Spore) was fighting Dominic up close, while a few other ones attacked him from long range. He was doing a good job at dodging, but he was hard pressed to do any offense. I then went for the one who shot me in the leg, the one with a laser gun. A Toxicroak, it seemed. He saw me coming; he dodged my first Psycho Cut, ditching his gun. I took in a deep breath, and focused on my legs to speed myself up considerably. He was caught off guard by my speed, and didn't give up too much of a fight, just fainting from my Psycho Cut. It wouldn't kill him, but it would knock him out for about several days.

3 down, 7 to go.

03-15-2011, 07:04 PM
Meteor the Toxicroak
The Gloss
Lavender Town -> Saffron City
Mission: Cycling Road Air Strikes
Affected RPers: I think no one...

I was ready for my next mission. I took my next mission and knew that it wouldn't be easy. That is because of two reasons... 1. The airbase is in Vermillion City, so it will be a long way to the city and 2. I am still, kind of, wounded so it wouldn't be easy. I took my armor and put it on. My three longswords shining on my back. And off I go... "WAIT!! Are you leaving?!" The voice he knew said. "I have a mission... I have to go..." I said. "No you don't!" Melody said. "Yes I do... It's my duty..." I said slowly then I walked on the route to Saffron, the first city I had to get to Vermillion City. "I won't let you go!" She said and she stood infront of me. I looked at her face through my helmet. "Let me through..." I said slowly. "No!" She said quick. "I said... Let... me... through...!" I said. She wouldn't go away. "If that's the case..." I said slow. I walked, trying to get through her. She hold my armor with her hands and her feets on the ground to hold me from walking some more. I kept walking, getting slowly closer to my destination.

I was walking maybe an hour. But I wasn't really far away from Lavender though... The Grovyle didn't stopped from trying to stop me from walking. I just kept walking. "Don't you ever give up?!" She said. I looked at her. "Nope..." I said. "FINE!! IF YOU WANT TO DIE, DO WHAT YOU WANT!!" She shouted while letting me go. "Finally..." I said soft while I rolled my eyes. "I didn't even care about you anyway! Hmpf!" She said and walked back to Lavender Town. Those words... It hurted me... I didn't knew why but it was just so. But I had to go. I had to complete the mission. Friends and loves could go later, just not in a war. I knew I would see her again, I just didn't knew when. I just kept walking. And finally I came at Saffron City. I was pretty tired though, and I was thinking about resting in Saffron. And so I did.

03-15-2011, 07:39 PM
Coin "Glory" the Meowth
The Alliance
Saffron City
Mission: Escape Lady Orion's Psychic Institute
Affected RPers: none

Gordon was right with what he had said (how could he not). Two Hypno came to the cell Coin was at, and used their powers to neutralize him. They then took him alongside the monstrous Tyranitar to a room where two strange devices sat. They looked like capsules, but had a glass door and a bunch of buttons and lights. There was even a monitoring system between them.

"Teleportation units?" questioned Coin.

"Cute," laughed Gordon. Coin scoffed at the massive green beast before being placed inside one of the chambers. His arm were cuffed to the backs while cords were placed all around him. One was even put up near his heart. The door was then shut on him.

"Prepare the Cloning Chamber for activation. If all goes well, we'll have ourselves an inside operative for the Alliance," ordered Lady Orion. Two of the Hypno that had brought Coin here nodded and headed to their stations at the control panel, and the other chamber.

"Cloning?! You can't be serious?!" hissed Coin, shocked by what this machine was actually used for. The Tyranitar leaned a bit on the chamber, his one arm rest sideways on it while then other sat perched on his side.

"Would we be going so far if we weren't?" he asked. Before Coin could respond, not that he wanted to, the machine was given the a-okay. With a flip of a switch, it analyzed Coin's structure and began the process. A needle that had been placed in his arm began to draw blood which was sucked into the machine. After that, the cords attached to him began sending electrical waves through his body. Each one felt like a Volt Tackle from a Raichu. He forced his cries to stay hidden though. Instead he tried to resist the pain by stiffening his body and pulling out from the back where he was strapped. It was no good though.

The most painful feeling was when his heart was being analyzed. Shocks were sent to it to get a reading on its reaction time. The better the time, the better the outcome of the clone's creation and survival. This process droned on for what felt like hours, the Hypno at times having to readjust the voltage being sent into Coin's body to make sure the clone came out fine.

Once all was done, Coin was released from the chamber. He fell to the floor, exhausted from the work done on him. He looked over and watched as an exact duplicate of him emerged from its chamber, his body so perfectly formed, it looked nothing like a created being of science. Rather... he looked perfectly natural!

"By all nine lives... it can't be..." Coin said in disbelief. Lady Orion looked at him and smiled. The Hypno were then given the order with a flick of her hand to take Coin out and take him back to his cell. He'd be needed again if the clone were to suddenly fail and die.

"I'll take good care of your new little brother Coin. The Alliance will be very pleased with how he came out!" laughed Gordon. Coin hissed under his breath and took action, leaping forward before the Hypno could grab him with a psychic bind. With unsheathed claws, he aimed for his clone's face. One mark would set them apart from each other! One mark would make this thing a failure as a double agent! No one would be fooled if he just had that one...

"Mark..." Coin was stopped dead in his paws by the very clone that he was attacking. Arm stretched out and eyes still enshrouded in shadow, the cat snickered under his breath. He'd grabbed Coin's arm just as the claws were but a few inches from his face.

"..." he snickered again as he looked up. He then spun around and threw Coin into the wall, thrusting the cat with more force than Coin had ever dreamed of possessing.

"Fun fact Coin. We made it so he's twice your strength. That machine in the middle isn't just for keeping track of your body you know. It serves other purposes as well!" laughed Gordon as he looked over to Coin. The cat fell to the ground, his jacket soiled with dirt and grime as he coughed up some dust.

"Fun fact... Gordon... I regained some of my powers! It seems your... Alakazam got distracted!" coughed Coin as he got up. Taken aback, both Gordon and Lady Orion were blinded by the sudden Flash attack that Coin released. Even the Hypno were blinded by its awesome light.

Coin then fled the room, his clone barely seeing his shadow as he escaped into the hall.

"SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING! Coin's escaped!" yelled Lady Orion as she punched an intercom that sat on the wall. Her orders were in vein though. Coin darted not only at full speed, but with the help of an Aerial Ace. He zoomed through the hallways. He even got in a Double Team, creating fake clones of his own so as to confuse any of the psychic types that dared to try and stop him.

It took him a few tries, but he was eventually able to find his way out. Shattering a glass window, he thrusted himself out into Saffron Cities streets. He rolled to a stop and coughed some more as he wiped his face. Blood was trickling down some newly made scratch marks, and even his beloved coat was seeing better days.

"Damn Gloss... I'll kill them and that stupid clone... ugh but first... first I need to warn the Alliance. Only then can I get back to my mission of finding that damn Harbinger." He slowly got up, his body still weak from everything he was put through. He'd even begun to feel weaker from breaking the bind held on him as well as from using his attacks so soon. Looking back, he wasn't surprised to see the Institute was the late psychic type gym of the city.

"Damn psychics. Hiding out in plain sight..." he said. He then walked off to try and head for the nearest location controlled by the Alliance. Once there he'd get a new radio, a new gun, and he'd be able to warn them about the other him... as well as the cloning device they had.

Lady Orion was pissed from Coin's escape, but didn't mind as much seeing as how his clone was showing great signs of success. Even Gordon seemed rather pleased. Not that he ever wasn't...

Personal Mission: Escape from Lady Orion's Psychic Institute - SUCCESS
(yay me)
(This was so not on the list, but bo-yah I love personal crap!!!! XDDDDDD)

=^^= Nya

03-15-2011, 10:24 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Victory Road
Mission: On Standby
Affected RPers: N/A

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip drop.

The water coming off from the cealing of the cave was annoying Fluix. The constant noise was like a clock, ever ticking off time, ticking him off...tick, tock, tick, tock.

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip drop.

Ugh...This was annoying as hell...

Drip. Drop. Drip Drop. Drip Drop.

His eyes were trying to be sharp as a knife, but so far, the time he invested in this search was being paid off very little, other than a Hyper Potion...Which, unlike other Pokemon, Fluix fortunatly knew how to use (And that stuff was condensed miracle in spray-on form). However, he wasn't wounded yet.

Drip Drop. Drip Drop. Drip Drop.

He knew that using eyesight alone would do no good, however. He used every sense of his body to home in on any potential sign of a Legend's presence...

Drip Drop Drip Drop Drip Drop.

...The water seemed to be coming down faster than it should...


...Fluix turned a corner, still in his hyper-focused stance of which nothing could get by his senses...And that included the only other moving thing in the vicinity-Water. And, as Fluix turned his head to the left, he realized how much water that was.

A whole flood, a huge, advancing wall of water, as ferocious as a pack of charging Rhyhorn, was coming at him. Fluix was a water type, but he wasn't going to survive that.

"Oh Sh*t!"

And with those two words, Fluix started running like his life depended on it...Because it probably did.

Dashing, sprinting, rushing, blitzing, call it what you want, he was moving, and fast. That water was moving faster, however, much faster...But there was still a lot of space between him and that rushing river.

And there was salvation in the form of a corner-The water would continue going straight, unhindered, while he was safe and sound (mostly). The sighting of that faithful corner only served to increse Fluix's already fast pace.

And that hellbent flood was still advancing faster, even then.

...Feet away...Dear Arceus, he felt some of the droplets from the flood...Inches...He felt the water on his feet...

Saftey. He made it, just as the water would have born down upon him, and swallowed him whole, to come and crash into a cave wall, the fatal blow for Fluix.

He just simply sat there, panting, gasping, fortunate beyond belief that he survived...

...The gears in his mind dished out some very likely peice of information.

"This was a trap. It was a Legend that set it."

Although it wouldn't have done much against a Water Type (As Lava wouldn't have done much against a Fire Type), It seemed like a good idea to use something generally destructive and powerful like rushing water to keep intruders away from the hiding spot of the Legendary Pokemon...

Fluix resumed his state of full bodily sensory, keeping an ear and an eye out for any more traps and mechanisims...

...He'd rather not die. It was rather obvious, but he'd rather not die.

03-16-2011, 11:14 AM
Scythe the Scyther
The Alliance
Viridian City
Mission: N/A

Scythe's eye slowly pulled itself open, then shut again as it was greeted by a bright light above him. His thought slowly melded in his head as he regained some sense of himself. There was no more pain in his chest, but he felt stiff.
As he tried to pull himself up, something slammed him back down onto his back, he let out a groan and opened his eyes again quickly.
A round, blurred form above him slowly came into view. He realised he was lying on some form of table, a Chansey stood over him, he may have been tense, but he recognised her as an Alliance medic, and he slowly calmed down.

"Ya took quite a toxin there hon'. Found ya collapsed down on the street. Ya'll be fine, but ya may be a little queezy for a while."
As she turned away to check on some equipment, Scythe swung his body around and sat on the edge of the bed, gazing around the room he was in. It was a place he recognized, the Pokemon center had been used... for it's purpous, logical.
It was much cleaner than the rest of the city, but that made sense. It was crowded, the constant war left many casualties, and Scythe new there would be plenty of other pokemon who could not even make it here, or had no room to fit in.

"Thank you... I should get out of your way, there must be plenty of others in need of aid."
Scythe slipped off the table and rolled his shoulders. The Chansey turned around and eyed the old pokemon, giving a nod.

"Don't reckon I could stop ya even if I wanted, anyway. Ya'll right, We need the space. Come back anytime." She beamed at Scythe and gave a curteous bow. Strange, he though... That may have been the first real smile of hope he had seen in months.

As he left the Pokemon center, be took a deep breath, wandering the streets of Viridian again... He didn't feel much like returning to command. But what else could he do... He carried onward, without much regard for his heading, thoughts in his mind turning to the others... He wondered how their missions had fared.

03-16-2011, 05:28 PM
Light After Dark (a.k.a BlackLight) the Gardevoir
The Alliance
Mt. Moon
Mission: N/A

It felt odd. After years of being the constant centre of attention, the leader of her tribe, she was going to start a new phase of her life - as one of the hidden members of the Alliance. She hadn't even told her sister where she was going. Today marked the start of a new life. A life where emotions, for the first time in her life, would have to be put on hold. The earth trembled from the war that was being waged in the many towns below. It was definitely the right time to leave. She had already said her goodbyes. The tribe hadn't been in contact with her for a month now. She wasn't too sure why she had waited this long before deciding to leave the dull brown cave that had become her home in the last few weeks. It just hadn't seemed right. But now, now was definitely the time.

The moon shone overhead, and Light After Dark looked up. The clouds danced their dance as the wind blew them across the sky, to distant shores. She hated the idea of being at the mercy of the wind, not being able to control where you were going. But then again, the clouds could be at peace. They were not involved in this war. But this only made BlackLight think about the aerial battles that she had seen not all that long ago. An Altaria had crashed onto the floor in front of her cave. She had hidden herself, and the Altaria took off before it noticed her. As it left, she came out of hiding, and watched it depart. The sight she saw terrified her. Although definitely not a major battle by the standards of this war, the fight between the two brother Altaria was horrifying. To see two siblings fighting like this... At least this wouldn't be a problem with her tribe. She hoped.

The time came to move on, and BlackLight started her long trek down from her cave. It would take her a while, but she had to do it. She was required to report for duty down in the bigger caves near the base of the mountain. She had a horrible feeling that she would be required to go to Cerulean, and that was somewhere she felt she was quite ready for yet.

03-16-2011, 07:48 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Victory Road
Mission: On Standby
Affected RPers: N/A

Fluix's search was becoming more and more tiring the more time passed by. The attempt so far wasn't going so well, obviously, but it wasn't just that. Although he was lucky enough to avoid setting off another trap-one which would have sent a very large stone rolling down upon him-He realized how big that boulder was-It was large enough to flatten a Rhyperior. Flattening a Rhyperior was a very impressive feat.

...All of these traps were made for things much bigger than him, obviously...

Nevertheless, he pressed on, tired but determined.

...Whispering. He heard whispering. Very subtle whispering. He got down low, and tried listening in.

"...Not allowed..." A voice went. It was very quiet, and Fluix couldn't hear everything that it said. From the little tone he could pick up, Fluix guessed it was a male's voice.

"...But please...we need to..." Another voice went. Unlike before, it was more femaline...And younger...And slightly louder.

"...You forgetting...We're..." A third voice said. Although it was barely audiable, the coldness could be heard from here, though it seemed more like the natural voice than what the speaker was actually trying to sound like.

"...Don't care..." The femaline voice went.

"...Here to stay...From the-" A fourth voice went. It was still a whisper, but the loudest yet. It brimmed with passion. However, it seemed to have been cut off, for whatever reason.

Fluix kept down for what seemed like hours, but was in reality only a few minutes.

"...Someone..." The first voice whispered. It was almost too quiet to hear.

After that, complete silence.

...Fluix thought it over...Who were the speakers? Obviously, they were trying to keep quiet, and it seemed like an argument between the femaline voice against three others. Alliance or Glossies, he didn't know.

...Legendary Pokemon, perhaps? Unlikely, but it could have been.

He got up off the ground, brushing some dirt off of his fur, when he heard another noise-And this time, this was clearly heard.

And this noise was the kind of noise Zubat made.

Oh sh*t. Looking up, Fluix realized that he was definatly not alone in these caves. Zubat, and a lot of them, were 'looking' down upon Fluix. Golbat were amoung them, and in their eyes, Fluix saw the distinct expression of bloodlust.

However, amoung them, and what really caught his eye, was a Crobat, directly above his position. He was equally bloodthirsty, from the looks. However, it wasn't regular bloodthirst. It was the kind of bloodthirst seen in every inch of muscle any and all Glossies had.

Great. Victory Road was chock-full of Glossies, and he was all alone.

As if the realization of this was the thing they were waiting for. At this instant, every last Zubat/Golbat/Crobat on the cealing came down upon Fluix, with the obvious intent of drinking his blood (A staple in all of their diets), making their high-pitched cries. And, like the flood he faced prior to this, Fluix did the most logical thing: Run like hell.

Although this time, he wasn't just running. Taking his GRA143 off his back, he immediatly armed the shotgun ('Weapon armed!') And would spin around once and fire at the oncoming bats. Considering the power of the shotgun and the fragile bodies of the bats, this was a smart idea, but it wasn't enough to kill every last one of them-there were simply too many.

This was what the Glossies should have used in Mount Moon.

Although it took a while for them to have gained mere inches, the Gloss bats were advancing, and if Fluix didn't find something to get them off his tail, he'd be lunch.

And a possible answer came in the form of a ladder, leading downwards. with no time to waste, Fluix dived for the hole where it rised above, and slid down the ladder as fast as it would allow.

Once at the bottom of the tunnel, and therefore at the lower level of Victory Road, he kept running-the Zubat and their evolutions were still tailing him, emitting their cries, thirsty for blood. Something had to stop them, something, something-

He unwittingly stumbled upon that something. He tripped and fell upon a spray can with a PokeBall on it, and fell down, flat on his stomach.

The Zubat were still several yards away from him, but tripping meant that by the time he got up, the Zubat would be close enough to attack him with supersonic, using the confusion that would be forced upon him to then rip him to peices. This was it-Until he read the label of the can he tripped on.

It said 'Max Repel.'

It smelled awful, it stung like crazy, and he'd probably get a rash, but it was either this or death. He took the can, and began spraying himself with it. It was slightly better than he thought, but it still hurt a lot. He got every inch of his body, right down to his tail and weapons, and even opened up his battle helm to spray it on his face.

By the time the Zubat registered the fact that Fluix was coated in Repel, they immediatly retreated back up the hole. No Pokemon would dare attack anything that was covered in the Repel, save stronger and aggressive Pokemon. No Glossie remained when Fluix put the Battle helm back on his face and activated the Night Vision again, not even the Crobat.

He'd radio in this.

*"Indigo Control, this is Captain Church, Come in Indigo Control."* Fluix said into the radio. No response. Static.

*"Indigo Control, can you hear me? This is Captain Church, come in Indigo Control!"* Fluix yelled into it. No response again. Static.

Great. No Radio. This was getting worse by the minute.

03-16-2011, 10:58 PM
Maxwell the Gallade
The Gloss
Bill's Cottage
Mission: Bill's Cottage Reinforcements
ARP: None

Dominic was doing a good job at using his draconic size and his long-ranged attacks like Fire Blast to distract the enemy. With him the center of attention, I could get in close with my superior speed (I was injured, but I was too focused on the fight to care). My melee techniques were second to none, and I could finish them off before they even realized what happened. Which is how I like it, to be honest; a painful, gruesome death is one I believe no one deserves. Our impromptu tactic did well, but the enemy was catching on to it and some long-ranged specialists were shooting at me now. I couldn't dodge forever, not with my injured right leg, so I changed my tactic from 'getting out here conscious' to 'take as many of them with me'. A Bisharp was taking advantage of his small size to get up on Dominic, and he was going to be my next target. I ran in a zigzag pattern, avoiding the attacks. The Pokemon wasn't even aware I was going to kill him. Tightening my fist, I slammed my right fist against his spine from behind, then smashed his head with my left hand downwards towards the ground. With both hits I felt a sickening crunch. When I was young, I used to vomit after the battles and cry... But I'm so innocent now, I thought grimly, bringing myself back to present. Dominic had meanwhile taken upon himself to provide me some cover fire. I dashed back and grabbed the laser gun that the Toxicroak dropped. It was lighter considering its size- I assumed it was made of titanium- and it was certainly effective, since it made a tear in my leg in a few seconds it targeted me. Speaking of which, I'd better get back into the fight, since I needed adrenaline to keep it in check.

With my new and shiny weapon, I could provide Dominic with cover fire instead of the other way. I made one of the melee Pokemon my target. A Breloom from before was getting in Dominic's way, so I pointed that way, and pressed on the trigger. A focused light instantly appeared in a straight line, and hit the Breloom on the chest. He turned to my direction, shocked, and Dominic took advantage of that by whipping his tail around. It sent him flying, and I noticed Dominic was in a lot worse shape than I was. Sure, the Pokemon were less powerful than us, but we were outnumbered by far. Dominic had scratches and bruises all over, and some cuts that haven't stopped bleeding. We had to end this soon, or I'd lose Dominic and the fight.

5 dead, 5 to go.

03-17-2011, 12:08 AM
Fluix 'Church Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Victory Road
Mission: On Standby
Affected RPers: N/A

It was worth it when the Zubat Glossies were trying to remove his muscles and organs from his bones. It was worth it when it was the only alternative to death. It was so worth it.

Now, it was so not worth it. The Max repel was driving him insane. The burning sensation all over him, the incredibly disgusting scent, and he couldn't get it off at all...He read the label of it, and it said it was guarenteed to last for the next two hundred and fifty meters of travel.

God Da***t.

As he was going along, still with a hellbent burning sensation on every part of his body, he heard voices again. He kept low again, in another attempt to eavesdrop.

"...It seems that the presense is gone..." The first voice from before said. It sounded important, now that Fluix was closer to him.

"...Is the thing up there...Dead?" The femaline voice went. She couldn't have been older than thirteen.

"...It is a possibilty...The most likely one at that." The first voice said.

"...That's it." The femaline voice went. She sounded fed up at something.

"Oh? What revelation do you have for us all today?" The hyper-cool voice from before said. The chilly tone he used was still apparent. He didn't appear to be trying to be so sarcastic, however. Then again, he couldn't see him.

"I am sick and fed up of living in a hole! I've had enough of this! The problem is so easy to solve! And it's easier, now more than ever!" The femaline voice said.

"Surely you jest! It is filled to the brim with those dishonorable twits!" The passionate voice said. "And you know how they are!" the voice added.

"Well, we could have just went there and conked some sense into thier heads! Even they know better than to attack us! We could have started this before it started, we could have ended everything! But no. We had to sit in a hole! WE HAD TO!" The femaline voice yelled. She seemed in tears.

"There's an issue. You're overestimating your strength. You are, as are the rest of us, very strong, but da***t, even with every legend, they'll still be as strong as ever, and they'd kill us just the same. They're beyond the single most da***d evil we've ever seen. Darkrai can say that. Giratina can say that." A fifth voice said. Whoever that was, he sounded like Fluix...Minus some sort of incredible power being evident in his very voice...As were the others...

"Mew, it's impossible now. Half of us tried, half of us failed. It's Bu**Sh*t. Deal with it." The fifth voice said again.


Dear Arceus, he was eavesdropping on Legends! He found them!

"...There has to be some way! There just has to!" Mew said in desparation.

"Zapdos could not have put it any better." The important voice said. He presumed it for Mewtwo, at this point.

"Every time, there's been an obstacle that even we can't get by...Every time." The cold voice said. He guessed it was Articuno. "I don't like it as much as you do, but it's all we can do."

"..........rrrRRRRRAGHHH!!!" Mew roared, in her fury.

"...No...That one from before...He's still here..." Mewtwo said, suddenly. After this, all was silent. Fluix realized it. He missed his chance.

...What were they talking about? The Slayers?

...Gah, the Max Repel was still stinging! And it smelled even worse, now that he got all sweaty!

But he knew they wouldn't leave Victory Road now. They seemed intent on hiding here.

...Poor Mew. Something in the back of his mind said that she was adamantly opposing whatever was going on. He continued on, still wishing that Mewtwo didn't realize he was nearby.

...Flap, flap...

Fluix turned around. No Zubat or Golbat swarm was with the Crobat this time, but he was there, still looking as bloodthirsty as though blood was water, and this place was a desert. The Crobat was above the ground a few yards from Fluix.

"Your blood is...Quite nice. I do not care that you are coated in that awful substance. It is not what I eat." The Crobat said.

"Really? you still have to get through my body to get at my blood, which is coated in-"

The time for chatter was officially over. The Crobat lunged, forcing Fluix to quickly activate his Schallchop-Blades, the sudden influx of light being the only thing that kept the Crobat from biting down, when he was close enough to do it. That hesitation was all he needed to step back.

He realized this wouldn't be a cakewalk...

03-17-2011, 06:17 AM
Coin "Glory" the Meowth
The Alliance
En Route to Cerulean
Mission: none
Affected RPers: none

Coin fell a couple of times as he ran to the building that separated the path leading from Saffron to Cerulean. He was still mighty weak from what had been done to him in the past week, his mind almost void of thoughts as he stumbled about. He had this deep feeling that Gloss would be after his hide if his clone died, knowing that they'd need him to create a second. Of all the members though, why he was chosen was still a mystery.

He figured it was because of how much a loner he was. He very rarely spoke to the Alliance about anything, his actions always being soloed out. Knowing these assumptions didn't change much in how he was going to play the game. He wanted to keep everyone a drift from him, not risking them becoming close. He wasn't sure how he'd handle losing another one that he held in good favor.

"My location is terrible too... I'm smack dab in Gloss territory. The control Saffron, Lavender, and Vermillion. Celadon... I can't go there because there isn't any form of communications there and Cerulean.. that's just as bad. However it does have some Alliance I can take refuge with. Only problem... I need to get past some Gloss first. This sucks... and I'm too weak to get into a battle," Coin complained to himself as he took a breather behind a fallen slab of building. He knew for a fact that Lady Orion wasn't fully done with him. Not after the cloning. She'd want him back for some reason and h figured she'd contact the other locations to warn them about him. If he was captured, he'd be sent back to that hell hole.

He pushed on however, leaving Saffron and heading through the borderline into the path to Cerulean. He had to make it to the base there that belonged to the Alliance. Though this City was at war between the two factions, there were surely buildings that were protected enough. He'd be able to get a new radio, as well as be able to warn them about his little clone back in the Psychic Institute.


Clone "Coin" the Clone Meowth
The Gloss
Saffron City
Mission: none
Affected RPers: none

Clone stood in the memory room where Lady Orion had stationed him to be for now. His body was holding out and his mind was becoming more advanced by the second. He was learning everything about Coin's life, as well as the names of every member that was in cahoots with the Alliance. Even some smaller factions that weren't worthy of names had popped into his mind.

"Rock... et," he said, forming the words. He was slowly learning the ability of speech, as well as how to perform attacks based on the feelings these memories of his brought forth.

"You will be our main weapon Clone," began Gordon as he leaned against the wall. Lady Orion pushed him aside though, forcing him to stand upright again.

"No leaning. This palce isn't as stable as we make it look," she warned. She had this look of disdain on her face, as if she were pissed over something. Gordon figured it was the Alakazam she was angry with, but for some reason was starting to think it was more so with him.

"You mad at me for something?" he boldly asked her. She looked away in her slow but elegant way.

"No," she put simply. Gordon smiled and shrugged it off. Heck, if she didn't want to admit it, it was fine by him.

"He had an interesting past," said Clone, now able to speak in full sentences. Gordon was pretty impressed by this cats quick learning. The memories of how Coin learned things must have really been a big help with Clone.

"Yes he did. However it wasn't his past we wanted so much information on. We wanted knowledge of the Alliance. That's where you come in, Clone my dear," stated Lady Orion. Clone looked to her and nodded, knowing well as good what his purpose in life was. Infiltrate, and take. "You leave in a week. For now we need to make sure you learn well and good how Coin fights."

"Yes Lady Orion. I understand," he said.

=^^= Nya

03-17-2011, 12:55 PM
Maxwell the Gallade
The Gloss
Bill's Cottage
Mission: Bill's Cottage Reinforcements
ARP: None

With most of their melee fighters gone, the Alliance agents were in a terrible position, even though they outnumbered us five to two. I could see the fear in their eyes, but they definitely weren't going to give up. They knew they had to do this, as I did. But at least, I was going to give them a chance to surrender.

"I know you have seen our prowess at battle," I began, as the fight paused. "We have managed to kill five of you without any deaths at our side. If we can kill half of you in this short amount of time, we can certainly kill you sooner or later. You are all courageous warriors, and I respect you for that. The outcome is clear; if you do not surrender, we will kill you, without mercy. We will treat you with respect should you decide to surrender."

"Go to hell, you demons!" Snarled a Poliwrath.

"We've all seen what your so called respect is like with you Gloss!" Said a Delcatty, angrily. I sighed. Our reputation for no mercy with enemies has been infamous to say the least.

"I certainly hope you do not regret your decision," I replied, with a tinge of sadness, "if so, let us resume." They took the initiative, shooting us with laser guns. Dominic and I went the opposite direction, and the Flygon started to breathe out Fire Blasts as he flew away. Although they outnumbered us, they were on the defensive, getting into a back-to-back formation. It would be difficult for me to get close. However, it did mean a single blow could kill them all...

I took in a deep breath. This would be extremely painful afterwards, but I was going to do it regardless. A move I learned a long time ago, I had no choice but to use it. I hated having to trust Dominic to get me out of here alive, though.

"Listen to me," I whispered when our paths overlapped, "I'm going to use Destiny Bond. Normally, it'd be impossible to attack multiple targets with this, but it probably would work since they're all clustered together. Shift their attention to you by using ranged attacks and cover me because I'll be vulnerable while I set up. When you see a dark shadow under them, knock me out, kill them, then carry me back to the tunnel so I can recover. Got it?" I didn't wait for his response. I stared them, bunched together. My own shadow left me and crawled slowly towards the group. I glowed in an eerie purple, and I closed my eyes. Hurry up, Domini- I fainted, and with my last consciousness I thought I had a bad concussion.

03-17-2011, 08:53 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Victory Road
Mission: On Standby
Affected RPers: N/A

The Crobat had issues with the bright light being given off from the blades, but per weaknesses, that was it.

The Crobat was far to evasive for any slash to land, and many times faster than Fluix. He also forced him to go on the defensive, meaning that he could only attempt to slice him while he flew by at ridiculous speeds.

Fluix realized that if he kept to the defensive, he'd lose. The Crobat would eventually adjust to the light, and when that happened, he'd probably land a blow.

Fluix tried using Surf again, making a huge geyser appear right in front of him, before it launched itself at the Crobat. The Glossie, however, dodged it so easily that he was laughing afterwards.

"Are you that weak? That much of a bad shot?" The Crobat gleefully taunted, making Fluix even more angry. "I shoudn't have sent that many Zubat at you! It would be a waste to have!" He added, still gleefully taunting Fluix.

And Fluix had to add these to the fact that this Glossie wasn't being hurt yet, the awful stench and burning sensation from using the Max Repel, the fact that his attack's weren't working on the Crobat...

...His parents abandoning him, the Glossies that burned down the orphanage, the Hyxio ja**a**es he had the misfortune of meeting, the scar delt by one of them (he didn't care how cool-looking it was)...

...The Crobat dived again. However, this time, he decided to use Water Oath. The Column of water jettisoned from the hole in the ground Fluix made when he used Surf, and it burst forth, right when the Crobat had flewn over it. At last, a hit!

The Crobat was sent upwards, hitting the cealing with a sickening crunch. However...He still looked very much alive...Da** Glossie!

"Did you honestly think one pitiful blow like that could have ever harmed me?!" The Crobat Glossie taunted. "I am a Commander! I am not weak! I am strong! The strongest Crobat to ever live!" The Crobat gleefully boasted from the cealing.

A Glossie Commander? In Alliance territory?! Da***t, Da***t, DA***T!

And he was so focused on the simple agony of the situation, that he forgot to sidestep the Crobat when he dived at him.

The pain was way too much to handle, and he could feel it, feel the antagonizing feeling of the blood being drained out of his body...It was painful, and the Crobat seemed to be laughing...

...That was it. He had enough. If he went down, he'd go down swinging. And he'd swing with nothing short of his best shot.

An Aroura came, with no source whatsoever, nor reason to be there, it just was. However, it then swirled and swirled, and condensed into a crystal the size of Fluix's palm, floating right behind the Crobat, unaware of the fate that would befall it...

And quite suddenly, as though it was all too much to stay away, the cryatal zoomed towards the Crobat's body-which took it very little time, considering it was inches from it to begin with-and just as suddenly-


It exploded. It was a very small explosion, but considering the size of the crystal, it was incredible nevertheless. But what really set this apart was the fact that it wasn't fiery destruction, but a rainbow of colors, streaming out in what appeared to be a very unharmful manner. However, whatever was caught in it when it happened found themselves dead...




...Rest in peace, Fluix.

"What the? Am I dead?" Fluix asked himself (He thought it was himself, anyways). He couldn't feel anything, but at least he heard his voice in the black surroundings...

...Yes and No.

"...But didn't I blow myself up?" Fluix asked. It was odd to be dead...no, wait, this didn't feel exactly like death...

...Yes. Only a hand remained of your body. However, it was that hand that keeps you from being truly dead. a healer found it, and this healer is capable of reviving you, even in death.

"...Err...Why don't I feel anything?" Fluix asked. "And how much time have I been out?" He asked. "And am I going to wake up alive? Has the healer done the job?"

...I can't really answer the first one. The second question is actually quite simple: Only 2 minutes. the third...No. You'll wake up, and in a few seconds after this, just not alive.

"Don't tell me I'll be a-"

You won't. Trust me.

Pop. With a silent sound, Fluix snapped back to reality, still in the cave where he died, yet still very much there.

Fluix looked at his hand...Or rather, through it. It was an unsettling feeling at best, but not one that got the better of him.

He looked around. Blood was everywhere. Of the Crobat, only a peice of his wing remained. Fluix couldn't have touched it. He was...Well, he really didn't know that. However, the least he could say was that he wasn't able to.

He looked up. He wished he didn't. The millions of Glossie Zubat's from before were present here, chatterning amoung themselves.

"The Commander's dead! I can't believe it!" Said one.

"He is! That Dewott made some explosion of sorts! Took the Commander with him!" Said another.

"Well then, why didn't we try to keep her from collecting the peices?" Said a third. "I wanted some blood!"

"Better yet," started a fourth, "We could have just attacked her directly!"

"Don't be an idiot, rookie!" A fifth went. "She could have escaped us easily! And she could have killed us just as easily!"

"Yhea!" Said a sixth.

"Whatever! So what do we do now?" Said a Golbat.

"Well, let's ask the second in comm-"

"You idiot, the Dewott killed the Second in Command, too! He shot him with his shotgun! In the face!" Said the Golbat, interuppting the seventh Zubat.

"...OK, Genius, I officially nominate you to be in charge." Said the seventh Zubat.

"Yhea!" Said multiple other Zubat. The Golbat kept staring at the Zubat that nominated him, staring him down with quite some anger. Then, it shifted into a grin.

"OK then, It looks like that's settled!" The Golbat said. "Let's find us some eats!"

"YHEA!" Came all the Zubat and Golbat. They flew upwards, out of the cavern, and out of sight.

...Some were looking straight at him...Bingo. He was compleatly invisible to them. Time for some espionge. Fluix grinned to himself. He felt good.

SPIRIT FORM COUNT (Counting this post): 14

(Ooc: Yhea, Fluix killed himself.)

03-18-2011, 08:03 AM
Clone "Coin" the Clone Meowth
The Gloss
Saffron City
Mission: none
Affected RPers: none

Clone waited within a room of the Psychic Institute that was very dark and damp. There were no windows to supply natural light, only a near broken light on the ceiling that kept flashing on and off. The bulb was surly about to go out at any moment. He had been told to come to this room and sit down in the chair that was bolted to the middle of it. It was a small room, probably one that was used for interrogation.

"This room was set up after the raid on this gym was done," said Lady Orion as she came in, a chart in her hands. Behind her was the Pokemon that never seemed to have a life of his own, Gordon. He couldn't fit in the room so he just stood outside, leaning against the wall as he seemed to commonly do. Was his size and weight just too much? Did he really need to balance so much just to stay up? Or was it him just trying to look cool and tough? Clone figured he'd get the answers in due time, right now he had to focus on the Gardevoir that was responsible for his creation.

"So? Like I give a flying pidgey when this place was made or why. What I want to know is-"

"Why you're here?" finished lady Orion. Clone unfolded his arms slowly, his brows lifting up and down until he had a confused look on his face.

"Yes..." he said slowly.

"I can read your mind. It wasn't hard to analyze it and determine your thoughts. You'll need to learn how to properly block me from doing that if you are to be an effective double agent," stated Lady Orion, her voice so dull and boring to listen to, it almost sounded more threatening. She had this air of authority to her, a slight look of power. She was emotionless in her eyes and voice, even her movement lacked any form or feeling. However... she was more threatening than anything Clone had seen or remembered. It was like nothing phased her, even when she screamed earlier it wasn't full of lust and vigor like when Gordon spoke. He made sure you knew how he was feeling. With Lady Orion, it was impossible to tell.

"And how can I do that?" asked Clone. Lady Orion walked around him, circling where he sat as he twisted his head and body to keep up with her, not once letting her out of his sights.

"Practice. All agents I train can block telepathic probing. It took them a month or so to learn, but you will have but only a week to get it down."

"A week? Are you kidding me? I could only learn how to talk and use basic attacks so quickly because of Coins memories! Hell, I bet earning the rest of his moves will be easy. But you're talking about a whole different game here! How can I learn something new in such a short time without the memories to guide me?" argued Clone. He only knew learning through memory, and since this didn't seem to promise him a memory bank to leach off of, he was skeptical on how he could even begin to comprehend it. Lady Orion just looked at him with her unfeeling pupils. At first Clone felt uneasy, but they soon grew on him. That look was a look he could catalog and remember, one his own memories could remind him of when he saw it again.

"You're learning. You need to focus on a subject or object to block telepathic probing. For a split second, your mind was black to me. It was only for a second though. You're twice the strength of Coin, and that goes double for your brain. You'll learn faster than he ever could, and you'll be stronger and more capable then he'd ever hope to be. You understand?" she said with a huff. Clone looked at her and nodded. He didn't quite know what he'd done, but if it was making her happy he'd try to do it more.

"Clone, you're with me next. I'll make sure you get down all of Coin's moves as well as his fighting style. I've been given his memories as well you know," chuckled Gordon. Lady Orion left the room and gave a wave of her hand to the Tyranitar as she rounded the corner. It was his signal to take command of Clone.

"So why was I in that room?" Clone asked as he got out oh the chair and walked out of the room.

"To focus. Lady Orion believes that being in an empty room like that makes it easier for beginners to get the grasp of blocking telepathic probing. She'll move you to a more unstable room over time, but until you get the basics down you'll be in there." Clone understood what Gordon was telling him. It made sense after all. He took one last glance at the room before they rounded a corner, heading for the open area of the gym that was once the battlefield for trainers to fight the leader in. Clone's physical training was about to begin.


Coin "Glory" the Meowth
The Alliance
Cerulean City
Mission: none
Affected RPers: none

The place was a terrible battle zone. Smoke reaching into the skies, fires raging on from building to building. It was like a living hell and he was pushing himself into the middle of it. A gulp of saliva slid down his throat as he hid behind a broken building, a sign declaring it the old name raters house. He'd been here before with Rocket back when she wanted to give her Aerodactyl a new name. The old one had started to feel like a weight to the ancient dinosaur, so she brought him here for a nice new claim.

"I hope he didn't suffer..." Coin said under his breath. He then threw himself into the fray of smoke that was coming his way from an ill wind. It was both a perfect and wretched cover. With a tight hold on his breath, he made his way into the city itself, finding a place wide enough where he could slip to and hide behind.

A few Gloss troops stalked the land, torches in their hands as they no doubt were scowering the area for Alliance intruders. Though it was the middle of the day, the smoke escalading into the sky was turning it a bismal twilight.

Coin looked around the side as saw an opening he could take to another hiding spot. He could see the Alliance building on the opposite side of the city, it's walls singed from fire but still standing. Shame it was a good meter or two away. With his body feeling so weak and exhausted, Coin wasn't sure how much of the terrible air he could muster breathing in.

"Gotta move quickly," he said under his breath. When the opening grew more, the patrolers now gone around a corner, he made a bolt for it. He jumped over a slab of busted brick and kicked up some dirt as he slid to the spot he'd seen, his fur now clotted with dirt and grim from a puddle of sludge he'd nearly tripped in. He didn't bother making facial remarks to its retched smell, knowing it was just a small sacrifice for a safe trip to the Alliance building.

With one last peak around the corner he looked to see if any of the troops had spotted his run. Thankfully none did. With that he turned around, pressed his back to the wall, and slid down until he was sitting.

"Phew..." he sighed as he looked up. He took a small one minute breather to try and figure out his position. He had to propel himself to that building without being noticed, or risk being taken back to that hell of an institute.

Without anymore delay, Coin did what he'd just done three more times until he safely stood on the Alliance's so called side of Cerulean. He ran into the building and did one last double check to make sure no one had seen him. Thankfully, no one had.

"Coin? Coin is that you?" spoke a startling voice that made the now filthy cat spin around and unsheath his claws. The Sandslash that had spoken to him jumped back, startled by Coin's reaction. When the two locked eyes, the calmed down and returned to the composure they'd had before their little startle.

"Where in Kanto have you been the past week? We've been trying to reach you now for days! We've needed your aid down in Pallet Town for some time," stated the yellow and brown mouse as he walked up, his long claws just barely ripping a paper that he firmly held on a clipboard.

"It's a long story Nell. I haven't the time to-"

"Oh yes you do! The commander of this place wants to know just where the hell you've been. He knows you don't like to talk to us much, but he knows that you're not one to shirk and order when given to you," interrupted Nell as he looked up from the paper he held so firmly.

With a sigh, Coin explained what had happened to him. The story wasn't as long as he'd said it was, but it was long enough to take Nell's attention clean away from that cherished paper he so carefully held in his massive claws. Nell was never one to shirk his paperwork duty. He knew that even though he was never going to be needed on the battlefield, his work behind the scenes was just as important.

He had evolved prematurely, leaving his body lacking in the physical strength he was meant to have. He couldn't handle more than a few attacks, and the ones he dished out were weaker than they were supposed to be. Because of this he was drafted into the backgrounds of the war. He never minded though. He knew he sucks at fighting and he rather liked not being able to head into the field to see friends die or families lose everything.

"Clone? You can't be serious?" he said as he caught his clipboard. It had nearly fallen out of his claws and onto the floor, something he never liked happening. He had issues when it came to picked things up off of flat surfaces.

"I am. And you need to warn everyone about this," said Coin. Nell sighed, something Coin wasn't happy to hear.

"Warning everyone isn't going to be easy. We have many different frequencies we command as a safety precaution to-"

"I don't care! Even if it's just a few! The Alliance needs to know about the cloning thing so no one else falls victim to it. That, and I cant have everyone thinking I've up and switched sides on them." Nell seemed to understand this and nodded, agreeing to what Coin was pretty much demanding him to do.

"If I do that, you do what I need you to do," he wagered.

"Yeah? What's that?" Coin asked.

"Help Pallet Town! They need you out there Coin! They needed as many Alliance members as they can get. That places defenses are low." Coin was a little annoyed, but he nodded in agreement.

"How do you propose I get there though? I'm not in the best shape of my life right now, and last I checked, I have no wings or claws to burrow under the ground with," he added after his nod. Nell chuckled and went to a built in intercom.

"That is solved very quickly. Bell, you there?" he said as he pushed the button.

"Bell? The Pidgeot?" Coin asked fairly surprised.

"Yeah!" Nell replied.

"Wasn't she on recon for Fusia City?" Coin asked.

"Yeah but she finished her work early. She came back for further orders but so far hasn't gotten any. She's been fairly restless," Nell said.

"Bell here. What is it Nell?" came a soft voice from the intercom.

"I've got a job for you!"

=^^= Nya

Neo Emolga
03-18-2011, 02:32 PM
Kaxo the Lopunny (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3257383&postcount=12)
The Alliance
Pallet Town
Mission: Pallet Town Defense
Affected RPers: None

Once we got everything unloaded, Warclubs and a few other buddies of his, if they could even be called that considering the way they looked at him at times in disgust, distributed the ammo around. Meanwhile, they took the vehicles we had brought and started to use them to push the Gloss away from the coast.

It was then that a Machoke had come to me, carrying some big RTZ-100 sniper rifle in his hands. I thought he was about to brag about it as a “lookie at what I have and you don’t” kind of thing, but he then handed me the thing like he was some kind of nurse handing me my own child. I just took it, wondering what exactly he wanted me to do with it.

“What the heck is this for?” I asked, looking over the big, black sniper rifle.

“Shooting things,” He smiled.

Besides the freaking obvious, numbnut.

He then walked off, and I figured they wanted me to join them in pushing the Gloss away from the coast. I supposed that was peachy, but I normally, I let getting some kind of order. But still, it was more evidence that lead up to the obvious fact that the Alliance Pokémon here were just freaking incompetent. I figured I might as well join them in shooting the Gloss, but I sure didn’t depend on them to cover my back. In fact, as long as they just worried about their own hide, it would be fine.

“You’re heading out there!?” Tamara asked me in a bit of shock. “I thought you said we were just going to unload the supplies!”

“I did,” I told her, loading the sniper rifle. “You can stay here if you’d like, but I think those Gloss jackasses could use a few more holes.”

“With all that we gave these Alliance forces, they should have enough to drive them back!” Tamara told me, really feeling any further involvement on our part really wasn’t needed. “Come on, I just want to get out of here.”

Well, in truth, that made two of us. Our mission was to deliver the supplies, and since I wasn’t really given any orders to formally engage the Gloss in Pallet Town, technically our part of the job was done. I knew the real reason why Tamara wanted to bail out of here. She was scared to death of fighting, and probably would be so for quite some time, especially if she kept running away from every fight. Still, she was right that we probably shouldn’t engage and just wait for further orders. Technically, we weren’t included in the “supplies” that Pallet Town needed.

Besides, they never told me what exactly they wanted me to do with this RTZ-100 anyway. If this was just a weapons free situation, any dumb idiot could do that.

“We’ll wait for further instruction,” I told Tamara. “If we get another mission that’s well out of here, I’d be all over it.”

03-18-2011, 09:34 PM
Zloveshcii "Zlov" the Mismagius
Glossie Little Bastard
Silph Co. Building
Mission: Saffron Assassination
ARP: bleepbloop

The laugh rang out all around the hallway, and it would have startled the Lairon, if it was Ryan's mind, but no. This made Zlov giggle right back, almost maniacally, as she realized she'd been compromised. Once again, her accent was of no help to her, but whatever, it was still pretty darn sexy so she told herself as she whipped around in the direction of the laugh. All she caught before a Shadow Ball in the form of a Gengar launched towards her was a grin on the Lairon's shadow, and at last, she'd caught on! She knew this modus operandi a little too well.

"Heehee, Maze, you imbecile, da!" She cackled as the Lairon's conscience was returned just in time to have a Gengar-Shadow Ball hit him dead center in the face, sending it flying backwards in the air before landing on the floor, a large, metal beam impaling it dead center in the chest as the last bits of life oozed out with the iron dinosaur's blood, slowly covering the floor with the vile liquid. And cackling like a madwoman was Zlov, dancing on top of the Lairon's corpse, his eyes trying to glare at the Mismagius before they rolled back into his head. Zlov's dress swayed back and forth as her large eyes and scowl stared at the Lairon's shadow.

"Friendly fire will not be tolerateeeed, da~ Now quit being a buffoon before you have us all compromised, dahaha~"

((Such a short post. > ___< *scolds self with frying pan*))

03-18-2011, 10:53 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Victory Road, En-Route to Saffron City (That's a long way, I know.)
Mission: None
Affected RPers: N/A
Spirit Form Counter: 13

He was looking forward to phasing through walls like a ghost, but apparently, that wouldn't be the case. After trying several times to run through a part of the cave wall and failing miserably (He was lucky he couldn't be seen, and nobody was around to watch anyways), he realized that he'd have to walk to the one place he knew Espionge would be best.

Saffron City. It was a ways from here, but it didn't matter. He didn't need food. He felt like he had unlimited energy. He could run it, no stopping, no problem. He knew it.

He rushed up to the ladder, and thankfully managed to climb it. He still wasn't compleatly sure as to what he could phase through, and what he couldn't. As soon as he was on the Ground floor, well, what else was there to do but make a mad dash for the exit on the other end? He couldn't get harmed, he had boundless stamina, he couldn't be seen by the countless Zubat and Golbat on the Cealing...And he had a lot of work to do.

Rushing out was easier than it seemed. Previously, his state of searching had forced him to take it slow, causing a pathway that could have been cleared in seconds to take minutes to get through. However, now that he could run through all of Victory Road, well, he did. He was fortunate that, for whatever reason, he could still see perfectly.

Rush, rush, rush, rush, pass a wall, rocks, those da** Glossie Zubats, rock, cliff, sprint, jog...

You get the Idea of what he was doing.

It took a while, but he finally made it to the outside world, which was still ruined from War. However, Fluix didn't care at all about that...He cared that he could run anywhere, and not be seen by any of those f***ing Glossies.

And he continued his run, rushing through the scenery with recklessness...Once or twice, he tripped on a rock or two, but it didn't matter. He couldn't get hurt.

He couldn't get harmed.

...A small part of him was telling him to find that stupid ja**a** Nios Hyxio, and find some way to haunt him. However, he knew that it would be a waste of time.

And besides, a much larger part of him was DYING to find out everything he could about the Glossies. The more he knew, the more ways he could hurt them when his body was fixed up by that healer...

...Who was the healer, anyways?

...Not now, he had eavesdropping to do!

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03-19-2011, 01:57 AM
The Gloss
Deep Part of Saffron Fighting Dojo
Mission: Saffron Munitions Base
ARP: Gaby

I straightened up and dusted off my paws.
The first draft of our new Gloss Saffron Munitions Base was nearly done. It'd taken a little over two hours but it was finished. I wasn't paying attention to the mission at the moment, but Zlov and Maze were good fighters. I had faith that they'd finish the mission.
That is, if they didn't kill each other accidentally.
I had arranged some random barriers I'd found into one single barrier and used Close Combat to contort the metal into one solid mass. I'd managed to repair some shelves to hold munitions. It was a rush job, but it would hold for now. I decided to leave a message on Zlov's comm unit.
"Zlov, it's Hannibal. I've set up a munitions base in the old fighting dojo. Contact me when the mission is done, yes?" I said, a note of irritation in my voice. "And try not to kill Maze in this mission, da?" I listened for a reply, but got nothing but static.
"Irritating Russian Misdreavus," I muttered under my breath. I snapped it off and began adding to the sparse munitions base. I had set up a few more shelves and hotwired some booby traps out of whatever had been lying around when I heard footsteps. My first immediate thought was Enemy.
I ran over to where I'd installed the warp panels I'd stolen from the Gym. I grabbed the nearest warp panel and tore it from the ground, then grabbed a random AK-47 and began splicing wires.

The enemy had made their way to my position. I crouched, languishing the moment when my new toy would devastate them. As the footsteps rounded the corner, I leapt out of cover and pulled the trigger. The AK had been converted into a psychic devastation ray. Waves of psychic energy pulsed out of the barrel, shredding my foe's mind with the force of the psychic energy. The Gardevoir fell to her knees, clawing at her temples until her nails shredded the skin and blood coursed down over her cheekbones. I released the trigger and grinned in a self-satisfied way.
"I love it when a plan comes together," I said. Then I dropped my new plaything and leapt over the boxes towards the Gardevoir and yanked her up by the collar of her gold-gilded obsidian armor.
"What faction are you from?" I barked. The infuriating creature spat and curled her black-painted lip at me, exposing a small diamond piercing in the corner of her lip.
"Who wants to know?" she growled, then flinched as I shield-smacked her across the face.
"Arceus," I snarled. "Answer me."
She sneered at me, then cringed away as I reached for my psychic blaster.
"No! I'll tell you, please," the Gardevoir whimpered. I chuckled coldly.
"Alliance goons. So weak when placed under the slightest bit of torture."
"Alliance?!" The Gardevoir's eyes flared. "I care nothing for Aaron Shepard and his false promises. Skandia Sunstriker's allegiance is to the Gloss."
Skandia... The name was familiar to me. "From the Unova region?"
"No." She flinched, afraid her negative response would warrant another round of psychic fire. When none came, she relaxed. I let her up and she glanced around.
"Nice," Skandia said. "Gloss junkheap?"
"Munitions base." I took in her weaponry. "Medieval, much?"
"Ho ho," she replied stiffly. I grinned and bit down on a cigar.
"Make yourself useful and get working, Sunstriker."

03-19-2011, 06:50 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
En-Route to Saffron City (Will stop at Celadon City!)
Mission: N/A
Affected RPers: N/A
Spirit Form Count: 12

He avoided Viridian City compleatly. It wasn't as if he wasn't welcome there, It was just it was more conveniant for him to go around it. Besides, he wasn't so sure he was totally invisible. Considering he wasn't compleatly transparent, as far as his sight went, then he wasn't sure if he was just a mostly transparent version of himself to others.

This train of thought is what also kept him quite keen on running towards Saffron City, even through the hellhole that was Celadon City. Then again, shots could go right through him, so that didn't matter. Thank Arceus that was one of the things that he could go through.

Rush, sprint, dash, run, call it what you wanted, it was what Fluix was doing for the past few hours, through thickets that most Pokemon had difficulty going through. It was easier for him, though-Some of the thinner vines he could go right through, which was what kept most humans and Pokemon at bay.

Humans. If there was ONE thing that he and the Glossies could both agree on, ONE thing that he could credit the Glossies for, ONE thing that could be possible proof, in his eyes, that they weren't compleatly cr*p (They would still be a whole lot of cr*p, though), it was the massacre of humanity. He couldn't tolerate the very existance of the PokeBall the instant he heard of it. It sounded wrong. It sounded like something Arceus would kill over.

But no. No, nobody seemed to care-until they were captured-if PokeBalls existed. He did, though.

...It was something that growing up around Glossies did to a Pokemon. But nevertheless, it seemed logical-they existed, no Alliance soldier he talked to would doubt it. It was the deprivation of the right to liberty, however, and ironically, the right to liberty was one humans treasured. But they died by the Glossies hands, in what could be considered a totally justified slaughter. Liberty was to be universal, Justice was to be unbiased...Obviously, it wasn't. He joined because they went too far, and burnt down the Orphanage...Not because of some race he'd find more flaws with than a Slayer.

...And at last, Celadon was in his sights. The grand city, once a prime place to live for all, Pokemon and human, was now a bloody warzone, always in conflict, save for a few brief moments. No Alliance soldier wanted to be deployed here.

For now, he seemed to have rushed in durning one of the pauses. The Glossies were controlling Celadon this time.

*"This is Shadowvine Unit, come in Saffron Leader, this is Shadowvine Unit."* A voice said, to Fluix's right.

He turned his head, and saw a very ironic sight.

The female Pokemon that was talking into the radio was a Lilligant. A Lilligant. Fluix couldn't help but chuckle to himself. She couldn't hear him, and this was absurd.

The Lilligant in question was definatly a high-ranked Glossie. In fact, she (All Lilligant were female) appeared to be a General, from the weapon-the I88 Multi-Threat Rifle, something only Glossie Generals got, in the general scenario. However, despite that she seemed larger than most Liligant, she still looked ridiculous. It wasn't as if she wasn't fit for combat, it was just the dress. It was something similar to a Bellossom's grass skirt, save that it was made of green flower petals instead. He knew it wasn't the regluar Lilligant legs, because one of the workers for the Orphanage was a Lilligant, and she didn't have that.

To add to this, she also had a patch of Gracedias growing around her right eye. Fluix was almost about to roll on the ground, laughing the hardest he probably ever would, when something old that Liligant from the Orphanage said to him came back.

"Gracedias grow on Grass Pokemon of particular strength."

That was enough to keep it at a modest chuckle. Still, it was rather stupid.

*"Yes, We've captured Celadon, for the moment. We need those supplie lines in, or else we won't keep it."* The Lilligant Glossie said. Fluix could only hear one side of the conversation, but this was obvious-their usual attempt at capturing Celadon.

*"...Yes sir. Over and out."* The Lilligant said. She then put the radio away, and turned to some nearby Glossies. All of them were Grass-Typed.

"We need to hold this position until the reinforcements arrive-meaning, The Alliance is going to bomb-run us into oblivion and take back the city while we don't have them." The Lilligant said. "However, if they can't see us, the Alliance will settle right in, and when the Reinforcements arrive, we'll pop out and flank them." she added.

Now Fluix stopped laughing altogether. That tactic was a very good one. And it would work. Usually, battles here were generally in the 'see 'em shoot 'em' range of tactics, with no element of suprise whatsoever. This suprise tactic would decimate the Alliance troops that would come here-They'd only set up camp and get ready for the wave of Glossies, and when they did, they'd be torn to peices by these 'Shadowvine' Glossies. No wonder this Lilligant was General.

"Now, let's get our supplies out of sight! I don't want anything laying around that might tip off those Alliance Bas****s!" The Lilligant said sternly.

"Yes sir!" The Pokemon said. They quickly went to work, picking up the nearest supply crates with suprising strength and agility...These weren't ordinary troopers.

...So...How did he get the word out to the Alliance? And how would they counter these Glossies? They seemed tougher and stronger than the usual kind, and that was with only a minute's watch on them.

...He'd have to try something. He knew the Alliance would bomb the Cycling road, no hesitating, and would spot Celadon, and would alert the seemingly deserted status to the rest of the Alliance, who would send troops out, and who would get crushed between these 'Shadowvine' Glossies and the Glossie reinforcements-Unless he alerted them in advance.

Tick, tock.

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03-20-2011, 08:07 PM
Maze the Gengar
The Gloss
Saffron City> Silph Co. building
Mission: Saffron Assassination
edit: arp: gaby

As the Gengar-Shadow Ball sped towards the Lairon, a purple form rose out of the metal dinosaur and the Pokemons eyes went wide with shock and fright as the attack hit him head on with enough force to impale the Pokemon on a metal beam protruding from the floor. Maze watched as the Mismagius danced on top of the dying Lairon. *What a crazy little Pokemon she is….* he thought to himself as he watched Zlov giggle insanely.

She looked down, as Maze was still molded into the shadows and scowled as she stated, not too sanely, "Friendly fire will not be tolerateeeed, da~ Now quit being a buffoon before you have us all compromised, dahaha~"

“Well I didn’t notice you possessing that wretch, Zloveshcii,” Maze said indifferently, “Let’s get going before more guards show up.” *I’ll have to keep a close eye on this one,* Maze thought.

*We need a way to catch Talone off guard if we’re to have any chance of killing him,* Maze was thinking to himself as he slipped down the hallway still as a shadow. He wasn’t much for company, usually preferring to do operations alone, but this was another ghost with him, he wouldn’t mind no matter how crazy she was. He was thinking hard of a way to trap Talone in his strongest hypnosis attack; he knew the risks of using it. The last time he was drained of almost all energy and barely able to move, but now he thought he could control it better. *Wait a second, if Zloveshcii can possess him and force him to look directly in my eyes, then that might give us the chance we need,* he thought, remembering how much control she had over the Lairon, all that was left now was to voice his opinions.

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03-20-2011, 10:17 PM
Coin "Glory" the Meowth
The Alliance
En Route to Pallet Town
Mission: none
Affected RPers: none

The ride on Bell's back was pretty quiet. Coin didn't like talking much to the agents out of fear that they'd grow close. Instead, he just thought about what now sat on his wrist. It was a new type of radio that Nell made. It worked like a watch and had hidden speakers on his as well as buttons disguised to hold two functions, to permit speaking and to set up the time. It was a neat little device and Coin had to admit, Nell was getting better at his clockwork machinery. He was only good at making clocks, so combining one with a radio was pretty sneaky.

Bell on the other hand didn't get one. Instead she had a collar with a radio on it. Since she didn't have hands and all, her radio was voice activated. She could command it to turn on or off, lower in pitch, or even destroy itself. She was purely recon so it was rare that she even got into a tussle. She just wasn't made for the battlefield and she knew it.

Coin began to feel a bit angry with himself. He was starting to feel close to Nell, hence why he spoke so much with him. Nell had always been nice to him, even when Coin wasn't showing the same sweetness. It bothered the cat so much that this was happening. He lowered his arm down and looked away with a heavy sigh. How could he let Nell get so close to him?

"You doing okay up there?" asked Bell. She must have heard the sigh!

"Fine," Coin responded quickly, his voice cold and quite.

"You've been mighty quiet since this whole flight started up. You sure you're doing okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine! Now please, leave me alone!" Coin shouted. Bell shook her head.

"You know, I understand your reasons for not wanting to get close to other, but you're going to be alone the rest of your life like this. And what happens if in the middle of a fight, you get seriously wounded and need help? Since no one really knows you here in the Alliance, no one will bother to help. After all, why risk the lives of many for the life of one?" she asked, not once looking back to see if Coin was even paying attention.

He was.

What Bell said had hit him harder than she probably expected it to. His ears fell back as the reality of what she said pretty much spoke in volumes to him. It was a risk he had to take however. He couldn't let others die for him. After all, he lost a dear friend that way.

Clone "Coin" the Clone Meowth
The Gloss
Saffron City
Mission: none
Affected RPers: none

"That dodge was sh*t! You know how Coin moves now do it!" yelled Gordon as Clone hit the wall.

Clone got up, rubbing his head as he kept a paw to the wall. He grumbled to himself before taking in a deep breath. He then jumped forward and landed on all fours, speeding up into a run as wind swirled around him. As Gordon prepared to block, Clone moved to his hind legs and formed a ball of water between his free paws. He jumped in the air, threw the ball back, and then chucked it downwards. When it hit the floor it exploded into a wall of water that Gordon properly Protected against.

"Faster! Don't give me time to form my attack!" shouted Gordon. As Clone landed behind him, he used his tail as a weapon. He smacked Clone again and once more sent him hurdling away. Clone landed on the ground and bounced once before sliding to a halt. He was breathing heavily now and his once clean coat was covered in dust and dirt.

"Like hell I will!" Clone hissed as he sprang forward with another Aerial Ace. Gordon predicted the same type of attack as before and prepared to use Protect. However Clone pulled a new tactic on him and thrusted to the right, shooting away from Gordon. Confused Gordon looked in his direction only to have a swarm of bubbles hit his face. They didn't do much damage, but that wasn't what Clone was going for.

Gordon had been so distracted by the bubbles, Clone was able to form another Water Pulse and send it at the Tyranitar. The wave hit and dealt some serious damage. Clone then latched onto Gordon's face and began using Night Slash over and over. Quickly, Gordon grabbed Clone and threw him off.

"Excellent," he huffed. The cat got to his feet and brushed his fur off.

"Naturally!" he said with a cocky voice.

"Don't get proud. You do that, and you're aiming for failure." Clone looked to Gordon with a look of understanding. Though he liked being cocky, he knew that it wasn't how he should battle. Coin's memories provided him with that bit is useful information. That cat had become overconfident in a battle against some freak Meowth with powers over Vine Whip. He'd gotten captured, nearly turned into a genetic fusion of something, and got Dimitri killed because he was trying to free the stubborn cat.

"Continue?" Clone asked. Gordon nodded and they went back into the fray of battle.

=^^= Nya

03-21-2011, 12:31 AM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Celadon City, Delayed from reaching Saffron City
Mission: N/A
Affected RPers: N/A
Spirit Form Count: 11

These Glossies weren't regular Glossies. These Glossies weren't even above-average Glossies.

These Glossies were super-Glossies of some sort. He realized the nature of their weapons and ranks, noticing none of the Glossies were lower than Major, and noticing all had advanced weaponary only given to either Gloss assasination teams or very-high ranking Glossies. He also took notice of how swift and strong they were, heaving those crates up like they were just medium-sized rocks (Those things were made of steel), and moving in strides that some of the stronger Alliance troopers wouldn't have been capable of, given they had the same load to carry.

However, the real bad thing about this was that they were all Grass Types. Grass Types were peace-lovers at heart, and generally unskilled at using weapons but excellent at using their own Moves. However, in since Pokemon were meant to take the kind of blows their own Moves could do, they would appear to be easy pickings.

And, considering everything else, he wasn't going to think, for even a moment, that they weren't ace shots. The more he saw of them, the worse and worse these Glossies were.

If only they were on the Alliance.

Fluix wasn't one to look for this stuff first, and get curious and look into it-He'd let the shooting get his answers as per combat skill. However, he'd have been dead in seconds had he done that on these Glossies.

The sheer genious tactic of samwiching the Alliance between the ever-constant reinforcements spawning from Cycling road, and these Grass-Typed Bad-A** Glossies, just by moving the latter into the forests surrounding the city (Which they had already done sucessfully), was one that could change the war. If Celadon was lost, then Fushcia City could pump in supplies to Saffron much faster...

...Fluix realized that Celadon was otherwise worthless. Cerulean was important, yes, but Celadon? He wasn't so sure.

He had to alert the Alliance. Now. The Alliance usually tried to kill off any Glossies before they settled in compleatly. They attacked from the north, meaning they were definatly close at hand.

He'd be stealthy, covert, a ninja in movement...Had he been able to. Or had the need to be ninja-like in movement be present at all. He was f***ing invisible.

He blasted to the north, like a rocket, giving his all for a mad dash to his allies. He didn't care if the chances of being seen by them, in his invisible state, were one in a million, the chances of them surviving without the intel were one in a billion.

And the more surviving Alliance members, and the less Surviving Glossies, the better.

...Another outburst of that horrid thought from before...Him, in Zion's place.

...He kept running like he was a bullet, regardless of the thought of leading the equivalent of the Gloss currently dominating his thoughts. The Alliance needed to know that intel-Even if they couldn't take on the Glossies, they could at least bottom out casualties.

"...Was that..?" A voice said.

Oh, thank Arceus. He turned his head at the sound of a semi-familiar voice, to find the very silent Noxia at his left. She was the only one there.

"Thank Arceus I got to you first!" Fluix said. However, before he could speak further, Alibi interuppted him.

"So you're dead."

"Yes...It was either I kill myself with a Glossie, or said Glossie sucks out enough blood to kill me. Yhea, I prefer going out with a Glossie." Fluix said. "Wait, wouldn't you be-"

"I've seen this five times before." Noxia said, interuppting Fluix again.

"...There's an ambush at Celedon. Glossies, naturally. Seem to be a part of a special unit, composed entierly of Grass-Type Pokemon, and led by a Lilligant, as god-da** re*****ed as it sounds. They'll wait for us to settle in, and when the Glossie reinforcements arrive, bam. Flank, ambush, they win Celadon." Fluix said, making sure to take no breaks between his sentances. He wanted to get it out early.

"...Shadowvine...Da***t!" Noxia cussed.

"Yhea, that's the name of the unit." Fluix said.

"I know that. Three of those five times were Pokemon that were casualties caused by that unit. They're Glossie Elite, no da** doubt about it." She said, quite angry at the thought of it. "That Lilligant was the killer all three times. She's General Rosetta, one of Zion's right-hand men..." She continued.

Fluix was liking the results of this more and more. Catching onto this was simply stopping a lot of bloodshed, which, although he didn't have any problem with, hated it when the Glossies reveled in it.

"'m supposing you don't want to be mentioned." Noxia said. Before Fluix could answer (with his near-signature phrase, "I don't give a f***ing da**."), she walked off, with the obvious intention of not mentioning Fluix.

Now Fluix could get back through...

"I'm sure I saw something over there..." Whispered a unfamiliar voice.


"It better be an actual Alliance scout, we can't have one reporting back!" Rosetta said.

Run. Faster. He caught up with Noxia before she reaced the Alliance forces, but she wasn't as close as Fluix would have liked.

"Alibi, they saw you!" Fluix whispered. He wasn't sure if his own voice could tip them off or not.

She looked like it had just rained on a game of Volleyball she was looking forward to.

She didn't say anything, but resumed her rush to the Alliance. Suprisingly, while keeping absolute stealth about her movements, Noxia managed to double the speed of her pace.

"...I got it!" A more masculine voice said. "It's Alibi, sir!" The voice went again.

"God da***t!" said the other voice from before.

"Great...She's too far off from Celadon, Zion'll get mad at us for straying off...Ugh. We'll have to deal with it. At least we'll have Celadon to ourselves." Rosetta said. "We'll keep the ambush technique up, though. I'll alert Zion of our...Failure...to grab any Alliance Casualties." She added. She emphasized 'failure' like saying it made her r*****ed. "Let's head back."

"Yes sir!" Both Glossies said. He heard the surefire movement of feet away from his position.

He managed to do it. Thank Arceus.

03-21-2011, 03:02 AM
The Gloss
Copycat's House
Mission: Saffron Munitions Base

"Ugh. Copycat. Makes me want to puke just thinking about her," muttered Skandia.
"Got a light?" I asked her, holding out my cigar. She lit it and as I popped it into my mouth, I asked interestedly, "Who's this Copycat?"
"She used to live here," Skandia said distastefully. "She copied everyone and everything. Drove everyone mad. Lucky for her, she moved away before the war."
"Ah," I said. "What are we doing here?"
"There's food and supplies here. I used the place as a safe house for a while," Skandia said. "Just watch out for the Grougants."
"The...what?" I said as I followed her inside.
I'd barely crossed the threshold when something huge landed on my back. A knee slammed down into the hollow of my throat, pinning my windpipe closed. I gasped and clawed at the huge monster leering down at me. It was grotesque, like a Lilligant crossed with a Groudon. It had a slavering Groudon maw and bright green eyes that glared beadily at me.
"Skandia!" I choked out. The Gardevoir glared at me coldly before popping out an antenna on a comm unit.
"Alliance HQ, this is Commander Sunstriker," she said, a weird accent appearing in her voice as she spoke. "Have keptured Hannibal of Gloss. Orders, Keptin?"
"You were not ordered to hold any Gloss officer! Just scope around!" shrieked a voice. " Goddammit, this could seriously screw with the mission! You are demoted to First Officer, Sunstriker!"
The voice took a deep breath and Skandia jumped in.
"Vhat do I do vith him, Keptin?"
The voice sighed huffily. "Just keep him under wraps, Sunstriker. Command, over and out."
Skandia snapped her comm shut, glaring at me. She barked something in a grunting, snarling language of sorts and the Grougant pinning me down jerked me up, holding me up by my upper arm. Skandia crossed the room in a quick stride, her arm moving back.
I'm dead, I thought hazily. Then Skandia's arm lashed forward with the speed of a striking snake towards my face. There was a sharp crack, and I knew no more.

03-22-2011, 01:00 PM
Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Celadon City, En Route to Saffron City
Mission: N/A
Affected RPers: N/A
Spirit Form Count: 10

Fluix hated it that he couldn't stop the Glossies from taking Celadon City. He hated it more that this was permenant. But it would have been a waste of troops to have tried to stop it, these Glossies were too strong, and too smart.

The Reinforcements arrived, and seemed highly dissapointed from the lack of Alliance Soldiers to slay. However, they settled in, and aided the Shadowvine Unit in cleaning up the streets. The reason was apparent: Saffron was very far away from Fushcia city, and the quickest route there was through Cycling Road. If Celadon was theirs, intel from Fushcia city could reach Saffron City much faster.

However, that also meant that he could ask Arron to make bombing Cycling Road a higher priority, once he was alive again.

But first things first. He was still a wandering spirit, and as a wandering spirit, which would eventually return to his body once it was fixed up by that healer (He wondered how far the healer had progressed), he had limited time to find out as much as he could about the Glossies as possible.

...Fluix suddenly felt a wierd sensation for no apparent reason whatsoever. It wasn't describable at all, no words could really make one get the message across. It was gone as soon as it had came, but Fluix was still a little confused as to what happened and why...

He shoved that out of his mind. It didn't mean anything. For now, Saffron and it's secrets were the only thing that concerned Fluix. Moreover, it wouldn't take long for him to get there. The only Route that kept Celadon separate from Saffron was so short, that if he ran there (and he would), he wouldn't have wasted that much time.

Fluix took off like a bullet, using his boundless energy to rush through Celadon, and using his invisibility to keep himself from being seen.

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03-22-2011, 02:04 PM
Meteor the Toxicroak
The Gloss
Saffron City -> Vermillion City
Mission: Cycling Road Air Strikes
Affected RPers: N/A

I stopped with resting and continued my quest. I walked through the city on the road to Vermillion City. I was pretty hungry though... Forgetting to bring food with you is pretty stupid. I walked out of the city and searched for some berries. With some luck I would maybe find a Sitrus Berry. I searched in the trees but no berries. And so I walked some more, in the direction of Vermillion. I knew that Vermillion was full of weapons and vehicles. There should be some food aswell. Thinking of food made me even more hungry. But oh well... I came closer and closer to Vermillion.

I came in Vermillion, the city full of weaponry. I walked slowly to the airbase. "Hmpf... I don't like fighting in the air... So why did I chose this job anyway...?" I said to myself while I ate a big apple. I saw the big Ravagers flying up and down, left and right, rotating in the air. I didn't really bother, I just wanted to complete this d*mn mission. I walked into the airbase, I didn't knew how to control a Ravager, even though I didn't knew if I had to control one of these vehicles. I walked to one of the bosses of the air base and told him I was sent for the Cycling Road problem...

03-22-2011, 07:02 PM
Scythe the Scyther
The Alliance
Viridian City -> Pewter City
Mission: N/A

Scythe headed north from Viridian City, on his way to Pewter. He was not sure why, it just felt right. From there he could head for Cerulian maybe, there was always a war zone there, always a fight to be had. But when would he find THE fight?

His limbs were still abit stiff from the poison, he did not blame the one who had poisoned him. They were enemies at the time... Still, his mind trailed to the rebels, what had happened to them.
It was dangerous to have just let them go, the Abra could've lied just to get away, but Scythe had to trust there was still good in them. Trusting that light still existed was one thing that kept him on the right path.

But it was the darkness that gave that remaining light the clarity it needed. If the Gloss were all defeated, what would happen to the Alliance, he wondered. Undouptedly, if the Alliance were all defeated, the Gloss would consume itself until nothing remained, but the Alliance... would it suffer the same fate?

Scythe had learned from his trainer, the inspiration and desires of humanity, their ideals and truths. But without the humans, what would come after victory? Civilization? Or would the Allliance simply fill with more rebels, the darkness would always be replaced... And it would have to come from within.

The cocktail of thoughts continue to permiate his mind, and Scythe forgot where it was he was headed.
He had taken one thing from Viridian, a small radio, held around his neck so he could listen to any further orders. He was a difficult one to find for missions before, perhaps this would make command's job easier.
Still... he hated the thing, mostly due to the lack of ability to turn it off, why could the humans not have invented technology that required cutting to use, rather than fingers.

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03-22-2011, 08:33 PM
(Ooc: Considering that the route between Saffron and Celadon is that short, well, I'd say this isn't teleporting.)

Fluix 'Church' Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Saffron City
Mission: N/A
Affected RPers: N/A
Spirit Form Count: 9

Fluix cleared through the Gate, and looked at the Glossie's Kanto Capitol.

Saffron's buildings were worn and torn, smacked around by Alliance Assault Fighters, but they still stood, tall and strong. Here, Glossies were crawling all over the place, and two Meches were standing right at the gate's entrance, making Fluix realize that if he was actually alive to see this, he wouldn't have been for long.

As if to ride the point home, a Pokemon came through him...Rosetta the Lilligant, along with a Vileploom and a Leavanny. The Glossies nearby looked at Rosetta in high respect...No, that wasn't respect. That was fear. Regardless of that, all Pokemon in the area got out of her way, and fast.

Fluix was still highly curious about Rosetta and her Shadowvine unit, so he followed her and her partners in hot pursuit. Along the way, he noticed that not every building was standing...Some buildings were reduced to rubble, a few resembled nothing but a pile of ash...One odd spot between two houses only bore a black mark, where a bomb had landed, but no visible wreckage...

They passed by the huge Sliph company building, but they didn't go in there.

"Talone's in there." The Vileploom said.

"The failure" The Leavanny added.

"I hope the assasination attempt goes well." Rosetta said.

An assasination attempt? Whoever this Talone figure was, he was not exactly a good soldier.

But putting that aside, he resumed his movement, still tailing the Trio of Grass Types.

Fluix was questioning where they would stop, or if they were just passing through, when that exact question was answered for him: They did stop, and right in front of a Pokemon Center. They entered in, and Fluix rushed in before the door could close on him (in his state, he couldn't open doors of any sort).

Inside, it looked regular enough. No damage was done to the inside mechanisims at all, and the escalators seemed to be in working order. Rosetta and her Glossies took the escalator to his right-the one that led downstairs-and Fluix, of course, didn't fail to leave her out of his sight.

The Underground Floor still seemed to be in working order. Rosetta and her two friends each took different doors, all of which, if Fluix was correct, should lead to different places.

Rosetta was most important, so Fluix slipped inside before the door closed.

Inside was an elevator, crafted out of metal and held by ropes. This was more like one used for mining. There were multiple buttons in the elevator, obviously corresponding to a different floor. Rosetta pressed the lowest one, the one marked 'B10.' The elavator shook for a moment, before beginning it's decent.

Rosetta looked stern...Though something in her eyes made it seem like something was incredibly funny. Fluix didn't really care for what it was. He cared if she would be able to lead him to anything interesting.

03-23-2011, 10:17 PM
Clone "Coin" the Clone Meowth
The Gloss
Saffron City
Mission: none
Affected RPers: none

Gordon patted Clone on his back. Their battle had ended and the two were both tired from continually attacking and dodging.

"Better. You still need a lot of practice, but you're getting his battling style down," he complimented with a huff. Clone nodded as he pushed the green arm away. He didn't like being patted like some child, even though he technically was only a day or so old. "Lets get some air. Ill show you around Gloss territory for a bit before you head back into training, okay?"

"Outside?" Clone had never been out of the Institute before. Though again... he was only a day or so of age so it's not like it was a long wait. Gordon nodded and then pushed Clone into a walk. The two headed out of the gym field and through a hallway. Clone looked around at this new hall, its walls lined with photos of people all smiling and happy. Sometimes he found a photo of an unhappy child, other times he found photos of a young woman laughing happily next to this odd purple thing. His memories told him it was a Haunter, but his head said "stupid". It sure looked that way with its ridiculous grin anyways.


"Huh?' Clone turned to Gordon after the name was spoken.

"Sabrina. She was this gyms leader before we killed her and the human race." Gordon was so pleased with himself when he said the word killed. It was like he was a basic just now being told he would evolve after one more battle. "That Pokemon of hers, that Haunter, it died too. It stupidly tried to protect her and when it wouldn't give in to our demands, well, you get the picture."

Clone certainly did. His emotions were starting to fluctuate as well. The memories from Coin's whole life up until the day Clone was born were so full of torment by humans, but at the same time... love. His trainer was probably the nicest and most understanding person in the world. Granted she was the only one Clone had such a bank on, but still, it showed Clone that not every human was wrong. However at the same time, the torment that Coin was put through only justified the Gloss's actions, setting them on a bright road of truth.

Clone tried to ignore these memories though. He couldn't live Coin's life. He needed to live his own. Sure he was learning everything about Coin, but that was for recon business. Once that was done, he'd get to see the world in his own eyes. He'd get to see this planet for what it was without that damn conflicts between Alliance and Gloss.

"What's a dream?" he suddenly asked. Gordon was a little shocked by this question, doing a double take as his only form a response.

"A dream?" he finally asked as they reached the door leading to the outside. They both pushed through it and took in the smell of the world as a breeze graced their presence.

"You know, that thing people would talk about? Coin's memories have this girl saying it was her dream to live happy and free alongside him and his teammates. Why did she say that?" Gordon still looked confused. Dreams? What would a clone want with that knowledge? He shrugged though, feeling that it couldn't hurt to give the unnatural being something to know other than what his memories told. Though why he didn't just use those memories to get the answer was beyond him.

"A dream is a passion. It's something one aims for with their life. Take Gloss for example. Our dream was to rid the world of its weight, the humans. We worked really hard at it, not once backing down. Our drams came true. Our new one is to rid it of the Alliance. They meddle in affairs that are beyond their comprehension," he explained. Clone titled his head a bit. The answer he had been given was vague, but it was enough to really get the gears in his head turning.

Dream... dream... I think mine will be to live life my way once this war is over. He thought as he looked to the sky. It wasn't blue like his memories showed him. Well... it was blue, but it wasn't the same kind. He couldn't describe it, but it was odd. It was like...

Coin "Glory" the Meowth
The Alliance
En Route to Pallet Town
Mission: none
Affected RPers: none

like it was missing a piece of it. Coin hadn't seen the sky look the same since Rocket died. He never expected to see it the same way again, but he hoped for something similar.

"We're almost there!" interrupted Bell. Coin shook the thought out of his head and looked into the distance. He could see a forest, Viridian Forest. Or rather, what was left of it. Below him right now was Pewter City. It was nothing special. Damage wasn't too bad, but he could tell it suffered from the war going on.

"To think that Pokemon had the power to do all of this. I thought only humans could aimlessly kill... not us..." he sighed. Bell heard what he said but knew to not comment on it. Coin was fragile that way and responding to something he didn't directly say to you was never a good thing.

The flight took on its silence once more. Coin's last statement still hanging alone in Bell's thoughts as she gazed over the area. It hurt. She'd lost her nest a few months back when the Gloss set off a bomb near where she lived. She couldn't remember why, but she remembered how devastating it was to her. She'd lost two unhatched eggs while the one that did hatch was thrown from the nest and info a burning fire. She had every reason to want the Gloss dead.

"I wonder if that clone of mine is looking at the sky. He has all my god damn memories... so... does he have my beliefs? My ideals? My... understanding?" Coin said to himself as he again looked up. He often looked to the sky when searching for answers. it was the place untouched by all of human and Pokemon kind. You couldn't build there, you couldn't inhabit it. All you could do was soar through it. Even pollution though disgusting as it was, didn't affect it. it came and went. Unlike the earth below, the sky never changed. It was always the same.

Almost there.... thought Bell as she pushed harder. Gloss was going to pay for what they had done to all of Pokemon kind. For what they did with Coin, for how they treated the Alliance as a whole, and for how their stupid ass beliefs made the truth so foggy and unclear. They needed to come out of that damn fog and into reality! They needed to understand! THEY WERE GOING DOWN!

=^^= Nya

03-24-2011, 01:28 AM
Fluix Church Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Saffron City Underground
Mission: N/A
Affected RPers: N/A
Spirit Form count: 8

Fluix was getting a little impatiant-the elevator seemed to be going slow-when, at last, a light shone upon the small compartment. Said light, albeit bright enough to illuminate the whole elevator and it's surroundings, was nothing in comparison to the huge amount of light shining down upon the beheamoth of a metallic platform in the center of a huge cavern...

...Wait...That wasn't any old metallic platform in the center of a huge cavern...

That was the Portal.

The portal that would open up their world to the Slayers, who would proceed to destroy it for reasons unknown, but probably gruesome ones at that. The portal that the Alliance were aiming to destroy at all costs. The portal that would spawn the very robotic beasts that the Gloss would attempt to side with.

If only an Alliance Rotom was around. That would be able to destroy the portal, or haywire it.

...Or Slayers. Come to think of it, they were made of technology, of which Rotom can control from within. One possessed slayer could make a world of difference in fighting off the others. They probably weren't programed to fire at each other.

But he kept that at the back of his mind. He examined every soldier he could.

Obviously, no Pokemon that was guarding the Portal was lower than Captain Rank, and even then the majority of the guards were either Majors or Lituenet-Colonels. However, these weren't regular Glossies, as were the Shadowvine unit's Glossies-they were masculine to extreme extents, and very few Pokemon weren't fully evolved. These Glossies also were fully armed. Not only were they all armed with RX48 Machine Guns (Which forfieted the transformation ability for extra power), but also wore Trainer's belts, substituting PokeBalls for Plasma Grenades.

Add in the fact that they totaled in the thousands in number, and they had a fighting force. And this was one side.

Fluix was lucky he was see-through. And pass-through.

Rosetta didn't head towards the Portal. Instead, she went around the huge warp gate on her right side, with the intent of going to the only other door here-the one opposite where the elavator was. Fluix decided to walk upon the portal, going for a beeline between the elavator and the door. He still kept a sharp eye on the Lilligant General, while walking upon the door that was the only barrier between the world and it's own 'makeup artists'.

'Makeup' being the lasers that would fire down upon the planet, obliverating all life.

...Another funny feeling. Like before, just as sudden and brief. He ignored it this time. It must have been his body being reconstructed...

Fluix reached the door, but he had to wait for Rosetta to open it up for him. Once she reached him, and indeed opened the door, Fluix rushed in.

This door led to a small room and another door. Once Fluix was through, however...

Click. The door immediatly closed itself, and from the sound of it, locked itself too. Rosetta took no notice of the anomaly, and instead walked towards the next door. There was a keypad on the door, with nine numbers on it.

Rosetta pushed the buttons of this door, in such a fast sequence that Fluix couldn't memorize it, but within seconds, the door opened on it's own, and the Lilligant walked in, Fluix rushing forward.

This kind of sequence continued on for three more rooms, and Fluix realized that this was to keep intruders out. Four codes to memorize just to get in here, and they probably weren't obvious ones either. The Gloss were smarter than most gave them credit for. This also meant that whatever was in here was valuable. Whatever was in here was the Glossie's secret. Or their Leader. Or both.

And, after the fourth and final password entered into the keypad, and at last, he saw what all these percautions were for.

Zion Deathbringer stood before many monitors, his back turned to Rosetta, but when the last door opened, he turned around.

The meer look he gave, albeit one that was non-threatening, was enough to give Fluix a shaky sensation. And Fluix was known to charge head-first into battle.

04-06-2011, 01:32 AM
The Gloss
Location: ???
Mission: ESCAPE

My head was aching.
My limbs were leaden and numb. I was suspended, my arms restrained above my head by electro-cuffs attached to the ceiling and my legs restrained by electro-cuffs attached to the ground. I cracked my eyes open and my the light seared my retinas. After the blinding light dimmed, I opened my eyes the rest of the way.
The room was dark, so I called on my life among the Zoroarks and narrowed my eyes in concentration. When I blinked again, my irises flickered blood-red and I could distinguish the room in detail, as if it was lit. It was more or less a jail cell. I couldn't determine where I was yet. But I soon would. I had to get word to the rest of the Z-Team. All I had to do was disarm the electro-cuffs, then dismantle them, and finally fashion a communication device (I'd noticed that mine had been confisticated). I grinned to myself, my trademark self-satisfied-grin-around-a-cigar-grin. Child's play. Sunstriker hadn't even emptied out the weapons and tools shed that was my prison cell!
I love it when a plan comes together.
Then I quickly wiped the grin from my face and half-closed my eyes as the door opened. A guard crossed the room in one quick stride. Thick fingers roughly pried one of my eyelids apart, peering in at my eyeball. Then I let out a sharp gasp as a fist rammed home in my stomach, forcing the air out of my lungs.

"Awake, Glossie scum," a harsh voice snarled. I glared at the mutantly-huge Timburr in front of me.

"Bite me," I snarled. I was rewarded with a jab to the kidney. The pain was intense, but I swallowed it and smiled evilly at him. Then Skandia walked in.
She was dressed for combat. She smiled viciously at me.

"Hello, Hannibal Smith. You don't look too comfortable," she said. Nothing worse than a sadistic Gardevoir. Well, I could be mean too. But as I opened my mouth to draw breath, she said suddenly, "Have you heard this poem: 'When Arceus's will is broken, the world shall end. The seas shall gloss over with obsidian and Pokemon shall suffer. The Pokemon who broke his will shall suffer eternal punishment in hell.'"

"Have you heard this poem: Hickory dickory dock. The mouse went up the clock. The clock struck one, down he runs, you smell worse than my socks!" I said cheerfully, my voice reeking of barely suppressed laughter and smugness at the last line. Even Little Miss B*tch's Zoroark bodyguard made an explosive noise as he tried unsuccessfully not to snicker. The Gardevoir looked at me coldly. Then she said icily, "Tell me why you are here, Glossie scum. And perhaps your eternal punishment shall be short."

"Lady, my eternal punishment would be having a face like yours. I mean, come on. You can't tell me your mother didn't jump off a building when she saw that face," I replied dryly. Two pink blotches of color appeared on her cheeks.

"You might want to close your mouth," she began with an obvious effort at controlling her tone,"because tomorrow you will be interrogated. And how I feel about your attitude may have an impact on whether we do it with words or with fists."

"I got it," I said dryly. "Now bugger off, First Officer."
Sunstriker's eyes tightened. Ooh, touched a nerve, I thought. Then she said curtly, "So that is the way you wish it to be."

"Trust me, Sunstriker, I will get out of here," I said in a low, menacing voice, all joking gone from my tone. Then I bared my fangs at her, much the way a Mightyena shows its teeth to its prey. "And when I do, the Z-Team is going to leave you hanging from your own electro-cuffs. And I will attend to you personally." Oh my god, I am so badass! It was all I could do to keep from chuckling.
She actually took a step back from me. Then, her voice trembling, she managed, " You have chosen your path." Then she positively fled the room, her guards filing out behind her and leaving me alone. I smiled in a self-satisfied way to myself and reclined backwards as much as I could with the restraints, content with my victory. Then I closed my eyes and sent a message to my team.

B.A., Face. I need assistance. Trace the signal in my tracer. Spring Murdoch and get a move on. Over and out, I thought. Then I laughed around my cigar.
Sunstriker had no idea what she was in for.