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A Guide to the 5th Gen PokeRelocator and PokeTransfer Machines.


A simple guide to using the PokeRelocator and PokeTransfer Machines. Possible Sticky? xD

I've been seeing many people having problems or misconceptions about using both of these machines and mistaking them for one another so I thought why not make this little guide to make things smoother and easier for everyone. So first off, the PokeRelocator and PokeTransfer are 2 different machines. You will NEED 2 DS systems in order to use both machines as well as 1 copy of Black or White and 1 copy of Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver. The type of DS systems do not need to be the same and can be any kind of DS. (Phat, Lite, DSi/DSiXL, 3DS)

The PokeRelocator

The PokeRelocator is a machine that is capable of being unlocked immediately after you arrive in Castelia City. The PokeRelocator is solely used for the recently release Celebi and shiny Johto Beasts Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. It is also used to transfer an Item called the Lock Capsule which has not been officially released yet to any country or game. In order to unlock this machine you must travel to the back of Castelia City past the fountain into the back alleyway right before Route 4. You will enter the only building on the left and take the elevator to the only floor up. There will be 2 people there. A Scientist and a man named Mr. Lock. Mr Lock is the man you unlocks the Lock Capsule once it is released. In order to unlock the PokeRelocator however you will talk to the Scientist who says he's created a machine to transfer pokemon. He'll ask you for 2 sets of passwords which are " Everyone Happy" & "Simple Connection". Once he hears these he will tell you that he's unlocked the machine. Once this is done there will be a new option on the Main Menu where you start your game. You will need 2 DS's to use the machine as well as Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver.

A breakdown of how the machine works. On the DS which has Black or White inserted on the Main Menu choose the PokeRelocator option. It will tell you that on the DS which has any 4th Gen pokemon game (D/P/Pt/HG/SS) to go to DS Download Play. Download the Black/White PokeRelocator option and it will automatically check for a 4th Gen Pokemon game and search for pokemon with qualifications to transfer. It will automatically take ALL pokemon that meet the qualifications. It WILL NOT take any normal pokemon or any normal encountered Suicune, Entei, or Raikou. Celebi can't be encountered normally so there shouldn't be any questions there. The qualifications are as follows:

-A fateful encounter Celebi.
-A shiny fateful encounter Entei.
-A shiny fateful encounter Raikou.
-A shiny fateful encounter Suicune.
-Any that knows any HM moves will not be taken.

It will automatically take all pokemon that meet these qualifications so if you wish for them not to be taken such as you want to keep say the Entei on your 4th Gen game then move it to your party. It will only check the PC. So on the otherside if you do want it transferred make sure to place it into your PC. All pokemon transferred will also automatically be placed into your PC in your Black or White games.

Now onto using these event pokemon in your game once transferred. These 4 pokemon unlock 2 things once transferred. Any Johto Beast will unlock Zoroark. By heading right of Nimbasa City onto Route 16 you will heading right until you see grass. From there go straight up until your go through the opening. All the way at the top, as long as you have any Johto Beast in your Party, a woman will run out of a Trailer and attack you disguised as a Lv. 25 alternate shiny beast. Once attacked it will transform into a female Zoroark. Battle and catch it and it is yours to keep. Now onto Celebi. Celebi requires no battling. With Celebi into your party head over to the GameFreak building. Immediately as you enter the building to the left there will be a girl standing next to a boy. Talk to the girl and she will say the boy is lost and won't talk. Celebi will come out of it's pokeball and the boy will reveal itself to be a Lv. 10 male Zorua. As long as you have any pokeball and a free space in your party it will ask you if you want the Zorua to join you. Answer yes and it is all yours.


The PokeTransfer

That takes care of the PokeRelocator and the event pokemon that can be transferred. Now for the PokeTransfer Machine. The PokeTransfer is unlocked after beating the Main Storyline and is a bulding similar to that of the PalPark in 4th Generation games. Found on Route 15 by talking the people inside the PokeTransfer Facility is how it is unlocked. There are no passwords needed to unlock this machine. Like the PalPark this method is used to transfer the rest of the pokemon on your 4th Generation games. You send over 6 pokemon at a time and have to capture them. You capture them by playing a timed mini-game. More information about the mini-game can be found in the link below. Any pokemon not caught simply within the time limit returns to your 4th generation game. In order to use the PokeTransfer Machine you will always have to go to the Facility. There is no option on the Main Menu for this one however it is used the same way by needing 2 DS's, 1 with a Black or White obviously, and the other with a 4th Gen game. The DS holding the 4th Gen game will get a DS download play option which is how they are trasnferred. Only this time you handpick which are to be transferred from your PC. In order to transfer a pokemon it must NOT know any HM moves and not be holding any items. However all items any pokemon are holding are automatically put in your bag of your 4th Gen game when transferred so you do not need to manually take all the items off. So basically it just can't know any HM moves to be transferred. Just note that you will not be able to transfer any items over. These few notes should also be recognized.

-Any pokemon that is to be transferred must NOT know any HM moves. However pokemon knowing Defog can be transferred while maintaining Defog through a HeartGold & SoulSilver game. Any pokemon knowing Whirlpool can maintain Whirlpool if transferred through a Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum game.
-No hold items. (Game will automatically put it in your 4th gen bag.)
-No eggs can be transferred
-The Spiky Eared Pichu cannot be transferred.

Now a breakdown of how this machine works. On the DS holding the Black or White game you will head to the Poke Transfer Lab on Route 15. Talk to the man in back and he will ask you if you'd like to start a transfer. Choose yes and save. It will now begin giving off a Download Play option. Turn on the DS holding the 4th Generation pokemon game, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver. Choose the Download Play option and download it. On the same DS your PC will show up on the bottom screen. It will ask you to choose any 6 pokemon that can be transferred as long as the don't know any HM moves besides the 2 loopholes mentioned above (Defog & Whirlpool). Once you've chosen 6 pokemon, and yes you must always choose 6, it will tell you that ALL held items are being put into the bag. It will ask you if that's okay. Choose yes to proceed. If not it will exit out or make you choose another 6. Any items that you have max of will just be erased. Once you've chosen your 6 pokemon and chosen yes to putting the items in the bag then the mini-game will begin to proceed. On the top screen will be a bunch of bushes and the 6 pokemon chosen will be jumping back and forth between them. On the bottom screen will be a bow in which you are shooting pokeballs to capture them. This does not change the pokeball they were originally captured in. You will need to shoot the pokemon with a pokeball while it is jumping between bushes. When a pokemon is hiding in the bushes you cannot capture it. To make the pokemon come out from the bushes you will need to shoot the bush while the pokemon is sticking it's head out of it. When it is completely covered by the bush the pokeball will just bounce off. As time goes on a little cloud which makes the pokemon fall asleep will come out if time is running out. Also the less pokemon there are, meaning if you've caught 3 or 4 of them already the remaining ones will begin to jump between the bushes faster essentially making hem harder to catch. Whenever 2 pokemon jump at each other as well they will hit each other and fall straight down confused and paralyzed making them easy to catch for about 3 seconds. Once all pokemon are caught the mini-game will end and it will ask you. "Any pokemon transferred CANNOT be returned. Do you wish to transfer them?" If you don't want them transferred then choose no. Otherwise choose yes and the pokemon will be transferred directly into your PC on Black or White. Once transferred the DS that you just played the mini-game on will ask you if you wish to transfer another 6 immediately. Meaning you can play the mini-game again and transfer another 6 pokemon. There is no limit on how many times you can transfer in one going except the amount of pokemon in the 4th generation game you are using. I personally transferred over 200+ pokemon last night and it took me no longer than at most an hour. Too occupied playing the addicting mini-game to know exactly how long. xD The time limit for the mini-game as well is very adequate to catch them all. I never went father than just under half of the time limit. So it shouldn't be a problem catching all 6 pokemon while playing the mini-game.


-For more information on Black and White Serebii is always helpful for almost any question that can be asked. This is the overall guide on anything Black and White. Just use the tabs on the right to naviagate.

Black & White Guide (http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/)

-More information about the PokeRelocator Machine can be found here:

Black & White PokeRelocator Machine (http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/relocator.shtml)

-More information about the PokeTranfer Machine can be found here.

Black & White PokeTranfer Machine (http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/poketransfer.shtml)

I didn't proof read this before I posted it so if you find a mistake please let me know so I can correct it. Thanks for reading and hope it helped someone. :biggrin:

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I transferred celibi with the machine and it still let me do the zorua event.

03-11-2011, 05:04 AM
Tsujin thats for the guide.. Now I know... & Knowing is half the battle.

03-11-2011, 06:51 AM
I transferred celibi with the machine and it still let me do the zorua event.

Which machine? The Relocator or the Transfer machine?

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It is now....Stickied! Looks pretty good to me. I edited the topic title for shorter length, and I might make some aesthetic changes later on though. Just a good visual presentation.

Brilliant work, Tsujin!


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It is now....Stickied! Looks pretty good to me. I edited the topic title for shorter length, and I might make some aesthetic changes later on though. Just a good visual presentation.

Brilliant work, Tsujin!


Haha, yeah I saw it from the Main Boards and I was like somebody made a topic like mine but with BW lol. Thanks and do what you will. I tried to make it look pretty but I know it could be better lol.

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-~Also do note that if the Event Raikou, Entei, Suicune, or Celebi are transferred using this method instead of the proper PokeRelocator option that they WILL NOT be able to unlock Zorua and Zoroark in-game.~-

This is not true. I transferred the event Pokemon through the Transfer Machine and they still activated Zorua and Zoroark.

03-20-2011, 08:04 AM
This is not true. I transferred the event Pokemon through the Transfer Machine and they still activated Zorua and Zoroark.

Okay. That was copied straight from Serebii. I hadn't tested this myself anyways since I used the Relocator to transfer all of them anyways.

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The time limit for the mini-game as well is very adequate to catch them all. I never went father than just under half of the time limit.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! is it a boy or a girl?