View Full Version : Gender misinterpretations?

03-18-2011, 12:26 AM
Hahahah. This just hit me just now. XD

Anyways, who here has misinterpreted someone's gender? Like, not just in real-life--mostly speaking over the internets.

For instance, who did you think was a chick but was actually a dude, or vice-versa?

Please don't be hatin' on anyone, kthx. :3 This is meant to be fun and lighthearted just like most of the threads here.

Heck, you can even post about people who have confused YOU for the opposite gender.

Come on. It's happened to all of us before at least once. These rather funny, and sometimes embarrassing gender misinterpretations. xD;

Let's see...
I've been mistaken as a guy several times via just the internet. Olol. XD
Let's see...what else? I think that at first I mistook one of my friends here, Eevee Dude, as a girl until he disclosed his gender. XD
Another online buddy of mine, Gale, I thought was a guy until she disclosed her gender.
And about real-life experiences...here's a recent one. At the anime convention I recently went to, I saw this guy and this chick, both rather thin (the guy was thin and somewhat tall-ish.). At first I totally thought the dude was a chick. OMG. No matter how many times I saw this guy...HE STILL LOOKED LIKE A GIRL. ._.
And while we're on the subject of Kawa-Con...I swear, maybe I'm crazy, but the last time I went, like, two years ago, there was this grown man (I think. I dunno, but they had a masculine-ish facial structure) cosplayed as...well, I don't know what he/she was cosplaying as, but they were quite tall, and basically cross-dressing (not phased by it, though, you see a lot of it. I suppose it's a little bit more odd to see a guy dressed up as a woman, but then again it all really just depends) in some cutesy...outfit. I dunno. But this year, I saw him/her again. I heard her talk, and she sounded female...either I misinterpreted her gender before, or he got a sex change or something. ._. But who knows. Just an interesting tidbit. XD
I kinda was under the impression that sheepskinfuton was male at first.
And I also was thinking that JokesterJesse was female, until seeing that he was a dude. Olol, it's funny how a simple username can change your impression on someone's gender. Needless to say, it's funny how a LOT of things can effect that. Like the user's avatar or something.

I know there's way more, but they all have completely escaped me.

And I sincerely apologize if anyone thinks of this as offensive. It's just one of those silly, lighthearted types of things, or at least intended to be. Y'know?