View Full Version : 2D Game Marketing Survey, Results will be released soon!

03-22-2011, 04:28 AM
I'm conducting a survey on the marketability of 2D games

The survey consisted of 18 questions, each of which require an answer.

The purpose of the survey was to find out what is potentially marketable to each demographic in the 2D game Development field

RESULTS RELEASED: http://pawbyte.com/downloadfile.php?dlId=3&dlType=2

I am trying to develop a cool 2D game, and would love your feedback. Can you imagine the helping many game developers to create games you would love?

Please be as honest as possible, so the results can reflect the truth.

I hope by April or after we get over 500 results. I hope I can use proper statistical analysis while compiling the survey's results.

Thank you for taking the time out to help you improve 2D video games.

This is completely voluntary, but if you shoot me an email, telling me you took the survey I will get you into alpha testing my game,and giving you premium membership if I do make a MMORPG.


So far guys there is 79 completed surveys for the new survey. Have a long way til like 500 are done. Please tell your friends about it as well.

Also I made a coupon system for tailware.com for those who complete the surveys. So when done, it will take you to the coupon generator page, copy that nice coupon into notepate, and save it for later use on a tailware game. Also if you took the survey before I announced this or got a coupon, that is fine too, pm me and I can give you a free coupon.