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Master Zorua
03-24-2011, 12:18 AM
The endless cycle of life, death and rebirth has ebbed and flowed for decades. For well over many centuries, the world had known peace, and the nations of Alexandria, Burmecia and Lindblum had coexisted with each other. However, that peace would be disturbed by an unusual increase in military power in Alexandria, and from there, chaos began.

Many tragedies struck the world of Gaia and the people around it. While Zidane and his friends fought to save the world from Kuja, Garland and ultimately Necron, another story unfolds in the background. The story of a Burmecian who remembers only his name and homeland and those who help him along the way.

Zorn and Thorn are continuing to plaster chaos across Gaia while the Queen in her madness continues her war on the nations. They seek to awaken an ancient, sealed away power that is said to rival that of the Eidolons themselves.

Caught within the tides of war, this Burmecian and his companions must find a way to stop this war before more suffer, but none of them could imagine what awaits them on this perilous journey.


This rp is the story of Fratley, who lost his memories and was found washed up in Alexandria before the destruction of Burmecia and Cleyra. It is intended to also tell about the misadventures of the evil clown pair and how Necron was freed from his prison. It is intended to flow alongside the storyline of FF9, including Fratley and Freya's bittersweet reunion. Also, a new, original villain will make his appearance and have his own role in this little saga.


1.> No Godmoding
2.> Obey all PE2k rules and regulations
3.> Keep things PG-13. Romances are allowed, but nothing beyond kissing & cuddling. Also, no overly-descriptive gore.
4.> No bunnying without permission
5.> Stay active. No one likes to have an RP die because everyone has to wait on someone who hasn't posted for weeks. Try to post at least 3x a week
6.> Since this is a side story, you cannot play as a cannon character. Your character might know one or more of the main cannon characters.
7.> Combat is rp based. Boss characters cannot be beaten in a few, short posts. The only time someone can complete a boss fight in a single post is if the fight is strictly 1v1 (Everyone will have one of these kinds of fights).
8.> Rules will be added as needed
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Humans: Humans are among the most numerous in the known world. The have advanced technology and continues to be a dominant world force. However, only a select few have any tendency for magics, and those that do usually have a limited selection of spells

Black Mages: Created as living weapons for Alexandria and Queen Brahne, these manifestations of mist and mana are devistating magical powerhouses. However, not only are they frail, but they were constructed to only be able to live for a single year. Some have been able to 'awaken' and gain a sort of soul and personality.

Burmecians/Cleyrans: A rat-like humanoid race, these people live in harmony with the land. They are known around the world for their dances and the legendary Dragon Knights, an order of powerful warriors tasked with slaying problem dragons as well as protecting their kingdom. While many can hold various other classes, only Dragon Knights have access to powerful dragon magics.

Dwarves: A humanoid race of short, stocky stature with a famous greeting of 'Rally-ho!'. While many live on the outer continent, some more adventurous dwarves have traveled to many different regions of the world. They are famous for their blacksmithing skills and are mini-powerhouses in battle as warriors.

Genome: Creations from the world of Terra, only two known Genomes are known to exist upon Gaia: Zidane and Kuja. However, a small handful were caught within the passage between the two worlds, whether by chance or misfortune and ended up upon Gaia. They have since started to develop personalities of their own. These beings are highly nimble and adaptable.

Moogles: Small, bat-winged feline humanoids. They are rather small in stature and sport bat-wings and a pom-pom which hangs from their foreheads by an antennae. They have an affinity for magic and tinkering, and they are quite nimble.

Qu: A genderless rare species has a sort of training about discovering and eating new foods called the "Way of the Gourmand". This odd-looking species is harmless and permanently let their long tongues hang from their mouths and often dress like chefs. They have the ability to digest most living (and sometimes unliving) creatures and absorb that creature's abilities, called 'blue magic'. As almost a rule of thumb, their names always start with 'Qu'.

Summoner: A race of horned humans with the power to call forth the Eidolons to aid in their cause. This race is near extinction, with a scarce, scattered handful still alive in the world; Garnet and Eiko being two of them. They are also skilled in healing magics, but are not much for physical combat.


Warrior: Physical combatant. Can deal great amounts of damage as well as soak just as much in. Very good physical defense and offense, moderate magical defense, limited magical offense (weapon skills), low to moderate speed. Available to any race except summoners, qus and black mages. Example: Rusty

Rogue: Physical combatant: Very agile and often uses daggers, rapiers or other light bladed weapons, this class specializes in stealth, backstabbing and lightening the loads of their targets. They are the only class that can steal items from enemies and have access to skills that can detect an enemy's weaknesses, the goods they're carrying, or even attack by throwing items (even gil) at opponents. Some are even proficient in martial arts. Moderate physical offence & defense, moderate magical defense, limited magical offense, high speed. Available to any race except summoners, qus and black mages. Example: Zidane

Black mage: Just like their race implies, this class is only available to Black Mages, although Moogles can also choose this considering their affinity for magic. They are capable of casting powerful, damaging spells as well as inflicting status effects through magics. However, they can only arm themselves with staves. Low physical offense and defense, high magical offense and defense, moderate speed. Example: Vivi

Dragon Knight: These specializes warriors take to the skies with lances and spears. They have a unique ability called Jump, which allows them to vault to almost unnatural heights and then comes crashing down upon their prey, dealing double the amount of damage they could otherwise give. They also have access to dragon magics, which can range from robing an opponent of their magic energies to calling forth the powerful souls of the dragons they had slain to assault their foes. Only Burmecians/Cleyrans can be Dragon Knights. High physical attack, moderate physical defense, moderate magical defense, limited magical offense, high speed. Example: Freya

Blue Mage: These spell casters can use the abilities of monsters they have devoured as their own. As one can imagine, only the Qu have access to this class. Once an opponent has been weakened, a blue mage can turn the enemy into pure energy and devour them, learning any ability that monster knew before it was slain. Moderate physical attack, low physical defense, high magical attack, moderate magical defense, low speed. Example: Quina

Summoner: As like the Black Mages, only the summoner race can be summoners. Summoners can gain the aid of Eidolons mostly by extracting their essences from precious stones. Each summoner is born with one special Eidolon as their personal guardian. Summoners also have access to curative, defensive and buffing magics. Low physical offense & defense, High Magical offense & defense, moderate speed. Example: Princess Garnet

White mage: This class specializes in healing, protection, buffing allies and debuffing enemies. They often arm themselves with crossbows, bows or other ranged weapons. This class can only be chosen by Moogles and Humans. moderate physical offense, low physical defense, moderate magical offense, high magical defense, high speed. Eiko

Paladin: While not as strong as warriors, these combatants still strike hard and have a bit more staying power. They also have a very small amount of access to moderately powered magics. This class can be chosen by any race except for Black Mages. Moderate physical offense, high physical defense, moderate magical offense, high magical defense, low speed. Example: Beatrice

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1.> Sir 'Iron Tail' Fratley (Mewcario)



Master Zorua
03-24-2011, 12:20 AM
Name: Sir 'Iron Tail' Fratley
Age: 25
Race: Burmecian
Class: Dragon Knight
Weapon: Lance of the Four Winds

Personality: Fratley has a heart of a hero and always seeks to make himself stronger. Despite his loss of memory, his is undyingly loyal to his comrades and has a strong sense of duty towards those of his own race. He is one who speaks his mind, and can be at times lacking in tact.He has the mind of a leader, but due to his memory loss, he can be confused by the rising of new, yet oddly familiar feelings.

Bio: From a young age, Fratley yearned to become a Dragon Knight. He heard all of the tales of heroics, the journies they made around the world. A life of excitement and adventure. Once he was old enough, he entered into the order to be trained.

It was there he met a fellow squire, a female named Freya. Being one of the only females in the group, she was hounded, teased and ragged on constantly by mentors and students alike. But Fratley saw the determination in her eyes and aided her, defending her against those who tried to break her spirit. Together they rose to become the two finest recruits of the order.

They were an inseparable pair and fought against many dragons. Eventually, they were tasked to be the bodyguards of the newborn Prince Puck. But while Burmecia and Cleyra enjoyed peace and prosperity, Lindbum and especially Alexandria grew more powerful in their military might over the years. Fearing that he might not be strong enough to defend his people, Fratley set out for personal training, to scour the world for ways to become stronger. Freya insisted on following, but he told her that someone needed to remain behind to protect the royal family. He promised her, repeatedly, that he would return once he found what he was looking for.

Theme Song:
Freya's Theme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2rlLC4N9u4)